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Small Business Growth Doesn’t Have to Mean Growing Benefits Costs

Small business growth is simultaneously exciting and scary. Watching your revenues increase and your staff grow can feel like the ultimate validation — proof that your hard work is paying off. But as your business and workforce grow you will need to take a closer look at your health and dental plans. Figuring out how […]

Don’t Name, Blame and Shame … It’s Not Helpful

We all have the tendency to blame. It’s human nature. However, it’s also not productive. Name, Blame and Shame You may have heard of this before and you may even be guilty of doing it. I know I am. I’m not proud of it either. I hope my experiences and suggestions below can help you. Show More Summary

Mind your manners – what to do when you interview

Interviewing is a lot more than just presentation of your job skills. It’s logistics, manners, and presentation. This infographic tells the tale. Click To Enlarge Via AkkenCloud Interviewing is a lot more than just presentation of your job skills. Show More Summary

How to Answer ‘Why Should I Hire You?’

It’s one of the most popular questions in interviews, and also one of the most understandable. Why not hear why your future employee is right for the role straight from the horse’s mouth? Why then, does it fill us with so much trepidation?...Show More Summary

How to Do Citizen Development the Right Way

Alec Sprague is not an IT guy. His background is in consumer advocacy, but in his position as database developer for Work for Progress, he has instituted a culture of citizen development at the fast-growing nonprofit organization. “Our organization is...

Helping Your Organization Heal – #Orlando

I consider Orlando, Florida to be home. I wasn’t born in Orlando. In fact, many people who call Orlando home weren’t born in The City Beautiful. I went to high school in Orlando. Graduated from college in Orlando. I went to my first gay bar in Orlando. Show More Summary

From Student to Employee: How Work is Different From School

College is supposed to prepare you for work. Well, not really. It was originally designed to broaden your minds and blah, blah, blah, but it’s a necessary step on a path to most white collar jobs. So congratulations on that degree. And now it’s time to get to work. You may well be completely unprepared […]

Can You Describe Your Supervisor’s Personality?

I know from personal experience that when I reported to a boss I was aligned with ideologically and who trusted me, I performed very well and kept getting promoted and promoted. But there were other bosses with whom those alignmentsShow More Summary

An Employee Engagement Perspective on Tools From Croatia

While travelling through Croatia I visited The Arena in Pula. It made me think about tools for work and engagement. I invite you to visit my post on Linked In to read more about tools and engagement. David Zinger is a global employee engagement expert and speaker.

Personal Yet Professional Conversation Creates Improves Meeting Results

As an entrepreneur or salesperson, it is up to you to have a flexible agenda in place prior to any type of meeting. At the start of the serious portion of each meeting, let it be known what you would like to accomplish by the conclusion of your time spent. Show More Summary

Get Paid What You’re Worth Q&A

In May, The nuSchool had a webinar called Getting Paid What You’re Worth. Because isn’t that what freelancing is all about? These are some of the questions I was asked after the webinar. I promised to share my answers — so here they are. Enjoy them. Q: Can you charge more for an urgent or last minute […] The post Get Paid What You’re Worth Q&A appeared first on The nuSchool.

Why I Support Millennials: My TEDx Talk

Do you have a bucket list? I just crossed a big one off mine – delivering a TEDx talk! My client, Estée Lauder, presented the opportunity to me. It was gratifying to be invited, amazing to watch other live talks … [Read more...] The post Why I Support Millennials: My TEDx Talk appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.

Get the Best Talent and Get the Hell Out of the Way: What You Can Learn From the Cleveland Cavs...

On Monday, I shared a post titled Evolve and Hire Interchangeable Parts: What You Can Learn From the Golden State Warriors. The post celebrated the fact that the Warriors have done the math on the impact of the 3 point...

How Creatives Should Negotiate

  “There are more valuable things than money in the short term.” – Ramit This episode is actually a workshop on negotiating. Out of all the resources out there on how to negotiate, 99 percent of them are piss-poor — but I guarantee you this isn’t one of them. Your teacher in this episode is Ramit Sethi. […]

Identify Your Most Valuable Employee

Your most valuable employee is someone who holds significant worth at your company. It’s easy to see which salesperson sells the most, but is that person truly the most valuable? It may be the receptionist who holds the foundation of the company together or the custodian who found a way to cut utility costs last […]

Why the Microsoft purchase of LinkedIn is a devastating blow to Cubicle Warriors

The surprise announcement of Microsoft purchasing LinkedIn is being praised by a lot of pundits as an excellent strategic choice for Microsoft’s effort to further its goal of being the best choice for company infrastructure. And with good reason. Show More Summary

How to Ensure Product Safety and Avoid Recalls

With a growing focus on consumer safety, manufacturers from nearly every industry and all parts of the globe are working to ensure the efficacy of their products. Failure to develop products that are safe and user-friendly could result in monetary fines, loss of contracts and even mass recalls. Show More Summary

Online course: Unlock secrets for successful dating and marriage with personality type

This course will help you create the relationship you want. The course runs July 25 – 29. Each night is one hour, from 8pm to 9pm Eastern. All videos will be available on demand if you can’t come to the live session. The cost is $145 for the next three days. Then the price goes up to $195. Sign...

Cognitive Enhancement from Video Games

The July 2016 issue of Scientific American reports: Fast-paced shooter games enhance certain cognitive functions, including bettering attention, reaction times and switching from one task to another. … Surprisingly, popular marketedShow More Summary

Ways to Bring Summer into the Office

Summer is already here and it is three months long. Unfortunately, most of us cannot go to vacation for three months but even if we are in the office, we can still enjoy the long summer days and bring summer into the office. Below you...Show More Summary

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