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Workers at Trump Taj Mahal Begin Preparations for Strike

UNITE HERE Local 54 members speak to the press outside of their “strike pod.” While Donald Trump’s push for the Republican nomination for president is showing no signs of slowing, worker unrest at a hotel and casino that bear his name appears near the boiling point. Strike preparations have begun for over 1,100 non-gaming casino […]

10 Things Really Unhappy and Unsuccessful People Never Stop Doing

It's pretty simple, really. If you want to achieve great success, don't let these bad habits get in your way.

The Oracle of Silicon Valley, Reid Hoffman (Plus: Michael McCullough)

“I build, design, and improve human ecosystems through software either as a creator or an investor.” – Reid Hoffman Reid Hoffman (@reidhoffman) is often referred to as “The Oracle of Silicon Valley” by tech insiders, who look at his company-building and investing track record (Facebook, Airbnb, Flickr, etc.) with awe. Reid is Co-Founder and Executive Chairman […]

Ode to Joy

The last tweet of Oliver Sacks: A flashmob in Spain. You will smile.

How Lafayette, an “Outsider,” Won the Allegiance of His Team

If you’ve ever been hired into a leadership role, you know how difficult it can be to lead when you are viewed as an “outsider.” It’s crucial to establish trust and connection with your new colleagues quickly, but how? Leaders who find...Show More Summary

How to Make Sure You Won't Be Replaced by a Robot

The fear of losing jobs to technology dates back centuries. But there's one human skill that can help you stay relevant in an automated world.

The Fine Art of Hacking Your Way to a Job

Recent moves by Uber and Facebook show how a clever bit of hacking can be a fast track to employment -- or make you persona non grata.

No Matter What You Like, Someone Else Will Hate It

Don't assume everyone likes what you like. If you do, you'll be wrong too much of the time.

How to Be Innovative on the Fly

By giving e-commerce a personal dimension, this entrepreneur started a part-time business that defines success on a human scale

Teaching as a skill and a career

Whether it is one aspect of a faculty position at a research-intensive institution or the core of an education-focused job, teaching is an important component of many scientists’ careers.

10 Ways to Find Career Happiness

Even on good days your career can seem a bit hazy. You’re not sure what your next step will be. That’s natural. It’s happened to all of us. We start a career with the best of intentions, planning to give it our all and to find fulfillment. Then, for one reason or another, it doesn’t […]

5 Ways to Be Entrepreneurial While You're Still in College

Make the most of your time on campus to prepare for running or working at a startup. College-educated entrepreneurs explain how.

NorthCoast 99…Something to Celebrate!

ERC’s NorthCoast 99 program annually honors 99 great workplaces for top talent in Northeast Ohio. Carrie Morse, Director of Partnerships at ERC, has been overseeing NorthCoast 99’s exclusive awards event for the last 13 of its 17 years. “NorthCoast...Show More Summary

Shocker: After Raising Minimum Wage, Walmart Cuts Hours

In a move that shocked the nation, the worldwide superstore known as Walmart is beginning to cut back employee working hours in order to offset costs after raising its minimum wage to $9 an hour. No one. Saw this. Coming. … More » The post Shocker: After Raising Minimum Wage, Walmart Cuts Hours appeared first on EveryJoe.

Small Business Leaders Under-Estimate Power of Their Communication

Someone on LinkedIn last week commented on an article I published in 2014 about “open-door” policies saying, “I used to work for a boss that told us that HE had an ‘open-door policy’ with ‘My door is always open… So please walk by quietly!’...Show More Summary

7 Secrets to Nailing Your First Job Interview

Your first interview is a pivotal point in your career, likely full of excitement and a touch of anxiety. Whether it’s a new job, education program or position, interviews can set you up for success or failure. There is no fool proof...Show More Summary

5 ways your past can sabotage your job search

Getting a job is a difficult enough task without having your past sabotage your job search efforts. HR professionals are understandably very concerned about hiring the wrong person, because the average cost of a bad hire equals up to 30 percent of the individuals’ annual salary. Show More Summary

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