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Instagram Takes Crown As Most Popular Hub For Cyberbullies

If you’re worried that your child may be the victim of cyberbullying, you might want to disable their Instagram account. A new investigation launched by a nonprofit group investigated the matter and found that the picture- and video-sharing platform is … More » The post Instagram Takes Crown As Most Popular Hub For Cyberbullies appeared first on EveryJoe.

Morning Routines and Strategies

“Routine, in an intelligent man, is a sign of ambition.” – W. H. Auden This is a special episode of the podcast. After more than 200 conversations with the world’s top performers, you start to spot certain patterns. These are the shared habits, hacks, philosophies, and tools that are the common threads of success, happiness, […]

Florida Sinkhole Continues To Expand, Nearby Homes Evacuated

There’s a sinkhole in Florida and it’s growing hungrier by the minute: after consuming two homes last week, the ever-expanding pit just gobbled up a hot tub and is threatening to leave more locals homeless. Pasco County authorities are trying … More » The post Florida Sinkhole Continues To Expand, Nearby Homes Evacuated appeared first on EveryJoe.

Doctors Reverse Brain Damage Of Toddler Who Nearly Drowned

A 2-year-old girl who miraculously survived a brush with death after falling into a pool and drowning has been given a new lease on life thanks to doctors who managed to significantly reverse the brain trauma she suffered. In February … More » The post Doctors Reverse Brain Damage Of Toddler Who Nearly Drowned appeared first on EveryJoe.

Prosecutors: Pharma Bro Lied About Attending Ivy League School

Martin Shkreli, otherwise known as Pharma Bro for his notorious stint as a pharmaceuticals CEO, allegedly lied about his status as an Ivy League graduate to investors in order to bilk them out of cash, federal prosecutors contended this week. … More » The post Prosecutors: Pharma Bro Lied About Attending Ivy League School appeared first on EveryJoe.

Another tenure-track scientist bites the dust

As a friend’s faculty career comes to an untimely end, our columnist reflects on the potential disconnect between what researchers want to research and what funders want to fund

10 Unique Ways to Get Your Name Out There

In this busy world, it’s more important than ever to find unique ways for you and your business to stand out. Selling yourself and your business might seem like a daunting task, but there are numerous ways to accomplish the task. Of course, having a social media presence is one of the most important things … Read the Rest ?

Republicans Working Against Workers

Ever-worsening is the chasm between the loaded, who luxuriate in gated communities, and the workers, who are hounded at their rickety gates by bill collectors. Even though last week’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report showed unemployment at a low 4.4 percent, wages continue to flatline, killing both opportunity and the consumer economy. Meanwhile, corporations persist […]

First Paragraph

The floor of the crimson and gilt Senate Chamber filled quickly as the senators and representatives took their places to hear Congressman Ben Butler of Massachusetts present the case against President Andrew Johnson. Twenty-five days earlier, on March 5, 1868, the president's trial had formally opened with Chief Justice Salmon P. Show More Summary

How to Answer "What Would be Your Ideal Working Environment?"

When you can find the ideal working environment that best suits your work ethic and personality, you will become more productive and lead a fulfilling...

How to Make Slide Layouts in Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is an industry standard for creating presentations for good reason: it has enough tools to easily create professional presentations.  These tools help create presentations without having to reinvent the wheel with each presentation you make. Show More Summary

Agility Means Different Things to Different People

According to Forrester analyst Craig Le Clair, business agility is the quality that allows an enterprise to embrace market and operational changes as a matter of routine. This is the attribute that enables companies to thrive amidst uncertainty. Unfortunately, most...

MESSED UP PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Wall Selfie in Workplace (Confidential)...

Yeah, so I travel a bit for work - and I always try and grab some photos. Ended up at a employer not to be named and took this one a few months back. To be fair, this wasn't in...

Homeland Security Issues New Non-Skilled Visas to Save Maine from Hiring Local

Businesses in Maine that operate in the summer tourism industry have a problem: Not enough visas available to hire their summer staffs. So, horror of horrors, they are having to (gasp!) do things like increase salary, and changing schedules to attract local talent. Show More Summary

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