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Words Matter: Why A Franchise Coach Isn’t Really A Coach

  Words matter. They really do. Take these two words for example: “Franchise Coach” What do those two words mean to you?   A Little Experiment Let’s try something. I want you to close your eyes, and think of those two words. Again, the...Show More Summary

Deal With Disappointment If You Want to Succeed in Sales

Successful salespeople are able to deal with disappointment—failure doesn’t immobilize them. How do you deal with disappointment and failure in sales? The post Deal With Disappointment If You Want to Succeed in Sales appeared first on

Why Hiring Someone From a Well-Known Company Can Backfire

Hiring someone from a high-profile company often seems to make great business sense, but sometimes it can backfire big time. Find out what the pitfalls are. The post Why Hiring Someone From a Well-Known Company Can Backfire appeared first on

EBay Report: Why Trade is Happening on a Never-Before-Seen Scale

Pre-Internet era, only multimillion dollar companies were doing business abroad. Ebay's report paints a very different picture of trade today.

Google Posts Mixed Quarterly Results Amid New Threats to Company

Google's earnings fell below expectations for the sixth straight quarter, but the company's stock surged.

How to Attract Teens to Your Retail Store

If you are targeting a teenage audience as customers for your retail store and are worried that they’re solely shopping online, you can rest easy. While teens are indeed becoming more likely to buy online than they were in the past, they still prefer to buy from companies that have brick-and-mortar locations than purely online players,...

One Woman's Quest to Expose 'Brogrammers' and Sexism in Tech

Director Robin Hauser Reynolds discusses the dearth of women in tech and trying to shine a light on brogrammer culture in her new documentary.

5 Keys For Getting Your Website Visitors Where You Want Them To Go

For a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, nirvana is when he not only gets inside the house, but gets to toss a handful of dirt on the floor and then vacuum it up with his super-duper top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner. If he can keepShow More Summary

Sam’s Club Rolls Out New Services for Small Business Owners

Sam’s Club has made an effort to bolster its business amid increasing pressure from rival Costco.

12 Apps You’ll Need For Your Apple Watch To Make Life Easy

In honor of the 12 hours (or more) you spend racing the clock each day, here are 12 Apple Watch apps you need.

How This Young Founder Survived His First Major Company Crisis

At Inc.'s 30 Under 30 speaking track at GrowCo in Nashville, Morgan Newman revealed how the startup he launched last year in just 30 days nearly became a victim of its own success.

This Entrepreneur Learned About Business at the Blackjack Tables

Before launching a business, entrepreneurs often hone their skills and gather life experience that can help make their businesses successful. Those experiences can come from school, working for others, or some more unconventional sources. For Jeff Ma, many of the lessons he learned that helped him succeed in his many startup ventures came from his...

Will Technology Displace Talent?

You've seen the predictions: Countless jobs will supposedly be taken over by robots within the next two decades. Is it real? Is it hype? Or is it just a wake-up call for job seekers and businesses alike?

Here’s How You Can Influence People and Get What You Want

It's the opposite of the more popular, foot-in-the-door technique, where you ask for something small, gain a concession, and then ask for something bigger.

6 Things You Must Make Sure to Do When Interviewing Job Candidates

Are you wondering what a candidate would really be like to work with? Here's how to find out.

4 of the Top Reasons Your Startup May Fail

Being the winner in a very small market is much more important than being a small minnow in a giant sea.

Burnout and the Entrepreneur: How to Avoid It

If there’s one thing that robs an entrepreneur of the potential for success, it’s burnout.

Your Ultimate Guide for Boosting Content Engagement

Content engagement is one of those ambiguous terms everyone likes to toss around, “We’re boosting engagement this year!” But few people actually know how to define this term or, for that matter, effectively measure it. From our vantage point, several years into the content marketing revolution, old-school analytics like page views have effectively gone the...

The 10 Best Industries for Landing a Deal on 'Shark Tank' (Infographic)

The first five seasons of ABC's 'Shark Tank' show that sharks like certain sectors more than others. Here are the industries with the best chances of scoring a deal.

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