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How to Make Your Testimonials Page Stand Out From the Crowd

Here are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind as you put together your testimonials page.

Fewer companies are throwing office holiday parties

A new survey looked at end-of-year parties in Corporate America.

Hostage Situation in Northern France Near Belgium Border

UPDATE: Reportedly all the hostages are now safe. Situation seems to be winding down as police vehicles leave #Roubaix — Dan Rivers (@danieljerivers) November 24, 2015 #Roubaix: all hostages are safe now. (Regional...Show More Summary

12 Killed in Suicide Attack on Tunisian Presidential Guard Bus

At least 12 people were killed and more than 17 injured when a bomb went off on a bus full of Tunisian presidential guards. It’s said that the attack was the work of a suicide bomber. “I was on Mohamed … More » The post 12 Killed in Suicide Attack on Tunisian Presidential Guard Bus appeared first on EveryJoe.

How to Turn Your Seasonal Position Into Year-Round Employment

If you’re among the nation’s 550,000+ seasonal workers, you may have started your seasonal holiday position and love it so much that you hope it turns into long-term employment. Or, you may have accepted a seasonal position to get your foot in the door, hoping all along that your part-time job would turn into year-round [...]Show More Summary

Three Smart Email Strategies that Can Save Your Job

This is a guest post by Mike Song. As Hillary Clinton, CIA leaders, Sony executives and countless other professionals have recently learned, a single email can damage your career aspirations, reputation, marriage or company’s stock price. Here are 3 useful strategies from our email etiquette class that every professional should use to avoid getting destroyed [...]Show More Summary

Poll: Do you plan on continuing your job search during the holidays?

Poll: Do you plan on continuing your job search during the holidays? Please take our quick poll! We're collecting data to provide better services to you. The post Poll: Do you plan on continuing your job search during the holidays? appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

Tips for Telling Your Company’s Story

In a consumer world full of websites and apps that direct customers to the cheapest gas, best deals and lower-priced everything, it can be increasingly difficult to earn customer loyalty. Sometimes your business can’t or won’t compete...Show More Summary


The idea is a river fed by small streams. I could see the connections and its nature but was unclear as to its direction and its boundaries until this morning when I was lying in bed and could jot down the governing premise. I've been looking at the river for years but could not see it through the fog. That happens more than we realize. More on this later.

2015 ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ results

The 2015 ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ winning videos feature thesis work on cellular interactions with tropoelastin, policy networks, and more.

What Do You Give A Mentor at Thanksgiving?

Mentors are an uncelebrated group of devoted individuals, who often give their time in return for nothing more than your carrying on their legacy of giving back. If you have a mentor, you know the advice, conversations, guidance, interest and encouragement may be the single greatest determinant of your success. Show More Summary

Sage Advice For Urbanites After the Paris Attacks: Don’t Panic

We run risks every day--as the statistics show, greater than those posed by terrorists.

The Best Sports Movies of All Time...

I'm up today as part of a post over at the Chairman of all things HR Tech - Steve Boese. Steve's got a great post up from the 8 man Rotation - Steve, Tim Sackett, Lance Haun, Matthew Stollak and...

Seriously, Don’t Send A Cover Letter Over Facebook

We received a generic cover letter over Facebook messenger this weekend from a would-be writer, rife with errors that broke my heart (and proved that the sender doesn’t read this blog as much as she should). Here’s how we responded.Show More Summary

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