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The Process For Creating Potential Factors (Rather Than Company Values) At Your Company

One of the things I've always been a fan of is having potential factors as an alternative to company values. Background: At Kinetix, we have potential factors instead of values. They're designed to identify what we value most in talent...

Shay Carl on Wealth, Parenting, and the Future of Video

“Money was never the goal; it was freedom. I just wanted to be able to not go to work.” – Shay Carl This is another special in-betweenisode. It’s a little shorter than the normal long-form episodes, and it features a Q&A with Shay Carl (@shaycarl). If you missed our first interview, Shay’s story is incredible. He […]

10 Awesome Telecommuting Jobs

How would you like to be a Senior Threat Researcher and work from home? Frankly, this job sounds super cool to me, even though I’m wildly unqualified for it. Also, I already have a work from home job. But, I had to make that job myself. If you’re not the entrepreneurial type, you might want […] The post 10 Awesome Telecommuting Jobs appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Stop Trying to Be Perfect, Just Be Yourself!

Perfection can be a motivation killer. The more you put pressure to yourself, the more stressed you will be. When you get stressed, your motivation and health will get affected from it and your performance will decrease eventually. Instead of focusing on being perfect, you should focus on being your best. Show More Summary

Employee Engagement: Tuesday Toon – Be Yourself

Another fine employee engagement cartoon by John Junson on the Employee Engagement Network. David Zinger is an employee engagement expert and speaker.

Not All Millennials are Middle Class

As you know if you’re a frequent reader, I often hear complaints that members of the millennial generation are entitled, lazy and narcissistic. The pervasive stereotype, often perpetuated by the media and late-night TV, is that young people today are … [Read more...] The post Not All Millennials are Middle Class appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.

CHANGE: Insurmountable Positions Get Leapfrogged By New Access Points...

When you think about big companies going down over the last couple of decades, it's really about corporations thinking their positions are insurmountable and being slow to try to develop new technologies and approaches that would replace the cash cow...

Sometimes You Have to Fire People. Here’s When and Here’s How

Being a manager can be awesome. You get to set goals, lead people, and truly shape your department. However, you also have to coach, cajole, and discipline people. Sometimes you even have to fire people. Firing people is really, really, really hard. Show More Summary

Which Is Better: Employees Who Have Purpose or Are Engaged

A few years ago, I wrote a post titled “Happy Employees are not Engaged Employees.” It remains a very popular post. I received a note about it the other day. I would say employees with a sense of purpose are most productive. Is thisShow More Summary

Congratulations to The HR Awards Winners and Finalists!

The HR Awards is a program that recognizes HR professionals in Northeast Ohio who have demonstrated excellence in the field of human resource management. These professionals are nominated by their peers for their achievements and skills within their field. Show More Summary

Can A Leader Become More Likeable?

We've heard a lot in the 2016 presidential election about how unlikeable both candidates are. But this can be an issue for any leader -- we expect our leaders to be likeable people or we don't want to work for them. Here are steps you can take to ensure your own likeability, or fix a bad impression.

How to Let Go of Line Level Tasks

Let’s pretend you just started a new job at a large marketing firm as a head of customer service. The first week, the CEO sits next to you every day. For 8 hours, you listen to her rattle on and on about how to answer phones “the right way.” On day one, you’re polite. Show More Summary

6 Interesting Careers in the iGaming Industry

Although most of us only ever see the front-end products of the iGaming industry, like any other business iGaming requires a team of accomplished individuals to be successful. Today, we thought we’d look at the different careers available...Show More Summary

VIDEO: Giving Interns Real Experience Is Really The Most Important Thing...

If you came because of that title looking for a serious post on intern programs, think again. I was in Auburn Saturday night for LSU/Auburn and Auburn has a kicker that kicks it out of the end zone... every.single.time. After...

Tired of This Election? It’s Because We’re Bad at Hiring

You know that an election is just one big, long, job interview, right? That’s what we’re doing. We’re the hiring managers, the parties are the headhunters, and we totally ended up with unlikable and questionable candidates. If you want...Show More Summary

Advancing Partnerships in the Workplace

In their research, Gartner analysts Jeffrey Brooks, Heather Colella, and John Roberts found that CIOs believe current approaches to assessing executive satisfaction are missing something, and that IT organizations require a technique that puts the onus on line of business...

I’m a Waiter, Not a Salesman!

This original article was written by Steve DiGioia. Assume the sale. This is one of those phrases that is drilled into the head of any good salesperson. “They will love our product, I know they will. Just keep listing all the benefits of our product, and they will have to buy it. Show More Summary

Integrity Trumps All

Nothing baffles people full of tricks and duplicities more than simple straightforward integrity. So if you have pledged against texting or talking on your cell phone while driving, you shouldn’t do any of these things behind the wheel...Show More Summary

Dom D’Agostino on Disease Prevention, Cancer, and Living Longer

“The pursuit of size and strength really contradicts what we want to go after for longevity.” – Dominic D’Agostino Dr. Dominic “Dom” D’Agostino (@DominicDAgosti2) is one of my most popular guests, and I’m happy to have him rejoin the show for the third time. (You can listen to Dom’s first appearance here, and his second appearance […]

The 4 Qualities You Need to Get Promoted

Recently, an HR Bartender reader talked about their frustration with the new changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). In their note, they mentioned working toward getting promoted so they would have a salary over the minimum threshold. Show More Summary

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