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7 Areas Your Business Needs to Change to Survive

No matter how good your business may seem in certain areas, it can always be better, and striving for “better” is what’s going to set you apart. The post 7 Areas Your Business Needs to Change to Survive appeared first on The post 7 Areas Your Business Needs to Change to Survive appeared first on

Self-Gifting: 6 Ways to Profit From a Hot Holiday Trend

The holiday season is a great time for small businesses to boost their annual sales figures by offering deals to shoppers looking for gifts for friends and families. But it's also a great time to target shoppers looking for deals for themselves, too.

7 Kinds of Status Updates That Drive Your Friends Insane

Are you that annoying person on Facebook? If you do these things, the answer is probably yes.

New Years Resolution: Become a More Successful Learner with These 6 Steps

The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice.

Zipcar Co-Founder Robin Chase on The Problems with the Sharing Economy

The Zipcar co-founder and serial entrepreneur wants a better social safety net and less ego in today's sharing economy.

Why You Should Hire a Grief Counselor When Selling Your Company

On a roller coaster of emotions with selling your business? Learn why and what you can do to support yourself in the process.

Tax Scams are Once Again on the Rise

One report suggests that a telephone tax scam is afoot. Scammers are calling random individuals using a threatening tone and attempting to get sensitive information from their targets.

The world’s first floating wind farm

Hywind pilot park, off the coast of Scotland, is the world’s first floating wind farm and will generate enough power for 20,000 homes. The post The world’s first floating wind farm appeared first on Springwise.

Desktop hive farms edible insects

LIVIN farms have developed a countertop nest for cultivating edible mealworms that will feast on leftovers. The post Desktop hive farms edible insects appeared first on Springwise.

Personal microbe bank for healthy gut bacteria

OpenBiome store patients’ stools as a ‘microbial biobank’, using them to fight infections and restore proper gut bacteria. The post Personal microbe bank for healthy gut bacteria appeared first on Springwise.

Graphene-coated fabric detects noxious gas

Researchers at Konkuk University engineer washable graphene coated fabric that can sense toxic gases. The post Graphene-coated fabric detects noxious gas appeared first on Springwise.

Take Control of Your Day and Increase Productivity

Maybe it's time to tweak those time management skills and learn how you can take control of your day and increase productivity.

How to Dig Deeper with Customer Reviews

Online reviews of products can impact sales drastically but it's important for business owners and consumers to understand some of the motivations behind both positive and negative reviews and what to do about them.

The Growing Need to be the "Client of Choice" for Independent Workers

Harvard Business Review's Your Company Needs Independent Workers covers the growing need by corporations to be seen as a "client of choice" by highly skilled independent workers. Key qutoe: Companies have long strived to become employers of choice for full-time...

A Quick Look at Lessons Learned From Streaming Radio Services

There are lessons to be learned from streaming radio that can be applied to any business. Find a need, a way to monetize it, and move as quickly as possible in order to remain relevant. The post A Quick Look at Lessons Learned From Streaming...Show More Summary

Discipline Is The Bridge Between Goals And Accomplishment

Jim Rohn once said, “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” What do you think he meant by that? This quote really applies to everyone. No matter if you are an entrepreneur, an executive, a teacher, a doctor, a musician, etc., we all have goals we want to reach. If you don’t, your life […]

5 Tips on Finding a Great Freelancer for Your Startup

Here are some of the top ways that I've been able to find freelancers to scale my business.

Mark Cuban Just Said This Dirty Word (Twice) And Got Fined $30,000

The famous entrepreneur said "the word" during an event, then said it again--just in case you weren't listening the first time.

Why I’m quitting my business to build software 

It’s time to come clean and tell you what’s really going on. There are two parts to this update: The “What” and the “Why”. Let’s start with Why: I’m really fed up and frustrated. Productivity Software is utterly broken. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t get results. Aspiring entrepreneurs are desperate. They’re frantically searching for breakthroughs. […]

FCC Overreaches on Fax Rules, NFIB Says

The head of the NFIB says the FCC's new rules on so-called junk faxes are an overreach of regulatory muscle. The rules could create problems for businesses that advertise via fax.

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