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The Google Commute

So, you may have seen on Friday the news that Google has continued its plans to enter the property market, allowing UK users to search for property on Google maps. We are able to drill down on the overlay icon and search by property type, number of bedrooms etc. Show More Summary


As children, we constantly asked the rather inquisitive question to our parents; 'but why mummy?' We wanted to understand why things, situations or people were the way they were. It was a natural fundamental need to help us understand the ways of the world. Show More Summary

Is this the future of mobile?

hilarious piece from The Onion ("America's finest news source") - and clearly demonstrates a recruitment use too (wonder if Monster paid for inclusion in this? ;) New Google Phone Service Whispers Targeted Ads Directly Into Users' E...

The Flat Fee Debate - follow up, live example & reposing of the question

After the debate the “flat fee” question caused last week (and thanks to all the people from across the spectrum who came and input) I just wanted to add a follow up post from some experiences of this week pertinent to that. We’ve built/are hosting an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for a client. Show More Summary

Value of a BSI Kite mark for UK Online Recruitment?

[by Derek Pilcher - Managing Director -TheLadders] As an organisation we've been involved in the early stage talks with the BSI around the introduction of a kite mark for the UK Job Board industry. It appears that they have reached out to the Govt Dept (BIS) for funding to support this process. Show More Summary

Flat Fee recruitment – a direct question to main player job boards

I’m intrigued about something (as first posted about on this blog: "Are job boards ruining what could have been a beautiful thing")– so want to ask a direct and genuine question to any senior job board types out there on twitter or stumbling across this 'ere blog. Show More Summary

A better, more grown up future for online advertising? I think / hope so

The web is a wonderful wonderful place. But, as we all know, good god it’s crowded and cluttered. Which is where strong brands come in. I’ve long berated the obsession with blatant short termism from any sector – but not least from web publishers who have a knack for panicking about all the cheap knock-off's taking traffic away from them. Show More Summary

Are Job Boards ruining what could have been a beatiful thing?

Jamie Leonard recently wrote a great post on "Recruitment Relationships: It's not me, it's you" where he took a tongue in cheek look at the various advertising / engagement channels open to recruiters. The bit that really jumped outShow More Summary

Buntika Social Media Policy

So, you've realised that your employees are among the best resources to manage your online reputation but also potentially can damage your brand reputation if not guided correctly. What to do? Worry not, by answering twelve simple questions...Show More Summary

LinkedIn discussion - "Measuring Job Boards traffic - which one do you believe?"

Tony Harding started a discission on the Recruitment Futurology group on LinkedIn He asked "Having worked as a media professional for 20 years it amazes me that their are so many different ways in which recruitment job boards measure their own traffic and as such it means that the only way you can really judge is by actual applications. Show More Summary

The truth is, nobody knows anything.

By Chris Muktar (Founder - Let me start by saying I'm a guest writer, so please be nice! One of the things I have noticed lately is how the recruitment industry has changed not recently but over centuries. In biblicalShow More Summary

What do you think Social Media is about?

I was recently asked by a journalist/publisher for my input (along with probably everyone else on this blog and 5 of our regular readers - the 6th reader being my mum, and in the nicest possible way they're right not to ask her) about "social media, fad or future?". Show More Summary

The iPad - a Friday kinda look

You may have noticed a little buzz this week just past about a certain Apple release. What? You missed it? Well don't worry - I'm sure it'll be beamed to the space station you must be on someday soon. There's been plenty written about...Show More Summary

Crowdsourcing Apathy

Ah, election year....the prospect of shiny new change or focusing your current leaders to deliver on past promises they have exciting! or used to be, but not so much this year. I don't think I can ever recall being this apathethic about a general election. Show More Summary

RECaid Free Training - 18th February 2010

Support for job-seekers in recruitment advertising. For those people in recruitment marketing who aren’t working at the moment but who are keen to keep their skills up-to-date, help is at hand. RECaid, the recruitment advertising charity, is organising a series of free training and development sessions designed to support job-seekers in our industry. Show More Summary

The Mobile Age Cometh

So, I'm thinking of getting an i-phone..they're pretty cool and being able to access the web wherever I want, whenever I want, is a big attraction, especially since my laptop packed up. Also, being free from the red light of my work blackberry, which doubles as my personal mobile phone will surely be healthy. Show More Summary

Tuesday 9th of February, we're holding the first annual inter-agency pub quiz to support RECaid at the Hoop & Grapes on Farringdon Road

On Tuesday 9th of February, we're holding the first annual inter-agency pub quiz to support RECaid at the Hoop & Grapes on Farringdon Road. Full details will be distributed shortly, but this is to please ask you to sound out people in your agency about getting team together and ask you to publicise the quiz. Show More Summary

Delicious Ambiguity

'...some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity.' Gilda Radner...Show More Summary

Bring on 2010

I think 2009 can go down as a very strange year, at times it has been very upsetting to see so many people loosing their jobs. But at the same time I have seen people working together and the industry innovating to move through 2010 and to hopefully change for the better. Show More Summary

Digital Dinner Party - WebSquared

Every now and then you come across a site, a white paper, a new technology etc that makes you a bit excited and you wonder how you can use it or tailor it for your company and clients. I came across the site the other week, late in the evening and was on it for a good few hours until I had to go to sleep. Show More Summary

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