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Silicon Valley bus drivers OK $27.50 hourly wage

The newly unionized workers have a deal from Compass Transportation, which is passing it to Apple, Yahoo and others to approve

#CBSNBusiness: August 4, 2015

No federal bailout for Puerto Rico, auto sales are up, New York state looks to ban toy guns, airlines ban shipping of trophy animals and more

AT&T first to combine cell phone, TV service

The telecom giant is hitting speed dial after its big merger with DirecTV

ATMs are becoming fatter targets for bad guys

Even as cards meant to be more secure are starting to come out, attacks on cash machines are now at a 20-year high

CFPB goes after Canadian payday lenders

They're accused of violating U.S. lending laws by charging fees and interest in excess of state limits

U.S. factory orders advance 1.8 percent in June

Government report shows increased demand for manufactured goods, but jump fueled by a volatile commercial aircraft sector

Cheap yen, cost cuts give Toyota a boost

But it sold about 127,000 fewer vehicles compared to last year, at 2.1 million vehicles during the quarter

4 things Facebook is doing to stay on top

In its quest to get even bigger, the massive social network is developing its strategy along several fronts

?Why sharing Amazon Prime just got tougher

Bad news, roomies: The online retailer is limiting the number of adults who can share one Prime account

How I'm rebuilding my credit after bankruptcy

Tracy is rebuilding his credit for the second time -- it's a long haul but despite numerous obstacles, he's not giving up

Twists and turns in ride- and car-sharing insurance

These services appeal to lots of car owners and people who need to get somewhere, but who pays when something goes wrong?

One interest group stands out in lobbying Congress

As the political season revs up, the money spent on courting lawmakers is increasing -- are such expenditures out of control?

So Tom Hayes Is Guilty. Who Else Is?

By James Kwak Tom Hayes was a trader at UBS and Citigroup who was very, very good … at rigging LIBOR. This week, he was convicted in the United Kingdom of conspiring to manipulate the benchmark interest rate and sentenced to … Continue reading ?

"10 Things We Looked for in the Clean Power Plan… and What We Found"

RFF says "I told you so": Over the past few weeks, we’ve written about ten things to look for (see the links below) when EPA releases its final Clean Power Plan—which the agency did today. In the days and weeks to follow, you can expect a great deal more commentary...

Clean Power Plan: is "the cost is justified by the public health benefits alone"?

Just checking on the Sunstein tweet, this is from EPA's Regulatory Impact Analysis (PDF): The answer is yes. By 2030, the co-benefits are estimated to be about 3 times greater than costs (climate benefits are estimated to be 7 times the costs.

A note on the accuracy of Krugman's "cap and trade began as a Republican idea"

Krugman: One of the most obvious facts about the U.S. political scene is also a fact most pundits refuse to acknowledge: the extreme polarization we now experience, the complete disappearance of any kind of political center, is not a two-sided phenomenon. Democrats haven’t moved drastically to the left — if...

Cass Sunstein on the climate rule

The new climate change rule makes a lot of economic sense; the cost is justified by the public health benefits alone. — Cass Sunstein (@CassSunstein) August 3, 2015

More on what to do with carbon tax revenue, and etc.

Yesterday I commented on Mankiw's post where he inexplicably linked carbon tax revenue to lower income taxes, as is his wont. We received a comment about the optimal Pigouvian tax. I think this excerpt summarizes well: Even in the simplest settings there's also a tax-interaction effect whereby a pigou tax,...

Daily Demand and Supply: Complementary Good and Income Increases

The surge in SUV sales is due in part to relatively low gasoline prices, which ended July at about $2.70 per gallon nationwide. via Gas and cars are complementary goods. When the price of one falls, the demand for the other increases. In this case, the price of gas...

Least Surprising Story of the Day

Ohio and other states that rely heavily on coal for electricity will have to make major changes in how they power their homes and businesses over the next 15 years under President Barack Obama’s unprecedented plan to drastically curb greenhouse-gas emissions. Obama said on Monday that the average household would...

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