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Personal Branding Weekly – It’s No Picnic

For our readers in the U.S. and Canada, Happy Labor/Labour Day! For many small business owners, it’s time to get back to business. The summertime can be overwhelming.  Juggling kid’s, activities and family reunions/vacations and still...Show More Summary

10 Words to Never Use for Your Personal Brand

Everyone has a unique personal brand. When it comes to defining your personal brand, it’s important to be very careful in what you say when describing yourself. Words are incredibly powerful and can be interpreted in a number of different...Show More Summary

Choose Your Boss Not Your Job

When you go to a job interview, you get the chance to meet with the people you will potentially be working with and have an idea of the culture of the company. Therefore, it is very important to work with coworkers that you can connect...Show More Summary

Top 10 Reasons why Constant Complaining in the Workplace is so Toxic

Years ago when I was still a software developer for a small consulting company in my second job out of university, I had a boss that was… shall we say unpopular. My co-workers and I hated his guts and we complained ceaselessly about him. It got to the point where we couldn’t start a meeting, […]

Auburn Football and HR: Why We Write New Handbook Policies To Police Morons...

Hope you had a great holiday weekend. Back to the grind, people. What did I learn over Labor Day? I'm glad you asked. I learned that in every work environment, there's always one guy or gal - the person who...

The virtues of a part-time job

When you ask married mothers what their ideal work situation is, 47 percent say they want to work part-time, according to the Pew Research Center. But working part-time — whether you’re married, single and everything in between — can end up being well short of ideal if you get the wrong job. Companies that hire scores […]

How to Give Quality Feedback When You’re a New Manager

As a new manager, you might want to avoid giving constructive feedback right away. But that’s not the right approach. Here’s what you should do instead. The post How to Give Quality Feedback When You’re a New Manager appeared first on Brazen Life.

The Biggest Mistake People Make When Trying to Improve Their Focus

No laughing at my rudimentary drawings. I wanted to create a visual drawing for you of work that gets me “in the zone”. Last week I was working my butt off for a client deadline. I was in the zone. Time didn’t exist and I was killing it. Show More Summary

4 exciting research projects from Woohoo Labs

We are currently working on 4 R&D projects that we hope will generate new important knowledge about happiness at work. We are really excited about the results and we’re doing the studies under a fairly rigorous scientific approach. It’s not like we’re expecting any of this to be peer reviewed, but we’re trying really hard to […]

How To Value Yourself So Others Will, Too

Twice each year, I give a personal branding boot camp on campus at UCLA. The single hardest part of camp will be helping each participant appreciate themselves. Appreciating yourself is a weird concept for most people. We are used to talking about our strengths and weaknesses. Show More Summary

Join us for our first ever webinar. The topic: What really makes us happy at work.

Companies have tried many different tricks to make their employees happier. Raises, bonus schemes, promotions, foosball tables, lavish lunches, gyms, massages – even slides and live piano players in the employee cafeteria. But it turns out those things are not even remotely connected to happiness at work. In fact, in many cases they become distractions that keep […]

Networking in San Diego: 8 Groups for Broadening Your Professional Network

In San Diego? Check out these groups for awesome networking events near you. The post Networking in San Diego: 8 Groups for Broadening Your Professional Network appeared first on Brazen Life.


Once and for all: Consistently working more than 40 hrs/wk means you get LESS work done. End the #cultofoverwork.

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Why Companies Can't Keep Millennials

China Gorman, a consultant who helps organizations connect HR operations to the bottom line, gave a presentation not long ago that shocked everyone in the room. She had cited a statistic from the Aberdeen Group’s Strategic Talent Acquisition Report. Millennial...

5 Good Reasons You Don’t Understand Your Employees

Every year, Beloit College publishes “The Mindset List.” This is designed to remind professors that the life experiences of the incoming class are far different from the professors’ life experiences. It’s also a good reminder for employers. The new grads will see things differently than the experienced workers will. It’s not just because of lack of experience, but […]

How to Talk Up Your Travel Experience in Your Next Job Interview

Your globetrotting experience could set you apart in an interview as long as you know exactly which travel lessons and skills to talk up. The post How to Talk Up Your Travel Experience in Your Next Job Interview appeared first on Brazen Life.

Learning from Successes Trumps Learning from Failure Every Time

Long-term success is contingent on continual improvement. There are manifold continuous improvement strategies from the Japanese Kaizen to Six Sigma to personal self-reflection and meditation. Most improvement strategies rely on identifying...Show More Summary

Indian HR is ready for the Tech Revolution - thoughts from #TechHR14

Around 10 days ago I attended India's first ever Tech HR conference organized by People Matters in Gurgaon. I was privileged to be invited to speak at the unconference track in the event and host a Google Hangout with analysts Alan Lepofsky and Holger Mueller. Show More Summary

Connect With Your Direct Reports By Helping Them Find Mentors

              #48 Arrange for Peer Mentoring – A great way leaders can serve their direct reports is by making peer mentors available for those who want to improve in a specific area of competence or character. Select a mentor who is strong in the given area, and make the [...]Show More Summary

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