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More 4G for India and Africa? Here’s How Your Business Benefits

4G wireless connectivity is coming to India and Africa. This development could be a boon for both those living in these developing regions and the small businesses in the U.S. hiring talent from there.

Saying These 3 Things Can Make You More Like Most Successful CEOs

If you're not providing encouragement, you may be hurting your company's chances for success.

How A Man Deliberately Destroyed His Business

Mark Swistun co-owned a business, but didn't like its service. So he demolished it. And no one could do anything about it.

Dirty Industries That Are Growing Profits Like Crazy

These sectors might get low marks for cleanliness, but they're more profitable than the average private business.

New Wix Web Editor Launched to Make Sites Easier to Build today has introduced a new editor tool for customers who use the platform to build their drag-and-drop websites. The update features a host of new editor tools designed to make sites easier to build with more features your customers want.

How to Build Better Products in 5 Days

This process controls costs, reduces the waste of going in the wrong direction, and "works miracles," according to some of the companies that swear by it.

Behind the Scenes at the Launch of Melissa McCarthy's New Fashion Line

The first-time entrepreneur previewed her clothes this spring, but we couldn't publish the candid pictures until now.

9 Photo Apps for Windows 10 to Spruce Up Your Images

If your small business has photo editing needs but doesn't have the budget to afford one of the top photo editing apps on the market, Windows 10 offers some alternatives that'll help you get the job done at an affordable cost.

The Dos and Don'ts of Expensing Business Travel

The IRS has some pretty tough rules about what you can and can't deduct when you travel for business. These guidelines will help you keep on their good side.

This Workplace Was Straight From Hell

The culture was one of trying to stay out of trouble by flinging someone else in.

How To Structure Your Business

It is one thing to arrive at a business concept that you think will work for you and your unique situation. It is another thing entirely for you to structure the business in a legal manner that creates as advantageous a tax situation for you as possible.

How Do You Find the Best High Speed Internet Provider?

Sponsored Post There are a lot of considerations when deciding the kind of Internet connection that best suits your business. Bring yourself up to speed and start answering some of the toughest questions with this handy guide.

Where Are They Now?: Charitweet

We caught up with Chartiwteet, the social enterprise unlocking impact from 'slacktivists' and beyond. The post Where Are They Now?: Charitweet appeared first on Springwise.

Why You Need More Than Good Chemistry to Forge Lasting Partnerships

There's a reason running a family business or launching a company with friends can get sticky. Don't let a good relationship blind you from making sound decisions.

Pay-what-you-like investment banking

Aspiration is offering customers to name the price of their services, so to add transparency and democratize investment banking. The post Pay-what-you-like investment banking appeared first on Springwise.

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