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Warning: Small SUVs could be dangerous for passengers

Highway safety study shows front seat passengers in SUVs iface greater threat of injury or death in 'right corner' crashes

U.S stocks rally as U.K. votes on Brexit

230-point leap lifts Dow industrials back above 18,000, first finish above the psychologically important level in two weeks

I Don't Believe That Anybody Feels the Way I Do About UKIP Now

File this under poll results that are not at all surprising and yet I couldn't be gladder someone gathered them: According to a BuzzFeed poll, U.K. voters in favor of Britain exiting the European Union are significantly more likely to be Oasis fans than Blur fans (68 percent vs. Show More Summary

LinkedIn CEO on acquisition by Microsoft, management style

Jeff Weiner explains what the deal with Microsoft means for both companies and why his "compassionate" management style works

?Costco customers: new Visa card rollout is a "disaster"

The warehouse retailer is coming under fire for what some customers say is a botched switch to Visa

?Will Britain stay in EU? Markets, bettors put money on yes

Bookies clearly saw momentum for the "remain" camp: One betting market said the probability the U.K. would stay stood at 90 percent

What the Latest Oil Balance “Mantra” Is Really About

Oil pundits have been hailing the emergence of an oil balance, and to be sure, one is quickly taking shape. The problem is that most of those now bandying about the term are still getting it wrong, despite being late to the party. The post What the Latest Oil Balance “Mantra” Is Really About was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

Jury decides whether Led Zeppelin stole "Stairway" riff

Led Zeppelin verdict settles point that music fans have debated for decades but didn't find its way to court until two years ago

Why Does Software Rot?

Almost a year ago computer scientist Daniel Lemire wrote a post critical of a hypothesis I’ve favored, one I’ve used in Age of Em. On the “better late than never” principle, I’ll finally respond now. The hypothesis: Systems that adapt to … Continue reading ?

Bob Murphy reviews The Midas Paradox

(June 23, 2016 02:35 PM, by Scott Sumner) Bob Murphy was kind enough to review my recent book on the Great Depression, in the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. Here are the concluding two paragraphs: Putting aside the detailed statistics, I will end this review with a simple... (0 COMMENTS)

?Boeing's Iran deal rests on shaky foundations

U.S. could revoke deal license if planes, parts or services are "used for purposes other than exclusively civil aviation end-use"

Lawler: Table of Distressed Sales and All Cash Sales for Selected Cities in May

Economist Tom Lawler sent me the table below of short sales, foreclosures and all cash sales for selected cities in May.On distressed: Total "distressed" share is down year-over-year in all of these markets. Short sales and foreclosures are down in all of these areas.The All Cash Share (last two columns) is mostly declining year-over-year. Show More Summary

?Senators: Cable TV users aren't refunded for overcharges

Committee found that two cable giants made no effort to trace set-top box equipment overcharges and to provide refunds

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/24/2016

Today's Water Cooler: Anti-TPP concerts, Clinton economy plan, House sit-in, Trump attacks, leading indicators, meritocracy, permaculture

How and When Will We Know the Brexit Verdict?  

Polls in the Brexit referendum close Thursday evening across Britain at 10 p.m. BST, which is 5 p.m. Eastern time and 2 p.m. Pacific time. In last year’s general election, exit polls allowed the TV networks to correctly predict that the Conservative Party had won a narrow majority seconds after the voting ended. Show More Summary

Is British Immigration Really out of Control, Like Brexit Proponents Claim?

If you believe the polling data, frustrations about immigration have driven the Brexit campaign more than any other single issue. EU rules requiring open borders for workers have brought a flood of new arrivals to Britain, especially from Central European countries like Poland. Show More Summary

?Looking for a summer gig? There's a lifeguard shortage

The average pay for a lifeguard is about $9 an hour; full-time lifeguards in some West Coast cities earn more than $100K per year

?After Orlando, some businesses stress LGBT inclusivity moves

Some small business owners say the massacre at a gay dance club in Orlando gives them an impetus to make their businesses more inclusive

?Ivanka Trump ripped off shoe designs, lawsuit alleges

A high-end designer claims the fashionista daughter of Donald Trump copied its fringed stiletto sandals worn by celebrities

Making Automatic Stabilizers More Effective for the Next U.S. Recession

Nick Bunker: Making automatic stabilizers more effective for the next U.S. recession: When the next recession hits, policymakers can take steps right then and there to fight the economic downturn. The Federal Reserve can lower interest rates and the legislative...

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