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Diversity, funding, and grassroots organizing

A grassroots effort to establish a fellowship supporting trainees from underrepresented backgrounds yields gratifying results

Young European researchers set groundwork for policy changes

The Bratislava Declaration of Young Researchers presents the challenges that early-career scientists face and policy proposals for addressing them

Diving into a new place

As the academic year begins, this collection of articles offers advice for researchers who are setting out somewhere new

The pros and cons of tooting your horn at work

If you have a work history, chances are high you have been around people who brag about themselves. The image and perception is so strong that it can impact you from acknowledging your accomplishments when you need to. Think about what you have done recently that has helped your employer reduce costs or streamline processes

???? Depressed On Your Job Search? Take This Quick Test

Use this simple self-test to find out if your job search is keeping you down more than it should.

Alternatives to professorships in academia

Love academia but not-so-sure about becoming a professor? Fret not, there are plenty of job opportunities other than professorships in higher education.

Talent Launches New Service Model with Website

DENVER, COLORADO (PRWEB) AUGUST 23, 2016 Talent Engine, the brainchild of Dave Mendoza, is the latest entrant into the world of outsourced sourcing intelligence. is helping drive the game changing, Sourcing OnDemand Model it designed at SAP. Show More Summary

Does your workload manage your career?

Many professionals are feeling the crunch of having their workload double as employers are looking for ways to streamline costs. That’s understandable to most, but keeping up a heavy workload can derail your career progress. Recently, a job candidate was talking with me about the ups and downs of working in a corporate setting and

It’s time for a summer break

We’re taking next week off, but here’s some suggested reading to wrap up the summer

The sporting life

Three sports science researchers share their experiences working with elite athletes

Science: The Gathering

A new game modeled on scientific career advancement offers food for thought, our columnist writes

Wake-up your job search with these techniques

Summer is winding down as most job candidates are restarting their job search efforts. If you have ever conducted a job search in the summer you probably have felt the temptation to wait until vacations are over and people are back to work. The “waiting until” strategy creates a lethargic state of mind that sends

???? How Older Job Seekers Beat These Common Stereotypes

While almost every stereotype out there is true for some people, that person doesn’t have to be you.

Maximizing your informational interview investment

Asking the right questions will set you on the right track for this crucial networking activity

NIH sets new postdoc stipend levels

New rule governing overtime in the United States pushes up postdoc pay

Honoring excellent lab safety performance

Acknowledging and rewarding safe research practices can make a difference

To support female academics, data and accountability are needed

Institutions must implement integrated approaches to address the barriers facing women in biomedicine

Know the benefits of attending a job fair

Time management plays an important role in your job search and is one of the success factors that distinguish those who land a job early and those lingering in the efforts. One of the questions often asked about attending a job fair is the time it takes to participate without a guarantee that you will

???? Would You Believe Real People Are Actually Finding Jobs Playing Pokémon Go?

How the world's hottest mobile game is inspiring people to mix business with pleasure.

Déjà vu all over again

Investigation into yet another lab disaster reveals the same basic cause as numerous others

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