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To create results, leaders must put relationships first

  Should a manager focus primarily on results or people? Does a manager specifically be the one who sets KPIs and drives employees towards their goals, or should the manager rather be the one who understands and likes employees and is able...Show More Summary

Turn Grief into Community Service

On occasion life hands us circumstances that we would not wish on others. But when we are dealt a blow it needs to be dealt with careful thought and proactively. Two such situations arose just this week. Personal insights based uponShow More Summary

Attending #SHRMI15 24th-25th this week by @SHRMIndia

Tonight I head over to Delhi to attend SHRM India's annual conference at Delhi on 24th and 25th.Looking forward to attending the talks by speakers like Dr TV Rao, one of the pioneers of HRD in India, G Ramkumar of ICICI Bank, Abhijit...Show More Summary

TTATN 030: How Agencies and Recruiters Find Travel Nurses

We discuss some of the interesting methods that agencies and recruiters find travel nursing prospects in this podcast episode. The post TTATN 030: How Agencies and Recruiters Find Travel Nurses appeared first on BluePipes Blog.

5 Reasons You Definitely Need to Take That Lunch Break

Staying productive can be a huge part of developing your personal brand, especially if you work in a competitive industry. Because of that, you may feel tempted to go without your lunch breaks in the interest of getting more done. Here, we’ll look at why that’s usually not such a good idea. Show More Summary

Why Do You Benefit from Boot Camp?

A boot camp is a famously crushing work out with a drill instructor yelling at you. Or a personal trainer screaming to do “four more.” Why would anyone go to a boot camp? Because it’s actually an immersion, a totally dedicated and focused...Show More Summary

Scott Adams: The Man Behind Dilbert

“Be Useful.” – Scott Adams Scott Adams (@scottadamssays) is a famous cartoonist and the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, which has been published in more than 2000 newspapers in 57 countries and in 19 languages. In my conversation with Scott, we cover topics ranging from the rise of Dilbert, to how he uses affirmations to […]

The Average P&L of a Single Location McDonalds...

HR people are supposed to get Finance, right? Below is the best breakdown of something we all have experienced - a single location of McDonalds. Dig in my friends, because if you thought the owner of the McDonalds you drive...

Are These Bad Habits Preventing Your Career Success?

Have you ever wondered why other people seem to climb the ladder to the corner office, but you’re stuck sitting on the bottom rung? Why a coworker you can’t stand keeps getting promoted and you keep getting passed over? Well, there are probably some things you’re doing that stop you from reaching the level you’re capable […]

An inherent paradox

For most, work is not optional – we have to make a living somehow. Finding work we enjoy given that, is a paradox we all must resolve.

Motivational Songs for Your Career

Everybody can have tough days because building a career is a long journey which is full of challenges and problems. Therefore, sometimes we need some motivation and listening to inspirational songs is a great way to motivate and energize...Show More Summary

Background Screening Impacts the Candidate Experience

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at HireRight, a leader in global background checks, drug testing, and employment verification services. More than 70 percent of the Fortune 100 use HireRight for their employment screening needs. Show More Summary

How Can You Live with a Little More Passion?

I’m drawn to write about something very important. A friend of mine recently died. He wasn’t a close friend. We briefly chatted at WDS, but I knew he was powerful the moment we chatted. He had a honest confidence that I can’t put into complete words. We talked at WDS (World Domination Summit) in Portland […]

The Random Show: Okinawa, Pee on the Head, “Medicinal Spirits,” and Jedi Force Tiki Toss

This episode of The Random Show is full of accidental sexual references. There are dozens of topics covered in this wine-infused session of scatterbrained nonsense. Like what? To start off: Okinawa, new diets, dog training, booze finds, accidental golden showers, tech, recommended books, people to follow on Twitter, and much more. O-tanoshimi dane! For all previous […]

Small Business Customer Service and the Minimum Wage

Conservative and progressive economists continue to debate the impact on small businesses of increasing the minimum wage. Conservative and progressive politicians continue to argue the issue to chart their political futures. While they...Show More Summary

30 Women who have revolutionized the tech sector

I get included in a lot of lists (19 Blogs You Should Bookmark Right Now, Top 10 Aspergers Blogs, Top 100 Education Blogs, Top 50 Productivity Blogs) but I generally don’t pay a lot of attention. Lists are subjective, I don’t know who put the list together, and I mostly measure my success by if people...

Is Open Allocation in Your Future?

Github. Gore & Associates. Treehouse. Valve. What do these companies have in common? Well, besides the fact that they are forward-thinking, pioneering firms, they all practice a leadership style called open allocation. In open allocation, employees select how to spend...

Great Quotes in Management History: "I'm Not Right Clicking On S###"...

So - that quote actually came from me. But it wasn't born out of belligerence or laziness, but out of a call to treat every prospect or customer/candidate interaction as a marketing opportunity. Background - I set up a call...

How to Increase Your Value Today

People who are intellectually curious and constantly learning have greater economic value to themselves and their organization. So learn a little (at least) about everything that you can. Take advantage of every opportunity your supervisor offers (and ask for more). Show More Summary

Selling Yourself in an Interview Without “Selling” at All

For any company that has a winning attitude, nothing matters more than getting the right people in the right positions.  Therefore, as a job applicant, during the interview process you must make a compelling case that you are intelligent,...Show More Summary

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