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10 Tips for Developing a Household Budget

A household budget is an effective way to keep track of your finances, avoid debt and overspending, and help you save money. The following are tips to develop your household budget. The post 10 Tips for Developing a Household Budget appeared first on

How to Have a Wedding on a Budget

Even simple weddings can be too costly for some couples and their families. Here are some ideas for throwing a wedding on a tight budget. The post How to Have a Wedding on a Budget appeared first on

How To Get Your Online Media When You’re Offline

Movies, TV shows, music and even your own notes can become unavailable as soon as soon as a cell signal drops or you enter a Wi-Fi dead zone. Fortunately, a host of software and services can help you enjoy and use content that usually lives online even when the cloud gets blown away.

How to Ensure Career Opportunities for Employees

If your company isn't focusing on career development for employees, you may regret it down the road. That's according to a study by the Society of Human Resource Management. Here are more details you may want to consider.

The Persuasive Genius of One of America's Most Important Revolutionaries

Thomas Paine's 1776 pamphlet "Common Sense" proved to be the strongest call to action mobilizing Americans against Great Britain. Here's what you can learn from its emotional appeals.

The Ultimate Business Model Pivot

The Entrepreneurial Mind : Mark Scrivner – Snapshot Interactive. This company offers a great example of the importance of adjusting and pivoting your business model when the market tells you what they really want. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious The post The Ultimate Business Model Pivot appeared first on Dr Jeff Cornwall.

Microsoft Introduces 4G LTE Version of Surface 3

Microsoft has brought another member into the Surface tablet/laptop family. Now, the Surface 3 is available in a 4G LTE-capable version.

Wall Street Analysts Say More People Want a Fitbit Than an Apple Watch

RBC Capital Markets says the Apple Watch is an aspirational product that relatively few people can afford.

Soulstice Goes Franchise, Looking for Franchisees

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity, then why not join the trillion-dollar healthcare industry with a promising new franchise. Soulstice, proud to be providers of Peri-operative Therapy and high-level Health Maintenance massage therapy services, since 2004, is now expanding across the U.S. by way of franchising.

For Media Coverage, Win Big by Thinking Small

Morgen Newman, co-founder of MixedMade, explains why you should be seeking out smaller news outlets with captive audiences in order to grow your customer base.

4 successful entrepreneurs who went against Silicon Valley beliefs

There isn't just one way to build a successful startup and certainly not the only way Silicon Valley professes.

The Secret to Making Smart Investments

Bryan Johnson, founder of Braintree and OS Funds, explains how he's able to identify companies with big ideas and healthy revenue streams.

WordStream and Constant Contact Announce Partnership

Two major players in digital marketing could change things for your business completely. Read more about the new partnership between WordStream and Constant Contact and learn what it could mean to you.

Using the In-N-Out Burger Smell Test When Assessing Franchise Opportunities

So, you’re trying to find the most viable franchise opportunity out there. There are a number of things that you’ll be considering, then. First and foremost, the financials of getting involved have to be something that works with your current financial state. Also, you want to make sure that everything is as it appears to […]

How Marcus Lemonis Fixed a Fading Design Business

On Tuesday's episode of CNBC's 'The Profit,' Marcus Lemonis gave a custom-design company a much needed sense of direction.

21 Unusual Facts About Billionaire Business Woman Jessica Alba

Best known as an actress, Alba has become skilled at flexing her substantial business muscle.

What Katy Perry’s Business Success Can Teach You About Customers

Katy Perry is said to be the highest-earning female celebrity in the world. But her principles are surely simple and helpful.

ADP: US businesses step up hiring in June to 237,000

U.S. businesses added jobs at a robust pace in June, a private survey found, evidence that rising consumer spending and a healthy housing market are supporting more hiring.

Smart device warns cyclists about upcoming road hazards

Byxee could help cyclists conquer irregular road surfaces, by scanning the road ahead and alerting them of upcoming hazards.

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