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How to Make Sure Your Company Has Enough Cash All Year

Cash is king for any business, but for a startup you are lucky if you have a year's worth of cash on hand before you burn through it. You need to build a cash flow forecast that forces you to make the most of your limited resources. Here's how to do that.

As Price Plummets to Historic Low, Marijuana Entrepreneurs Need to 'Pivot, or Die'

In state-regulated markets, marijuana is getting cheaper thanks to the economic forces of supply and demand.

What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From 'The Founder'

New film about the McDonald's origin story serves as a cautionary business tale.

4 Companies And How They Successfully Pivoted

Needs change, customers change, and as a result, companies must change. Here are four that mastered the delicate art of the pivot.

I Spoke to an Expert. He Said This Is What's Holding Millennials Back

There are many challenges Millennials face in the workforce. Overcoming this one hurdle will help you be successful.

Voter Data Shows Trump Is Just as Popular as Marijuana in Republican States

Voter data shows similar number of people voted to elect Donald Trump as did people who voted to pass marijuana ballot measures in Republican states.

How To Guarantee An Insanely Successful Business Lunch.

How To Guarantee An Insanely Successful Business Lunch by Chris Dessi

Studies Show Social Media is Ruining Lives and Careers. Here's How To Protect Yourself.

Social media can ruin your personal and professional life. Here are the ways to avoid failing as many others have.

Why California Represents the Future of US Growth Potential

California's real economic performance over the last two years shows what is possible in modern America.

3 Lessons I Learned from Alan Mulally About Being a Better Parent

Apply these leadership lessons from former Ford Motors CEO Alan Mulally at home to be a better parent, and to teach your kids about the importance of love, service and being nice.

You Can Teach Yourself to Be More Positive--Here's How

Learning to deal with stress in healthy ways is key to success. Use these develop your mental resiliency.

My Employee Takes All His Sick Time (And, I Hate It)

Boss doesn't like that employee is maxing his sick time to work on his side hustle.

The #1 Rule of Delightfully Bad Marketing

Some marketers tragically believe that using happy words can make customers happy.

Mastering the Art of a Business Meal

A working knowledge of etiquette is critical for success in the professional world. Nowhere are manners more evident than during a business meal.

5 Brutally Honest Translations of "Let Me Think About It" (and How to Press Forward)

"Let me think about it" can buy time, but it serves other functions you need to know, too.

This Simple Equation Will Tell You if It's Worth Your Time to Network With Someone

Networking events are worth it when you understand why. Use this simple mental model called the Lead Equation to be an effective networker.

How to Build a Culture of Accountability

Accountability is easy to talk about, but hard to act upon. Here two simple steps you can take with your team.

The Common Pricing Mistake Your Company Can't Afford (And How to Keep Your Startup from Making It)

Turn to these strategies to avoid leaving money on the table, the "Lean Startup" expert Steve Blank advises.

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