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5 Simple steps to bring more joy into your life

I was a very happy child growing up until I moved to the U.S with my mother and father.  Life slapped me hard and the pain stayed for 9 years. When you don’t know much about anything because no one ever thought you, you end up learning things the hard way. I spiraled into a deep […]

Is Strengths-Based Employee Development Right for Your Business?

Rather than focusing on an employee's weaknesses, focus on their strengths. Here are 5 steps for implementing strengths-based employee development.

How To Diagnose Your Organization's Kink

Every business leader has goals they want to hit, but the organization stops you from performing the way you'd like - that's your kink in the hose.

Feeling Overwhelmed? One Simple Way to Overcome It

Feeling overwhelmed is common. You're busy and your "to do" list is getting longer by the minute. You can regain your focus fast with this anti-busyness ritual.

7 Positive Traits Productive People Share

Productivity isn’t about working longer or harder, it’s about working better and smarter. So how do you go about it? Here's how to be productive everyday.

12 Great Telecommuting Jobs in Colorado

If you live in Colorado, you are already aware of the unique and varied natural landscapes of your home state. With more than 50 Rocky Mountain peaks, an abundance of natural hot springs, breathtaking red rock formations, and the highest sand dunes in North America, Colorado is a year-round natural playground. No matter where you live...

Flexible working – a trend which is set to grow in 2017

Flexible working is now firmly on the agenda for both businesses and workers. In 2016 there was a big increase in the number of businesses that offer flexible working. Already 75% of companies worldwide provide staff with the option to vary their hours and work from home, and I fully expect to see this trend...

Here Are 3 Leadership Skills That Managers Will Need In 2017

It’s cliché to say that “this is year is different.” But I think most of us would agree that, yeah, this year is actually kind of different. And it’s not just all the political and societal changes we face; businesses are going to see changes, especially when it comes to their employees. And to successfully...

#TechieTips: 4 Things to Consider When Working With Remote Developers in India

As a developer, one of the first things you ask yourself when launching a new website, mobile app, or platform is, “Do I have the budget to hire additional development talent to assist in accomplishing this goal?” The first thing that most teams consider is hiring a remotely stationed development team. However, the biggest complaint...

11 Home Businesses You Can Start Tomorrow

  In this video, you I will show you 11 home business you can start as soon as tomorrow. Starting a business can be extremely time-consuming and costly in many cases. Luckily, that doesn’t always have to be the case. I’ll show you the top 11 businesses you can start online, where to get started, […]

3 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast for Business Cash

In need of working capital for your business? Perhaps you need to let go of some properties. In this case, you're looking at selling your house. But how can you make your home more pleasing so you can sell it fast and get that cash for your business? Simple: fix up that kitchen. Here's how..

MOKRIYA BLOG How to Succeed as a Permanent Traveler on a Remote Team: An Interview with our iOS Engineer, FJ Alcaraz

“I’ve been traveling since April. I have no deadline,” says FJ, an iOS Engineer and a member of the Mokriya team. Originally from France, FJ is now on the road permanently, bouncing from continent to continent, all while holding down a steady job.

How Important Is A Website & SEO To Your Business?

There is little doubt that having a website for your business is an essential tool. What happens if you put up a website and no one comes to it or no one can find it? That is a big deal. If this is happening to you or you want to know more, read this article for about Boston SEO Agency to help you make things right with Google and get your website standing out...

The unique challenges of becoming a manager for the first time

The hardest thing for Shawn Mintz when he was first promoted to management was “letting go” of his front-line functions and moving into a more strategic leadership role. “That was the biggest challenge I had to overcome – and quickly, too. It was a very big learning curve for me, understanding it was not my...


More and more, interaction with direct reports, peers, or entire work teams is of the virtual variety. Perhaps each worker lives in a different city or country than the home office. Or perhaps an organization is hiring contract workers from around the world who have few ties to the organization beyond a solitary task. The...

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