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The Women’s March on Washington and the Coming of Age of Feminism

We are a bit late posting this excellent piece by Julie Matthaei, but it’s all the more relevant given the huge numbers at yesterday’s marches in DC, around the country, and around the world. Re-posted from the blog of the Union for Radical Political Economics ( Show More Summary

Looking Forward to Four Years During Which Most if Not All of America's Potential for Human Progress Is Likely to Be Wasted

With each passing day Donald Trump looks more and more like Silvio Berlusconi: bunga-bunga governance, with a number of unlikely and unforeseen disasters and a major drag on the country--except in states where his policies are neutralized. Nevertheless, remember: WE ARE WITH HER!

Portland's nonprofit pub: Good for what ales you

The Oregon Public House in Portland claims to be the country's first pub to give away its profits. Luke Burbank reports.

Trump’s Two-Step Strategy To Take Over the Truth

Donald Trump is such a consummate liar that in coming days and years our democracy will depend more...

Hotels: Concerns about Fewer Foreign Visitors in 2017

From US hoteliers keep eye on dip in bookings from EuropeU.S. hoteliers have reported seeing a decline in bookings from European travelers heading into 2017 and are looking to explain what has caused the drop.Possible factors include economic uncertainty in the continent, coupled with a new U.S. Show More Summary

The real “Founder”

A new movie dramatizes how a visionary milk shake mixer salesman turned the McDonald brothers’ fast-food restaurant into a franchise powerhouse

Has Protectionism Ever Worked?: DeLong FAQ

Q: Has protectionism ever worked? Are there examples of countries throughout history that have embraced protectionist policies, and did that yield positive results? And what do these examples, if there are any, tell us about the economic plans of Mr. Trump? A: If I were you, I would go grab...

In praise of dullness

Simon Kuper makes a good point: we need, he says, to “bore ourselves with important stuff.” This point generalizes beyond the context he discusses. It’s true in investing. “Split your money between cash and tracker funds and then forget it”...

You are not entitled to your own facts

Readers of this blog will surely want to know about a new website:, a " non-partisan publication designed to bring key facts and incisive analysis to the national debate on economic and social policies. It is written by...Show More Summary

An EU cliff edge looms - May has to avoid taking us over it

My regular column is available to subscribers on This is an excerpt. Certainty and uncertainty. The certainty from Theresa May that Britain will be leaving the European Union?s single market is enabling some businesses to prepare now for...

Thomas Schelling: A personal tribute

The late Thomas Schelling’s 1960 classic, The Strategy of Conflict, opened up new vistas in the then emergent field of game theory. This personal tribute by a longstanding friend and colleague describes how Schelling’s creative and playful...Show More Summary

Thomas Schelling, methodological subversive

Thomas Schelling, game theorist and co-recipient of the 2005 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, passed away in December 2016 at the age of 95. This column explores how his lack of concern with professional methodological norms...Show More Summary

Attacking Economics is a Diversionary Tactic

Simon Wren-Lewis: 6.... In terms of conventional monetary and fiscal policy, academic economists got the response to the crisis right, and policymakers got it very wrong. Central banks, full of economists, relaxed monetary policy to its full extent. They...

Ominous Inaugural Addresses

(January 21, 2017 03:28 PM, by David Henderson) WASHINGTON--President Donald Trump delivered what historians and speechwriters said was one of the most ominous inaugural addresses ever, reinforcing familiar campaign themes of American decline while positioning himself as the protector of the country's "forgotten men and women." In a... (3 COMMENTS)

What Does the Order Against the Health Law Actually Do?

Major changes to health policy will require new legislation, not an executive order.

Weekend Reading: Richard Feynman: Math and Science

Richard Feynman: _Math and Science_: "I’m going to describe to you how Nature is—and if you don’t like it, that’s going to get in the way of your understanding it... >...It’s a problem that physicists have learned to deal with: They’ve learned to realize that whether they like a theory...

AS/AD: Another suggested interpretation

(January 21, 2017 11:27 AM, by Scott Sumner) Nick Rowe has a post entitled "AS/AD: A Suggested Interpretation". I'm going to offer a very different interpretation, which (interestingly) has almost identical implications. I'm not quite sure why. In my view, the "classical dichotomy" lies at the very heart... (0 COMMENTS)

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