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A Failure of Leadership: What Business Owners Can Learn

Once again the government is there to teach us a valuable leadership lesson. And this has nothing to do with politics or party affiliation. It’s not about Democrat or Republican, nor about whether you like or dislike the current administration. It’s about setting and following through with clear expectations and consequences. The Story: Hillary Clinton...

Why Export? Six great reasons, the last two are surprising…here is the second surprise!

HIGHER VALUATION By selling into multiple economies exporters reduce their market risk. With lower market risk and stronger margins they tend to enjoy higher valuation multiples. EXAMPLE: Consider two similar companies with identical revenues, however, one exports while the other doesn’t. Show More Summary

Are Women Entrepreneurs Putting Their Personal Credit at Risk?

As small business owners, we all want our businesses to survive and thrive. Sometimes, that means making personal sacrifices. But a new study by Experian reveals that women business owners may be making too many sacrifices when it comes to their personal finances — and it’s putting their personal credit ratings at risk. The study...

5 Essential Apps For Setting Up a Tech Business From Scratch

Did you know that back in 1982 the high-tech entrepreneurship rate was 60 percent in the U.S.? You would think that with the advancements that have been made in technology during recent years that rate would have increased — or at least remained at a high level. That hasn’t exactly been the case. By 2011,...

Take My Advice: Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets

When Bill Gates and Oprah speak, we listen If you’re currently in the process of trying to get a business opportunity off the ground, it might be best to read advice from some entrepreneurial heavyweights that have blazed the trail before you that you intend to walk. Below you’ll find a collection of inspirational bits […]

3 Free and Better Alternatives to Expensive Business Apps

In this post I teach you about three incredible apps that can springboard your productivity.

Read “Captivology” And Learn How to Grab Your Customers Attention

How many times do you get distracted during the day? I can tell you that I sat down to write this particular book review at least three times. I would write a sentence or two and something would grab my attention as being more important than the next sentence. In fact, I just stopped writing...

Don’t Miss Out, AM DAYS, ICON15 Happen This Week

We’ve got two big events right around the corner. If you haven’t checked them out yet you should do it now. AM DAYS Affiliate Management Days Conference is happening in San Francisco beginning Monday Monday 30. This event will help those with an existing affiliate program or those looking to create one. Checkout the discount...

10 Ideas for Maximizing Your Business Online

Your company needs some kind of online presence if you want to succeed in today’s business world. Whether it’s a blog, social media or some other kind of website, developing a comprehensive online presence is key to making a modern business thrive. But creating and maintaining such an online presence takes time and constant work....

Tickle Your Funny Bone: 20 Desk Toys for the Office

Personalizing your work-space can boost your moral. Fun gadgets and toys can keep you company during those long work hours and provide some amusement to break the stress. A hilarious or unexpected knick-knack can spark conversations with co-workers or maybe even customers and clients. Check out this list of 20 desk toys for the office...

How to Know When Your Startup Needs to Hire a Project Manager

Project management is a crucial part of business today. It's important to recognize when it's time to turn your projects over to an expert.

Humanizing Big Data: The Smart Guide to Tracking Customers

Data has always been an important part of running a business. It helps managers and owners determine how to use limited resources (time, investment, etc.) to make profits. What hasn’t always been a big part of business is Big Data, the incredibly large and complex data arising from human behavior (online and off). There has...

3 Things to Remember for Conquering Career Uncertainty

Whether you're starting a business, taking on a new role, or just feeling the need for change, you must confront uncertainty to push your boundaries.

Here’s What Defines Your Company Culture

In the end, culture is about how your company is different from other companies, not how it is the same.

How to Brain Hack Your Way to Success

Have you ever driven your car to work in the morning? Suddenly, you are parked at your office, and don’t remember the drive? The entire time you were thinking about what to make for dinner or planning that big meeting. Of course this has happened to you. It happens to everyone. This is because our...

Square Unveils $Cashtags, Fundbox Reinvents Borrowing, More

Getting paid is an absolutely essential part of running a small business. But the ways in which businesses can accept payments are constantly changing due to new technology. Most recently, Square announced a new program called $Cashtags, an expansion of its Square Cash app. Another new option comes from Fundbox, which will provide advances to businesses...

Does Your Value Have a Limit?

Can you really know your value? Is it a fixed thing? Is it of value to quantify your worth? These questions intrigue my mind. To explore this curiosity, I developed a (business) practice of not setting prices. In this system of pricing, I place no limit on the value of my offerings, and instead I trust and guide … Read More

6 Ways to Make Your Intern Program a Success

With intern season just around the corner, ensure your program is an educational experience that can make also make an impact on your company.

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