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Miscellaneous and Fast

Althouse: Donald Trump seeks to win over the Bernie Sanders supporters. Andrew Gold with "Lonely Boy" and "Thank You for Being a Friend." Wally Bock: By and about leaders. The Telegraph: Floods and a close vote on Brexit. FutureLawyer has a video on Wisewear: jewelry with a function. Show More Summary

Toxic People At Work? Watch This.

Research shows that 4 out of 5 of us have dealt with toxic people in the workplace. Here's why it's such a problem, and what you can do about it.

A Living Legacy

This short film from Salt River Project describes what is truly a remarkable story: how a desert area was transformed into a metropolis.

The Viennese Know It

I've posted this performance before but the tune, which was used in the classic film "Grand Hotel," kept returning to me today. I imagine that many of us find it difficult to hear the song without thinking of Greta Garbo.

Your complaints about other people tell you what you need to change in you

My husband and I are driving to cello lessons in Madison, because my son is going to a new teacher, Uri Vardi. Usually Carla would drive, because I don’t drive, and if my husband drives all the time then he will, effectively, be my driver. So I can either pay a lot of money for a...

Just To Get a Rep

As a mode of communications, the internet in general, and social media, in particular, has allowed us to connect to others in many different ways. We can share all types of happenstances in our lives and this ability can affect our lives both our personal and professional lives. Show More Summary

D-Day: June 6, 1944

Today is the anniversary of D-Day. Re-posting: This speech by historian Rick Atkinson on World War II is well worth another look.

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