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Entrepreneurs Grow at Warp Speed – Part 4

This article continues the series about the connection between entrepreneurship and personal growth called Entrepreneurs Grow at Warp Speed. Overcome limited thinking When you run your own business, you’ll see how your thoughts and beliefs impact your business results. Show More Summary

Moving from Flipkart on to a freelance role

So the news is that I am moving on from Flipkart to consult with large companies and startups to help them help them articulate their employment branding message, strategy and channel..Let me know at Twitter or LinkedIn If you want to talk to me about a story or a speaking engagement, contact me on | Twitter | Facebook Page | LinkedIn

Reflections on @SHRMIndia's #SHRMI15 annual conference

Last week I headed to Delhi as a member of the social media squad invited by SHRM India to attend their annual conference. The conference kicked off in style with a flashmob, singing "We are HR" (to the tune of "We will rock you"), and...Show More Summary

You Think You Have Problems? Try Retention in the Missile Technology Industry...

Short post today, but a timely one given what's going on in the world. You have retention problems. You've got pay issues, leadership issues and Sally said something nasty to Jeff. It's a hard-knock life. Then, there's the missile technology...

Coworker Sabotaging Your Office? Maybe She’s a CIA Spy

Have you ever worked with someone who seemed genuinely more interested in ruining morale than in doing any work? Turns out the CIA thought that an employee could do serious damage to a business. If it was a business the CIA wanted to destroy, their best bet was to send in someone to destroy it from […]

Bad bosses – why they’re bad and what to do about them

Our brand new study of what makes people unhappy at work has a number of interesting findings but none more relevant (or discouraging) than this one: The #1 cause of unhappiness at work is bad bosses. This is hardly news – we know this already from several other studies. Show More Summary

Lavish Praise on Your People

Praise, or recognition, is a debt you owe to people who are making an effort and performing effectively. If you reinforce the actions that you want to see, you will likely get more of the same. If you don’t acknowledge them, they won’t know your degree of satisfaction. Show More Summary

8 Reasons Employee Well-Being Must Be Self-Managing

One of the things that I took away from this year’s WorkHuman conference hosted by Globoforce is that well-being must be employee centric. Organizations cannot mandate well-being. They do need to create the environment for well-being to thrive, then let employees embrace it. Show More Summary

Steal-Worthy Networking Ideas

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Most of us have heard this career advice, but it is true that who you know can help propel your career. Whether it’s someone you meet at an industry event, an … [Read more...] The post Steal-Worthy Networking Ideas appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.

Speed Hiring: New Techniques Give Quick-Acting Companies an Advantage

The race goes to the swift, and in today’s competitive environment, every company is wrestling with hiring talent. Savvy managers know they can’t delay when they see promising candidates, or they risk losing them. Shorter hiring processes...Show More Summary

J’aime Paris: A Heartfelt Plea for People Artistry

Written Saturday November 14th in Istanbul the morning after the Paris Massacre We desperately need People Artists. We need people who bring out the best in others. We hear too much about the worst and fail to find, celebrate, and draw out the best. Please join me as a People Artist. Add color to your world to wash away the […]

Workshop November 26+27 in Prague

On November 26+27 I will hold an in-depth two-day workshop about happiness at work in Prague. We don’t do a lot of these longer trainings, so this is a rare chance to get the complete scoop on how to create happy workplaces. Read more and sign up here.

More Personality with a Unique About Us Page

When it comes to building a personal brand it’s important to attract and new website visitors. While having a descriptive About Us page in place is good there may not be enough information to capture their interest. In order to reach...Show More Summary

WHITEPAPER: How to Hire For Cultural Fit...

Some of you know my day job is being the CHRO and a partner at Kinetix, a national recruiting firm headquartered in Atlanta. We've got a great whitepaper available on hiring for cultural and motivational fit called "Not The Drones.....

Employee Engagement: Building Bridges

A lesson from Istanbul Turkey on Employee Engagement Reading time = 57 seconds On a Bhosporous ferry ride in Istanbul I saw the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge near the Black Sea. I believe this is an iconic image for work on employee engagement. Employee engagement is connection. We connect employee and employees connect themselves with […]

How Long Must HR Keep Employee Records?

One of the big things about Human Resources is that we have tons of paperwork. Tons and tons and tons. Granted, a lot of it is electronic these days, but the principle still remains. HR does record keeping. And, we need to keep those records, but for how long? Here are basic guidelines for HR […]

What’s On Your Tool Belt?

Everyone brings their own tools. Everyone wears their own tool belt. It’s how we address challenges. Whether they are business related, technically oriented or social in nature. Everyone has skills they bring to the table. In today’s modern society everyone has instant access to information. Show More Summary

Looking In All the Wrong Places – Friday Distraction

I must admit, I don’t lose things very often. In our house, everything has its place. But occasionally I find myself running across something in my suitcase that I forgot to unpack – a black pair of socks that blend with the luggage lining. Show More Summary

Entrepreneurs Grow at Warp Speed – Part 3

This article continues the series about the connection between entrepreneurship and personal growth called Entrepreneurs Grow at Warp Speed. Learn the pain of indecision Indecision hurts. When you have a business, you’ll be punished for indecision. Show More Summary

Don’t Be Afraid to Say, ‘You’re Fired’

When people get promoted into a management role, the going phrase is that you now have “hire and fire” power. Almost everyone enjoys using his or her hire power — it’s great to build your own team and see each individual employee grow. But fire power? Unless you’re a cold-hearted person, you generally don’t enjoy […]

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