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Job Hunting Hack: Get Hired From a Single Post

One simple tactic on LinkedIn can lead to your absolutely ideal job. This approach is especially important if you do NOT have the qualifications, work history, education or experience that would make you a perfect candidate. So, if you have a strong interest or great enthusiasm but nothing on your resume that qualifies you, here’s … Read the Rest ?

New Ohio Law Allows Concealed Carry in Employee’s Parked Cars

Weapons in the workplace: a growing concern In a clear sign of the times, ERC’s research has seen “workplace safety” rise to the surface as an area of concern and action for many employers. Setting aside the high profile news stories...Show More Summary

Why You Should Absolutely, Positively, Work From Home Today

Yesterday, in most of North America, people lost an hour of their time. Unless you’re a person who goes to church or work on Sunday, the time change didn’t really hit you until you woke up this morning. Or, rather tried to wake up, because it’s freaking early. Show More Summary

Here Are 3 Steps You Need to Increase Employee Engagement

This original article was written by Steve DiGioia. Employee engagement is essential to any successful business, allowing for a better exchange between employees and supervisors. Studies show that employees who feel engaged are more productive and satisfied with their jobs. Show More Summary

Take Calculated Risks

There is a saying among old cowboys out West: “One man with courage is the majority.” When I write about courage, intestinal fortitude, guts, and boldness to differentiate yourself, it’s not to encourage you to do stupid, risky things. I’m not looking for the daredevil mentality that causes you to rappel off the Brooklyn Bridge … Read the Rest ?

Conquering Fear and Reducing Anxiety – Caroline Paul

“Tragedies are the result of a series of small forks in the road.” – Caroline Paul Caroline Paul (@carowriter) returns to the podcast by popular demand for a round 2 Q&A. (You can catch her first appearance here.) Caroline is the author of four published books. Her latest is the New York Times bestseller The Gutsy […]

Employee Coaching Is a Form of Accountability

I ran across this image the other day from last year’s HR Technology Conference. It reminded me of the times when an employee has said to me, “My manager is out to get me.” In fact, I was conducting a training session with a group of managers recently and someone asked about having HR in […] The post Employee Coaching Is a Form of Accountability appeared first on hr bartender.

Swiss Saturday: Fasnacht (Mardi Gras) Basel Style

Fasnacht is the German/Swiss equivalent of Mardi Gras. It’s supposed to be a big party before Lent begins. However, Basel has their Fasnacht the week after Ash Wednesday. And what a party it is. 3 full days and by full days I mean full days. Show More Summary

When Working From Home Goes Hilariously Wrong

Political Scientist Robert E. Kelly was live, on the air, from his home, when his kids decided to see what dad was up too. What ensued is this hilarious clip with poor Dr. Kelly trying to talk about the very serious impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye. Show More Summary

The Best Companies to Work For in 2017

Do you want to work for a great company? Or maybe you already work for one of these fantastic companies. Every year Fortune surveys companies and their employees (this is important), crunches the numbers and comes up with the best companies to work for. Show More Summary

Drive More Traffic and Followers for Your Personal Brand with Pinterest

Interacting on social networks with your community is one of the best ways to attract a loyal audience for your brand. If you want to increase your business opportunities then Pinterest will help you achieve just that. Would you like to attract more sales and visibility? If you have not been leveraging the power of … Read the Rest ?

Give ’em Something To React To

If you want to get ahead in your career. If you want to stand out in your career. Use this one tip. Give people something to react to. That’s it! When your manager asks for something … give them something to react to. It will help them know you have thought about the project. It … Read the Rest ?

Video + Working From Home Sounds Great - Until Your Spouse Crawls Through the Background...

Working from home. It used to be great and still is for many of us, but there's a canary in the coal mine that's emerging that could take the joy out of your sweats/PJs/hat game. That thing? It's called video...

3 Ways to Stay On Top of #HR Compliance – Friday Distraction

I know human resources compliance issues aren’t the sexiest thing to talk about but, they’re a necessary part of HR. In fact, compliance is a part of any business. Even if a compliance issue decreases, we need to know details so we can stop devoting resources to it. Show More Summary

Over 100 tickets gone already for our conference on happiness at work

The first 100 tickets to our upcoming international conference in Copenhagen are already gone to participants from (so far) 11 different countries. If you don’t want to miss out on this year’s best conference about happiness at work, you’d better get yours soon :) Read all about the conference and see the full program.

Does Meditation Work? How It Can Make You a Better Employee

Stop wondering, ‘does meditation work?’ Yes, it does! By this point you’ve heard a lot about meditation, maybe you’ve even tested it out yourself a time or too. But the question for many remains, does meditation work? The simple answer...Show More Summary

WHITE COLLAR CANDIDATES: You Hate Behavioral Interviewing, Here's How To Win...

Got a call yesterday for interview prep advice. Great candidate, looking to take the next step with another company. My friend was in the best position he could be in related to the interview - he has direct experience working...

What to Do When You Consider a Work Task Unethical

Would you do something you thought was unethical? What about if your job was on the line? The Milgram Experiment became famous for indicating that people obey authority figures regardless of the awfulness of their instructions, but amongst younger worker, at least, this no longer seems to be the case. A recent Deloitte study revealed … Read the Rest ?

Stephen Goldberg Interviews David Zinger on Employee Engagement

Here is an interview I did with Stephen Goldberg on the ABC’s of employee engagement: David Zinger is an employee engagement consultant, coach, educator, and speaker.

If Donald Trump Were a Woman, You’d Like Him More

There was a lot of talk during the election that Hillary Clinton would have done better if she were a man, but no talk that Donald Trump would have done better if he were a woman. But, a recent sociological experiment–and interesting...Show More Summary

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