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The Tim Ferriss 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

  I dislike shopping, but I love finding the perfect gift. Finding that gift, though, gets harder with time. People seem to have everything they need. Alternate versions of the shirts I got last year? No, thank you. More ring pops? I’ll pass. In the eternal quest to eliminate clutter, I now give Santa a […]

Are Your Employees Living Your Company Values

I had the opportunity to speak with some senior HR professionals and CEOs during this year’s Great Place to Work Small and Medium Business Conference. Every single person I spoke with said their biggest challenge is managing growth. Not just growth in terms of products, services and customers. Show More Summary

How To Add Spice To Your Brand’s Website Sales Page

In order to build a good reputation online and attract the right leads your personal brand can benefit from a sales page. The right message and graphics will help you generate more sales. A well crafted page can also increase your visibility through social sharing and word of mouth marketing. Show More Summary

Great Careers Live At The Intersection of Niche and Grind...

I remember being in High School and somehow ending up at the VFW where my dad liked to knock back a Seagram's VO or two. On the night in question, my dad was at the bar with a guy who...

Possible Gender Discrimination

I have been in my current job for about one year. I have been working in my industry for eight years and have an MBA. When I applied, the minimum experience was two years. A new man has started in the development program, which is a higher level. I do more work and train him, […] The post Possible Gender Discrimination appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Don’t Frankenstein Your Technology – Friday Distraction

I know that Halloween was a few weeks ago, but Frankenstein has become more than a holiday icon. The Urban Dictionary says that a “Frankenstein” product is any product “made out of two or more components which, while apart, could have...Show More Summary

Job Hunting Through The Holidays

Can I tell you a little secret? Smart people keep job hunting through the holidays. Smart people realize a few things about job hunting through the holidays: There is less competition Hiring managers are still looking HR professionals...Show More Summary

The Most Popular Travel Nursing Websites of 2016 and Who Owns Them

There are many travel nursing websites designed to help simplify the process of travel nursing. We look at the most popular sites of 2016 and who owns them. The post The Most Popular Travel Nursing Websites of 2016 and Who Owns Them appeared first on BluePipes Blog.

Open Relationships Interview (Audio)

If you’re interested in learning more about open relationships, Alessandro Di Ruscio posted an audio interview with me that covers the practical realities of this type of lifestyle. I’ve been in an open relationship for almost seven years now. The post Open Relationships Interview (Audio) appeared first on Steve Pavlina - Personal Development for Smart People.

Book review: Payoff by Dan Ariely

Payoff, The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations, is a short book with an important message: “We suck at motivation.” Based on fascinating research from workplaces and psychology labs  all over the world, the book documents how we consistently fail...Show More Summary

The New Overtime Rule May Still Be Upon Us: Are You (and Your Employees Ready)?

Today was supposed to be the day the Fair Labor Standards Act’s new overtime rule went into effect. But a judge’s injunction issued last week means no change for the tens of thousands of businesses and millions of employees that...

Dear ReWorker: What Should I Do About a Lack of Learning Opportunities?

During the interview for my current job, I emphasized that I wanted a job with professional development opportunities. The hiring manager said that professional development was important and definitely a priority. After six months, I approached my supervisor about a recognized professional certification that I wanted. Show More Summary

Sometimes It’s Important to Compromise

During this year’s Women in Technology event at the HR Technology Conference, one of the speakers made the statement, “I will not compromise my personal style.” I’ve been thinking about the comment for a while now. I get it, the spirit of the comment is that we should be our authentic selves. Show More Summary

We Become So Ugly

Often I ask myself why we have become so ugly.  As a practicing career coach, I always get infuriated when clients complain about the abuse and mistreatment they suffer from recruiters and organizations they apply to for posted job openings. Show More Summary

Should we throw employee engagement surveys overboard?

What we can learn about employee engagement while sailing on a cruise boat in the Caribbean. Click on this line to read my latest post about employee engagement surveys on LinkedIN. David Zinger is an employee engagement speaker and expert.

Five Moves To Turn Skeptics Into True Believers

Negative workers can poison the office environment, stifle change, and torpedo innovation. Here are five steps a manager can take to turn skeptics into true believers.

The Quickest Way to Ensure You Hire the Best People

Like it or not, our names tell an awful lot about us. For instance, can you guess my approximate age by knowing my name? While I was born during the tail end of Suzanne’s popularity (1973), you can pretty well guess that a candidateShow More Summary

Webinar: How can learning and development unlock the business potential of executive education?

If you are a European HR person (or an American that likes getting up REALLY early), I’m participating in a webinar about executive education. We’ll be sharing some fabulous new research that details what European executives are thinking. Show More Summary

Reserve 10% of Your Recruitment Marketing Spend in 2017 for Experimentation...

I had the opportunity to contribute to a project called the 2017 Recruitment Marketing Idea Book, sponsored and put together by Smashfly. My entry into the mix covered the need to experiment with your recruitment marketing spend every year. Most...

Why scale is an important ingredient of your resume

Simply put: In the work you do, size matters. If you think about it, what you and the hiring manager are doing is seeing if there is a good fit for you on the team – one of the only three things every interview question is about. And scale is a big deal in determining your […] The post Why scale is an important ingredient of your resume appeared first on Cube Rules.

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