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INTERVIEW: Dr. Peter Senge on Education, Systems Thinking and Our Careers

The education we receive has a profound impact on our professional careers. As a human resources professional, education is important and directly related to our work. Today’s students are future employees, CEOs, and elected officials. Show More Summary

Employment Dynamic Has Shifted: Understand Benefits of ‘The Alliance’

Companies are in constant competition to attract and retain talented employees. One dynamic which challenges todays workplace is the flawed relationship between employers and employees.  Many new and successful companies assert that this is because the relationship is based on an outdated model. Show More Summary

The Bostonian Society

I have a thing against Boston. Actually, that’s not true. It’s just Red Sox fans. Boston is actually a pretty cool city. There’s great seafood and a ton of history–it might even be the most historically important city in our country. That’s why The Bostonian Society exists. They’re a Boston, MA based non-profit that “is […]

Promote and Profit with Education-Based Marketing

Consumers today are savvy when it comes to spending their money. No longer do they fall for traditional marketing tactics. Instead they are researching, getting referrals and vetting businesses before buying goods and services. But marketers...Show More Summary

How to Never Check Luggage Again

NOTE: If you signed up for my email list, please see this post in your email (perhaps on Saturday afternoon PT) for the Monday night Q&A info. This post will explore three options for never checking luggage again. Some of them are extreme; all of them are effective. In my next post, I’ll detail what […]

What You Need to Say Yes to CLW

Here’s a detailed update about the upcoming Conscious Life Workshop, which kicks off in two weeks in Las Vegas. I’ve also sprinkled in some cool personal growth ideas to share, so this is actually a combination of promoting the workshop and a new article. Show More Summary

Five Alternatives To Saying “I Don’t Know”

Nothing can fluster even the most unflappable professional like being asked a question to which they don’t know the answer. Appearing incompetent or uninformed is one thing, but what makes this scenario even worse is when you’re asked the ‘impossible question’ in a group setting. Maybe it’s a group you know well—or maybe it’s a group you’re [...]

Top New Social Networks for Branding

When it comes to social media marketing for your personal brand we often think of using Facebook and Twitter as our main networks. But what about taking advantage of other up and coming outlets? There are several new sites to take aShow More Summary

When You Should Say YES! to the Counteroffer

You have been on the interviews, the hiring company has done its due diligence on you, you have done your due diligence on the company… and the job offer is made! You like what you see in the offer, you have discussed it with your family and friends and you accept. Show More Summary

HELP WANTED AD: I Need 4 Human Capital Trainers Who Can CRUSH IT...

Happy Friday, HR Capitalist Nation. What are you working on? Oh, really? I'm sorry to hear that. Is there an App or something you could download? Me? I'm working on one putting finishing touches on one of the modules in...


If you’ve watched The Office at all, you know that the office supply industry is not only mind-numbingly boring, but it’s also dying a slow, painful death. And if you pay attention to the news, you know that Detroit is a dying city with nothing good going on. So what if I told you that […]

Are you a happy boss? Take this test and find out.

What kind of manager are you? Are you a happy boss or do you spread fear and misery all around you? We’ve created an online test that you can use to find out. Being the boss used to be about making tough, ruthless decisions. This is changing. More and more wildly successful leaders today devote themselves to creating […]

5 Myths About Networking

If you’re an introvert (like I am), you probably shake in your boots when someone says, “To find a new job, you should be networking.” Networking has this reputation of cold-calling people and demanding jobs, but it’s not like that at all. Here are 5 myths about networking and how you (even the introverts!) can […]

Bad Boss of the Week: Gossip in the Office

When you being your start up, you often do so with friends. These are people you have known for years, and so your relationship can begin to seem casual. And, because, in casual friendships, gossip happens, it can invade the workplace. Here’s a letter from someone on the receiving end of the gossip: About 2-3 times […]

Unhappy at Work? 5 Simple Ways to Change Your Company Culture

If you dread going to work every day, you may have a company culture problem. But you’re more powerful than you think. Here’s how to create change -- even if you’re not in charge. The post Unhappy at Work? 5 Simple Ways to Change Your Company Culture appeared first on Brazen Life.

Intentions are Important, but Results get Counted

How many times have you said or heard … “But, their intentions were good” Did you immediately assume whatever they attempted was a failed effort? Did you think that a giving something “the old college try” is good enough? Usually when...Show More Summary

The Candidate Experience Applies to Mergers [infographic] – Friday Distraction

A while back, I participated in a Google Hangout with India HR LIVE on recruitment marketing. (You can check out the archive here). It was an interesting conversation moderated by Nisha Raghavan, who also co-hosts Drive Thru HR. One of the topics we discussed was – when does the candidate experience begin and end. Show More Summary

Small Business Owners: Is Your Personal Brand Suffering?

Everyone read email today. By the time this post publishes, not everyone will have posted on Facebook, or even tweeted, added to your Snapchat story, pinner something or not had any time to put anything on Instagram – yet today. Yet, we’ve all read email. Show More Summary

The Three Most Awesome and Horrible People on Social Media

Not all social media users are created equal. While some people attract desired social media connections in droves, others repel even before a contact accepts a connection/friend request. Three Most Awesome People on Social Media The Entertainer The Entertainer consistently puts a smile of the face of her connections and followers. Show More Summary

This New UK Law for Employees Might Make You Wish You Lived There

A new law in the UK allows anyone to apply for a flexible work schedule. Though it sounds like a dream come true, it could backfire. The post This New UK Law for Employees Might Make You Wish You Lived There appeared first on Brazen Life.

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