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Zika hot spots in the US predicted

Researchers predicted the places in the continental US where Zika is most likely to be transmitted are along the Mississippi delta and southern states extending northward along the Atlantic coast and in southern California.

Health problems may increase as young people infected with HIV at birth get older

A new study has found that US youth infected with HIV around the time of their birth are at higher risk throughout their adolescence and young adulthood for experiencing serious health problems, poor control of the HIV virus or deat...

Stem cells shown to restore erection capability in men with erectile dysfunction

New clinical trial results show that stem cells can restore sufficient erectile function to allow previously impotent men to have spontaneous intercourse. This is the first time stem cell therapy has produced patients who have recovered sufficient erectile function to enable intercourse. Show More Summary

Sexual assault victimization disproportionately affects certain minority college students

Students who perceive that their college campus is more inclusive and welcoming of sexual- and gender-minority people have lower odds of being victims of sexual assault, according to a study. In a complementary study, the researchers found that some minority groups are at considerably higher risk for sexual assault in college than peers in majority groups.

Why 'platonic' flies don't copulate and what that could mean for humans

By studying the sexual behavior of a mutant strain of fruit fly called 'platonic,' researchers have found parallels between humans and flies in the neural control of copulation.

Girls feel unprepared for puberty, new study finds

Girls from low-income families in the US are unprepared for puberty and have largely negative experiences of this transition. A new study on the puberty experiences of African-American, Caucasian, and Hispanic girls living mostly inShow More Summary

Case for sexual transmission of Zika virus strengthened

Aedes aegypti mosquitoes harboring parasitic Zika virus (ZIKV) are the primary transmitters of virus to humans, potentially causing catastrophic congenital microcephaly in babies born to women bitten by infected mosquitoes. But confirmation...Show More Summary

The pill won't kill your sexual desire, researchers say

A new study busts the myth that contraceptives curb sexual desire. Other factors like age and length of relationship are more important, say researchers.

School-based interventions for preventing HIV, STIs and pregnancy in adolescents

Do school-based interventions prevent HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy? This is the question asked by researchers in a new study.

Women experience marked decline in sexual function in months immediately before and after onset of menopause

Women experience a notable decline in sexual function approximately 20 months before and one year after their last menstrual period, and that decrease continues, though at a somewhat slower rate, over the following five years, according to a study.

Men welcome revolutionary male contraceptive

Men have positive attitudes towards an innovative male contraceptive, Vasalgel, new research has found. The landmark study is the first insight into how men perceive the new contraceptive and gives promising signs that Vasalgel may revolutionize approaches to reproductive health.

No differences noted over time for children of gay, lesbian, adoptive parents

One expert has focused her academic career on the effects and outcomes of children adopted by same-sex couples. It is believed hers is the first study that has followed children adopted by lesbian, gay and heterosexual parents from early to middle childhood.

Sex before sport doesn't negatively impact performance

Over the course of the Rio Olympics, 450,000 condoms were distributed around the athlete's village. This may be surprising considering the common view that abstinence from sexual activity can boost athletic performance. These long-standing views have now been challenged by a recent analysis of current scientific evidence.

CDC urging men at risk of Zika to postpone fatherhood

CDC today announced updates to its interim guidance for pre-pregnancy counseling and prevention of sexual transmission of Zika based on ongoing assessment of available data, primarily extending the timeframe for men with possible Zika...Show More Summary

Lack of interest in sex successfully treated by exposure to bright light

Exposure to bright light increases testosterone levels and leads to greater sexual satisfaction in men with low sexual desire. These are the results of a pilot randomised placebo-controlled trial.

Study explores potency of antibodies to combat HIV infection

A clinical trial underway – known as the AMP study (for Antibody Meditated Prevention) – will determine whether infusing an experimental antibody (VRC01) into HIV-negative men and transgender individuals who have sex with men, will prevent the acquisition of HIV.

Outcomes for girls without HPV vaccination in Japan

A risk calculation has been conducted on the influence of the temporary suspension of cervical cancer vaccination based on vaccination rates for female Japanese born between 1993 and 2008. They clarified that the risk of HPV infection varies considerably depending on the birth year. Show More Summary

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