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Answering, ‘Do You Have A Minute?’ When You Really Don’t

You’re working hard on a project with a deadline, when a co-worker asks, “Do you have a minute?” Here's how to answer when you don't have the time to spare. The post Answering, ‘Do You Have A Minute?’ When You Really Don’t appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

6 Little Ways To Make Your Boss Adore You RIGHT NOW

There are ways to make your boss love you that have nothing to do with kissing her behind. Here is a no-brownnosing guide to making her adore you. 1. Be good at your job. This should be a given, but … More » 6 Little Ways To Make Your...Show More Summary

4 Reasons Working For a Small Business Could Help Your Career Grow

When you think about working for a small business, do you expect limited growth potential and a boring caseload? It’s time to flip those challenges and look at the benefits of advancing your career at a small firm. The post 4 Reasons Working For a Small Business Could Help Your Career Grow appeared first on Brazen Life.

Who Gets the Bread First?

Peter Post explains what to do when bread first arrives at a business dinner table; who gets it first; what is the best way to pass food around a table, and why do we "leave left" and "remove right?"

People Artists Coming in October: Catch the Fire

People Artists: Drawing Out the Best in Others at Work will be released this October. Peter W. Hart and I will be releasing our new book on People Artists in October. The picture in this post, painted by Peter, was used for our cover. Watch for updates, ideas you can use, and other material as we […]

Think Salaries Are Confidential? Google Found Out They Aren’t

American culture says that salary information is confidential; 43 percent of married couples couldn’t correctly name their spouse’s salary. Some were off by as much as $25,000. We don’t talk about salaries with our friends and family, and we certainly don’t talk about them with our co-workers. Leaving a list of salaries on the copy […]

Monitors: Does Size Matter?

I have been using the 24? desktop monitor I’m currently typing on for what feels like forever. It’s connected to my laptop because that screen is really small. Most of the time, it works just fine for my needs. But...

6 Can't-Miss Strategies for Acquiring New Customers

Thought leaders in customer acquisition industry provide their recommendations for what a startup should be focused on.

Simply the BEST Personality Type Indicator for Hiring Anyone

When used properly personality-type indicators like BEST and DISC are useful for hiring. However, they are not predictive indicators of performance, only confirming indicators.

Man Behind the Planned Parenthood Investigation Says Videos “Get Worse”

On Wednesday, Dana Loesch interviewed The Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden on her program on BlazeTV. Loesch talks with Daleiden about the three-year long investigation of Planned Parenthood and the undercover videos. InShow More Summary

SHRM’s Best Kept Secret: the SHRM Foundation

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) is my professional association. I support other professional organizations, but my first HR job was as a generalist so SHRM was the first professional association I joined. Every employer...Show More Summary

Lunacy Update

According to the Bias-Free Language Guide of the University of New Hampshire, "American" is problematic.

4 Ways You May Be Killing Your Credit Score

There are a lot of obvious was you can seriously screw up your credit: Defaulting on loans, overspending in general, filing for bankruptcy, or falling victim to identity theft can all cause real damage. But you knew that already. There...Show More Summary

How to Apologize by Email: 5 Steps to Help Fix Your Big Mistake

So you messed up. Don’t hide behind your computer screen. Follow these five steps to learn how to apologize -- the right way -- over email. The post How to Apologize by Email: 5 Steps to Help Fix Your Big Mistake appeared first on Brazen Life.

UX Designers Enhance Online Product Experience

For UX designers like me, the psychological part of website design is understanding the thought processes that users have.

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