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A Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Explains the 1 Thing That Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Agree On

Joseph Stiglitz, professor of economics at Columbia University, explains to Inc. editor James Ledbetter why he expects Hillary Clinton's economic policy to differ from Barack Obama's if she's elected president.

For Disasters, Cyber Security and More, Millennial Entrepreneurs Seem Best Prepared, Poll Finds

New survey data shows that Millennial business owners are more likely to prepare for the unexpected and be ready against newer threats to their companies.

No, You Don't Promote People In Management Just Because They Earned It

The Harvard Business Review recently posted, "How to know if someone is ready to be a manager." I offer my own science-backed answer in this article.

3 Truths Riding My Motorcycle Taught Me About Being an Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur fell off his bike and realized entrepreneurship is a lot like riding a motorcycle.

If You Want to Work for Gary Vaynerchuk, Don't Send Him Your Resume

Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia and host of The #AskGaryVee Show, explains why the key to getting a job is networking before you get into the building.

3 Tips for Reaching B2B Customers with Content Marketing

Content marketing can reach a lot of audiences and it can be an effective means of marketing for B2B companies, too.

Did Your Summer Break Fly By? How to Stretch Out Next Year's Vacation

A week away can feel like about five minutes if you know nothing about the psychology of time.

How to Make Your Business Credit Card Work Harder for Your Business

Have a business credit card? Here are some key ways to make sure you are maximizing your plastic assets. The post How to Make Your Business Credit Card Work Harder for Your Business appeared first on The post How to Make Your Business Credit Card Work Harder for Your Business appeared first on Click for more information about Meredith Wood.

Stop Looking at My Screen, Bro! HP Sure View Addresses PC Peeping

HP's new Sure View aims to prevent others' eyes from stealing a glimpse at your screen.

The One Insidious Trait That Can Kill Your Brand

While a winning brand is comprised of many elements, research suggests there's one thing that has the potential to quickly destroy it.

What Is Influencer Marketing and How Can It Help My Business?

We define the term of influencer marketing and what an influencer is how being one can set your brand apart from the rest.

2 Interesting Traits That Guarantee Success in the Brewing World

Keith Villa, founder of the Blue Moon Brewing Co., explains why a heightened sense of smell and taste is critical for brewers.

5 Little-Known Sales Skills that Entrepreneurs Should Master

You've heard the same-old sales tips time and again. Here are some you may not have received recently.

The One Lesson That Could Save Your Startup Years of Frustration

Startup myths cause founders to lose precious time, but serial entrepreneur Howard Love's new book sets out to fix that.

Don't Skip Lunch--Science Says It Can Boost Your Productivity

Your brain uses more energy than any other organ, so lunchtime decisions can make or break your afternoon.

11 Tools for the Modern Sales Rep

Sales is a people business, but that doesn't mean that tools can't help you work more efficiently. Here are 11 tools changing the way sales teams work in 2016.

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