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EUROPE DAYAHEAD REUTERS-Uncertainty in Lisbon; Greece unveils budget

Portugal's Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho emerged as the winner of Sunday's general election, which is more than other pro-austerity leaders around Europe have done since the start of the sovereign debt crisis

Is Russia Plotting To Bring Down OPEC?

Can Russia succeed in creating an anti-Saudi bloc to split OPEC by taking advantage of having oil supplies less vulnerable to transit risk?

Richard Richard Wolff on Jobs Now, and David Cay Johnson and Jobs Then

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. Typically, when we post a video, we post only one. But I felt these two posts were more powerful combined than separately. First, Richard Richard Wolff, in 38% of American Workforce Still Jobless. Wolff is a Professor of Economics Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and currently a Visiting […]

Paul Krugman: Enemies of the Sun

Why are Republicans hostile to initiatives that promote wind and solar energy?: Enemies of the Sun, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: Does anyone remember the Cheney energy task force? Early in the George W. Bush administration, Vice President Dick...

Why Are Mules Stubborn? Why Can't Blind Jackasses See?

Here's my theoretical question for the day: Why are mules stubborn, and why can't blind jackasses see? I ask that question in regards to a few recent news articles. One is on Japan, one the US, and one on emerging markets with various...Show More Summary

Emerging economy corporate debt: The threat to financial stability

Emerging market firms have borrowed in foreign currency to take advantage of low interest rates. This column argues that when the Fed inevitably raises rates, such borrowing will be a threat to emerging economy financial systems. Yet so long as authorities use their existing prudential tools wisely, the risks appear manageable.

Ben Bernanke: Execs Should Have Gone to Jail

From an interview in USA Today: The decision about whether to prosecute individuals wasn't up to him, [Bernanke] says. "The Fed is not a law-enforcement agency," he says. "The Department of Justice and others are responsible for that, and a...

Consumers are forking over record-high bank fees

Charges for overdrafts and using out-of-network ATMs keep climbing, but savvy consumers can keep those costs to a minimum

What I Learned from Gordon Tullock

(October 5, 2015 12:02 AM, by Bryan Caplan) The papers for the Tullock Memorial Conference are now up, including my presentation on "What I Learned from Gordon Tullock." If I had more time, I would have spent it discussing Tullock's undersung analysis of dictatorship.... (0 COMMENTS)

Carly Fiorina's No-Fly Zone Proposal Now Viewed as Impossible; Good News, Bad News

Carly Fiorina's No-Fly Zone Proposal Dead?The Financial Times reports Moscow Scuppers US Coalition Plans for No-Fly Zone in Syria Russia’s bombing of anti-regime rebels in Syria has been described as a disaster for the US-led coalition’s...Show More Summary

Henderson on Thaler's Misbehaving

(October 4, 2015 10:41 PM, by David Henderson) University of Chicago economist Richard H. Thaler, probably the most important founder of "behavioral economics," is a fantastic storyteller. In his latest book, Misbehaving, he tells, roughly chronologically, of his initial doubts about the standard economist's "rational actor" model and... (0 COMMENTS)

Things to Read for Your Nighttime Procrastination on October 4, 2015

Must- and Should-Reads: Noah Smith: [Star Trek Economics: Life After the Dismal Science]( Justin Wolfers: [Remember all those people]( More Summary

'Paying CEOs Fat Bonuses for Stock Performance Doesn't Work'

People on Twitter seemed interested in this: Paying CEOs fat bonuses for stock performance doesn't work, by Lawrence Lewitinn, Yahoo Finance: It turns out offering CEOs huge bonuses to boost shareholder returns doesn’t actually work, according to a new study...

Sunday Night Futures

Reading articles this weekend on the payroll report, I'm reminded of a sentence I wrote back in March: Why the Prime Labor Force Participation Rate has Declined"Complaining about the decline in the overall labor force participation rate...Show More Summary

Expect Corrections In Bull Market, Why Not Reactions In Bear?

Cycle screening measures were stronger on Friday, with more signs that an intermediate low has formed. Daily Market Update Pro subscribers (Professional Edition), click here to download complete report in pdf format. This end of week report is available to Weekly Market Update subscribers. Show More Summary

A Masterful Takedown of Ruling Class Economic Hypocrisies

Paul Theroux’ op-ed in The New York Times today on the hypocrisy of members of the American corporate class who have made towering fortunes by offshoring U.S. jobs to developing countries... The post A Masterful Takedown of Ruling Class Economic Hypocrisies appeared first on The Wall Street Examiner. Show More Summary

'Nonrival Goods After 25 Years'

Paul Romer: Nonrival Goods After 25 Years: Joshua Gans has a generous post that notes the 25th anniversary of the publication of my 1900 JPE article. I could not agree more with his observation that “there is more to be...

Denis Healey and the IMF

This is from my book Something Will Turn Up, on Denis Healey and the IMF. If the West as a whole had problems, brought on or exposed by the end of the cheap energy era, Britain had much bigger...

Fraudulent Medicare, Medicaid, EITC, Tax Refunds, etc. Total $1 Trillion Since 2003

A huge chunk of your tax dollars every year goes straight into the pockets of crooks. Nearly one in three earned income credits (EIC) is fraudulent. And the numbers keep getting bigger every year according to the Government Accountability Office.Please consider GAO: Feds Made Nearly $1 Trillion in Overpayments Since Fiscal 2003. Show More Summary

Banks played a major role in the Great Depression

(October 4, 2015 03:36 PM, by Scott Sumner) I recently argued that banks do not play an important role in monetary policy. Rather we need to focus on the supply and demand for base money, which is mostly determined by central bank policies. The blog Spontaneous Finance recently... (0 COMMENTS)

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