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Signs Suggest That This Phase of Gold Move Is Complete

The prerequisites for a 13 week/4 month cycle high have been met. Here’s why that suggests a consolidation ahead. Click here to download complete report in pdf format (Professional Edition Subscribers). Try the Professional Edition Precious...Show More Summary

6 key steps to buying a home this year

Here's how to make sure you're ready to leap when you find the right place

How retirees can make the most of their home equity

A house is most Americans' most valuable asset, and it can be a vital source of retirement income -- if carefully tapped

Cycle Screening Measures Still Weakening

Cycle screening measures weakened on Tuesday. All 9 measures were weaker. The last 2 measures that had been positive on balance fell to the sell side. But there are 2 setups that could point the other way if certain things happen. Daily...Show More Summary

How Systems Break: First They Slow Down

Alternatively, we can cling to a state of denial, and the dominant system will be replaced by archetypal systems that are not necessarily positive The post How Systems Break: First They Slow Down was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

We’ve Had a Record Year in M&As last… next, what?

Dealogic M&A Statshot for the end of December 2015 showed that global M&A volumes have increased for third year running, reaching USD5.03 trillion in 2015 through mid-December. Previous record, set in 2007, was USD4.6 trillion. 2015Show More Summary

Sales and Capex Weaknesses are Bad News for U.S. Jobs Growth

In a note from February 4, Moody Analytics have this two key messages about the U.S. economy, none pleasant: The post Sales and Capex Weaknesses are Bad News for U.S. Jobs Growth was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

The Fed’s All Talk, But That Might Be the Point

A couple weeks ago the Bank of Japan made a startling move when it pushed a key interest rate into negative territory. After one of its officials had said just The post The Fed’s All Talk, But That Might Be the Point was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

The Global Crisis special issue of Economic Policy

The Global Crisis was a watershed, not just for economies around the world, but for economics as a discipline. This column introduces a special issue of Economic Policy that collects key papers on the Global Crisis published in its aftermath between 2009 and 2014. The papers chart the evolution of economists’ thinking on the causes of and cures for the Global and EZ Crises. 

The use and effectiveness of macroprudential policies: New evidence

Macroprudential policies are meant to reduce procyclicality in financial markets and associated systemic risks. However, empirical evidence on which policies are most effective is still preliminary and inconclusive. This column documents...Show More Summary

Budget Deficit Mania and the Congressional Budget Office

By Dean Baker and Nick Buffie The Peter Peterson gang has been hard at work lately trying to get people worried about the budget deficit. After all, with interest payments on the debt as a share of GDP at a post-war low and an interest rate on long-term Treasury bonds of almost 2.0 percent, things look pretty bleak. Show More Summary

Ancestry and Long-Run Growth Reading Club: Spolaore and Wacziarg

(February 10, 2016 12:21 AM, by Bryan Caplan) Welcome to the third installment of the EconLog Reading Club on Ancestry and Long-Run Growth. This week's paper: Spolaore, Enrico, and Roman Wacziarg. "How Deep Are the Roots of Economic Development?" Journal of Economic Literature 51 (2): 325-369. The authors'... (0 COMMENTS)

Quick Thought on New Hampshire

By James Kwak From the Times (order of quotations reversed): Mr. Sanders was the choice, nearly unanimously, among voters who said it was most important to have a candidate who is “honest and trustworthy.” [Clinton] has gone so far as to promise … Continue reading ?

What New Hampshire Tells Us

You will hear pundits analyze the New Hampshire primaries and conclude that the political...

A reply to a comment to thoughts on an update to a critique of contingent valuation

Blatant self-promotion: Timothy C. Haab, Matthew G. Interis, Daniel R. Petrolia, and John C. Whitehead. "Interesting Questions Worthy of Further Study: Our Reply to Desvousges, Mathews, and Train's (2015) Comment on Our Thoughts (2013) on Hausman's (2012) Update of Diamond and Hausman's (1994) Critique of Contingent Valuation." Appl. Econ. Perspect....

Is the Rocket Mortgage a fast ride to trouble?

Just seven years after the housing crisis nearly took down the economy, a Super Bowl ad rang alarm bells

So, People Are Getting Nervous About Germany's Biggest Bank

It's never a good look when a major bank has to pipe up and reassure the world that it's still financially sound. But such is the lot this week of Deutsche Bank, which has been getting absolutely savaged by the markets as of late. Its...Show More Summary

What would Verizon gain from acquiring Yahoo?

Reports that the wireless giant is interested in buying the ailing Internet company has some analysts scratching their heads

?Why Obama's oil tax hasn't got a chance

The GOP-led Congress already rejected it, and the $10 a barrel levy wouldn't fix what's ailing American infrastructure

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