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What’s the Difference between Benefits and Perks?

A study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation found that “more than half of millennials (56%) agreed that a quality benefits package influences their choice of employers and 63% say that benefits are an important reason in staying...Show More Summary

15 Employee Benefits on the Way Out

Professional development opportunities and telecommuting benefits are at an all-time high. Organizations are now offering creative perks like free oil changes, on-site yoga, and monthly massages. But what about some of the benefits that...Show More Summary

Your Best Bet: Stay Employed While Job Hunting

  If possible, stay employed while job hunting. Although it’s more important to be employable than employed, there is still a positive bias toward someone currently employed. Although this bias can seem irrational, it’s human nature to want what’s in demand. Show More Summary

Employee Engagement: David Zinger on Engage-11

The next eleven years of engagement Engage-11. This post was written on November 11, 2016. It is the 11th anniversary of my focus on strengths and engagement. I am calling today, and the next 11 years of my work, Engage-11. The name is to honour Remembrance day and all those who made it possible for me to […]

LinkedIn Endorsements: User Profiles Receive 17 Times More Views

A few weeks ago, I shared an infographic from LinkedIn which basically said, “Everyone is looking for a new opportunity.”  If that’s true, and I have no reason to believe it’s not, then keeping your brand relevant is important. For example, your LinkedIn profile should always be current. Show More Summary

The Affect of Social Media Conversations on Search Engine Ranking

Search engine algorithms have changed quite a bit over just the last few years, and many brands may have seen a change in their website visibility as a result. Social signals are a growing influence, which is mainly dictated by conversations on tweets and posts. Show More Summary

Dear Netflix: Did I Miss a Memo About EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS? (caps intended)

I wish I had a easy way to play audio when you opened posts, because if I did, you'd get the "liberal media' sound bite with this post. "Liberal Media." Probably more the point, "Liberal People on Social Media." The...

My Boss is Leaving the Company

My boss told me she is resigning. She has given a month’s notice, says she is leaving for a position that will help her grow professionally and still seems to have great relationships with her peers and boss, so I do not think this is necessarily a sign of something wrong with the company. This […] The post My Boss is Leaving the Company appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

What’s your Vector, Victor?

Don’t worry. There will be no pop quizzes. However, there may be some reminiscing of the classic movie “Airplane” If you have never seen the movie “Airplane” you have more than likely heard some of the best lines over the years. If you haven’t seen it … Go ahead and watch it now. Show More Summary

Where Is the Talent of Tomorrow – Friday Distraction

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Kronos, a global provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions. For the second consecutive year, Great Place to Work has put Kronos on its list of the 50 Best Information Technology Companies to work for in India. Show More Summary

The Tim Ferriss Show Crosses 100 Million Downloads

Holy schnikes! At the end of October, The Tim Ferriss Show shot past 100,000,000 downloads.  What does that mean? Here’s an official quote from Libsyn: “Congratulations to Tim for crossing the 100-million download mark. At Libsyn, we have been hosting podcasts for more than 12 years, and we currently host well over 28,000 podcasts, including […]

What the News Can Teach Us All

Free business mentorship is available in traditional print and online. From an unbiased perspective, take this challenge: Read the articles of attention grabbing headlines as a police detective might do. Scour for motive, values and principles behind each piece revealed, and all the people potentially involved. Show More Summary

30 Days of Disneyland – Day 16

We’re finally past the halfway mark. It seems like ages ago that we started this experiment, as if we’ve been living at Disneyland for a month already. Astro Blasters I further optimized my Astro Blasters’ strategy, which allowed me to blow away my previous best and score 762,500 points a couple of days ago. Show More Summary

The Darwinian Nature of Candidates Seeking Remote Work...

We've noticed something interesting on the recruiting trail at Kinetix. We're a recruiting company and from time to time, we seek to fill remote-based positions, both for ourselves and our clients. That's not unusual, because I'm sure a lot of...

Is the Future of School on a Chromebook?

When I was growing up, it was all about “Apples in the classroom.” Then, while I was in college, every student had to have access to a PC and connected printer so we our term papers would be legible. If...

Managing isn’t all about hitting targets

The most important thing a manager does is make sure the work is getting done on time and on budget. Of course, these two things are critical for success, but managing the people is also very important for a successful department. If...Show More Summary

Use Social Media While In-transition

If you’re looking for career continuation but not aiding yourself via social media, you’re overlooking a great opportunity. These days, very high percentages of employers and recruiters are using primarily social media—or are at least supplementing their searches via social media—to source talent. Show More Summary

8 Ways to Deliver Training that Employees Retain

The biggest concern organizations have when they invest in training is retention. By this, I mean having employees retain the material once they leave the class. No company wants to create a program and take employees out of the operation only to have the same issues occur repeatedly. Show More Summary

Fresh Gift Ideas for Coworkers This Holiday 2016

  Need gift ideas for coworkers? The holiday season is fast approaching, which means office holiday parties are right around the corner. Gift exchanges are lots of fun, but deciding what presents to give the people at your workspace (that you may not know incredibly well) can be challenging. Show More Summary

Trump’s election tells us that we’re all a bunch of liars

Last night my husband and I woke up in the middle of the night to talk politics. We didn’t talk about how surprised we were. We went through the list of people we know who voted for Trump but wouldn’t admit it. We know a lot of them because we don’t live in California or...

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