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9 Things the Most Influential and Persuasive People Do, Backed by Science

Some people are naturally convincing. The rest of us have to learn to be more persuasive. Here's how.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Creating the Best Internship Program

You could use some extra help to build your business. So consider how to make internships work best for your company--and for your interns, too.

These 5 Daily Priorities Will Keep Your Goals On-Track

If we don't have a system in place, the needed corrections will be too big, and we'll never get where we intended to go.

First Look: Leadership Books for May 2016

Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in May. Learning Leadership: The Five Fundamentals of Becoming an Exemplary Leader by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner Fix It: Getting Accountability Right by Roger...Show More Summary

This Is a Title

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Want to Change ‘Everything’? Just Do This One Little Thing

Here's how to make changes that actually a simple formula that will make a radical difference in your life.

LeadershipNow 140: April 2016 Compilation

Here are a selection of tweets from April 2016 that you might have missed: FT: Beware the inspirational boss Go Disrupt Yourself via @stratandbiz Digital strategy: Understanding the Economics of Disruption via @McKinsey Where Startups...Show More Summary

The Secret of Exceptional Teams

Originally published by Tomasz Tunguz on LinkedIn: The Secret of Exceptional TeamsIt's hard to read Boys in the Boat before I sleep. The stories of the 8 rowers awaiting the coxswain's call at...

Inside an Angel Investor’s Decision-Making Playbook

While the team is a big part of the decision, it isn't the only thing for me, and probably isn't even more than half.

5 Questions for Vevo's CEO on Content, 17 Billion Monthly Video Playbacks, and the Future of the Music Industry

Originally published by Hunter Walk on LinkedIn: Vevo Has 17 Billion Video Playbacks Monthly, 5% of Which Is Me Watching Taylor SwiftI grew up in the age of MTV, so it's no surprise that I often...

What hiring managers can learn from the NFL draft

Being a good teammate really is as important as raw performance, a new study shows

5 Characteristics of Weak Leaders

(And How Not to Be One). General McClellan had significant character flaws that I believe serve as a warning signs to anyone in leadership. Ultimately, these cost him dearly: He lost Lincoln’s confidence, his job, and a run for the White House (against Lincoln). Worse, they prolonged the Civil War and cost the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers on both sides of the conflict.

A surprising number of investors voted for a gender pay gap measure at eBay

Two companies saw investors vote on proposals about the gender pay gap this week, but only one saw significant votes in favor.

What Samsung's Got that Apple's Missing?

placeholderSamsung took one step that Apple refused to, and that's made a lot of difference.

Two Ways To Deal with People Who Tick You Off (One Works Every Time)

When your buttons are pushed at work, there are two things you can do. One will diffuse anger, calm things down, and make you look like a rock star.

How to Manage the One Benefit Your Employees Actually Care About

Once you employ more than 10 or 15 people, choosing a retirement plan gets complicated. We break it down.

Nasdaq SVP: 'The Market Is Slowly Coming Back to Life'

Bob McCooey weighed in on high valuations, new crowd-funding rules, and a startup's transition to the public market, in a fireside chat withInc.'s Eric Schurenberg at the Collision Conference in New Orleans on Wednesday.

Ikea Wants You To Try A New Kind Of Meatball

Meatballs have been a legendary fixture at the stores. And now this.

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