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The Idea

The idea was appealing and many benefits would flow if the plan were executed but the more I listened the more disturbed I was by the fact that one of the essential requirements involved catching a unicorn or something to that effec...

Make a difference – or do something else

If you can not honestly say that your job is overall making life better for someone somewhere in some way that is meaningful to you, then you should be doing something else.

How a Coworking Space Can Help You Save Money — And Grow Your Business

Is it time to move your business out of your home or garage? Sharing an office, often called a coworking space, could be your best next step. The post How a Coworking Space Can Help You Save Money — And Grow Your Business appeared first on Brazen Life.

Quote of the Day

Goodness is easier to recognize than to define. - W. H. Auden

What’s Usually Negotiable in Typical Job Offer, What’s Not

Great News! You’ve got a new job offer from a great company! Now comes the hard part... negotiating various elements of the offer to make sure you will be getting the best deal for yourself. (You can be absolutely assured that the hiring...Show More Summary

5 basic things your website needs to gain visitors' trust

Don't overlook the basics of your website--you may be turning your visitors off.

4 Things We've Learned From This Year's 30 Under 30

Here are the biggest startup trends driven by this year's 30 top under-30 founders.

Networking Meetings Shouldn’t Be “All Take and No Give”

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is an excerpt from my book, “Essential Meeting Blueprints for Managers.” The book is available on Amazon in hard copy and Kindle, in the iTunes store, and directly from the publisher.” Networking meetings are about giving. Show More Summary

Please put down your phone

I’m a member of the management team (3 of us who directly report to the CEO), in a start-up company with 12 people. Our office is very casual, but we work really hard. We’re not strict about start times or dress codes or lunch breaks. I would truly describe everyone at the company as an […]

We now have Woohoo Partners in 10 countries

A short while ago we announced our new Partner program. The basic idea is simple: You can get access to all of the materials that we have created and refined over the years with clients like LEGO, Microsoft, IKEA and Shell and use them to  go create happy workplaces. You can use all of these … Continue reading We now have Woohoo Partners in 10 countries ?

How a Lean CEO Thinks and Why You Should Too

The Lean CEO by Jacon Stoller gets to the thinking behind why Lean management works. I think "Lean" is a poor moniker to give the approach. It tends to make people think of cost-cutting or how to get the most work out of the fewest number of people. Show More Summary

3 Tips On Using Direct Mail In Your Job Search

Who thinks to send a resume via snail mail anymore? In some instances of the job search, direct mail may help you get noticed even more. Here's why... The post 3 Tips On Using Direct Mail In Your Job Search appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

3 Tips For Reducing Turnover At Your Company

Is your company losing talent? Are your employees quitting and moving on to your competitors? Here are some tips for reducing turnover at your company. The post 3 Tips For Reducing Turnover At Your Company appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

10 Companies Hiring Like Crazy in April

Awesome companies with awesome open positions? In our world, that’s called having our cake and eating it too. And the icing on top is that these companies not only have open positions—they have a lot of them. Read below to find your perfect fit, and then find your next job today. 1. Show More Summary

9 Real Reasons Overqualified Job Seekers are Rejected

If you've ever been told you're overqualified, this is for you. Being rejected is never fun. Being rejected for a job you wanted is not even close to being fun. But being rejected for a job you wanted because they said you're overqualified is a special kind of aggravation. Show More Summary

The Spiritual Path of Veganism

At the time of this writing, I’ve been vegan for more than 18 years (vegetarian for 22 years). I’ve already written about transitioning to veganism, which I did during the 1990s. This time I’ll share some thoughts and feelings aboutShow More Summary

The Call For Corporate Courage

Courage is a trait that seems sorely lacking in leadership. If you want to instill more of it in your organization -- and yourself -- here's a plan to grow corporate courage.

Why open offices aren’t the answer

Kristen had finally landed her dream job as an auditor for a large San Francisco-based managed care consortium. She was ecstatic. She loved the position’s competitive pay, ample vacation and parking reimbursement. Things couldn’t have been any better — that is, until her first day on the job when her supervisor ushered her over to

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