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Is your Job search Failing? Or are you Failing your Job Search?

Elaine Varelas offers advice as to when you hit a wall with your job search.

5 Ways To Avoid Pissing Off Your New Coworkers

You’re the new kid in school or the new employee at a company, you want to build a lot bridges as soon as you can to make your transition easy. Unfortunately, a lot of new hires end up irritating and … More » 5 Ways To Avoid PissingShow More Summary

Communication While in Transition

Disclaimer: My professional background is not in the field of communication, but I still have some opinions. Certainly, the cliché “It’s not what you know but whom you know” is often true. However, when people are in transition, I would...Show More Summary

Mobile app is noteworthy for composing music on the fly

Even with low-ceilings and cement walls, she can get a raw recording on her iPhone that still sounds almost like it was professionally mixed in a recording studio.

Poll: Do you think job boards are an effective way to job search?

Do you think job boards are an effective way to job search? Please take our quick poll! We're collecting data to provide better services to you. The post Poll: Do you think job boards are an effective way to job search? appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

After the bombs

A Syrian computer scientist describes her professional life before the war and her efforts to rebuild her career and a future for her family in Europe.

Four Ways To Get Your Global Team To Gel

Leaders are increasingly managing global teams -- and finding it hard to get right. Here are four steps to make sure your global team gels, and performs.

One Bedtime Trick to Supercharge Your Mornings

Joel Holland, founder of Video Blocks, describes his routine of writing down his biggest goals before going to bed.

These 7 Quotes from Taylor Swift Will Make You Work Your Ass Off

These quotes from the phenomenally successful Taylor Swift will inspire you to work harder.

Art Break: Klimt

Art Contrarian discusses this unusual Gustav Klimt painting of houses and reveals what the painting sold for at auction. I like it. How much would you have bid?

3 Power Plays Millennials Can Use To Avoid An Epic Career Fail

Millennials have the potential to catapult their careers, they just need to leverage this...

Apple, Microsoft and Google Offer Tablets To Type On

The tablet was once set apart from the laptop by not including a keyboard. Now, the three dominant tablet system software companies are bringing new tablets to market with companion keyboards made to work seamlessly with their devic...

Would You Rather Have High Trust/Marginal Talent or High Talent/Marginal Trust?

That's a loaded/trick question. You probably reacted to that by thinking, "we have nothing if we don't have trust". To me, I'm not sure - I think it depends on your definition of trust. Do you think trust is integrity...

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