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Why Studying Your Business Heroes Isn't Really Helping You Succeed

Mark Zuckerberg is famous for that hoodie he wears. A thousand people who failed without you hearing about it also wore hoodies.

3 Powerful Ways You Can Use Color to Boost Your Office's Creativity

The specific shades you use or see around the office can encourage your team to truly innovate.

Why the AT&T / Time Warner $86 Billion Merger May Not Accelerate Innovation.

AT&T's CEO started "selling" the $86 Billion acquisition of Time Warner stating it will accelerate the company's innovation. Here are the reasons why it might not.

SendPro 300 All In One Smart Sending Device Addresses Shipping Woes for Small Business

The new SendPro 300 all in one from Pitney Bowes addresses shipping woes for small business by bringing together the biggest shipping companies.

7 Things to Consider When Starting a Mobile App Company

When starting a mobile app company, here are seven things that you should think about to help put your venture on a successful path.

3 Simple Secrets to Motivating People

It is impossible to get people to do something they don't want to do. But if you understand what they want and show them how to get it - they will do amazing things.

The 10 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Los Angeles

These fast-growth companies prove that movies and music don't get all the star power in the City of Angels.

Alphanumeric Passwords Becoming a Thing of the Past

Eye scans, thumb scans, and more... the rise of these new identity verification services spell the end of the alphanumeric password.

Intuit Future of Small Business Report

Last week Intuit released the Slideshare presentation The Future of Small Business. It covers 5 broad trends that are driving the growth of the small business sector of the economy. These are: World-class business infrastructure: Small businesses have the ability...

5 Stay-At-Home Jobs To Make Some Extra Holiday Cash

Looking to make some extra cash during the holidays? We don’t blame you. This time of year is tough on everyone’s wallets, and a little bit of extra cash can go a long way. Plenty of businesses are hiring people to work from home right now, a great way to make money without leaving the...

How you can avoid work from home ripoffs

A reader: I’m thinking about an offer that I received in the mail. I got this letter telling me I can make as much as $3,500 per week. All I have to do is stuff envelopes. The company will provide the envelopes and the postage. All I have to do is prepare the mailing. Is...

Enterprise Sales: The Perils of Selling to the Wrong Customer

Selling to the wrong customers can have wide-ranging consequences, both for them and for your own organization. The post Enterprise Sales: The Perils of Selling to the Wrong Customer appeared first on The post Enterprise Sales: The Perils of Selling to the Wrong Customer appeared first on Click for more information about Danny Wong.

10 Signs of Social Media Fatigue in Your Audience—And How to Fix It Quickly

One day you are a hit on social media, next day you’re not. Get to know the signs of social media fatigue, and more importantly, how to fix it before you lose your clients. The post 10 Signs of Social Media Fatigue in Your Audience—And...Show More Summary

How To Not Miss The Point Of Being A Freelancer

When you started working as a freelancer, you probably had a dream of getting away from 9 to 5 and having more control over your time. You were going to work less, make more money, and finally take that vacation. Then, reality set in and the dream was gone. Your days are filled up with...

3 Entrepreneurial Lessons That Transformed This Former Athlete Into a Successful Restaurateur

Moving into entrepreneurship from another career can be tough. But these 3 lessons set the foundation for this soccer player.

How to Tell If Your Business Will Be the Next $1 Billion Company

There isn't a startup in the world that succeeded without great team and leadership. But what does it take to build $1 billion company?

5 Keys to Hiring Talented Remote Workers

Your remote employees are just as important as your in-office hires, so you want to make sure you hire right the first time. The post 5 Keys to Hiring Talented Remote Workers appeared first on The post 5 Keys to Hiring Talented Remote Workers appeared first on Click for more information about Drew Hendricks.

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