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Does Twitter's reset on race and gender go far enough?

It vows to get more women into tech jobs and leadership, and to add more diversity, but that's not silencing critics

A more accurate measure of economic output

GDP has pitfalls that have spurred economists to come up with better approaches to gauging the economy's performance

Meet the Flop Pickers

‘If savvy consumers can help predict a product’s success, might there not be consumers whose clammy embrace spells its death?’ Spare a thought for the poor darlings who run your typical transnational, fast-moving, consumer goods company. They invest millions launching an exciting new product (Colgate ready meals, say, or Cosmopolitan brand yoghurt. Or Crystal Pepsi: […]

China PMI Contracts Fastest Since February-March 2009

China manufacturing and services are both in contraction at the fastest rate since early 2009.The Caixin China General Manufacturing PMI shows operating conditions deteriorate at fastest rate since March 2009. Chinese manufacturers saw...Show More Summary

?The surging ranks of America's ultrapoor

The number of families in the U.S. living on less than $2 a day -- yes, $2 -- has more than doubled since 1996

Leveraged bubbles

The risk that asset price bubbles pose for financial stability is still not clear. Drawing on 140 years of data, this column argues that leverage is the critical determinant of crisis damage. When fuelled by credit booms, asset price...Show More Summary

Soft power raises exports

A nation’s hard power is based on its ability to coerce, while its soft power depends on the attractiveness of its culture, political ideals, and policies. This column shows that a country’s soft power has measureable effects on its exports. Countries that are admired for their positive global influence export more, holding other things constant.

'The Clinical-Bench Science Distinction in Macro'

In response to this from Paul Romer: The Clinical-Bench Science Distinction in Macro: I had hoped to find time to offer a more thoughtful response to Simon Wren Lewis’s most recent comments on the way forward in macroeconomics... For now,...

Proof of Ongoing Foreclosure Fraud and Mortgage Document Fabrication, in Five Emails

Five years ago this month, GMAC became the first mortgage servicer to announce that they would suspend foreclosure operations due to irregularities in their document preparation. Within a few weeks every major mortgage servicer in America followed suit. Show More Summary

Syllabus for Monetary Theory and Policy

Everyone seems to be posting the syllabus for the graduate courses they are teaching this fall. Mine is simple. In my Monetary Theory and Policy course we are going to go through this book by Jordi Gali (don't tell anyone...

'Dynasties versus Development'

From Vox EU: Dynasties and development, by Jan Frederick P. Cruz and Ronald U Mendoza: The possibility of a showdown between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in the US Presidential polls may have some political pundits salivating, but perhaps many...

Why is China finding it hard to fight the markets?

China’s market drama started in June this year with the collapse of the Shanghai stock exchange, followed by frantic interventions by the Chinese authorities. As if the estimated $200 billion already spent on propping up stock prices...Show More Summary

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/1/15

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. 2016 The Voters Quinnipiac: “A total of 71 percent of American voters are “dissatisfied” with the way things are going in the nation today, including 41 percent who are “very dissatisfied,” according to a Quinnipiac University National poll released today. Only 2 percent are “very satisfied,” with 26 percent “somewhat […]

CalPERS Chief Investment Officer Defends Tax Abuse as Investor Benefit

CalPERS Chief Investment Officer made statements to the Investment Committee that are demonstrably false. As a video of the August Investment Committee meeting shows, Eliopoulos apparently does not grasp how a common tax avoidance scheme by general partners is not beneficial to limited partners. Show More Summary

Investment risks grow with China strong-arm tactics: James Saft

Sept 1 (Reuters) – The arrests and “confessions” will continue, it seems, until Chinese stock market morale improves. China’s efforts, not just to manipulate its stock market higher, but to squelch information and intimidate those it sees as threats to its purpose should also scare global investors. The spectacle of Wang Xiaolu, reporter at a […]

Ilargi: The Real Refugee Crisis Is In The Future

Perhaps Angela Merkel thought we didn’t yet know how full of it she is. Perhaps that’s why she said yesterday with regards to Europe’s refugee crisis that “Everything must move quickly,” only to call an EU meeting a full two weeks later. Show More Summary

Greece Loses 17,000 Jobs in July, Most Since 2001

It's no wonder Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras wanted elections now rather than later. He does not want the grim news of job losses and austerity to hit when he is more vulnerable.Tsipras' problem may well be that he is too late.Via translation from Libre Mercado, The Greek Economy Lost 17,000 Jobs in July, the Worst Result Since 2001. Show More Summary

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