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Glassdoor names 50 highest-rated CEOs of 2015

Google is No. 1 again. This time, it’s chief executive Larry Page taking the honors. Page was named the highest-rated CEO in the U.S. in a report out Wednesday from Glassdoor. He’s up 10 spots from the 2014 list, with an approval rating of 97 percent from Google employees who posted reviews on Glassdoor. Page

Culture and Language Find Crossroads at ESL School

hat?s why when Julia Solomon founded an English as a Second Language School two years ago, she vowed that the school would be a safe haven, a go-to place for visiting foreigners or those already living in Boston.

Thriving in the face of career uncertainty

Nobel laureate Richard J. Roberts shares his thoughts on how to build a career in scientific research.

Job Search: Supposed to Fire My Imagination

Last Saturday as I was planting flowers along the sidewalk of our home, our youngest daughter joined me. She proceeded to say "There’s something your husband doesn’t want you to know." And I said “Really – what am I not...

The health of those who study health

The physical and mental well-being of academic biomedical researchers should not be neglected.

Are H-1Bs getting a bad rep?

By now you’ve probably heard Disney laid off 250 employees and allegedly transferred their jobs to immigrant H-1B workers—fueling critics’ arguments that H-1Bs are taking jobs away from Americans by working for less pay. SFGate talked to San Francisco Immigration attorney Randall Caudle for insight on this matter. The problem isn’t H-1B workers stealing jobs

Elsewhere in Science, 05 June 2015

More on Michael LaCour … Shaw Prize winners … $15 billion for clean energy … Jens Förster further under fire … U.S. Census in trouble … Working Life.

From physics to revolution and back

Lui Lam reflects on his time as a physicist in China and why he ultimately returned to the United States.

Help for stuck candidates

Feeling stuck in your job search is can be a very awkward state of mind especially when your goal is to sell your value to potential employers. When you are stuck in a rut it’s difficult to talk about yourself much less act as though you know what interests you in a job. It’s not […]

How You Say It Matters

Peter Post explains six qualities of a person's voice affect how people hear what is being communicated.

What to do about your over-eager boss

Last week we talked annoying co-workers. We dished on ways to deal with the pesky, over eager employee or “eager beaver.” But what happens when the eager beaver is your boss? Let’s call him or her the “gung-ho” boss, as he or she is over zealous about some aspects of the work. Maybe he or

A different kind of postdoc experience

Postdocs in industry explore opportunities that aren’t available in academe.

Community meditator promotes reconciliation by consensus

Longtime negotiator Gail S. Packer has made it her life?s mission to help resolve seemingly impassable disagreements

As transgender discussion increases, workplace improvement still needed

By Alex Hicks This week the famed Olympian, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, made headlines by posing on the cover of Vanity Fair under a headline that read: “Call me Caitlyn.” The magazine cover ran a mere six weeks after ABC aired an interview between Diane Sawyer and Jenner, in which Jenner identified herself as

Training for synthetic biology jobs in the new bioeconomy

Young scientists interested in helping industry harness the potential of synthetic biology must prepare now.

Is Prince2 Right for You?

Guest Contribution By Sandra Madden The development and training of staff is important at every level. There are many different options in terms of the types of training that are available and the format in which this training takes place. Show More Summary

‘Underrepresented’ is an understatement for minority faculty members

Only 4% of tenure-track faculty members in chemistry are African American, Latino, or Native American, new data shows.

Help! My adviser won’t stop looking down my shirt!

When faced with unwelcome attention in the workplace, Alice says that it’s important to be practical, as long as it’s not too severe.

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