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Your Success As A Franchise Owner: What Would It Look Like?

If you were to buy a franchise, and were able to turn it into a highly-profitable, successful business, what would it look like? What would you be able to do? In other words, how would your success as a franchise owner impact your life? (Please take a couple of minutes to think about your answers. Show More Summary

This Company Went Low-Tech to Fill a Hi-Tech Job

When small business Betabrand needed help with hi-tech solutions, it used these low-tech but creative recruiting techniques to fill the roles.

Ecommerce Sales to China Will Exceed $100 Billion by Close of 2017

Ecommerce sales from Chinese consumers to companies outside the country continue to rise.

12 Voice Assistants Available Today to Help Organize Your Business

You may know the more popular voice assistants out there, but there are more than you think. Check out our list of 12 for small businesses.

How do you get merchants to host pop-ups inside their business?

  I love pop-up businesses. We’ve talked before about how to get building owners to host pop-up businesses in empty buildings. You can also host pop-ups inside existing businesses, but business owners have a slightly different set of concerns than building owners. First, let’s talk about who benefits. The pop-up business gets the chance to […]

Butcher Shop Startup Discovers Crowdfunding Magic Via Intuit

How important is storytelling for crowdfunding? This couple found that telling their story led to success on Kickstarter. Their full story after the jump.

Study: Many Corporations Converting Traditional Jobs into Freelance Roles

According to a recent survey by the global HR services company Randstad, "More than half of global human capital leaders expect to transfer one-third of their permanent positions to contingent roles in the near future..." More than 700 global...

10 ways to combat the devastating, productivity-killers of mental health crisis and substance abuse

Every society and every life comes with one or two “elephants in the room” to politely tiptoe around. Some of these are so diplomatically disguised as to be completely invisible—especially to insiders. Few of them, though, are either weightier or better-ignored than the elephant of mental health epidemics that quietly sweep through many modern cultures,...

Managing Time is Critical if You’re An Entrepreneur

You run your own business and have total control over your schedule. But here’s the catch: because you’re the boss, managing your time actually becomes even more challenging and critical. Making sure you spend your time wisely is important in any career. But it’s even harder and crucial for an entrepreneur. In many ways, time...

Companies help remote workers satisfy their wanderlust while keeping their job

Jackie Boylhart had classroom burnout when an email landed in her inbox last spring. The proposal: Travel to Peru and work remotely. We’ll help you, the message said. “I let it sit in my inbox,” Boylhart said. She had planned to spend just two years teaching in Houston through Teach For America and then start...

6 Key Stats About Remote and Flexible Work in 2017, and 2 Predictions

This year, 2017, has been a big year for news in general, and that includes news about flexible work. At FlexJobs, we’ve paid close attention the hundreds of surveys, studies, and stories related to work flexibility this year. As the year draws to a close, we’ve chosen six stats about remote and flexible work that...

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Logo Designer?

A logo is an important tool in communicating what your business does and who you are. Logo design is a critical step in developing your corporate identity package and establishing your brand, whether you’re launching a new business or looking to update your current look. Engaging a logo designer to create a professional and polished logo that...

Providing This Kind of Value Is the Key to Creating Loyal Customers

Commercial empires like Taco Bell, Target, and Walmart provide value, but it’s not what you think. They’re not providing anything new or hard to get. Focus on developing trust with your customers, and you’ll inevitably gain their loyalty. The post Providing This Kind of Value Is the Key to Creating Loyal Customers appeared first on Business Opportunities.

10 Easy Ways to Save Money in Your Business

If you can find ways to save money in your business, and at the same time increase sales, your profit margin will naturally rise. With a sophisticated marketing strategy, you have some control over sales. However, you have a good deal more control over your bottom line when you apply the following money-saving strategies. Show More Summary

10 Great Reads for Small Biz Owners Afraid to Conquer Big Data

Working with big data does not require a big budget or staff, just a willingness to learn and experiment. Here are 10 big data books to get you started.

YouTube Expands Community Features Allowing Businesses Greater Customer Engagement

The updated YouTube Community feature, and the new Reels, aim to help creators keep in touch with subscribers in between uploads and increase engagement.

Vine 2 Launch May Give New Opportunities for Marketing Your Business with Video

The co-founder of the Vine video platform says he's working on a sequel named Vine 2. How would your small business be able to use the new service?

The Power of Little Ideas Harnesses the “Third Way” of Innovation

The Power of Little Ideas offers case studies and strategies designed for businesses that want to innovate but don't have resources for a full-scale effort.

Learn the Trends That Will Impact Your Future Business in This Upcoming Webinar

Look into this crystal ball and see the trends that may transform your small business -- as early as next year! These changes don't need to frighten you and some of them may prove a huge benefit. The most important thing is to be re...

LinkedIn and Spotify Team Up On a Holiday Office Party Playlist With Plenty of Bublé

Need some music for your company's holiday party? LinkedIn and Spotify have teamed up to create a holiday office party playlist for you to use.

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