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The third option

(November 18, 2017 08:47 PM, by Scott Sumner) Last week I attended the Cato Monetary conference in Washington. Jim Dorn always does a good job of finding interesting speakers. I couldn't help contrasting the event with the Peterson Institute conference that I attended last month. At the Peterson... (0 COMMENTS)

The Backlash Against the Bullies

Why are so many women now speaking out about the sexual abuses they’ve experienced for years? Is...

Greg Leiserson Has Been on Fire This Fall...

Attracting him a very great move by, I must say... Greg Leiserson has been killing it on tax policy this late summer and fall, most notably with [The Tax Foundation’s score of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act]( Show More Summary

Authentic Signals

Many people (including me) claim that we eat food and drink water because without nutrition and fluids we would starve and dehydrate. Imagine this response: No, people eat food because they are hungry, and drink water because they are thirsty. … Continue reading ?

Allan Meltzer, libertarian institutionalist

(November 18, 2017 09:52 AM, by Alberto Mingardi) Chris De Muth has written a wonderful tribute to Allan Meltzer. It is a piece that accounts for a strong bond of personal friendship that goes beyond intellectual esteem. DeMuth brought Meltzer to the American Enterprise Institute as a Visiting... (0 COMMENTS)

The Page Which All Discussion of the Trumpublican Tax... "Reform"? "Cut"? "Giveway"? Should Start from...

Information from the very sharp Eric Toder: [The House Ways and Means Tax Bill Would Raise the National Debt to 123 percent of GDP by 2037]( More Summary

Weekend Reading: The 9 Circles of Scientific Hell

Neuroskeptic (2010): [The 9 Circles of Scientific Hell]( "_Dante’s Inferno_: a classic of world literature, the definitive statement...Show More Summary

Schedule for Week of Nov 19, 2017

The key economic report this week is October existing home sales.Happy Thanksgiving! ----- Monday, Nov 20th ----- No economic releases scheduled. ----- Tuesday, Nov 21st ----- 8:30 AM ET: Chicago Fed National Activity Index for October. Show More Summary

For the Weekend: Stephen Vincent Benet: The Devil and Daniel Webster XII

For the Weekend: Stephen Vincent Benet: The Devil and Daniel Webster XII : "Walter Butler rose in his place and his face had a dark, gay pride on it... >..."The jury has considered its verdict," he said, and looked the stranger full in the eye. Show More Summary

A New Supreme Court Case Could Cripple Public Employee Unions

A case before the California Supreme Court poses a fundamental threat to public employee unions' funding.

How Despair Helped Drive Trump to Victory

Trump did well in places that have borne the brunt of declines in manufacturing, mining, and related industries since the 1970s.

Economics Gets Out More Often: Using Extramural Citations to Assess Economic Scholarship

From VoxEU: Economics gets out more often: Using extramural citations to assess economic scholarship, by Josh Angrist, Pierre Azoulay, Glenn Ellison, Ryan Hill, and Susan Lu: The 2017 Nobel in Memorial Prize Economic Sciences, awarded to University of Chicago’s Richard...

Lawler: Early Read on Existing Home Sales in October

From housing economist Tom Lawler:Based on publicly-available state and local realtor/MLS reports from across the country released through today, I predict that US existing home sales as estimated by the National Association of Realtors...Show More Summary

Friday: Housing Starts

Friday:• At 8:30 AM, Housing Starts for October. The consensus is for 1.188 million SAAR, up from the September rate of 1.127 million.• At 10:00 AM, State Employment and Unemployment (Monthly) for October 2017• At 11:00 AM, the Kansas City Fed manufacturing survey for November.

Corporate governance and strategic shareholders

Strategic shareholding – companies holding minority shares in other companies for the sake of business relations – can be used for anticompetition purposes or to reduce pressure from shareholders. This column explores strategic shareholding in Japan. Show More Summary

2:00PM Water Cooler 11/16/2017

Today's Water Cooler: Tariffs, Allison Ikley-Freeman, wave election, Al Franken, weaponized sanctimony, industrial production, coin flips

Note -- Post on ACA Fact Check Removed

I had a post that took issue with a WaPo Fact Check saying that the Republican tax plan will not actually kick 13 million people off insurance. Rather they will opt not to buy it if they are not required to. I had misunderstood the Congressional...Show More Summary

Who Really Gets a Tax Increase if the Individual Mandate Goes Away?

On government tables, it looks as if it’s low-income people. But the real losers would be higher up the income scale.

Taking Comparative Advantage Seriously

(November 17, 2017 01:37 PM, by Contributing Guest) by Pierre Lemieux Some geographical conditions can be changed by human entrepreneurship or government intervention. If hothouses have been built with a government subsidy and their cost is sunk, don't they now represent a comparative advantage? A recent Wall Street... (2 COMMENTS)

Caplan on Communism

(November 17, 2017 11:20 AM, by David Henderson) Before the Russian Revolution of 1917, "socialism" and "communism" were synonyms. Both referred to economic systems in which the government owns the means of production. The two terms diverged in meaning largely as a result of the political theory... (3 COMMENTS)

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