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12 job seeker stunts that left a lasting impression

When interviewing for a new job, it’s important to separate yourself from the competition. For some candidates, this means doing creative, crazy things, according to a report from CareerBuilder. One job seeker brought a bag of props to an interview and pulled them out as they related to the questions and answers. Others are getting creative with

Marcus Lemonis: When It's Time to Sell Your Company

The host of CNBC's "The Profit" explains to Veev Spirits co-founder Courtney Reum why (and how) he should get ready to exit his $15 million (revenue) business.

Job Interviews Shape the Candidate Experience

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by HireRight. They deliver global background checks, drug testing and employment verification services to help companies hire the right candidate. Their annual Employment Screening Benchmarking Report provides valuable information about screening programs, practices and trends. Show More Summary

First Paragraph

Earth tilted toward six o'clock, the work-day was almost over. Commute discs rose in dense swarms and billowed away from the industrial zone toward the surrounding residential rings. Like nocturnal moths, the thick clouds of discs darkened the evening sky. Show More Summary

Drones: The New Skeet

FutureLawyer, an astute law techie, notes the legal implications of a Kentucky case where a devoted father decided to shoot down a drone that was menacing the privacy of his daughters.

7 Tips To Best Utilize LinkedIn

Having and maintaining your LinkedIn profile is necessary in today's professional world. Check out these seven tips to best utilize LinkedIn. The post 7 Tips To Best Utilize LinkedIn appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

The Fastest Way to Get More Freelance Work? Go Global

Want more freelance work? Start looking outside your borders for international opportunities. The post The Fastest Way to Get More Freelance Work? Go Global appeared first on Brazen Life.

Recruiting or academic poaching?

Researchers moving to new institutions can bring prosperity to their new homes, but they can also leave damage in their wake.

Test Your High Tech Marketing IQ!

If you can answer these three questions, you might have a lucrative career in high tech marketing!

Can Therapy Help You Balance Your Checkbook?

A growing number of 'financial therapists' are coupling an expertise in mental health with fiscal management services. Should you consider seeing one yourself?

3 Lessons from the Disastrous Saga of Google+

Google poured a lot of time and resources into a social network that no one ever really used. The good news about mistakes is that you don't have to be the one who made them to learn from them.

The Corner

"We never noticed. It was right in front of us the entire time and we never noticed it." "You noticed it. You simply chose to do nothing about it." "Oh, no. Had we known we would have done something." "Now you've shifted from noticing to knowing. Show More Summary

Quote of the Day

We can be knowledgeable with other men's knowledge but we cannot be wise with other men's wisdom. - Michel de Montaigne


Those old buses had a distinctive sound; a rattle accompanied by noises from the strange little machine where you deposited your coins. There was something reassuring about the sound. It said "We may creak but we'll get you there." Silence would not have been as comforting. Show More Summary

Small Businesses Should Model Pro Sports, Apply Trading Deadline

A few days ago, July 31 to be exact, was Major League Baseball’s annual “trading deadline.” It’s the point in the season when team rosters have to be finalized to be eligible for post season play. It’s on, and around, this deadline that...Show More Summary

A Good Brand is that of a “Solid Citizen”

Having upright character is entirely self-serving: You feel good about yourself and you sleep soundly. You don’t fear how your actions will look in the newspaper or in the blogosphere. You need not agonize over how your kids, partner, parents, friends, classmates, neighbors, and co-workers will view you. Being a solid citizen is the ultimate … Read the Rest ? No related posts.

Social Media Storm Brews for Jessica Alba's Honest Company

Honest Company's sunscreen is suddenly the subject of consumers' social media posts that show off sunburns they got while using the product.

4 Things a Brand Promise Needs to Drive Customer Loyalty

Brand loyalty is defined by some organizations as simply having repeat customers.

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