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University of Hawaii fined for safety violations in lab explosion

The $69,300 fine was reduced from an initial $115,500 after a settlement reflecting the institution’s efforts to address the problems and improve its safety culture

Being the enabler

A career in research development can offer a way for scientists to stay connected to research while also leveraging their soft skills

When reading your resume, the first 20 seconds count for recruiters

If you were to use a stop watch to time 20 seconds it would go by rather fast and yet that’s about as long as it takes a recruiter to review your work experience. Your career is often boiled down to about20 seconds and that’s the reason why every accomplishment counts on your resume. The

???? 50 Uber Popular Job Search Videos You Need To See

The best and most-viewed YouTube videos for job seekers who hate looking for work and want to improve.

Wales wants more scientists

Known for its majestic landscape and melodic language, Wales has also become a science powerhouse through funding and hiring initiatives.

The two most critical elements of interview day

Don’t let a bad first or last impression sink your chances of landing the job

Bringing image manipulation to light

A mix of initiative, mentorship, and serendipity has propelled Mike Rossner’s career in publishing and data integrity

The many shades of European postdoc funding

A new report sheds light on the varied funding schemes available for postdocs in Europe

Does your personality type affect your compensation?

Making wise career decisions and choosing what major to pursue in school can all play a role toward your income as well as acquiring the knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the marketplace. What might not be as tangible as a degree are the aspects of your personality that often influence your communication

Business principles for basic researchers

Leadership, management, and marketing are not just for CEOs. Researchers could gain a lot from mixing business principles with science.

Ruth Hubbard and the evolution of biology

The first female tenured biology professor at Harvard University helped reshape how we think about women in science

Tackling the ‘vicious cycle’ of financial challenges and poor mental health

A recent survey of undergraduate students in the United Kingdom highlights the link between financial issues and poor mental health, but help is available

Recommendation letters reflect gender bias

Female geoscientists applying for selective fellowships were less likely to be described as “brilliant,” “trailblazer,” or “one of the best students I’ve ever had,” study finds

Is your birth order influencing your career?

If you ever found yourself having difficulty in letting things go at work or following a colleague whom you deem to be less knowledgeable than you – then you might be the firstborn in your family. Your birth order gives you a unique view of the world around you and often influences the way you

Nobel Prize-winning lessons

With the announcement of the 2016 Nobel Prize winners around the corner, we revisit some articles from the archives that offer lessons from laureates

???? How To Get a Sweet First Job After College or University

Passed all your courses? Use this quick guide so you don't fail at finding a first job after college.

Why aspiring academics should do less science

To ease the transition to a future professorship, trainees should spend some of their time on activities other than research, our contributors explain

Under the same stars

Early-career nuclear physicists who have traveled far for their careers balance the tug of family and home and the pull of their field

Are you obsessed with your resume?

Resumes definitely play a role in your job search and without a good one it can unnecessarily lengthen your job search. Yet job candidates often become hyper focused on writing the perfect resume and in the meantime could run the risk of missing some good opportunities. Generally speaking, your resume is another tool in your

Soundtrack of our (academic) lives

A new song from singer-songwriter John K. Samson reflects on the “postdoc blues.”

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