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How Deep Work Can Change Your Life Forever

3 Strategies to Overcome the Distractions. How many of your work hours are wasted on distractions? Probably more than you think. Financial management service Think Money researched the question, and their findings are eye-opening. According to their 2015 report, distractions annually eat up 759 hours per worker. Show More Summary

To Le Pen or Not to Le Pen

For those of us who enjoy the intricacies of French politics, there is streaming news regarding today's election at France 24.

Miscellaneous and Fast

Matthew Lang steps back from Twitter. Eclecticity Light shows the armadillo's defense. Andrew Munro notes a great line about the Internet. The trailer for "Versailles." Ross Runkel expects 10 changes in NLRB rules. The Simpsons: Mr. Burns visits Yale.

How Do You Stand Out in Today’s Crowded Marketplace?

4 Lessons on Innovation from a Successful Female Entrepreneur. The economist Tyler Cowen says the last few decades have seen the rise of what he calls the complacent class. It may not seem like it, but the numbers show people are sticking with jobs longer, relocating rarely, and innovating less. Show More Summary

Thousands of Piece Rate Workers in California’s Salon Industry Are Likely Owed Unpaid Wages

Salon owners in California who pay employees on commission are subject to liability for failing to pay all wages due.  Under California law, “commissions” are a form of wages applicable only to an employee who sells a product or service, not to an employee who makes a product or provides a service to the employer’s […]

Europe and Its Cultures

With the French elections on the near horizon, it makes sense to revisit a brief video of Mark Steyn's perspective on multiculturalism.

4 Essential Disciplines for Getting Things Done

How to Avoid the Death of Your Project. Do you remember the last time a major initiative died in your organization? Did it go down with a loud crash, or was it slowly and quietly suffocated by competing priorities? Organizations operate within a whirlwind of activity. Show More Summary


Jonathan Pie, who was anti-Brexit, takes on the current anti-Brexit marchers. (Very R-rated) Victor Davis Hanson compares Obama and Baldwin. [I wonder how many journalism grads know anything about Stanley Baldwin.] Max Holleran on Marshall Berman's freestyle Marxism. Alice B. Lloyd on "Charging Bull" versus "Fearless Girl."

Music Break

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra in a recording session of the overture from the soundtrack of "Is Paris Burning?" Maurice Jarre was a genius.

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