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Beyond Banking: How a Wide Variety of Industries Are Attracting and Retaining Gen Y

Do lawn care companies and law firms face the same talent challenges? On the surface, it might not seem like it. But I’ve learned that one challenge appears to affect virtually all industries today: attracting and retaining millennials. Show More Summary

How to Tip From Scarcity to Abundance

You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Show More Summary

The Time You Wanted To Be Blink 182, But Sold Out To The Man...

We've all got guilty pleasures that wouldn't stand up to the world's judgement. Some of us watch shows on TV that we wouldn't want the world to know about. Others have browsing histories in Chrome that are damning at best....

My Coworker is Tracking My Hours

I am an exempt employee and my boss has recently started having a co-worker of mine keep track of my hours. We have a soft start time of 7 am – 9 am at the latest. I know if I work 7 hours one day. I will work 9 hours the next day. My boss […]

Managers Must Be Able to Identify Employee Performance – Friday Distraction

I recently wrote a post about one aspect of the performance review process that employees like – getting merit increases. Many organizations link performance reviews with pay increases so even if the performance review is boring, at the end, there’s a conversation about compensation. Show More Summary

Flat Results + Doing the Same Thing = More Flat Results.

If there's one thing I've learned in a career of being a manager/coach (both in corporate America and in sports), it's that when I'm not satisfied with the results I'm getting, I almost always should have changed what I was...

Conscious Abundance Workshop Early Registration Discount Ends July 11th

We opened registrations for the new 2016 workshops last week, and we have people signed up for all four workshops now, with more signing up each day. The most popular one so far is the Conscious Abundance Workshop (CAW), which is just three weeks away: July 29-31. Show More Summary

Do You Have One of Those Time-Waster Personalities?

When I met Dana Brownlee, the founder of corporate training company Professionalism Matters, we got to talking about time wasting habits. It turns out that certain types of people are actually prone to ineffective time management. Being the productivity nut...

Can I Please Quit without Notice?

To start off, yes I have read all the other posts of yours pertaining to this topic but none of the posts seem to apply to people working in positions other than office jobs. I work at Company A. Company A is a fast-food franchise popular for hiring young teenagers with no work experience, in […]

Can a Manager Praise Employees Too Much [poll]

During this year’s WorkHuman Conference hosted by Globoforce, keynote speaker Shawn Achor made the comment that employees never get tired of praise. At first, I totally agreed. Especially when you hear statistics like the ones from the...Show More Summary

Dom D’Agostino — The Power of the Ketogenic Diet

“If medicine wants to focus on prevention, there’s no better tool than nutrition.” – Dominic D’Agostino Dr. Dominic “Dom” D’Agostino (@DominicDAgosti2) is an assistant professor in the Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology...Show More Summary

My talk on Attracting Talent using #socialmedia at #SMDayPune

30th June is celebrated as Social Media Day - and this year I was invited to talk about Social Media as a way to Attract and Engage Talent at The Social Media Day at Pune. The other speakers were Advertising legend Prahlad Kakar, Personal...Show More Summary

?#?socialmedia? and ?#?employerbranding?

The folks at Workplace Insights interviewed me on the topic. You can read it online hereSome excerpts:Do you think the investment in employer branding actually gives valuable returns to an organization?Right now, nobody is tracking it. Show More Summary

ASK THE CAPITALIST: When Should I Mention The Vacation I'm Planning In The Interview Process?

A reader asks... KD - My current company is a mess - I'm currently interviewing and have great traction, but I'm concerned about a vacation I've planned for late August. When should I tell a prospective employer that I've got...

Your Manager Loves You. Here’s Why Your Raise is Awful.

A reader sent me an email asking if a “1.75 percent raise” was appropriate for salary in the 90k range. “It’s like giving a waitress a $7 tip on a $300 meal,” he wrote. First of all, wouldn’t it be awesome to get a 15-20 percent raise each year? Second, if any of you leave […]

10 Things Your LinkedIn Profile Should Reveal in 10 Seconds

Some people call LinkedIn the Facebook of the working world. While the platform definitely draws comparisons, employers don’t search it to be updated on your latest party or to play Candy Crush. They want to learn more about you andShow More Summary

How to nail your online first impression

Help your career flourish through social media. Whether you’re searching for a job or you’ve already landed one, your online presence can have quite an impact on your career. So before you put yourself out there to colleagues or prospective...Show More Summary

How to Bypass Resistance

You may have heard this quote from German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer: All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Here’s a variation on this idea that we can use for personal growth transitions: All growth passes through three stages. Show More Summary

7 Inspirational Instagram Accounts to Follow for Your Career

Many of you probably use Instagram to follow the lives of your friends and family members and maybe learn about the current fashion trends and discover exotic travel destinations. How about getting some career inspiration while scrolling...Show More Summary

Meeting in Person FAQ

I’ve been doing a lot of one-on-one meetups lately since many people came to Vegas for the 4th of July holiday weekend. I’ve also been hearing that some people almost didn’t ask to meet up because they felt a bit shy about doing so.Show More Summary

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