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Snapchat is Most Popular Social Media Among Teens

Teens like Snapchat the most, more than any other social network. If your small business thrives on teen spending, this survey lays out the opportunities.

Suffering a Data Breach Will Cost You Customers Who’ve Been Hacked, Too

What's the relationship between customer loyalty and data security? Discover why poor cybersecurity will cost you more than just the value of stolen data.

Can a Mobile App Save Your Construction Company Time and Money? (INFOGRAPHIC)

A growing number of companies are now turning to mobile construction apps to get organized. Discover how this move can save small businesses time and money.

Find Your Valued Customers

Successful small businesses depend on customers who return. Such customers form your core audience. They buy regularly and as research notes, they buy more than the more casual customer or the one-time customer. Yes, their regular purchase may be less but, over time, they are your stars. Second, your returning customers are most likely be […]

Understand Your Risk, Then Invest in Your Small Business Cybersecurity Plan

Before you throw money at security for your small business, weigh the actual risk it faces. Then you'll know how much to spend on cybersecurity.

Spotlight: EcoEnclose Offers Earth Friendly Shipping Supplies

EcoEnclose is helping small businesses solve one of their biggest bugaboos and protecting the environment with its earth friendly shipping supplies.

25 Eye Popping Pop-up Shop Examples to Inspire Your Small Business

Pop-up shops are popping-up all over. If your small business wants to take advantage of this trend, here are 25 pop-up shop examples to use for inspiration.

This Mid Atlantic City is Tops for Women-Owned Businesses in the US

A new survey has identified the best cities in the US for women to run a business. Can you guess which one is the top city for women-owned businesses?

5 Effective Steps for Resolving Conflict in Your Small Business

Whether you like conflict or not, avoiding it only makes problems worse. Instead, take these 5 steps for resolving conflicts at work.

Why Agile Work Cultures Are So Important To Millennials

It’s no secret that millennials are having a profound effect on the modern workplace. In the next few years, millennials will cumulatively represent about half the workforce, and the generation is already making major strides in changing how major companies function and view the world. Millennials catch both praise and criticism from baby boomers and Gen...

The keys to a successful remote work strategy

Remote work can be a win-win opportunity for employers and employees alike. The benefits to your employee engagement, retention and morale, as well as your ability to expand your talent pool and attract and hire stronger candidates, are all well known. But remote work offers unique challenges that companies must address to make the most of their remote work strategies....

These 4 Online Jobs Will Let You Work From Home. Here’s How to Apply

Well, you’re here right now, so I’m operating under the impression that one of the following assumptions must be true: A. You’re casually looking for a work-from-home job. B. You’re desperately searching for a work-from-home job. C. You’re reading this because you’re trying to distract yourself from cubicle life, and, therefore, you’re a person who should be...

Non-Disclosure Agreements for Mergers and Acquisitions

In M&A transactions, a way to protect the secrecy of confidential information is through the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements or NDAs. This article discusses the key terms of Non-Disclosure Agreements. The post Non-Disclosure Agreements...Show More Summary

How Businesses Can Make the Most of VAT to Save Costs

In this summary, we will look at what VAT is and how businesses can reclaim it to save on costs. For all businesses, keeping costs low while maximizing profits is the only way to succeed, especially in this ever-changing business environment. Show More Summary

Boost Your Business with These 10 Foods

Healthy foods help people to focus better, and that can only be good for business. Here is a list of several foods that will fill you up fast. What's more, they won't put on pounds or make you crash. Look through the list and cook up a potluck lunch for your workplace. The post Boost Your Business with These 10 Foods appeared first on Business Opportunities.

The 5 Best Business Intelligence Tools Written in Java

Business intelligence software is something that every 21st century business should be looking at. That's because it's a way to grow your business and drive more profit. While your business may not be able to afford the licenses forShow More Summary

Uboro: A Transport Monitoring System to Increase Your Business Profits

Uboro is a vehicle-based transport monitoring system that allows you to obtain operational information about a vehicle's location, speed, routes, fuel consumption, and as well as other information based on your specific business needs. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Make Employees More Effective

Businesses are only as strong as the people they employ. To succeed, you must set up your employees to succeed. One compliments the other. In cultivating productive and effective employees, you might create the perfect situation for capitalizing on their accomplishments. You can use several techniques to improve their productivity and make them more effective....

The Challenge of Measuring Influencer Marketing Results

How do you know if your influencers are having an impact? Ramon Ray catches up with AM Navigator's Geno Prussakov to discuss measuring influencer marketing.

Automation Crucial to Growing Your Small Business

Sponsored Post Is automation crucial to growing your small business? Discover the answer in the latest Small & Medium Business Trends Report from Salesforce.

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