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Responsibility and Introspection

Nationwide news coverage of the rioting in Milwaukee following the Aug. 13 death of 23-year-old Sylville Smith in a police confrontation has focused on the torched buildings, gunfire and scorched shells of cars. Yet the most important voice and powerful message amid this tragedy has largely been ignored. Show More Summary

I Quit Freelancing

Freelancing happened to me. I don’t remember ever deciding to be a freelance writer. I don’t think I gave it much thought. Over the course of six months I moved across the world (from New York to Tel Aviv), moved apartments three times, learned a new language, made a new group of friends, and was […] The post I Quit Freelancing appeared first on The nuSchool.

What Is the Best Time to Schedule a Job Interview – Ask #HR Bartender

We’ve talked a lot here about the do’s and don’ts of job search including LinkedIn profile tips, resume resources, and following-up after a job interview. This question is a new one: Hi Sharlyn. Do you know if there is any advantageShow More Summary

Quote of the Day

I am almost frightened by the vitality these Germans show after what they've undergone. I believe, once they've been given the word GO, they'll have a bridge over the Rhine in three months, and that in a short time their output of steel will be huge. - British colonel, the Ruhr, May 2, 1945 [Quoted in The Pride and The Fall by Correlli Barnett]

7 Toys & Games That Can Help Make Your Children Smarter

Here are seven toys and games that can help make your children smarter

7 Insanely Creative Business Plan Templates

Even the greatest new business idea needs to stand out to win support from investors.

Why You Don't Need to Apologize for Being Competitive

Don't let all that nonsense about "collaboration" keep you from keeping your eyes on the prize.

Don’t Break Your Heart: Tips and Supplements to Maintain a Healthy Heart

You can do so many things to keep your heart healthy and it's the right thing to do! It's the body’s power station! Supplements might just be for...

This company forces a random employee to take 2 weeks off every month

This is just too cool: Every month, financial-services company Motley Fool selects a random employee who gets 2 weeks off and $1,000. Their mission is to spend those two weeks on whatever they want with zero contact with the office. They do this to show employees that it’s OK to balance work and life and not overwork yourself to death. Show More Summary

Top Workplace Incentives to Attract the Best Employees [infographic]

Job perks can be the deciding factor if you are trying to attract top talent! But what business has the best perks? It must be one of these companies!...

Jobs With the Happiest Employees

Some note job satisfaction as probably the biggest consideration when choosing a career or a life-long profession, because you'll do it for 40+ years...

The Best Action Words to Use on Your CV to Get the Job

Knowing what to put into a CV can be tricky. Even the words you use can make a huge difference. So it's important! Consider using these action words!...

How to Get Noticed for a Job Before You Submit Your CV

A CV is just a marketing tool that you use as a jobseeker to get hired. What you do apart from that is what counts. If you want...

21 Tips to Nail Your Next Job Interview [Infographic]

Interviews are one of the worst parts of the job search process, some would say the worst. Do you prepare properly? These simple tips could help a lot!...

3 Ways to Innovate Like an Olympian at the Office

Guest bloggers Dr. Mario Moussa and Dr. Derek Newberry are the authors of Committed Teams: Three Steps to Inspiring Passion and Performance. Dr. Moussa teaches in the Executive Programs at Wharton School of Executive Education. Dr. Newberry...Show More Summary

5 Secrets Savvy Job Seekers DON’T Want You To Know

5 Secrets Savvy Job Seekers DON’T Want You To Know CAREEREALISM What do savvy job seekers do that you don’t? Here are some strategic habits you should start adding to your job search routine... The post 5 Secrets Savvy Job Seekers DON’T Want You To Know appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

Baseball Player Hits Grand Slam, Smashes His Own Windshield

Brandon Thomas, center fielder for the Gateway Grizzlies, hit a grand slam in the third inning of his game on Sunday to put his team ahead. What he didn’t realize at the time was he also smashed the windshield of … More » The post Baseball Player Hits Grand Slam, Smashes His Own Windshield appeared first on EveryJoe.

First Paragraph

On June 25, 1996, Bill Griffin, age twenty-six, was ambushed in a drive-by shooting and became one of more than 350 young black men who are killed in street violence each year in our nation's capital. Black-on-black murders in Washington,...Show More Summary

You Can Find the Courage to Change

Walk on hot coals, hot sand, slippery moss - just do something to shake yourself loose - and find better ways to respond to life's challenges.

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