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"The Dispute"

Althouse analyzes how The New York Times, once a newspaper, slants a story. "The dispute" reminds me of this film, from when it was dangerous to go to the movies.

Everything #HR Needs to Know About HCM

It’s been a while since I’ve published one of these posts. As a quick reminder, I’ve been working on a series about HR technology: the common terms and concepts that HR pros need to know. It’s amazing the things I’ve learned. I hope you feel the same. For example, one of the terms that keeps […] The post Everything #HR Needs to Know About HCM appeared first on hr bartender.

Fighting Those Who Would Squelch Free Speech

Author Mark Steyn speaking to the Institute of Public Affairs in Melbourne on the importance of protecting freedom of speech. This should be shown on American college campuses but, unfortunately, the average campus is one of the last places it would be permitted.

A 24.5 Million Dollar House by the Side of the Road

I confess to being underwhelmed by this 24.5 million dollar home in Scottsdale. Even if you have the money, less can indeed be more. [And does anyone else remember the Sam Foss poem?]

Miscellaneous and Fast

The Weekly Standard: The burkini debate in France. The trailer for " I Vitelloni." Cultural Offering on supercharged media bias. Law Latte: The solar system - to scale. The trailer for "Arrival." Wally Bock: Getting fairness right. The trailer for "Little Men." Political Calculations: The anti-junk science checklist. The trailer for "Disorder." Althouse: The death of Gawker.

Music Break

Check out the first of several offerings from the Harvest Home album by Jay Ungar and Molly Mason.

"Can We Take a Joke?"

The trailer for the documentary. There are far too many people on college campuses who think that free speech is permissible unless someone is offended. Correction: Unless someone who agrees with them is offended.

The Road to Rio

Here's hoping the Olympics in Rio are a pleasant surprise and go off without a major hitch. After hearing some of the horror stories, however, it strikes me that future event planners should consider having a couple of default locations;...Show More Summary

Phil Collins

Cultural Offering has assembled the Essential Mixes for Phil Collins. [On a related note; The "In the Air Tonight" scene from "Miami Vice."]

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