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And just where do all these Macroeconomists think they're going to work?

Here is a summary of the fields of the PhD job market candidates at the 'top' econ programs this year. Since most environmental economists are really public economists trained in applied and theoretical micro and econometrics, I'm going to go ahead and group Micro Theory (26), Econometrics (14), Public (12),...

My view on Sony and North Korea

Now that Sony has set a precedent of pulling movies after the parent company is hacked, I worry that the Empire will be using the Force on Disney now that the Force is awakening. Yes, I'm a dork.

Americans embrace online food delivery apps

As restaurant delivery apps multiply, some people are paying outrageous amounts to bring food to their doors

Oil Collapse, Russia Woes Reshape White House’s International Economic Policy

Falling oil prices and Russia's deepening economic turmoil are proving to be two of the biggest developments for the global economy this year, reshaping the Obama administration’s international economic policy.

Grand Central: Bank of Japan downplays Oil-Deflation Worries—For Now

The biggest current threat to the Bank of Japan’s pledge to foster 2% inflation by next year is the sharp drop in global oil prices. But Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda is downplaying such concerns for now, instead welcoming the resulting boost to growth and insisting he will hit his price target on time, nonetheless.

Consensus Builds Against Eurozone’s ‘Hardball’ Strategy

Call it the Washington/Paris consensus. The Peterson Institute for International Economics this week urged a fundamental rethink of the eurozone's strategy for confronting its mounting economic woes, adding its voice to those of the IMF and OECD.

Moneywatch: Retailers are being told to stop selling toy guns that look like real ones; Amazon's next venture is one hour delivery

Walmart says they will work with the Attorney General to make sure fake firearms aren't mistaken for the real thing and the e-commerce retailer says it's offering the service in Manhattan to Amazon Prime members, who pay $99 for the service. Lauren Lyster reports.

How to avoid falling for counterfeit goods

Uncle Sam stops tons of fake products and services every day, but plenty still make it to the marketplace -- here's how to spot a ripoff

?How big of a hit to Sony's brand?

With the studio under fire for pulling "The Interview," it's dealing with more than just a blow to its bottom line

Temporary vs permanent elasticities

This is (supposed to be) a simple "teaching" post. There should be nothing new here. Just a newish way of presenting old stuff. The more interest-elastic the demand for money, the more important is the distinction between temporary vs permanent...

5 retro gifts that are gaining new fans

Parents are turning to popular toys from their childhood, lifting the likes of Steppers and Lite-Brite

How to avoid falling for counterfeit goods

Everyday, customs agents from the Department of Homeland Security stop $4.7 million worth of counterfeit products from entering the U.S. But, knockoff products continue to find their way into the marketplace.'s Nick Dietz looks into the problem and shares some tips to avoid buying bogus brands.

The Big Three aren't so big anymore

Smaller automakers have gained market share in the U.S., making the industry more competitive than ever

Europeans Face Export Losses as Sanctions Bite Russian Ruble

The Russian ruble’s swan dive is putting pressure on the exports of several European Union countries as some political leaders there take a fresh look at the sanctions that have added to the economic upheaval.

Mathew D. Rose: Germany’s Dubious Successes

Germany will have clocked up a number of dubious concomitant successes this year. But these products of German hubris look like pyrrhic victories

John Helmer: Ukraine Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko Accused in Colorado Court

Yves here. Helmer was first to provide in-depth reporting on the US citizen and State-Department supported Natalie Jaresko, who was mysteriously parachuted into the post of Ukraine Finance Minister a few weeks ago. Jaresko is in the midst of a nasty divorce from her former business partner. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Putin’s Bubble Bursts

The Russian economy is in trouble: Putin’s Bubble Bursts, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: If you’re the type who finds macho posturing impressive, Vladimir Putin is your kind of guy. Sure enough, many American conservatives seem to have an...

Lower oil prices could lead to thousands of layoffs

Certain jobs are being threatened by the steep drop in oil prices, while other industries are reaping the benefits

3 factors behind the Wall Street rally

Michael Santoli, a senior columnist for Yahoo! Finance, joined Jeff Glor on CBSN to explain how stocks jumped 700 points in 2 days

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