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In 1805, England had a problem. Napoleon had conquered big chunks of Europe and planned the invasion of England. But to cross the Channel, he needed to wrest control of the sea away from the English. Off the southwest coast of Spain, the French and Spanish combined fleet of thirty-three ships met the smaller British fleet of twenty-seven ships. Show More Summary

San Diego District Attorney Still Has Marijuana Entrepreneur's Family's Cash Without Charging Entrepreneur With a Crime

The San Diego District Attorney's office says it hasuntil June to file a forfeiture action against the family's money, but the defense says the statute of limitations has passed

ASK THE CAPITALIST: Are "Acting" or "Interim" Titles Ever A Good Idea?

A reader asks... Hi Kris - Do you have an opinion on the use of “acting” in title? A situation has come up where two ppl in an org would be made “acting”…one person – we’ll call her Abby -...

Top 10 Funny Office Rules To Live By

Are you failing to make a good impression in the workplace? Do you need to get ahead at work? We have just the advice you need! Follow these funny, yet...

Remembering Gene Pitney

Gene Pitney, like the great Roy Orbison, deserves to be better known by the young. Anderson Layman's Blog has one of his hit songs.

TrueCar Reports $8 Million Loss

The automotive pricing website had a rough final quarter of 2016.

Political Hypocrisy

Jonathan Bethune : Why Both The Left and The Right Are Political Hypocrites.

Expert: IBM Made the Right Move in Forcing Everyone Into the Office

Last week, IBM told employees that full-time telecommuting was done and everyone would need to work in one of six offices. I strongly denounced this change as short-sighted. Bruce Hall, President and CMO of Eureka! Inventing, disagreed with me. Show More Summary

Shopify Backlash Shows Even Second-Degree Trump Ties Can Be Trouble

The e-commerce platform's CEO wants to remain neutral, but protesters on both sides of the political aisle won't allow that.


Let us sit somewhere comfortable and question why the police officer who entered a strange apartment behaved properly when there was the chance that a maniac with a shotgun might suddenly emerge from a backroom. Let us sip some wine and shake our heads at the combat leader's decision to call in an artillery strike. Show More Summary

How to Avoid an Office Romance

Chocolates have just been delivered anonymously to your desk and the feeling of dread sinks in… they are most definitely from a co-worker...

What’s Your Personal BHAG for 2017?

Have you set yours yet? If yes, how’s it going? If not, now is a good time to consider your BHAG for 2017. What is a BHAG? If you read the seminal book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins this will not be a new term to you. If you haven’t gotten around to reading … Read the Rest ?

Quote of the Day

Know that joy is rarer, more difficult, and more beautiful than sadness. Once you make this all-important discovery, you must embrace joy as a moral obligation. - Andre Gide

Online Forms Are a Step In the Right Direction – Friday Distraction

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Kronos, a leading provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions. Kronos recently announced that they’ve been officially certified as a great workplace by the Great Place to Work Institute. Show More Summary

Here's What We Know (and What We Don't) About Republicans' Plan to Replace Obamacare

Donald Trump strives to fulfill promise to swiftly replace Affordable Care Act with something else.

101 Quotes From the Most Successful Americans Ever (All With One Big Thing in Common)

Hint: they were all elected to the highest office in the land. Also, it's President's Day.

Art Break: Beltran Masses

Art Contrarian looks at the work of Federico Beltran Masses.

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