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Beware! Work from home scams are doing the rounds

A Durban woman, Angelique, contacted me about a freelance typing advert she’d seen online and was keen on responding to. “Part time admin assistants to help with invoices, data capturing, and other offices related work. FROM HOME. Salary – up to R800 to R1000 per day.” She wanted my advice because she’d been asked to...

How to Be a Great Leader: The 3 Keys to Managing Yourself

When we talk about leadership development, we often focus on the qualities that have to do with leading others. But this ignores a major aspect of being a great leader—being able to lead yourself. The post How to Be a Great Leader: The...Show More Summary

Why Do Customers Leave? 3 Reasons Why You’re Losing Business

Before you can increase customer loyalty, you need to understand the primary reasons why customers take their business elsewhere. The post Why Do Customers Leave? 3 Reasons Why You’re Losing Business appeared first on The post Why Do Customers Leave? 3 Reasons Why You’re Losing Business appeared first on Show More Summary

7 Ways to Make Your Marketing Message Stand Out in a Crowded Digital World

With literally thousands of messages bombarding your audience every day, it’s imperative that you’re telling your story in the right way to position your brand for success. The post 7 Ways to Make Your Marketing Message Stand Out inShow More Summary

15 Books Every First-Time Manager Should Read

What’s social media good for? That might be a hotly debated topic at the moment, but one thing’s for sure — your online friends and followers are certainly a great place to turn if you need book recommendations. Just ask former Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson. He recently asked on Twitter: “What book would you recommend most for new, first-time managers?” and...

Fantasy, Space and New Minimalism Set to Influence Design in 2018

If you want your small business' website and social media updates to look hip and up-to-date this year, follow these image design trends for 2018.

Verifone Introduces Mobile POS to Improve Checkout for Merchants

The Verifone e280 mobile point-of-sale system is gives more power so merchants can offer convenience to their customers. Get the details after the jump.

2 in 3 Employees Don’t Trust Your Process, Many Looking for New Jobs

Many SMB employees have little faith in the way employers get things done. The relationship between business processes and employee morale after the jump.

Instacart Acquires Unata Benefiting Small Grocers and Workers in the Gig Economy

The acquisition of Unata by Instacart will create a fully comprehensive, configurable digital solution for grocery retailers of all sizes.

New MailChimp Campaign Builder Gives Small Business Marketers More Flexibility

The new MailChimp campaign builder, with improved collaboration, flexibility, and sharing features, may be ideal for small businesses who use the platform,

72 Percent Will Judge Your Company by the Quality of Your Business Card (INFOGRAPHIC)

Ever wonder what should go on a business card and how to use it most effectively? Check out these business card facts to learn what you need to know.

3 Questions You Need to Ask About CRM Software for Your Small Business

Customer relationship management solutions continue to evolve to better serve your small business. Here are three 2018 CRM software trends to watch.

Video Doesn’t Have to Be Hard, Here are 6 Genius Ways to Use it In Your Business

If you're looking for ways to raise money to grow your company, make sure to check out these 6 ways to use video to accelerate small business growth.

To Increase Productivity, Stop Checking Email After Work Hours

Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin have some exciting news for stressed out, overworked employees: using your work phone after hours negatively impacts your work life, home life, social life, and everything in between. All those after-dinner, before-bed emails are wreaking havoc on your productivity and your relationship, all the more reason to unplug after...

4 easy steps to boosting employee productivity

When you own a business, it is important to do everything you can to boost employee productivity. The more productive your workers are, the more lucrative your business will be. The following guide provides you with a few ways you can ensure that your business is as productive as possible at all times.

Coliving Attracting VCs

While coworking has taken off, coliving has struggled to gain steam. Part of this is venture capital and investment funds have been hard to come by for those trying to build shared living space businesses. This appears to be changing....

4 Strategies to Keep Cash Flowing in Your Small Business

Maintaining a healthy cash flow in your company can be challenge. Follow these money-management tips so you’ll have the cash when you need it. The post 4 Strategies to Keep Cash Flowing in Your Small Business appeared first on The post 4 Strategies to Keep Cash Flowing in Your Small Business appeared first on Show More Summary

Millennials Are Ready To Be Leaders: Here’s How They’re Doing It

Millennials have been changing the workplace ever since they started arriving on the scene nearly a decade ago. Now, Millennials are growing older and are starting to step into leadership and management positions. There are a few different definitions of “millennial,” but Pew Research sets the earliest year for the Millennial generation at 1981, which means...

Why January Is Your Least Productive Month And What To Do About It

January can be a bit of a buzzkill. You’re coming off of the fun of the holidays. Depending on your location, winter is firmly entrenched with cold temps, snow, and ice. And daylight hours are in short supply. What’s to love? You might think the dreary conditions would cause us to throw ourselves into work....

How to Collaborate With a Global (and Remote) Team to Execute Your Content Marketing Strategy

Technology has changed the way we work. Advancement in communication technology over the past decade has meant that people can interact online just as well as they can in a face-to-face meeting. Organizations don’t need to have employees in the same physical location to achieve high levels of productivity and output anymore. Read more at...

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