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Base Your Marketing Choices on Cost-Effective Solutions

Cost-effective marketing solutions can communicate the substance of your business and put you on the road to success. For example, a focus on content marketing doesn’t have to be a huge expense. But it can give your business a much-needed boost. Show More Summary

Living It up in Atlanta

Are you thinking of moving your business to another location but you’re uncertain as to where? Which city would be a smart move for a young, business-savvy entrepreneur like you? Haven’t you heard the latest news? Atlanta is a new up-and-coming business center as well as a vibrant entertainment capital. The post Living It up in Atlanta appeared first on Business Opportunities.

Steps employers can take to ensure the mental health of staff

Mental health is an issue which has garnered considerable recent media interest. So what are employers’ responsibilities around the mental health of their employees? All employers, irrespective of their size, have a duty to ensure the mental health, safety and welfare of staff. There are further duties to carry out risk assessments, apply principles of...

Valuable benefits help retain the right employees

Finding the right employees for your business and getting them in the door is one thing. Getting them to stay is another. Retention is a fast-growing concern among American businesses. In 2012 only 25% of companies listed it as a top concern.  Four years later, 46% of companies listed it as their top concern, making...

6 Ways to Hack Time Management

There’s never enough time. This is the phrase I often hear from many parents, including myself. If you’re a parent, you know there are no breaks. If you’re like me, your day starts at seven in the morning, and your child does not care what time you got home and that you’re tired. The onslaught...

Ferguson: Time management is key to well-being

Is there ever enough time in a single day? Like the U2 song from 1987, “ Race Against Time,” each day is a constant effort to get as much done in 24 hours and still find time for sleep. When we become overburdened, our health and well-being get pushed to the back burner. The trick...

7 Great Apps to Help You With Your Side Hustle

If you’re getting ready to start a side hustle, your phones and tablets are about to be put to good use for way more than texting your bestie, checking in with your parents, and making your pet Instagram famous. You’ll need to support your freshly minted entrepreneurial pursuits with social media and stay on top of a...

The Busy Working Father’s Guide To “Having It All”

Women typically spend more time on household chores and caring for children than their male partners (something called the”gender leisure gap“). However, that dynamic doesn’t apply to all households. Single fathers, two-father households, and dads who are making it a point to split home and childcare responsibilities evenly are finding strategies and approaches to split the...

8 Steps to Avoid Cash Flow Problems at Your Small Business

Inadequate cash flow can cripple a small business. Here are some tips on how to avoid cash flow problems at your small business.

White House Tech Summit Good News for Small Businesses? Hope So!

The White House is leaning on tech startups to help Washington DC run far more efficiently than it has in the past.

The Ideal Strategy for Hiring Millennials to Your Team

Millennials and new entrants into the job market often complain about the experience trap, where businesses demand workers with experience but that only prevents workers from getting jobs to gaining that experience. However, this trap...Show More Summary

BBB Says Fake RFP Emails are Targeting Small Businesses

The Better Business Bureau says fake RFP emails are circulating right now that target small businesses with malicious intent.

15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities

The storage industry brings in around $38 billion annually. What to break into this growing niche? Consider these storage franchise opportunities.

Looking for A/R Factoring? Ask the Right Questions, Get The Best Deal

Sponsored Post Accounts receivable factoring involves selling outstanding invoices to a factoring company for quick cash. Ask these questions before taking the plunge.

7 Crisis Management Secrets for Your Small Business from a Two Star General

Major General (RET) Mike Diamond shared 7 crisis management tips from his military days that can be applied to your small business.

Take Full Advantage of Your Next Business Conference Experience – Read These 4 Tips

Attending a conference can be overwhelming or very productive. This totally depends on you. Here are some tips for attending a business conference.

3 Website Optimization Techniques for Maximizing Sales

Website optimization is a big deal. You need great content, stellar landing pages, spectacular on-site SEO, a plethora of inbound and outbound links, a memorable user-experience, intuitive navigational elements; the list goes on and on. Show More Summary

One in Five Americans Can’t Get Enough GIFs

Just how popular are GIFs? According to a recent study, they're in demand and perfect for quick how-tos, product demos or even lighthearted ads.

Restaurant Owners, App Use Among Foodies is Up 70 Percent

Foodies spend a lot on food and, if you want to attract more of them, you should pay attention to this restaurant app trend.

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