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8 Side Jobs from Home that Pay You via PayPal

  In this video, you will learn about 8 side jobs from home that pay you via PayPal. These gigs allow you to make good money on your computer without a lot of difficult work. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!   Brands, resources, and examples mentioned: […]

Senior Care Services Franchise Opportunities: Your Questions Answered

Recently, I wrapped up an #AMA (Ask Me Anything) event focused on Senior Care Services Franchise Opportunities. Lots of people sent their questions in. That’s because Senior Care Franchise Opportunities are popular. Now, this isn’t the first #AMA I’ve participated in. Show More Summary

Exclusive! 3 Top Franchise Attorneys Debunk Huge Myth

In this exclusive post, I asked 3 top franchise attorneys 6 questions geared towards buying a franchise. If you’re looking to become the owner of a franchise, make sure you read their answers. They’re real eye-openers. Bonus: All 3 franchise attorneys succeed in debunking a myth that’s been circulating in franchise circles for years. Show More Summary

When it is Time to Fire a Customer

During start-up, entrepreneurs are desperate to make a sale.  Revenues are needed to generate cash flow and affirm that the new company’s business model actually meets a need in the market. Entrepreneurs will take just about any customer...Show More Summary

When Times Get Tough

One of my students sent along an telling tale from Spain.  It seems that when times get tough enough, 26% unemployment in the case of Spain, people become incredibly resourceful. From the Taipei Times: The crisis sparked by the collapse...Show More Summary

American Entrepreneurs Late to the Global Economy

Unlike small business owners in other parts of the world, U.S. entrepreneurs do not tend to think globally about potential markets for their businesses. The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) reports that while 31 percent of exports from the European Union are generated by small and medium enterprises, only 13 percent of U.S. Show More Summary

5 Steps to Building Your Business Credit Rating From Scratch

Are you a new small business owner who needs money to get your startup off the ground? The first step to getting a business loan is to build your business credit rating. The post 5 Steps to Building Your Business Credit Rating From Scratch...Show More Summary

9 Business Experts You Should Be Following on Facebook

Facebook is a powerful tool for brands to build awareness and trust, as well as communicate marketing messages to their audience. Here are nine experts in entrepreneurship, marketing, and leadership that are worth following on Facebook. The...Show More Summary

Your best opportunity to get better at your job is one of the easiest to miss

At Bridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund, employees constantly tell their colleagues exactly what they think of them—the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s like your annual performance review, except it happens all day, every day. Nearly every meeting is recorded to ensure full transparency and learning opportunities for all. And every morsel of feedback...

14 Non-Negotiable Traits Business Leaders Look for in New Hires

For an employee to be a cultural fit in a company, they must possess the right soft skills. Keep these traits in mind when you’re hiring. The post 14 Non-Negotiable Traits Business Leaders Look for in New Hires appeared first on The post 14 Non-Negotiable Traits Business Leaders Look for in New Hires appeared first on Show More Summary


If you have a pulse and a career history, chances are you’ve encountered bosses that are good and, ahem, not so good. Experience with the latter can add an extra layer of anxiety to that new promotion; after all, no one wants to be the boss getting badmouthed after work at the bar (er, barre). To help you avoid...

Benefits of HR Outsourcing: How Even Small Businesses Can Provide Great HR

A successful human resources department can play a significant role in a company’s future success, and for small businesses that can’t afford an in-house team, outsourcing can be a smart option. The post Benefits of HR Outsourcing: How...Show More Summary

3 Marketing Strategies That Can Also Be Used to Attract the Best Employees

Successful marketing pros know how to attract and retain their customers. But did you realize that those same techniques can be used to recruit, hire, and retain a high-performing team? The post 3 Marketing Strategies That Can Also Be...Show More Summary

Avoid Making These 7 Mistakes When Designing Your Home Office

A home office can offer entrepreneurs a low-cost, convenient and comfortable place to run a business. But if it’s not designed well, it can also lead to plenty of distractions and loss of productivity. Blake Zalcberg is the president of OFM, a furniture manufacturer and distributor based in North Carolina. In addition to his design acumen, Zalcberg is...

Morning Routines: How They Can Help You Become More Productive

If you're like many people, the morning is not when you feel most productive. Use these hacks to change that and tackle your to-dos first thing in the a.m. The post Morning Routines: How They Can Help You Become More Productive appeared...Show More Summary

How to make sure that working from home is working for you

The other day, I was out with a group of friends when one of them said: “You’re so lucky. You could work from anywhere around the world.” When the word entrepreneurship comes to mind, so would probably an image of a laptop with a pristine beach in the background. While that’s true to some extent,...

3 Ways to Improve ROI With Better Marketing Cost Management

To get a better return on your marketing investment, you need to get smarter about where you're spending your marketing dollars. These three insights can get you started in the right direction. The post 3 Ways to Improve ROI With Better...Show More Summary

29 brilliant food hacks that everyone needs to know

Food hacks, or tips as your mum probably calls them, are brilliant things: they make food tastier, cooking easier and your money go further. If you’ve ever cursed the eggshell in the cake mix, wondered if bacon could be any more brilliant or just wanted to make your dinner with the minimum of fuss, the...

If MarTech Isn’t on Your ‘Must Invest’ List This Year, Your Business Could Suffer—Here’s Why

Marketing technology is critical for every business. If you've been putting off the investment, here are four reasons why you can no longer afford to do so for your business. The post If MarTech Isn’t on Your ‘Must Invest’ List ThisShow More Summary

Benefits of remote working highlighted by study (Infographic)

Workers feel more productive when they are working remotely out of the office, a study has shown, raising the discussion about the public sector embracing more remote working initiatives. According to data compiled by Ireland-based business coaching company Davitt Corporate Partners, 91% of remote workers believe they “get more work done when working remotely.”

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