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The Most Insensitive/Yet Accurate Statement You'll Read This Week on Recruiting Software Developers...

One of the lauded myths of Silicon Valley culture is that anyone can be a tech superstar if they have the talent. That if you just work hard enough, you too can grow up to be a lauded developer. Take...

Engage With the Latest Employee Engagement Evidence

Engage for Success Does it Again! I encourage you to read the latest employee engagement evidence report created by Engagement for Success. For example: In the financial services sector, RBS has established links between employee engagement and business performance, customer service and employee well-being. The top 10% of business units compared to the bottom 10% […]

Recruiting Is Only Getting Tougher [infographic] – Friday Distraction

I believe one of the key metrics in recruiting is time to fill. It’s also a very flexible metric. Traditionally, we think of time to fill as the time it takes from the job requisition being approved to the job offer being accepted. If...Show More Summary

What Do You Know About White People?

We talk a lot about diversity, in HR, and we have all sorts of programs and measurements in place. Many businesses are even subject to Affirmative Action Reporting, where you have to declare to the federal government the racial and gender makeup of your staff.As a result, many businesses proudly proclaim that not only are […]

Can You See the End From the Beginning?

How a pop song can help you. “I can see the end as it begins …” Taylor Swift in her song “Wildest Dreams” I don’t often quote Taylor Swift songs, but I happened to hear this line in the song recently and it got me thinking: Is Taylor...Show More Summary

2016 Workshop Topics

I’m happy to announce that the topics for the 2016 Las Vegas workshops have been selected: Jul 29-31 – Conscious Abundance Workshop (overcoming scarcity, creating abundance, the Law of Attraction) Aug 19-21 – Conscious Mind WorkshopShow More Summary

The Template To Build A Rock Star Team

If you want to build a rock star team, you need to learn how to build potential in others. Here's how to turn B-players into A+ performers.

WAIT, WE'RE WINNERS? Here's What Bad Engagement Looks Like, In One Simple Picture....

If you're at a company with mixed engagement from employees, you know the reality. You're trying to do some positive things, but you've got people on the bus that don't care if you succeed or not. Can they be saved?...

Are You Proficient in These Marketable Skills?

Want to be marketable? Consider sharpening these in-demand competencies. Computerworld’s 2016 Forecast study has identified the hottest skills for IT professionals. The top five include IT architecture (42 percent of IT hiring managers seek this skill), application development (40 percent),...

What Happens When You Hire an Employment Lawyer?

Let’s say your boss pinches your behind and makes crude comments about your skirt length. This is textbook sexual harassment, so you decide to sue. The good guy always wins, right? One might hope, but it’s not that always that simple. Let’s go through what you can expect to happen in this scenario and others like […]

Quick Shots for #HR and #Business Pros – Freelancer Edition

Regardless of the reason, the gig economy is here to stay. Individuals are opting to have a side hustle in addition to their regular full-time jobs. Some people are choosing to leave the daily grind and freelance full-time. An article in Forbes put the number of freelancers in the U.S. Show More Summary

The entrepreneurship craze is over. Now what?

You can easily trick yourself into believing that entrepreneurship is all the rage among young people. Hacker meet-ups, entrepreneurship clubs on college campuses, and the sudden growth of incubators and accelerator programs can present fodder for this case. Show More Summary

7 tips that will help you land your dream job

Landing your dream job is merely about following your passion, working hard, and developing the skills to get you on the right path. Remember these tips to help you get on the right path to landing your dream job. Get the Right Education...Show More Summary

Why Bother with a Thank-You Letter?

Many years ago, in the pre-e-mail era, I snail-mailed my thank-you letter after an interview and was told later by the director of human resources that my thank-you letter was the decisive factor in the company’s offering me the job. As a career coach, I frequently guide people through such job seekers’ dilemmas. Show More Summary

Redesigning – Part 9

This is part 9 of the 9-part series on Redesigning Convergence Getting the website from beginning to launch took a lot of patience. From late October 2015 through the final launch on April 1st, 2016, I often felt that...Show More Summary

On Zero-to-Hero Transformations

  In this episode, we don’t have any special guests, unless you count the multiple personalities in my own head. We are not talking to Arnold Schwarzenegger, black-market chemists, Josh Waitzkin, Jamie Foxx or anyone else per our regular interviews. Today, I’ll be responding to questions you upvoted on Reddit. Show More Summary

Tech Elevator: Elevating Recruiting in the Midwest

According to the Harvard Business Review, 35% of employers reported difficulty filling jobs due to lack of available talent. This statistic illustrates the disconnect between the opportunities available and the talent pool. We recently...Show More Summary

Employe Engagement: Why We Need to Treat Employees More Like Smart Phones

Get Smart with Your Employees Don’t get the title of this post wrong. I am not suggesting we depersonalize employees and treat them like objects. What I am suggesting is we treat employees as well as most of us treat our smart phone. Here is what I mean: We never get too far away from our […]

Outsourcing in Response to Business Transformations: 3 Tips for Success

Often, organizations consider outsourcing in response to business transformations an unpleasant choice, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The idea that other people are needed to handle responsibilities might be the best — or only — way to handle growth. It’s easy to become over-extended as you expand, and it’s important that the […]

Why You Should Take The Time to Appreciate Your Progress at Work

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Benjamin Franklin It makes sense. You chip away at progress. It isn’t just a sprinkle of magic that leads to a finished project. It can feel like a little luck had something to do with it, but it’s always due […]

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