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The 4 Most Common Mistakes New Managers Make

While the transition to a management position is exciting, it also isn't easy. You are now in charge of aspects of your organization that you didn't even think about as an employee. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you successfully transition your relationships, skillset, and role with your organization. 1. Show More Summary

Mastering the LinkedIn Unvite

There are times when you realize you need to pull back. I’m talking about LinkedIn invites. And, there is nothing wrong with this. Why Unvites are OK and When to Use Them (video) Reality Check Have you ever sent out a bunch of LinkedIn...Show More Summary

Rising Above the Noise – Friday Distraction

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Kronos, the global leader in delivering workforce management solutions in the cloud. Be sure to check out the Top Five Workplace Trends for 2016 from The Workforce Institute at Kronos. Show More Summary

5 Reasons to Encourage Citizen Development

Many IT leaders and even CIOs today are missing an opportunity. Their teams spend all day catering to business needs when in fact the business managers can and should be empowered to solve problems themselves. There is an old saying...

5 Really Hard Things That Successful People Do

We spend a lot of time talking easy things we can do to make our lives better and our careers take off. There are easy things to do, but the reality is, being at the top of your game doesn’t come easily for almost anything. Sometimes, there are hard things you need to do if […]

Personal Brands: Soft Skills Make a Hard Difference

In order to achieve full balance, there must be equal parts yin as there is yang. In business, these two opposing yet equal forces are known as soft and hard skills. Where one covers tendencies that cannot truly be quantified, the other is able to be measured precisely. Show More Summary

Google re:Work Shares Resources to #MakeWorkBetter

I love writing with mechanical pencils. My mother bought me a Mickey Mouse mechanical pencil over a decade ago and it’s one of my favorites. It’s fun and brings me a smile while I’m working. We could all use more of those. It will come as no surprise that we spend a good deal of […] The post Google re:Work Shares Resources to #MakeWorkBetter appeared first on hr bartender.

Most Clients Are Dead

“My target audience is everybody.” Have you ever heard someone say that? This week I met an entrepreneur in the the wellness niche who was angry that she couldn’t find a designer that “got” her. “I ask them for a logo, and they make something purple. Don’t they get that wellness isn’t just for women?! […] The post Most Clients Are Dead appeared first on The nuSchool.

How to praise yourself at work

Is it OK to praise yourself at work? Could you tell a coworker something like “Hey, let me tell you what I just did – it was AWESOME!” Is it OK to send an email to the rest of your team to proudly share  that you found a creative solution to a tough problem? Can you take a … Continue reading How to praise yourself at work ?

The Job Turnover In My LinkedIn Network is 19.4%

If you're like me, you probably got an email from LinkedIn saying that ____ people you know started something new in 2015. To be fair, not all of those represent people that started new jobs. Many simply added a volunteer...

How Not to Burn Bridges When You Resign from Your Job

Many people stay at a job too long, and by the time they quit, they are quite ready to go. This can result in burning bridges at the old job. You don’t want to do that, at all. It doesn’t matter whether you think you’ll never need to see these people again, you still need […]

10 Ways to Secure More Sales

10 Ways to Secure More Sales Entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with sales struggle with remaining in business. And some professional salespeople who solely focus on the sale itself, to meet their numbers, also face a difficult road ahead. Sales...Show More Summary

Top 10 LinkedIn Profile Tips

Want to better your chances of finding a good job on LinkedIn? Then you need to have a sharp, attention-grabbing and knock-out profile. Here are the top 10 LinkedIn profile tips to get you started. 1. Type Your Information Into a Word Document First After writing so much, your eyes tend to glaze over your […] The post Top 10 LinkedIn Profile Tips appeared first on Cube Rules.

6 Ways Hobbies Can Advance Your Career

Regardless of whether your day job is your dream career, you need something outside of work that you enjoy spending time on. Hobbies can provide you with new challenges, new friends and acquaintances, and even provide an outlet for stress...Show More Summary

The Top 100 Movie Quotes for HR Pros: #72 is Bob Sugar: "I'm Here to Fire You, Jerry"...

Recurring series at the Capitalist: The Top 100 Movie Quotes of all time for HR Pros. In no special order, I break down the 100 movie quotes that resonate most for me as a career HR pro. Some will be...

It’s Not About You: What You Really Need to Know About Your Personal Brand

In 1997, business guru Tom Peters wrote an article for Fast Company, “The Brand Called You.” The timing for this revolutionary concept was especially powerful for me, as a recent college graduate just beginning  my career. Now, I know the … [Read more...] The post It’s Not About You: What You Really Need to Know About Your Personal Brand appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.

Beyond Perks: These Companies Are Getting Creative to Keep Millennials on Board

For a long time, the conversation about attracting and retaining millennial employees focused on perks. Over the past few years, companies have realized that creating a millennial-friendly environment doesn’t just mean video games and free granola bars. Show More Summary

How to Watch a Political Debate

Since we’re in the midst of another election cycle in the USA, you may find yourself tempted to watch a political debate or two. But of course we all know what happens when you try to do that. First you get nauseous and vomit. And then you begin to fear for humanity itself. Show More Summary

Can Anything Bad Happen When You Ask for a Raise?

Why do we get so nervous when it comes to asking for a raise? The worst thing that can happen is that your boss says no, right? And then you’re no better off than you were before asking. Except, sometimes, asking for a raise can go south and jeopardize your relationship with your boss. Here’s why […]

Skills that Great Employees Have

Your academic or hard skills may be perfect on paper but if you don’t possess the below soft skills, there is a big chance that you won’t get hired by your dream company. Hard skills can always be taught but soft skills are mostly related...Show More Summary

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