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6 Characteristics of Type R People

W E SEE THE EFFCETS of turbulent change all around us on individuals and organizations. Some people seem to be able to rise to the occasion while others fold in the face of it. Most of us don’t have a choice but to meet what the world...Show More Summary

8 Principles for Building a High-Performance Culture

W HEN IT COMES to recruiting, motivating, and creating great teams, Patty McCord says most companies have it all wrong. Powerful is a book of advice gained from her experience at Netflix. When McCord began her career in Human Resources...Show More Summary

How to Avoid the 5 Career Derailers

W HY DO SOME careers stall while others flourish? The careers of one-half to two-thirds of managers and leaders will derail. “At some point, over half of us will get fired or demoted—or our careers will flat-line, and we won’t reachShow More Summary

You Unplugged: Prepare to be Spontaneous

M OST OF THE SPEAKING we do is impromptu. And for most of us it’s spontaneous. We’re winging it. After all it’s impromptu. But, as we’ve all experienced, that doesn’t always go well. Judith Humphrey writes in Impromptu: Leading in the...Show More Summary

5 Reasons Resolutions Fail

Why They Don’t Work and What You Should Do Instead. Millions of Americans admit to making New Year’s resolutions. Most of us can stick it out a few weeks, but fewer than half are still going after six months. Less than 10 percent are ultimately successful. In this episode, we’re going to explore five reasons resolutions commonly fail—and what you can do to finally gain […]

Your Best Year Ever, Without the Resolutions

My New Book Can Set You up for Success in 2018. If you are late to the game in making your New Year’s resolutions, I have an idea for you: Don’t do it. New Year’s resolutions may be as old as the Babylonian empire, but that doesn’t mean they are very effective. Millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions every year, but research says most of […]

The Secret Power of Wasting Time

One New Year's Resolution That Probably Saved My Life. Studies show that most New Year’s resolutions flop a month or less after we make them. Gyms all over the country are banking on it. They have far less capacity than the year-round passes they sell to strivers who begin the year intent on changing their shape, but who give up after a few weeks […]

From Babylon to Self-Betterment

A Quick History of the New Year’s Resolution. Are you making a New Year’s resolution this year? It’s quite likely you are, as surveys conducted in recent years show that something like 40 percent of Americans make one annually. And what...Show More Summary

10 Rules to Read More Books This Year

How to Make Reading Central to Your Personal Growth in the Coming Year. One New Year’s resolution I frequently hear from people is that they want to read more books. Makes sense if you consider reading a key component of personal growth and development. Show More Summary

First Look: Leadership Books for January 2018

Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in January. Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility by Patty McCord The Right—and Wrong—Stuff: How Brilliant Careers Are Made and Unmade by Carter Cast The...Show More Summary

LeadershipNow 140: December 2017 Compilation

Here are a selection of tweets from December 2017 that you might have missed: How to lead a group of experts, or, how to be a president of presidents by @profkjmoore 10 Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter via @Inc Learn from LincolnShow More Summary

The Future Happens in the #NOW

N OW is where the future happens. In this moment we will take action that will affect our future or we will not. All we have is now. In #NOW, Max McKeown asks us the think about our now. He says that “for most people, most of the time,...Show More Summary

The Best Leadership Books of 2017

Humility Is the New Smart: Rethinking Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age by Edward D. Hess and Katherine Ludwig Smart technologies will become ubiquitous, invading and changing many aspects of our professional and personal lives and in many ways challenging our fundamental beliefs about success, opportunity, and the American Dream. Show More Summary

Moving Your Agenda

M OVING YOUR AGENDA is not always easy. Yet, as a leader, you are remembered because you were able to move an agenda. Samuel Bacharach writes in The Agenda Mover, that leadership is “about your capacity to take your ideas and work them through the maze of resistance, overcome challenges, and put those ideas in place. Show More Summary

Lead Your Tribe, Love Your Work

A RE YOU in a prison of your own making? Piyush Patel, the founder of Digital-Tutors, found himself in just that place after his company began to grow and the sixteen-hour days that were once energizing became draining. Stuck in theShow More Summary

Five Happiness Traps

T HE IDEA of work is not always well received. And those that do work often don’t expect much out of it. They may see it as a necessity that they are not supposed to like. They should just be grateful they have one. Expecting work to...Show More Summary

How Generosity Can Supercharge Your Marriage

Research Shows Free, Abundant Giving Is the Secret to Marital Bliss. When Roger Hodgson crooned to his anonymous paramour back in 1977, “Give a little bit of your love to me,” so he might “give a little bit of my life for you,” the Supertramp frontman presumably didn’t have academic research in mind. Show More Summary

The Real Economy of Gift-Giving

Don’t Let the Dismal Science Steal Christmas. Exchange and gift-giving have been a part of everyday human behavior since the dawn of mankind. So, it should be no surprise that these activities are also part of holiday celebrations—such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Eid Al-Adha. Show More Summary

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