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3 Critical Partnerships Your Business Needs

Here are the connections that matter the most for your brand's success.

What's Powering the Soon-to-Be $13 Billion Drone Industry

Small businesses are pioneering the use of commercial drones. Here's where they are being used right now.

How Racing Legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. Gets Back Into the Zone

The two-time Daytona 500 winner describes how he recovered from a devastating injury, and how he's getting ready to race again, his first time in seven months, this Sunday.

How to Make Your Team Fearlessly Creative

Four tips for entrepreneurs to overcome the fear of the unknown.

Here is Why The World Needs More Women Entrepreneurs

Let's take a look at many of the co-occurring factors that create an increasing need for more women entrepreneurs in the global marketplace.

Here is Why it is Time to Park the Bandwagon and Put Down Our Pitchforks

In today's jumble of news, blogs and fake news, it is often tempting to rush to judgment, but what do we harm in the process?

The Right Way to Build An Innovation Team & Win Big

Building an innovation team can save your business, but only if you invest out and in-house as well.

Kaleidoscope: 9 Foundational Stones that Drive Sparkling Service

PEOPLE DON'T talk about good service, “they boast about unique, captivating services experiences.” In Kaleidoscope, Chip Bell explores what makes an experience so good that people want to tell their friends about it. What makes people...Show More Summary

Jay Z to Launch Venture Capital Fund With Roc Nation's Jay Brown

Jay Z and Roc Nation have invested in several small startups that have seen great success.

The #1 Question You Have About LinkedIn ... Answered

Recent improvements to its user platform make it even easier to engage with potential clients and customers on LinkedIn.

Five Sports Reforms to Debate and Discuss With Fellow Fans

If you need a break from debating political reforms, consider these reforms that are actually fun to debate and discuss.

Collaboration is the Enemy of Innovation

Brainstorming, group writing, and "designs by committee" are huge wastes of time and money.

Thinking About Trying Coworking? Test Out the Idea With "Classpass for Coworking"

A new tool lets you sample local spaces for a minimal fee and see which is right for you.

Here's How a Simple 38-Minute Morning Routine Will Transform Your Whole Day

These techniques, when done together, have been proven to elevate a positive mindset, boost happiness, and make you more productive.

How to Sell Your Business--and Keep It, Too

Big businesses searching for inspiration, innovation, and startup verve are finding a surprising new source: the entrepreneurs whose startups they buy. Meet the owners who got bought out--but didn't sell out.

Want to Raise Fearless Daughters? Science Says Give Them Role Models Like These Courageous Women

Great role models: From Nellie Bly and Cecilia Payne to Nadezhda Popova, the Night Witches and Dr. Mary Edwards Walker (and many others).

The One Glaring Difference Between Top Athletes and Salespeople

Athletes, performers, and salespeople follow similar steps, except for this one element that makes all the diff

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