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“Confronting Capitalism” Is More Confronting to Extremists Than Capitalists

When I opened the envelope from the publisher that contained this review copy by famed marketing professor and economist Philip Kotler, I almost dropped it — the way a vampire might drop a silver cross! The brazen title coupled with everything I thought I knew about Philip Kotler was enough to have me stumble over...

Gary Vaynerchuk: How a Lemonade Stand Launched My Business Career

On Lemonade Day, the famed entrepreneur looks back on how the stands he opened when he was six years old set him on his future path.

Who Else Is Scared Of Feeding The Content Monster?

In reference to the new daily newsletter, Jonas writes: Hi Naomi, I just have a quick question: It looks like this is all new content, not just old posts on the blog, and you do this every day. I’m writing a book and that means getting through some writers block occasionally. Luckily I have a […]

Small Business Week Ahead, Other Events on Tap

Small Business Week is here! We have put together a Monster List of activities for you to jump in and be a part of but there are some other featured events worthy of a look, too. Online events this month include a session about developing leads, one about how to market to small businesses and...

Stick to Your Budget, Choose Great Keywords and More

There are so many little things that go into running a successful business. From creating budgets to choosing SEO keywords, business owners need to be able to master a variety of different skills and concepts. This week, members of the small business community shared some quick tips and business knowledge to pass along to fellow...

DigitasLBi NewFront Presents: The Daily Revelation Video Series

Sponsored - DigitasLBi interviewed some of the industry’s top creators, distributors, and thought leaders. The result is a video series of 'revelations' that candidly discusses some of the most pressing questions facing digital marketing today. The post DigitasLBi NewFront Presents: The Daily Revelation Video Series appeared first on

At Sam-Son Productions, TV is a Family Business

It might be strange to think of television production, with its big budgets and expensive equipment, as a mom and pop business. But for the Lesante family of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, that is exactly what it has become. Launched in 1984, the video production company, which creates everything from talk shows and commercials to hyper local...

Swim School Franchise Making Waves

A rapidly growing international swim school franchise is trying to change the way parents think about infant and toddler swim lessons.

Ageless Entrepreneur Shows It’s Never Too Late

The Problem: It’s a Battle of the Ages In marketing and in business, age is often seen as a negative. If you get too old, you need to retire. If you are too young, you don’t have experience. Millennials are addicted to social media and Baby Boomers are addicted to the “good old days”. In...

3 Tasty Ways To Master The Art Of The Sample

Bananas are a pretty simple thing to sell, for a number of obvious reasons. People know what they taste like. You don’t have to wash them. You can write notes in Sharpie on their skins. If you want to sell bananas, all you really have to do is go to a place where there are […]

Kickstarter's CEO on How to Prepare for the Possibility of Total Failure

Especially during times of crisis, remember that you are not your startup, Yancey Strickler says.

Facebook Faux Pas: Avoid Bumming Out Your Customers

You’ve probably seen things pop up in your Facebook News Feed that you’d rather not see, an embarrassing photo or an annoying game request are typically the worst of them. However, one Facebook feature, called ‘Year in Review’, has come under fire recently for it’s uncanny ability to occasionally remind people of the worst parts of...

The Biggest Threat to Warby Parker's Billion-Dollar Valuation

Warby Parker may have already doubled its 2013 valuation of $500 million, but the disruptive eyewear maker has a long way to go before it can catch up to Italian eyewear giant Luxottica.

Windows 10 Preview, LG G4 Phone Both Unveiled

New technology ruled the news this week. And that technology might be of interest to small business owners too as they build stronger companies through better operating systems and mobile technology. Microsoft and LG were among the companies with new products to show, even if they aren’t available to your business just yet. Take a...

Make Woodworking Work for You

re you into woodworking? Have you been thinking about starting a business making and selling furniture?

5 Ways to Build a Startup That Lasts

As you move through the chaotic early days, pay attention to the decisions and how they will impact you not just tomorrow but five years down the road.

The 5 Richest Entrepreneurs in the World

We take a peek at the 5 richest entrepreneurs in the world, as they’ll give you something to aspire toward.

8 Tips for Running a Successful eCommerce Business

Over the past decade, the global marketplace has undergone a substantial shift. No longer are businesses limited by geographical borders or location, but more by the amount of creativity they can marshal and their willingness to adapt to new technologies. In particular, entrepreneurs and business owners who are willing to launch and run an eCommerce...

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