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Then Life Got in the Way

Last week I attended a celebration of life service for a very special man. It was a sad, sad occasion. Even though it was stated by a family member that the service was to be a celebration of life, I...

If Ben Edelman had a Do-Over

Pattie's thoughts on Ben Edelman, the Harvard professor whose emails with a local restaurant were recently shared on

The Most Unbelievably Popular JobMob Articles of 2014

What almost a million people enjoyed most on JobMob this year. You'll Enjoy These Articles Too 20 Most Popular JobMob Articles of 2012 LOOK BACK: 20 Best JobMob Articles of 2013 The Top 11 JobMob Articles of 2011 Please Take The 2014 JobMob Census (You’ll Be Glad You Did) Most Popular Posts of March 2008

?Dr. and Mr.? or ?Mr. and Dr.?? Which is correct?

Peter Post delves into the tricky world of addressing envelopes to couples when one of the couple is a doctor.

10 hot industries positioned to hire in 2015

The new year is just weeks away. As we look ahead to 2015, many industries have a positive outlook toward growth and hiring. Here are 10 hot industries positioned to hire exponentially in the next 12 months: 1. Health care The health-care industry continues to grow, and many areas have a hiring demand that surpasses […]

Thursday @ Noon: Job Doc Chat with Stu Coleman

Stu Coleman, a partner at Waltham recruiting firm WinterWyman, is a hiring and contracting expert. He takes your questions during a live chat Thursday at noon.

Should I Give a Recruiting Firm my Social Security Number?

Elaine Varelas offers advice on whether you should provide recruiting companies with your social security number.

Career Transition: If You Can Take It, You Can Make It!

Let’s say you are going through a nasty divorce and your lawyer (and/or soon-to-be ex) advise you that you need to “get a job” – a “real one.” Let’s say that you have been a stay-at-home Mom for 30 years,...

Wednesday at Noon: Job Doc Chat with Judy Shen-Filerman

Judy Shen-Filerman, CEO of Dreambridge Partners, takes your career-related questions during a live chat Wednesday at noon.

Curating content for a personalized 'Endorfyn' feed

We like to say that we are pioneers of the post-search era. In the ever-expanding web of arts and entertainment, the data barrage is exponential, but Endorfyn finds the signals in all the noise.

Holiday Food Temptations

Pattie shares some tips on holiday food temptations.

What I learned in the shower

Consultant Paul Hellman admits he's all wet.

Older Job Seeker? Stop Making These Mistakes Immediately

5 problems that older job seekers struggle with unnecessarily. Are you making these mistakes too? It's ok, they're all fixable. 1) Focusing on what worked in the distant past This is normal. It just isn't helpful. Whenever you need to...Show More Summary

RSVP, Plus Ones, And Other Holiday Office Party Tips

Peter Post offers five pieces of advice for employees when they are faced with the prospect of attending the annual holiday office party.

Employee Beware: The Ten Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Ten most dangerous jobs in America, based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data on rate of fatalities relative to hours worked.

“The Economy, Stupid” – James Carville (1992)

In 1992, James Carville hung a sign in Bill Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Little Rock with the 3 key messages for the campaign. Those messages were: 1) Change vs. more of the same 2) The economy, stupid 3) Don’t forget about healthcare Of those, the second became the defining theme of Clinton’s campaign and the […]

Should I Take Advantage of my Company's Retirement Workshops?

Elaine Varelas offers advice on how to take part in retirement workshops, while not risking your job security.

New CareerBuilder Study Reveals Lessons for Job Seekers & Recruiters That May Surprise You

CHICAGO, Oct. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — What can be a deal breaker for landing a new job or finding the right candidate? What do employers expect from candidates and vice...

3 Telecommuters Talking About Working At Home

It’s been a really long time since I went looking for telecommuting videos and listed a few of the best ones I could find on YouTube. If you dare to...

Telework Week & Telework Exchange Changes

It’s nearly time for the 3rd annual Telework Week, the global effort to encourage agencies, organizations, and individuals to pledge to telework anytime during the selected week. This year –...

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