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6 Ways Every Company Can Fight Ransomware Attacks

While it's impossible to completely eliminate ransomware vulnerability, these six steps will reduce the risk of falling victim to ransomware attacks and being hacked in general.

Where Do We Draw the Line on Bots?

Bots are everywhere. And they're actually helping a lot of small businesses -- with far fewer resources -- perform more like big businesses. When will it get to be too much?

How to Choose the Best Business Software for Your Small Business

Whether you need a new accounting tool or a project management suite, selecting new software for your company should be a collective decision that considers the needs of everyone involved in your business. The post How to Choose theShow More Summary

Do What You Love? Entrepreneurs Spill the Truth About Starting and Running Businesses

You started a business to do what you love, right? Watch out! You may get more than you bargained for, as these entrepreneurs share. The post Do What You Love? Entrepreneurs Spill the Truth About Starting and Running Businesses appeared...Show More Summary

Business vet offers fruits of her success to others’ endeavors

LOUISVILLE—After a varied and successful career that culminated with a seven-year stint at Louisville’s Brown-Forman Corp., Phoebe Wood shifted gears to helping others govern and grow successful businesses through her work on corporate...Show More Summary

EMC's Rohit Ghai: Leadership is not just for extroverts

SILICON VALLEY—Rohit Ghai can read your mind. The president of EMC’s Enterprise Content Division possesses a high emotional intelligence and an intimidating resume. Ghai has worked in tech at offices across the nation and the globe since completing his computer science education in the early ’90s. Show More Summary

Former Microsoft exec Akhtar Badshah expresses lessons learned from business through art

PUGET SOUND— Akhtar Badshah, formerly Microsoft’s senior director for citizenship and public affairs, is a successful and prolific artist. His Bellevue, Wash., home is covered with his artwork. Works in progress are everywhere, fromShow More Summary

How an Austin VC firm founder wants to solve the STEM jobs crisis

AUSTIN—There’s no shortage of pundits who sound the alarm about tech worker shortages or the need for more STEM graduates to fill those jobs, except that they don’t typically offer a solution. Then there’s Sara Brand, who has her own...Show More Summary

"Burning Man for 1%" gathers the tech elite to Nevada desert

SAN FRANCISCO—Look out, Burning Man, there's another disruptive desert gathering gaining popularity: Further Future, another “transformational festival” that takes place in Nevada just celebrated its second year with 5,000 attendeesShow More Summary

?5 lessons from the worst boss I ever had

When I got out of college, my first professional job was at a bank. My boss there was a woman to-go-unnamed who taught me a lot about my life and what I did not want from it. The way I learned these lessons reminds me a lot of a book C.S. Show More Summary

Fill 'er up, but don't tell the fire department! (Video)

SILICON VALLEY — While Uber and Lyft are busy trying to put the taxi industry out of business while at the same time giving regulators heartburn, another startup and its competitors want to do the same with gas stations. “Gas stations...Show More Summary

That time I emailed with Prince (and the marketing lessons I learned)

It was the strangest experience I've ever had as a journalist. And that's saying something, considering I once: Accidentally ignited a national controversy involving the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Almost got beaten up by a NFL player in the locker room after his team lost a game. Show More Summary

Tyler Winklevoss talks bitcoin: 'Running a marathon, not a sprint'

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss were on vacation in Ibiza, and they couldn’t pay for their hotel. The problem wasn’t funds — the twin brothers, of course, had received a large legal settlement for their involvement with the founding ofShow More Summary

Startup Cards for All People game on track for breakout sales year

COLUMBUS—A health IT software engineer co-invented a card game that thanks to viral Internet success is now shipping up to 5,000 packs a month from the far east side of Columbus. Cards For All People, co-founded by Jay Bobo of Columbus...Show More Summary

3 Productivity Decisions to Make When Flying to Europe

Face-to-face meetings are critical in relationship development. Red eye flights are from the USA to Europe have pros and cons.

BBB Ratings Now Appear on YP Business Listings

If your small business is listed at the directory, your rating with the Better Business Bureau will now appear within your profile.

Business Owners: The Lean Business Plan as Dashboard and GPS

What if you own a business, you’re not a startup, you don’t have to generate a traditional business plan to show to a bank or an investor? Would you still want a business plan? Yes, emphatically, yes you do … … but it’s not a traditional business plan. Show More Summary

The Amount of Malicious Emails Sent in 2016 Increases By 800 Percent

Business owners beware: A recent study finds hackers are doubling down on their efforts to trick your employees into sending money or data via email.

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