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2:00PM Water Cooler 10/26/2016

Today's Water Cooler: CETA and Wallonia, ISDS, muscular Clinton, feminine Trump, Amazon fakes, globalization, planet nine, obscure sorrows

Zillow Forecast: Expect "Modest Acceleration" in YoY Growth in September for the Case-Shiller Indexes

The Case-Shiller house price indexes for August were released yesterday. Zillow forecasts Case-Shiller a month early, and I like to check the Zillow forecasts since they have been pretty close.From Zillow: September Case-Shiller Forecast:...Show More Summary

Being Honest about Ideological Influence in Economics

Simon Wren-Lewis: Being honest about ideological influence in economics: Noah Smith has an article that talks about Paul Romer’s recent critique of macroeconomics.... He says the fundamental problem with macroeconomics is lack of data, which is why disputes seem...

Late October 2012: The Republican Base Was Ugly, Ugly, Ugly Then...

_[Today's Exemplary Republican Tea-Party Voter: "I'm a Hard-Working Suburbanite Who Never Took a Bailout and I Wan't [Sic] Pay for Inner-City Health Care"][]_: >J. Bradford DeLong @delong: Duncan Black: The Evolution of Republican Suburban Tribalism >Tea Cardman @TeaCardman: @delong Growing up in a small town in a poor state and...

VW to start diesel buybacks, and other MoneyWatch headlines

Judge lets VW roll on $15B auto buyback; Apple's iPhone sales slide; and Under Armour's stock takes a breather. These headlines and more from CBS MoneyWatch.

U.S. housing market shrugs off weak economic growth

More Americans bought new homes in September, a sign that demand remains strong despite a shortage of properties

A few Comments on September New Home Sales

New home sales for September were reported below the consensus forecast at 593,000 on a seasonally adjusted annual rate basis (SAAR). And the three previous months were all revised down significantly.However, sales were up 29.8% year-over-year in September, and this is the best month for September (NSA) since 2007. Show More Summary

Beating America's Health-Insurance Monopolists: No Longer Live at Project Syndicate

Michael M. DeLong and James Bradford DeLong [Beating America's Health-Insurance Monopolists][1]: The Need for Competition--and the Need for a Recognition of the Need for Competition With the coming of the Affordable Care Act to the United States, the importance of effective and successful antitrust enforcement in health insurance greatly increased....

5 best -- and worst -- U.S. real estate markets

The top markets offer job growth and strong economies, while those at the bottom may be left behind

New Home Sales at 593,000 Annual Rate in September

The Census Bureau reports New Home Sales in September were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of 593 thousand. The previous three months were revised down by a total of 85 thousand (SAAR)."Sales of new single-family houses in...Show More Summary

Key Industrial Indicators Say US Is Still In Long Term Depression

Last week we reviewed the US industrial production (IP) and saw that it contracting for more than a year. The IP indexes represent the production of factories, mines, and utilities in unit volume, not dollar sales, both by total output and output by industry. Show More Summary

The Great Wall Street/Washington Con Job: Part 3 of The Recovery Which Never Happened

We return to the mystery of 0.3% per capita real GDP growth per year since the pre-crisis peak in Q4 2007 compared to 2.5% per capita growth during the golden era of 1870-1913. The "mystery" part of it, of course, is what we are fobbing...Show More Summary

Earnings Magic Exposed

Following the end of each fiscal quarter, SEC registered corporations release their financial statements. Typically, investors and the media place a lot of importance on these results. Consequently, stock prices tend to rise or fall based on how the financial … The post Earnings Magic Exposed was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

Global Equity Markets See Pressure From Downbeat U.S. Earnings Data, Lower Oil Prices

World stock markets were mostly lower Wednesday, following some downbeat U.S. corporate earnings news, including from Apple, and as crude oil prices are slumping this week. There were also some weak consumer confidence reports coming out of the European Union Wednesday. The post Global Equity Markets See Pressure From Downbeat U.S. Show More Summary

This Ratings Agency’s Fall Could Be Hugely Profitable

I was excited to get news on Friday that the U.S. Department of Justice was breathing down the neck of ratings agency Moody's Corp. The two parties are "negotiating" over allegations of fraud relating to mortgage bonds that Moody's rated AAA from 2004 to 2007. Show More Summary

“Should We Rethink Fiscal Policy?”

Economists are remarkably slow to embrace the idea of more aggressive fiscal policy, despite growing evidence that it is sorely needed.

India’s Air-Conditioning and Climate Change Quandary

After a recent climate accord on coolants, India is a poignant example of how climate change imposes a trade-off between the present and future.

Hobbits have herds of tourists roaming New Zealand

The country famous for its dairy industry is now earning more from beauty-seeking foreign visitors than from its cows

The sweatshop dilemma

Every now and then, we remember that there are poor people in the world, and sweatshops become news. Jonah Peretti — the click-accumulating mastermind behind The Huffington Post and BuzzFeed — got his start in viral journalism 15 years ago by baiting Nike with a chain of witty emails requesting that his personalisable Nike trainers […]

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