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Hosting a Successful Company Outing

Do you want to through a party or an event for your staff? If you are going to go to the trouble, you want to make sure it will be successful. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and money. Over at Benefits Bridge, I give some tips and tricks for making an outing successful. To […] The post Hosting a Successful Company Outing appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

How to Balance the Output-Input of Social Networking

Social media marketing is a place to build community — so where do you find the right balance between selling your brand’s products or services and building relationships? There are several ways you can make your marketing strategy both effective and influential. It is important for your brand to be actively involved in networking with … Read the Rest ?

Jobvite Publishes New & Needed Source of Hire Data (#RNL17)

As I mentioned earlier this week, I'm just coming off a couple of days at Recruiter Nation Live 2017, a conference put on by the good folks at Jobvite. Great show and good people, glad I went. Unrelated to the...

Ask One Question to Help You Set Your Priorities

Warning: This will come across as harsh. Being that this is the graduation season this might be the most critical nugget you (or someone you know) needs to put their career on the right path. By asking The One Question you may be able to set your career on the perfect trajectory. But, at what … Read the Rest ?

Don’t Overthink Your Data – Friday Distraction

The purpose of collecting data is to take some action using the data. And, taking action is often one of the most challenging steps in any type of data collection process. Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to collect data and not do anything with it. Show More Summary

Another happy client

Woohoo! Yesterday I did a workshop for a team of 100 people from a big Danish pharmaceutical company. Here is what they wrote afterwards: Thank you for an amazingly inspiring day full of facts and specific suggestions for action. The workshop was incredibly energetic and the exercises were engaging. Show More Summary

The Magic, Misdirection, and Mindset of David Blaine

“I never look at anything really as a success. I always look at it as a work in progress.” – David Blaine David Blaine (@davidblaine) is a magician, illusionist, and endurance artist. He is best known for his high-profile feats of endurance and has set and broken several world records. A while back, he taught a […]

My startup is imploding. I mean pivoting.

Last week my older son took the SAT subject test for biology. He was supposed to take the AP test for biology but I didn’t realize that you have to start registering a homeschooler for AP tests around the time a NYC parent would start registering their child for preschool: in the womb. So after...

Pink, Kink and Ink: Office Don’ts or Don’t Care?

Is the office dress code dead? Yes, says GQ, who sees the formal dress codes as a “class uniform” intended to encourage corporate groupthink, and the backlash against it as a triumph for creativity and individualism. No, says UBS, whose employee dress code spans an incredible 44 pages, and instructs staff on everything from how … Read the Rest ?

Anyone Can Be a Recruiter, Right? (#RNL17)

It's a profession with limited barriers to entry and literally a million agency/corporate positions available. It's a profession where the hardest workers and the most entrepreneurial usually get the best results. It's a profession looked at with disdain by many...

Dilemma of the Month: Abruptly Made a Manager

Yesterday, I was an individual contributor who did technical work. This morning, a group of my coworkers and I found out that we are now expected to manage about 10 non-exempt staff each. Overnight! There’s no title change, no increase in salary — just added work and stress. Show More Summary

6 Logical Tips to Finding a Job

It would be interesting to review a few perceptions that job seekers have on issues stemming from feelings rather than from logic. Such perceptions are based more on gut feelings rather than thinking. Examples follow. The interview is about me. People feel good when asked to come in and interview, because they think the interview … Read the Rest ?

Increase Employee Engagement and Retention with Better One-on-One Meetings

One-on-one meetings between managers and employees have always existed. However, they are getting much more attention lately. I believe a big contributor is the focus on continuous performance management. Which makes sense. Why not use regular communication as a way to strengthen performance. Show More Summary

What Will You Do Next?

Very frequently we find ourselves at a ‘fork in the road’ that has us pausing to consider what to do next. Unfortunately, most people do not think out their next steps ahead of time before making pronouncements that prove to be premature. How many times have you heard someone say, “I’m going to…” but that … Read the Rest ?

The Secret to Impressing Your Boss Is Taking a Vacation

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk, wishing you were laying on the beach? We’ve all been there. As the summer months start rolling in, it’s natural to think of all the places we’d rather be than in the office. Still, we suck it up and head into work because we need to … Read the Rest ?

Let’s Just All Shut Up About Megyn Kelly’s Clothes

There are many reasons why a lot of service industry jobs require a uniform: It makes you focus on the company, not the individual serving you. This person behind the counter is identical to that person behind the counter. What’s important is the product or service you receive. Show More Summary

Writing Every Day – 9 Tips to Write Daily

Writing every day is not always easy but it is imperative in order to stay on top of the craft. At least for me. I’m always amazed at how swiftly “skills atrophy” can creep into your life. That’s why I make a concerted effort to make sure I am learning and growing each day — […] The post Writing Every Day – 9 Tips to Write Daily appeared first on

How to Keep Your Business Relevant in the Age of Automation

Much has been made about human jobs that will potentially be replaced by automation and artificial intelligence in the coming years. But where does that leave businesses that base so much of their success on intimate, human connections? And how...

Four Listening Moves To Get The Best Ideas

Everyone wants better ideas, but we need to be great listeners to gain insights. Here are four simple shifts that enable you to take in more information to encourage learning and growth.

Dogs can be happy at work too

Work isn’t just for humans – many dogs work too. This short video from National Geographic shows some great examples. And is it just me, or do most of these dogs look both happy and proud at work?

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