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Elsewhere in Science: Diversity, academic entrepreneurship, and more

Fetal tissue research controversy … Funding … Promoting inclusion … Academic startups … Russian science... Working Life

A career in cancer research? Computational skills wanted

In the growing field of precision oncology, researchers with molecular and computational backgrounds are needed more than ever.

???? Where to Research Job Market Salaries in 2016

Be ready to talk salary expectations before they ask you to. Photo Credit: JD Hancock Whether you need to do a quick salary check, or you just need a wage calculator, it’s all here. If you don’t need this list for now, bookmark it for later. Show More Summary

Can wearing a certain color influence the interviewer?

It’s no secret that what you wear on an interview will impact the perception of the interviewer; however what you may not realize is your choice of color can send indirect messages as well. Workplace attire has changed so much over time that it can be confusing for job candidates who are hoping to make

Two investigations underway into University of Hawaii lab explosion

A University of California center established in the wake of lab tragedy has been brought in to investigate the incident

Going with the flow

A website’s surprising growth offers possibilities in science communication and an unexpected career

More Ph.D.s but fewer job commitments

The production of science and engineering Ph.D.s in the United States has reached a record high

Elsewhere in Science: Funding concerns, a scientific memoir, and more

Financial conflicts of interest … Concerns about a people-based funding program … NextGen VOICES … A scientific memoir … Working Life

9 Funny Job Search Pranks You Won’t Believe

This is one time where it’s definitely better to laugh at others. Photo credit: Pascal Is it a good idea to play pranks on your job search? Absolutely! That is… if your profession is comedy-related or you have another good reason to think that the targeted recruiters will appreciate the gag. Show More Summary

Be aware of your actions to pass the interview test

Interviewing can be very similar to studying and passing a test in the sense that it helps to study the topic first and understand the principles. At least that’s what it seems when you are invited for an interview with a potential employer. When you fail to pass an exam there is usually feedback as

Lessons from the startup world

Professor Matthew Wallenstein wants to bring what he has learned as an entrepreneur to his colleagues in academia

Studying the science of science

Some scientists are taking it upon themselves to go beyond their core research areas to study where the scientific system can go wrong

Elsewhere in Science: Funding, animal research, and more

The importance of grant titles … Animal research in China … Conflict in Turkey … Funding in the U.S., Canada, and China … Research ethics … Working Life

How to survive working for a micromanager

If you have ever worked for a micromanager you’ll probably never forget the experience. It’s an uncomfortable working relationship that no doubt requires both resilience and learned skills in order to survive. The very definition of a micromanager sounds discouraging to career growth, “manage with excessive control or attention to details”. Show More Summary

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Search results: Careers in high tech

High tech industries—like Google, Facebook, and IBM—offer interesting opportunities for Ph.D.-level scientists and engineers.

Lab explosion maims University of Hawaii postdoc

The cause of the blast—which occurred during a frequent, routine procedure—is unknown

Solving scientific mysteries as a medical examiner

Becoming a medical examiner has allowed Roger A. Mitchell to combine his interest in science, medicine, and community service.

???? JobMob Turns 9

 9 years ago this week, on March 21st, 2007, it all began… This has been JobMob’s best year yet. If last year was a year of transition after I stopped working on an Internet startup, this year was a year of growth all around. More visitors,...Show More Summary

How to (seriously) read a scientific paper

Reading becomes easier with experience, but it is up to each scientist to identify the techniques that work best for them.

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