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Lawmaker urges SEC to investigate Yahoo hack

Sen. Mark Warner questions whether internet company moved quickly enough to disclose massive data breach

A vodka with a kick -- but also less toxic?

Bellion Vodka contains a compound that its developer claims can protect drinkers from liver damage

Commentary: Why America's economic rebound has been so slow

Here's a hint: It's not because of tax increases, government regulations or Obamacare. Here's another: Look at Congress

Speculation Matters More in the Price of Oil Than NPR Tells You

We have seen a number of sharp swings in oil prices over the last two decades. Clearly the underlying fundamentals of the market are the main factor in determining the price, but the fact that Wall Street types spend tens of billions of dollars speculating on the stuff can also play a role. NPR assured us otherwise in a Morning Edition segment today. Show More Summary

Conceptual challenges in international finance

41 minutes agoBusiness & Finance / Economics : Vox

Working with the wrong accounting classifications can lead to wrong conclusions in any area of economics. But it is especially treacherous in international finance, due to the importance of key currencies and the operations of multinational firms, especially global banks. Show More Summary

Why a Banking Crisis in China Seems Unavoidable

Another alarm about the danger that China's rapid increase in private debt poses to its banks.

Main Street Sucker Punched on the Housing “Recovery” – Now Fed Left No Way Out

Whether you think there has been a housing “recovery” or not is a matter of perspective. Sales are indeed up 117% since the 2010 low, but that low was literally the worst level in the history of this data (since 1963) as a percentage of population growth. Show More Summary

Bye-bye covered interest parity

Covered interest parity is close to a physical law in international finance, yet it has been consistently violated since the Global Crisis. Violations since 2014, once banks had strengthened their balance sheets and regained easy access to funding, are especially puzzling. Show More Summary

The objectives of financial stability policy

The objective of financial stability policy is unclear. Is it the resilience of the financial system, avoiding the costs of systemic collapse, or managing the credit cycle, containing the costs of resource misallocation and over-indebtedness?...Show More Summary

Beating America’s Health-Care Monopolists: Fresh at Project Syndicate

J. Bradford DeLong and Michael M. DeLong: _[Beating America’s Health-Care Monopolists][1]_: BERKELEY – The United States’ Affordable Care Act (ACA), President Barack Obama’s signature 2010 health-care reform, has significantly increased the need for effective antitrust enforcement in health-insurance markets. Despite recent good news on this front, the odds remain stacked...

Wells Fargo CEO, executives will forfeit tens of millions in bonuses

Bank says CEO John Stumpf and the executive who ran the consumer banking division will forfeit huge bonuses as it tries to stem a scandal over its sales practices

Stock market gives Clinton the win in first debate against Trump

CBS News breaks down the political implications associated with a weakening Mexican peso

Reports of plastic prompt recall of Tyson chicken nuggets

Meat producer says more than 132,000 pounds of possibly contaminated food sold at Costco stores nationwide

Debate showed how divisive trade has become

In an angry election year, issue resonates with many American voters, threatening a pillar of U.S. policy since World War II

DB Stock Hits a Record Low (and Our Puts Are Up 166%)

After DB stock fell below $12 this week, our readers cleaned up 166%. It's not too late to play Deutsche Bank's fall. The post DB Stock Hits a Record Low (and Our Puts Are Up 166%) was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

The Next Stock Market Crash Could Be Caused by the Fed

As widely expected, the U.S. Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged at its September FOMC meeting. The post The Next Stock Market Crash Could Be Caused by the Fed was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

The heat on Wells Fargo is starting to scorch

The scandal is already spawning lawsuits and could soon lead to clawed-back pay from top execs or even CEO Stumpf's firing

Lawler: Renter Share of Single-Family Market Declined Slightly in 2015

From housing economist Tom Lawler:Data from the 2015 American Community Survey suggest thatFor the first time since 2006, the number of single-family housing units occupied by renters declined slightly last year. The share of occupied...Show More Summary

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