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Every Successful Entrepreneur Does This One Thing

One thing every successful entrepreneur does is prioritize. Startup co-founder and CMO Sangram Vajre shares his tips for prioritization.

5 Types of Apps Every Business Owner Needs In Their Life

Starting or owning your own business is not always as glamorous as those on Shark Tank make it out to be. In fact, reports show that almost 50% of new businesses fail every single year due to the work and sleepless nights that man owners face each and every year. While being a business owner...

10 Apps That Every Guest Blogger Needs to Succeed

No marketing strategy is complete today without blogging. Here are a few tech tools that can help you as you prepare a winning guest blogging strategy. The post 10 Apps That Every Guest Blogger Needs to Succeed appeared first on The post 10 Apps That Every Guest Blogger Needs to Succeed appeared first on Show More Summary

Understanding The Difference Between Medical Caregivers And Companion Businesses

Understanding The Difference Between Medical Caregivers And Companion Businesses We receive a lot of questions about care giver businesses so here is a post to better explain them and what is required. When it is all about the care for  the elderly, it is vital to know the major difference between medical and non-medical caregiver […]

Five ways to approach a challenging project

Tackling a challenging project can often prove tricky even for seasoned employees. But if you have a plan and stick to it, figure out your resources and team, and chalk out a timeline, you can take on even the most trying of projects, ET finds out from experts, among other suggestions. Define the Project Before...

Tech and employee relations: Changes to watch for in 2017

Roles, they are a-changin’… from the newly elected president to HR professionals. Much has already been said about Donald Trump’s involvement in the human resources space. However, shifting concerns within the profession had already set long-held notions aside and new practices into motion. Show More Summary

Company Perks That Can Boost Your Employees’ Productivity

One of the most important things you should not overlook in making a profitable business is to keep your employees productive. In order to do that, your employees should feel happier and less stressed in their work environment.

Why Respect Is Key To Employee Engagement

Respect is one of those subtle lubricants that keep the engine of management running smoothly. But when, like oil, it gets low, parts start grinding. I was reminded of this through a series of conversations about a change in management an old friend of mine recently experienced. He was a longtime employee – the industry...

How To Start An Insanely Successful Personal Training Business

Here are the steps to becoming not just a personal trainer, but also for starting a personal training business that will be insanely successful.

A Million+ Pairs of Kid's Shoes Sold: Here Are my 5 Mantras

A Million+ Pairs of Kid's Shoes Sold: Here Are my 5 Mantras: Mia Abbruzzese, founder and CEO of morgan & milo, shares the 5 things she wishes she'd known when she started her company.

Why This Popular Candy Brand Is Selling Dog Food (Watch)

Mars Inc. is officially getting into the pet food business. This odd couple should be a lesson to small businesses on the importance of expanding brand.

Giant HP Screen With Pop-up Camera May Be Too Pricey for Small Businesses

The HP Envy Curved All-In-One desktop 34 has all the bells, whistles you'd want. It's also got an asking price that's right for only some small businesses.

Culture Beyond the Cube: Aligning Your Office Design with Your Purpose

Start by thinking beyond the cubicle to office designs that suit the cultural values you want to promote.

Proof Wearable Tracks Alcohol Levels

Milo Sensors' wristband requires a disposable cartridge to analyze your sweat.

How to Build Your Own App Using Bizness Apps

It doesn't take much to build your own app. Here's a step-by-step guide to doing just that using the DIY app builder, Bizness Apps.

How Women Leaders Can Define Their Own Metric For Success

Research shows that women, much more than men, must have proven accomplishments before their talent is recognized.

When Marketing for Your Small Business, Use All Available Tools

Let’s begin with a story. It’s a story about a man who was upset with the way things were done. The man decided to compile his issues and then post this for people to see and comment. Because of a new technology, his message was not only read by the community but reached far and […]

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