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Women ask fewer questions than men at conference talks, new studies suggest

Even when women made up the majority of the audiences, they asked disproportionately fewer questions

Do you have a really good career plan?

I wish that most people could answer this question with a resounding “yes,” but I usually hear the opposite with a sense of dread. Unless you love planning, it’s not the skill that most turn to when thinking about their careers. Career planning can seem unnecessary and to be honest a little boring until you

Patients are partners in the fight against cancer

Two grad students describe how building a partnership with the cancer community enriched their research

Faculty careers can progress in many directions

A new study highlights the variety of productivity trajectories among faculty members in computer science

Is now a good time to leave my employer?

This was a question asked recently by a manager who had been hanging on to a job for years even though she is driving 45 miles each way and is overqualified for the position. She stayed because of job security rather than leaving in a tight job market where good jobs were difficult to find.

Why I'm pushing for a postdoc union

Forming a union could help address some of the many challenges that postdocs face

Be prepared to recognize an interview disaster

Preparing for an interview gives you a measure of confidence when meeting your potential employer as well as a heightened self-awareness of communication skills. Wouldn’t it be great, if during your practice you could anticipate problems ahead of time to ward off an interview headed for disaster? The good news is you can change the

From selfies to selfless: Managing multigenerational teams

Gen Ys, Gen Xs, and Boomers all have different communications and management styles.  How do you build and keep your team cohesive and productive?

Cautious optimism as society names lab safety a core value

Safety is central to good science, declares the American Chemical Society

???? Why Paper Resumes Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon

For years, people have been saying that paper resumes are dead. Are they really?

A fresh look at job search essentials

A job search is often described as a journey full of unexpected twists and turns leading you to unknown opportunities.  While some people enjoy the process of discovery in doing something new, others feel pressured and uncertain where the road may take them. Even though both groups share the job search process in different ways,

How to budget your grant proposal

An accurate, convincing budget is a crucial component for your grant application

???? Why You Should NOT Answer the Phone When Recruiters Call, Stupid

Better a return call when you're ready than a missed call when you aren't.

Transform your networking by renewing the basics

Do you agree that networking is an effective way to job search yet when you think about networking it feels awkward?  If you feel that way you aren’t alone because most people misunderstand the basic principle of networking that can make or break your effectiveness. Networking is a combination of your personality and strategy. No

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