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14 interview questions you may face at Apple

Don’t expect your Apple interview to be a breeze. Yes, you’ll face the typical “Why Apple?” and “Tell us about a difficult work experience” line of questioning, according to interview reviews posted on Glassdoor. But the Cupertino company keeps candidates for product design, customer service and everything in between on their toes with brain teasers

Dorchester Cleaning Company has a Sweeping Social Mission

If you had to clean 5 large homes a day or 10-20 toilets a day, scrub 5 thousand square feet of floors, dust a facility, remove trash, and clean 14 elevators, at the end of the day, it feels like someone beat you up with a baseball bat. But all of us love cleaning and making our clients happy.

When women are missing from peer review

At one journal, most editors and reviewers are male, but numbers of female editors and reviewers are increasing

The tension between career risk and innovation

Career incentives stop many researchers from pursuing risky projects

Elsewhere in Science, 13 November 2015

Research risk and reward … European Scientific Advice Mechanism … Dance Your Ph.D. … Chinese-American scientists in the cross hairs … Working Life

Can You Guess What Word This Post Is About?

Otis Redding wrote about it. Aretha Franklin sang about it. Clients talk about it. Employers hope their employees have it. It’s a seven-letter word that starts with the 18th letter of the alphabet and ends with the 20th. It’s an...

Leaping into the unknown

For his Ph.D., Jeremy Borniger decided to follow his passion and switch fields from anthropology to neuroscience. This is how he made the transition, and what he learned in the process.

Elevator Awkwardness

Peter Post looks at how to relieve the awkwardness you and the other riders feel when in an enclosed space like an elevator.

Consider what motivates you when defining career success

Some are tempted to define their success by comparing levels of responsibility, while others look for the hottest trends in occupations. Instead of looking for external avenues of what others might use as a definition of success consider what motivates you as a starting point. A couple of weeks ago, a manager described what a

Announcing The 2016 Ultimate Twitter Job Search Guide

Everything you need to job search with Twitter in 2016, including the new Likes. The Ultimate Twitter Job Search Guide is a concise report that I created to teach you how to use Twitter to find jobs effectively. The new 2016 edition of the Guide is now available, and you can get it by simply clicking the image below

Comic convention's a celebration of quirky, vintage, sci-fi and more

This small comic book convention ? the next one is at the Shriner?s Auditorium in Wilmington on Dec. 5-6 ? is a pageantry of obscure sci-fi, vintage collectibles, and quirky celebrities.

Climbing crooked ladders

Career progression no longer follows a single vertical trajectory, our columnist explains

Choosing team over tenure

A faculty member in an unconventional “team-track” position describes why she loves it, despite the challenges

Elsewhere in Science, 6 November 2015

Canadian science … Industrial mathematics … Indian funding squeeze … Working Life

Dealing with Colds and the Flu at Work

Peter Post explains ways people at work can minimize the chance to catch a cold or the flu while at work.

Somebody Said It Was Bad to Talk About Myself

Sometimes, clients share with me that they are “uncomfortable” talking about themselves and their brand. When career transition arrives (voluntarily or involuntarily) how, then, does one compete in such an intensely competitive job market? After all, don’t hiring managers expect...

Improving student advising

When he was a graduate student at MIT, Carl Brozek used comments from students and administrators to create a list of best practices for the adviser-advisee relationship, and learned valuable skills during the process.

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