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What the New Twitter Character Limit Expansion Means for Your Brand

Twitter is still one of the most popular social networks for brands between their customers to communicate and share information. Recently a major upgrade has allowed all users to take advantage of a new 280 character limit. This microblogging...Show More Summary

Publicly Shaming Good People Removes Them From the Conversation on Change...

Look - I get it - there's a lot of stuff going on in the world that's been a long time coming for society in general: --Protests against police brutality and the impact of that on minorities - check. --the...

Hogwarts Sorting Hat or Myers-Briggs? Which is Better?

I am a Ravenclaw. I’ve taken numerous online quizzes to sort me into my Hogwarts House and they all come back consistently Ravenclaw. I agree with this. I‘m too wimpy to be a Gryffindor, too snarky to be a Hufflepuff, and not ambitious enough to be a Slytherin. Show More Summary

Leadership Series: Kirt Manecke

This original article was written by Steve DiGioia. Today’s profile is of Kirt Manecke, award-winning author and sales, marketing, fundraising, and business development specialist with over 30 years of experience surprising and delighting customers. Show More Summary

Tribe of Mentors Giveaway

If you have any interest in winning many of the “favorite purchases of $100 or less” that are featured in Tribe of Mentors, then the next two minutes of reading are definitely worth your time. I’ve partnered with StackSocial to offer you the ultimate Tribe of Mentors giveaway. We are offering an “Apple Dream Setup” as the […]

Are External Forces Changing Organizational Values

Changing organizational values doesn't happen overnight. But, sometimes, employees are looking for or expecting more. Can companies respond adequately? The post Are External Forces Changing Organizational Values appeared first on hr bartender.

Employee Engagement and Burnout: The Best Resource Ever

The absolute best book I have ever read and studied on burnout is 35 years old this year. Christina Maslach, an exceptional psychologist, wrote Burnout – The Cost of Caring. Below is a picture of my book with a well worn cover and a lot of underlining and notes on the inside. It personally helped […]

Listed amongst 100+ Brilliant HR Blogs

A company called USA Mobile Drug Testing put out a list earlier this month in which they included this blog at number 19 in what they called 100+ Brilliant HR Blogs to Follow It was an honor to be listed amongst some of by longtime blogging...Show More Summary

Introductions Is Key for Employment

This title is all about networking. When I take my walks, I observe groups of teenagers waiting at street corners for their school buses. Two things are common to these groups. The kids are not talking to each other, and the majority of them have their ears plugged with earbuds. Show More Summary

Do We Place Too Much Emphasis on the Interview?

When I was at HR Tech in Amsterdam, I got a chance to talk with the folks at Oracle about things I’m passionate about. Yes, I am this much fun at parties too. The post Do We Place Too Much Emphasis on the Interview? appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Onboarding Is Successful When Expectations Are Met

Onboarding new hires is all about setting expectations. If you don't, you can expect disengagement and disappointment from employees and managers. The post Onboarding Is Successful When Expectations Are Met appeared first on hr bartender.

Bitcoin 401K Rollovers - What the #### Could Go Wrong?

This appeared in my gmail as a paid ad today (Email subscribers, click through to see the poison below): I'm not a financial advisor. There's probably money to be made in Bitcoin, although the SEC has issued investor warnings. The.....

Why Finance Pros Are Turning to Automation

Are financial experts afraid of automation? Not exactly. If you talk to many of them, you’ll hear that technology has actually changed their jobs for the better and has positively impacted how they work in their organization by eliminating manual...

Tips for Protecting Your Small Business

Whereas big businesses tend to have a variety of well-staffed departments devoted to the legal, physical and digital protection of their business, small business owners often must take a more hands-on approach to protecting their operations. Show More Summary

Ineffective HR Makes Sexual Harassment Thrive. Here’s How to Fix it.

Is your HR department effective at stopping sexual harassment, or are they like many of the companies described by The New York Times, “ineffective”? There are many reasons why HR can’t put a stop to all discrimination and harassment (of all kinds, not just sexual harassment), but we can change that. Show More Summary

Upcoming open international events in 2018

Most of our speeches and workshops are for clients and limited to only their people, but I do have some really cool open international speaking gigs coming up in 2018. If you want to know all about creating happier and more successful workplaces, here’s your chance. Show More Summary

Common Office Design Mistakes to Avoid

Most business owners don’t invest enough time and budget for their office designs. However, office design plays an important role in your employees’ productivity in addition to your brand image. A badly designed office may create a negative atmosphere killing creativity, collaboration, and employee morale. Show More Summary

5 HR Best Practices That Never Go Out of Style

Remember when there was no Human Resources Department or HR best practices? There was simply a “personnel department,” often led by a stern person in a stuffy suit (at least according to television and movies). Personnel did hiring and...Show More Summary

Podcast Interview With Jobacle Founder Andrew Rosen

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the 12 Minute Conversations podcast. If you are interested in learning a bit more about the history behind my little career advice journey with, I encourage you to take a listen. Show More Summary

The 2017 Employment Law Year in Review

Did you miss the best webinar EVER? You might have because it became so popular we had to turn people away, as the system would only support so many people at once. Sad! But, don’t fret! We recorded it. It’s amazing. The only bad part is that I had technical difficulties so all my parts […] The post The 2017 Employment Law Year in Review appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

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