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A Step-by-Step Guide To Getting On The Front Page of Google

Getting on the first page of Google is never an easy task. Nevertheless, it can be done in the long-term if you play by Google's rules.

Employee Engagement: Who is Your People Artist?

People Artists draw out the best in others. It is our debt. The debt we owe to the people who drew out the best in us. In the 48 second video below an attendee at the HRPA conference in Toronto acknowledges her People Artist. Watch the video and imagine you are in front of the camera asked to answer the following question: […]

How the Carolina Panthers fired ahead without firing anyone

The Super Bowl-bound team is getting attention for doing something unusual for the NFL

Advocate and Adversary Gumbo

I spent part of this morning writing an insightful analysis of a management problem and then, after reviewing my work, spent the second part writing an argument against my initial position. The paper is now being allowed to simmer. I'll return to it later and develop the solution. Thinking about it will require not thinking about it.

My Wife Had a Miscarriage and More People Should Be Talking About It

Growing up, I only knew one person who had miscarriages, and that was because she was a relative. My parents explained that it was something that happens occasionally, but since I had only one example for reference, I assumed it was rare and probably an extraordinary health issue with the potential mother. I couldn't have been more wrong.

U.S. Adds Just 151,000 Jobs in January

The U.S. saw fewer jobs added last month than in recent months, but gains were still enough for the unemployment rate to reach the lowest level since February 2008.

Dilemma of the Month: Professional Work on Your Personal Cell

I work at a marketing company and often work long hours. Sometimes issues come up outside of the office, and I frequently find myself using my cellphone (and personal computer) for work — sometimes to field client calls, but often from my supervisors as well. I’ve tried to discuss with my boss the potential for […]

Teamwork for the Win

It’s game time! The Super Bowl brings a lot of thing to mind: expensive ads, decadent appetizers…and teamwork. Teamwork is as essential to your professional career as it is to a winning season on the field. And organized sports are … [Read more...] The post Teamwork for the Win appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.

The Virtue of Small Groups

An easy question: All things being equal in terms of the mix of talent, which group is likely to be more successful: one that has five members or one that has fifteen? The smaller group is likely to do better because: Fewer people, fewer ego problems. Show More Summary

Mastering the LinkedIn Private View

Who’s been looking at your LinkedIn Profile? What LinkedIn Profiles have you been looking at? There are three options for LinkedIn profile privacy. This LinkedIn option is part of the Privacy Settings that allows you to determine how...Show More Summary

Super Bowl Sunday Leads to Sick Day Monday [infographic] – Friday Distraction

This weekend is the Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. The game is expected to draw at least 100 million viewers, making it one of the most watched events in U.S. television. Even if you don’t like football,...Show More Summary

Quote of the Day

When we plant a seed, we don't keep digging up the soil to see if it's growing. - Susan Santucci

Crack Open Work With The Employee Engagement Six Pack

We are personally responsible for our own engagement. Even if we accept, personal responsibility for engagement and we have the will to engage, we can benefit from the skills of engagement. Learn the skills of: With Treasure Trigger Study Foster Play Access my latest post on the Halogen TalentSpace blog, click here. Get the employee engagement six […]

My Boss Asked Me to Resign

I am a middle manager without a union who has been told that because of poor job performance, I would need to step down. My boss had offered me a lower level position that I do not wish to fill as I don’t want to work for them any longer. I asked my boss to […]

True Or False? Do I Need These Things On My Resume?

True Or False? Do I Need These Things On My Resume? CAREEREALISM There are a lot of things people add on their resume when they don't need them. These are the things you should and shouldn't include on the resume. The post True Or False? Do I Need These Things On My Resume? appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

Two NYPD Officers Shot, Suspect Dead

Two NYPD officers were shot on Thursday night in the Bronx. Fortunately the cops – one male and one female – are in good condition with non-life-threatening injuries. The shooter, however, is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. “So far, … More » The post Two NYPD Officers Shot, Suspect Dead appeared first on EveryJoe.

Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton: Who's the Right Choice for Businesses?

The race to become the Democratic Party's nominee for president is down to two. Here's how the candidates positions on business issues compare.

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