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Why Finance Pros Are Turning to Automation

Are financial experts afraid of automation? Not exactly. If you talk to many of them, you’ll hear that technology has actually changed their jobs for the better and has positively impacted how they work in their organization by eliminating manual...

Tips for Protecting Your Small Business

Whereas big businesses tend to have a variety of well-staffed departments devoted to the legal, physical and digital protection of their business, small business owners often must take a more hands-on approach to protecting their operations. Show More Summary

18+ Best eCommerce WordPress Themes for 2018

An attractive website is crucial for an online store. The design is the first thing your visitors will notice so it’s important that your website looks inviting and provides potential customers with the best possible user experience....Show More Summary

Ineffective HR Makes Sexual Harassment Thrive. Here’s How to Fix it.

Is your HR department effective at stopping sexual harassment, or are they like many of the companies described by The New York Times, “ineffective”? There are many reasons why HR can’t put a stop to all discrimination and harassment (of all kinds, not just sexual harassment), but we can change that. Show More Summary

Upcoming open international events in 2018

Most of our speeches and workshops are for clients and limited to only their people, but I do have some really cool open international speaking gigs coming up in 2018. If you want to know all about creating happier and more successful workplaces, here’s your chance. Show More Summary

Labor Department Proposes Legalizing Wage Theft

The Labor Department is moving quickly to establish a new rule that would make tips the property of restaurant owners instead of workers. This week, President Donald Trump’s administration proposed getting rid of an existing rule that makes tips the property of servers that restaurant owners cannot take away. Under the new proposal, restaurant owners who […]

Slate column asks readers to see the ‘upside’ of sexual harassment in the office

Two months ago, a wave of allegations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein opened the door to a reckoning. In recent weeks, victims have spoken candidly about their abuse at the hands of powerful men, including Charlie Rose, Mark Halperin, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), and Roy Moore, just to name a few. […]

6 Refugee & Immigrant Charities To Aid Post-GOP Tax Bill

Under the Donald Trump administration, immigrants and refugees will be in big trouble. They could use your coins more than Donald Trump and his troll children can. Here are four-star charities (all tax deductible) that will benefit immigrants...Show More Summary

How Technology Tests Our Trust

Rachel Botsman, the author of “Who Can You Trust?”, talks about how trust works, whether in relation to robots, companies, or other people. Technology, she says, speeds up the development of trust and can help us decide who to trust. But when it comes to making those decisions, we shouldn’t leave our devices to their own devices.

Building Dialogue

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on dialogue with atheists. The attitude he describes would also be beneficial when talking across ideological and other differences. We need more of that approach in our society.

Common Office Design Mistakes to Avoid

Most business owners don’t invest enough time and budget for their office designs. However, office design plays an important role in your employees’ productivity in addition to your brand image. A badly designed office may create a negative atmosphere killing creativity, collaboration, and employee morale. Show More Summary

Quote of the Day

History is not, as Joseph Heller called it, "a trash bag of random coincidences blown in the wind." It has a purpose, a point, a plot. God is at work behind the scenes. - Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Happy Hanukkah

It began this evening and will end on the evening of December 20. May it be blessed and joyous.

White Christmas: The Definitive Version

It is back by popular demand: Click here and you will smile. [Photo by Bobby Hendry at Unsplash]

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