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How to Make Money Online Sharing What You Know

  In this video, you will learn how to make money online sharing what you know. If you do anything for a hobby, studies something in college, or did something for a job, you know more than most people about it and can make money from it. Enjoy the video and let me know what […]

Small Businesses Big Winners in Proposed Trump Tax Cuts

The White House unveiled its highly anticipated tax reform plan today. It would lower the tax rate on American businesses to 15 percent.

8 Best Online Jobs for College Students in 2017

  In this video, you will learn about the 8 best online jobs for college students in 2017. These full time and side jobs pay well and have very flexible hours, so you can still focus on your education. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below! Here are […]

Why Life Is Too Short to Work Somewhere You Don't Care About

Edreece Arghandiwal was planning to become a doctor when deaths in his family changed his perspective.

Small Business Trends Magazine 2017 Travel Edition Is Here, Download Your Free Copy NOW!

The latest edition of Small Business Trends Magazine is available for download now! In this issue, we tackle the topic of business travel in 2017.

Chocolate Rain 10th Anniversary Calls Attention to Power of Viral Marketing

If the 10th anniversary of Chocolate Rain is any indication, viral content can have both an immediate and lasting impact.

50 Baking Business Ideas

There are plenty of opportunities out there for entrepreneurs to build businesses around baking. Here are 50 baking business ideas to consider.

3 Negative Messages You Send Your Boss When You Don’t Disconnect While on Vacation

Have you ever wondered what it means if you stay connected even during your time off? Here are three career-damaging things it says about you to your company’s leadership. The post 3 Negative Messages You Send Your Boss When You Don’t...Show More Summary

Celebrate Small Business Week

Get out the noise makers. Put on your party hats. Order a cake. It’s time to celebrate the backbone of our economy, the small business. Small Business Week 2017, April 30 through May 6, is a celebration of small businesses across the country. Small businesses mean jobs, dollars and economic growth. Across the U.S., more […]

Learn This Important Secret for Success in Business and Personal Life

How do you get yourself into your most powerful state of mind? Here are eight tips that will not only help get there, but stay there as well.

10 Ways Faith Based Companies Can Seek a Higher Calling

Running a faith based companies can be challenging. Patrick Galleher offers these 10 faith based business tips to help overcome those unique challenges

Spotlight: Brickell Men’s Products Offers Natural Grooming Options

Brickell Men's Products believes in transparency when talking about their ingredients. Find out why in this week's Small Biz Spotlight.

How to achieve through the struggle

Let me guess, you became an entrepreneur because you have dreams of wealth and a desire to live a rock star lifestyle. You believe that entrepreneurship provides you with the ability to sleep late, make money with ease, and be your own boss who is not answerable to anyone but yourself. Show More Summary

10 Great Sources for Business Training Videos

If you’re interested in using online videos to benefit your employees and business, here are ten great sources for business training videos.

What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur? (INFOGRAPHIC)

What makes a successful entrepreneur? To find out, check out this infographic that explores the makeup of successful entrepreneurs.

How to Identify a Bad Sales Lead

To maximize sales, teams should only call on prospects with a high likelihood of buying. Here's how to identify a bad sales lead before it wastes your time.

This company with a Utah office has 100 work-from-home positions available

Utahns interested in working from home may want to apply at Cigna, which recently announced it has more than 100 work-from-home jobs available, according to Time Money. The health insurance company, which has an office in West Jordan, said that as of April 21 the available positions assist customers with medical, dental and vision plans....

Will Remote Work Kill the Corporate Office?

One of the great promises of modern technology is the idea that workers do not need to be physically tethered to their workplace. Whether working from home or dotting around the country or planet on different assignments, the capabilities now exist to ensure that many people would rarely need to set foot in a corporate...

A Billion-Dollar Virtual Team

After Marissa Mayer summoned Yahoo’s workforce back to the office in 2013, flexible and remote work trends took a major hit. Thought leaders questioned whether or not remote work could really produce the kinds of results that companies need to stay competitive. But Harbor City Capital is bucking that belief by deliberately building a billion-dollar...

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