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Global value chains and domestic value added: New evidence

Global value chains (GVCs) clearly promote trade and investment but their impact on domestic value-added is less clear. This column discusses new evidence showing that GVCs participation stimulates domestic value, but not for all nations. Show More Summary

Dallas Fed’s Fisher Says Some In Congress Weighing His Fed Reform Plan

The outgoing leader of the Dallas Fed said Wednesday his plan to reform the U.S. central bank had caught the ear of Congress, although he declined to handicap the future of his proposal.

Lawmakers want answers after "60 Minutes" report on Lumber Liquidators

Tests on Lumber Liquidators laminate flooring from China found high levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen

Noted for Your Evening Procrastination for March 4, 2015

Must- and Shall-Reads: Nick Bunker: [Uncertainty means that the Fed should wait a while before shifting course. Given the current situation, this would mean waiting a while to raise interest rates and then rapidly raising rates when...Show More Summary

Thursday: Unemployment Claims, Stress Test Results

From Greg Ip at the WSJ: Janet Yellen, Forecasting Ace Her forecasts as a Fed official have been strikingly accurate, as the release of 2009 transcripts to the Fed’s deliberations make clear. If she worked on Wall Street, she’d be aShow More Summary

Toronto's Hypocritical Real Estate Boards Suppress Price Information; One Broker Strikes Back with "Pay-What-You-Want" MLS Listing

Hypocrisy of the Toronto real estate board is stunning. The board threatened brokers who list sales prices. Their excuse is "privacy"."If 41,160 members have access to this information and are free to give it to [clients], I don't think...Show More Summary

Buffett champions conglomerates, don’t believe him

By James Saft (Reuters) – Warren Buffett telling the rest of us about the advantages of conglomerates is like Willie Mays arguing for the no-look-over-the-shoulder catch while running full speed. (here) It can happen, and those who do it will command a premium, but your wealth or retirement should not depend upon it. So when […]

Bernanke Guessed Right on Market Reaction to Treasury Bank Plan

In early 2009, then-Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke gathered his colleagues on a conference call to provide a heads-up on an evolving Obama administration plan to get credit flowing again in the battered U.S. economy.

Janet Yellen, Forecasting Ace

Steering central bank policy depends more than anything on assessing where the economy is heading. Yet, central bankers, surprisingly, are seldom picked for their forecasting acumen. More often they are former public servants, bankers or academics. Then there is Janet Yellen.

Dollar's strength means travel to Europe a bargain

A stronger greenback may hinder U.S. exports, but it can be a boon for Americans looking to travel overseas

Now, an app that tracks medication shortages

The FDA has released a new smartphone app that lets consumers and health care pros know when supply problems arise

Can One Conduct Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Policy?

(March 4, 2015 04:39 PM, by David Henderson) The answer to the question I asked in the title seems as if it should be "Yes." And not just "yes," but "Obviously yes." Yet economist John Whitehead says that one can't conduct cost-benefit analysis of a policy. Specifically, he... (0 COMMENTS)

Telemarketers clean up on charitable donations

Telemarketing firms that raise money on behalf of charities often keep a surprising chunk of donations

5 Takeaways from the 2009 Fed Transcripts

Federal Reserve officials spent 2009 worrying about the worst U.S. economic downturn they had seen in their lives, the weakness of the nascent recovery and the uncertainties surrounding their policy options.

The Future of Weblogging in the Medium Run: The Honest Broker for the Week of March 8, 2015

Glaukon: So: Blogging... Sokrates: Indeed... Hypatia: I would like to start by offering the floor to the Great and Good Felix Salmon: Felix Salmon: [To All the Young Journalists Asking for Advice...]( I’m also very flattered by the lovely things you said... Show More Summary

Preview for February Employment Report

Friday at 8:30 AM ET, the BLS will release the employment report for February. The consensus, according to Bloomberg, is for an increase of 230,000 non-farm payroll jobs in February (with a range of estimates between 200,000 and 252,000),...Show More Summary

Google's wireless play is all about the data

Despite its claim that its foray into offering wireless services is limited, Google clearly see a large potential prize

Leonard Nimoy's death inspires "Spocking" of Canadian currency

The resemblance between the late Leonard Nimoy and Canada's former prime minister Wilfrid Laurier is so stark some are tweaking bills to look like his most famous character

Why McDonald's is cutting back on antibiotics

Under pressure to boost sales, McDonald's announces that it will no longer buy chicken from suppliers who use human antibiotics

?Target says it has to get smaller to get bigger

Still trying to rebound from a security breach, the retailer says it will cut thousands of jobs

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