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Handheld device samples real world colors to use in digital design

The Cube is a portable device which samples and stores colors from physical surfaces and converts them into usable digital files.

The Twentysomething Brothers Behind a $3.6 Billion Payments Company

How Stripe founders Patrick and John Collison are reimagining payments for the Internet era.

Platform makes sure companies keep their promise to reduce deforestation

Supply Change is transformational resource which enables anyone to monitor businesses' progress concerning deforestation reduction.

Seth Godin's Freelancer Course

I can't imagine any clearer signal that the freelance economy is happening than having one of the most successful business authors of past decade or so - Seth Godin - release a training class on becoming a freelancer. The class...

'Silicon Valley' Recap: Fool's Gold

They say it's better to be lucky than right, but not for those around you.

You Don’t Have To

You don’t have to. (Buy a franchise) It’s perfectly okay to just look around a bit. I really don’t blame you. Job security is almost non-existent these days. If you’re employed, and you’re really good at what you do, you can lose your job in a split second. Talent only goes so far these days. If […] The post You Don’t Have To appeared first on The Franchise King®.

Creative Ways for Getting Employees to Complete Timesheets

One of the biggest challenges an organization can face is getting employees to complete timesheets and track their time. In an age of “Big Brother” wariness and an increased focus on privacy, some employees may balk and fuss at the idea of accounting for their time, while others may struggle with submitting their timesheets entirely. Whatever...

How an Average Guy from the Midwest Got Mark Cuban’s Attention

While celebrities such as Mark Cuban may seem unreachable, getting in touch is easier than you think. Here's my advice:

Google’s Own Wireless Service is Officially Launching with Project Fi

The rumors are true. Google is launching its own wireless service called Project Fi. The new service was announced recently, and the company says its goal is to create a fast and easy wireless experience. Not everyone will be able to jump onto the new service right away, however. Currently, Project Fi is invite-only and can...

How to Keep Benefiting from Trade Shows After the Show Ends

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to find new customers, to meet new business partners and build new relationships. So much work goes into planning and preparing for a trade show. You need to make sure your booth is interesting, informative, fun, and staffed with team members with the right skills and personality to represent...

Emerging Trends for Aspiring Entrepreneurs to Explore

One of the best ways that you can start seeking out new business opportunities is by envisioning where the future is heading.

How “The Audience Revolution” Can Help You Radically Increase Sales

Are you satisfied with the rate at which your business is growing? If you’re a fledgling entrepreneur, the answer is probably no. It can be frustrating. You’re trying desperately to build your business and land more clients, but you’re having trouble driving sales. You may have spent months, even years, building a product or service that...

Don't Let Too Much of a Good Thing Crash Your Startup

Startups dream of instant success but an inability to meet demand for a wildly popular product can bring a young company to crisis.

Get Out There and Connect at Business Events This Week

Don’t let your business cards collect dust and go to waste. Get out and network at one of the many business events happening this week. You can show your value to new contacts all the while picking up useful tips and knowledge. There will be plenty of chances with events happening from coast to coast...

Secrets to Make Your Business Stand Out

In today’s business world, it can be difficult to differentiate your business from all the others out there in your industry. That means you need to play up your business’s strengths in order to really stand out. Members of the small business community know a bit about standing out from the crowd. Here are some...

Tech Startup Viddler is a Hometown Success Story

When Donna DeMarco and Robert Sandie launched their interactive online video startup, they didn’t move it to a major tech hub like Silicon Valley. Instead, they kept their company, Viddler, headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. And DeMarco thinks that decision has ultimately been beneficial for the business. The pair originally met in a class at Lehigh...

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