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Job References Are Out of Date – Ask #HR Bartender

When it comes to providing job references, I’m a bit torn. I know a lot of companies still ask for them. On the other hand, I’ve always thought that your references will all say that you’re perfect, so why bother? But after receiving today’s reader note, maybe I need to rethink my position. Show More Summary

Speak Directly to Client Interests

The first loss of a sale or job interview is the one that hurts the most. It isn’t so much the lost time and money involved, but instead the realization there is so much to learn to succeed. Initially, one feels devastated, but when motivation to learn picks up so does the enthusiasm, and soon … Read the Rest ?

Are Refurbished Electronics Smart for Your Business?

Electronics can be one of the most expensive parts of running a business. Because you need to have up-to-date technology for your employees to use, you can quickly rack up a lot of debt just buying computers and other electronics for your office. Is it really necessary to buy brand new computers and phones? In … Read the Rest ?

Ways to Get a Better Office Environment for Women and Men

We talk a lot about  making the workplace better for women, but the reality is, we should make the workplace better for everyone. Women and men do (generally) have different needs and wants in the workplace, but what benefits one group can benefit others. Show More Summary

You Talk Like A Woman. So What?

Women struggle to walk a narrow line in leadership communications to find the acceptable spot of being assertive but not alienating, warm but not soft. It can feel impossible to get right. Here are four considerations that impact professional women's communications to keep in mind.

25 Top Growing Careers of 2017

Looking for the top growing careers in 2017 and beyond? Our friends at have put together the 25 best jobs of 2017. And it’s no surprise that tech jobs, dominate the list, including seven of the top 10. “As every business morphs...Show More Summary

How Business Intelligence Can Help Your Bosses Make Better Decisions

There are many ingenious ways of making work better. However, while you, as an employee, can do your best to implement strategies that make a difference to your own work (and, by extension, assisting your fellow workers), the really big changes occur from the top-down on a systems-wide basis. Show More Summary

Best Free Tools for Entrepreneurs Part 2

I have had lots of requests since I wrote my “10 Best Free Tools for Entrepreneurs” blog post to list more free tools which are useful for business owners. Therefore, I would like to add more tools to my previous list. Take a look below for the rest. JotForm: JotForm allows you to create online… Read the Rest ?

It’s Not About What Your Interns Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For Your Interns

There are plenty of articles out there with advice and tips for college kids looking to get internships and how to add value to the organizations they are interning for, including some of our own. This is not another one of those articles. Show More Summary

Is Rejection a Badge of Honor?

But although unpleasant, rejection can be seen as a critical warning and/or badge of honor. This post, featuring an exclusive interview with Halley Bock, author of Life, Incorporated, will explore the types of professional rejection, how you should take it...

The Oxford Comma Case Proves We Need New Employment Laws, Not Better Grammar

You’ve probably heard about the company in Maine that will end up shelling out around $10 million due to the lack of an Oxford comma. The New York Times explains it as follows: A class-action lawsuit about overtime pay for truck drivers...Show More Summary

10 Strategies for Recruiting In a Highly Competitive Job Market

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by Alongside, a company that bridges the communication gaps to create a better hiring experience for both employers and job seekers. Check out they help companies like Motörleaf showcase their team dynamic to active and passive candidates. Show More Summary

Here's The Video I Send Team Members When I Think People Are Stupid...

If there's anything I've tried to live up to in my professional life, it's the need to communicate things to the lowest common denominator in any organization. After all, life moves pretty fast, and if you don't stop to look...

How to Let an Employee Go Like a Human: 12 Tips for Firing Someone

If you are scouring the web looking for the best way on how to let an employee go, we have some cold hard truth for you: firing someone sucks. It sucks for you, and it’s likely even worse for them. However, if it’s your first time bringing...Show More Summary

This Kickstarter Solves the Boring Meeting Fidgeting Problem

Meetings are a fact of business life. Sure, a lot of things can be accomplished via email, IM or Slack, but sometimes you have to meet face to face or over video conference. These are good things–face to face can bring a lot of advantages and convey information more clearly than via text message. Show More Summary

If You Make These 3 Stupid Mistakes Your Business Will Hate You Tomorrow

…how the bagel store forgot their bread and butter. This original article was written by Steve DiGioia. When you take unacceptable risk, you have to be prepared to face the consequence. – Carly Fiorina, past CEO of Hewlett Packard, presidential candidate 2016. Show More Summary

Self-Confidence is Everything

Penguins  in Antarctica are described by scientists who have studied them for 23 years as undaunted, without self doubt, and with a good attitude. That’s my definition of confidence. Once somebody’s got confidence, you’ve got something. What...Show More Summary

3 Practices Help Protect You from Premature Aging Related to Job Stress

On Christmas day in 1984, Carol Grieder, Ph.D., then a graduate student in the University of California, Berkley lab of Elizabeth Blackburn, Ph.D., stopped by the lab, curious to see the results of an experiment that had taken place several days earlier. Show More Summary

Ricardo Semler — The Seven-Day Weekend and How to Break the Rules

“If you are giving back, it’s because you’ve taken too much.” – Ricardo Semler Ricardo Semler (@ricardosemler) is the former CEO of Semco Partners, a Brazilian company best known perhaps for its radical form of industrial democracy and corporate re-engineering. During his leadership, Semco grew from four million in 1982 to two hundred and twelve […]

Positive feedback is much better than fault-based feedback

This is a fascinating experiment in how different types of feedback affect people’s persistence and success in a coding task. Unsurprisingly, positive feedback that doesn’t punish mistakes is much more effective. People who lost points for wrong attempts and were given negative messages gave up sooner and succeeded much less often. Show More Summary

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