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Steve Harvey: "You're In HR, Everybody Hates You"...

"You're In HR, Everybody Hates You" Words of wisdom from Steve Harvey on a Friday. Running time two minutes, worth your time (Email subscribers, click through for video):

Your Employees Inability to Speak up Is Costing Your Business Big Money

Open door policies are pretty ubiquitous, but simply having the policy doesn’t mean people will actually speak their minds. Your employees aren’t telling you everything they should and it’s costing you—$7,500 per conversation failure and seven work days—according to a new study led by best-selling authors Joseph Grenny and David Maxfield. Show More Summary

Using the Job Boards to Grow Your Career

It’s never been easier. The job boards are making it very easy to understand what roles are in demand and about updated job descriptions and skills are for today’s workforce. FACT: Millennials will change jobs four times by the age of 32 This is not a slight to Millennials. Show More Summary

Quick Shots for #HR and #Business Pros – 2017 HR Law Edition

Regardless of who you voted for and your feelings about the election process, here in the United States, we have a new President and Congress. And I’m sure that, at some point, we will find ourselves dealing with changes to HR law. I...Show More Summary

Why soft skills should be included on your resume

You know what soft skills are, right? Those are the “playing well in the sandbox with others” skills. People skills. They are the ways that you interact with the team, how you handle stress on the job, how you handle a “fast-paced environment.” It seems every company has a “fast-paced environment.” LOL. Show More Summary

Money MindFest and a Chance to Earn $50,000

If you’d like to improve your alignment with abundance, Learning Strategies is hosting a free audio streaming event called Money MindFest. It starts on Monday, January 23rd and includes interviews with ten different experts who share their wisdom on creating wealth, prosperity, and abundance. If you sign up now, you’ll get a reminder email when…

Video Interview with Olivier Roland

French blogger Olivier Roland interviewed me in this 40-minute video about personal growth, polyphasic sleep, open relationships, and more:

4 Simple Ways to Project Authority

“Power” [noun] (1) The ability to do something or act in a certain way (2) The ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events Power has a bad rep in the workplace. Too many terrible managers have made too many people associate authority with arrogance and autocracy. Show More Summary

At FOT: "He's a Good Guy, Except for the Jihad" (Musings on The Burden of Action within HR)...

In case you missed it - I was up at FOT earlier this week with the following post “He’s a Good Guy, Except For The Jihad”… (The Burden of Action in HR)", which weaves things that organizations like the FBI...

The Secret to Helping Your Average Child Succeed

Let’s face it: Your children are not likely to be above average. Unlike the people of Lake Wobegon, our kids follow a standard bell curve and that means most children will fall into the “average” category. Not brilliant. Not stupid. Just normal kids. Show More Summary

Should You Jump Through Hoops for Your Customers?

Customers are always right—or are they? As business owners, we try to go above and beyond to provide the best possible experience and customer service to our clients. However, there are times that, despite our best efforts, we simply can’t...

My Employee’s Husband Was Arrested. Should I Tell The Executive Team?

We have an employee that has been an above-average employee. Yesterday, I learned that her husband was arrested by the FBI as a member of a large drug trafficking ring and money laundering. Our employee (“Jane”) works in a position that allows her access to medical patient’s financial records (credit cards, bank accounts, etc.). Show More Summary

You’re Fired! What Now?

I hate to sound like Donald Trump, but what happens if you get fired? or laid off? or downsized? Whatever term you use doesn’t matter. The thing is that come Monday, you have nowhere to go and you feel angry, guilty, puzzled, confused, and a hundred other feelings. Show More Summary

Middle Managers Are the Key to Reducing Bureaucracy

I ran across this post title the other day – “Forget Middle Managers. Here’s Why.” Of course, the article goes on to explain how bureaucratic organizations are filled with ineffective managers. Which can be very true. And, if your organization...Show More Summary

2017 Attendance Record

Tracking employee attendance is important to ensure that you have a record of employee absence, tardiness, vacation time and more. Download the free Attendance Record below to help you track attendance for your employees. Download (Word) Download (PDF)

Respect: The Key to Customer Service Excellence

“Products and prices can be duplicated, but a strong customer service culture can’t be copied!” This quote by speaker Jerry Fritz, truly embodies why organizations should put more focus on their customer service training. The foundation for a great relationship with customers is respect. Show More Summary

The Empire Just Bought Luke Skywalker (Also Known as ADP Buying the Marcus Buckingham Company)...

The Empire in the Star Wars series had it wrong. You don't need to fight the rebels. You just need to pull out the checkbook and buy the rebel who is most representative of the cause. In Star Wars, that...

Add These Two Qualities to Improve Results

The tides of time are changing, and recent communications reflect the reality. People employed are seriously considering going out on their own, and those who once enjoyed being self-employed are now re-thinking the cumbersome effort. Show More Summary

What to Do When You’re Headed for a Business Breakup

The right business partnership has the power to create an amazing company. When business partners can bounce ideas off each other, share a larger vision and work together to create something awesome, companies are more successful. Unfortunately, not all business partnerships end positively. Show More Summary

5 ways to add to your job skills – without going back to school

Adding job skills to your toolset may be much easier than you think. Achieving new job skills without heading back to the classroom, saving you time and money. For many professionals currently in the workforce, getting time off to expand the ever-important toolset can be challenging. Show More Summary

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