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I don't think these are "very good points"

Tyler Cowen: From Adam Ozimek, here are some very good points, which I had not previously pondered: …what a carbon tax does is push the required cost threshold up. This would allow solar to become the more profitable source of energy in the US sooner and increase the speed of...

Freddie Mac: Mortgage Serious Delinquency rate declined in February

Freddie Mac reported that the Single-Family serious delinquency rate declined in February to 1.81%, down from 1.86% in January. Freddie's rate is down from 2.29% in February 2014, and the rate in February was the lowest level since December 2008. Show More Summary

Alienation: the non-issue

Matthew Syed in the Times gives us a wonderful example of Marxist thinking. He asks why marathon running is so popular, and says it's because it satisfies a desire for self-improvement which we cannot get from paid labour: We live.....

This Sick Capitalism ®

(March 25, 2015 09:26 AM, by Scott Sumner) I think we all agree that private property rights are an important feature of capitalism. But what is "property"? It increasingly seems like the answer is just about everything: Taylor Swift Trademarks 'This Sick Beat' and Other Catchphrases Thinking about... (1 COMMENTS)

Inside the effort to put a woman on $20 bill

There's a growing movement to give the $20 bill a facelift. An organization wants to replace Andrew Jackson with a female American hero. Chip Reid reports from the Treasury Department.

World stocks drift as Fed, China weakness weigh

U.S. stocks looked set for a lackluster start, with Dow futures down 0.2 percent and S&P 500 futures nearly unchanged

The "war on coal" continues

David J. Hayes and James H. Stock: CONGRESS long ago established a basic principle governing the extraction of coal from public lands by private companies: American taxpayers should be paid fair value for it. They own the coal, after all. Lawmakers set a royalty payment of 12.5 percent of the...

Recruiting Mentors and Mentees for the NAREA CAM Program

Announcing a really terrific opportunity for young scholars: The Career Advancement and Mentorship (CAM) Program sponsored by the Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association (NAREA) is a mentoring program held in concert with the NAREA Annual Meeting. The CAM program is a unique opportunity for pre-tenured faculty and early career...

The longest and shortest commutes in the country

Getting to work can either be a breeze or a time-consuming hassle -- just ask the workers in these 10 states

Grand Central: New Signs of an Inflation Cycle Turning

The Wall Street Journal’s Daily Report on Global Central Banks for Wednesday, March 25, 2015. Jon Hilsenrath sees signs that global inflation may be picking up.

The New Compassionate Conservatism and Trickle-Down Economics

Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney are zeroing in on inequality as America’s fundamental economic...

Heinz to buy Kraft in massive $40 billion merger

Kraft Foods Group and H.J. Heinz announced a merger to create North America's third-largest food and beverage company. The deal is reportedly worth at least $40 billion. CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss how it could affect the way Americans shop.

H.J. Heinz gobbling up Kraft Foods in mega-deal

Combined company would have revenue of $28 billion a year and be third biggest food and beverage company in North America

MoneyWatch: Federal employees owe billions in back taxes; Google hires woman CFO

According to the IRS, people who work for the federal government owe more than $3 billion in back taxes. Also, Google hired Morgan Stanley CFO Ruth Porat to the same position, making her the highest ranking woman at the company. Jill Wagner reports on the day's top MoneyWatch headlines.

One Minute to Midnight: Athens Raids Public Health Coffers in Hunt for Cash; Brussels Threatens Capital Controls

Eurozone watchers have said 11th hour so many times that no one believes it any more. To place new emphasis on the plight of Greece it's now allegedly 1 minute to midnight.Given that Greek funds were supposed to last until April 30,Show More Summary

Greece Raids Public Health Service Kitty as It Scrambles for a Short-Term Lifeline; ECB Refuses to Cut a Break

As Greece continues to scramble to raise funds to avert default and keep paying pensioners and government officials, the end game is becoming clearer.

Why stocks could be in bubble trouble

Biotech shares may be getting most overstretched, but second-quarter earnings could bring the overall market back down

Bubble trouble?

Although stocks have been on a record run, some sectors may be getting overstretched, warns CBS MoneyWatch contributor Anthony Mirhaydari.

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