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The job gap explanation

A job gap can happen to anyone who has been employed, and at some point in your career it’s most likely going to happen to you. When it does, you need to know how to handle an explanation with confidence. Most candidates are uncomfortable when trying to defend a gap of time in their employment

Building a translational medicine powerhouse in China

Translational medicine has received a shot in the arm thanks to recent efforts from China’s central and regional governments. These efforts present many opportunities for researchers to build a career in biomedicine.

Blazing paths in genetic counseling

Four researchers’ distinct paths led them to find varied applications for their training

???? 33 Unique Items Sent To Recruiters by Job Seekers

Have a recruiter you want to impress or thank? Here's some inspiration.

Learn how to make labs safer

A free webinar later this month will introduce participants to a useful new report and discuss how to keep labs safe

How to impress an interviewer with non-verbal language

Non-verbal language can send volumes of information about you in a matter of seconds and without being aware of it you could be sending red flags before a single word is ever spoken. Research findings support that over two-thirds of the way you communicate is through non-verbal language combined with the tone of your voice

???? 20 Creative Job Names Explained So You Don’t Miss Out

It would be a shame to skip a great opportunity because someone in HR was trying too hard.

When your employer is evil

It can be uncomfortable to work for a company or institution with a bad reputation, but is it the wrong choice?

Genetic counseling: A growing area of opportunity

Genetic counseling is a small but growing profession that offers many career possibilities for scientists who want to help patients

Elsewhere in Science: Funding, online research subjects, and more

NIH budget … Psychologists depend on online subjects … Funding African-American researchers … Active learning helps retention … Working Life

???? 33 Funny Cover Letters and Job Applications That are Actually Real

These need to be seen to be believed. Photo Credit:  Sonny Abesamis MOST of these are real. See if you can spot the few joke ones, and mention your picks in the comments. 1) “Attached is a copy of my CV and his death certificate”   2)...Show More Summary

Three camps of job seekers: Which one are you?

Last week a job candidate described the most difficult aspect of her search was getting it started. The thoughts of making calls and sending out resumes kept her from putting her search in motion even though she was aware that a job would not fall in her lap without effort. Lots of people share similar

The fool’s gold of Ph.D. employment data

Focusing on whether recent Ph.D. recipients are employed misses the larger point, our guest columnist argues

Managing up: An industry skill you can learn in academia

Our columnist explains how “managing” your boss helps everyone involved

Interpreting nonacademic job ads

A useful article in Inside Higher Ed provides tips for understanding job ads and communicating your skills

Elsewhere in Science: Open access, Dance Your Ph.D., and more

Open access in Europe … Funding in France and the United States … Dance Your Ph.D. … Reproducibility and transparency … Summer reading … Working Life

New overtime rule applies to postdocs regardless of teaching duties

U.S. Department of Labor clarifies that science postdocs are not covered by the rule's teaching exemption

The undeniable power of charisma

A couple of weeks ago, a job candidate was describing to me how many interviews he was receiving compared to other candidates with similar backgrounds. In fact, he had a total of six interviews whereas others with the same credentials, education and experience were struggling to get just one. Why is that? What did this

Plan for weak ties in your job search

Most people would completely understand if you told them you found your new employer through a close friend. That’s how the majority of job candidates land good opportunities from who they know – right? Maybe. At least starting with who you know is a good first step however job leads can come from different sources

Serving families with science and empathy

Genetic counseling can offer rewarding career opportunities at the interface of genetics, medicine, psychology, education, and counseling

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