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3 Crucial Things to Do After Your Social Media Contest Ends

What happens after your social media contest has ended is just as important as the contest itself. Here are three things you need to do with the data you collect.

The average worker loses 11 days of productivity each year due to insomnia, and companies are taking notice

Goldman Sachs has brought in sleep experts, Google hosts “sleeposium” events and LinkedIn just launched a new program for its workers.

6 Can't-Miss Strategies for Acquiring New Customers

Thought leaders in customer acquisition industry provide their recommendations for what a startup should be focused on.

Simply the BEST Personality Type Indicator for Hiring Anyone

When used properly personality-type indicators like BEST and DISC are useful for hiring. However, they are not predictive indicators of performance, only confirming indicators.

Why Mark Cuban's Cyber Dust Is Releasing an Original Series

Cyber Dust is on a mission to become 'the most personal communication platform ever.' Here's how the messaging app plans to do it.

Survey: 65 Percent of Small Business Owners Are Optimistic About the Economy

Most American business owners feel that the economy will perform better in the second half of 2015.

10 Surprising Scientific Facts About Teams

The most recent scientific research proves that much of what we thought we knew about teams is dead wrong.

Sheryl Sandberg says Facebook will publicly share its internal diversity training

Despite the fact that its own diversity numbers haven’t moved much in the past year, Facebook is looking to set an example with its approach.

LinkedIn reverses course after backlash from its users

More and more companies are sorting out how to reply when consumers publicly slam their strategy shifts.

How our workplace environment affects our weekend mood

Research shows the workplace has a greater effect than spending time with friends and family.

Why the Market Rout Hasn't Dashed Chinese Consumers' Desire to 'Buy American'

A new study shows that U.S. merchants are the number one destination for Chinese consumers online.

Warren Buffet's Secrets to Stop Worrying

Warren Buffet, who has billions of reasons to be worried, uses these six steps to free himself from worry and you can too.

6 Polarizing Differences Between Managers and Leaders

In today's climate, your job title isn't your job. Are you a manager or leader?

Marcus Lemonis: Really Understand Where Your Money Comes From

The host of CNBC's "The Profit" explains to Jimmy Walicek, the CEO of WAKA Kickball and Social Sports, how his business could be more profitable if it made less money.

LinkedIn reverses course after backlash from its users

More and more companies have made changes to their products or services only to then confront an outcry from consumers on social media, and backtrack in response.

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5 Simple Steps to Strengthen Small-Group Sessions

Even "informal" forums need structure. Here's how to set yourself up for success.

4 Ways to Make Your Brand Meaningful to Employees

"You can design and create and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality." -Walt Disney

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