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FedEx Follows UPS in Announcing Shipping Rate Increases

Remember when the Post Office actually lowered the cost of a stamp? An envelope is about the only thing you can get a deal on shipping as FedEx announces a hike in its shipping rates right after UPS and USPS (on most packages) did the same.

Culture By Design: The Essentials

A snapshot of the work produced when creating a Culture By Design.

13 Ways to Make the Most of Your Freelancers

Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council offer advice on how to manage freelancers who specialize in the technology field.

50 Business Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs

There are plenty of avenues to explore relating to the creative arts and entrepreneurship. Here's a big list of business ideas for creative entrepreneurs

Making evening hours profitable for small town retail stores

  Small town store owners, does any of this sound familiar? “I feel bad when customers tell me they can’t come during my hours. We have had a couple successful events in the evenings that brought customers in, but most attempts have been a bust. A shop I follow on Facebook recently tried for a […]

What to Teach When You are Teaching Entrepreneurship

Whether your teaching a class on entrepreneurship or taking one, the content of the material is important. What should entrepreneur education look like?

Protect Your Small Business with Strong Company Policies

The kerfuffle at Wells Fargo can be avoided at your company by creating, implementing and enforcing sound company policies

Like Coworking, Makerspaces Rapidly Growing in Numbers

There are about 1400 makerspaces around the world. This up from only about 30-40 as recently as 2006. This data is from Popular Science's BY THE NUMBERS: THE RISE OF THE MAKERSPACE. The article came out last February (we're behind.....

DIY Your Marketing: The Essential Toolkit for SMBs

Marketing often requires so much effort that it’s no surprise that many businesses work with agencies or hire expert consultants to help them advertise and grow their business. Most businesses use a combination of social media, email...Show More Summary


In 2015, millennials became the biggest cohort in the Australian workforce [i], signalling a major shift in the way small businesses engage staff. This highly connected, constantly switched-on generation expect instant access to technology which is forcing businesses to rethink the way they work. Show More Summary

In Defense of Work-Life Balance

The term “work-life balance” has been so frequently tossed around in the past decade that it has almost become meaningless — a vague, distant goal that most claim to strive for but no one seems to wholly attain. In Silicon Valley especially, where your lack of sleep is a bragging right and the 40-hour workweek...

How to manage more than one Facebook account like a boss

So, you’ve got a few good ideas and need to make a separate Facebook page for your creative venture. Maybe you need to manage the accounts of several businesses. Anxious about how to do this without failing miserably? Fortunately, it’s easier than you think. Whether it’s for a blog or a business, the addition of...

What’s going on with all these restaurant coworking spaces?

Remember when yoga coworking first launched in D.C.? We certainly do. Now a new type of space is getting in on the concept (and profit) of offering coworking during the day — restaurants. In July, 14th Street’s Mulebone opened Share Space, a free “community work space” where unlimited coffee is just $3. And now, Indique...

Workplace: Tearing down walls builds up collaboration

A successful business transformation involves tearing down walls – literally. Digital transformation is not just about technology. It also requires re-engineering the work environment to encourage collaboration and innovation. It can be challenging for employees to “think outside the box” when they’re inside a cubicle all day. Strict hours and a lack of technology tools...

Starchitect Bjarke Ingels is designing San Francisco tower

SAN FRANCISCO — Bjarke Ingels, the celebrated Danish architect, is designing a tower planned by developer Tishman Speyer in San Francisco's South of Market. Ingels' firm, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), is working on the proposed tower at...Show More Summary

Spunout software firm Quickbase finding its feet as standalone entity

BOSTON — They say that breaking up is hard to do. Especially when you are a firm doing $70 million in sales and growing an average of 33 percent annually, yet you are being spun out from a larger company that remains one of your biggest...Show More Summary

New aerospace trend: Tout big innovations, don’t hide them

PUGET SOUND — Not so long ago, jet manufacturing giants such as Boeing, Airbus and Northrop Grumman kept their technology innovations and development projects under tight wraps. Industrial secrets were just that. Loose lips would sink...Show More Summary

Top 10 Jobs That Are Fun (Video)

They say you can't really have fun if you're working but these startup opportunities certainly sound like jobs that are fun for the right person.

This Small Business in Canada Has a Very Unique Job Offer and Recruitment Approach

The Farmer's Daughter on Nova Scotia is offering up a truly unique fringe benefit as a means of getting applicants for a job opening.

The Lesson of The 4G Mobile Revolution? Keep an Eye Out for Change, Disruption and Regulation

In The 4G Mobile Revolution, the author shares advice on how to manage disruption that impacts your business and why you should keep an eye on the future.

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