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The Best Way to Attract Top Millennials (That Most Companies Would Never Consider)

Today, it's more important than ever to let Millennials run the show. Here's how you'll attract top talent and take your company to the next level.

Leading the Meeting: 6 Tips to Commanding the Meeting Environment

If you find meetings to be a time-waster, it may be time to challenge yourself. Increase your leadership by taking command of the meeting, inviting more discipline, and enforce healthy boundaries around time and attention.

10 Work From Home Jobs You Can Start Today 2017

  In this video, you will get to see 10 work from home jobs that you could start as soon as today. Whether you have an actual employer, go the freelancing route, or start your own small business, you can make a nice living without leaving your home. Enjoy the video and let me know […]

Are YouTube Videos Slowing Down Your Website?

Videos are a great addition to your site's content because people love to watch them. But are YouTube videos slowing down your website?

A Close Look at the Entrepreneurial Mindset: Is This You?

Why have you chosen to become an entrepreneur? Is it that the 9-t0-5 lifestyle doesn’t agree with you, that your creative energies wither and die when you are forced to work in a cubicle? Do you just want to be your own boss? Or is it...Show More Summary

4 Traits Of Every Successful Business Owner

Business owners who strive to be successful need to be at the top of their game. They need to own their role and put in the hard work that’s necessary to drive results from their business. If you want to be successful at running a business, here are some key aspects that you need to […] The post 4 Traits Of Every Successful Business Owner appeared first on SmallBizTechnology.

The 3 Things That Most Influence Your Office Culture

What makes for good business ethics? Here are the three primary vectors that influence organizational culture.

Animoto Update Targets Small Business With Square Video Capability

The new Animoto square video format aims to help small businesses take advantage of the increasingly important mobile news feeds on Facebook and Instagram.

InfoGraphic: People Are Happier with Experiences Instead of Things

And who would argue? Data shows money is more likely to buy happiness when you spend it on doing something, or going somewhere, instead of just owning something. This makes sense to me. What do you think? My thanks to for this one. The post InfoGraphic: People Are Happier with Experiences Instead of Things appeared first on Planning, Startups, Stories.

How To Switch To a Data-Focused Career (You Could Double Your Salary)

Data doesn't sound very sexy, but it's driving job growth in record numbers and is quickly finding its way into every aspect of business. It can also pay big bucks, if you know what you're doing.

Building Your Business – Try Affiliate Marketing

If you want to increase the sales of your product, you must get it in front of more people. While there are many ways to make that happen, a way used by many small businesses is an affiliate marketing program. It’s simple in the concept, one business agrees to carry another’s person’s products, usually on […]

Picking the Best Messaging App for You (and Your Business)

Welcome to the future: Send messages without using your keyboard or in any language you desire.

Uber Pledges to Overhaul Its Culture and Reputation

The ride-sharing company says its ridership has not been affected by its recent spate of controversies, however.

Want to Build an Exceptional Company? 4 Ways to Overcome Recruiting Bias

While you need to hire the right employees for your company... right now, you could be getting in your own way.

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