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Employee Engagement: Stop being so Great

I like good engagement. I like good work. I like good people. Read my LinkedIN post on why good is so important for employee engagement.  David Zinger is an employee engagement expert and speaker who believes in the power of good for employee engagement.

Mr. Money Mustache — Living Beautifully on $25-27K Per Year

“You’re not supposed to optimize for money; you’re supposed to optimize for happiness.” – Mr. Money Mustache (aka Pete Adeney) Mr. Money Mustache (@mrmoneymustache — Pete Adeney in real life) grew up in Canada in a family of mostly eccentric musicians. He graduated with a degree in computer engineering in the 1990s and worked in […]

Being a Leader and Tacit Approval in Today’s Workplace

I’ve mentioned before that I used to work for a boss who had me issue the same memo every year about tacit approval. The memo was designed to remind everyone of their responsibilities as a manager and leader as well as the basic principles of business. Show More Summary

Q&A With Wally Bock: Become a Better Boss One Tip at a Time

Wally Bock, a frequent contributor to and a leadership coach, recently published a new book titled Become a Better Boss One Tip at a Time. Wally’s practical, effective advice always resonates with readers and his book addresses common leadership challenges. Show More Summary

A Surprising Way to Reduce Mistakes and Accidents

In his excellent TED Talk titled “Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that?,” physician Brian Goldman describes the first medical mistake he made, how he made mistakes “over and over again,” and how the culture he worked in made him feel “alone, ashamed and unsupported.” The culture Dr. Show More Summary

How to Narrow in On Your Brand Message

Branding yourself with authority will do more than authenticate your image. In fact, it could turn your entire business around. If done correctly, you can position yourself above your peers and become a well known influencer within your...Show More Summary

VIDEO: 4 Tips From KD On Driving 401 Contributions Up at Your Company...

How do you drive your employees to do more of what you'd like them to do? Even things that are in their best interest like participating in or raising their contributions to your 401K? The answer - even in something...

Quiz: Are You a Detail Oriented Person?

Tons of job descriptions say they need a “detail oriented person” in them. And lots of us say we are detail oriented when asked but are you really detail oriented? Would you like to find out? I stumbled upon this Attention to DetailShow More Summary

The True Relationship Between Flexwork and Productivity

According to a recent survey conducted by WorldatWork and FlexJobs, over 80 percent of American organizations have implemented some type of flexible work arrangement. Shockingly, though, only three percent of those same organizations are measuring whether flextime actually makes people...

Never Underestimate the Potential From These 3 Surprising Sources

This original article was written by Steve DiGioia. Every business has one or more employees that seem to take a back seat to the day-to-day machinations of business. Dutifully they perform as intended and do their best but are not looked at in times of need or expected to do much more. Show More Summary

Every Decision is a Calculated Risk

Don’t wallow in indecision. Problems are solved by making decisions; problems are avoided by making good decisions. The sooner you make a decision, the sooner you benefit from it. The earlier you make a bad decision, the sooner you can...Show More Summary

If past worrying was unnecessary then future worrying is too

ComPsych is this place that puts out research about how employees feel, and it turns out that feelings are generational. At least at work. Which is what ComPsych specializes in. The biggest problem Gen Y has is depression. The biggest problem Gen X has is relationships. The biggest problem Baby Boomers have is death. This is...

Can Employees Refuse a Pay Increase – Ask #HR Bartender

I’ve always (jokingly) said that the one thing I can count on is an employee not refusing a pay increase. Well, this reader note shows me that’s not always the case. Hello! I have a problem I’m hoping you can help me with. I told myShow More Summary

How to Stay Focused With Your Social Media Marketing

Your personal brand’s time is valuable online, and with so much information out there it is more important than ever to make the best use of it. With a strong and efficient social media plan your business can have an effective reach. It is important to be actively involved in building relationships with your community. Show More Summary

Every Business Should Like This Facebook Policy

The average company offers three days of bereavement leave. Three days. Now, this is probably fine if it’s your 95-year-old grandmother whose funeral will be in the same town where you live and someone else is taking care of all the details and you weren’t that close anyway. Show More Summary

4 Mistake Small Businesses Should Avoid

When you’re running a small field service business, problems pop up in unexpected areas. Most business owners are experts at what the business does, but they’re not necessarily experts at managing their talent when they start the business. Show More Summary

Who is Challenging your Thinking?

If you don’t have someone regularly challenging your thinking my recommendation is to get someone to fill that role … today. It could be a friend, a peer or a mentor. Or, as you’ll see below it could be someone you have never met and...Show More Summary

What’s Worse Than One Stereotype? Two – Friday Distraction

I’m beginning to see a shift in the conversation about Millennials. Instead of talking about generations from the standpoint of attitude or behaviors, the dialogue has moved to one of mindset. Frankly, it’s about time. I’ll use Boomers as an example, since I am one. Show More Summary

Soman Chainani — The School for Good and Evil

“I don’t like depending on my art for income, because then I start to think in a mercenary way.” – Soman Chainani Soman Chainani (@SomanChainani) is a detailed planner, filmmaker, and New York Times best selling author. Soman’s debut fiction series, The School for Good and Evil, has sold more than a million copies, has been […]

Rust and Iron, Episode 2: Powerlifter Mark Bell

In this episode of Rust and Iron®, we visit one of the most intense training environments in the world, Super Training Gym. Founded by Mark Bell, Super Training Gym is oftentimes referred to as “the strongest gym in the west.” Prior to opening his own gym, he spent years studying and training under the legendary Louie Simmons at Westside Barbell. […]

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