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Hoisted: Mike Konczal (2013): Reinhart-Rogoff A Week Later: Why Does This Matter?

Hoisted from Mike Konczal's Archives:Mike Konczal (2013): [Reinhart-Rogoff A Week Later: Why Does This Matter?]( "Well this is progress... >...We are seeing subtle distancing by conservative writers on the Reinhart/Rogoff thesis. Show More Summary

Reuters Gives Us He Said/She Said Reporting on German Trade Surplus, with a Little Ad Hominem for Good Measure

Germany is running an annual trade surplus of more than 8.0 percent of its GDP (equivalent to $1.6 trillion in the U.S. economy). This huge trade surplus translates into large deficits for the rest of the world. This is the largest single cause of the problems facing Greece, Italy, Spain, and even France. Show More Summary

What To Do? Meat Grinder Market Denies Trading Profits

Chopping like this is a feature of rangebound, meat grinder markets, making them extremely difficult to trade on the basis of intermediate swings. Market Update Pro subscribers click here to download the complete market update, including the proprietary cycle screens report in pdf format. Show More Summary

Statistics Canada's historical housing cost data is wrong

In the early 1960s, Canadian economic historian Marvin McInnis started digging through the Dominion Bureau of Statistics archives, looking for city-level information on rental prices. While there, he discovered something strange and disturbing: A prominent theme of my career has...

The operation and demise of the Bretton Woods system

Beginning in 1944, the Bretton Woods system played a major role in shaping the global economy in the post-war period. This column describes how although it was successful in bringing about exemplary and stable economic performance in...Show More Summary

Child height and living standards: Indian migrants in England

Data typically show that people become progressively taller as living standards improve. But despite impressive recent rates of economic growth, India remains one of the worst-performing countries in terms of height. Using data fromShow More Summary

Liquidity Supernova and the Big Ugly Flaw

A strong case can be made that Q1 2017 experienced the most egregious monetary stimulus yet. The post Liquidity Supernova and the Big Ugly Flaw was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

TIPping Points?

The Federal Reserve’s complete change last year wasn’t something that happened all at once. The post TIPping Points? was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

The Cause of the Next “Black Monday”

Brian Maher reveals that there is a $500 billion ticking time bomb that’s disguised as “portfolio insurance”. The post The Cause of the Next “Black Monday” was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

More Evidence of a Skills Shortage Among Employers

The Washington Post had an interesting piece on how employers in traditionally male dominated industries, like construction and trucking, are increasingly looking to hire women. While opening up these relatively high-paying sectors to...Show More Summary

Schedule for Week of Apr 23, 2017

The key economic reports this week are Q1 GDP and March New Home sales. ----- Monday, Apr 24th ----- 8:30 AM: Chicago Fed National Activity Index for March. This is a composite index of other data.10:30 AM: Dallas Fed Survey of Manufacturing Activity for April. Show More Summary

Crash Pad

(April 22, 2017 09:52 AM, by David Henderson) On a United flight from San Fran to Washington Dulles yesterday, I found the flight attendants particularly professional and courteous. When I went to the back to stretch my legs, I did what I often do: asked a flight attendant... (0 COMMENTS)

NYT Inadvertently Exposes Tax Scam

The New York Times ran a column by Michael Rips that inadvertently called attention to a major tax scam. Rips is unhappy because when artists and other creative workers donate their work to a museum or other charitable institution they can only deduct the value of the materials on their taxes. Show More Summary

Macro Musings Podcast: James Bullard

My latest Macro Musings podcast is with James Bullard. James is the President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank and an accomplished economic scholar. He joined me for a great conversation on macroeconomics that covered everything from the determinants of inflation to the Fed's balance to the future path of monetary policy. Show More Summary

America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People

Like developing countries, America is becoming more stratified, with the economic and physical distance between rich and poor widening.

Wall Street, Retail Sales and Consumer Surveys

Lee Adler examines the raw data from Wall Street and the latest surveys to show you why the dogs are chasing their "tales." Here's the full scoop and what you should be paying attention to... The post Wall Street, Retail Sales and Consumer Surveys was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

Education and inequality in the mid-20th century United States

The exact causes of (and lessons from) the Great Compression – the decline in US income inequality in the mid-20th century – remain unclear. This column uses census data and changes in law to examine the effect of education across the complete distribution of income. Show More Summary

The impact of ad blockers on the Internet

The vast majority of online content is financed through ad revenue. This column looks at how the growing use of ad blockers is affecting incentives for online content creation. Using data on site traffic and the proportion of users with...Show More Summary

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