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One Photo

This photo at Cultural Offering should be posted near the entrances to all public events. Wow.

Hate Office Parties? Too Bad.

My company is having its annual company party, which is a barbecue located 1.5 hours away from the office at a coworker’s parents’ house. I do not want to attend for multiple reasons (I do not care to be in the hot sun, swim, eat barbecue, drink beer, etc). This event has nothing to do […]

Stress reduction for the INFP: Your inner life is your hidden strength.

  This live, online course runs Nov. 2 – Nov. 5 at 8pm ET. The cost is $145.  Sign up now! My editor is an INFP. He is crazy, but he doesn’t know he’s crazy. The first crazy thing he did was email me out of the blue and ask if he could be my editor....

What Your Salary Has to Do With the Way You Tweet

New research indicates that what you Tweet about may be linked to how much you earn.

8 Tips To Take Action With Your Career

Most careers don’t begin with a dream job. After one or two years, many careerists find themselves looking for a new opportunity to advance themselves. After five, 10 or even 20 years in your career, other types of career goals often...Show More Summary

One photo that captures the state of worker frustration at their bosses

Union activists storm an Air France meeting about job cuts, tearing off the shirts of two executives who fled under police protection.

Quorums and Boards

I was recently drawn into a lengthy discussion on quorums and boards. Set the quorum requirement too high and a drop in attendance may make it difficult to conduct business. Make it too low and you may find a minority deciding major matters. Show More Summary

5 Easy Steps to Grow Your Business

The pressure to grow a business can become overwhelming. Keep it simple by using these 5 easy growth hacks.

Freelancers, Are You Prepared for the Worst?

When the freelance life goes well, it’s a great way to live. I’m writing this from a pavement café in Belgrade. The sun is shining, I’m in good health, the music is great, and I’m feeling a lot happier han I ever did in a corporate office. Show More Summary

Motivating A-Players: The 1 Thing You're Overlooking

Compensation and perks? Check. Meaningful work? Check. But do you offer this?

Following Your Passion Will Make You Fail

Most people will tell you follow your passion and you will find your bliss, but unfortunately that is not always the truth.

Is the Six-Hour Workday the Key to Productivity?

Some towns in Sweden decided to switch to a six-hour workday for their public employees. The results have been great. People are happier. Patients at a nursing home are getting much better care. Everyone has enough time for family and hobbies, and I can only imagine burnout will be a thing of a past. We […]

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