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How Hiring a Contract Manufacturer Can Bring Your Invention Idea to Life

Are you an entrepreneur with a new product idea you would like to bring to market? Hiring a contract manufacturer can be an excellent way to turn your invention into a reality. The post How Hiring a Contract Manufacturer Can Bring Your Invention Idea to Life appeared first on

What's in a Company Name? Ideally, Authenticity

Cal McAllister know his ad agency's name is confusing, but that's the point, he says.

4 Things Arianna Huffington Could Do Next if She Leaves HuffPo

It's unclear whether the entrepreneur will stay on as editor-in-chief now that Verizon owns her news site. If she doesn't, we could see her pursuing one of these second acts.

New to eCommerce? Enjoy Has Free Hand Delivery, Setup

Free shipping, two-day shipping... that's old hat. ENJOY is a new eCommerce site that has its employees give all its products a test run then hand delivers them to customers.

Save the Environment with a FiltaFry Franchise

For years, waste oil has presented an environmental problem, but thanks to some technological innovations, like FiltaFry Franchise, solutions have arrived.

Being the First Mover Has Many Advantages: Just Ask Fitbit

Wearable device maker Fitbit plans to raise $500 million in a public offering. And that's just the beginning.

Spotlight: OneTouchTeam Creates Do-It-Yourself HR

OneTouchTeam is dedicated to filling a vital role for small businesses that face a budget crunch. The company is focused on handling human resources for small businesses.

How to Recognize a Game-Changing Idea When You Hear One

Research shows that most leaders are really bad at spotting innovative ideas. Find out how to stop shooting down ideas that can transform your business.

Success Is Helping People Make Better Decisions

The CEO of a 539 employee big data company thinks success is about helping make other people better off. Here are five principles he follows to get there.

The Impressive (Yet Often Overlooked) Benefits of Reverse Mentoring

Thomas Koulopoulos, founder of Delphi Group, talks about how you can eliminate generation gaps in your organization.

How To Not Be Awkward on the Phone (Infographic)

Millennials often feel awkward making phone calls from the office. Here are some pointers (some better than others) to give better phone.

Why You Should Be Asking Your Customers for Referrals

Every business owner should be asking their customers for referrals. Asking for referrals is the first step to building a loyal customer base. The post Why You Should Be Asking Your Customers for Referrals appeared first on

Small Business, Big Breach Risk: The Dangers of Assuming Immunity

It’s easy for a small business that has never been hacked to dismiss security breaches. But the truth is, no business is immune to hackers. Here are five ways you can get smart about data breach security. The post Small Business, Big Breach Risk: The Dangers of Assuming Immunity appeared first on

Ready or Not? 5 Questions to Help You Know If a User Conference is Right for You

Hosting a user conference is a formidable commitment, but it can also mean a huge boost for your customer base--if the conditions are right.

6 Brilliant Ideas For Repurposing Content To Increase Traffic

Wouldn’t it be nice to get more out of your blog post or other content? What if you could multiply your traffic by 6x by repurposing content you already made? This is how big time content marketing experts do things. Different people like to take in information differently using different mediums. So, why not cater […]

Smart Business People Separate Eggs to Avoid a Scramble

When building your business, remember that diversifying is often best. Some of the most successful business people avoid putting all their eggs in one basket. The result can make a mess of your finances.

Simple Social Media Tips for Business Owners

If you haven’t been giving social media the credit it deserves, the following tips are worth considering.

14 Tips for Companies Converting to SaaS Models

What advice do you have for a company looking to convert their offering into a SaaS model? The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership...Show More Summary

Social Network Launches for People to Share and Discover Music

The Social Network Zyer Launches for People to Share and Discover Music by 23 years old tech entrepreneur. Here is his story.

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