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Startup helps banks take payment via any social media

Fastacash aims to be the enabler for banks, mobile operators and financial institutions who want to socialize their payment services.

5 Project Management Lessons From Great Business Leaders

Some of the most successful tech business leaders of this era are and were masters of completing projects. If you're leading a project for your small business, you'd be wise to learn lessons passed on from these entrepreneurs.

The Age of ‘Big Data’, and what it means today

More data has been created in the last two years than in all preceding history.

Franchise Opportunity: Own Something Big

(Sponsored Post) Big. Would you like to own something big…something with big potential? Something that very few people have? Something that could help you reach your true potential? Something you’ve heard of, but never knew exactly what it was? Keep reading. Show More Summary

Discover Global Network Announces a Partnership with Creditcall Corporation

Discover has partnered with Creditcall Corporation, of the U.K. The deal is designed to get Discover card and Diners Club card accepted at more businesses worldwide.

One Industry is Thriving in the California Drought

The California drought seems like it may never end and that's hurting a lot of landscape businesses in the state -- and just about every lawn, too. But one company, California Native Landscape Design, has found profit in the drought. The company offers native landscaping featuring plants that are resistant to drought conditions.

UPS to Acquire Coyote Logistics

UPS has completed a $1.8 billion purchase of Coyote Logistics, a subcontractor for the company that has software that should enable UPS to be more timely with its deliveries.

This Mother Started Lysogene Biotech Company to Help Her Daughter

Karen Aiach had a desire to help her daughter suffering from a rare disease. That desire eventually led to the creation of a biomedical startup, Lysogene, which she founded in 2009.

The OtherMill Puts Manufacturing, IOT in the Hands of Small Biz Owners

The Internet of Things is creating its own spinoff industries and the The Other Machine Company is example of just that. It's a micro-manufacturing company that's changing the face of the manufacturing industry.

Female Entrepreneurs Take the Spotlight at White House's First Demo Day

Facebook, Airbnb and Microsoft announced new plans to hire more women and minorities. More than 90 startups were represented at the event.

The World’s 10 Youngest Billionaires And How They Made It

Could you imagine being one of the youngest billionaires in the world, only in your 20’s or 30’s with most your life still ahead of you? You would never have to worry about money, always get to enjoy the finest things in life and actually have the years to make the most of it. Only […]

Instacart Finds You the Perfect Avocado

Instacart is a two-sided service marketplace connecting supermarket customers with on-demand grocery shoppers. Applico talked to the Instacart CEO about why a dedicated mobile app for its in-store grocery shoppers made sense.

Taylor Swift Slams Spotify For Low Profits

The superstar called out the music-streaming service "a startup with no cash flow" in a recent interview.

How You Can Always Be the Master of Your Own Fate

Do you have really control of your business, or is its fate in someone else's hands entirely?

Street Corner Founder Creates an Oasis of Convenience Retail

We recently spoke with Peter LaColla, CEO of Street Corner, to get the inside scoop on the secret to his franchise's success, one recent trend that has him excited for the future and what he looks for in potential franchisees.

Jack in the Box Franchise Cost and Information

Jack in the Box is among the nation's leading fast-food hamburger franchises, with more than 2,250 quick-serve restaurants in over 21 states.

The 5 Best Small Investment Home-Based Business Opportunities

Depending on the type of business you want to run and the ownership experience you’re looking for, a franchise may present the right mix of risk and reward.

Payroll and Inventory. Xero Updates Two Important Features.

Payroll management is essential so you can not only pay employees but also be in compliance of state and federal laws. Inventory is important so you know what products you have and what products you don’t have. Xero recently upgraded and updated the payroll and inventory components of its accounting solution. Show More Summary

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