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What’s Your Hiring Nightmare Story

Hiring is a critical part of business. Sometimes, we all make bad hires. Here are 5 ways organizations can protect themselves through the hiring process. The post What’s Your Hiring Nightmare Story appeared first on hr bartender.

Attract the Right Audience and Influencers with an Authentic Brand Persona

The quality of your connections far out weigh the quantity when it comes to building a personal brand online. In order to create more visibility for your brand it is important to forge relationships with the right niche and influencers. How can your personal brand attract a targeted audience online? Through content and communication that … Read the Rest ?

Sit Down Old People - I'd Hire You, But You're Not "Digitally Native"....

Thoughts from the road. Let's talk about old people. No BS, no talking around it, let's just talk about old people in the workplace. I'm coming off some leadership training with a client. Great people, and when I do that...

Should You Still Be Asking Candidates for their Salary History?

This scenario may sound familiar—you are anxiously searching for a new position and filling out an online job application for your dream role, when a required question appears: ‘What is your current salary?’. Or worse, you are at anShow More Summary

Employee Scheduling Drives Engagement – Friday Distraction

For employee engagement, scheduling makes a difference. Employees know they can't have everything they want. But, to keep them engaged, compromise is key. The post Employee Scheduling Drives Engagement – Friday Distraction appeared first on hr bartender.

Read My Next Book Before Everyone Else and Completely FREE

I am REALLY excited to announce that my next book “Leading With Happiness” comes out on November 21st. Read all about it here. You are hereby cordially invited to read it completely FREE and before it goes on sale. The only thing we ask...Show More Summary

How to Be Polite by Telling a Jerk to Stop Being Rude

I was raised to be polite. I say please and thank you. I don’t take up extra seats on a crowded train. I sneeze into my arm. I don’t play music on public transportation. You know, all the normal things that not rude people do. But, unfortunately,...Show More Summary

Why Use Professionals When Job Searching

A recent visit to a public restroom made me smile. I was hoping nobody saw me smiling, but it was quite humorous. In this recently remodeled restroom, everything was automated. To wash my hands, I placed one hand under a U-shaped pipe, which squirted soap. I then moved my hand under the faucet, and water … Read the Rest ?

Professional Development for Learning and Performance Professionals – Ask #HR Bartender

A career in learning and performance can be exciting and rewarding. Here are several resources to help with learning and performance career development. The post Professional Development for Learning and Performance Professionals – Ask #HR Bartender appeared first on hr bartender.

The 30-hour workweek. Promising or pipe dream?

There is currently huge interest in the 30-hour workweek in many workplaces. But is this just a pipe dream or could it actually lead to better results, happier workplaces and less stress? In this video I talk to Lena Rübelmann and Juliana...Show More Summary

3 Tips for Finding a New Job When You Already Have One

A recent survey has provided data to back up the adage that it’s easier to find a new job while you still have one—80 percent of human resources professionals view job seekers who currently have jobs as more likely to become valued employees than applicants who are unemployed. Show More Summary

Why Arianna Huffington Wears the Same Dress Over and Over (and You Should, Too)

Yesterday, Arianna Huffington spoke at HR Tech World in Amsterdam wearing the same dress she’s worn at other conferences and the same dress she plans to wear later this week at another conference. This is on purpose. “Why do women feel...Show More Summary

What's Your Digital IQ?

Consulting firm PwC first issued its Digital IQ research in 2007, and recently released a 2017 edition including over 2200 respondents from 53 countries. Of the business and IT leaders represented, 62 percent work in organizations with revenues of $1...

4 Tips to Planning a Successful Company Holiday Party

Planning a company holiday party can become overwhelming if you overly concern yourself with trying to please everyone. It’s important to keep the purpose of the event at the forefront of your mind at all times, it’s to celebrate with...Show More Summary

Tricks that Lead to Big Profits for Owners of a Semi-Truck

Owning a semi-truck can be a good method for long-term truckers to turn a career into a business opportunity. Truckers already manage their own workflow for the most part, but starting your own company really puts you in position to be your own boss. Show More Summary

When a Millennial Quits After 2 Years, Did You Drive Her Out?

How long do you expect that new grad to stick around? 18 months? Two years? What about the employee who is on her third job since graduating from college in 2012. She’s definitely a short timer, right? Jack Jampel, HR expert and a former...Show More Summary

3 Budgeting Tips to Bring Your HR Budget New Life

Developing your annual HR budget can become monotonous when line items stay the same year after year. Shake things up a bit and give your budget the refresher it so desperately needs. Here are a few easy tips to ensure your budget reflects your actual department needs. 1. Show More Summary

Why is Employee Recognition Important?

Every human being wants to be recognized and appreciated for the work they do because they like to see the reward of their efforts. However, managers often wait until the annual performance review day to give their feedbacks and show their recognitions. Managers shouldn’t wait only one day of the year to recognize their employees. … Read the Rest ?

Employee Engagement: Use a Systemic Approach

Employee engagement continues to be a challenge for organizations. I believe two of the reasons that companies struggle with engagement are 1) It’s hard to define and 2) it has a lot of moving parts. For example, employee motivation is a key driver in employee engagement. Show More Summary

3 Things to Consider When Handling Overtime Pay

As is the case with many employment related statutes, exactly how and what your organization must adhere to depends largely on an often complex combination of state and federal law, as well as any employer specific policies. Overtime pay is certainly no exception. Show More Summary

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