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Here’s a Service that will Simplify Your Next Travel Nurse Housing Search

Travel nurse housing has some unique challenges. In this article, we look at one service that is working to address these challenges, The post Here’s a Service that will Simplify Your Next Travel Nurse Housing Search appeared first on BluePipes Blog.

How to Use Social Media the Right Way For More Brand Sales

When it comes to sales for your personal brand from social media it takes a personal approach that build relationships. There are several ways to attract loyal buyers to your niche without a direct sales pitch. Social media marketing is still one of the prime ways to generate leads for your brand to nurture. It’s … Read the Rest ?

Phil Keoghan — The Magic of Bucket Lists and Amazing Races

“We celebrate success, but I think we should also just celebrate giving it a go.” – Phil Keoghan Phil Keoghan (@PhilKeoghan) has worked in television for almost thirty years on more than a thousand program episodes in more than a hundred countries. His work has earned him numerous awards, including ten prime-time Emmys. He is […]

How to Check Your Boundaries and Grow Your Career

Yesterday was my Swiss town’s annual “Banntag.” This is the day when everyone from the town goes out and checks that the neighboring town hasn’t moved any of the markers that indicate where the border is. Of course, in today’s world of exact coordinates, it’s all in fun, but it used to be serious business. Show More Summary

Things we Learned From the Circus

The Greatest Show on Earth! Just Closed Forever! Last week the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus closed down for good. This circus was older than baseball, it was older than most things you may know of and hold near and dear to your heart. The end of the circus is a bit sad, … Read the Rest ?

Logic Is Not Always Linear – Friday Distraction

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Kronos, a leading provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions. The company was named of the 2017 Best Workplaces for Giving Back by Fortune Magazine. Show More Summary

Transcript: Dr Rhonda Patrick on Exploring Smart Drugs, Fasting, and Fat Loss

When Dr. Rhonda Patrick returned to the podcast for a Q&A episode, I figured it would be popular. But I didn’t realize it would quickly become one of the most downloaded episodes of all-time. As a result, many of you asked for the transcript of our conversation, so here it is. Dig in and enjoy the […]

Sitting Too Much at Work? Tips to Move AND Be Productive

I was sitting too much. So several years ago I bought myself a standing desk. I didn’t go through work, opting to pay for it myself to avoid any potential headaches. And I am here to report that it was a wonderful investment! I’m fortunate...Show More Summary

What it’s like to audition at Juilliard. When you’re 11.

The first round of auditions for Juilliard’s pre-college program is by video. From December to March my son practiced for three hours a day to prepare. At the end of March we recorded him playing Cello Concerto in A minor by Saint Saens, and we sent it off to Juilliard. The results of the first round came quickly....

The Art of Timing Submission of Your Best Candidate to Difficult Hiring Managers...

And they ask you about the game you claim you got Drop science now, why not? You start to sweat and fret, it gets hot How'd you get into this spot? You played yourself... Yo, yo, you played yourself... --Ice-T...

How Long Should Your Interview Answer Be?

I’m not sure whether you’re like me. I’ve stopped reading! I read no more. I skim and browse and hover over the surface of words, and when I find something interesting, only then do I dig in and absorb the content. Nowadays, because of ubiquitous electronic media, you can immediately suffocate from constant immersion in … Read the Rest ?

How to Find Bottlenecks In Your Talent Acquisition Process

Being able to deal with constraints is an important part of business. Constraints are stages of a process that causes the entire process to slow down, be less effective, or stop completely. In the book “The Goal”, Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt outlines The Theory of Constraints as well as how to identify and manage them successfully. Show More Summary

CAPITALIST QUOTES: On Decision Making and Squirrels...

Facilitating some Leadership/Manager training for a great client today as part of the BOSS Leadership Training Series (hit me up if you want to know more) and heard the following gem: "Be decisive. Right or Wrong, make a decision. The...

Is Your Organization Ready to Trade in Blazers for Sneakers?

Dress code policies are an age-old topic within the business world. Should you continue to require your employees to wear suits or buy into the casual jeans-and-t-shirt look all the Millennials are craving? This really all depends on who you are as an organization and what your culture is. Show More Summary

The Pipeline Model Experience

The sales pipeline model dictates that not everything works out as we hope. Some people can manage where they are, while others seek out a new direction. Remaining in place or moving to the next opportunity does not necessarily indicate that one path is better than the other. However, it is the attitude toward the … Read the Rest ?

100 Days of Feminist Ads

Feminism can be a loaded term. From people who believe it means that men and women are equal to people who believe women are superior, and everything between, saying you’re a feminist can conjure up a myriad of images about what you are. It’s not a term I personally like to use, but I’m in […] The post 100 Days of Feminist Ads appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

How 21st Century Leaders Develop Their Teams

Business owners who wish to increase their growth trajectory should be mindful of succession issues and make solid plans to ensure that the next generation of leaders is ready to take over. Manager training is a critical part of the...

Everything You Need to Know About Suing Your Employer

Deciding to sue your employer is never easy, but it is sometimes necessary. If you’ve experienced harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination or a workplace injury, sometimes your only recourse is legal action. But filing a lawsuit against your employer can be complicated. Show More Summary

My 8 favorite pics from our conference on happiness at work (and 1 video)

Speaker Rowan Manahan channels Gene Kelly (and possibly Mary Poppins) Moderator Mikael Kamber, speaker Thomas Vibe and our Japanese attendee Hirokazu Kobayashi lead the audience in an energizing Japanese chant. Maria Grosz comes on stage to lead the traditional post-lunch dance. Show More Summary

How to give 2,000 high fives in one morning

If you’ve ever been to one of our keynotes or speeches, you know how much we enjoy a high five. But this guy has us beat. Watch him give 2,000 New Yorkers a high five. Awesome!

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