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Here's what to expect from Peter Thiel's primetime Trump speech

SILICON VALLEY — Peter Thiel, the contrarian PayPal co-founder and Facebook board member, gets perhaps his widest stage Thursday night when he appears in primetime at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. As one of the only...Show More Summary

Managing: Do I have to participate in my team's spiritual culture?

Each week Alison Green, who also writes the "Ask a Manager" website, answers workplace and management questions from readers. Please comment or ask you own question by emailing her at Question: Do I have to participate...Show More Summary

?When boomerang children return home

Millennials may be the first generation to have a lower standard of living than their parents. The reasons are obvious: High levels of student debt, compression in wage levels, and high rental costs in major cities. It should be no surprise when your recent college graduate reappears on your doorstep asking for their old room back. Show More Summary

Why Apptentive's founder started his business in Seattle versus the Bay Area

SEATTLE — Redmond, Washington, native Robi Ganguly went to college in Southern California and worked for about eight years in the San Francisco area. But when it came time to start his own company, he returned to the Puget Sound region. “The...Show More Summary

How a startup is turning vinegar into big money

SACRAMENTO — The founder of Roseville, California-based Silk Road Soda Co. has learned Whole Foods Market shoppers and "yoga moms" aren't the only ones with a thirst for artisan soda. Those groups were the expected targets when the local company started producing beverages in 2013. Show More Summary

Why S.F. women in tech still make up to 20% less than men

SAN FRANCISCO — Despite the city's progressive reputation, there’s still a considerable gender pay gap in San Francisco that may be especially pronounced in the tech industry. According to data from the hiring platform Woo, Bay AreaShow More Summary

Shaving startup Harry’s sharpens its blades in razor wars

NEW YORK — News that Unilever acquired Dollar Shave Club in what’s been pegged as a billion-dollar deal, another subscription razor service Harry’s has a headline of its own: the release of a second generation of razor blade cartridges...Show More Summary

How this VC has learned how to pick the winners

SEATTLE — John Connors has been a partner at one of the region’s most prolific venture firms for more than a decade. The former Microsoft chief financial officer now helps lead Ignition Partners. The firm – which operates offices in Bellevue and Palo Alto – is the largest venture capital firm in the Puget Sound region ranked by assets. Show More Summary

5 Reasons Why Having an Online Presence Is Essential for Your Small Business

Building an online presence isn't just beneficial to growing a small business—it's absolutely critical, as it can make or break a business. The post 5 Reasons Why Having an Online Presence Is Essential for Your Small Business appeared...Show More Summary

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is a great way to lure new customers into your neighborhood and business, so what are you waiting for? The post How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Pokémon Go appeared first on The post How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Pokémon Go appeared first on Click for more information about Deborah Sweeney.

67 Percent of All Customer Complaints Caused by Bad Service

Customers are bound to complain about your small business... even if you think you're a marvel with customer service. Creating a process to handle those complaints could actually result in loyal customers.

Why Equity Crowdfunding Matters to Small Business

Equity crowdfunding can supply needed capital for equipment, growth capital or for strategic hires.

What Business to Start? Look in the Mirror. Depends on You.

I’ve always said that what business is right for you depends not on the market, or what’s hot, but on who you are. So look in the mirror. I get a steady flow of questions about what business to start, and I see them almost every day on, my favorite question-answer platform. Show More Summary

6 Ways to Use Chatbots In Your Small Business Strategy

The robots are here and they're ready to... help. Check out these 6 simple ways a chat bot can help your small business.

Franchise Ownership: The One Thing They Don’t Tell You

I’m not sure why they don’t tell you. It’s not like you’re a kid. If you’re old enough to write a $40,000 check (for the upfront franchise fee) you’re certainly old enough to handle the truth. That’s my opinion, anyway. I really think they should tell you. Show More Summary

How to Create a Handmade Product for a Niche Target Audience

Some customers are looking for something specific. And you can be the one to provide that to them. Here are 4 tips to creating goods to reach a target market.

5 Startups That Are Killing It With Social Media Marketing

What does the startup 'Magic Leap' have in store for us? Its intense online content has sure stirred up viewer interest.

SwagBot May be the Mechanized Helper on Small Farms of The Future

The Ponderosa may never be the same if these Australian prototypes make their way to American ranches.

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