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5 Things to Watch on the Economic Calendar

Next week’s economic calendar is as crowded as the Republican field of presidential candidates. Take the time to watch for these five items.

GM, Subaru models added to Takata air bag recall

Another 435,000 vehicles said to be equipped with inflators that can spew shrapnel into passenger compartment

Margin Debt: Another Zombie Hits Town Hall…

So you've seen this evidence of how global real economic debt is now greater than it was before the crisis... and you have by now learned this on how debt levels and debt growth rates are distributed globally. And now, a new instalment in the Debt...

Fannie Mae: Mortgage Serious Delinquency rate declined in April, Lowest since September 2008

Fannie Mae reported today that the Single-Family Serious Delinquency rate declined in April to 1.73% from 1.78% in March. The serious delinquency rate is down from 2.13% in April 2014, and this is the lowest level since September 2008. Show More Summary

Five Chicago Suburbs Headed for Bankruptcy (More Illinois Cities Will Follow)

Illinois House Bill 298 would allow Illinois municipalities to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. That bill is endorsed by Governor Bruce Rauner, and currently rests in the house rules committee.As soon as Illinois passes Bill 298, a number...Show More Summary

?The rise of the geriatric criminal

Aging populations and poverty appear to be contributing to a surge in crime by the elderly

Wisconsin GOP Targets Faculty Tenure

From Greg Neumann/WKOW: “JFC” is Joint Finance Committee. The text of the motion is here. Stein and Herzog/Journal Sentinel here.

'It Would be a Mistake to Raise the Target Range for the Fed Funds Rate in 2015'

The conclusion of the most recent speech by Narayana Kocherlakota, President Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis I am an economist, and economics is often, with good reason, called the “dismal” science. But my message to you today is one of...

WARNING: The June Obamacare Ruling Will Impact Millions in These States

"When you hear the words, 'death spiral' and 'health insurance' in the same sentence, this is what they're talking about."

Business Executives are NOT experts in Economics

Excuse this pet peeve, but for some reason, when a business executive is interviewed on CNBC (and elsewhere), they are asked about economics in addition to their assumed areas of expertise. News flash: Business executives are NOT experts...Show More Summary

Chicago PMI Unexpectedly Crashes: New Orders, Production and Employment Down by More Than 10%

Unexpected Chicago PMI CrashLooking for signs of strength? You will not find them in today's Chicago PMI report.The Bloomberg Consensus estimate was for a 53.1 expansion reading. Instead, the PMI came in at 46.2, well below the bottom...Show More Summary

Jobless Claims Stay At Bubble Record Pace

The headline, fictional, seasonally adjusted (SA) number of initial unemployment claims for last week came in at 282,000 on Thursday. The Wall Street economist crowd consensus guess was 274,000. We’re not interested in the expectations game. Instead, we focus on the actual trend. Actual claims were 251,435, which is another record low for the week. The actual weekly…

Consumer service lacking as cable firms consolidate

Charter says customer care will only get better if its bid for Time Warner Cable goes through, but critics have their doubts

Bank CEO warns of job cuts if interest rates don't move

Low interest rates affect a key profitability measure for banks: Net interest margin, and the interest they pay depositors and other lenders

If You Drop Your Air Conditioner Out the Window, the Only Thing That Matters Is Whether You Hurt Anyone

"This is the story of every New Yorker's worst nightmare happening to me," writes Jessica Roy in Daily Intelligencer. Bedbug infestation? Low Uber rating? Plutocrat rats the size of cats gentrifying your neighborhood? Nope: Every New...Show More Summary

2:00PM Water Cooler 5/29/15

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. 2016 Sanders DNC helpfully sending out Sanders mail, even though it’s a wholly owned subsidiary of the Clinton campaign [Talking Points Memo]. Note to “sheep dog” theorists: This is the sort of evidence you can sink your teeth into. Sanders oppo emerges: Tri-partite 1972 essay on male-female relationships [Mother Jones]. […]

Why Should We Worry About Stock Bubbles?

(May 29, 2015 02:42 PM, by David Henderson) A number of commenters on my proposed bet with Bob Murphy seem to have missed the point. Rather than respond to each of them in comments that I know few people will read, I'm responding here. Various people have argued... (0 COMMENTS)

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