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How to Bypass Ego-Driven Drama

T HE WORLD IS full of drama. Rather than deal with reality in a constructive way, we engage in drama. It’s easier than working on what we need to deal with. It makes us feel like we are doing something. We like it, and we bring it to...Show More Summary

12 Ways Introverts Can Survive Networking Events

Networking introverts. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Talking is not what I do. I’d rather walk into a lion’s den in a steak suit than sit around networking with folks I’ve never met before. I’ll opt for being devoured, thank you very much. Show More Summary

How Can Inner Restructuring Transform Your Career and Life?

Career is of paramount importance for anyone who aims to live a luxurious and successful life. When a graduate exits from college and enters the corporate world, he is full of new ideas and enthusiasm to change the business scenario and carve a niche. Show More Summary

Student Job Hunting for New Freelance Writing Gigs

Being independent is the boldest step that every student takes after a certain point of time. They desire to be financially and socially independent and do things what they want to. In this scenario, freelancing is an interesting mode of work which can be done by any student from anywhere in the world. Show More Summary

General Guidelines About Getting a Job After College

This essay is about getting work after college. In general, the theory is straightforward enough; you graduate from college, you begin applying for work, you get a call or an email from a prospective employer, you go to an interview and you get it or not. Show More Summary

Father Scaring Daughter With Clown Mask Gets Shot At By Neighbor

A father who allegedly put on a creepy clown mask and chased his young daughter down the street in order to punish her found himself under fire by a bewildered neighbor after the terrified child ran into his home and … More » The post Father Scaring Daughter With Clown Mask Gets Shot At By Neighbor appeared first on EveryJoe.

Toys ‘R’ Us May File For Bankruptcy Before Christmas

In yet another clear case of brick-and-mortar blues, toy goliath Toys ‘R’ Us is reportedly considering filing for bankruptcy by the end of the year after struggling to keep up with a retail world that has largely moved onto the … More » The post Toys ‘R’ Us May File For Bankruptcy Before Christmas appeared first on EveryJoe.

Georgia Tech Student Fatally Shot By Police

A Georgia Tech student was fatally shot by police officers over the weekend after ignoring multiple orders to drop a pocket knife they carried and walking toward cops when told to remain still. Now, the student’s parents are coming forward … More » The post Georgia Tech Student Fatally Shot By Police appeared first on EveryJoe.

College President Apologizes For Cotton Centerpieces

Lipscomb University president Randy Lowry has issued an apology for displaying cotton stalk centerpieces during a dinner that he hosted to give black students at the Tennessee college the opportunity to discuss their experiences in higher education. Lowry invited a … More » The post College President Apologizes For Cotton Centerpieces appeared first on EveryJoe.

Health Food Update

How To Feed A Loon shows how to make Homemade Orange Sweet Rolls.

In praise of postdocs: Celebrating National Postdoc Appreciation Week

A postdoc’s outstanding mentoring illustrates one of the many reasons that postdocs should be recognized

Workplace at Sea

At Kottke : Check out Jeffrey Tsang's time-lapsed video of a cargo ship's voyage from the Red Sea to Hong Kong. Impressive.

The Most Common Form I-9 Mistakes You Could Be Making

Completing a Form I-9 is likely one of the most routine administrative tasks that an HR professional handles. After all, every time a new employee is hired, or when an employee’s employment authorization or documentation of employment authorization has expired, another Form I-9 must be completed. Show More Summary

Early Data On Impact of Google for Jobs on Indeed Sponsored Listings...

As most of you are aware, the launch of Google for Jobs a few months back was thought to be a significant blow to Indeed for 2 reasons: 1--Indeed was not listed as a partner that would automatically have its...

Breakfast Reading

I've started reading a few pages of this every morning. Fascinating.

10 Best Mind Mapping Software Tools for Better Brainstorming

Mind Mapping is a great way to lay out your thoughts and brainstorm new ideas. Rather than just using simple lists, you’re able to link ideas in multiple different ways. You can think creatively rather than just linearly.  Mind mapping starts with a big idea. Show More Summary

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