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What to Do When You Follow 'The Seven' Morning Routine

You know the steps for a morning routine. You know how to make it a habit. Now, here's a few more tips on what to do when you keep a journal.

Augmented reality game makes a haunted house of any home

Night Terrors is a smartphone app which creates an immersive augmented reality — complete with ghosts and psychopaths — in the user's home.

Better or Bitter? You Can't Control What Happens, But You Can Control How You Respond.

Your thoughts determine how you respond to any given situation and therefore your outcome. If you want to be different, you need to think different.

This Startup Is Making Money off of Your Unused Gift Cards

Raise gives consumers the opportunity to cash in big on their unused gift cards

7 Things the Best Leaders Never Fail to Do

Want to rise to the top? Take this advice distilled from 24 women who've done it.

Shopping channel app is QVC for millennials

MikMak is a shopping app for millennials, which showcases products in 30 second infomercial-style video clips.

Light Phone: A Mobile Phone that Only Makes Calls, Nothing Else

Remember when phones simply placed and received calls? That's what Light Phone does... and that's about it. And for less than $100, it could be just what you need. Unfortunately, Light Phone isn't expected until next summer.

Why Sticking to Your Business Vision–Even When It Seems Crazy–Can Lead to Success

The savviest, most satisfied entrepreneurs never fake it. They only do work they're passionate about.

At I/O, Google Previews a World of Scarily Smart Devices

Google's collective knowledge about the world is growing, and the company is pouring those insights into its products.

Loyalty Capital: When Your Customers are a Financial Asset

A startup company, ZipCap, wants to use a business's customer loyalty as a means of raising capital for that business. If a company has a loyal following, ZipCap finds investors for businesses that allow them to grow.

Android Pay is Coming — Are You Ready?

Google has announced that it will release Android Pay. This will utilize NFC technology on Android smartphones to allow users to make payments from their devices.

Small Business Lending Increases for Six Straight Months

What kind of lender should small businesses go to for a better shot at having their loans approved? Would you be surprised that the answer might be big banks with assets of $10 billion or more -- or how about an institutional lender...

5 Cool New Tech Toys for Kids

This year’s new tech toys feature something for kids of all shapes, sizes and interests. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest for a special little one if your life, there are lots to choose from. Here are 5 to keep an eye o...

Reviewed: This Innovative Laplet Won't Let You Down

This innovative new "laplet" combines a laptop and a tablet in a way that finally works.

The Most Emotional Pitches in Shark Tank History

Get out the tissues. For some "Shark Tank" contestants, pitching their companies is an emotional roller coaster ride.

How to Take the Sting Out of Switching to a Virtual Office

It make shock your typical millennial, but not everyone is ready to thrive in a virtual office.

Top Franchisees Have a Few Things in Common

Most Specifically… They are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others…much like the philosophy behind Startup Princess! Helping people is what being an entrepreneur is all about. And, the deal is even sweeter when what you do can affect so many children and families, while working from home with complete flexibility to […]

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