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3 Reasons you should consider a Career in Consulting

The sad reality is that most people are unhappy with their jobs. The top reason most are unhappy is they find it unfulfilling. Everyday they go to the same place, work on the same activities, with the same people. What can start as excitement can quickly fade into monotony. For those that are looking for […]

How to Get Into Business School: 8 Tips for Crafting a Killer MBA Application

Want to get into business school? Plan your path to success with these tips for a stellar MBA application. The post How to Get Into Business School: 8 Tips for Crafting a Killer MBA Application appeared first on Brazen Life.

Four Tips for Acing Your Job Interviews

I spoke to a career group last weekend and my speech was titled Seven Critical Career Questions. The questions covered topics that ranged from choosing a profession to improving your interview results. I want to share what I told them...Show More Summary

How to Attend Harvard Business School for Just $1,800

Would you like to attend Harvard Business School -- without the cost or competitiveness? Their new CORe program might be just the ticket. The post How to Attend Harvard Business School for Just $1,800 appeared first on Brazen Life.

For Goodness Sake Be Yourself

I was sitting in my local coffee shop yesterday enjoying my long black and croissant when my ears picked up on a conversation at the table across from me. A girl of about 18 was sitting next to a chap wearing a tie and a clipboard. This...Show More Summary

Is my exempt boss double dipping?

The VP of hospital operations recently came to our skilled nursing facility, which is a part of the hospital. She asked what our census was, 2 patients, and then pulled our administrator into the office for a talk. When she emerged 30 minutes later our administrator followed shortly after. She, then proceeded to inform me […]

Reality: Some Projects Will Always Fail

Most people with project management experience are familiar with Cobb’s Paradox. The term was coined when Canadian Martin Cobb was serving as secretary of the treasury board in the mid-90s and famously asked the question: “If we know why projects...

What Millennials Seek, Desire in an Employer

I just read an interesting article online entitled, Stop Treating Millennial Employees Like Enigmas, written by Sara Roberts and Michael Papay and featured on[1] As the title suggests, the article focuses on how businesses...Show More Summary

Can You Facilitate While Learning

I was reading an article about internships when I ran across the phrase “facilitating while learning”. It made me think, can you facilitate a topic that you aren’t knowledgeable on? One of a facilitator’s primary responsibilities is questioning. Show More Summary

Optimizing Investing, Blood, Hormones, and Life (Podcast Double-Header: #63 and #65)

Discussing life and investing with Mark Hart and Raoul Pal. [DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on the Internet. Speak with a medical professional before doing anything medical-related, m’kay?] There is something here for everyone. Show More Summary

How Much Do Travel Nurses Make? The Definitive Guide

Determining how much a travel nurse makes is quite complicated. We offer a highly detailed analysis so you can plan accordingly. The post How Much Do Travel Nurses Make? The Definitive Guide appeared first on BluePipes Blog.

12 Tips For Adjusting To A New Facility As A Travel Nurse

Adjusting to new hospitals is always difficult and travel nurses do it more often than anyone. Here are 12 tips to help you get up and running successfully. The post 12 Tips For Adjusting To A New Facility As A Travel Nurse appeared first on BluePipes Blog.

ERC Lands National Mergers & Acquisitions Conference

ERC is pleased to announce that it is hosting The Art of People Leadership in M&A: How Talent & Culture Affect Deal Success, facilitated by the M&A Leadership Council based in Dallas. The May 20th and 21st M&A Training program will be...Show More Summary

I Used to Be Their Friend, Now I'm Their Boss

Friendships in the workplace aren’t bad (in fact, they can be very positive), but young workers have a tendency to view their coworkers as friends more than other employees. When friends start getting promoted and managing one another,...Show More Summary

First-Time Entrepreneur? 5 Pieces of Advice You Should Ignore

There’s plenty of advice out there for entrepreneurs -- but not all of it is good. Here are a few pieces of common advice that you should reconsider before you launch. The post First-Time Entrepreneur? 5 Pieces of Advice You Should Ignore appeared first on Brazen Life.

Networking Not Working? Perhaps You Are Undesirable.

There are people that others are sincerely delighted to see. And, there are people who are avoided. The undesirables. You’ve seen it at a networking event.  Everyone’s eyes suddenly become busy gazing at the dip, pictures on the wall or anything that will prevent them from making eye contact with that person. Show More Summary

Does HR Transformation Really Need to Be Linked To Technology?

I have been a LinkedIn member for many years now and, for most of that time, I have fond it to be a useful way to have an up-to-date CV readily available as well as a nice way to keep in touch with former colleagues and clients. However,...Show More Summary

3 Small Steps to Better Integrate Millennials Into Your Workplace

One of my major business goals for this year is to continually improve my keynote speeches. So far, this has involved signing up with a respected speaking coach, taking several high-level online classes and watching a ton of other speakers … [Read more...] The post 3 Small Steps to Better Integrate Millennials Into Your Workplace appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.

5 Reasons You Should Strive for Mediocrity

A meme appeared on my Facebook feed with the following text: Always remember: The Squeaky wheel gets outsourced High achievers end up working unpaid overtime No good deed goes unpunished Dare to be adequate! True? False? There is absolutely some truth to those principles. If you annoy the boss enough, she won’t fight to save […]

How to Work With Difficult People: 6 Steps for Turning Enemies Into Friends

We can’t all be friends with everyone at work. But if you find it especially difficult to get along with someone, it may be in your best interest to put a friendly foot forward. Here are six steps for learning how to work with difficult...Show More Summary

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