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“Medicine Ain’t What It Used to Be” from Medicine the Musical

A song from Medicine the Musical by Michael Ehrenreich. Support the Kickstarter campaign to bring the production closer to completion. Medicine the Musical is a unique musical that brings the world of medicine and medical school to the public in an accessible and entertaining way. Show More Summary

The #MeToo movement in medicine can’t come too soon

I’m a trial attorney, and I’m a woman. Since 76 percent of all lead trial counsel are men, I know what it’s like to be a woman in a traditionally male profession. I also give workshops to women in the medical profession, and I listen to their stories of harassment. I’ve been following the #MeToo movement with […]

Commit to a conversation about the gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is a hot-button issue among women physicians. A few years ago at a local women physicians group meeting, I listened in awe as a gynecologist discussed interviewing for a job early in her career. She and her male co-resident were under consideration for the same position. Upon touching base with her […]

Why seminary? Or, why are you non-traditional?

“Why are you in seminary?” As a “non-traditional applicant,” I was asked this question on every medical school interview four years ago. I’ve come to learn that seminary training engenders stereotypes and mythopoeia. My mentors knew this, and advised me to have examples ready related to the importance of being trained in fields that both […]

Do doctors see patients as machines?

An excerpt from Physician: How Science Transformed the Art of Medicine. While working at a community hospital in the Midwest in the early 2000s, I came to know Walter Stephenson (name changed), who was under my medical care during a lengthy recovery from multiple complications related to Diabetes. 40-year-old Walter was going through a stressful phase […]

HIPAA: Are you in violation?

HIPAA (Health Information Portability Accountability Act of 1996) is the privacy care act involving electronic transfer of records so that the identity of a patient remains unknown. It includes any electronic, written or oral transfer of information. When I was a kid, there was no such thing. As a grown-up medical professional, you are surrounded […]

A stigma no physician can afford

I recently attended a conference in San Francisco, California, where the increasing amount of physician suicide was discussed in concert with the ramifications of a psychiatric diagnosis for physicians. An attendee addressed the audience after the presentation. She disclosed that she was a resident physician and that she had been previously hospitalized for five days […]

To err is homicide in Britain

A single error oft inters the good that doctors do. The case of Dr. Hadiza Bawa-Garba, a trainee pediatrician in the NHS convicted for homicide for the death of a child from sepsis and hounded by the General Medical Council is every junior doctor’s primal fear. A boy in shock Friday, February 18th, 2011 was […]

Medicine isn’t about mechanics. It’s about the soul.

In medical school, the lessons and stories have a unifying theme that connects the threads of humanity. In medicine, I could find these stories, the feelings of loss and fear and hope and love. In the face of illness, suffering, and death, we often see the unvarnished sides of the human condition — the more […]

Running an emergency department is like a battle: It takes an army

The last few days have been rough. The emergency department is overcrowded, and patients have been very sick. Treatments were labor-intensive, and patients holding in the ED took up valuable resources at the cost of others. I could see the frustration on the faces of physicians, nurses and other staff. A physician and a nurse […]

Is your spouse experiencing physician burnout?

Many things in life can only be truly appreciated once reflected upon — like the onset of dementia, depression, and cancer, just to name a few. This got me thinking about the onset of burnout and how the true presentation in life is quite different than reading about it. The term “burnout” is often thrown […]

Introducing Physician Speaking by KevinMD: a boutique speakers bureau

I’m so excited to introduce my new boutique speakers bureau: Physician Speaking by KevinMD. I personally match you with select physician speakers who I have personally coached or handpicked.  These physicians are not only amazing speakers,...Show More Summary

If physicians are burned out, why don’t they just quit? Here’s why.

Those of you that follow me know that I write and speak often on the topic of physician burnout.  About a year ago, after my grandmother passed away, my extended family and I got together for a few days.  One night, my cousin and I got to talking about my work, and he pressed me on a question that so many have asked […]

MKSAP: 67-year-old woman with degenerative joint disease

Test your medicine knowledge with the MKSAP challenge, in partnership with the American College of Physicians. A 67-year-old woman is evaluated during a routine examination. She has a history of hip and knee pain related to degenerative joint disease. The joint pain is now well controlled with diclofenac, which was started 3 months ago. A previous trial […]

Here are some things that patients wish doctors knew

A partial excerpt from What Patients Want: Anecdotes and Advice. To complement posts regarding what doctors wish their patients knew, here are some things that I as a patient wish doctors knew: We’re not here for the magazines. We’re here because we’re sick, which often means we’re scared too. We’re often embarrassed. You’re wearing clothes. […]

For medical school graduates, the entrance strategy is more important than the exit strategy

Two years ago I fielded a call from a surgeon I knew of but had not met.  Raised locally, she had left the state for undergraduate school, returning to Texas for medical school and North Texas for her fellowship.  Heavily recruited, she wanted to stay close to home and her family, and accepted a position […]

How cancer transformed this physician

“Wouldn’t it suck if you made it all the way through residency and then got cancer at the end?” my buddy Ron, a fellow medical student, and master of dark comedy, joked.  I winced at the thought.  God has a funny way of foreshadowing. Three-quarters of the way through pathology residency I noticed my feet […]

Is apathy needed to survive medical school?

I’m about two-thirds of the way through my 3rd year of medical school, and I have hit my wall. I have become so fed up with the set up of medical school. I think a decent amount of this comes from the fact I am on my 6th week of an eight-week surgery clerkship (an […]

Physician burnout: When work is not the cause

When it comes to physicians burning out, for the most part, it is assumed that work is the primary cause.  After all, physicians work long hours, have demanding schedule, and have to deal with the endless politics that comes with medicine. However, I often encounter burned out docs (many of who wear multiple hats outside […]

How to unite medical students in the preclinical and clinical years

The contrast between the first two years and last two years of medical school are unparalleled to any other graduate field of study. You progress through a period of relentless studying through case-based, team-based, and lecture-based curriculums for two years with very little, if any, patient interaction. Afterwards, the script flips and you’re staring nervously […]

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