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Should You Jump Through Hoops for Your Customers?

Customers are always right—or are they? As business owners, we try to go above and beyond to provide the best possible experience and customer service to our clients. However, there are times that, despite our best efforts, we simply can’t...

What Every Leader Can Learn About Achieving Legendary Status, Courtesy of Madonna

With her distinctive style and unapologetic bravado, Madonna is a rare breed. She teaches us all what it means to lead a legendary career.

My Employee’s Husband Was Arrested. Should I Tell The Executive Team?

We have an employee that has been an above-average employee. Yesterday, I learned that her husband was arrested by the FBI as a member of a large drug trafficking ring and money laundering. Our employee (“Jane”) works in a position that allows her access to medical patient’s financial records (credit cards, bank accounts, etc.). Show More Summary

The Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in Ireland

Ireland is considered to be a ‘perfect’ location to live and work. Situated in the North Atlantic, it prides itself on being a safe country to...

Himmler's Cigarette

"We had the moral right, we had the duty to our people, to destroy this people which wanted to destroy us. But we have not the right to enrich ourselves with so much as a fur, a watch, a mark, or a cigarette, or anything else." - Heinrich Himmler in his 1943 speech at Poznan to his senior SS officers Chilling and bizarre. Show More Summary

3 Lessons I Learned from Alan Mulally About Being a Better Parent

Apply these leadership lessons from former Ford Motors CEO Alan Mulally at home to be a better parent, and to teach your kids about the importance of love, service and being nice.

You Can Teach Yourself to Be More Positive--Here's How

Learning to deal with stress in healthy ways is key to success. Use these develop your mental resiliency.

My Employee Takes All His Sick Time (And, I Hate It)

Boss doesn't like that employee is maxing his sick time to work on his side hustle.

You’re Fired! What Now?

I hate to sound like Donald Trump, but what happens if you get fired? or laid off? or downsized? Whatever term you use doesn’t matter. The thing is that come Monday, you have nowhere to go and you feel angry, guilty, puzzled, confused, and a hundred other feelings. Show More Summary

Quote of the Day

Occasionally, a good idea comes to you first, if you're lucky. Usually, it only comes after a lot of bad ideas. - Alex Blumberg

Middle Managers Are the Key to Reducing Bureaucracy

I ran across this post title the other day – “Forget Middle Managers. Here’s Why.” Of course, the article goes on to explain how bureaucratic organizations are filled with ineffective managers. Which can be very true. And, if your organization...Show More Summary

CBS Atlanta Reporter Covers Pizzagate, Calls For Investigation

CBS’s Atlanta affiliate recently aired a segment hosted by anchor Ben Swann called “Reality Check,” in which Swan provided a six-minute overview of the hotly-contested Pizzagate controversy. In doing so, CBS 46 became the first mainstream media outlet to fairly … More » The post CBS Atlanta Reporter Covers Pizzagate, Calls For Investigation appeared first on EveryJoe.

Tucker Carlson Dodges Geraldo Rivera’s Attempt To Bash Megyn Kelly

Geraldo Rivera managed the impressive feat of catching Tucker Carlson off-guard with an underhanded jab at Megyn Kelly on Tuesday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” during a segment entitled “The Friend Zone.” “So I just gotta ask – we’re almost … More » The post Tucker Carlson Dodges Geraldo Rivera’s Attempt To Bash Megyn Kelly appeared first on EveryJoe.

USA Today’s Bizarre Headline Mixup Embarrasses Biden

USA Today appears to have accidentally run a headline that quoted Vice President Joe Biden as calling Russia the “greatest threat to liberal world order,” before swiftly replacing it with one that had Biden instead calling Russia the “greatest threat … More » The post USA Today’s Bizarre Headline Mixup Embarrasses Biden appeared first on EveryJoe.

Totally Addicted to Coffee? Science Says You'll Probably Live Longer (Now They Know Why)

Researchers at Stanford University have good news for people with high levels of caffeine in their systems.

How a Mathematical Formula From the 1960's Can Land Your Next Superstar

The 37 percent rule can inform smart hiring decisions and help you decide on your next recruit.

7 Simple Habits To Adopt For a Better 2017

7 Simple Habits To Adopt For a Better 2017 If you want different results you got to do something different

First Paragraph

"In conclusion, it is the view of Union Station Consulate that the trade in counterfeit Earth chess sets has not been impacted by enforcement activities, and perversely, the crackdown has forced the principal actors to master molecular...Show More Summary

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