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3 Essential Calculators that Will Help You Do Cost Benefit Analysis for Reducing Energy

Sponsored Post Where can your business begin saving money on energy expenses? These 3 calculators will help you perform a cost benefit analysis for reducing energy.

Don’t Be a Bully Boss! 10 Signs It Could Be Happening to You

Are you a bully boss? Here are 10 signs you could be, or are on your way to becoming one, from an expert in leadership, ethics, and employment engagement.

8 Entrepreneurial Skills Your Kids Need to Succeed in Life and Work (Infographic)

A changing market means your children need to learn more than just business as usual. Teach these concepts to prepare them for what's around the corner.

10 Ice Cream Franchises to Beat Baskin-Robbins

It's a great time of year to think about an ice cream franchise. If you want options beyond Baskin-Robbins, here are 10 ice cream franchises to consider.

How Social Media Makes You An Approachable Business Owner

Social media is more than just a fad. It is now part of our lives. Everyone with a smartphone and tablet has free access to social media. Based on the latest information for 2017, there are 2.8 billion social media users, and the three...Show More Summary

Social Media Demographics 2017: Which To Chose [Infographic]

Where do your customers hang out, and which platform should you choose to help your business grow? Whether you have a small or big business, social media platforms provide a way for you to build your brand and reach new audiences that you would not have been able to on your own. Show More Summary

How Does Your State Stack Up for Small Business Loan Approval? Study Reveals More

If you're looking to finance your new venture, it's good to know the 10 best states for getting a small business loan based on approval rates.

3 Ways To Free Up Cash and Grow Your Business

If you’re ready to grow your business, take a look at these three easy-to-implement ways you can speed up cash flow so you have the capital to do so.

Will Biometrics Change the Way Your Business Accepts Payments?

As new transaction technologies continue to advance, what will be the impact of biometrics on payments? Will your own body become your wallet?

Indoor Farming Startups Raising Plenty of Money

The indoor farming startup Plenty recently raised $200 million in venture funding. The round was led by Softbank's Vision fund and also included investments by tech billionaires Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt. The advantages of indoor farming are clear. By...

Freight Bill Factoring Can Keep Your Fleet Running

If your growing trucking company requires a bit of leeway while you're waiting for invoices to be paid, consider freight bill factoring. Further, think of factoring as a regular extension of your accounts receivable process. With freight...Show More Summary

Is Your Child Ready for a Paycheck? Hire Your Kids and Get a Tax Break

If you own a business, you can save big on your taxes by hiring your children, paying them, and then writing off the expenses. The post Is Your Child Ready for a Paycheck? Hire Your Kids and Get a Tax Break appeared first on The...Show More Summary

Is Your Team Working Toward a Common Goal? Learn the 3 Essentials for Achieving Organizational Alignment

Get beyond the buzz term and discover what it takes to align your company to work as one in order to achieve business success. The post Is Your Team Working Toward a Common Goal? Learn the 3 Essentials for Achieving Organizational Alignment...Show More Summary

Better Business Communication: Unlikely Lessons From a Dentist

I recently discovered an interesting example of how the DiSC communication style assessment system can be used to improve the customer experience. The post Better Business Communication: Unlikely Lessons From a Dentist appeared first...Show More Summary

Promotional Items: A Classic Method for Increasing Brand Awareness

While most folks consider promotional materials a luxury more than a necessity, there is good reason to believe that promotional materials do a lot more to build brand awareness than is typically believed. Fortune 500 companies and startup companies alike spend millions of dollars each year on promotional items. Show More Summary

How to Prepare to Run Your Own Business While Still in School

You don’t have to wait to start preparing to run your own business. While you may not have the time, money, or skills while you're in school to begin your operation, that doesn’t mean you have to sit still. There are plenty of things you can do while in school to get yourself ready to run your own business. Show More Summary

This 3-Step B2B Marketing Plan Will Bring You More Sales

I get it: You’ve read your fair share of online articles about B2B marketing strategies, haven’t you? And if I’m guessing right, most of those write-ups are generic—borderline useless. You can’t imagine why anyone would even take the time to write such a piece. Show More Summary

The Art of SEO: How to Increase Your Search Ranking

SEO is a complicated and constantly evolving field that requires diligence to master. In order to succeed, plan to spend the necessary time to craft and implement your own SEO policy. If that is simply not possible, outsource the task...Show More Summary

7 Parts to a Winning Business Plan

A business plan is an absolutely crucial element of success. Here are the 7 parts of a business plan that you need to include.

Start a New Business — As a Hacker?

Hackers sometimes get a bad rap. But if you have the skills to be a hacker for hire, you could actually turn it into a business opportunity.

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