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Is it Possible to Make the Most of Technology AND Still Enjoy Free Time?

Sponsored Post Technology can really help get more done in the day but sometimes it can have the opposite effect. Here are ways to separate from your technology while still being productive AND enjoying some free time away from it a...

Why Failure is Your Key to Success

“The taboo against uttering the F-word grows stronger the closer you get to the top … But here’s where they’re wrong (aside from their egos, and simply being delusional): talking about failure is recognizing reality, and as long as you...Show More Summary

Is Email Marketing Dead and Can it Make You Money?

Brian Sutter discusses email marketing and how to use email to generate revenue for your business.

18 Surprising Things Unlikable Bosses Always Do

Are you a likeable boss? Not if you are acting like this. Of course, your employees won't likely tell you to your face.

3 Things All Successful Business Partnerships Need

Ravin Gandhi, co-founder of GMM Non-Stick Coatings, explains why business partners--like married couples--need to have complementary skills.

It's Not Just Women Who Want to Work Shorter Hours  

Are you a high-flying man who wishes you could spend less time at work? A new study says you're far from alone.

3 Indisputable Laws of a Successful Startup Business

Operating a business requires many hats. But these 3 laws are common across every successful business.

Why a Patent Isn't Enough to Protect Your Business Ideas

Mike 'Rooster' McConaughey and Wayne 'Butch' Gilliam, the hosts of CNBC's 'West Texas Investors Club,' explain how there are many ways to get around a patent.

I Don’t Want to Friend My Coworkers on Facebook

In a close-knit, friendly office, can you avoid connecting with coworkers on social media?

5 Ways to Discover Your Own Meaning of Life

Have you discovered your purpose--why you're here, what you're meant to do? How do you know when you have? And why do you need to find it?

Small Business Travelers Should Benefit From Expedia, Orbitz Deal

Both companies are promising the acquisition will result in more options for the budget-conscious traveler, especially those traveling for business. How could the new company enhance your next business trip?

Smart in-ear thermometer gives parents medical guidance

The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is a wireless medical device that offers parents guidance according to the child's developing condition. The post Smart in-ear thermometer gives parents medical guidance appeared first on Springwise.

Is Twitter Turning Into A Landfill of Advertising, Noise and Junk

It’s great to see that ecommerce is growing on Twitter, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Twitter is going to make it easier, to “click” and buy through Twitter, like Amazon does. But keep in mind – Twitter is NOT Amazon. While...Show More Summary

The Real Way to Create a Remarkably Successful Startup

Who wouldn't want to get rich quick? A startup might not be the easiest route to success after all.

5 Alternatives to Grad School That Will Put You On The Path To Success

Don't go to graduate school if it's not right for you. These 5 career moves will make you instantly smarter and more valuable to your organization.

In San Francisco, Employees of Unicorns Pay Half Their Rent to Live Near Work

A recent study shows that six-figure salaries won't save you from spending half your income on rent in the notoriously expensive city by the Bay.

Twitter to Remove Share Counts and Redesign Buttons

Changes coming soon to Twitter include redesigned buttons below your messages. The site is also dropping the feature that shows users how many times a post has been shared.

10 Tips to Design Your Business's Physical Location to Grow Your Business

Considering moving to a new location or updating your existing location? Here are our top 10 tips to leverage good design to grow your business.

Grocery app notifies forgotten items and suggests cheapest stores

PriceSwarm uses customer receipts to create tailored shopping lists, suggest where the best offers are, and help users budget. The post Grocery app notifies forgotten items and suggests cheapest stores appeared first on Springwise.

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