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Dear Boss: Take Your #@&! Vacation Already!

Workers take less time for vacation every year, and that has real consequences for employee health and corporate health. If you want to know why your employees don't take proper vacations, look at yourself first.

Get a Positive Response From Your Prospects

A lead may be wanting to make a purchase — but do they want to buy from your brand? How you approach your potential customers is important for your conversion rates. By creating meaningful relationships with your community and building...Show More Summary

Hit the Road! Why Vacations Matter

As the dog days of summer approach, many employees flee the heat and humidity of August for a shady mountain or breezy beach. I’m counting the days to my upcoming vacation in Maine. Is it possible, though, that summer vacationers … [Read more...] The post Hit the Road! Why Vacations Matter appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.

Merging In Heavy Traffic On Your Commute: A Guide

Rant time people - This topic will be emotional for many of you - Merging on your way to work. There are rules. You're antisocial and a bit of a moron if you don't follow the rules. Let's do this:...

I Think I’m A Clone Now

When you hire people, you want people who are just like you–right? Someone with whom you could be best friends? Lots of people hire this way, but it’s not the right way to hire. While culture is important, what’s more important is that you find people who aren’t like you–people who have different knowledge, skills, […]

Recipes for #HR Success: Ethical Practice

(Editor’s Note: This series is brought to you by our friends at Capella University. Capella is an accredited online university dedicated to providing an exceptional, professionally-aligned education that puts you in the best position to succeed in your field. Show More Summary

When Saying “I Tried” Isn’t Enough

How committed to the cause are you? How far are you willing to go? Is saying “I tried” ever enough? It’s Situational The fact of the matter is it does depend. And it is situational. Instead of saying “I Tried My Best, But …” Hold Yourself to a Higher Standard Obviously there are different levels … Read the Rest ? Related posts: Is Freelancing the Right Career for You?

The Things You Should Know About Your Workplace Rights

Even if you don’t know it, or it doesn’t feel like, you do have rights in the workplace. If you’re going to be able to stand up for these rights, you need to know what they are. Everyone is entitled to their statutory rights, no matter what is written in their contract. So, read on [...]Show More Summary

Lacking Motivation? Here’s 6 Career Mistakes You’re Making

It can be demoralizing to read article after article about how to progress your career when you feel unmotivated. You’re given all these tips that require hard work and dedication, but what if you simply don’t feel that dedication? What if you can’t see a way out of your predicament? If you lack hope, drive, [...]Show More Summary

Career as a Handyman

Could a job offering services, such as plumbing or an electrician be the right job for you? You might be surprised by just how many types of advantages this job could offer. If you love working hands on, be it at home improvement projects or you’re just good at fixing broken things, career as a handyman [...]Show More Summary

Career as a Social Worker

Science and tech are great, but they’re not the only fields that are expanding. As our populations grow and change, and with many people living well into old age, there’s more and more need for people with a passion for working with individuals and communities to make lives better in more personal ways. It may [...]Show More Summary

Skills That Look Good On A Resume for Entry Level Jobs

Starting off on a new career or finding your first job as a recent grad or for stay at home mother is not an easy task. Well, for many candidates around the world, finding the right entry level job with little experience is an uphill task. There are so many candidates vying for the same position [...]Show More Summary

How To Further Your Career With Online Courses

Furthering your career is something you might want to focus on. Maybe you want more money, or moving up the ladder will mean landing your dream job. There are lots of ways you can further your career. If you really want to it, you need to be committed and self motivated. You need to be [...]Show More Summary

How Students Can Improve Their Career Prospects

As a student, you always need to look for ways of improving your future career prospects. This can sometimes be trickier or more complex than you would think. So, you have to make sure you follow these ideas and tips to help you. Image Credit Take Your Education Seriously A lot of people these days [...]Show More Summary

Common Recruitment Mistakes And How Not To Make Them

Hiring the right people for your company is crucial to ensure your business continues to perform its best. Regardless of this, some companies continue to not give enough thought to their recruitment process. This results in inexperienced staff being hired. In the long run, this can result in poor staff retention and a drop in [...]Show More Summary

7 Personal Marketing Mistakes That Can Crush Career Advancement

This is a guest post by Ines Temple   Everyone in the workforce, irrespective of stature or level therein, must be mindful of one critical truth when it comes to career advancement: your brand goes wherever you go…because your “brand” is you! Those seeking to move forward in their career would do well to embrace [...]Show More Summary

Mixed Emotions About Emojis and Emoticons at Work

As World Emoji Day (July 17) approaches, an ongoing debate reignites — is it OK to use emojis and emoticons at work? According to new research from OfficeTeam, nearly four in 10 (39 percent) senior managers said it’s unprofessional to include emojis or emoticons in work communications, but 61 percent stated it’s OK, at least [...]Show More Summary

Want Engaged Employees? Try Team Building

Having a cohesive team is critical to the success of your department–and your entire company. Why is this? And how can you do this? To answer these questions, I interviewed Strayboots CEO Ido Rabiner over at Cornerstone, Inc.’s ReWork blog. For my sharp-minded readers, I interviewed Ido once before, for a sponsored post on this […]

Take That Donor Survey All The Way Home

In my home, I’ve adopted a phrase that reminds my family to not just leave their empty cracker wrappers, finished Starbucks cups, and used paper towels laying about the house. That phrase is: Take it all the way home. What I’m hoping is that it’ll be just that little nudge to take trash to the […]

5 Soft Skills Everyone Needs to Work On

What do all the most successful people tend to have in common? It’s a question that is seen as holding the answer to getting ahead in your professional life. If it works for them, it’ll work for me! Of course experience counts, and in...Show More Summary

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