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The benefits of awards—even if you don’t win

Putting together applications and seeking nominations can bring their own professional rewards

Female authors get fewer citations in astronomy

Papers with female first authors receive 10% fewer citations than comparable work published by men, according to a new study

Your attitude can determine your next job

Harvey McKay is one of my favorite authors about importance of keeping a good attitude and he shared a story that hits home with job seekers that I wanted to pass along. The story starts out with two hikers that were camped out overnight in the mountains. A thunderous voice roused them from their sleep. The

???? I Have A Herniated Disc In My Back

This is the first time I've ever blogged from bed.

Yes, you can have a life outside the lab

Early-career researchers share their strategies for balancing work and life

Ten years of career lessons

Ph.D. holders reflect on how their careers have developed at NIH’s 10th annual career symposium

Be aware of the five most common interview areas

Recently, I was listening to a group of candidates talk about interviewing and how overwhelming the whole experience was of sending out resumes, applying for positions and then being called in for an interview. Amid the nervousness of being invited for an interview, questions about how to interview and prepare were foremost on their mind.

If grad students ran the world

Trainees may lack some polish, but advice that job seekers shouldn’t act like grad students and postdocs rubs our columnist the wrong way

Survey highlights the challenges disabled academics face—and what can be done to address them

Disabled academics face formidable challenges, but with more awareness, many could be addressed relatively easily

Multiple careers, one resume?

Changing jobs and industries throughout your career is likely, but writing a resume that covers all of them can be challenging. I received a question from a reader who was struggling with how to market her background with multiple careers and thought it might be helpful to share if you are facing the same concern.

???? Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Employment Personality Tests

You might think you can't fail personality tests, but recruiters can use them to fail you.

To answer the million-dollar job search question, you need all of the pieces

That requires developing skills in three important categories, our columnist explains

How to get the most out of attending conferences

These tips and tricks will help make your conference trips fruitful—and fun

Follow quick tips for making your first job successful

The interviews are over and what a great feeling knowing you have landed your first job! Making a lasting impact on your new boss and colleagues is now your focus because you only get one chance to make a great impression. First impressions are critical because it sets the tone for how people will perceive

The downs and ups of corporate research

Industrial job seekers need to understand today’s fractured, fluid corporate research landscape

How a sociologist is pushing to improve academia’s workplace climate

Jennifer Sheridan uses data to encourage department chairs to tackle workplace climate issues, which harm quality of life and diversity

Battling depression during your job search

In today’s job market, it’s not surprising to have your job search last longer than anticipated regardless of your age or experience. Depression is one the topics that almost everyone encounters during a career transition but no one really talks about it. Yet it’s human nature to respond to loss with shades of grief and

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