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Things to Read for Your Afternoon Procrastination on October 2, 2015

Must- and Should-Reads: Felix Salmon (2012): [Annals of Dubious Research, 401(k) Loan-Default Edition]( Jared Bernstein: [September Jobs]( Brink Lindsey, ed.:...Show More Summary

5 reasons the September jobs report really hurts

Latest labor snapshot is a sharp poke in the eye for those who thought the U.S. economy could escape the global downdraft

Bank Failure #7 in 2015: Bank of Georgia, Peachtree City, Georgia

It has been some time since a bank failed...From the FDIC: Fidelity Bank, Atlanta, Georgia, Assumes All of the Deposits of the Bank of Georgia, Peachtree City, GeorgiaAs of June 30, 2015, The Bank of Georgia had approximately $294.2 million in total assets and $280.7 million in total deposits.... Show More Summary

Bad data but at least we’ve got the Fed: James Saft

Oct 2 (Reuters) – The U.S. jobs data were a bust, China remains a threat, the Fed won’t hike until, well, don’t ask, and bad news is good news for the stock market once again. Stocks plunged and then rallied back to gains on Friday after payrolls data showed not just declining momentum in job […]

?Coca-Cola says FIFA's Sepp Blatter has to go -- now

It's the first sponsor of soccer's governing body to demand the tainted president steps down ahead of a February election

Public and Private Sector Payroll Jobs: Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama

By request, here is another update of an earlier post through the September employment report.NOTE: Several readers have asked if I could add a lag to these graphs (obviously a new President has zero impact on employment for the month they are elected). Show More Summary

Why Twitter investors need sturdy seat belts

A plummeting then rocketing stock price shows a lot of very mixed opinion about the company's chances for profitability

Hikes Keep On Slippin', Slippin', Slipin' Into the Future; Treasury Yields Sink Again

Treasury Yields Drop AgainCurve Watcher's Anonymous notes a further plunge in yields today following the disastrous payroll and factory order reports. Yield on the 30-year long bond fell to 2.80% from 2.85% yesterday. Yield on the 10-year note once again sports a 1-handle at 1.97%, down from 2.03%. Show More Summary

Walmart cuts hundreds of jobs at headquarters

Layoffs follow months of rumors and arrived less than two months after the retail giant trimmed its annual earnings outlook

Missing the big picture

(October 2, 2015 02:00 PM, by Scott Sumner) I've done scattered posts discussing the flaws in alternative approaches to monetary economics. Here I'd like to try to show some underlying themes in these critiques. I'll briefly discuss 4 common myths: 1. The trade view 2. The fiscal view... (0 COMMENTS)

2:00PM Water Cooler 10/2/2015

Today's Water Cooler: TPP zombie to stagger on another day, Clinton mail, terrible employment stats, ACA not affordable,privatization #FAILs

Olivier Blanchard

A profile (though I doubt the headline applies to readers of this blog).

Why GoPro Stock Is Another Wall Street Darling to Short

Why GoPro Stock Is Another Wall Street Darling to Short GoPro Inc. (Nasdaq: GPRO) continues to defy the odds thanks to a litany of headlines and experts who just "know" the stock is going to rebound. The post Why GoPro Stock Is Another Wall Street Darling to Short appeared first on The Wall Street Examiner. Show More Summary

Here’s Why The Jobs Report Really Stinks

The monthly jobs report is out for September and it stinks. The post Here’s Why The Jobs Report Really Stinks appeared first on The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money! See and understand the liquidity flowing from the Fed, Treasury, and other major central banks and primary dealers as they impact markets in the Wall Street Examiner Professional Edition.

Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps?: Investment Advisors and Policy Advisors

Live from Strada: Don't believe The Hill, or its reporter Kevin Cirilli: Kevin Cirilli: [Top Brookings economist forced out over biz-backed study]( "The left-leaning Brookings Institution is forcing one of its top economists to resign... Show More Summary

September Employment Report Comments and more Graphs

This was a disappointing employment report with 142,000 jobs added, and employment gains for July and August were revised down.Also wages declined slightly, from the BLS: "In September, average hourly earnings for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls, at $25.09, changed little (-1 cent), following a 9-cent gain in August. Show More Summary

The cheapest cities to start a business

Thinking about starting a business? Startups in these cities face low startup costs on things like office space, legal fees and more

Factory Orders Hit the Skids, Last Month Revised Lower, Shipments Down 4th Time in 5 Months

On top of today's disastrous jobs report, comes still more weakness in the factory sector.The US Census Bureau report on Manufacturers' Shipments, Inventories, and Orders shows: New orders for manufactured goods in August decreased $8.2 billion or 1.7 percent to $473.0 billion. Show More Summary

Here’s What Happens When The Treasury Sheet Hits The Fan

Even though a stopgap budget deal was passed this week that will expire on December 11, the  countdown is still on for the Treasury to run out of cash as it bumps against the debt ceiling and has no more accounting tricks in its bag to avoid spending its cash. Show More Summary

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