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SNB’s Zurbruegg: Franc Remains Significantly Overvalued

Negative interest rates implemented by the Swiss National Bank two months ago would require more time before they succeed in weakening the franc, a member of the bank's governing board said on Thursday, adding that the currency remains "significantly overvalued."

Graphic of the Day: You sir, are no Galileo

In the demented political mind of Ted Cruz, denying that climate change is caused by humans is equivalent to Galileo denying that the earth is flat (yep, that's the logic). Or perhaps there is a political motive behind this pronouncement (shocking, I know). The astute will notice that one of...

Freddie Mac: 30 Year Mortgage Rates decrease to 3.69% in Latest Weekly Survey

From Freddie Mac today: Mortgage Rates Move Down AgainFreddie Mac today released the results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey® (PMMS®), showing average fixed mortgage rates moving down again across the board. Average fixed rates...Show More Summary

Plans to regulate payday loans unveiled

Consumer financial watchdog looks to impose rules on short-term loans

George Will Must Not Think Willie Mays Was a Great Baseball Player or that the Polio Vaccine Was a Big Deal

That is the implication of his column touting the virtues of inequality. Will seems to think that we could not get people to work hard to master skills or to be great innovators if they didn't have the prospect of earning billions or tens of billions of dollars. Show More Summary

Is your rental car company spying on you?

Speed or cross a state line in a rental car and you could be slapped with a fine -- but there is something you can do to protect yourself

Thomas Piketty Says Labor’s Share of Income is Declining, But is It?

Several economists and papers in recent months suggest that labor share’s of income hasn’t really been on a steady downtrend.

The Worst Column from Thomas "Suck on This!" Friedman EVAR!

April Fools' Festival, Day XVII: Note that the Insane Clown Posse picture at the top right is not a happy clown. This is an insane clown. And this is a somewhat dangerous clown... Shorter Thomas Friedman: Because my cell phone company drops calls when I take the Acela, it is very important that Michael Bloomberg run for President in 2012. Show More Summary

The Clarkson problem

Imagine if Ant and Dec had racially abused a colleague before lamping him. Would there be a big political campaign and a million-strong petition to save them? I'm not sure. This tells us that Clarkson's popularity isn't based solely on...


Very long travel day today, so just a few quick posts before heading to the airport. Will post more as I can.

Social Insurance Makes America More Entrepreneurial

I've made this point several times myself, i.e. that social insurance can promote entrepreneurship, but it's worth making again: Welfare Makes America More Entrepreneurial:... Pundits and researchers often note the negative correlation between government spending and entrepreneurship, both within...

'Fiscal policy Procyclicality and Output Forecast Errors: Bad Luck or Bad Decisions?'

Why do developing countries pursue destabilizing, procyclical fiscal policy? This is from Guillermo Vuletin and Leopoldo Avellan at Brookings: Fiscal policy procyclicality and output forecast errors: Bad luck or bad decisions?: It is well-known that government spending has historically been...

'The Confidence Witch'

Gloomy European Economist, Francesco Saraceno: The Confidence Witch:...The confidence fairy seems to have turned into a confidence witch. One more victim of the crisis. But this one will not be missed. It is not shameful to change opinion. Rather...

Does my teen really have to file taxes?

April 15 is rapidly approaching, and you know you have to file a tax return, but does your teen have to?

Toyota eyes growth after recall spinout

Recall fiasco resulted in more than 10 million vehicles being recalled around the world, mostly in the U.S.

Kansas City Fed: Regional Manufacturing Activity Declined in March

From the Kansas City Fed: Tenth District Manufacturing Activity Declined The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City released the March Manufacturing Survey today. According to Chad Wilkerson, vice president and economist at the FederalShow More Summary

Yemen conflict hits stocks, oil prices advance

Oil prices jumped on concerns about spreading turmoil in the Middle East

Fewer Americans applying for unemployment benefits

U.S. job market appears to be shrugging off slowing economic growth in the first three months of the year

Mathew D. Rose: Greece – Plus ça change

Whether the Greek government's protests are substantive or mere grandstanding, any show of opposition is more that the Eurocrats are prepared to accept. And a successful left-leaning government is also seen as a threat in quite a few quarters.

Job-killing regulations

On Mars: Fearing that any further delay might prevent their movement from having any meaningful impact, a consortium of leading conservationists confirmed Wednesday it is attempting to get a head start on preserving the planet Mars. The newly formed group, known as the Redder Tomorrow Foundation, has reportedly begun fundraising,...

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