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Brag Basket is open for good news

  The Brag Basket is open! This one is for April 29-May 1, 2016. Bring your good news, big or small, to share with everyone. What can you share in the Brag Basket? introduce yourself share some great news from this week celebrate progress, even baby steps congratulate a friend applaud for each other confess your undying […]

5 Things to Remember When You Feel Insecure

We all feel unsure about ourselves at least occasionally. It's what we do about it that makes the difference.

When the Bern turns to Burn: How to Lay Off Passionate Staff

With Sanders losing ground, layoffs are inevitable. Your company may need to do the same.

Think Outside the Box but Stay Inside the Lines

Coloring books, crayons, colored pencils... they're for adults now, again. Do they have a place in the office?

How to Optimize Contests in a Social Media Campaign

Your business holding an online social media contest could be a great way to increase exposure for your company and brand. Here are 6 ways to make the most of your next contest.

8 things I'm doing to spot fake LinkedIn profiles (especially my own)

DENVER—The use of fake LinkedIn profiles by hackers who leverage them to gather personal data and gain access to business professionals' computers is on the rise. In fact, a recent report conducted by Mountain View, California-basedShow More Summary

Food innovation industry could spur venture capital investment in Hawaii

HONOLULU—Food entrepreneurship is growing in Hawaii and could bring venture capital to the Aloha State, members of a Hawaii Venture Capital Association panel said on Wednesday. Funding into agriculture and food ventures hit $4.6 billion...Show More Summary

8 questions to ask yourself before volunteering

Years ago, my father sat me down and gave me what was some of the best advice I have ever received. It had nothing to do with making money, but everything to do with getting ahead in the world. It was self-help advice that really focused on helping others. He told me I would never have any trouble finding opportunities. Show More Summary

Why more techies plan to leave their jobs

SAN FRANCISCO—Companies in the tech industry may be facing a higher turnover risk this year– at least according to a recent survey by TINYpulse, a firm that conducts employee reviews and satisfaction surveys. The survey found that out...Show More Summary

Have a unicorn hangover? These 4 new accelerators show strong startup appetite

While there’s plenty of justifiable hand-wringing about the hobbling of the unicorn herd of $1 billion-plus startups, that hasn’t slowed the proliferation of accelerators, as a look at just the past couple days shows. These accelerators...Show More Summary

Instinct or luck? Kevin Plank explains how Under Armour picked Steph Curry before he was a superstar (Video) (Video)

WASHINGTON—There's no perfect formula for picking an athlete to endorse a brand — and plenty of ways those endorsement deals can go south. But in recent years, Baltimore-based sports apparel company Under Armour Inc. (NYSE: UA) seems...Show More Summary

Menlo Ventures raises $250M for startups stranded in sudden 'venture valley'

SILICON VALLEY—Menlo Ventures has raised $250 million in its first special purpose fund in its 40-year history, targeted at helping early stage startups that are being stranded by a sudden slowdown in funding over the past two quarters. "We...Show More Summary

17 Navy SEAL principles to help you win in sales

There's probably no tougher military training than the U.S. Navy SEAL program. I say this despite the fact that my son served in the U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division. Even if you don't plan on parachuting out of a plane into battle or...Show More Summary

?How one tiny gadget just changed the entire tablet experience

For years I’ve been asked whether a tablet can effectively replace a laptop in a business context. And for years, I’ve had to respond to these questions with a hesitant “… sort of.” It’s no wonder why folks are asking: Tablets are incredibly...Show More Summary

Cancer-fighting unicorn fetches huge price despite earlier markdown

SILICON VALLEY—Pharmaceutical giant AbbVie on Thursday said it will acquire South San Francisco cancer drug startup Stemcentrx in a deal that could be worth up to $10.2 billion. That would make it one of the largest sales in historyShow More Summary

6 Ways to Work Abroad Like a Professional

Working abroad isn't always as easy as it sounds. Here are some tips to prepare so you make the most out of your next trip.

These Two Underutilized Sites Should Be Part of Every Startup’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

When you create a social media marketing strategy, don’t forget to include Pinterest and StumbleUpon in your plan. The post These Two Underutilized Sites Should Be Part of Every Startup’s Social Media Marketing Strategy appeared first...Show More Summary

Outbrain Launches Content Bots for Chat Platforms

Outbrain for Chat is a new platform designed to use bots to send users content via popular chat apps -- including Facebook Messenger -- that is tailored to their likes.

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