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Sculpting a sweet career in candy

With boldness and creativity, Alexandria Lau found her way to a career in toxicology at The Hershey Company

Action and data for women in science: A French example

The French National Center for Scientific Research is setting an example for supporting and tracking female scientists—but even with such pioneering efforts, progress is slow

Avoid an interview disaster

It would be great if you had warning lights or a siren to notify you of an impending interview disaster. Unfortunately, there are no blinking lights telling you to take a new direction when things appear awkward during an interview. There are warning signs but you must look for them and know how to change

???? 25 Reasons Job Fairs Are Not a Ridiculous Waste of Time

Are career fairs a waste of time or are you wasting time at career fairs?

New tools for measuring academic performance

Move over, publication lists. A new set of online tools are being used to measure academic performance.

A world of bias

It’s important to recognize how biases—both yours and those of others—can affect your job search

When disease disrupts a degree

For Ph.D. students facing medical emergencies, seeking out unique support systems can help ensure that a diagnosis doesn’t end a career

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Will more studies of the training and career mess actually create change?

The National Academies launched two new studies in January, but it’s unclear whether these committees are more likely than their numerous predecessors to find real solutions

Are you prepared for a panel interview?

Getting an interview is one thing, going on a panel interview is another. In either case, it’s a compliment to you to be invited for an interview. Yet facing a panel of potential colleagues and bosses can be somewhat stressful for most people. The key to success is understanding panel interviews and preparing ahead of

Relearning how to write

After completing her Ph.D., Heather Taft wanted to write for the public—which meant ditching the technical writing practices ingrained during her scientific training and figuring out how to tell compelling stories to a broad audienc...

How to handle grad school doubts

If you’re second-guessing your decision to pursue a Ph.D., reflect on your career goals to decide whether you should push through or explore other options

Short Course in Labor History

Unions have typically grown in rapid spurts, very “short periods of social upheaval punctuated by major demonstrations and strikes.” The 1920s were an especially dark period for U.S. labor. Membership fell by a third in the time between 1920 and 1924. The post Short Course in Labor History appeared first on Employment Blawg.

5 ways to handle an unexpected career change

Dealing with change is a big subject in your career, and how you approach it affects your results. Career change usually happens in a couple of ways: unexpected and planned. Naturally, planned changes make you feel more in control when deciding to pursue a different career path or sharing your goals with your boss. Yet

???? How Smart Job Seekers Do Resume Keyword Research

Choose the right resume keywords and phrases so recruiters are more likely to find you.

I’m not a doctor, but I play one on my CV

Our columnist explores the weird, awkward, and sometimes wonderful world of Ph.D. scientists using their “Doctor” title

To be a responsible researcher, reach out and listen

The European Commission and others are encouraging scientists and engineers to broaden their thinking about their research and to engage society

What Could HR Software do for your Business?

Guest Article By Sarah Williams The world of business is a challenging one. There is always so much to be done, and never enough hours in the day. Fortunately, there are ways to lighten the load a bit. One of the best ways to do is to...Show More Summary

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