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Walk Up Music Should Be Required in All Your Meetings...

Yeah, I'll say it. I think walk up music should be required at all your meetings. You know what walk up music is - it's the song that plays when a major league baseball player walks from the dugout to...

Why Facebook’s Bus Driver Problem Could Be Your Problem

Facebook’s bus drivers just voted to unionize, and Facebook has received a lot of commentary about their poor work practices, such as forcing the drivers to work split shifts. In this case, drivers sometimes start at 6:00 a.m. or before and don’t end until 9:45 p.m. As you can imagine, that makes for a pretty […]

Do You Need a Tech Refresher?

According to the 2014 Udemy Skills Index, an analysis of trends in American skills development based on data from Udemy’s top 100 paid online courses, technology courses have the highest enrollment numbers of any subject. We get that we need...

How to Handle Losing Your Job After An Abrupt Company Reorganization

When your career “rug” is pulled out from under you, here’s how to keep a level head and avoid an emotional tailspin. The post How to Handle Losing Your Job After An Abrupt Company Reorganization appeared first on Brazen Life.

Closing Your Company’s “Leadership Gap”

Historically, leaders have relied on their internal networks and intuition to assess employee engagement and strategic alignment.  Tom Peters and Robert Waterman called it “management by wandering around” or “MBWA” in their classic book In Search of Excellence. Just as intuition once tricked us into believing that the world was flat and the sun rotated [...]Show More Summary

To Connect, Learn and Apply the Five Languages of Appreciation

#60 Learn and Apply the Five Languages of Appreciation – Ask your direct reports about memorable times when they received recognition at work. As they describe these times, ask questions to identify their primary and secondary languages of appreciation (also known as “love languages”). The five languages of appreciation in the workplace are as follows: words of [...]Show More Summary

Create a Culture Office to Promote Connection

            #59 Create a Culture Office to Promote Connection – Research has shown that connection begins to breakdown when the number of individuals in an organization exceeds 150.  Establishing a culture office or center that reports to the CEO and promotes connection is a best practice. For example, Southwest Airlines [...]Show More Summary

The Challenges and Strategies of Changing Industries

Changing Industries Do you want to change industries but find that you’re running into a lot of roadblocks? If so, you are not alone. A couple of years ago, I had a client who was a PMP certified project manager. He had a lot of project...Show More Summary

The Innovation Series [Part 3] – How Companies Support Innovation

In this third (and final) post on innovation, I wanted to share how companies view and support innovation. Because not every company views innovation in the same way. And that’s a good thing. On some level, if everyone viewed innovation the same way, it might get a bit boring. Show More Summary

The Mentality of a Successful Career

Success is all in your head. If you want to control your ability to have a lucrative, fulfilling career, it’s imperative to control the way you think. Those who can’t control their emotions and inner monologue never reach their fullShow More Summary

3 Greatest Questions You Can Ask Yourself to Unlock Your Happiness

A young man took his artwork to the local market. He set up his booth with his paintings of a blue horse. People liked his work, but he never sold much. Each week he would go back hoping for someone to fall in love with his work. One...Show More Summary

Why Interviewing is Broken

Guest Post by Rohit Lal Interviewing is the primary method for talent acquisition, and it is also the method most prone to being underutilized or misused, leading to sub-optimal hiring decisions. There are several reasons for this, and quite a few of them are related to the process of interviewing itself. Let’s take a look [...]Show More Summary

Simplifying, Downsizing, and Going Nomadic

Recently I decided to undergo a major lifestyle transition. In 2015 I plan to go completely nomadic. No stable home. Very few possessions. Living and working from the road. For the past several weeks, I’ve already been taking actionShow More Summary

Let's Face It, You Get Hungry

Working on the road often means room service. Sometime, working on the road has you staying in extended stay hotels like Homewood Suites by Hilton or Staybridge by IHG. Those offer small kitchens but shopping for food isn't always convenient. Show More Summary

How Design Influences Travel Experience

The web site Future Travel Experience gives us a good look at what may be possible for our air travel, from check in to exiting the airport, exposing what we will be seeing and feeling. Much of this "experience" derives from design, which is all about setting up the "user experience" that we desire. Show More Summary

Is SEO Still Worth the Effort?

Since its inception, search engine optimization (SEO) has been the bane of many web masters’ existence. Just when you thought you had it mastered, the algorithm changed and you were back to square one. The newest Google update is noShow More Summary

Nick Ganju on The Majesty of Ping Pong, Poker, and How to Write Hit Songs

(Photo: Foxxyz) “It turns out that writing Tetris on your calculator doesn’t actually win you the cheerleaders.” -Nick Ganju  Housekeeping Note: The e-mail subscribers who won the SONOS PLAY:1 (The Best $200 on Sound) are Drew Glaser and Kristopher Chavez. Guys, keep an eye on your inboxes! Are you still not an e-mail subscriber? It’s free, […]

Insert These Classic Jim Mora Sr. Clips Into Your Next Training Session for Managers...

It's Friday, so let's keep it light - and since it's football season, let's learn from the great leaders of the gridiron. Today's lesson is from the book of Jim Mora Sr. You know him as the dad of Jim...

How Personal Brands Can Succeed in SEM

Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? Having your website rank in search has changed dramatically over just the last five years, and many brands may have seen a decline in their ranking. Since social media came onto the scene, the way people look for information on the Internet has become much more conversational. Show More Summary

My boss wants to have me arrested for working unauthorized overtime

Dear Evil HR Lady, Hi, I am wondering about overtime etc. Basically, my wife has worked in an office most of her life. Recently, she has been working for a small business as an office manager; running the office, ordering parts, making sure the other people were getting their work schedule for the day, etc. […]

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