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5 Ways Tax Reform is Helping Franchise Businesses

The recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provides big benefits to franchise businesses. Here are 5 ways tax reform is helping franchises.

Experience your Very Own LG Gram, the Whole New Compact Practicality between your Fingertips for Free by Entering #likegram Event

Sponsored Post This new LG laptop is fast, light, and durable, everything a commuter dreams about. And now you can win your very own LG gram by entering the #likegram event.

4 Webinar Hosting Mistakes that can Ruin You to Oblivion

Webinars will undoubtedly be a great addition to your marketing arsenal. When you think about it, it’s basically like a video on steroids. In addition to engaging your audience through a live feed, you also get to interact with them through polls, chat, and Q&A sessions. Show More Summary

Attention Marketers: Less than Half of Teens Will Use Facebook This Year

With less teens on Facebook, reaching them with your marketing strategy will be less and less likely to happen on that site. Here's where to target instead. Gives Ecommerce Fashion Sellers Plugin to Offer 3D Fittings

Fashion ecommerce sites can now add a 3D virtual styling tool with the help of a plugin from See how it works after the jump.

Small Toy Companies Thrive While Toys R Us Announces Store Closings

Small toy makers are finding success at a time when Toys R Us is locking up doors at stores nationwide. Here's why small toy companies can compete with the big guys.

7 Reasons Starting a Small Business is Crazy – Seriously!

Heavy is the head that wears the crown of a startup company. But should they also wear a straightjacket? Here are 5 reasons why people who start companies are crazy.

Quantum Computing Getting Closer

Intel recently announced they've developed a quantum computer chip. There's also been a number of other recent quantum computing breakthroughs and companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft and others are investing heavily in the space. So are the Chinese. These efforts...

What Is Customer Data Onboarding and Do I Need It in My Business?

If you do customer data onboarding right, marketing will be a breeze and your customers will be delighted. Many business owners are aware of the benefits. Therefore, they make the necessary investments to acquire customer onboarding software. Show More Summary

The Hidden Mystery Behind Building Trust with Potential Customers

Your slickest marketing messages are lost on customers if they don't trust you. Discover the importance of building trust with customers after the jump.

The Benefits of Writing A Book For Business: 7 Things You’ll Get, And 3 You Almost Definitely Won’t

As promised in yesterday's Launch Content About Launch Content, today we're going to talk about why you might want to write a book. Now, before we begin, let's talk about what kind of book we're talking about here. For now, and for the remainder of this series, when I say "book", I'm referring to a specific type of book. Show More Summary

48% Who Want to Sell Have No Exit Strategy

A new report reveals that almost half of small business owners who are looking to unload their business have no business exit strategy. Get the rest of the numbers after the jump.

What I Learned from My Immigrant Parents About Succeeding in Business

Sponsored Post Marie Rosecrans from Salesforce shares what she learned from her immigrant parents about succeeding in business and how that helped her reach her own success.

The TRUTH About No-Cost Marketing

You’ve seen the stories, “Build Your Business with No-Cost Marketing.” This headline has been used many times, most recently when talking about social media. We want such things to be true. Yet, we also know the reality – there is a cost to everything. It may not be a cost in dollars, but instead, it […]

1 in 5 Businesses Will Abandon Their Mobile App by 2019

A recent survey revealed that one-fifth of businesses will abandon their mobile app in the near future. Rather than invest in mobile apps, businesses are looking to stay in touch with customers in other ways. Here's how.

Spotlight: Franchise Takes a Unique Approach to Dog Training

Find out what specific need the dog training company Zoom Room is filling for dog owners in this week's Small Biz Spotlight.

Does Your Small Construction Firm Waste More Than Half Your Day on Unproductive Activities?

Is the construction industry ready for technology disruption? Yes, say these infographics from Volvo. In fact, technology can help small construction companies save time on unproductive activities that gobble up more than half their day.

How to Use Technology to Take Charge of Your Business Meetings

If your small business meetings are not as efficient as you want them to be, here are some tips on using technology to improve meetings.

Futureproofing Your Internet Connectivity

Extreme weather patterns have become a reality of life. Just look at the numerous high category storms that have hit the U.S. this past year — Harvey, Maria and Irma, to name a few — or the bomb cyclone that recently hit the east coast, bringing with it snow, wind and general inconvenience. The devastation...

Digital dependence? Break up with your phone, reclaim your time

WASHINGTON — Do you find that you reach for your phone while waiting in line at the coffee shop? Open an app during the 20-second elevator ride to the office? Or, fall down the Facebook rabbit hole for hours in the evening? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is yes — even if you don’t realize it....

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