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Genius Requires Many Drafts

What do Hamlet, Bleak House, and War and Peace have in common? Well, one easy guess is that each one required a lot of drafts. And producing those required a lot of patience.

First Paragraph

The conversation we've been having about Wall Street in this country for the past decade has become so utterly hyperbolic, supercharged, entrenched, and polemic that if you're like most people, amid all the outrage you've totally lost the thread of the discussion. Show More Summary

Quote of the Day

Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it. - Andre Gide

How to Get Away From It All

5 Ways to Leave Work Behind and Reboot Your Soul. Periodically, you need to reboot your spirit. But how? In a recent vacation I experienced five keys to renewal that I want to replicate in my future outings.

What Do Employees Want – Friday Distraction

The title of today’s post is a question I hear all the time. “What do our employees want?” The first answer that comes to mind is “If you don’t know, ask them.” But I do realize that’s easier said than done. It’s hard to survey employees. Show More Summary

BluePipes Recruitment Subscriptions

BluePipes is a healthcare professional network. As such we provide services to help employers recruit top talent. We discuss Recruitment Subscriptions here. The post BluePipes Recruitment Subscriptions appeared first on BluePipes Bl...

What a day. What a lovely day.

Our first international conference on happiness at work is done and WHAT a day. 200 participants from 19 countries met in Copenhagen for a day full of talks by experts and representatives from some of the world’s happiest workplaces. We will start releasing the videos from the day soon, but here’s a short video with … Continue reading What a day. What a lovely day. ?

Be aware of the five most common interview areas

Recently, I was listening to a group of candidates talk about interviewing and how overwhelming the whole experience was of sending out resumes, applying for positions and then being called in for an interview. Amid the nervousness of being invited for an interview, questions about how to interview and prepare were foremost on their mind.

Why Doesn’t More of the Working Class Move for Jobs?

Joan C. Williams, director of the Center for WorkLife Law at the University of California Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco, discusses serious misconceptions that the U.S. managerial and professional elite in the United States have about the so-called working class. Show More Summary

Yale: Negotiate with Your Graduate Teachers

In February, the graduate teachers voted to be represented by UNITE HERE. But Yale University has refused to negotiate with them. If they stall long enough, more appointees by President Donald Trump will be seated at the National Labor Relations Board. How quickly do you think those appointees would vote to roll back the rights of […]

10 Warning Signs You’re in The Wrong Job

I started off just like most of the people that surround my environment. Good family and friends, always had what I strictly needed, and life seemed perfect, up until some point. There were the college and the university, and finally the long-awaited job. I always loved working with people, so I went on with this […]

I Was Fired for Stealing. Should I Leave that Job off My Resume?

From 2012 to 2015 I worked in a hotel doing almost everything back of the house. I was fired in 2015 right before Christmas for basically trying to take money. Times were very hard (although I know that’s not an excuse) at the time I was the only one working while my husband stayed home […] The post I Was Fired for Stealing. Show More Summary

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