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GoDaddy Names First Chief Customer Officer

The Web-hosting company is only the latest that wants to prove it's serious about focusing on customers.

A Fast Way to Create Free Custom Online Graphics and Images

Need custom graphics for social media updates, blog posts, etc? Here's a free -- and fast -- tool that will let you do just that.

Device retrofits any whiteboard with smart capabilities

Smartmarker enables users to stream their notes and presentations in real time without having to change their working style or materials.

The 5 Most Important Tools for Getting Your Company Noticed

Creating company awareness is paramount for a startup. Make sure you are represented on these 5 simple must-have platforms.

Why Packaging Is More Important Than You Think

Jane Wurwand, co-founder of Dermalogica, explains why it's so important to be consistent with the personality and culture of your product.

6 Ways to Boost Your Confidence After Making a Big Mistake

Feeling insecure? Here Inc. columnists share the best ways to rebuild your confidence when you need it the most.

How Do PLA Shopping Campaigns Work in AdWords?

If you’ve been a regular user of Google over the past few years, you know they’re famous for the simplicity of the home page and the spartan nature of their results pages. As Google has matured and become a publicly traded company, the home page has remained very simple. Yes, they feature a new “Google...

Steve Harvey Success Series: Preparation and Determination

The third in a series of videos from Steve Harvey and Strayer University: Preparation and Determination.

How to Help Fight Terrorism with a $5 Donation

Give a girl an education and connect her to the Internet, and she'll bring economic development and a more peaceful society.

10 Quotes to Inspire Entrepreneurs Just Starting Out

Starting a new business takes a considerable amount of determination, hard work and effort. It requires even more raw grit, focus and even a touch of luck to make your start-up a true success.

Expert Picks for the Best Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing is still relatively new as a digital marketing discipline, yet marketers already have hundreds of tools to help make their campaigns more effective. Some of these tools are new generations of existing internet marketing tools, while others have been created to support the very specific needs of content marketers. In the content marketing...

Gaming matchmaker links up similar players for online competition

GamerLink is a mobile app which connects gamers with similar playing styles and skill levels to enhance their online multiplayer experience.

Book Review: Hand to Mouth - Living in Bootstrap America

In 2013 Linda Tirado saw the following question on an online forum she followed: Why do poor people do things that are so self-destructive? Tirado felt she could explain what she'd seen and how she'd reacted to the pressures of...

Talking drone can converse with air traffic control

RMIT University has developed the world's first talking drone that can converse with air traffic controllers, using a synthesized voice.

Digital keychain brings online cookie functionalities to the mall

The Physical Cookie is a device which could bring targeted digital marketing capabilities to city malls and shopping centres worldwide.

Platform enables any small business to take appointments online

MyTime is a talk-free booking solution for small businesses, enabling them to take online bookings and attract new customers.

Crafting Management for Different Personalities

Introverts, extroverts, analytical people, and creative people … most companies require a mix of talents, which means employing a range of personalities. It’s a challenge that can sometimes make managing a team feel like directing a high school musical. How do you make working with your team a little easier and more effective? Since different personalities require different...

Etsy Files to Go Public

The IPO for the marketplace for all things handcrafted is valued at up to $100 million.

Move Over Square, Here Comes vCita LiveSite Online Payments

If you’re opening an online store, there are plenty of options. But for service-based small businesses, taking payments on your website requires a little creative thinking and a little Web know-how sometimes. With its new LiveSite Online Payments platform, vCita hopes to entice small business owners that have a website but aren’t yet using it...

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