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University of Chicago Fights Back Against Political Correctness

The University of Chicago is rallying against all the political correctness that is plaguing America’s college campuses. Instead of promoting “safe spaces” and blabbering about “microaggressions,” this university is doing the opposite. Show More Summary

3 Brain Hacks to Fix the Bad Habits Social Media Has Given Us

Here are 3 small tweaks to make immediately so that you stay in your real life while engaging with social media, rather than existing online looking out into your real life.

How to Win Jobs and Influence People as a Job Candidate

Networking is certainly one of the best ways to find a job. However, having a big circle of contacts isn’t enough. You have to use them effectively...

Why Your Staff All Hate HR (and what to do about it)

The perfect medium between a company and its employees, an entire department dedicated to keeping your employees engaged, or the secret henchmen of the boss, there to do all the dirty work for the guys at the top. So, which is it? The...Show More Summary

The Connection Between Speed and Charisma

Bill von Hippel, professor at the University of Queensland, on how the ability to think and respond quickly makes someone seem more charismatic.

???? Depressed On Your Job Search? Take This Quick Test

Use this simple self-test to find out if your job search is keeping you down more than it should.

Science Says Your Bad Job Is Killing You

We all have a fear that our 9-to-5 work life is taking a toll on our well-being. Guess what? It is.

Alternatives to professorships in academia

Love academia but not-so-sure about becoming a professor? Fret not, there are plenty of job opportunities other than professorships in higher education.

A Few Tips About Submitting Your Résumé

The adage “What you don’t know won’t hurt you” is very misleading, especially for people in transition or otherwise contemplating a career change. Not only is the contention untrue, but also it in fact hinders the ability to get what you want. Show More Summary

5 Ways Being Lazy Will Actually Grow Your Brand

We have been taught that maximum efficiency and working hard all the time is the only way. But is it really?

Soon Businesses Will Be Able To Connect With 1 Billion WhatsApp Users

An updated terms and privacy policy opens up new opportunities for businesses.

The ABC’s of Engagement can Lighten the Dark Side of High Employee Engagement

The New Employee Engagement: Putting a little light into the darkness of employee engagement. Lewis Garrad and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic wrote a Harvard Business Review blog on August 16 entitled: The Dark Side of High Employee Engagement. I encourage you to read it and to read the comments that follow the post. I appreciate the critical […]

The Real Reason You Should Be Playing Fantasy Football at Work

Nearly 75 million adults are fanatical participants in this "hobby" - here's how to use it to win new business and bond more deeply with clients.

Disappearing Jobs: 10 Jobs That Won’t Exist in 20 Years

Are worried that your job is disappearing and will soon become obsolete? Here are 10 jobs that won't exist in 20 years mainly due to technological...

Learning NLP Techniques to Improve Your Opportunities in Life

Have you ever considered using Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to improve your prospects? Maybe it's time! It could really improve your life!...

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