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As You Prepare for the Coming Week

I hereby declare this to be the official song of the summer Olympics. Be sure to order your white suit and shoes.


I periodically link to this mini-series from 1986: An admirable spoof on "Dallas." Note the cast. Hard to resist a program with characters named Talon and Torch.

COMIC CON The Musical

From Nerdist Presents. Our Man at Comic Con will be providing a review. It's his fourth year there and he told me he'll be disguised as an old man. Wait. That was also his disguise last year. [HT: Lou Rodarte]

7 Easy Ways To Up Your Energy—Without Coffee

I hate coffee and I never get enough restful sleep. That’s a bad combination, right? Yes, yes it is. But it’s not a damning one, because there are alternative ways to cope that won’t end with you getting hit on … More » 7 Easy Ways To...Show More Summary

The Pokemon Go Craze

The Execupundit "Pokemon Go" Checklist: Start with Cultural Offering's observations. Trip over a park bench. Then check FutureLawyer's giddiness re liability here and here. Step on a squirrel. Go back to the Althouse post re the controversy on where to play it. Show More Summary

The Ultimate Nerd Show

I just discovered that there is a documentary on "The Making of Robot Wars." When it was on television, the script in our household usually followed this pattern: I would watch the program and my wife would roll her eyes. She could not appreciate its brilliance. Show More Summary

Megyn Kelly Has Some Solid Career Advice

Megyn Kelly has had enough of beauty being more important than brains. She told Ladies Home Journal, “I think we worry too much about just making ourselves pretty. Too often in my industry, young women are focused more on being … More...Show More Summary

10 Essential Characteristics of the Best Small Business Brands

What’s the difference between having a business and having a brand? Let me give you a hint: It’s the same difference between having a body and having a personality. The first is necessary for you to exist in this world. The second is what will make you stand out from the world and get ahead in it. Show More Summary

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