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Busting through job search fears

Conducting a job search doesn’t exactly make the top 10 list of fun things to do in life, but it’s a part of your career. Few people realize the energy it takes to overcome thoughts that are plagued by fears of rejection and the intimidation that follow an unknown future. It’s human nature to be

This tool can help you envision your career

A new interactive infographic illustrates the career trajectories of Ph.D. holders in the U.S.

How can I make my career dream a reality?

That’s the question I often hear people talk about the most when wanting to start their own business especially after working awhile in the corporate world. They often describe all the positive aspects of what it would be like to set their own schedule and regain a more balanced life style. Yet when it comes

The skills that industry hires need

A Dow Chemical Company survey reveals what new hires needed to learn for industry success

Talk yourself right into a job

These tips will help you make your career communication skills work for you

Minority grad students less likely to submit work for publication

The results, from a survey of UC Berkeley students in the physical sciences and engineering, highlight a stumbling block for diversity and inclusion efforts—but also offer a potential bright spot

How to successfully use the phone to expand your job search

Instead of imaging what types of opportunities are in the job market or waiting for others to contact you, it might be a good idea to be proactive and call your networking referrals to follow up with them. The hesitancy in reaching out could delay your success in landing a good job. A job candidate

???? 9 Scary Reasons Overqualified Job Seekers are Rejected

If you’ve ever been told you’re overqualified, this is for you.

The sad state of professional development programs for scientists

A new Council of Graduate Schools report that highlights the lack of career development support at many institutions also offers some useful resources

Ph.D. students face significant mental health challenges

Study of doctoral students in Belgium highlights the mental health struggles that many in academia experience

???? 25 Free Cheat Sheets On Every Job Search Topic

Keep these handy to save time when you're actively job hunting.

Make a job fair work for you

If you are in an active job search, more than likely you will hear about job fairs as a good way to meet employers. That’s true. Job fairs where broad to narrow industries are represented bring employers to you. Most job fair events are designed to give you opportunities to meet employers face to face,

Staff scientists find satisfaction in playing the support role

As staff scientists, Ph.D. holders can stay close to the research while expanding their skills and developing satisfying careers

As the U.S. scientific workforce ages, the younger generation faces the implications

Baby boomers and retirement policies are contributing to overall aging, and the trend is likely to continue, a new study reports

Finding a good mentor is one of the best career strategies

If you have ever found yourself struggling with a decision and questioning what direction to take, you could need a mentor. Behind almost every successful person, chances are there’s a mentor. In fact, finding a good mentor is one of the best career strategies you can make, and it is worth your time to start watching those

Burden of ‘Prof.’

The “Professor” title is due for a rebranding, our columnist writes

Should you take a counteroffer?

Deciding which offer to take not withstanding the pressure of making a good career decision is enough to cause a slight case of panic with most people. That’s exactly what happened to a colleague a couple of months ago. He liked his job but felt as though his career was stalled. He talked with his

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