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How to navigate the perils of the home office

Ever since workplace advice was invented — shortly after Neanderthals discovered “the meeting” — it has focused primarily on our daily lives in office environments. There are tips on dealing with annoying co-workers and unfair dress codes and difficult bosses, suggestions for surviving crowded staff meetings and detailed rules for proper break-room refrigerator etiquette.

Learn EXACTLY How to Set up an Online Business

I was travelling years ago and picked up a copy of the "How to set up an online business" magazine at the airport. The book was so helpful I ended up reading it multiple times - earmarking pages, high lighting, underlining and making notes. This book is amazing...

Fill Your Sales Pipeline with Help from an Upcoming Webinar

With small businesses, you're always looking for that next client, that next project or that next order. So wouldn't it be nice to know how to always keep that pipeline filled?

10 Tips for Making Your Small Business Stand Out on Social Media

You've heard social media can be a boon for your business, but how? Here's a look at what these various channels can do for the savvy small business owner.

Have You Seen the New Home Page for Google Analytics?

Take some time to check out the new home page for google analytics. The updates promise to give business owners easier access to more data.

How to Become The Outstanding Middle Manager

The core issue in The Outstanding Middle Manager is how to avoid the seemingly inherent pressure that comes with the role.

Think and Grow Rich Book Book Review and What’s Covered

  In this video, I will give you a Think and Grow Rich book review and show you what’s covered throughout the book. If you’ve been thinking about reading this extremely popular book, I’ll help you understand if its contents are going to be helpful to you or not. Enjoy the video and let me […]

How Brands Can Inject an Aura of Luxury Into the Everyday Items They Sell

For the makers of life’s everyday products who want their customers to fall in love with what they’re selling, one strategy lies in taking a page from the luxury goods playbook The post How Brands Can Inject an Aura of Luxury Into the...Show More Summary

5 Valuable Lessons All Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Founder

The story of the founding of McDonald’s included high hopes, best intentions, betrayal, a power struggle, and ultimately the rewriting of history. Here are five ways today's entrepreneurs can avoid similar costly mistakes. The post 5...Show More Summary

The “Anti-Helicopter Parenting” Guide to Raising an Entrepreneur

Raising an Entrepreneur is more than a “teach your kid how to be a successful entrepreneur” book. It’s a guide to parenting innovation.

Facebook Takes Another Swipe at Snapchat with Frame and AR Studios

The new Facebook Frame and AR studios enable developers to come up with their own unique frames or augmented reality filters for small businesses to use.

In the News: Updates from Snapchat, Instagram and More

Two of the increasingly popular social media sites are offering users new options on advertising and how they organize their content.

Dan Miller of Opus Research: If Bots Take Over for Humans We Only Have Ourselves to Blame

Opus Research's Dan Miller sits down with Brent Leary to discuss the emergence of bots in business and more.

5 Lessons From a Teenager Who Founded Her Own Record Label

Iliana Eve is just 14 but already savvy in the ways of winning friends and launching companies.

Zoho SalesIQ: Awesome Live Chat and Website Tracking

This Zoho SalesIQ review explains why we chose it, what it does for us, as well as the pros and cons of using it every day.

Small Business Owners: Do You Have a Business Data Backup Plan?

Do you have a backup plan to protect your small business's critical data? Here are five important things to look for when choosing your backup service. The post Small Business Owners: Do You Have a Business Data Backup Plan? appeared...Show More Summary

Are You Aware Of These New Domain Extensions?

The domain extensions that you are accustomed to are those that are most in-use today. You are familiar with the extensions that are common, but you may not be aware of the over 300 that are now ready for you to use. You must begin to search for a new extension that may be useful […] The post Are You Aware Of These New Domain Extensions? appeared first on SmallBizTechnology.

5 Startup Lessons That Could Have Saved Me 5 Years

Want to overcome some of the hurdles of starting a business? These tips will help you reach the finish line faster.

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do? Here’s What You Must Know

Any entrepreneur or start-up knows that time is money, especially when both are running low. In a world where a million things happen every day, certain mundane tasks often get pushed to the side. That can lead to decreased productivity and failed strides when the rubber meets the road. Show More Summary

10 Easy Ways Small Businesses Should Track Competitors

Keeping an eye on your competition -- legally -- is getting easier these days. Here are some simple ways your company can track competitors.

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