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VIDEO: HR Confidential (@timsackett, @williamtincup and @kris_dunn)...

Hey Peeps - The other blog I run - Fistful of Talent - is doing a thing with SumTotal Systems calld the Summer Series #HRHangout, where we break down a single topic in a 20 minute Google Hangound - you...

How to Upgrade Your Resume, Part 2

Having a full-time career coaching business for 12+ years, I have reviewed thousands of resumes and rewritten hundreds of professional and executive resumes. I believe I have seen all of the typical resume writing shortcomings. In this...Show More Summary


I don’t watch a lot of YouTube, but I go on occasional binges. Most of the people who are “YouTube famous” annoy the heck out of me, but I do have one favorite. It’s The Food Reviewer… he does “reviews on the YouTube… you never knew such a cool dude…” I have no idea why […]

How One Company is Using Its Employee Handbook as a Recruiting Tool

This company’s employee handbook is so good that it’s even been touted as a recruiting tool. Read on to see what sets it apart. The post How One Company is Using Its Employee Handbook as a Recruiting Tool appeared first on Brazen Li...

The Secret Confidence Booster We All Have

We all possess a secret confidence boosting power: the ability to detach from the outcome and accept what happens. Here's how to tap into it.

The hidden business benefits of fantasy football

Football! The real kind, with shoulder pads and helmets and touchdowns. Americans love it. We watch and we cheer and cry over our favorite team’s ups and downs. And we fantasize over it — big time. In the countless fantasy football leagues that have sprung in recent years, players act as team managers who get […]

Quitting Your Job? 5 Ways to Make Your Boss Beg You to Stay

After quitting your job, you still might want to come back if the grass doesn’t turn out to be greener on the other side. The post Quitting Your Job? 5 Ways to Make Your Boss Beg You to Stay appeared first on Brazen Life.

‘Death by Interview’—What it can Cost YOUR Company

While the overall unemployment rate is definitely showing steady improvement, millions of men and women still are having trouble landing a job, or at least landing one in a timely manner. One primary reason for this is that some companies...Show More Summary

How to Be Your Company’s Change Agent

One of the roles we attach to human resources is the role of “change agent”. HR needs to help their organizations manage change. It makes sense. Business is changing all the time – new innovations, new expectations, etc. Recently, it...Show More Summary

Employee Engagement 3 Word Theme for 2014/2015: Engage, Engage, Engage

History of the 3-word theme. I first read about the 3 word theme from Chris Brogan. I have been using a 3-word theme for my work for six years and will be entering year seven in 10 days. Previous themes included: In 2009 my theme was: authentic, connect, engage In 2010 my theme was: engage, mobilize, produce. In 2011 my theme was: engage, […]

The Importance of Starting Today

I talk a lot about focus because it’s one of my greatest weaknesses. I have ADD. It takes me awhile to get my focus going in one direction and stay there. When it is there, the results are fantastic. When it’s not, I’m a blubbering mess. Show More Summary

Professionally Edited Résumé Adds Huge Value

There are two steps to take before you’ll get that job offer. The first is to create a résumé. An attractive and intriguing résumé will generate an invitation for an interview. The second step is to convince the interviewer you’re the ideal candidate. Show More Summary

Sprout Social

For most of us social media is a time waster. It’s mindless entertainment that fills in gaps in our days. But for some people it’s a job. For them the mobile app just won’t do. They need power tools to manage all of their social media accounts, and that’s exactly what Sprout Social offers. They’re […]

How Hustling Like Beyoncé Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Beyoncé didn’t rise to the top overnight. Just like any entrepreneur, she had to work for it. You can learn from her journey, no matter what your business. The post How Hustling Like Beyoncé Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur appeared first on Brazen Life.

Saying Good Job: The Difference Between a Head Pat and Coaching...

It's always a little surprising when you're out in the world and find out many people have a fundamental issue with saying "Good Job." For some on the far end of the "I'm tired of sucking up to these damn...

How to Get Over Stage Fright

According to WebMD, millions of people suffer from performance anxiety, commonly called stage fright. In fact, most people would rather get the flu than perform. Performance anxiety can prevent you from doing what you enjoy and can affect your career...

So many job openings, but so hard to get hired

The Labor Department just released statistics that show that job openings in June are at a 13-year high. But while hiring is also up, it’s not nearly at the levels that the job openings are. For job-hunters, the disconnect can be frustrating and painful. What’s going on, and how can you get around this? Not all […]

Attend the #TechHR14 expo and Unconference for free on 22nd Aug at Gurgaon

Am so excited that the People Matters' team is organizing India's first conference focused on HR technology called The Tech HR Conference on 22nd August at The Leela Gurgaon.If you're in the Delhi/NCR area and can't pay for the conference...Show More Summary

Under-Qualified for Your Dream Job? Here’s How to Get Hired Anyway

Someone who is more qualified than you will always be out there. When you’re applying to jobs, try these tactics to stand out no matter how inexperienced you are. The post Under-Qualified for Your Dream Job? Here’s How to Get Hired Anyway appeared first on Brazen Life.

Complementing Core Competency Strengthens Growth

Getting started in business is overwhelming to say the least. There are so many “have to” learn components. It’s not just about your core service, but also about business development and communication to attract interest in your services. Show More Summary

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