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This company with a Utah office has 100 work-from-home positions available

Utahns interested in working from home may want to apply at Cigna, which recently announced it has more than 100 work-from-home jobs available, according to Time Money. The health insurance company, which has an office in West Jordan, said that as of April 21 the available positions assist customers with medical, dental and vision plans....

Will Remote Work Kill the Corporate Office?

One of the great promises of modern technology is the idea that workers do not need to be physically tethered to their workplace. Whether working from home or dotting around the country or planet on different assignments, the capabilities now exist to ensure that many people would rarely need to set foot in a corporate...

A Billion-Dollar Virtual Team

After Marissa Mayer summoned Yahoo’s workforce back to the office in 2013, flexible and remote work trends took a major hit. Thought leaders questioned whether or not remote work could really produce the kinds of results that companies need to stay competitive. But Harbor City Capital is bucking that belief by deliberately building a billion-dollar...

Ask a Boss: How Do I Ask to Work From Home?

Dear Boss, I’d like your advice on talking points when asking my boss about the ability to work from home once a week. I work on a very small team at a very large company. There are usually just three of us from my department in the office on a given day. My boss travels...

Residents of This State Want to Work from Home More than Anyone Else in the US

A not-so-surprising trend is gathering steam across the U.S. The trend, which is indicative of what is happening in other markets around the world, is that more and more workers want to work from home. To better understanding how this trend is taking shape in the U.S, a New York-startup called AND CO set out...

How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Productive on Sluggish Days

On days when you’re not feeling very motivated, what can you do to perk yourself up? Hint: The answer is not found in a cup of coffee. The post How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Productive on Sluggish Days appeared first on The post How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Productive on Sluggish Days appeared first on Click for more information about Deborah Sweeney.

Beyond Basic SEO: How to Get Inside Your Sales Prospect’s Head with the Right Marketing Tech

You’ve launched your site and learned the basics of good on-site SEO. Thanks to that hard work, your prospects are starting to find you on their own. But now what? With the right strategy, the right intelligence and the right marketing tech to support it, you can get past this hurdle and start really nurturing your prospects.

Japan to test-drive teleworking ahead of 2020 Olympics

Tokyo’s famously congested public transport system will face added pressure during the games, so the government is pushing firms to break with tradition and allow employees to work from home. Julian Ryall reports. Every day, 40 million passengers travel aboard a train in the Greater Tokyo area. The subway and above-ground railway system has more...

Poor quality internet connections and mobile phone coverage stop four million people working from home

Slow broadband and dire mobile phone reception is preventing up to four million people from working at home, according to a report. Businesses are increasingly offering more flexible working environments which means employees are no longer tied to the office. But a new report suggests that poor service from telecoms providers is making it impossible...

The 7 best-rated time management tools for small businesses and freelancers

Time management, for business owners and freelancers in particular, can prove an elusive concept. It’s notoriously difficult to develop time management skills on your own, so we’ve put together a list of some of the best time management tools to help you get things moving.

Survey Reveals Unsafe Workplace Data Security Practices

Almost three in four employees are willing to share sensitive, confidential or regulated company information under certain circumstances. A third said it’s common to take confidential data when leaving a company. Those are a couple of the findings from a Dell End-User Security Survey, which finds that not only are many employees likely to share...

Amazon’s New Subscription Service Should Have You Rethinking Your Products

Amazon's new marketplace, Subscribe with Amazon, is a potential opportunity for your small business to increase ongoing, passive revenue streams.

Infusionsoft Propel Supplies Mobile Marketing Experience

Infusionsoft's ICON17 event kicked off this morning in Arizona. Check out the new product the company introduced during the keynote address.

Residents of This State Want to Work from Home More than Anyone Else in the US

More and more workers want to work at home, but which are the states where people want to work from home the most? Here's the numbers.

Why Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Your Kids Can Be the Best Investment

Whether our kids become entrepreneurs, artists or anything they want, our job is to lead them on the path they want to go.

25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business

There is no shortage of point of sale systems for small business these days. Here are 25 POS systems for you to consider if you need one.

Join Our Twitter Chat About Transforming Your Business in the Cloud #MSBizTips

The cloud can be an elusive concept. Learn all about the transforming your business in the cloud during our Twitter chat on May 7.

Top Three Ways Your Identity Can Be Stolen

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. According to the 2017 Identity Fraud Study by Javelin, there were over 15 million registered cases of user identity theft in the U.S. in 2016, which is 2 million more than in 2015. Show More Summary

How to Use Different Types of Content When Marketing Your Small Business (Infographic)

With all the noise online, how can your small business compete? By being smart about the different types of content you use when marketing.

How to manage a small team using Trello

This is part 2 of my productivity and time management framework. Read part 1 here. We have a small, 4-person, part-time, distributed team at Chou Force. Because we never meet in the same physical location, it’s incredibly difficult to stay aligned about company objectives. Show More Summary

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