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Understanding Why Crypto Markets Suffer

Why do crypto markets go through such sweeping up-and-down cycles? Understanding the problem is 50 percent of solving it. In the wake of a pretty rough week for the cryptocurrency market, most of us are still just trying to put the pieces together. Show More Summary

Time is money: Tips to help you use yours well

The life of an entrepreneur is tough.  Think about it…Entrepreneurs have to know how to do it all – something that’s only possible if they learn how to manage their time correctly. We hear a lot about the need to encourage the creation of small, entrepreneurial businesses in order to generate jobs and grow the...

Small Business Retailers: Here’s How to Turn Your Retail Pain Point into Retail Opportunities

Smart retailers are leveraging the internet to get people into their physical locations and also leveraging their in-store customer interactions to enhance their digital marketing. The post Small Business Retailers: Here’s How to Turn...Show More Summary

How to Make Remote Workers Feel Like Part of the Team

Offices often feel like families. And as with real families, it’s not unusual for some of the family members to live out of town. There’s at least one major difference, though: While no one expects you to invite Aunt Eileen to a birthday party she won’t be able to attend, there’s a price to pay...

This Is What Remote Workers Need Most From Their Bosses

Working remotely is a sought-after perk when it comes to employment, but that doesn’t mean it’s all rainbows and unicorns. Workplace politics can be more frequent and complicated when you work from home, according to research by Joseph Grenny and David Maxfield, coauthors of Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High. Their new study...

How to talk your employer into letting you work remotely

As millennials continue to redefine success and performance metrics, the idea of an office doesn’t just feel outdated, but unnecessary, as nearly every meeting, brainstorm and deliverable can be completed online. This mentality motivates...Show More Summary

4 Online Side Jobs That Pay More Than $15 an Hour

If you’re thinking of taking on a side job, you’re not alone. Although the idea of a second job is nothing new, the “platform economy” of online business and commerce has made it a lot easier. So much so, in fact, that the PEW Research Center found in 2016 that a quarter of all American adults were...

Boost Your Productivity Through Telecommuting

A traditional office used to be just that — an office. Its function existed only in the confines of its physical space, and the company’s productivity rarely extended beyond what happened in the cubicle during business hours. Today, however, companies can boost their productivity by conducting business and other valuable activities out of the office. Show More Summary

Make a Small Business Grow with the Help of a Personal Loan

Starting your own business is a difficult thing to do, even though the satisfaction it brings can make it all worthwhile. All the same, once you start your own business it can be hard to make it grow. Most likely you invested your own money in the beginning. Show More Summary

12 Apps that Pay You to Exercise in 2018

    In this video, you will learn about 12 apps that pay you to exercise in 2018. There are some new, established, and discontinued apps that contribute to this updated list. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!   Brands, resources, and examples mentioned: Sweatcoin DietBet HealthyWage […]

Take Advantage of EMV Cards in Your Small Business: Here are 4 Reasons Why

If your small business does not yet accept EMV chip credit cards, it's time to get on board. Why? Here are 4 reasons to take EMV chip cards.

6 Business Loan Scams and How to Spot Them

Beware of financing deals that sound too good to be true. Here are the most common loan scams and how to avoid becoming a victim. The post 6 Business Loan Scams and How to Spot Them appeared first on The post 6 Business Loan Scams and How to Spot Them appeared first on Click for more information about Guest Post.

Could S Corporation Election Be the Right Move for Your Small Business?

If you’ve been considering an S corp election, now is the time to look more closely at the potential advantages and explore if it’s the right choice for your company. The post Could S Corporation Election Be the Right Move for Your Small...Show More Summary

Gig Spending on Instagram Has Quadrupled Since the Beginning of 2017, Fiverr Says

According to 2017 Fiverr social media trends, spending on gigs are up for many sites. See the social networks where folks spent the most after the jump.

Top Sources of Funding for Women-Owned Businesses in 2018

Where can female entrepreneurs turn when they're looking for some capital? Here are 4 of the top sources of funding for women-owned businesses.

ADP Acquires WorkMarket to Help Small Businesses with Freelance and Contractor Payroll

In a sign that current workforce trends will continue, ADP acquires WorkMarket. How can your small business use the platform to manage freelancers?

How To Start a Blog: 15 Tips Before You Start Blogging

This post may contain affiliate links. See our full disclosure for more info. Are you starting a blog? It’s not nearly as easy as it seems. Starting a blog requires a lot of hard work and dedication that most people can’t put enough time into. Show More Summary

Tablet Use Down, Report Says, Forcing Small Businesses to Adapt

According to a new report on 2018 mobile device trends, people aren't buying as many tablets but it appears they're still using the ones they did buy.

Try These Promotions to Improve Mid-Week Restaurant and Bar Attendance (INFOGRAPHIC)

These slow night promotion ideas can help any small bar or restaurant get more people through the door during the mid-week slump.

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