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Telecommuting Gadgets to Make You More Efficient

Telecommuting has many benefits such as skipping rush hour traffic and the option to wear slippers all day, though it can be a real drag on your productivity if your “home office” is limited to just a laptop and your favorite reading chair. As a telecommuter myself, I’ve spared practically no expense decking out my...

How to Use SEO Case Studies to Find the Best Agency for Your Company

You should never agree to work with an SEO agency that shies away from sharing their SEO case studies or other details about their previous and current clients. Why? It just makes good sense to examine an agency's SEO case studies before you choose to work with them. Show More Summary

5 Practical Ways Bitcoin and Blockchain Can Impact your Small Business

These five tips can empower entrepreneurs and small businesses in leveraging bitcoin and blockchain for their financial needs and beyond.

Laurel and Wolf Connects Small Interior Design Businesses with Customers Via Crowdsourcing

Laurel and Wolf is offering an opportunity for freelance interior designers to connect with customers using their crowdsourced interior design platform.

Attention All Millennials: You Need This Advice to be Successful

3 ways for young entrepreneurs to earn trust in the workplace and pave the way for your own success.

82 Percent of Users Want to Know Why Your Business App Is Requesting Personal Information

An overwhelming majority of mobile users are concerned about app privacy so, if you ask for personal information, they will want to know why.

25 Tips for Small Businesses Selling at Farmers Markets

Whether you're starting a farmers market stand or looking to bring new life to your existing stand, these 25 tips for selling at farmers markets will help.

Amazon Creates Alexa Workshops for Small Tech Entrepreneurs

Amazon launched a series of workshops where anyone can learn how to add to the Alexa voice assistant. Find an Alexa skills development workshop near you.

Millennial Techies Are Choosing Skill-Based Training Over College

Daunted by the expense of a four-year program, students are focusing on learning the skills they need for the jobs they want.

10 Clothing Franchise Opportunities to Try on For Size

Finding a good brand that adapts to quickly changing trends is key to a successful clothing franchise business. Here are 10 to consider.

What Is Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Why Might Your Business Need It?

With Amazon AppStream 2.0 you will have access to the latest version of your applications both quickly and affordable wherever you are.

Master the Art of Motivating Your Sales Team With These 20 Strategies

If you want to know how to motivate a sales team, we've gathered 20 strategies for you to consider using at your small business.

So what if they said it’s illegal? Doing business when it’s against the rules

    “Every one of your Innovative Rural Business Models is illegal!” That was the code enforcement guy at a recent event I spoke at. I just nodded and agreed. Yes, sure they are in some towns or in some circumstances. But so what? Don’t let an outdated law or rule stop a great idea […]

Fostering flexible work for today’s multi-generational workforce

Whether it’s home-based workers or teams operating across disparate sites, many businesses are struggling to make the remote working vision a reality. Contrary to popular belief, Maintel’s recent flexible working study revealed the differing...Show More Summary

FedEx Won’t Add Holiday Surcharges on Regular Sized Shipments

This year, say good-bye to FedEx holiday surcharges, at least if you ship regular-sized packages. If you ship anything larger, the old rules apply.

4 Things Companies Must Do Before Hiring Contingent Workers

If you’re thinking about hiring a contingent worker, the question isn’t if, but when. And that time is coming sooner than you may think. One reason is because the talent pool is becoming shallower, especially if you are filling tech roles. The ratio of unemployed Americans to open jobs is a low 1.4 to 1. It’s worse for...

Small Restaurants Likely Will Notice Impact of Chinese Aluminum Foil Tariff

New aluminum foil tariffs could impact small businesses that import products from China as well as the industries that use those products.

42% of Young Small Businesses Use Contract Workers

The U.S. Federal Reserve released the their Report on Startup Firms. This is the second in a series of reports based on their 2016 small business credit survey. The focus of the report is credit experiences of startups with employees,...

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