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88 Catchy Recruitment Ads You’ve Got to See

Are these the best recruiting ads or the best recruitment ads? Although they require more creativity and often, effort and money, catchy job ads can be game-changers for hiring companies. They get more attention than classic job ads,...Show More Summary

Postdocs, put your best foot forward for industry jobs

The search can be tough, but despite the competition, you can rise to the top of the pile.

Exploring Multiple Roles at Once

Elaine Varelas offers advice as to how to navigate a job search across many roles and industries.

Monday: Job Doc Chat with Elaine Varelas

Elaine Varelas, managing partner of Keystone Partners in Boston, has over 20 years experience in career consulting, executive development and coaching. She takes your career questions during a live chat Monday, August 24 at noon.

No Odyssey Too Difficult for this Ship's Captain

Even in this day and age, there?s still something fundamental about being out on the water that speaks to us all in a way that?s hard to describe. But for me, it?s a certain sense of tranquility that?s hard to find elsewhere.

Little-known program gives workers a place to turn when stress spikes

When the stresses of work and home hit an all-time high, Marissa turned to the company’s employee assistance program (EAP), a little known and highly underutilized employee benefit designed to help employees deal with personal issues that that can adversely impact their job performance, health and well-being. “My husband and I were strapped for cash

Keeping adjuncts’ job agreements on track

Tenure-track faculty members at Eastern Illinois University have taken a bold and generous step to express solidarity with their adjunct colleagues.

Elsewhere in Science, 14 August 2015

HHMI president steps down … Setting Antarctic research priorities … Bill Nye documentary … New threat to animal researchers … Response to open letter … Working Life

A guide for the perplexed

A clear-eyed new book demystifies the tenure-track job market.

15 Reasons Your Job Search May Not Be Working According to One Job Seeker

A few days ago, a new client came to my office for career management help. According to his story, he has been out of work since January 2015 and indicated that he was at a complete loss as to what...

15 most memorable resume mistakes

Your resume has to be eye-catching: Seventy percent of employers will spend less than five minutes reviewing it, according to CareerBuilder. Forty-eight percent spend less than two. Your resume should also reflect reality. This significant detail is catching up with some job seekers, with 56 percent of employers telling CareerBuilder they’ve caught a lie on a

Creating a research brand

Jeffrey McDonnell explains how publishing papers and giving talks that follow a research theme can help you as you advance in your career.

Writing tips for reaching the public

Katie L. Burke, associate editor at the American Scientist, offers advice about writing for a general audience.

Mistakes In Your Emails Reflect On You

Peter Post answers a reader's question about people who send mistake riddled emails and how to address the problem with them. Post as well points out that proofing emails is best done either by a colleague or after letting the email simmer and then returning to it.

When career starts getting her goat, she swaps another one in

Are there any stray goat hairs on my clothing? That?s the question that Elaine Philbrick needs to ask herself before she goes to a swap broker meeting for her company, Derivative Advisors.

Is Management Right for Me?

Elaine Varelas provides advice to those uneasy about transferring to a management role.

A legacy of drug safety

FDA medical officer Frances Oldham Kelsey averted the tragedy of thalidomide birth defects in the United States.

What You Need to Know About Israeli Job Search

From non-negotiable salary offers to job interviews in cafes and everything in between.

Employee says company-issued, GPS-enabled smartphone violates privacy

Carson, an employee of a San Francisco-based, federal agency is outraged by the agency’s new smartphone policy. His department recently provided him with a smartphone that has a GPS feature that cannot be disabled. He’s concerned this feature infringes on his privacy rights. “Do they really expect me to have this feature on at all

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