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5 Companies That Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you love playing sports, eating clean, or working on your fitness (Thank you, Fergie), you’re invested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be nice if your employer supported your good habits? Related: 5 CompaniesShow More Summary

How to tell if it’s a good job or bad job

Many of the coaching sessions I do center around a single question: is it time to switch careers? What I’ve found is that in most cases, the answer is no, it is not time to switch careers. Here’s why: We are absolutely terrible at predicting what we will like to do in our careers, and we overestimate...

10 Ways to Try to Insult an Entrepreneur But Actually Pay Them a Giant Compliment

These petty comments say more about the person hurling them--and how they can't understand why you're more successful.

Health Food Update

From 2007: The Pioneer Woman shows how to make cinnamon rolls.

Women’s History for Today’s Workplace

Earlier this month the U.S. military’s oldest living female veteran, Lucy Coffey, passed away at age 108. At the time, 1943 to be exact, it took Coffey three attempts to successfully enlist in the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps. She was one of only about 400,000 women who served in uniform during World War II. Show More Summary

What Young vs. UPS Means for Pregnant Workers and Their Bosses

Companies that don’t become more accommodating may find themselves facing legal action.

5 Ways To Exude Professionalism With Your Personal Brand

How to give your personal brand a professional shine. In our digitally connected world, can you truly separate who you are personally and who you are professionally? No matter the privacy settings there are numerous opportunities for...Show More Summary

Never Ever

Here's something a manager or supervisor will never hear from an HR professional or attorney: "Gee, I wish you wouldn't consult me so early about these potential personnel problems. I prefer that you wait until after all of the important decisions have been made. It's best that I be notified once all is set in concrete."

Top 10 criticisms in performance reviews

It’s often the least-liked aspect of any job: the dreaded performance appraisal.  The mere thought of it evokes sweaty palms and heart palpitations. To sit down with your boss and hear you’re not cutting the mustard is even worse. A bad performance appraisal can be devastating to your morale. It might even leave you wondering

Only one elected U.S. official makes this year’s ‘world’s greatest leaders’ list

There’s a serious and alarming lack of leadership in elected office today, and this list is just another reminder.

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Simon Sinek proposed in his 2009 TED Talk titled How Great Leaders Inspire Action that Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, and other inspirational leaders communicate starting with “Why?” His talk is posted on YouTube and has garnered over 15 million views to date. Show More Summary

Why This Company President Wrote an Apology to Mothers Everywhere

It’s a tough world out there for working mothers. Here’s the story behind one entrepreneur’s apology to moms everywhere -- and how she’s making up for her past. The post Why This Company President Wrote an Apology to Mothers Everywhere appeared first on Brazen Life.

5 Reasons Why Female Millennials Will Find Success—And How To Do It

Guest blogger Joan Kuhl of Why Millennials Matter has some tips on not being a stereotypical millennial who’s on your parents’ cell phone plan and in their basement until you retire from never working. Pretty rad, right? Millennial Women...Show More Summary

Stop Falling into Resume Gaps

How to stop resume gaps from becoming a problem on your job search. Need a better way to explain what you did between jobs? Trying to re-enter the job market after a long time? Here's how to explain your resume gaps. Not all resume gaps...Show More Summary

9 Steps to Getting a Stellar Small Business Loan

The process of applying for a business loan doesn't have to be intimidating--as long as you have your ducks in a row. Grab a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, and follow along our nine steps to securing the perfect business loan for your needs.

Obama Highlights Benefits of Trade on Small Businesses

The president's trade policies are currently facing opposition within his own party.

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