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Totally Addicted to Coffee? Science Says You'll Probably Live Longer (Now They Know Why)

Researchers at Stanford University have good news for people with high levels of caffeine in their systems.

How a Mathematical Formula From the 1960's Can Land Your Next Superstar

The 37 percent rule can inform smart hiring decisions and help you decide on your next recruit.

7 Simple Habits To Adopt For a Better 2017

7 Simple Habits To Adopt For a Better 2017 If you want different results you got to do something different

First Paragraph

"In conclusion, it is the view of Union Station Consulate that the trade in counterfeit Earth chess sets has not been impacted by enforcement activities, and perversely, the crackdown has forced the principal actors to master molecular...Show More Summary

How To Suavely Get Out Of Awkward Situations At Networking Events

How To Suavely Get Out Of Awkward Situations At Networking Events Work It Daily You don't have to be James Bond to be suave, but you do need to know how to handle these awkward situations at networking events (because they happen to all of us). The post How To Suavely Get Out Of Awkward Situations At Networking Events appeared first on Work It Daily.

The #1 Rule of Delightfully Bad Marketing

Some marketers tragically believe that using happy words can make customers happy.

I’m not a doctor, but I play one on my CV

Our columnist explores the weird, awkward, and sometimes wonderful world of Ph.D. scientists using their “Doctor” title

George HW Bush in ICU, Wife Also Hospitalized

George H.W. Bush was taken to Houston Methodist Hospital over the weekend and is now in ICU being treated for a respiratory problem stemming from pneumonia. The 41st President is stable and resting comfortably after being sedated for a procedure … More » The post George HW Bush in ICU, Wife Also Hospitalized appeared first on EveryJoe.

DOJ: To Address “Defective” Accountability System, Chicago Must Renegotiate Police Union Contracts

Now we know what the Department of Justice (DOJ) found in Chicago after a 13-month investigation of the Chicago Police Department: a “defective” police accountability system whose failures are tied to public distrust in police and Chicago’s murder spike. Among the roadblocks to reform noted in the report were police collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), including […]

Mastering the Art of a Business Meal

A working knowledge of etiquette is critical for success in the professional world. Nowhere are manners more evident than during a business meal.

The Best Jobs for Those Who Love to Travel

While historical giants such as Christopher Columbus may have earned a lucrative (and often controversial) living through travel, traversing the four...

8 Startup Slump-Busters to Combat Burnout

Andrew Medal discusses how to stay motivated and avoid business and startup burnout with 8 simple tips.

How to Make a Profitable Small Business (From Your Passion)

“Follow your passion!” It’s a popular rallying cry for career counselors and self-help gurus. But how do you actually do it? If you’re fortunate enough to have a passion for telling other people to follow their passion, the business model is pretty clear. Show More Summary

Look Dignified for the Camera

True West magazine has yet another take on why people didn't smile in those old photographs.

2017 Attendance Record

Tracking employee attendance is important to ensure that you have a record of employee absence, tardiness, vacation time and more. Download the free Attendance Record below to help you track attendance for your employees. Download (Word) Download (PDF)

Respect: The Key to Customer Service Excellence

“Products and prices can be duplicated, but a strong customer service culture can’t be copied!” This quote by speaker Jerry Fritz, truly embodies why organizations should put more focus on their customer service training. The foundation for a great relationship with customers is respect. Show More Summary

The Empire Just Bought Luke Skywalker (Also Known as ADP Buying the Marcus Buckingham Company)...

The Empire in the Star Wars series had it wrong. You don't need to fight the rebels. You just need to pull out the checkbook and buy the rebel who is most representative of the cause. In Star Wars, that...

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