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Do your homework

Customizing faculty applications for different departments is well worth the effort, our contributor explains

???? 15 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Find A Dream Job

Most people work because they have to. What if you could work because you loved to?

Growing Greenland’s archaeologists

Graduate student Michael Nielsen is one of a handful of students eager to study the archaeology of their homeland.

A transition from postdoc to industry

Neuroscientist Ana Mingorance’s experience highlights some pointers for successfully making the move to industry

Scientists ride the podcasting wave

Podcasting can offer personal and professional benefits for researchers who want to dive in

Know why you need to develop self-awareness

Out of all the traits most likely to help you succeed in your career, self-awareness ranks high on the list among leaders. Developing self-insight not only helps you become a better employee, it helps boost your career toward a management role. Self-awareness is one of the foundation blocks to developing emotional intelligence into why you

Foreign-born scientists find a home in China

New measures implemented by the Central Government—increased funding and easing of green card restrictions, among others—are aimed at attracting more non-native researchers to China.

Finding your way to satisfying work

A recently published book offers guidance for scientists’ career planning

Choosing a residency as an M.D.-Ph.D.

Aspiring physician-scientists have unique considerations and challenges when choosing a residency training program, as our contributor explains

Making money, with an eye to the sky

Yajaira Sierra-Sastre has spent her career reinventing herself to seize opportunities as they arise and inspire others

???? 160+ Creative & Beautiful Personal Logo Ideas for Your Resume

An eye-catching personal logo, monogram or wordmark adds a professional touch and makes your resume stand out.

Shape up your resume to open more doors of opportunity

Writing your resume is an important step in your job search, but it goes much deeper than just a marketing tool. It’s a great exercise that helps you identify your most notable accomplishments. Yet the need to hurry up and write one for the sake of job applications unfortunately becomes what a resume is all about.

Top firms bring out creativity, growth in their scientists

This year’s Top Employers cite cutting-edge research, professional development opportunities, and proper work-life balance as the reasons for making the list.

Full STEAM ahead

Our columnist explores the relationship between art and science

Promoting alternative careers: An adviser's responsibility

Lynn Kamerlin makes a point of supporting her trainees' career aspirations, whatever they may be

Know how to ace an executive interview

Employers make decisions about candidates using a variety of filters; some of those are obvious like failing to answer a question or overwhelming the interviewer with too much information. As for the executive candidate, they are more likely to be screened on presence than an impressive background. To ace an executive interview, it helps to

???? The Best Free Job Interview Tool You’re Not Even Using

Have a proven track of success? Wow recruiters by bringing the proof to job interviews.

University of Hawaii fined for safety violations in lab explosion

The $69,300 fine was reduced from an initial $115,500 after a settlement reflecting the institution’s efforts to address the problems and improve its safety culture

Being the enabler

A career in research development can offer a way for scientists to stay connected to research while also leveraging their soft skills

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