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Product Manager Jobs: Earn a Top Salary in This Hot Profession

Always looking for a way to improve a customer’s experience? You might want to consider applying for product manager jobs. Here, three pros share advice for getting started. The post Product Manager Jobs: Earn a Top Salary in This Hot Profession appeared first on Brazen Life.

How to Successfully Work with and Manage Millenials

Is the younger, tech-crazed generation giving you a run for your money in the workplace? An interesting benefit of my work as a professional speaker is interacting with sometimes thousands of people every week, across generations. Few topics illustrate generational differences in the workplace as technology, my particular topic. Show More Summary

Recap of #SHRMTech15 @SHRMIndia - a story told in some tweets

So I was at SHRM India's SHRMTech15 conference and here are some thoughts that struck me through the day, and some quotes by speakers that made me thoughtful and triggered more thoughts Haha! Thanks @SHRMindia :) #shrmtech15—...Show More Summary

Favor Guidelines Over Rules and Controls

#82 Favor Guidelines Over Rules and Controls Minimize excessive rules and controls. Being controlled feels disrespectful and impedes our ability to grow. Establish guidelines instead and make people know that you are available if they have questions or would like you to be a sounding board. Show More Summary

How to Boost Corporate Responsibility at Your Organization

Millennials care about a wide selection of social causes, and demonstrating that you care, too, can earn you respect from your millennial employees, as well as from your community. By showing that your organization stands for something and has a … [Read more...] The post How to Boost Corporate Responsibility at Your Organization appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.

Recruiting Employees Who Win

In business, the companies that hire the best employees are the companies that win. This concept sounds simple, executing on it is an entirely different story. Despite more efficient job ad targeting and increased usage of social recruiting,...Show More Summary

How You Can Become a Simply Irresistible Organization

There are lots of articles about what businesses need to do in order to be successful. The articles talk about developing outstanding products, killer marketing strategies, and focusing on metrics and numbers. It’s true – all of these things are important. Show More Summary

Home Grown Businesses Who Do Well by Doing Good

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Meade, cultural anthropologist   If we look closely at our own communities we may be pleasantly...Show More Summary

14 Things That Frustrate Travel Nurses

The vast majority of travel nurses love their jobs. However, like everything in life, there are frustrations. Here are 14 to consider. The post 14 Things That Frustrate Travel Nurses appeared first on BluePipes Blog.

top 25 #HRInfluencers on #socialmedia by @SHRMIndia

So last evening SHRM India unveiled its list of Indian HR Influencers on Social Media and I was at (ahem!) number 1 You can download the full PDF list here If you want to talk to me about a story or a speaking engagement, contact me on | Twitter | Facebook Page | LinkedIn

What to Do When You’re Falling Behind

When I was a kid, it took me longer than I would have liked to learn how to ride a bike. I kept using a bike with training wheels and I didn’t practice much, so of course I didn’t learn how to balance. One day I observed that my sister...Show More Summary

Why Female CEOs Thrive In Nonprofits

If we want to increase the number of females who aspire to be CEO in the for-profit industry from among the millennial pool, we need to learn from the nonprofit sector.

How Storytelling Can Create More Buzz for Your Brand

Today it’s not about who you are online, but rather how people can relate to you and/or your personal brand. In order to create new leads for your business it is important to recognize that getting on the same level of your audienceShow More Summary

From Human Remains to Human Resources to....Human Resonance

I was chatting on-line to a friend of mine a few days ago about a keynote I was to give on "why facts don't change people". He picked up on a particular biographical part of my talk in which I summarised my career as having moved from "human remains to human resources" i.e. Show More Summary

5 Reasons You Should Hire Someone Who Has Been Fired

Hiring the right person is hard. It’s truly difficult to judge someone’s value based on atwo-page summary of her career and a few interviews. Therefore, hiring managers use something called proxies to help determine someone’s potential. One of these proxies is a college degree, another is current employment. Many managers reject anyone who is not currently […]

How to Defy Gravity on Earth (And Win $2,000+ Worth of Prizes)

Unless you’ve been to outer space, the next few minutes are worth your time. Below are the details of The Zero-G Giveaway. My goal is simple: I want to you to have one of the coolest experiences on the planet. Namely, floating like an astronaut, experiencing weightlessness, and grinning ear-to-ear for a week afterward. I’m not selling […]

Tips for Working From Home: 5 Ways to Develop Your Routine

Working efficiently outside the office takes serious work ethic. These five tips for working from home will get you off the couch and into a routine that works for you. The post Tips for Working From Home: 5 Ways to Develop Your Routine appeared first on Brazen Life.

The Only Three Words You Need to Know

Imagine you had the perfect response to a pesky question right at the tip of your tongue. For example, when someone asks if you think you can start a business, run a marathon or win a lucrative contract? When a pesky question like this...Show More Summary

I’m speaking in Spain in June

In June I’ll be speaking at the 5th International Conference on Happiness at Work in Coruña in Northern Spain. Considering that I’m also speaking in Chile later this year and possibly in Colombia, I should probably get cracking on learning Spanish :)

Quick Shots for #Business and #HR Pros – Spring Reading Edition

Several of my friends have recently released books (or books coming out soon), so I wanted to dedicate this month’s Quick Shots to the great reading that’s available. I’ve been a fan of Cathy Fyock for years. Her book, “America’s Workforce is Coming of Age” is one of my faves. Show More Summary

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