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CogDog It Company Report

Maybe it’s that impending tax time of the year. As an independent self-employed company of (rounding up) 1.0 I start the tax forms around now, just in case it looks like a refund might be in the works. If the numbers tilt the other way, as it looks, I shelve it til April. My friend […]

Can Wordprezz Embedz GIF?

It seems like WordPress can auto-embed giphy URLS although it is not a service listed in the codex. Nicely done, WordPress, nice. Yup that is an auto-embed simply by putting on a blank line: [crayon-5a8c3c1a7d346899138406/] Look out...

#NetNarr NDAs (Non-Disposable Assignments)

I might be a broken record but again and again I return to David Wiley’s description of the disposable assignment (and what the potential is to be the opposite): These are assignments that students complain about doing and faculty complain about grading. They’re assignments that add no value to the world – after a student […]

Archiving Tweets: Are You Missing the Moment?

I find myself people missing maybe the easiest and most sensible way to curate, publish sets of curated tweets. When storify announced it was biting the dust/pooping the web, amongst the rush to jump to some other hosted platform or use my arcane tool, what I noticed was about 90% of the ways people talked […]

Just Missed the Dust Biting Video by One Day: Wikispaces Poops the Web

With a big thud another well used educator web site not only bites the dust but totally poops the web. Just after publishing the newest version of Another Web Bites the Dust, the first tweet in my mention us this: Next update: Wikispaces :(#edTech — Ismael Peña-López (@ictlogist) February 14, 2018 No, not Wikispaces! I’ve […]

Many More Webs Bite The Dust

Three years after publishing the first version of Another Web Bites The Dust (35 corpses), it was time to update, and add 24 more dead web sites to the video. This one is made possible by many entities that clearly do not value the web as a piece of culture, like Storify Livefyre Adobe for […]

Not Quite the Cover of the Forest Service Trail Strategy

A little record spin horn tooting for a US Forest Service document published with two of my photos in it. I do volunteer work with a local organization that raises funds for and then does the manual work of, expanding a system of hiking/biking trails around Pine and Strawberry, Arizona (I am working on a […]

Sometimes the API is as simple as “Alan Press It”

Sometimes (or more) I sure take the wrong way around things with tech. It all started because I wanted my dog to have an Instagram account. Yeah, we are going into very important things. I’ve been posting pix of Felix since I got him to my own account: “Yes, it’s nice to be home. Now […]

Episode 3 of the Puerto Rico Connection: Raiders of the Lost Tape

By day he’s an ordinary computer science professor at Universidad Sagrado del Corazon, but once he puts that hat on, it’s adventure time for… Puerto Rico Jones? Indiana Vantaggiato? I’ve been thinking it’s time to record a new podcast with Antonio Vantaggiato, and in a few DMs he asked what about the last one we […]

Keynote Tweet Might Be Working from the Big Mountain OS

I don’t do a wacksock of presentations these days. When I do, I like running them on the web, from the web, a la SPLOT fashion. But I did/do like the approach of being able to send out tweets during presentations, something I figured out in 2011 with Keynote Tweet. To be clear, I did […]

It’s Fun, It’s Here! Highlights Theme for WordPress

The only place I ever saw Highlights for Children magazine was at my dentist office, a short distraction while waiting for the drilling and fat fingers of weird old Dr Cooper. The tagline of the magazine was “Fun With a Purpose”. But no connection here, except the name, it’s a brand new WordPress theme I […]

Where Can I Get a Stunning Web Site?

I awoke today wondering, that if in today’s mankind digital age, a stellar website is needed for all kinds of businesses? Is there a place I can post my own information on the internet? How can I get a stunning design but also a great under-the-hood engineering that leads to reliable seamless functionality all the […]

Tiling SPLOTs the Easy Way; Maybe Soon Everything Else

Tiled surfaces are classy. And after doing one the method is learned quickly. Without knowing I was looking for it I found a seriously awesome WordPress plugin that I can see making a lot of use of. The first was a quick way to add a feature to a prototype SPLOT. Okay, so I am […]

Both Davids

Today would have been my brother’s 64th birthday. I’d probably tease him about being old. We mostly all have an optimistic start. A number of years ago my Mom sent a hand curated little photo book of family photos, annotated in her hand-writing. David was definitely a happy baby in these photos. Her words, her […]

SPLOT You’re a Rich Text Field

I’m SPLOT tinkering and feel a wave of totally un-necessary but irresistible song plays… How does it feel to be One of the beautiful splots How often have you added video Often enough to know What did you format when you were there Everything that WordPress can Captions you’re a rich text Captions you’re a […]

Notes for #NetNarr

Gee whatever happened to venerable “yellowed lecture notes” that profs supposedly rely on decade after decade? I dunno. I don’t have a yellow pad. Tuesday was the first class of my Networked Narratives class at Kean University. It was more than wild and thrilling last year when I co-taught with Mia Zamora; she was in […]

A Door Opens on a New #NetNarr in 2018

Since Hollywood movies are bereft with sequels, look out open course watchers; NetNarr returns to the internet screens next week, another feed syndicated open course don’t call us a MOOC blockbuster. Last year’s course where I (Alan Levine) co-taught from afar to a class led by Mia Zamora at Kean University was one of the […]

Objects With Meaning

Yesterday I lost a dog leash in the woods. What’s the big deal? I took my friend Kevin who was visiting, on one of my specialty semi brutal hikes, a near 7 mile bushwack, up the top of the mountain we see from my house. We were working our way around a steep section, the […]

A New One is Born: SPLOTbox

A poorly wrapped present for 2018, a new SPLOT. It’s really more of an extension, the SPLOT Box is an extension/update of the older TRU Sounder one (made for building collections of audio content). As a media “jukebox-ish” thing, this one can offer a site to share/collection audio content (uploaded mp3, ogg, m4a), URL links […]

Twitter Extractor demo

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