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What Is Multimedia? + How to Use It in Your PowerPoint Presentations

What is a multimedia presentation? You've probably heard the term multimedia, but what does it actually mean in PowerPoint?  In short, it's combining multiple types of media in your presentation. You can use combinations of images, audio, and video to...Show More Summary

Denis Mack Smith, RIP

I just learned that Denis Mack Smith passed away in July. He graciously welcomed me into his home in Oxford many years ago when I was conducting some research on Mussolini. I can still vividly recall his observations as well as his kindness...Show More Summary

Hoop Jumper

"So you didn't get the approval you wanted. What is your current plan?" "I don't have one. They said no." "They said no to one approach. That doesn't mean that another approach would be rejected." "Yes, but even if they approve another...Show More Summary

Life Lessons

Shannon Kaiser describes the life lessons she learned from running her own business. It's a fun list to argue against.

Why I Would Make a Terrible Traditional Candidate

I haven’t looked for a traditional job for years–I’ve been self-employed for the past 8. But, yesterday a recruiter sent me a job description for a job that actually fit my talents, was in my local area, and that I was qualified for....Show More Summary

How to Become a Construction Manager (Career Path)

Within the building industry, construction managers serve as the epitome of responsibility and leadership on-site. They are individuals that motivate...

My reflections of #SHRMiAC the annual conference of @SHRMIndia

I was really looking forward to SHRM India's Annual Conference this year. It had an amazing line up of speakers and delegates and offered me an opportunity to catch up with friends and make new ones.So after a sleepless night, because...Show More Summary

Why Connection is a Matter of Life and Death

This week I want to share two outstanding TED Talks with you that demonstrate how both quantitative and qualitative research are coming to the conclusion that human connection improves the quality and length of our lives. I’d encourage you to watch the entire talks. Show More Summary

This is How a Work Bully Ruins Your Business

This original article was written by Steve DiGioia. He has been “allowed” to set his own rules, come and go as needed, treats fellow employees poorly and is an all-around jerk – but nobody usually sees his worst actions. Oh, sure, he’s the model employee when the boss is around but other times he expects, no, he demands, others follow his rules. Show More Summary

The Pros and Cons of Zero Hour Contracts

Finding any job can be tricky in this day and age, and many employees are getting trapped in boring professions they didn't set out for. But everyone...

Control Your Attitude Or Someone Will Do It For You

I wore a yellow dress to my mother’s funeral. It caused the wags of the relatives to whisper in disapproval but my mother had instructed me to wear it before she died. She knew I’d be sad and she wanted to remind me to be untroubled and lead a cheerful life like she had taught… Read the Rest ?

Bill Burr — The Comedian’s Comedian

“Everybody fucking relax. Get yourself a sandwich.” – Bill Burr This episode of the podcast features Bill Burr (@billburr). Many of you know Bill as a standup comedian. I know him as one of the funniest humans alive, and someone that many of you requested to be on the show. Rolling Stone called Bill “the […]

Managers Should Spend the Majority of Their Time Doing This

Managers have a lot to do. And that's exactly why managers should spend most of their time doing this. It helps with goals, performance and learning. The post Managers Should Spend the Majority of Their Time Doing This appeared first on hr bartender.


Pressed over dinner to recite this poem from memory, I was stunned to discover that I could recite a fair amount. I imagine many of you can do the same. Now pause a moment and consider all of the mega-practical things we've forgotten compared to "Jabberwocky." Memory is rarely prioritized. On the other hand, that's a pretty neat poem.

Persuasion Tips

The new book by Scott Adams is available for pre-order.

Barcelona Bakery Explosion Leaves At Least 21 Injured

At least 21 people have been injured after two explosions ripped through a popular bakery in Barcelona on Saturday morning, sending terrified patrons running away from the scene of the blasts amid fears of terrorist activity. The bakery – which … More » The post Barcelona Bakery Explosion Leaves At Least 21 Injured appeared first on EveryJoe.

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