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8 Ways To Design a High-Trust Culture

T RUST BEGETS TRUST. Paul Zak, the author of The Trust Factor, has shown that “when someone is tangibly trusted by a stranger, the brain synthesizes the signaling chemical oxytocin” and “the more trust one is shown, the more the brain...Show More Summary

4th and Goal Every Day

O VER THE LAST DECADE, University of Alabama’s Nick Saban—one of college football’s winningest coaches— has produced four national championships. What makes them so successful? The secret is that it is fourth and goal every day. Phil...Show More Summary

What Are Good People?

W HAT DO WE MEAN when we say someone is good? Good is often confused with competency. But it is really a character issue. You can be good at your job but doing good is a character issue. Doing good is not just no being bad but intentionally...Show More Summary

One Essential Trait for Positive Leadership: Receptivity

The Reason Great Leaders Are Open to Feedback. When you think about how you receive feedback, what comes to mind? Initially, you probably feel defensive. Your brain immediately goes to the most painful part about it, the aspect that makes us feel uncomfortable and makes us want to avoid it all together. But that’s not how we grow, is it? Brain research shows […]

The Right Way to Fire the Wrong Person

5 Steps to Letting People Go Humanely. “Does it get easier the more people you fire?” someone once asked me. I’ve been in leadership for decades now, and there’s no escaping letting people go from time to time. But that doesn’t make it easier. “No,” I said, “it hasn’t. And I hope to God it never does.” But while frequency doesn’t translate […]

The Best Way to Deliver Bad News

An Expert’s Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of Tough Conversations. If anything is certain in leadership—whether you’re leading a large company, a mid-sized team, or a family of four—it’s that bad things will happen. Ultimately, you will bear the responsibility of sharing the news. Show More Summary

When Conflict is Brewing

3 Ways to Have that Difficult Conversation. How do you feel when there’s a difficult conversation brewing at work that you won’t be able to duck? Unless you’re a sociopath, the answer is usually “not good.” Most of us know the ill effects of dreaded discussions. A brewing conflict will make you more distracted and irritable, which has knock-on physical effects, which […]

Anatomy of a Tough Talk

Our success as leaders often comes down to one thing. Not our planning. Not the market. But, instead, the conversations we lead. When stakes are high (and emotions even higher) you need a solid game-plan. In this episode, we break down a three-phase strategy for winning with your next crucial conversation.

The Leadership Triangle

A RE LEADERS BORN or are they made? The underlying assumption here, of course, is that an individual is either a leader or not, whether by genetics or education. Period. The elite of higher education would have us believe that leadership...Show More Summary

The Making of Theodore Roosevelt

T HEODORE ROOSEVELT was not a born leader. He certainly wasn’t destined to lead the charge up San Juan Hill or become the President of the United States. But he became the man that did. How Roosevelt became the leader we remember is a remarkable story. Show More Summary

Let’s Go Invent Tomorrow

L ET'S GO INVENT TOMORROW is a collection of 365 quotes on business and life from Richard Branson, Sergey Brin, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Carlos Slim, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Zuckerberg. Some are inspiring, and most are thought-provoking. Show More Summary

Hobbies of Highly Effective People

How Five Different CEOs Get the Rest and Relaxation They Need. Let’s play a word-association game: Toss out the first several words or phrases that come to mind when you hear the name “Bill Gates.” Don’t overthink it. Just say them out loud or write them down. Ready? From an informal survey I conducted, some of the terms you might have come up with include: a) […]

3 Lessons from a Monthlong Sabbatical

How Real Time away Can Recharge Your Spirit and up Your Game. I began my career as a proud workaholic. I measured my contribution by the hours I clocked and the coffee I consumed. So the MH&Co. culture came as a bit of a shock. It was the best kind of shock, though. With a core value of radical margin and an unlimited PTO policy, our leaders […]

Winston Churchill’s Secret Productivity Weapon

How a Midday Nap Can Boost Your Performance all Day Long. One of the more unlikely museums in London is located in the basement of the Treasury, between 10 Downing Street and the Palace of Westminster: the Churchill War Rooms, the underground complex from which Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his ministers and generals fought World War II. Show More Summary

The Hidden Stressors that Keep You Working

3 Steps to Finally Make Your Home a Haven Again. If you are like many Americans, you spend more time working than ever. You’re also more likely to work weekends than in years past. We can blame decades-long efforts by companies to boost productivity (ending a century of declines in work hours) and the evolution of work-at-home arrangements for some of the extra hours. But […]

How to Beat the Burnout Culture

In today’s job world, burnout is a constant threat. Email and smartphones keep us constantly connected. Worse still, we lionize leaders who never rest. Famous CEOs tout 80-hour workweeks and we wear busyness like a badge of honor. Join us to discover the causes of our overwork obsession—and its cure.

4 Ways to Get Better at Deferred Gratification

Mindset Shifts for Playing the Long Game. I work with a lot of young people getting started in their careers. Those who chase the highest possible starting salary, most prestigious title, or sexiest-sounding company do worse than those who ignore all of that and focus on value creation, no matter how humble. You are your best investment. There is no IRA, real […]

Why Hopeful Realism Beats Mandatory Optimism

The Downside of Positivity and What It Means for Your Business. One unavoidable piece of advice today is be positive. We’re supposed to filter out supposed negativity in meetings, reports, and general conversation because we think positivity produces the results we want. Show More Summary

How to Say No When it Counts

3 Strategies for Setting Healthy Personal Boundaries. Sometimes you just have to say no. That isn’t always easy. But there are strategies that can help say no when you need to—and save your time, energy, and sanity in the process. Motivational speaker Byron V. Garrett, my former boss at National PTA, often says that you only have twelve hours a day to […]

Better Things Come to Those Who Wait

We live in an instant culture. But if we limit ourselves to fast and easy, we miss out on any wins that require patience or persistence. Honestly, most big wins fall into that second category. In this episode, we’ll share three practices to heighten your frustration tolerance and boost your stamina for long-term success.

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