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The Vision

... John Jay, our first chief justice, wrote a gripping account of how his paternal grandfather, a French Protestant, returned home to La Rochelle from a trading voyage abroad to find his parents, siblings, and neighbors gone. Their houses were occupied by soldiers, their church destroyed, their savings confiscated. Show More Summary

5 Extremely Good Reasons to Stop Checking In While on Vacation

A growing number of executives check in once a day or more while they're on break. Here's why that's a bad idea.

Do PM Job Descriptions Address the Skill Gap?

My last post addressed the first question from our webinar: how to hire for the right project, leadership, and business skills. The webinar recording itself is here (registration required). As I noted, that question is at the heart of sustainable talent management for your project managers. Even while we answered that question live, we received […]

Fireworks, Fingers, and Fun

Jeff at View From the Ledge has some advice. An excerpt: In the center of this bobbing flotilla, was the barge where all the fireworks were set up, cabled down, fused, and ready. Finally, when the canvas overhead was dark enough, you could see the runner coming down the deck with the torch to light the fuses of the cannons lined up along the rails.


A clothing site for men who don't like to shop.

She's Cooking

The Pioneer Woman, that is. She has several nifty recipes for the 4th of July.

It's Not You, It's Me: How to Break Up With Professional Contacts Without Making Them Cry

Let’s face it. These days, the opportunities you have to network are fast, easy, and abundant. You can connect with people via online networking channels, like LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as in person—basically, your ability to create...Show More Summary

News You Can Use: Another Way to Cook Steak

He credits President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a native of Denison, Tex., with turning him on to this technique.“I heard a rumor of Ike grilling these really thick four-inch sirloins,” said Mr. Byres, who tracked down a 1953 article in The...Show More Summary

Red, White, Blue And Entrepreneurial

What's As American As Apple Pie? The Entrepreneurial Mindset.

A Reminder of the Importance of Freedom

The joke scene from "The Lives of Others." [A mere dictatorship demands obedience. A totalitarian dictatorship demands obedience and belief.]

Reach More Customers Through Authority Marketing

A reputation for brands and businesses have traditionally been driven through word-of-mouth as authority and trust are established. This can explode your conversions like nothing else, and is even more powerful with the use of online tools and social media. Show More Summary

5 Reasons You Need to Make a Connection Culture Your Highest Priority

A culture that connects people would seem to be a high priority to leaders. Building a sense of community would seem to be a necessary first step before a leader does anything else. But a connection culture is not a common as you might...Show More Summary

Black Church Burnings and the FBI’s Leadership Fail

When the pressure's on, leaders have to not just step up but do it smartly.

Let Your Employees Nap Already!

Yet another study attests to the benefits of napping on performance. It's time for employers to get with the program.

I Think My Boss is Stealing From Me

I am a new hire at a Fortune 100 tech company. It’s a sales position, and this is my first job out of college. Just days into the job I landed my first sale — a big one for a $250,000 software contract. I am about to close my second sale, this one for a […]

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