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Russell Simmons Has 3 Big Questions for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

The serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the hip hop label Def Jam Recordings also makes it perfectly clear who he's supporting.

Want to Get Funding From Shark Tank's Daymond John? Here Are 4 Things He Looks for

Here's what the millionaire investor said during Advertising Week's Shark Tank event--and what he told Inc. he needs from every startup founder.

19 Simple Daily Habits These Executives Swear by For Their Success

Achieving great things in business and life is less about luck and more about doing the right things day after day.

What to Do with Difficult Clients [Podcast S08E13]

(And How to Attract Better Ones). Welcome to Season 8, Episode 13 of the This Is Your Life podcast. In this episode, Michele Cushatt and I discuss what to do with difficult clients. If you’ve ever been in a service-oriented business, you have likely dealt with the “high maintenance client.” This is the person who has unreasonable expectations and is often […]

How This $700 Million Business Makes Money Without Trying to Turn a Profit

Founder Yvon Chouinard explains how doing good drives his outdoor retail company's bottom line.

The War on Ads: Here's What You Need to Know

For digital marketers, the rise of ad blocking is a game-changer. The more you know, the better you can adapt.

What to Do About the Boss Who Has Extremely Low Emotional Intelligence

You can't raise the EQ of someone else, but you can act in a way that shows you have it.

A Single, Brutally Honest Truth About Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an invaluable skill. But you'll never improve yours unless you acknowledge this first.

A 5-Step Cure for Workaholics

Are you a workaholic? Take this quick test to find out, and work these strategies to cope with overworking.

In Wells Fargo hearing, executive pay ‘clawbacks’ are likely to take center stage

The practice -- which involves recouping executive pay for things such as misconduct -- is something everyone’s soon going to hear more about.

Mars Mission Shows Why Innovators Love and Hate the Government

Government is a big driver of innovation, but it's become a riskier bet over the years.

Here's Why Leaving Voicemail is Bad For Business

Voicemail is a huge productivity killer in business and worse you could be annoying your colleagues.

After Chelsea Bombing, Local Businesses Move Forward 'The New York Way'

A powerful explosion in New York City on Saturday left at least 29 injured. Small businesses in the local area are feeling the effects, but remain strong and supportive in the path forward.

Samsung Says Galaxy Note 7 Fire in China Not Battery-Related

The South Korean tech company said its investigation found no problems in the smartphone's battery.

5 Things Highly Productive Digital Workplaces Have in Common

Here's how to keep your employees feeling empowered and engaged, no matter where they are in the world.

Are Entrepreneurs Made or Born?

During Inc.'s latest Serious Business live debate, founders battle over an age-old question: Can you learn to be a founder, or are you built that way from day one?

4 Signs You Might Have The Worst Boss Ever

They "manage" to make a lot of angry, sudden decisions. That's not good leadership.

The Untold Truth About Living a World-Class Life

Peter Voogd shares the 7 principles that create a world-class life and becoming a world-class human being.

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