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A year-end bait and switch

There was already uncertainty about the planned December implementation of the new overtime rule that would affect many postdocs’ salaries, and a November injunction made the situation even more complicated

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

This collection of scientists’ resolutions for advancing their careers in the coming year offers some inspiration

Keep these job search habits in 2017

Habits can often be a double-edge sword: Some are great to keep and others can be your own worst enemy, preventing you from achieving your career dreams. The job search habits to keep in 2017 should be ones that are the most productive. Job searching is built upon layers of techniques combined with your personal

Harvard grad student unionization up in the air

With more than 300 ballots from the November vote still contested, the outcome remains to be seen—and scientists are among the most vocal opponents

???? 35 Resume Filenames Recruiters Won’t Respond To

If your resume's filename doesn't make sense to a recruiter, they probably won't read it.

Can you rescue a damaged reputation?

How administrative procedure and law failed a scientist accused of research misconduct

???? 9 Job Listings Guaranteed To Leave You Rejected

Poorly written job descriptions can hide a good job, but you're usually better off not trying to find out.

The most memorable job search

The end of the year is always a good time for reflection and you can learn from looking back and carrying the lessons forward to a new year. One of the most memorable job search stories happened to a job candidate who had been working for the same employer for years and lost her job

Choose appropiate gifts for job seekers

I received a question from a reader who has a relative in the midst of a job search and was wanting ideas on gifts that might be helpful to them. I thought she asked a good question and wanted to share the suggestions with you. Going through a job search this time of year can

???? The Top Job Search Articles of 2016

Over 60 job search experts' most popular job search articles from this past year.

South China: A rising power in science

Not only does Southern China want to be an export powerhouse—it also wants to be a stronghold for science. And with initiatives in space science, high energy physics, and genomics, it is geared up to do so.

Activate your ‘it’ factor for job search success

The “it” factor is difficult to define, but figuring out how to harness it can help you ace your interviews

Postgraduate plans for the Ph.D. Class of 2015

NSF releases latest round of demographic and employment data about newly minted Ph.D.s

Hurry up and wait

Dear Career Rescue: I feel as though my job has taken forever, especially with the response I get when applying for jobs. I have great conversations over the phone with recruiters and employers but they never get back to me. What could I being doing wrong? CR: It sounds like you are experiencing the roller-coaster

Stay motivated at work during the holidays

With the holiday season going into full swing, it can be challenging to focus on work while balancing the extra demands on your time as you try to juggle the parties, school events, traveling and family gathering all within a short period of time. The holidays are meant for joy and not the frustration that

What’s So Great About Being an Accountant?

Accountants help manage businesses’ finances, protect the company from auditors, and assure everyone gets a paycheck. Working in the field of accounting and finance comes with lots of perks. One of which being the variety industries that require accounting jobs. The post What’s So Great About Being an Accountant? appeared first on Employment Blawg.

How to Become an Accountant or CPA

The main difference between an accountant and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the qualifications of a CPA that works in the accounting departments of businesses. Becoming a CPA requires advanced education, formal certification and a firm commitment to learning The post How to Become an Accountant or CPA appeared first on Employment Blawg.

Passing the CPA Exams

Passing the CPA is a grueling step toward a job in accounting or finance. But don’t worry, with the right study schedule and determination, you can get there! First, you must find the right review courses for you if you The post Passing the CPA Exams appeared first on Employment Blawg.

New medical research bill aims to help early-career scientists

The 21st Century Cures Act includes provisions to support earlier independence

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