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Burden of ‘Prof.’

The “Professor” title is due for a rebranding, our columnist writes

Should you take a counteroffer?

Deciding which offer to take not withstanding the pressure of making a good career decision is enough to cause a slight case of panic with most people. That’s exactly what happened to a colleague a couple of months ago. He liked his job but felt as though his career was stalled. He talked with his

The keys to career control

Don’t expect others to take care of your job search and career growth; take control yourself, our columnist advises

Career success stories of the European Research Council

As the European Research Council celebrates its 10-year anniversary, three Starting Grant awardees describe their career paths

Small talk has a big impact on your career

Small talk can feel like it sounds, unimportant and insignificant, but learning how to start a conversation is a crucial skill in your career. People naturally think of small talk as discussing the weather or bringing up some trivial information that seems meaningless when your time is valuable. As trivial as it may seem, small talk

More female researchers globally, but challenges remain

Despite progress, female researchers remain a minority and publish fewer papers, according to a new report

???? How To: The Job Seeker’s Attention-Getting Email Signature

Get the most of that often-seen personal branding space: your email signature.

How the tyranny of prestige disadvantages women

Research shows how using seemingly “objective” criteria of merit can stack admissions and hiring decisions in favor of men

Find a new job faster by changing your attitude

Successfully landing a new job is a matter of using the right techniques combined with a good attitude. One without the other affects your job search prospects more than you might realize. A good attitude is hard to beat and hiring managers can sense when candidates have one. It’s only human to experience the ups

Navigating technology transfer issues

Thinking of taking your technology from bench to boardroom? Learn how your university's Technology Transfer Office can help.

??? Stop Falling into Resume Gaps

You can't fill in employment gaps on your resume without lying, so do this instead.

Transferring skills beyond the lab

Leaving research doesn’t mean that the skills you developed will be wasted

What early-career researchers can do to advocate for science

A reinvigorated science policy committee is working to engage scientists, government officials, and the community—and you can too

Learn good lessons from a bad job

Most people will experience a bad job, you know the one you dread on Monday mornings with dreams of escaping. Yet jobs that are difficult may not be all that bad for you, despite the stress and energy spent trying to flee from them. While it’s 10 times more enjoyable to grow your career with

???? The Scary Truth About Why Companies Won’t Hire You Back

Thinking of getting rehired after quitting? You had better have a good reason for leaving in the first place.

Battling inequality for herself and others

After growing up under apartheid in South Africa, Nazira Karodia forged an academic career and now works to empower scientists from minority groups

Improve your chances for a second interview

A candidate once commented that every time he went on an interview he felt like he could have done better selling his skills to the employer. Every interview gives you clues to what you could do better the next time around, but there are some strategies to use that will increase your chances for a

Women miss out on authorship opportunities early on

Female first-year Ph.D. students work more than their male counterparts but publish less, study says

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