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What Are You Paying Attention To?

There's an incongruity between time and money devoted to leadership development and the number of articles about bad bosses. Maybe its' time to re-visit the definition of "bad." Here's why: People do that for which they are rewarded. Period. I've...

8 Ways Hobbies Can Help You Get Jobs

Looking for work can be emotionally draining. It creeps into your life, consuming nearly every minute of your day. At 11 p.m., you’re browsing job boards. At 3 a.m., you’re rewriting your resume for the five thousandth time. Weekends...Show More Summary

TTATN 027: High Paying Travel Nursing Jobs and How To Land Them

We discuss the different types of high paying travel nursing jobs and provide some tips to help increase your chances of landing them. The post TTATN 027: High Paying Travel Nursing Jobs and How To Land Them appeared first on BluePipes Blog.

How to Turn a Bad Job into a Good Job

Have you recently gone from no job to a bad job? A lot of people have emerged from their parents’ basement. They are dressed for work that they loathe. You know why. The crazy boss. Lazy coworkers. Angry customers. Too many meetings....Show More Summary

Employee Engagement: Engage the Year Ahead with 2-Simple Rules

Are 2 simple rules powerful enough to guide a year of work and interaction? Reading time = 2 minutes and 50 seconds Simple rules. I have become enamoured with simple rules to guide and govern behavior and actions. It is a bit ironic as I always stated that rules were not engaging but somehow simple […]

Hard Work Is Irrelevant, But In The Absence AND Presence of Talent, We'll Take It...

Got a good play for you on the way home today - embedded below (email subscribers click through to see player) is a cool NPR podcast called Planet Money - the episode I'm sharing is with Patty McCord, former CHRO...

How to Balance Customer Happiness with Employee Happiness

We all know that the customer is often wrong. They demand things that violate policy. They treat employees that didn’t make the policies horribly. They are huge pains in the rear end for oh, so many things. However, without the customers, we have no business. Therefore, many companies have instituted a “customer is always right” […]

What Football Can Teach Us About Managing Millennials

Sports metaphors have always invaded the business world: We “throw Hail Marys” and “make game-day decisions.” And, as a new football season kicks off, the connection between business and sports is everywhere. I’ve taken particular notice this year because football … [Read more...] The post What Football Can Teach Us About Managing Millennials appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.

Women should not bother negotiating salary

In a survey of graduating professional students, Linda Babcock, of Carnegie Mellon University, found that only seven per cent of women attempted to negotiate their initial offers, while fifty-seven per cent of the men did so. After years of analysis, she concludes that women might, in fact, be better off not negotiating. Babcock is not the only...

How Exercising Increases Your Performance

Exercising has many benefits other than losing weight. If you exercise regularly, it will help you with many aspects of your life including your work performance. Below you can find how exercising increases your performance at work. Reduces Stress: Regular exercising reduces stress and decreases tension. Show More Summary

Your Company Needs an Engagement Strategy

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at HireRight. They deliver global background checks, drug testing and employment verification services to help companies hire the right candidate. They just released their...Show More Summary

The Oracle of Silicon Valley, Reid Hoffman (Plus: Michael McCullough)

“I build, design, and improve human ecosystems through software either as a creator or an investor.” – Reid Hoffman Reid Hoffman (@reidhoffman) is often referred to as “The Oracle of Silicon Valley” by tech insiders, who look at his company-building and investing track record (Facebook, Airbnb, Flickr, etc.) with awe. Reid is Co-Founder and Executive Chairman […]

How Lafayette, an “Outsider,” Won the Allegiance of His Team

If you’ve ever been hired into a leadership role, you know how difficult it can be to lead when you are viewed as an “outsider.” It’s crucial to establish trust and connection with your new colleagues quickly, but how? Leaders who find...Show More Summary

10 Ways to Find Career Happiness

Even on good days your career can seem a bit hazy. You’re not sure what your next step will be. That’s natural. It’s happened to all of us. We start a career with the best of intentions, planning to give it our all and to find fulfillment. Then, for one reason or another, it doesn’t […]

NorthCoast 99…Something to Celebrate!

ERC’s NorthCoast 99 program annually honors 99 great workplaces for top talent in Northeast Ohio. Carrie Morse, Director of Partnerships at ERC, has been overseeing NorthCoast 99’s exclusive awards event for the last 13 of its 17 years. “NorthCoast...Show More Summary

Small Business Leaders Under-Estimate Power of Their Communication

Someone on LinkedIn last week commented on an article I published in 2014 about “open-door” policies saying, “I used to work for a boss that told us that HE had an ‘open-door policy’ with ‘My door is always open… So please walk by quietly!’...Show More Summary

7 Secrets to Nailing Your First Job Interview

Your first interview is a pivotal point in your career, likely full of excitement and a touch of anxiety. Whether it’s a new job, education program or position, interviews can set you up for success or failure. There is no fool proof...Show More Summary

5 ways your past can sabotage your job search

Getting a job is a difficult enough task without having your past sabotage your job search efforts. HR professionals are understandably very concerned about hiring the wrong person, because the average cost of a bad hire equals up to 30 percent of the individuals’ annual salary. Show More Summary

Your Company Has These Employees. Your Job Is To Remove Them ASAP...

Let's face it - we spend a lot of time talking about employees from a "top talent" perspective. Who is top talent? Can we fill a team with all "A" players? (The answer is no, btw...) How can we attract...

What We Call Employee Engagement is Driving Me Nutty

If you want to get more out of your work, you need to put more into your work. We must stop the employee engagement candy floss now before it gets so gooey and makes such a mess that we toss it in the management and leadership bandwagon trash bin.   Here is a sample of […]

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