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Le Pen Steps Down As Party Leader To Focus On Election

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has decided to temporarily set aside her responsibilities as the leader of the conservative Front National political party in order to zero in on her upcoming runoff battle against Emmanuel Macron, the former investment … More » The post Le Pen Steps Down As Party Leader To Focus On Election appeared first on EveryJoe.

How Your Company Can Avoid Becoming the Next United Airlines

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about United Airline’s decision to force a paying customer off a flight. The passenger refused to go, was dragged off by police, other people filmed the event and United lost hundreds of millions of dollars in value. Show More Summary

Two Keys Unlock Future Success

When our communication reflects that our intuitive thought and beliefs are in alignment, we come across as genuine and heartfelt. Underlying all of this are our values and priorities making them the two keys to unlock future success. Others need to see that we are looking out for everyone’s well-being including your own. Otherwise, a … Read the Rest ?

France Unveils Proof That Assad Was Behind Chemical Attack

Earlier this month, French intelligence officials made headlines by claiming that they had proof that Syrian President Basar al-Assad’s embattled regime carried out the chemical attack the killed 87 people in Northern Syria. However, it turned out that the officials … More » The post France Unveils Proof That Assad Was Behind Chemical Attack appeared first on EveryJoe.

Police: 99% Chance Of Violence If Coulter Goes To Berkeley

The forecast is in, and the campus of University of California, Berkeley, is almost certainly going to devolve into a lawless wasteland once again if conservative firebrand Ann Coulter carries through on her promise to hold a speech there on … More » The post Police: 99% Chance Of Violence If Coulter Goes To Berkeley appeared first on EveryJoe.

Some Thoughts on Recognition for Blue-Collar Workers...

Recognition. We've been trained to believe that everyone needs it. Do they? I think so, but something that's lost in the recognition/engagement market is that for many blue collar workers, getting recognition in front of their peers actually makes them...

Standards and Free Speech

Jonah Goldberg on what the free speech debate misses. An excerpt:... The free speech argument is downstream of the real dilemma: The people running what should be citadels of civilizational confidence have turned against our civilization. Show More Summary

A Personal Employee Engagement Watershed: Stop Putting Lipstick on Camels

Whoever said “it’s nothing personal” was not talking about work. This post is personal. I apologize in advance for not offering you levers, drivers, or 11 action items to boost engagement. I took the pictures in the post, I am not inserting stock photography of people jumping with joy at work – perhaps stock photography should […]

Under Trump, coal communities are stuck between a rock and a hard place

Blair Zimmerman, Pennsylvania’s Greene County Commissioner, knows coal. As a mine worker for 40 years and then a politician in southwestern Pennsylvania, he knows how important coal is to both the identity and economic stability of his community. He’s even called the White House a few times since President Donald Trump took office, asking the […]

Unionized Scientists March in Protest of Attacks on Science and Jobs

Of all the attacks on our civil society, the attacks on evidence-based science pose perhaps the greatest existential threat. Decisions being made about climate science and environmental protection at this critical time will shape the future of our planet. Advances in research are produced by the twin pillars of dedicated scientists and an activated citizenry […]

The Looming Writers Strike Is About Much More Than What’s On TV

People say we’re living in the golden age of television. Fans enjoy more high-quality choices than at any time in history. But this could all grind to a halt if the Writers Guild of America (WGA) follows through with authorizing a strike, which would start May 2 barring any last-minute deals with the major studios. […]

Rain Producers and Rain Workers

Coaching executives, managers and supervisors often involves an exploration of how to get the job done in spite of external pressures or obstacles. It's the classic "working in the rain" situation. But there are times when you have to address the "weather." That's much harder, of course, but far easier to accomplish than in the natural world. Show More Summary

15+ Best Presentation Software Alternatives to PowerPoint (of 2017)

Whether you're a student, a business professional, or a member of an organization—the odds are good that at some point you'll be asked o make a presentation. You may even need to create a presentation for online viewing.  Whatever the...Show More Summary

Watch a true master at work

When you’re that good at your job, you should show off. What are you really, really good at at work?

Being great at your work vs. feeling great about your work

If we want to be happy in our jobs, we need to be good at our jobs. We human beings have a basic need to know that we contribute, create value and can make a difference and effect change in our environment. That’s why doing a good a job feels amazing. Show More Summary

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