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Smart mirror continuously redirects sunlight into dark corners

Lucy is a smart adaptive mirror that uses robotics to follow the sun throughout the day, in order to redirect sunlight to any chosen area.

Craft a Perfect Logo with Tips from the Most Recognized Brands

Having trouble designing a logo for your small business? Some of the most recognizable logos we see every day use a few common ingredients. See how you can mix them to craft your company's new look.

Home swapping platform lets members earn free accommodation anywhere

Nightswapping members open up their homes to guests for free, in exchange for 'Night' credits that they can use at other members' homes.

Morality bank in China rewards do-gooders

A rewards system in Yanji, China accredits points to individuals who do good — from mowing lawns to donating stem cells.

Airbnb Creating Micro Hotel Chains

Pacific Standard's Who Really Runs the Airbnbs looks at the boom in Airbnb rentals in New Orleans with a focus on better understanding whether or not Airbnb hosts live in the space they rent. In New Orleans, most don't. Key...

5 Million-Dollar Home-Based Business Ideas You Can Use Today

Teach an online course. Write an ebook. Conceive a product you yourself need. The ideas are out there. Get started!

Would You Wear a Cape to Promote Your Brand?

Sherpa Press has taken merchandising one's brand from placing it on T-shirts to placing it on a cape. Who wears a cape anymore, though? That's the point of this marketing lesson: Take the conventional and make it your own. See how a cape fits the vision at Sherpa Press.

B2(Small)B Niche Market

The Entrepreneurial Mind : Branden O’Neil – Marketing Strategy Coaches helps small businesses strategize TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious The post B2(Small)B Niche Market appeared first on Dr Jeff Cornwall.

3 Steps To Rapidly Iterate Your Product Effectively

In the early stages of your venture, the number one goal is to find a scalable business model before the money runs out.

5 Tips for Dominating Domestic and International Fronts Alike

Create a shared history between international offices and ask dispersed employees to help solve one another's challenges.

8 Innovative Companies to Watch Out For

These startups cover innovations in team-communication tools and hiring solutions to customized employee benefits and civil-rights movements.

5 Traits of the Most Productive Startup Teams

Building a team to successfully bring that crucial first product to market requires intuition, common sense and patience.

Tech 'Winter' May Be Coming. Here Is What It Means for Your Startup.

If so-called unicorns are overvalued, it may send reverberations throughout the investment community. Do these five things to be more prepared.

75 Twitter Marketing Tips And Tricks

Twitter has become a global social media giant over the last decade. They about 316 million monthly active users and the #9 ranked website in the entire world in terms of traffic. Having large, loyal Twitter following and knowing how to take advantage of it is one of the best assets you can have for […]

Could Razer’s New 3D Camera Be Good for Online Presentations?

A new 3D camera from Razer will allow users the ability to overlap one video stream over another. The application is designed for gamers who stream matches online but has many other potential small business uses.

New Marketplace Helps Small Businesses Showcase Best Products and Services

Have a product or service that's geared for small businesses? The new Small Business Trends Marketplace is the perfect forum to get that product or service into the hands of small business owners.

3 Ways Working Parents Can Beat Back-to-School Stress

Does the back-to-school season take a toll on your business? Here's how you can avoid stress this school year.

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