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4 lessons I wished I learned in my 20's

What is it that I would say to my 20 year old self and any other entrepreneur who asked for a few words of wisdom on running a business? Focus on the organization.

The Halo Effect: The Trap That Makes You Hire the Wrong Person

A team full of good people is an admirable goal for any leader. But there’s a common trap on the road to a goal like this that has snared many a well-meaning hiring manager. The post The Halo Effect: The Trap That Makes You Hire the Wrong Person appeared first on

The Next Big Thing for Entrepreneurs: Look to the Past for Answers

Regardless of what happens with the fickle trends in the world of tech, entrepreneurial opportunities are still plentiful. But sometimes instead of getting in line with the crowd, it’s best to follow your own path. The post The Next Big Thing for Entrepreneurs: Look to the Past for Answers appeared first on

3 Signs the Marijuana Industry Is Booming

When it comes to investment opportunities for cannabis, the sky is pretty much the limit. Here are three reason why the pot industry is booming in 2015. The post 3 Signs the Marijuana Industry Is Booming appeared first on

Think Process, Not Product, When Doing Small-business Planning

Is 2015 the year you want to start your small business? If so, have you sat down to develop your business plan yet? Check out most how-to business guides and you will find a section on writing a business plan. Yet ask business owners and you often hear that they did a plan only because […]

Why You May Be Literally Killing Your Employees

You've heard that bad bosses can damage employees' health but now you're the boss. Are you killing your employees? Here's how to stop it.

30 "Must Ask" Questions Before You Form Any Partnerships

Thinking of bringing in a new partner or formalizing a long term joint venture, here are 30 questions you must ask up front - or else...

How Former NFL Star Dhani Jones Won Success in Business

Dhani Jones says focus and a trusted community are what enabled him to fulfill his entrepreneurial goals.

Gary Vaynerchuk: How to Choose the Best Time Management Tool

Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of social media consultancy VaynerMedia, talks about how to organize your tasks, why native posts are best, and more.

I Froze Myself For Science: Trying Out Whole-Body Cryotherapy

NBA stars and actors think this clinic can fix their sore muscles and sagging jowls. I went there to find out.

How To Think Like A Billionaire And Make History

It would be great, right? Having unlimited money, your own private jet, a collection of exotic or classic cars, multiple mansions, your own island, your own custom work schedule, a perfect life for your family, owning your own sports franchise, etc. sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Being a billionaire seems like it is pretty hard […]

Fundbox Provides Options to Borrow on Unpaid Invoices

If your business is waiting on payments from a few clients to put plans into action, there’s a service that may be able to help. Fundbox helps small businesses clear unpaid invoices by providing advances on those outstanding bills. So, if your business has $1,000 in outstanding, unpaid invoices sent to customers, Fundbox may be...

2 Content Marketing Mistakes That Even the Smartest Companies Make

Jeff Haden, Inc. contributing editor, explains that you have to make content that reflects who you are without trying to sell your product.

Start-up offers unlimited small graphic design tasks for other start-ups

Undullify is an unlimited graphic design subscription service for start-ups and small businesses who need to regularly complete small design tasks.

An Honest Look at Entrepreneurial Emotions

Too often people think the next thing they'll create or do will be their last.

Why Do Innovations Fail?

Research suggests that innovators win through customers, not through technology

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