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How to Take Responsibility after a Major Mistake

4 Steps to Get Your Life Back on Track. One key to leadership is being willing to take responsibility for your mistakes. Good leaders do this even when they’re guilty of only 10 percent of the problem or accusation. But the truth is we’ve all had cases where we’ve been guilty of the whole enchilada, right? I once had employee—this was years ago now—who […]

7 Texting Mistakes That Make You Look Really Unprofessional

There are a lot of blurred lines when it comes to how to best chat with your colleagues while being professional.

Treat Yourself Like an Addict to Get Out of Your Own Way in 2017

Every person has habits that keep them from the best version of themselves. These habits are blind-spots and subtle addictions.

8 Big Tech Battles That Will Be Fought In 2017

Here are 8 likely technology-related battles that will be fought in 2017 - in Washington, in courts, and in markets. Those who understand the issues and the opportunities that they create could stand to make a fortune.

The Hidden Reasons Workplace Relationships Can Explode

Have you found that some people at work make you cringe while others saying almost the same things are easy to get along with? Here's the missing piece of the interpersonal puzzle.

Amazon Fined $1 Million for Misleading Customers on Savings Claims

Price comparisons Amazon used to show savings were often out-of-date and incorrect.

How to Use Steve Jobs's Insanely Simple Strategy for Getting What You Want

Steve Jobs has simple but powerful advice for overcoming your fear of rejection and getting what you really want.

The 1 Simple Thing That's Ruining Your Small Talk

Stop committing this one common mistake during small talk, and your friendly conversations will actually have some value.

4 White Hat SEO Techniques to Implement in 2017

Search engine algorithms continue to grow smarter. How will you stay ahead of the curve?

3 Ways to Win at Mobile Right Now

Build creative and compelling mobile apps with a focus on inspiration.

How Steve Blank Lost $35 Million (Then Bounced Back)

The serial entrepreneur remembers calling his mother to tell her that his seventh startup failed. Here's what she told him.

3 Tricks for Beating the Imposter Syndrome

The imposter syndrome is real, but it doesn't have to paralyze you.

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