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Shoe e-retailer exec aims for right customer fit

Shoebuy is a department store online, open 24 hours; product is always moving. I work with our brands to satisfy customers ? we want to be ?on trend? but also have the reliable go-to styles that have been around for years

Expanding Your Job Search Geographically

Elaine Varelas offers advice on what to do when you're willing to expand your geographic search to land a job.

Fortune’s best companies to work for in California

Google is still the best company to work for, according to Fortune. The Mountain View-based tech giant earned the top spot for the sixth year in a row on the business magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list. The report noted Google’s parental benefits, which include $500 in “Baby Bonding Bucks” and 12 weeks

Leeza Gibbons talks ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ at PBWC conference

No one thought Leeza Gibbons would win “Celebrity Apprentice.” “She’s too nice to succeed in business, she’s too nice to be here,” Gibbons heard during her time on the TV show. Of course, the Emmy Award-winning journalist would prove them wrong, winning the show’s 7th celebrity season. Gibbons discussed her time on “Celebrity Apprentice” during

America’s most powerful female CEOs

Men hold the reins at most of America’s big businesses. About 95 percent of the country’s largest public companies, by market cap, are led by men, according to a recent report by PassFail. The largest company with a female chief executive is Oracle, which has a $188.2 billion market cap. The company is led by Safra

To make $450,000 a year, or join a startup, that is the question

It’s a question we’ve all heard in the Bay Area: Should I make big bucks working for X company or join a startup? A two-year-old post on this topic is still sparking discussion on online question forum Quora. A user writes, “I’m 28 and making $450,000 a year at Google. I love my job and

How employers woo top candidates

When you are considering an offer, look beyond the compensation and vacation to the perks employers are using in a competitive job market aimed at wooing top talent.  Employers are now faced with four generations at work with each one being attracted to different perks. In order to meet the needs of a diverse workforce, […]

25 highest paying jobs in demand

Are you motivated by money? Look for your job on Glassdoor’s recent list of 25 highest paying jobs in demand. Physician is the No. 1 position on the list, with an average base salary of $212,270 and 7,984 job openings on Glassdoor. Pharmacy manager and software architect round out the top three. Software engineer has the

Career options for recent nursing grad

Pattie consults Laurie Halloran, President and CEO of Halloran Consulting Group, on the best career path for a recent nursing grad.

Build an effective network

People often confuse networking as a one-time activity that starts when you need something and ends when the goal is reached.  Granted, that’s the stereotypical form of networking that might last for a brief moment but leaves no room for a long-term relationship built on exchanging support. When networking is viewed as sudden spurts of […]

10 worst workplace deeds

Everyone makes mistakes at the office. Not everyone drives an excavator into a portable toilet — when there’s a person inside. When workplace health and safety law consultancy asked British workers about the worst things they’ve done at work, they heard tales of destruction, theft and physical distress. One worker accidentally sent an inappropriate

25 highest rated companies for internships

The three best companies for internships are located in the Bay Area, according to a recent report from Glassdoor. Facebook took the top spot on the list of “25 Highest Rated Companies for Internships” for the second year in a row. The list is based on feedback from interns. Facebook received an overall company rating

Great office meetings are built on a series of conversations

Getting everyone to agree on one conclusion can be a daunting task. But when it comes to meetings most everyone readily agrees that meetings can take productive time away from work. Meetings tend to get a bad rap and rightly so if the same topic is discussed with no resolution in sight. An operations manager once […]

Oops! These odd items were left out in the open at offices

The support staff keeps your office running. In doing so, they sometimes come across information and objects that are best kept confidential. Fifty-three percent of respondents said they have overheard confidential conversations at work, according to a recent report from CareerBuilder, while 11 percent have come across information  that could get a person fired. Support

Dave Ramsey offers tips on financially surviving a job loss

If you have about three to six months of money set aside for emergencies, then losing your job would be uncomfortable, but not as traumatic as being in debt and living paycheck to paycheck. Trying to predict the marketplace and how long your job will last is beyond your control; however, what you can forecast […]

How not to die (on stage)

When learning a new skill, says Paul Hellman, get comfortable with uncomfortable.

Don?t Whine About The Wine

Peter Post tackles the questions of who orders wine and why at a business meal as well as what wine to order with which food and the importance of tipping on the wine.

When Office Gossip Gets Personal

Elaine Varelas consults with Kathleen Greer, Chairman of KGA, on what to do when office gossip gets personal.

Which iPhone Apps Do Job Seekers Need?

100+ apps for job search success with your iPhone. This awesome list is brought to you by Surc, a hard case that snugly turns your iPhone into a handy universal learning remote that can control almost any infrared device or appliance. Show More Summary

'Spritzing' on digital devices helps readers stay up-to-date

Spritz is a tool that focuses you and makes it difficult to look away from the words in a text.

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