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4 Ways to Provide Amazon-Level Shipping

Delivery is a huge factor in customer satisfaction and repeat business. Here's how to nail it.

Encouraging Social Sharing and not Social Browsing in the Workplace

Many reports show that over half of US employers block social media access in the workplace but is that a smart decision?

7 Public Speaking Exercises to Perfect Your Pitch

Having a good pitch can either make or break your business--so start honing those skills.

3 Ways to Thrive as an Introvert Entrepreneur

Of course introverts can build great businesses. Just not in the exact same way as extroverts.

Your Customers Want Fast, Human Customer Service

Despite all the technological advancements that have helped small businesses handle more and more customers, most consumers prefer human-to-human interactions.

Execution Eats Strategy for Lunch

Great strategy isn't what separates the great companies from all the rest. It's the companies who figure out how to execute on delivering a simple strategy in a highly repeatable way that returns quality to customers and value to investors that truly stand apart.

3D printing marketplace only sells high quality, curated items

Formsfield is a 3D printing boutique that offers a range of art and design items for the home office — and nothing else. The post 3D printing marketplace only sells high quality, curated items appeared first on Springwise.

See What It Looks Like to Grow More Than 30,000 Percent

Check out this interactive graphic for notable stats on the fastest-growing companies in America.

What 5 Entrepreneurs Are Doing to Aid the Syrian Refugee Crisis

While governments struggle with an influx of refugees, businesses are also jumping in with aid.

5 Quick Ways to Set Goals for Your Small Business

Setting goals for your small business -- both short and long term -- helps drive the direction you'll take next. But what sort of goals should you set? Here's a handful of ways to set meaningful goals for your small business.

2015 Freelancing in America Study Released

The Freelancers Union and Upwork released their 2015 Freelancing in America study last week. This is the 2nd year this group has done a comprehensive look at freelancing. Key study findings include: The percent of the U.S. workforce freelancing held...

15 Proven Ways to Eliminate Frustrations and Be More Productive

From the big changes to the little habits, here's how to eliminate frustrations and improve your life.

9 Killer Habits of Highly Effective Job Hunters

Don't act like a job-hunter. Act like an entrepreneur who has something valuable and rare to sell.

37 Speakers I Look Forward to Hearing at Pubcon 2015

Pubcon is an international meeting of the best and brightest minds in search engine optimization, digital advertising, and social media strategy. Here are a few speakers who I think you should definitely try to catch. The post 37 Speakers I Look Forward to Hearing at Pubcon 2015 appeared first on

12 Hackneyed Phrases to Delete from Your Emails

Most companies use email to contact potential customers. If those emails contain these trite phrases, they're less likely to get a response.

What VW Can Teach Us About Managing a PR Crisis

The world watched in shock when Volkswagen announced that some of its cars had been programmed to circumvent EPA testing. What can startups learn from this crisis? The post What VW Can Teach Us About Managing a PR Crisis appeared first on

3 Ways to Be Part of the ‘Over-the-Top Service’ Movement

"Over-the-top service" or OTTS is when every customer is offered an extremely high level of service. If spoiling your customers is something you’d like to do to separate yourself from the competition, here’s how. The post 3 Ways to Be Part of the ‘Over-the-Top Service’ Movement appeared first on

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