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Since this book was published there has been a lively debate, among politicians, through the media, in the public square, about the place of Islam in the modern world. - From Celsius 7/7 by Michael Gove

Writers for Dinner

You can invite 12 writers, living or dead, novels and plays, for dinner and they will magically appear. Who would make your list? My quick choices: William Shakespeare Charles Dickens Flannery O'Connor Gabriel Garcia Marquez George Orwell Leo Tolstoy Anthony Trollope Agatha Christie Tom Wolfe John Updike Graham Greene William Faulkner

Win Over Your Brand Audience Despite the Rise of Ad Blockers

A few years ago ad blockers began to emerge which has greatly impacted the number of visitors and subscribers on a brand website. Since Google has updated algorithm and new apps have emerged these important online relationships have dwindled. The good news is there are a few non-intrusive ways to encourage people to stay on … Read the Rest ?

Workshop Complaint

Today's workshop went well and there are great evaluations but my feet have filed a complaint.

How to Become a Journalist

Journalism is more than just a job; in fact, many would say that becoming a journalist is a calling that derives from a person’s need to speak the...

When Helicopter Parents Crash the Workplace

The New York Times recently ran an article about horrible helicopter parents who hover all the way through college and then into the workforce–citing an example of a father who applied on behalf of his son and even showed up with the interview, and moms who joined in for a Skype Interviews. Show More Summary

McDonald’s Shares Reach All-Time High Thanks To Self-Order Kiosks

It appears that the Fight for $15 has transformed into a veritable uphill battle: McDonald’s just announced that its shares have reached an all-time high, a milestone that coincides with its decision to replace 2,500 cashiers across the United States … More » The post McDonald’s Shares Reach All-Time High Thanks To Self-Order Kiosks appeared first on EveryJoe.

Keep your summer job search moving forward

Job searching during the summer often resembles the holidays, where the mood and pace of work changes. Depending on the industry, the summer can slow things down a bit and that frequently leads to a relaxed job search. Much like the holidays, the summer is a special time of year filled with vacations, family outings

All Freelancers Are Not the Same [infographic] – Friday Distraction

We’ve talked often on this blog about the need for organizations to consider contingent workers in their staffing strategy. The contingent workforce includes on-call, temporary, freelancers, consultants, and contractors (just to name a few). Show More Summary

How an Introvert Flourished as a Travel Nurse

If you're an introvert, you may have doubts about travel nursing as a job option. Reading this introverted nurse's story will set your mind at ease. The post How an Introvert Flourished as a Travel Nurse appeared first on BluePipes Blog.

Seattle's $15 minimum wage raised pay with zero effect on restaurant jobs, new study shows

Raising the minimum wage does not kill jobs, no matter what Republicans tell you—and a new study of the Seattle restaurant industry, where some businesses are already paying a $15 minimum wage, provides another data point showing just that. According to the University of California, Berkeley, study, the increased minimum wage had employment effects that were […]

HOW TO: Use Social Media Ad Buys to Get Better Recruiting Results...

My team at Kinetix is dropping a whitepaper today - The Talent Acquisition/HR Leader's Guide To Social Media Buys for Recruiting. You should check it out. There's a lot of options for your recruitment marketing spend - Job Boards, Indeed,...

Threats to Free Speech

Commentary presents an interesting collection of thinkers on whether free speech is threatened in the United States.

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Long before George Washington's death, Americans began writing about him in terms resembling the descriptions the New England Puritans had used to describe God. The Puritans never claimed ultimate insight into God's essence - God, no matter how thoroughly studied, no matter how lovingly worshiped, remained unknown and unknowable. Show More Summary

Quote of the Day

Almost all unhappiness in life comes from the tendency to blame someone else. - Brian Tracey

How to Quickly Change Themes For Google Slides (Download & Import)

Have you ever worked hard on a presentation, only to feel that it falls short of your expectations? It may not be your fault.  Your less-than-memorable presentation could actually be the result of using the wrong presentation theme. Use the right professional theme that has great design layouts and your presentation is likely to be a hit. Show More Summary

How Do Your Office Perks Stack up Against the Competition?

Healthy office perks are big business, even for small businesses. When deciding what’s best for your company, it makes sense to look at what will actually make your employees happier and healthier — not just things that are more fun....Show More Summary

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