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Solving scientific mysteries as a medical examiner

Becoming a medical examiner has allowed Roger A. Mitchell to combine his interest in science, medicine, and community service.

???? JobMob Turns 9

 9 years ago this week, on March 21st, 2007, it all began… This has been JobMob’s best year yet. If last year was a year of transition after I stopped working on an Internet startup, this year was a year of growth all around. More visitors,...Show More Summary

How to (seriously) read a scientific paper

Reading becomes easier with experience, but it is up to each scientist to identify the techniques that work best for them.

Elsewhere in Science: Feminist glaciology, blogging, and more

A feminist glaciology framework … National Science Foundation funding … Science blogging … Working Life

Top 50 Freelance Marketplaces Online

The most popular freelance marketplaces on the Internet. Most of the sites listed here are free to use in their most basic form both for freelancers and employers, however some of the sites have fees for at least one party and most of the sites have paid premium features. Each site is listed with its specialties and main language when not English.

Improve your job search opportunities and create luck

Let’s face it – sometimes it appears that others just have luck on their side and job offers appear out the blue. However, there is more to the story than it seems, such as a willingness to trust and determination beforehand. Job candidates tend to personalize opportunity and wait for it to come knocking at

Why we need another Einstein

There aren’t enough celebrity scientists these days, our columnist argues

How to handle a sexual harasser

A professor advises fellow female scientists of a common sexual harassment pattern

A neuroscientist's journey from cancer patient to company founder

After Antonio Ulloa’s career was waylaid by cancer, he still managed to pursue his entrepreneurial goals

Should you quit your job without having a new one lined up?

Quitting a job can sound like the perfect solution to a bad day at work, but your uneasiness with your job might be more of a red flag of what’s missing in your life. Many times people leave a good-paying job thinking the “grass is greener” on the other side only to land on more

Elsewhere in Science: Budgets, forensics, and more

China’s spending plan … M.D.-Ph.D. funding … Special issue on forensics … Inside Graduate Admissions … Working Life

A push for stronger sexual harassment policies at the University of California

Postdocs and student workers push for the University of California to better address allegations of sexual harassment by faculty members.

Top Reasons You Need a Job Search Email

When email is so critical to your job search, you need to think about it critically. Cover letters, resumes, interview invites, follow ups, thank you notes, contract offers and more… it all gets sent over email. 7 months after leaving Seattle, 8 months after giving up on job search, I receive email with a substantial job offer. Show More Summary

Learn to read between the lines of a job ad

Understanding what an ad’s language really means will help you optimize your job search results.

Is your ego in charge of your career?

The marketplace is crowded with people who never achieve their goals and seem to always have bad luck in making good career decisions. Instead of living up to their potential they are always contemplating why things keep happening in their career that holds them back instead of moving forward. Everyone has an ego and even

Leaving academia

Whether out of personal choice or a lack of opportunity, leaving the lab behind and reinventing your career is often a challenging endeavor.

Elsewhere in Science: Reproducibility, research parasites, and more

Italian science … Spending in India … Reproducibility … The face of innovation … Data sharing … Working Life

Displaced American STEM workers spur Senate hearing

Policymakers, academics, and other stakeholders discuss H-1B skilled guest worker visa program

How prestige shapes the professoriate

Graduate admissions and faculty hiring are stacked in favor of alumni of certain schools

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