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Another Day, Another Indication that the Clinton Campaign Remains Dangerously Clueless About What Will Matter Most in the General Election. Ho-hum.

The Clinton campaign keeps harping on identity politics, and ignores some of Trump's major points of vulnerability. They can't afford mistakes like that.

My Response to Scott Sumner

(May 26, 2016 02:04 AM, by David Henderson) I'm still scratching my head at co-blogger Scott Sumner's recent post titled "You're not special." It seems like a combination of extreme subjectivism, denial of subjectivism, putting his thumb on the obvious, and argument from authority. Extreme Subjectivism Scott writes,... (0 COMMENTS)

Study Dispels Myth about Millionaire Migration in the US

From the American Sociological Association Study dispels myth about millionaire migration in the US., EurekAlert: The view that the rich are highly mobile has gained much political traction in recent years and has become a central argument in debates about...

Purdue Pharma’s OxyContin: Corporate Fraud With a Body Count

Yves here. Some of the facts in this article are stunning. For instance, more Americans die from opoid overdose than from car accidents. And this article gives only a partial tally of Purdue Pharma’s predatory conduct. The drugmaker targeted overly-busy, not very well trained general practitioners in communities which were likely to have high incidence […]

Do higher taxes drive millionaires to flee?

New insights help answer the question of whether hiking income taxes on the wealthy pushes them elsewhere

Don't get burned by prepaid debit card fees

Just three out of 10 cards fully disclose their fees, which could add up to hundreds in annual costs for the unaware

Procrastinating on May 26, 2016

Over at [Equitable Growth]( Must-Reads: Eric Loomis: [Jobs for Those Who Lack College Degrees]( Branko Milanovic, Janet Gornick, and Paul Krugman: [Talking Global Inequality]( More Summary

Migration and Welfare in Maoist China

(May 26, 2016 12:05 AM, by Bryan Caplan) The welfare state is an appealing rationale for migration restrictions. Normally, of course, it's a rationale for international migration restrictions. In Maoist China, however, the urban welfare state swiftly became a rationale for restricting domestic migration from the countryside, enforced... (0 COMMENTS)

Forza Italia!

In the 1990s, Berlusconi founded a new political party called “Forza Italia”, which means something like “Go Italy!” or “Be Strong Italy!”  He was going to push his country past the inept Italian politics of the past.  Although nominally conservative, Berlusconi’s party didn’t have much of an ideology.  It appealed to all sorts of disgruntled […]

US Macro Liquidity Still Growing

This is part of a series of free Wall Street Examiner Pro Trader reports that I have been posting as I recover from my emergency open heart surgery on May 3. This report covers Macro Liquidity indicator trends and what they tell us about the outlook for the US stock and bond markets. Show More Summary

Kansas and Her Neighbors: Economic Activity

I don’t know if it counts as a “disaster”, but Kansas continues to lag its neighbors in economic activity, and to under-perform what is to be expected from historical correlations. Figure 1: Log coincident indices for Colorado (blue), Kansas (bold red), Nebraska (green), Oklahama (purple), Missouri (teal), and United States (bold black), all 2011M01=0. Source: […]

Thursday: Unemployment Claims, Durable Goods, Pending Home Sales

Thursday:• At 8:30 AM ET, The initial weekly unemployment claims report will be released. The consensus is for 275 thousand initial claims, down from 278 thousand the previous week.• Also at 8:30 AM, Durable Goods Orders for April from the Census Bureau. Show More Summary

Liveblogging World War I: May 27, 1916: Jutland

Winston S. Churchill: [The World Crisis]( >In the tense naval controversy upon Jutland the keenest minds in the Navy have sifted every scrap of evidence. Every minute has been measured. The speed, the course, the position of every ship great or small, at every period in the operation, have been scrutinized. Show More Summary

Liveblogging World War I: May 26, 1916: Jutland

Andrew Gordon: [The Rules of the Game: Jutland and British Naval Command]( >Interaction between Beatty and Evan-Thomas appears, by contrast, to have been non-existent. >Evan-Thomas was by age, temperament and background a root and branch Jellicoe man and by no stretch of the imagination a potential member of the Beatty club. Show More Summary

You Gotta Have Standards, by Amy Willis

When machines make workers more productive do workers wages rise? Does technology destroy jobs across the entire economy? These were two of the key questions EconTalk host Russ Roberts explored this week in his conversation with James...Show More Summary

Bartenders Are Winning Cuba's Embrace of Capitalism, and Doctors Are Losing

Cuban state employees are abandoning their jobs for high-paying, private-sector gigs—in Cuba. As bartenders, bellhops, and taxi drivers. The growth of the Cuban private sector over the past two decades has created some serious imbalances...Show More Summary

Losing Ground In Flyover America

The cowardly dithering in the Eccles Building is sucking Wall Street punters into a vortex. And it promises to be the mother of all bubble implosions. There is no other possible outcome for a stock market that is trading at 24X reported earnings in the teeth of the most enormous headwinds ever accumulated. Show More Summary

David Stockman Interview—-30 Years Of Living Beyond Our Means.

Former Reagan budget director David Stockman explains why the U.S. has been living beyond its means for over 30 years. The post David Stockman Interview—-30 Years Of Living Beyond Our Means. was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

Dear Prof. Siegel: Are You Fing Kidding Me?

Jeremy Siegel, of Stocks For The Long Run fame, was on CNBC this morning: “I think we’re in the first inning of shifting to dividend-paying stocks,” the finance professor at... The post Dear Prof. Siegel: Are You Fing Kidding Me? was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

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