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The Most Popular Corporate Jargon by State

We love to use business jargon, even though 88 percent of Americans have only pretended to understand jargon spouted by a co-worker. However, apparently, we don’t use the same jargon in every state. Textio looked through over a million job postings and pulled out the jargon most popular in each state. Show More Summary

OMG I just made a HUGE error

What do you do when you make a huge mistake at work? Well, just like in your personal life, there are a few tips and tricks and best practices for dealing with errors. But, it really comes down to one thing. Some errors are simple: Calling somebody by the wrong name in front of others.… Read the Rest ?

Employee Coaching Isn’t Always Visible – Friday Distraction

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Kronos, a leading provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions. They’ve announced availability of “Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital”, authored by Gregg Gordon, vice president of the data science practice group at Kronos. Show More Summary

Ben Zander on Leading with Happiness

I interviewed the legendary conductor Ben Zander for my next book on Leading with Happiness and here is one of my favorite quotes of his: Doing well in the stock market, or satisfying the shareholders is a natural byproduct of an effective business. And what makes an effective business is the same thing that makes … Continue reading Ben Zander on Leading with Happiness ?

You Think Your Work Enemy Has Declared War: She Just Thinks It's Thursday...

"Some men just want to watch the world burn." -Michael Caine in "The Dark Knight" -------------------------- Intent is a funny thing. You're in the workplace, and the workplace has established norms: --We talk to each other before we make decisions...

What Dress Code Do You Think is Appropriate? Is Sleeveless Appropriate for Capitol Hill?

A couple of weeks ago, a reporter was denied entry into the “Speaker’s Lobby” for wearing a sleeveless blouse. This is an ornate area with a stricter dress code than the rest of the Capitol. The Hill said that there has been an influx...Show More Summary

Show investors that you care about more than just profits

I found this researching my next book, Leading with Happiness. At the 2008 Southwest Airlines Shareholders’ Meeting, CEO Gary Kelly ended his presentation with this wonderful story. February the 27th we had flight number 1218 preparing...Show More Summary

The Culture Series [Part 1] – Defining Diversity and Inclusion in Today’s Business Climate

Diversity can have many definitions. Organizations often define it in the context of their culture. Generally speaking, diversity refers to the qualities, experiences, and work behaviors that make individuals unique. This includes age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, disabilities, income, etc. Show More Summary

How to Turn Failure into Success

“You will fall. And when you fall, the winner always gets up, and the loser stays down.”  -Arnold Schwarzenegger In this episode, we discuss another frequently requested question from listeners. I’ve gathered some of the best advice about coping with frustrations and roadblocks, and — ultimately — learning how to turn failure into success. These […]

The expert interview on jobs, interviews, and careers at Vocate

I was fortunate to be able to provide some of the Cubicle Warrior perspective on jobs, interviews, and careers over at Vocate. It’s a pretty long, wide-ranging interview. If you wanted to find out about the Cube Rules approach to working in corporations, you’ll do well reading this interview. Show More Summary

The Slash Generation: Millennials in the Workplace Mix it Up

We tend to see a lot of negative connotations and stereotypes surrounding “Millennials” in the workplace. Even though they aren’t the newest generation to enter the workforce, there is still a lot to be assumed about their work ethic and lifestyle choices from their coworkers. Show More Summary

Workplace Violence: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Every year, nearly 2 million American workers are reported victims of workplace violence. Workplace violence covers a wide range of acts or threats that are disruptive to the inside or outside of a workplace. Exposure to workplace violence or a lack of security may lower employees’ morale, leaving them feeling disengaged and unproductive. Show More Summary

Technical Training: Not Just for Manufacturers Anymore

Technical training is more than just basic electrical skills and machinery troubleshooting. It’s moved beyond the warehouse and factory. The advancements of technology in society, especially in the business world, have transformed the...Show More Summary

How to Prevent Organizational Drag

In their new book, TIME | TALENT | ENERGY: Overcome Organizational Drag and Unleash Your Team’s Productive Power, Bain & Company partner Michael Mankins and his co-author Eric Garton identify the specific causes of organizational drag – otherwise known as...

White People and College Admissions - It's Complicated...

Of course, I kid with that title - you know that, right? But I have to tell you, there's stuff going on with white people and college admissions that, given the fact I have a rising junior who I expect...

Reducing Employee Time Theft

You want employees to work for all the time you pay them, right? So what can you do to stop people from “forgetting” to clock out or having a friend “buddy punch” them in? What about preventing people from goofing off on their phones instead of cleaning up or helping customers? This is called Time […] The post Reducing Employee Time Theft appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

4 critical accomplishments needed in your new position

There are four critical accomplishments you need to have when you start a new position. None of them relate to your job skills and have little to do with your interview. Instead, you need to learn how things get done in your new job....Show More Summary

5 Simple Things the US Should Adopt from Europe

I’m an American who lives in Europe—Switzerland to be exact, and I’m home for a visit. I love Europe and I love America, but both could use a bit of infusion from the other to make things better off. (And when I say Europe, I want to...Show More Summary

VIDEO: Google for Jobs: What Do HR and Recruiting Leaders Need to Do Next?

Going video for you today - lots of buzz about Google for Jobs, what it means and what HR and Recruiting Leaders need to know. If you've got a big Indeed or Job Board spend, do you have to take...

I’m writing my next book called “Leading With Happiness” and I would LOVE your feedback

As always, I do all my writing in a café. I am now 6 chapters and 25,000 words into writing my next book titled “Leading with Happiness” and I would love to get feedback on what I’ve written. Here are the 6 chapters I’ve finished soShow More Summary

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