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Learn how to build connections throughout networking activities

Everyone has heard about the power of connections and how important they are to your career. The more connections you have the more likely you are to land a great job. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking, yet the majority of people tend to spend their […]

Taking the road less traveled

Pursuing controversial or unconventional Pursuing controversial or unconventional Pursuing controversial or unconventional research ideas can carry serious professional and personal risks.

How to Improve Millenial Retention

Elaine Varelas offers advice on how to retain your Millenial employees.

Tips for handling a workplace romance

Jamilah was enjoying morning coffee at her cubicle when what did she see? Two co-workers K.I.S.S.I.N.G. “John and Kim? Who knew they were together?”Jamilah said to herself. “And when did Cupid start shooting arrows here of all places?” Suddenly it all made sense. John’s frequent, yet brief visits to Kim’s cubicle. Kim’s giddy and happy-go-lucky demeanor.

From 'sneaker-net' to high-tech hand-offs between healthcare facilities

The whole process ? often called ?care transitions? ? is inefficient and fraught with possibilities for errors, said Eric Chetwynd, director of product strategy at Newton-based Curaspan,

Harnessing computer power to understand biology

An ability to combine computation and experimentation recently won systems biologist Sarah Teichmann an EMBO Gold Medal.

HIV researcher found guilty of research misconduct sentenced to prison

Dong Pyou Han, who already resigned from his academic position and was sanctioned by the Office of Research Integrity, was sentenced to 57 months and fined $7.2 million.

Biodiversity researcher becomes first female president of Mauritius

After 25 years studying the plants of her native island, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim unexpectedly became its president.

Employees say cheers to drinking while working, study shows

Nearly one-third of workers have been drunk or under the influence of drugs while at work, a survey shows. Health and Safety consulting firm, surveyed over 2,600 workers in office, factory, retail and public sector agencies to learn employees are saying cheers to drinking while working. Eighty-five percent of respondents admitted to being drunk

Cold emails and hot coffee, part 3

Once you’ve made new connections, it’s time to contact them in person and set up an informational interview.

Should I take a sales job?

There are many reasons why a sales opportunity seems enticing to job candidates such as the opportunity to make more money and the adrenaline rush of closing a deal, but many times a job in sales leads to a revolving door from one employer to the next. To help you avoid the churn of employers, […]

Business Etiquette: Top Five Manners

Peter Post lists the five most important manners in business etiquette beginning with the one manner he would offer if he could only offer one: be on time.

The new frontier of app-assisted reproduction for hopeful parents-to-be

The idea that the smartphone is a third party in the bedroom might seem a little meddlesome, but it?s actually just helping nature do its job better, said Alex Baron, founder and chief technical officer at Ovuline, the Boston-based maker of fertility and pregnancy apps.

A hidden start

Startup jobs require brilliance and versatility, and they’re often hard to see.

Swamped! How to Get Out of the Weeds and Shine After the Boss Quits

A transition in authority can be difficult on employees, but creates tremendous opportunity too. Elaine Varelas shares some tips on what to do if your boss quits and how to make it a growth opportunity for you.

Choosing your postdoc position

Of all the decisions that academics must make during their careers, choosing a successful postdoc position is probably one of the most important.

Glassdoor names highest-rated female CEOs of 2015

When Glassdoor named the 50 highest-rated CEOs of 2015 in early June, we noticed something lacking from the list: women. Google CEO Larry Page topped the list, with an approval rating of 97 percent out of 100. Other Bay Area execs like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Tim Cook of Apple and Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn

Leaving science for science writing

At The Open Notebook, Julia Rosen describes her transition via a lovely metaphor.

A look at some pros and cons of a 4-day work week

One day can make a difference. Companies are looking to shave a day off the work week in exchange for happier and more productive employees. The concept of the “compressed work week,” aka a four-day or 32-hour week, is slowly gaining traction in the United States. The practice is tried and true in countries like the

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