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Are you working with the 5 tools of People Artistry?

View this very short slide presentation to learn the 5 tools of People Artists. Do You Know the 5 Tools of People Artists? from David Zinger Special offer During the LEAP into People Artistry Campaign we will be selling 10 or more copies of People Artists: Drawing Out the Best in Others at Work for just […]

Stay in Control of Q & A’s

A Q&A can get away from the best of us. Use these techniques to ensure you stay in control and keep your cool.

The Surprising Source of Inspiration for Brilliant Ideas

During a recent TED talk, economist Tim Harford explains why overcoming unnecessary hurdles helps with the creative process.

Are You Ready for Life in the Swarm?

Mid-century work teams will be temporary in addition to virtual. The growth of contract work and the specialization of organizations will spell the end for stable groups that work together a long time. Teamwork will still be valued and rewarded,...

Vadim's Steampunk World

Art Contrarian looks at the work of Vadim Voitekhovitch.

Muji Hut

You know that small hideaway you've wanted? FutureLawyer has details.

When Your Business Partner is Your Life Partner

Thinking of going into business with your life partner? There are certain rules to follow for success, here are just a few.

7 Entrepreneurs Share Their 'Moment of Success' Story

For these innovators, the moment of success came in unusual ways.

What Is Branding?

What’s the difference between a common horse and a unicorn?  If we look at the issue strictly from a technical aspect, we’d say that the only difference is a horn on the unicorn’s forehead that the horse lacks. Nevertheless, the unicorn...Show More Summary

New Year, New You: Guide to Taking Your Résumé Up a Notch

A résumé is, first and foremost, a marketing document. It’s not supposed to be your entire life history, and it doesn’t include bad things, just good. Remember marketing. Would Coca-Cola make a commercial that highlighted the sugar content of its flagship product? No? Then don’t put negative things on your résumé either. You probably don’t […]

This is How You Plan Your Next Road Show

Splash co-founder and CEO Ben Hindman offers 12 tips on how to actually turn event attendees into paying clients.


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Am listed in the top 75 global HR blogs to follow in 2016

So yesterday I got to know that my blog was amongst the top 75 HR blogs to follow in 2016 even though I haven't been blogging much. Am thankful to the folks at proven hope to be...Show More Summary

15 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Online

I have a very small digital footprint. What is one step I can take to proactively build my brand online? The following answers are provided by members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. Show More Summary

Quote of the Day

Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting. - Elizabeth Bibesco

The iPad Pro Might Be a Laptop Replacement (At Least For Me)

I’ve been doing more travel over the past year so I decided to upgrade my iPad to the Pro version. The reason? I must say that I’ve become quite spoiled with not having to travel with a laptop. Tablets are easier to travel with. AndShow More Summary

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