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What Your Logo's Color Says About You

Colors can communicate everything from anger to love. Here's how to make the most of this powerful marketing tool in your logo.

Why You Should Design Products to Be 'Inhabited'

Contemporary design expert Ellen Lupton shares her tips on how to use graphic design to make your product or service stand out.

Is it Time for Your Business to Go Mobile?

You've got a website. Now, everyone's getting to the Web on their smartphones or tablets. Does that mean it's time for your business to invest in a mobile app?

Is It Really Safe To Let Your Freak Flag Fly?

Every now and again on the internet, somebody comes out and loudly proclaims that they’re going to let their freak flag fly. Usually, they communicate this via a sentence with two clauses. The first clause says something freaky, and the second clause says, “and I’m PROUD OF IT.” Sometimes the something freaky is relatively commonplace. […]

The Ancient City of Jerusalem Is Seeing Rebirth as a Tech Hub

The number of startups and investors are exploding due to generous government support and a "cultural renaissance."

Imbue Tea Infuser Brews Using Magnets

This magnetic loose-leaf tea brewer from Imbue takes the mess out of putting the kettle on. The startup's Kickstarter campaign is in full swing and you can be at the ground level for less than $30!

Which SEO Stats and Metrics Actually Matter?

With endless metrics to monitor, reporting the most meaningful is the key!

6 Tips for Brainstorming Your Company Name

Coming up with a perfect company name can take a lot of brainpower, testing, and patience. We asked six entrepreneurs to share their best advice for choosing the right name for your business. The post 6 Tips for Brainstorming Your Company Name appeared first on

Innovator or Entrepreneur: Which One Are You?

Innovators have great ideas, while entrepreneurs see potential risks as challenges — as adventures on the pathway to success. Instead of being held back by the risk of failure, they are motivated and inspired to try even harder. The post Innovator or Entrepreneur: Which One Are You? appeared first on

Why Agility Is the Key to Method’s Sales Success

In 2010, when Method Founder and CEO Paul Jackson set out to build a sales team for his software business, he made a costly assumption based on a widely held notion of sales. Turning his software solution into a top-rated app would require Paul to turn that assumption on its head. The post Why Agility Is the Key to Method’s Sales Success appeared first on

Making Medication Access Safer: Q&A with Zachary Burkes

Entrepreneur Zachary Burkes draws from a personal experience to fuel the growth of his product, Safer Lock, which secures prescription medications. The post Making Medication Access Safer: Q&A with Zachary Burkes appeared first on

What Really Drives Innovation at Work?

Innovation isn’t born in the strategy, the process, or the code — it’s born in the people you hire. Here's how to create a culture of innovation in your business. The post What Really Drives Innovation at Work? appeared first on

5 Reasons Why Embracing Risk is the Entrepreneur’s Unexpected Edge

If you have the courage to embark on your own entrepreneurial journey, you will need a unique advantage to succeed. Entrepreneurial success starts with identifying a worthy risk, and then having the courage to take it. The post 5 Reasons Why Embracing Risk is the Entrepreneur’s Unexpected Edge appeared first on

Stacy Parkelj, of Tutor Doctor

I love Stacy’s entrepreneurial spirit. Like me, she’s a serial entrepreneur and I love to see how she’s applying principles and lessons from past businesses to make her current business the best it can be. Enjoy reading all about Stacy, her passions and how her past experience leads to current successes as a franchisee. – […]

ReTargeter Creator Aims to Replace CRM with New Immediately App

Arjun Arora, the man who sold ReTargeter earlier this year, is back working on a new app called Immediately. In an exclusive interview with Small Business Trends, he describes how Immediately integrates Salesforce and Gmail for salespeople.

The One Question You Need to Answer for Startup Success

Serial entrepreneur and investor Steve Blank explains how that one piece of data you think you don't need is usually crucial to making your business idea fly.

Join Us in the #MSFTBizTips “Grow a Dynamic Business” Chat

If you are trying to create a more dynamic business -- one that is productive, grows and uses its money wisely and efficiently -- look no further. This is the Twitter chat you must join!

Why Brand Activation at Events Is Terrible

There's only one industry positioned properly to penetrate event audiences and move to the next frontier of sponsorship activation.

Want to Be Truly Valued? Create Opportunities by Connecting People.

Opportunity makers earn unbreakable trust by adding value, are adept at spotting patterns and constantly explore industries outside their own.

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