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Internal vs. external, which hire has more value

In many industries, it’s common knowledge that if you want a big pay raise, you’re probably going to have to look for a new job with a new company. Even after years of loyalty, companies tend to underestimate the potential of internal staff and instead hire external candidates whose skills, they hope, will bring new […]


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Apparel sizing analytics company helps find the right fit

True Fit acts a virtual dressing room where algorithms crunch profile data as well as favorite brands and styles.

Four of the Most Powerful Words in a Job Search

Here is a question for you: can you guess four of the most powerful words in a job search? From the following choices, A, B, C, or D, which answer would you choose as the correct one? A. Will you...

Minimum Wage for Cashiers

Pattie shares advice on minimum wage and overtime laws.

The most dreaded word

You'd be surprised, says Paul Hellman, by how many business people are obsessed with one word: um.

Harry's contact info

Join Brewster Harry is so close to having an up-to-date address book and wanted to confirm your latest info Here's what they have for you: Phone Number Confirm or Update For your safety, link expires in 48 hours Featured...

Bathroom Etiquette 101

Peter Post explains why using a cell phone in a bathroom is unpleasant for other people as well as the person on the other end of the call. Best advice: Don't enter the bathroom while on a call and don't answer your phone while in the bathroom.

The real cost of job hunting might leave you in shock

It’s no secret that searching for a new job takes a lot of time and energy. Beyond dedication and determination, finding a new position often requires a financial investment as well. So how much cold hard cash do you need to land the job of your dreams? While the numbers vary from one person to […]

Performance Reviews and Accepting Negative Feedback

Elaine Varelas offers insight as to why performance reviews can be painful, yet are a necessity.

Preserving historic buildings is his construct

Carl Jay has led the transformation of some of the regions? most notable spaces, including the African Meeting House, Longyear Museum, Trinity Church, MIT Dome, Mary Baker Eddy House, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and King?s Chap...

COMMENT #CONTEST: Win 1 of 5 Copies of Startupland

Thinking of doing a startup or going out on your own? Get inspired. I've tried and failed twice, but they were both terrific learning experiences. How to Enter Simple - at the bottom of this article, leave a comment about startups. Some...Show More Summary

Five Résumé Questions That Need “Yes” Answers Before You Hit Send

Getting ready to blast your résumé into the black hole of cyberspace? Wonder if your résumé will get noticed? Wonder if anyone, anyone will pay any attention to your story? Here are five very specific questions to ask yourself befor...

LinkUp’s Track Record In Forecasting the Monthly Jobs Numbers

Earlier this week when we published our forecast for Friday’s December jobs report and I sent out a few Tweets with the always-entertaining hash-tag #NFPGuesses, Joe Weisenthal of Business Insider asked what our track-record was in forecasting the monthly jobs numbers. I provided him with a brief response that we were off 1.9% from the YTD […]

Do Manners Really Matter?

Peter Post raises and answers the questions of what is a manner and why does it matter.

Help! I don't like my new Boss

Elaine offers advice on how to deal with management change that you're not in favor of.

Is it time to retire annual reviews? Effective alternatives to consider

If it’s time for your annual review, it probably goes something like this: you meet with your supervisor in a private room, he or she rates your performance using a variety of scales, you talk about where you need to improve in the future, and at the end you learn if you get a pay […]

50 Jobs You Can Easily Do While You Travel

Use your laptop to pay for travel, while you travel. You might just discover a new career while you're at it. Background In a recent posting to the Digital Eve Israel Yahoo Group, a group member asked the following question: "Any leads...Show More Summary

Driving the Content for Auto Shopping Destination

Using sophisticated math work, our website can tell you with great accuracy what a 2009 Honda Accord LX with manual transmission and 40,000 miles should cost, for example.

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