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No-Excuse Leadership Lessons from a Marines Captain

How anyone can lead from the front -- lessons from a U.S. Marines Captain

Conscious Life Workshop Discount Ends Today

Final reminder: Today (Tuesday, July 22, 2014) is the last day for the early bird discount for the upcoming Conscious Life Workshop in Las Vegas. So if you want to take advantage of the discount and save $100, please sign up today. The response to this workshop has been wonderful. We have 71 registrations so […] Read related articles: Workshop Update

How to Create Better Content for Your Personal Brand

A common misconception shared by job seekers is that personal branding is “all about me.” The reality: your personal brand is about showing your network how you can help them with your skills and expertise. Your offering as a professional...Show More Summary

20 Most Asked Interview Questions

It is important to be prepared before going to an interview. Many of the behavioral interview questions are standard questions that are asked by almost anyone. Therefore, it would be to your advantage to write down your answers and read...Show More Summary


I’m an outdoorsy guy who is stuck in a city that is at least a couple hours away from most of the things that I want to do. As a result I spend a lot of time visiting what my wife calls “fishing websites” (that’s exactly what they are). One upstart that caters to guys […]

CAPITALIST WEBINAR: How to Use Company Reputation Sites Like Glassdoor For Good - Not Evil...

Hey Fellow HR Capitalists - When my team over at Fistful of Talent (FOT) put together our July webinar, we were thinking of you – someone looking to stay on top of how the talent market is changing. You've been...

Crack the Leadership Code: Lead with Confidence, Inspire Performance and Make a Difference

Hosted by Dr. Michelle Pizer The 21-day event has just begun--and it is FREE! Click here to reserve your seat! We hear all the time about the suffering of employees, but what about the silent suffering of leaders? The truth...

How to Answer the 5 Toughest Interview Questions with Confidence

Keep stumbling over tough interview questions? Here’s what you need to know to answer them with confidence -- and get the job. The post How to Answer the 5 Toughest Interview Questions with Confidence appeared first on Brazen Life.

What’s Wrong With Your Image?

You may not realize you have an image. And the image that exists for you may not be ideal. The goal of reputation management and personal branding is to intentionally and authentically put together an image that is coherent, consistent...Show More Summary

Do You Want To Be Called an Employee or Associate [poll]

One of the core elements to a company’s culture is how they refer to the people who work there. Are they called “employees” or “associates”? Or maybe something else like Disney’s “cast member”? I’ve worked for companies that have used both terms. Show More Summary

How to Befriend Your Inner Arch Nemesis

Your inner arch nemesis (inner critic) can be very good for you or very, very bad. In a lot of cases, it can tell you that you are an idiot for rushing into something that blew up in your face. Quick note: it’s never ok to call yourself an idiot. Show More Summary

Check your SMART Goals at the halfway mark

Often, way too often, people start off the year with their goals from their management team, work on them diligently for a month or two, and then reality sets in. As in, the goals get stuffed in the electronic file to be forgotten about. Until performance review time. That’s when the panic sets in. You […]

Earning $10,000 per Month

For the upcoming Conscious Life Workshop, the key goal is to help you achieve a sustainable income of $10,000 per month (or more) AND do work you enjoy AND enjoy plenty of lifestyle freedom. Some people wonder about this $10K per month figure. Show More Summary

5 Must Have Items In Your Startup Office

When starting your own business it is important to get everything right the first time round. There is no better place to start than in your office. Having a workspace, which suits your style of business and work ethic is vital. For the young crowd it is important that their workspace is a place filled [...]Show More Summary

Weird Al’s Mission Statement

How could I possibly NOT share Weird Al Yancovic’s latest song called Mission Statement: I mean, look at it. It parodies both business jargon and those ubiquitous RSA-style whiteboard videos. Brilliant. The sad thing is that his parody lyrics are only slightly less comprehensible than some actual mission statements I’ve seen :)

How to Gather 100,000 Emails in One Week (Includes Successful Templates, Code, Everything You Need)

This story is about the launch of Harry’s, a new men’s grooming brand. Specifically, it will explain how they gathered nearly 100,000 email addresses in one week (!).  This post includes all the email templates, open-source code, and insider tricks that you can use to replicate their success.  It’s similar in depth to my previous how-to post, […]

Personal Branding Weekly – There is No Box

“Think out of the box” seemed to be the mantra for an entire decade. What if you approached this a bit differently and realized that there is no box? The only boxes are often the ones we create ourselves. Often, we supply the hammerShow More Summary

Want the Corner Office? Do These 6 Things Now, and You’ll Run the Show Later

Start charting your path to the corner office right now. It doesn’t matter how young or inexperienced you are. The post Want the Corner Office? Do These 6 Things Now, and You’ll Run the Show Later appeared first on Brazen Life.


When I take the dog for a walk, I need my keys, wallet, phone, and treats. That’s a lot of stuff to stuff in my pockets, and I’m NOT going to start wearing cargo pants. We’re not that far from a day where the phone and the treats will be all I need to get […]

My Vegas Weekend with the 8-Man Rotation (Featuring How Pro Hoops Misses On Talent - Just Like You)...

Went to Vegas last weekend with a few bloggers of note - Steve Boese, Lance Haun and Matt Stollak. Our destination had a nerd quality to it - The NBA Summer League, where professional basketball hopefuls convene to prove they...

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