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Keep your summer job search moving forward

Job searching during the summer often resembles the holidays, where the mood and pace of work changes. Depending on the industry, the summer can slow things down a bit and that frequently leads to a relaxed job search. Much like the holidays, the summer is a special time of year filled with vacations, family outings

???? Google for Jobs Actually Makes Your Job Search Even Harder

Google for Jobs is convenient for your job search... but also everyone else's.

Look, kids! Science!

Science demonstrations—even if they don’t show what scientists actually do—are surprisingly effective, our columnist learns

Congress says your work is wasteful. Now what?

Being listed in a “Wastebook” can be scary, but researchers come out unscathed—and find that it can actually be a useful learning experience

How to leave your job gracefully

The way your leave your job should be as professional as the way you started it. In all honesty, you’ll likely be remembered for how you left your employer. Was it an abrupt short notice or giving the time to help transfer your workload? Leaving a job requires some finesse and understanding that the image

Your summer job is really a long interview

Summer jobs can be great ways to boost your career and make some money even though most of them are temporary.  Some people make the mistake of downplaying a summer job with less importance, thinking, “I am only there for the summer working above minimum wage so who cares if I do a great job?”

Job search ethics: The good, the bad, and the ugly

This advice from our columnist will help you navigate the ethical pitfalls that can arise when you're looking for a job

Say ‘yes, and’ to communication

Improv exercises can help scientists improve their public speaking skills

GREs don't predict grad school success. What does?

It’s time to look beyond supposedly objective metrics, our columnist writes

Why it might be a good time to start a career in science

The author of a new study of biomedical funding explains why he’s optimistic about young scientists’ futures

Live life after graduation debt free

Congratulations! You graduated from college with a lot of hard work and determination. Fresh starts are always exciting and having a plan for landing a new job as well as managing your money can be two of the greatest challenges facing graduates. In a recent discussion with Rachel Cruz, author of Love Your Life Not

The benefits of awards—even if you don’t win

Putting together applications and seeking nominations can bring their own professional rewards

Female authors get fewer citations in astronomy

Papers with female first authors receive 10% fewer citations than comparable work published by men, according to a new study

Your attitude can determine your next job

Harvey McKay is one of my favorite authors about importance of keeping a good attitude and he shared a story that hits home with job seekers that I wanted to pass along. The story starts out with two hikers that were camped out overnight in the mountains. A thunderous voice roused them from their sleep. The

Yes, you can have a life outside the lab

Early-career researchers share their strategies for balancing work and life

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