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Cold E-mails and Hot Coffee: Take action on your career

The first in a four-article series about the Active Career Exploration plan for career development

Why caring about my job worked for me

Occasionally, I like to share my personal experiences with my “Get to Work” readers. Last night, I read an interesting article for the Financial Times called “Why not giving a D— at Work is No Bad Thing.” The title immediately grabbed my attention and reeled me in for a quick read. The author Lucy Kellaway

Can you over-practice for a job interview?

As a job interview draws near too many candidates, often take the view that an interview is a competition of sorts. Instead of focusing on the questions and building rapport, they often try to memorize the “right” answers and think their interview performance will generate a job offer. While there is truth in needing to […]

How Do You Manage Job Search Rejection?

The subject of “rejection” routinely appears in conversation with clients: I can’t believe they didn’t hire me; I was a perfect fit for the job. Rejected. The offer was rescinded; unbelievable, especially since I already gave my notice. Rejected. I...

The job interview process is getting longer, report shows

It’s not your imagination: The job interview process is indeed several days longer than it used to be, according to a recent report from Glassdoor. The average overall interview process took 22.9 days in the U.S. in 2014, according to Glassdoor. That’s a bit longer than the average length in Canada and several days shorter than

Who Sits Where at a Business Meal?

Peter Post explores the intricacies of determining who will sit where at a business meal table as well as offering advice on what to do if you arrive before the host and how a host plans who sits when with a larger group of people.

Who’s in your tribe?

It’s important for today’s job seekers to be aware of the “un-networking” trend.

Why Companies are not Responding to your Job Application

Elaine offers advice on what to do if you've applied to hundreds of companies, but received no response.

Healthy Food Advocate Promotes Nutritious Choices as Path to Lifestyle Changes

We want to empower the underserved people in our community and teach them to make smart choices for lifelong health and wellness

Multiferroics and me

Nicola Spaldin pioneered a revolution in the field of multiferroics by pursuing her “most interesting question,” no matter the odds.

The LinkedIn Summary Dilemma: Use "I" or Not

LinkedIn profile writing is a challenge. And there are ways in which the LinkedIn profile summary section is still the Wild West. The LI summary is a blank page only restricted by the 2000 character limit. There are no requirements....

Your ‘best chance’ of winning a Nobel Prize

Nobel laureate Shinya Yamanaka doesn’t know what young scientists should do to win the prize, but he’s sure it’s important to be innovative and unique.

The strangest productivity killers at work

Most of us don’t spend every single second of our work day doing work. We check our smartphones, cruise social media and maybe take a minute or two to chat with co-workers. When asked to identify the biggest productivity killer in their office, 52 percent of employers cited cell phones and texting, according to a recent

Elsewhere in Science, 12 June 2015

Researcher or spy? … Russian scientists protest reforms … $28 billion spent annually on nonreproducible research … Conflicts of interest for climate change skeptic … Entrepreneurship special issue … Working Life

You'll be OK

Michelle E. Portman has learned to value all of life’s ups and downs.

Triggers and Talking Points

A few weeks ago, I was standing in the lobby of a branch bank depositing a small insurance refund. When it was my turn, I indicated to the teller I wasn’t sure how to process the check and needed his...

Your thesis, in 3 minutes

If you think writing your thesis is challenging, try explaining your project to a lay audience in 180 seconds.

Recognize the importance of strengths

More than likely, you will talk about your strengths throughout your career in various ways, such as during an interview. Knowing your strengths helps you stand out from the crowd and leaves a memorable impression with an interviewer. During a performance review, your area of strengths are discussed and highlighted for contributions made. When networking, it’s important […]

San Francisco startup pilots reality TV-themed internship

In 1994, MTV introduced “The Real World: San Francisco”—the third season of its wildly-popular television series. The cast included eight San Francisco residents. They were complete strangers, living together in a Russian Hill house while cameras followed their lives and interactions with one another. If you happened to tune in, you know there was never

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