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???? Can You Describe Yourself in One Word for a Job Interviewer?

Dilbert creator Scott Adams asked his readers to describe themselves in one word. Could you do it under the pressure of a job interview?

Soak up the rest of summer

This end-of-summer reading will help you make the most of the last few weeks of the season while we take a short break

???? 50 Career Coaches Who Give Free Consults On Every Topic You Need

A handy directory of top career coaches who let you try before you buy. Why do top athletes have coaches? Simple: to get better results, faster. Similarly, in 6 Reasons You Might Need a Job Search Coach Now, job seeker coach Rita Ashley...Show More Summary

Are you ready for an interview?

Being invited for a job interview is the No. 1 goal of every job candidate who diligently searches for a good opportunity. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and time to find the right position and when that happens you want to be your best. We all know that preparing for an interview makes

Use the power of persuasion to boost your job hunt

Even if you’re uncomfortable “selling" yourself, these tips will help you unleash your persuasive potential

The toll of short-term contracts

As a new French report highlights, early-career researchers face significant challenges landing permanent academic positions—but there may also be some rays of hope

Make your resume look amazing with these five steps

Resumes are not dead, rather they have evolved over time to fulfill numerous needs during your career. The irony with resumes is that they can be your best friend in opening doors of interest from employers or close them shut if poorly designed. Of all your marketing tools, your resume plays a significant part in

Who counts as an inventor? The answer could be worth millions

A postdoc suing over exclusion from patents offers a lesson for anyone working on potentially lucrative research

From computation to the ocean, a scientist finds his fit

How an oceanographer's technology background brings his whale watching to the next level

Mastering work stress is not an accident – it’s a skill

Q: My company just went through a merger and I thought everything would work out well until, one by one, my roles began to change as well as my colleagues.  Now I am finding that my stress level is at an all-time high just waiting to hear news that my department will be eliminated.  What

???? 125+ Uniquely Creative Business Card Design Ideas That Make You Awesome

Give people a good reason to carry around your business card so they never leave without it.

Should you consider another degree after your Ph.D.?

For post-Ph.D. career changers, going back to school can be beneficial, but prospective students also need to consider the costs

What comes after a Ph.D.? Check out the data

Last month’s Survey of Earned Doctorates report highlights job commitment trends and salaries for recent graduates

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Change the way you approach job interviews asking three questions

Landing an interview is what a job search is all about. It’s the moment you meet with your next potential employer and even though interviewing may seem second nature to you by now, you still need to prepare ahead of time. A job candidate was concerned about her interviewing skills and recently asked a question

Another tenure-track scientist bites the dust

As a friend’s faculty career comes to an untimely end, our columnist reflects on the potential disconnect between what researchers want to research and what funders want to fund

How to measure the impact of a new boss

Having a new boss is a common occurrence in the workplace and learning how to assess their effect on your career is a vital skill in managing your growth within the company. Everyone knows how important it is to have a good working relationship with your boss, and when a new one moves in that’s

???? The One Resume Writing Method You’re Probably Not Using

A simple, 5-step formula for an effective resume that gets interviews.

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