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Travel agency offsets C02 emissions of its customers’ hotel stays for free

GreenHotelWorld enables travellers to find the most eco-conscious hotels and have the C02 emissions from their stay offset for free.

The 6 Most Important Roles of a Startup CEO

Founding and growing an industry-transforming company is probably one of the hardest things anyone could ever do.

7 Top Resources For Cheaper Corporate Travel

Here are some of the best resources that I have used over the years for cheap corporate travel.

BoXZY is a Mill, Laser Engraver, and 3D Printer in One Box

With all the devices and technology available these days, what we imagine we can make. With 3D printers what is created on a screen can become tangible objects without even leaving the room. Millers and lasers can turn blocks of material into just about anything we want them to be. But all these amazing tools...

Leaked: New LG G4 Has Redesigned Camera, Screen

If you find a leather jacket irresistible, it may be hard to say no to the anxiously anticipated LG G4 smartphone. As one LG mobile device is being discontinued, the popular LG Google Nexus 5, another is being introduced. The G4 is the latest of the flagship Android smartphone model from LG. Actually, with a...

7 Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business

Did you know that over half of adults in the United States now utilize a smart phone to surf the Web? This information makes it even more urgent that you bring your business onto the mobile scene if you have not already. Even if you are a brick and mortar store, it is imperative that...

Merit, Not Manhood: Fair Pay Shouldn’t Be a Battle of the Sexes

How I Addressed Hidden Wage Inequity at My Company, and Four Steps You Can Take to Combat Pervasive Inequality

Avoid wasting money on technology with these tips

To implement new technologies at your company effectively, you must sufficiently prepare your employees.

How Controversy Can Get Your Online Business Noticed

When promoting your business online, the challenge is to make your brand stand out and attract attention when pretty much every other business in your industry is trying to do the same. If you just send out some emails and tweets trying to sell your products, no one will even notice you. But there are...

Flip Into Your Next Business Opportunity

How can you get involved with flipping houses? Is it really as profitable as they make it seem?

5 Ways Business Competitions Fuel Young Entrepreneurs

Presenting at a business competition offers a great deal of benefits apart from winning a prize.

3 Ways You Can Help Close the Pay Gap Now

Today on Equal Pay Day, consider the strides that some businesses are making to eliminate the national pay gap--and how you can follow suit.

Tips for Valuing a Business

When you need to calculate the valuation of a business for investors or when you are in the process of selling your business, make sure you’re performing the right calculations to determine real business valuation.

Are You Backing Up WordPress? You’d Better Be

If your small business is backing up WordPress only once in a while, then you’re not alone. In fact, a survey of 503 WordPress users released March 10 by CodeGuard, a provider of cloud-based website backup services, reveals that 47 percent of WordPress users backup their sites every few months while 21 percent back up WordPress “occasionally”. This is...

Don't Worry About Losing All Your Investors' Money

With hindsight, it's a real negative -- worrying about losing your investors' money.

12 Venture Capitalists Share How Startups Get Their Attention

Entrepreneurs seeking funding always wonder what they must do to impress a venture capitalist. So we asked 12 of them exactly what they hope to see when an entrepreneur walks through their door. The post 12 Venture Capitalists Share How Startups Get Their Attention appeared first on

Will Google Buy Twitter for $50+ Billion?

According to some new sources, Google could be about to buy social media giant Twitter. This would be one of the largest business acquisition in history, with experts suggesting it could cost Google upwards of $50 billion. The post Will Google Buy Twitter for $50+ Billion? appeared first on

10 Celebrities That Moonlight as Business Owners

Meet the 10 most iconic, surprising, or just plain fascinating celebrity entrepreneurs of all time. The post 10 Celebrities That Moonlight as Business Owners appeared first on

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