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???? 9 Tips for a Surprisingly Helpful Hobbies & Interests Resume Section

Why you might include the one resume section that most people don't. This is a guest post by Martin Demiger. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines. Most people think that a hobbies and interests...Show More Summary

A networking playbook, part 2

Our columnist explains how to navigate the four stages of competence when developing your networking skills

Do I have to leave to launch?

Researchers are finding new ways to explore their entrepreneurial interests while continuing their academic work

Elsewhere in Science: Syrian scholars, management blunders, and more

Displaced Syrian academics … Australia’s science budget … Resettling research chimps … National Science Foundation management mistakes … The importance of infrastructure … Working Life

? Older Job Seeker? Stop Making These Mistakes Immediately

5 problems that older job seekers struggle with unnecessarily.

An internship is a smart career move

Accepting an internship can be a smart career move regardless if you are a freshman or a senior preparing for future graduation. What you want to do in life will be a point of discussion throughout your entire college experience and that’s why it is important to plan on how you will get the experience

Grassroots Future of Research group makes it official

The formerly volunteer-based organization has obtained funding and incorporated as an official nonprofit

Urging universities to act on safety

A new resource draws on foundational reports to provide safety recommendations

We need to do more for women in science

The scientific community must do a better job confronting the issues facing women in science, our author writes

Elsewhere in Science: Pirating papers, handling harassment, and more

Labor disputes in Spain … Job cuts in Australia … Sci-Hub … Sexual harassment in physical anthropology … Struggles for researchers in Mexico … Working Life

Networking doesn’t have to feel phony

Networking is one of my favorite topics to discuss when talking about career moves. The mere mention of the word will either divide a room or bring everyone together with the same sentiments. It’s a love-hate relationship that most people have when needing to network. Even if you enjoy meeting people and exchanging information, it

Elsewhere in Science: Measuring influence, intellectual property, and more

The impact of deadlines … Measuring researchers’ influence … U.S. budget … Correcting the literature … Nurturing academic innovation … Working Life

U.S. and U.K. universities announce binational postdoc program

The 3-year fellowship will be followed by a permanent academic appointment for those who meet the program’s academic standards

Following some steps can encourage women to launch their business ideas

I had one of the best conversations the other day with Christy Wright, an entrepreneur and women’s business coach who offered her insights into why people tend to settle for careers that aren’t necessarily exciting for them. We talked about how women often see themselves as being stuck in a work routine that keeps them

???? 25+ Experts Tell How to Use Pinterest for Job Search

How to leverage the hottest social network for your job search. Although it was founded in 2008, it was really in 2010-11 that Pinterest took off and became a favorite social network of tens of millions of people, especially in the US. Once...Show More Summary

Sins of the principal investigator

Our columnist discusses the tricky situation that students face when their advisers do wrong

University of Hawaii lab explosion caused by inappropriate gauge

Fire department report to be followed by reports from two additional groups investigating underlying causes

A tale of two explosions

A report on a March lab explosion at Texas Tech University illustrates the lab safety progress the institution has made since a 2010 catastrophe

Elsewhere in Science: Open access, work-life conflict, and more

Shifting public health funding … the Netherlands's open access push … Funding … Work-life conflict … Working Life

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