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Change the way you approach job interviews asking three questions

Landing an interview is what a job search is all about. It’s the moment you meet with your next potential employer and even though interviewing may seem second nature to you by now, you still need to prepare ahead of time. A job candidate was concerned about her interviewing skills and recently asked a question

Another tenure-track scientist bites the dust

As a friend’s faculty career comes to an untimely end, our columnist reflects on the potential disconnect between what researchers want to research and what funders want to fund

How to measure the impact of a new boss

Having a new boss is a common occurrence in the workplace and learning how to assess their effect on your career is a vital skill in managing your growth within the company. Everyone knows how important it is to have a good working relationship with your boss, and when a new one moves in that’s

???? The One Resume Writing Method You’re Probably Not Using

A simple, 5-step formula for an effective resume that gets interviews.

Many postdocs face challenges securing parental leave, new report highlights

Navigating leave policies can be tricky, so postdocs need to be proactive and investigate all their resources

Follow-up strategies can boost a job offer

Just ask anyone who has gone on an interview: Waiting for the next steps can seem like time stands still, especially when you had a great meeting with strong rapport. You left the interview feeling motivated and energized but the reality is until you receive a job offer, you are still in a job search.

A novel look at graduate school

A fictional scientist’s struggles reveal much that is real about being a doctoral student

What does it mean to be called a 'trainee'?

The ‘trainee’ designation has broad implications, noted speakers at the Future of Biomedical Graduate and Postdoctoral Training meeting earlier this month

Should you quit your job and join a start-up?

That’s the question that can keep you tossing and turning in your sleep — to be presented with an opportunity to get into something on the ground floor or to stay with your job.  The notion that start-ups are often once-in-a-lifetime opportunities adds to the burden of making a good decision. We’ve all read about

???? 444 Common Job Interviewer Questions To Prepare Your Job Interviews

Practice for your next job interview with questions recruiters actually ask.

Keep your summer job search moving forward

Job searching during the summer often resembles the holidays, where the mood and pace of work changes. Depending on the industry, the summer can slow things down a bit and that frequently leads to a relaxed job search. Much like the holidays, the summer is a special time of year filled with vacations, family outings

???? Google for Jobs Actually Makes Your Job Search Even Harder

Google for Jobs is convenient for your job search... but also everyone else's.

Look, kids! Science!

Science demonstrations—even if they don’t show what scientists actually do—are surprisingly effective, our columnist learns

Congress says your work is wasteful. Now what?

Being listed in a “Wastebook” can be scary, but researchers come out unscathed—and find that it can actually be a useful learning experience

How to leave your job gracefully

The way your leave your job should be as professional as the way you started it. In all honesty, you’ll likely be remembered for how you left your employer. Was it an abrupt short notice or giving the time to help transfer your workload? Leaving a job requires some finesse and understanding that the image

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