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Singer Outsmarts Pesky Security Guards

A singer on the streets of Toronto was entertaining a crowd when a pair of security guards crashed the party. They were telling the singer, who has been identified as Ian from the band The Riot Police, that he needed … More » The post Singer Outsmarts Pesky Security Guards appeared first on EveryJoe.

Pity the Poor Local Government Worker

State and local government workers in the U.S. are disproportionately victims of insect injuries.

Excellent and Eclectic Guidance on Employee Engagement and Virtual Teams

How to Successfully Manage Virtual Teams Nearly 40% of global knowledge workers are now considered “anywhere, anytime” workers and an increasing number of us work in different locations than our managers and teams. Managing people and teams you rarely see in person is a reality, yet very few of us are given tactics and tools […]

10 ways to boost your earning power

The Federal Reserve Bank released a survey recently that showed one-fourth of U.S. families are just getting by. If you’re in one of these families, you know how difficult it can be. The “how to save money” articles don’t seem to help much, as they give great ideas like, “Make your own coffee and stop buying […]

Hide and Seek

The old childhood game continues through adulthood. There are times when we need to seek others for companionship, assistance, and opinions and there are times when we need to hide so we can recuperate and think. I've known people who cannot bear to be alone. Show More Summary

Picking Battles

Leaders need to know which battles to fight. There are some fights which will produce a loss even if you win because they consume too much time and resources and poison relationships. They are, to use an old expression, not worth the candle. Show More Summary

5 Awesome Smartphone Apps Every Young Professional Should Use

Tend to use your smartphone for Words With Friends and Facebook messages? Here’s how you can use it to strengthen your career The post 5 Awesome Smartphone Apps Every Young Professional Should Use appeared first on Brazen Life.

Quote of the Day

Power lies at the end of a spectrum of causal factors which include influence, individual discretion, and systemic interactions whose actual outcomes were not planned or controlled by anyone. - Thomas Sowell

5 Lessons Learned From Taking a MOOC

MOOC is an acronym for massive open online course. They have emerged over the past few years as a way to provide open education via the web. Typically, a MOOC is free and doesn’t offer credit. Some MOOCs will provide a certificate of completion for a nominal fee. Show More Summary

A quick note on mobile BYOD vs. CYOD

As a practical matter, one needs to have different policies given the expectations in different part of the world. A mobile device isn’t always expected to come as a perk of the job in the US; however, it’s part of the package many other places. You’ll need to go CYOD in the latter, even if […]

3 Key Things To Look For In A Career Sponsor

Many clients will ask me "How do I pick a career sponsor?" Here are three key things to look for as you evaluate potential sponsors for your career. The post 3 Key Things To Look For In A Career Sponsor appeared first on CAREEREALIS...

How To Be The Brand Manager Of YOU

It isn’t enough to build your personal brand - you have to manage the brand. Here are a few tips to maintaining and managing your personal brand. The post How To Be The Brand Manager Of YOU appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

Plan for slack

Workplaces must give employees unscheduled play time. If work days are overloaded, there is no learning or creativity. Plan for slack.

Leading People Like Family

In Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek shares an insight he leaned from Bob Chapman, Chairman and CEO of the Barry-Wehmiller Companies. It’s an important way of framing our leadership responsibility: Every single employee is someone’s son or someone’s daughter. Show More Summary

Doing Business in an American War Zone: Scenes From Ferguson

Local business owners reflect on how they've been affected by another surge of looting and violence in Ferguson, Missouri over the weekend.

How to take advantage of the hidden job market

The hidden job market can be defined as people getting jobs when those jobs have never been posted for employees or people outside the company to see.  Some see that market as a myth; others effectively exploit it. Those that exploit it will note that it’s not a myth, thank-you-very-much. Let’s say the hidden job […]

Dewey, Cheatem & Howe

If you want to see the powerful and creative use of names, check out this list of law firms from novels and the movies. Being a Dickens fan, I am partial to Dodson and Fogg, the odious firm which appears in The Pickwick Papers. [The list links them to Bleak House but I don't recall the firm was in that novel. Perhaps I'm wrong. They were great villains.]

Why Massachusetts' Plans for Economic Development Could (And Should) Blaze a Trail for Other States

The $80 million economic development bill signed by Deval Patrick is notable for its focus on small business.

Epstein Reviewed

John S. Sledge reviews Joseph Epstein's latest book of essays. An excerpt: Even when dismissive, as in the foregoing instance, Epstein avoids the pepper shaker. He doesn’t have a big mouth and isn’t overly impressed with himself: “AShow More Summary

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