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You, Steve Carell, Will Ferrell, and Seth Rogen?

“We made up all our lines,” Seth Rogen remembered of Apatow’s 2005 flick, “The 40-Year-Old-Virgin.” A lot of the stuff was just us talking to each other and trying to make each other laugh, knowing that we had the freedom to say whatever we wanted. Show More Summary

How to Work With a Spouse or Partner

If you work with your significant other, make sure to establish clear roles.

Why India Is the Land of Rising Entrepreneurship

The U.S. boasts 23 million small businesses; with 48 million India has more than twice as many, but securing financing is an issue.

6 Toxic Beliefs That Will Ruin Your Career

Your self-talk has a bigger influence on your performance than you realize.

Navigating a Personal Friendship at Work

Here's another reader question from I work in a small credit union as a temp with a close friend who has been watching me closely at the office. How do I keep work separate from social? I know she...

Miscellaneous and Fast

"Red Army": The trailer. Tanmay Vora: "Hector and the Search for Happiness." Seth Godin: Companies and the "please go away" strategy. Business Pundit: 10 inspirational tree house offices. Peter Wehner on "smart diplomacy." "Against the Sun": The trailer. Show More Summary

Here's Your Late New Year's Resolution: Stop Being Anonymous on LinkedIn....

A simple resolution for sure. Stop being anonymous on LinkedIn. You're being private for the sake of being private, HR/recruiting/talent pro. You're not strategic, you're a hermit. Here's how it works. You're cruising around LinkedIn, looking at people's profiles, for...

The 10 Most-Watched Super Bowl Ads of All Time

Want your company's ad to go viral online? Learn from the best by watching the most successful Super Bowl commercials in history.

4 Tips for When the Prospect Says No

Prospect or buyer rejection is a hot topic among authors, consultants and trainers in the selling space. But handling this common situation is easier than most salespeople think. Here are four no-nonsense tips to keep the sales process on track when a prospect says no.

Do evil HR people ever get busted?

Hi! Love your blog. On the heels of being figuratively kicked down the stairs by another great employer and potential supervisor via another truly evil HR lady, do they EVER get in trouble for the way they treat recruits? This one was so bad it’s practically a cartoon. She was wearing a see through shirt […]

Your Facebook Likes Could Keep You From Getting Hired

What you like on Facebook can determine whether or not you get a job. The New York Times reports that a new study shows computer models can determine your character based on your Facebook likes. Seems innocuous enough, but that … More...Show More Summary

Hidden Impatience

We don't scream or pound on counters but there is an inner groan and sometimes a rage and many unspoken statements such as "An appointment at 11:00 does not mean 11:02 or 11:25" or "A three-week completion time for something which could...Show More Summary

What You Should Consider Before Rehiring Employees

Hiring a former employee can seem like a great idea. However, before you skip the recruiting process, consider these drawbacks and red flags first. The post What You Should Consider Before Rehiring Employees appeared first on Brazen Life.

Working Around

He was working around meetings, phone calls, emails, interruptions, crises, and conferences until he realized those just might be part of his work.

How to Be In My Next Big Book

The 4-Hour Workweek is coming up on its 10th anniversary in a few years (insane), and the time is ripe for a killer companion.  Therefore… My next book will be a monstrous encyclopedia of success stories from readers of The 4-Hour Workweek.  There are innumerable stories I couldn’t have predicted. Taking multiple companies to IPO? Getting to the Super […]

Questions To Ask Before Starting Your Own Business

Everyone loves the idea of becoming their own boss but unfortunately, not everyone is suitable for becoming an entrepreneur. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. As you can see from the statistics, becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy path. Show More Summary

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