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Are You Glass-Half-Full? Science Says You Should Be

Research supports that optimismcan yield significant benefits. Just don't be too positive.

Are Business Leaders Partly at Fault for Brexit?

An enraged pundit tells shell-shocked business leaders to go look in the mirror.

This Bot Wants to Be Your Personal Banker

MyKai uses artificial intelligence to complete users' banking transactions on command, though it could use a few more IQ points.

How to Choose a Website Template (What's Best for Your Site?)

Choosing a website template is an important decision for every business owner. There are plenty of things to consider; from the type of website you want to build, and different features and customization options, down to the budget and your level of experience with editing templates. Show More Summary


From a meeting with a client last week: Renegade Demo (?ren????d/?dem?) - The time when you walk by an office or your cube as a leader in your company and realized your growth has outpaced your ability to properly train...


Is there a match between: What is promised and what is delivered? What is said and what is done? What is implied and what is fulfilled? What is needed and what is assigned? What is desired and what is designed?

Job Deception, Low Pay, and More

Hello! I have read your posts for years now and finally decided I had a problem worth your time. I am a Sr.Supervisor in Supply Chain with 16 direct reports spread out over two departments. When I interviewed and negotiated it was for the job over one of the two departments with 8 direct report. […]

Best Practices: Relocation and Trailing Spouses – Ask #HR Bartender

Last week, I answered a reader note about telecommuting that contained a comment about being a trailing spouse. Here’s the note to refresh your memory. My husband is being put on a project in India for three months for work (we currently live in California) and his employer is taking care of our Visas. Show More Summary

How a Bunch of Real Estate Investors Got Sephora to Buy Lipstick

The founder of Milk didn't always see eye to eye with his business partners. Here's how he was able to win them over and realize his vision.

This Book About Olympic Success Should Be on Your Summer Reading List

Carolyn Mazzenga, partner-in-charge at accounting firm Marcum LLP, explains why a non-fiction book about the 1936 American crew team is an invaluable resource for leaders.

Should You Tell the Boss You’re Looking for Another Job?

You want to be honest to your boss and colleagues that you're about to leave them for another job. Should you wait and spring the news on them at the last minute or be open about your search? ZipRecruiter's CEO says remember 4 things before fessing up.

Want to Win People's Trust? This TEDx Speaker Says Do This 1 Thing

Want to build trust faster with anyone you meet? You only need to do this: story whispering.

Self-Promotion For The Introverted Freelancer

Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom, introverted creative freelancers lived and worked in peace. Clients communicated their projects by email once a month, with a mid-month review, and otherwise the kingdom was silent (save for the sound of keyboards and mouse clicks). Show More Summary

How to Resolve Emotionally Charged Conflicts

Last month I was talking with a client and we weren’t seeing eye to eye. I wanted them to try some new ideas because I wanted to see if we could improve our results. They were resistant. I don’t want to give too much detail away, but we hit an impasse. Of course we stayed […]

Recognizing the Power of Regramming in Relationship Building

Unlike Twitter where snappy witticisms and continual tweets are the key to staying on top, Instagram is a bit different. Sure, there are words that can be used to enhance the photos you post, but the medium itself revolves solely around how enticing your images are. Show More Summary

Quote of the Day

Decisions are largely determined by existing skills. - Richard Tanner Pascale

General George C. Marshall: Soldier of Peace

George C. Marshall was one of the most extraordinary individuals to have lived during the twentieth century. Born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, in 1880 and trained at the Virginia Military Institute, Marshall was a career military manShow More Summary

8 Best Industries for Women Founders in 2016

Many women have found success starting businesses in these fast-growing fields.

1 Rule All Leaders Should Practice: Addition By Subtraction

As a manager, entrepreneur or CEO, you have to move bad people out. Only then can your company truly achieve growth and success.

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