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Today I did a speech on 50 minutes notice

OK – that’s new. At 8:30 this morning I was in a café going through my tasks and emails, when I got a call from a client asking if I could do a speech for 100 people at their offices at 9:20 the same morning. The speaker they’d booked had called in sick. To make … Continue reading Today I did a speech on 50 minutes notice ?

Create Headlines That Will Compel Your Brand Audience

Having a well-planned headline is an important element for your personal brand in which your content can stand out right away. The right words can either pull in a reader or make them move on to a competitor. There are several ways that the right title can work for your brand, which can bring more … Read the Rest ?

10 Entry Level Work-From-Home Jobs

If you are like many people, you’d love to work at home. The problem is in finding a good, work at home job. Often, telecommuting jobs that don’t require extensive experience are stuck in the customer service realm. Those aren’t badShow More Summary

Are you a Body, a Brain or a Business Partner?

When you are looking for a job you should know which one you want to be. Perhaps you are all three. In fact, most of us are. Perhaps you have been one or the other for much of your career. Think back to your first jobs … fast food, delivery services, retail store, etc. I’ve … Read the Rest ?

Working Faster Is Not Always Smart – Friday Distraction

We've all heard the saying - work smarter not harder. Technology can go a long way to help us work smart. But we have to find our own ways to help us be most productive. The post Working Faster Is Not Always Smart – Friday Distraction appeared first on hr bartender.

Are you having a break or a breakdown?

So often in my life I have felt like I’m failing when I’ve actually been taking a break. After college I had various odd jobs and every night I read books. I read a book a night for a while. I used to ignore that part of my story — glossing over it and skipping...

How an Engineering Degree Could Help You Get Your Business Off the Ground

If you’re a history buff, you already know that some of the greatest entrepreneurs of the past were also engineers – men like John Frank Stevens, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison combined their engineering savvy with business panache to help build this country. Even today, engineers make up 20 percent of CEOs working in Fortune … Read the Rest ?

Investing Wisdom from Marc Andreessen, Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, Chris Sacca, and Others

This episode contains some of the best lessons I’ve learned about investing, making money, and growing your personal wealth. It was inspired by my recent talk with Ray Dalio, which has been incredibly popular and led to many additional questions about money and investing. There is no doubt we need to create systems and procedures […]

Kid Rock, Innovation and Resistance to Change...

Show love to those who come real with it Life's a bch, but I deal with it I'm in it to win it like Yzerman Can drink about fifteen Heinekins I'm not born again but if I was I'd...

If You Want More Women in STEM, Try Discriminating Against Them

Where do women study STEM at high rates? Sweden, where gender equality is a super important cultural value? In the US where we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get more women into tech? Or in the Middle East, where some...Show More Summary

What are the Two Steps to a Great Job?

The statement expressed in the title sounds so simple yet for some is difficult to achieve. So let’s together demystify the two steps for getting a job offer. The Résumé Because of the enormously large pool of job applicants nowadays, even a very good résumé may not get singled out when compared with the many … Read the Rest ?

How to Decide Which HR Certification Exam to Take – Ask #HR Bartender

HR certification is an important decision. An HR Bartender reader asks how to decide on which exam to take. SHRM helps with information about the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP certifications. The post How to Decide Which HR Certification Exam to Take – Ask #HR Bartender appeared first on hr bartender.

6 Crucial Tips for Travel Nurses Jumping from Day-Shift to Night-Shift

If you're a travel nurse making the transition from day-shifts to night-shifts, then these tips will help! The post 6 Crucial Tips for Travel Nurses Jumping from Day-Shift to Night-Shift appeared first on BluePipes Blog.

Lego, making near-record profits, lays off 1,400 people – with no criticism from anyone

I am incredibly disappointed in Lego’s recent decision to lay off 1,400 staff even tough they have near-record profits. Here are the facts: Lego’s revenue fell 5 percent in the first half of 2017 to 14.9 billion Danish kroner ($2.38 billion) compared with 15.7 billion Danish kroner in H1 2016. Show More Summary

Develop Leadership Capability by Taking Responsibility

Have you ever been in meetings where someone backs away by essentially saying ‘that’s not my job’ although it is? Taking responsibility for areas related to your job is essential for maintaining credibility. At the very least, offer to make an introduction to the person in charge. When you wish to advance your career or … Read the Rest ?

Subscription-Based Org Charts Are an Interesting Recruiting Tool...

If you're a consumer of news, one of the things you've seen in the past is that there's a trend towards the best news outlets creating paywalls and trying to get you to pay for a digital subscription. The game...

Should Your Company Offer Unlimited PTO?

Unlimited vacation days sound like a dream. Imagine being able to take off and go to the beach anytime you like. Or perhaps beach trips aren’t your thing, so you can go skiing every Friday or stay home every time your children are out of school. Think of the money you’ll save by not having […] The post Should Your Company Offer Unlimited PTO? appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

How to Manage Disruptive Organizational Events

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, a world-renowned thought leader on Project Management and Strategy Implementation, recently penned an article for CIO around PM fundamentals for mergers and acquisitions. As he wrote: “Last year, some 40,000 companies changed ownership, for a total deal value...

7 Things to Consider Before Relocating for a Job

Everyone ends up in an intense job hunt at some point in their life, no matter what their career path is. Jobs come and go, so looking for the right one can take some time. You’ve got to think about how much money you’ll earn, what you’ll be doing and if the position will be … Read the Rest ?

TRIBE OF MENTORS — Sample Chapter and a Taste of Things to Come

The sample chapter is below, but first, to answer a common question… Some people have asked how the new Tribe of Mentors (subtitle: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World) is different from my last book, Tools of Titans. They’re different in content but similar in format. Differences — First, 90% of Tools […]

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