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Who Would Deliberately Ruin a $1M Car?

Back in November 2009, Andy Lee House of Lufkin, Texas claimed that he accidentally swerved his car while reaching for his cell phone (and being distracted by a pelican) and ended up in Gulf Bay near Galveston, flooding the car’s … More » The post Who Would Deliberately Ruin a $1M Car? appeared first on EveryJoe.


It’s easy to take electricity for granted. When we plug something in, it usually works. If it doesn’t, the problem probably isn’t with the outlet (though I have had that happen). Our electric system has been around for well over a century, which is why it’s so reliable. However, keeping it up to date still […]

Jerk of the Day: CEO Caught on Camera Kicking a Puppy

Desmond Hague, a multimillionaire CEO, was caught on surveillance video repeatedly kicking a doberman puppy. And that is enough to give him the title of EveryJoe “Jerk of the Day.” This asshole was caught on tape in an elevator in … More » The post Jerk of the Day: CEO Caught on Camera Kicking a Puppy appeared first on EveryJoe.

LinkedIn Profile Review: Glen [Aired 8/26/14]

In this episode, J.T. reviews the profile of Glen and shows viewers what it is that Glen needs to change in order to improve his profile. Don’t miss out on this informative episode of LinkedIn Labs. Want to submit your profile for review on LinkedIn Labs? Please submit your profile URL and explanation of why we should... Show More Summary

Up Your Job Search Game: 6 Things You Must Do to Get Hired

With fierce competition for jobs, you’ve got to stand out. Try one -- or all -- of these ways to come out on top. The post Up Your Job Search Game: 6 Things You Must Do to Get Hired appeared first on Brazen Life.

How "Trolling" Social Media can Better Your Business

Frank Sorrentino, CEO of ConnectOne Bank, explains how staying tuned into social media can impact your day.

10 Ways President Obama Can Take Executive Action on Immigration that Protects Workers' Rights Now

Emilio Garcia began working for U.S. Fibers in South Carolina in April 2010 as a maintenance worker. He worked 12-hour shifts with only a 30-minute lunch break because his wife and children depend on him. Garcia said that from the very beginning he and other workers were humiliated by management. Conditions were so bad that […]

Should I leave Before my Working Notice is up?

Elaine Varelas offers advice as to why leaving a company before your working notice is up may not be the best option.

Random Thoughts

Flawed people cause problems and flawed people solve them.The idea that we should reform ourselves before reforming the world is a formula for paralysis because personal reformation is never-ending. A constant chore in any civilized society is to keep the barbarians from setting fire to the library. Show More Summary

Probing questions for your change management candidate

The methodology topic is a great one to use when interviewing potential change management consultants. My experience is that there’s a large group of “change” consultants who are merely rebranded MarCom (marketing communications) types. Challenge them to give you an example of how they used a change methodology. Bonus points if they can discuss how […]

Learning the Hard Way

John E. Smith at The Strategic Learner has three important lessons about leadership. If you regard enthusiasm as a key part of your leadership style, be sure to check it out.

The Problem with Using Personality Tests for Hiring

What works, what doesn’t, and why most HR managers don’t know the difference.

Announcing Woohoo Labs – our research division

We’re conducting 3 different and really cool studies right now. Which is why we’re proud to announce the inauguration of … drumroll please … Woohoo Labs is our research division and currently consists of 1 full-time employee and two interns. Expect cool things.

Best way to boomerang back to an old job

What do LeBron James and Steve Jobs have in common? They both returned to companies they had worked for previously. (And yes, a sports team is a company and it is job.) Steve Jobs did so with great success. How LeBron James does remains to be seen. Many of us have jobs that we left for one reason or […]

TASE ME FOR ART: More On Sheeple In Your Organization....

Sheeple (rhymes with and used as a replacement for "people") - People unable to think for themselves. Followers. Lemmings. Those with no cognitive abilities of their own. We've talked about Sheeple here before. You know them well. Something bad happens...

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