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When the Lyrics Linger

While listening to a Frank Sinatra CD last night, I was struck by the power of the lyrics and began to wonder how many of the current songwriters would be in the same league as those from the Thirties, Forties, Fifties, and Sixties. Hmm. Show More Summary

Miscellaneous and Fast

Nicholas Bate: The Simplest of Pleasures. The trailer for "Seasons." Wally Bock: Stories and Strategies from Real Life. The trailer for "Life on the Line." Andrew Munro's Blog: Be sure to check in regularly. Matt Vespa on the cost of non-teaching staff in public schools. Show More Summary

Jobs and TV Characters

Consider how our views of various lines of work have been shaped by television characters. Seinfeld's Newman provides a memorable example.

Miscellaneous and Fast

Wally Bock: By and about leaders.. The Cramped: "The Revenge of Analog." A Simple, Village Undertaker on "The Asterisk." The Sun : Health food pioneer dies at 98. Tanmay Vora: "We err. And then, we learn." The Sensory Dispensary has a lot of great things. Forbes: A profile of Jared Kushner. The trailer for "Do As I Say." Michael J. Totten on Cuba in 2014.

Five Moves To Turn Skeptics Into True Believers

Negative workers can poison the office environment, stifle change, and torpedo innovation. Here are five steps a manager can take to turn skeptics into true believers.

"Highway Patrol"

This brief clip of the beginning and the close of a "Highway Patrol" episode reveals how much our society has changed since the days when Broderick Crawford was a household name.

"Touch of Evil"

Reprise: My nominee for the greatest opening scene in the history of film. A primer on how to build tension.

Films Somewhat Connected with Thanksgiving

Obligatory turkey photo "Broadway Danny Rose" "The New World" "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" "Pieces of April" "Home for the Holidays" [Full disclosure: I have only seen one of these films.Guess which one.]

Miscellaneous and Fast

Bloomberg: Fillon as a French Thatcherite? Visa Check Card: The Donald Trump Commercial. Ford has an autism hiring program. The trailer for "I Am Not Madame Bovary." The trailer for "Allied." Law Latte: Flying with the Blue Angels. For the college students out there: CheapestTextbooks and TextbookRentals.

Miscellaneous and Fast

Reprise of Mitchell and Webb: Their classic Nazi succession scene. Rob Long on Benedict Cumberbatch's accent in "Dr. Strange." Althouse: Kanye West, political philosopher. Bloomberg: Ford says it is keeping its Lincoln SUV production line in Kentucky Michael Barone analyzes the Clinton campaign. Independent: Harriet Marsden reports on intolerance in Britain.

Early Dylan

Here is proof that even the soon-to-be mega-famous had days when people wise-guyed around in the background and an old man leaned on the piano.

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