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Is Your BYOD Policy MIA? Why You Need One to Keep Millennials Happy

For millennials, it’s unthinkable not to be connected at all times. And they want to be connected through the best devices available. (This desire is not limited to Millennials, of course. I’m desperate for the new iPhone 6S.) Over the … [Read more...] The post Is Your BYOD Policy MIA? Why You Need One to Keep Millennials Happy appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.

Ernst & Young Stopped Requiring Degrees. Should You?

The UK offices of Ernst & Young have announced that they will stop requiring degrees, but instead will offer online testing and search out talented individuals regardless of background. Why? They say there is no correlation between success at the university and success in careers. The Huffington Post quotes Maggie Stilwell, EY’s managing partner for […]

Just Five Minutes … Twice a Day

Take 5 minutes — twice a day … to clear your mind. Write down everything that crossed your brain. Get it out. Dump it. Then decide if you should own it. What’s the Point? Everyone is inundated with stuff. Every day more and more stuff is crossing our streams. Show More Summary

Quick Shots for #HR and #Business Pros – Update Your Resume Edition

The resume isn’t dead. In fact, according to Career Directors International, September is “Update Your Resume Month”. You can read the history here. Just because it’s the end of September doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance. Reviewing...Show More Summary

Help Yourself to The 10 Best Free and Fantastic Employee Engagement Resources

Fantastic Free Employee Engagement Resources (plus a bonus resource). I am celebrating my 61st birthday today. At my age, I don’t need any presents but I’d like to give some, so here are 11 employee engagement presents for you.   The Power of Employee Engagement: Booklet on the Pyramid of Employee Engagement. Engage for Success: Enhancing Performance Through […]

I am going to happy you :)

It just struck me that the Danish word for happiness (glæde) is both a noun and a verb. So in Danish you can experience happiness (føle glæde) but you can also “happy someone else” (glæde en anden). As in: “I think this will happy my spouse” (det vil glæde min partner) or “small acts can happy … Continue reading I am going to happy you :) ?

Why You Can't Get Your Head Around Glassdoor in One Number: 3.2

I'm traveling to San Francisco today getting ready to host the live stream of the Glassdoor Summit on Friday - you can sign up for free access to the live stream here. That live stream will feature me and Tim...

Celebrating 50 Years of Project Management

Last year in the International Journal of Project Management, Julien Pollack and Daniel Adler reported on 50 years of PM research trends to distill where the industry has come from, and where it’s going. Their report acknowledges passing fads as...

6 Tips for Working with People You Dislike

It would be totally awesome if you always worked with people you liked. People who you not only respect in the workplace but were happy to socialize with outside of work, too. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Well, maybe, and maybe not. Some people like to have a complete separation between work and […]

Self-Management Success: Know Yourself (Part 1)

There’s been a lot of talk in the news about holacracy. It’s defined as running an organization where power doesn’t lie within a management hierarchy and decision-making is distributed throughout the organization. Holacracy relies heavily on autonomy. Show More Summary

Are You Looking for a Job?

At times, I am amazed at people in transition who approach the job search the way we used to in the past. Looking for a job nowadays puts job seekers into extremely tough competitions unlike those of the past, and job seekers who doShow More Summary

My upcoming open gigs around the world

Here are some of the upcoming international conferences and events you can catch me at: October 15, London UK: Well-Being at Work November 10, Santiago de Chile: Expo Capital Humano November 16, Istanbul Turkey: Peryön Kongres November...Show More Summary

Questions Answered About the Proposed FLSA Overtime Rule Change

Accurately categorizing your employees as “exempt” or “non-exempt” from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sounds like a fairly straightforward task. But a closer look at the finer details of the FLSA can quickly turn an easy yes/no question into a complex, and somewhat subjective, analysis or job duties, titles, and compensation. Show More Summary

What Can We Learn From This? Marines Say Inclusive Combat Units Are Lower Performing...

My friend Tim Sackett had a post last week I thought was compelling - "Marines Say Inclusive Combat Units Are Lower Performing", which a details a major study released by the Marines last week that shows all male combat units...

Applicant, Beware! The 10 Biggest Lies Headhunters Tell You

When you’re looking for a new job, you spend a lot of time working with headhunters and recruiters. Sometimes these words are used interchangeably, but there is a difference. A recruiter works for the company for which she’s hiring while a headhunter works independently. A business hires a headhunter to fill specific positions, and they […]

To create results, leaders must put relationships first

  Should a manager focus primarily on results or people? Does a manager specifically be the one who sets KPIs and drives employees towards their goals, or should the manager rather be the one who understands and likes employees and is able...Show More Summary

Turn Grief into Community Service

On occasion life hands us circumstances that we would not wish on others. But when we are dealt a blow it needs to be dealt with careful thought and proactively. Two such situations arose just this week. Personal insights based uponShow More Summary

Attending #SHRMI15 24th-25th this week by @SHRMIndia

Tonight I head over to Delhi to attend SHRM India's annual conference at Delhi on 24th and 25th.Looking forward to attending the talks by speakers like Dr TV Rao, one of the pioneers of HRD in India, G Ramkumar of ICICI Bank, Abhijit...Show More Summary

TTATN 030: How Agencies and Recruiters Find Travel Nurses

We discuss some of the interesting methods that agencies and recruiters find travel nursing prospects in this podcast episode. The post TTATN 030: How Agencies and Recruiters Find Travel Nurses appeared first on BluePipes Blog.

5 Reasons You Definitely Need to Take That Lunch Break

Staying productive can be a huge part of developing your personal brand, especially if you work in a competitive industry. Because of that, you may feel tempted to go without your lunch breaks in the interest of getting more done. Here, we’ll look at why that’s usually not such a good idea. Show More Summary

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