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For Greater Productivity, Try 52/17

Over five years ago, I wrote one of my first posts for the Fast Track blog. The article was about how I was able to hold down four paid jobs in addition to raising a toddler. Fast forward to today,...

Congress Realizes New Overtime Rules Stink

Last summer the Department of Labor released a new proposal for a change in overtime laws. Significantly, regardless of job duties, employees will have to earn $50,440 per year before they can be considered exemptfrom overtime. The change hasn’t been implemented yet (the proposed date is September 2016), but business owners are already in a panic. […]

Well-Being Impacts Performance Management

There appears to be a full blown rebellion of the annual performance review. I’m still not convinced that the answer is to ditch the appraisal process. Even if your organization has transitioned to a series of shorter feedback sessions...Show More Summary

Redesigning – Part 6

This is part 6 of the 9-part series on Redesigning Main Blog Page For the main blog page, I wanted to go with something simpler and more visual than the WordPress default. I usually give every article a reasonably clear...Show More Summary

Receive New Blog Posts Via Email

I’m testing a new feature that will enable you to receive my newest articles via email as soon as they’re published. If you’d like to try it, you can enter your email address here: Blog Posts by Email. Then you’ll receive an email with a link to verify your email address. Show More Summary

Entrepreneurial Life in the USA is Complicated - Here's a Snapshot of Why....

I've got a saying that goes something like this: "The best thing about America is that anyone with a good idea can start a company. The worst thing about America is a lot of them do..." Let me explain that...

Dilemma of the Month: Saying ‘No’ to New Titles

We are a mid-sized nonprofit with a three-tiered structure. We are hiring for a new senior marketing position, and I decided to go with CMO for the title to help recruit a rock star from within our industry to potentially serve as my No 2. My director of fundraising, who I personally recruited four years […]

We love Lego :)

The best part about speaking at Lego is the engaged, fun and passionate people you meet. The second best part is the presents they can give you :)

Redesigning – Part 5

This is part 5 of the 9-part series on Redesigning Laying Out the Pages The next part of the project was straightforward. It was time to create all the pages and build out the site. This part involved taking the content...Show More Summary

Take Your Child To Work Day: Make It Meaningful

Next week on Thursday, April 28 workplaces across the country and around the world will open their doors for the 23 rd year in a row to millions of children who will get to see firsthand what it is that mom or dad does all day whileShow More Summary

Free Diamond Feng Shui Fest Starts May 16

Starting on May 16, Learning Strategies and Marie Diamond will be streaming one of their popular audio programs for free in an online event called the Diamond Feng Shui Fest. Feng shui is a Chinese system for creating a harmonious and relaxing environment. Show More Summary

Compete With Millennial Business Owners and Succeed

A favorite subject of media these days is millennials. Coverage ranges from singing their praises to criticizing them for their habits and preferences. The reality is that millennial business owners are very good at some things — social media, new ideas, marketing to a young audience — and not so good at others. For instance, […]

Letting Others Win Is The Best Change Management Strategy...

Let's face it. Where you work is an absolute freak show. If it's not a freak show, you ought to look around - because your company is milking a legacy position in your industry that feels comfortable today - but...

Should You Include Your Photo On Your Resume – Ask #HR Bartender

On the surface, this question might appear like a no-brainer, but there are more nuances to the situation than you think. Do you think people should put their image on their CV’s? We’re doing so many headshots for LinkedIn but not sure about CV. Show More Summary

Redesigning – Part 4

This is part 4 of the 9-part series on Redesigning Planning the Details At this point I had to do some planning work for the site. For years I’d been accumulating ideas for the inevitable website redesign, scattered across several documents. Show More Summary

New Job Preparedness Study Emphasizes the Importance of Integrity and Adaptability

The Career Advisory Board that I established by DeVry University recently released the fifth annual Job Preparedness Indicator survey. This year’s findings indicate hiring managers are receptive to candidates changing careers, especially if their previous experience can be applied to...

Adverse Action: What It Is and What You Need to Know

Many people may be unaware of the fact that background screening is a highly regulated industry. If your organization is using a background screening company (also known as a Consumer Reporting Agency or CRA), it’s important to be aware...Show More Summary

An Open Letter to All Bosses Who Don’t Listen

Dear Karl, I truly want to work happier, but I feel stuck. I received your email last week about being a great leader. I’m sad to say that my boss is a true jerk. I’ve tried to talk to him, but he is always too busy or when I try to speak up he just […]

Check out the amazing work our partners are doing around the world

We currently have partners in 15 different countries and following the amazing work these companies do fills me with pride. It is beyond amazing to see so many people all around the world committed to promoting happiness at work. Here are just a few recent examples – all of these took place within the last month or so. Show More Summary

Wanna see one of my speeches in 40 seconds?

A few weeks ago I spoke in Holland at the awesome Happy People Better Business conference and here’s a 40-second impression of that speech. We’ve always felt that a speech about happiness at work should be happy to be effective and I think the video conveys just that. Last week I spoke in the UK … Continue reading Wanna see one of my speeches in 40 seconds? ?

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