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Survey: Checking Your Phone During a Meeting Is Not OK

Social expectations are still catching up to societal norms when it comes to smartphone use.

The Only Sure Thing In Business Is …

If there’s any question I hear at least once per week, it’s this: “How do I know if my idea for my [business/product/viral blog post] will work?” That’s a valid question. No one wants to intentionally put years of hard work into a business and have it fail at the end. Here’s a secret for […]

Small Business Lessons to Be Learned from Google’s Big Changes

Major changes at Google can teach small businesses much about managing their own companies. Read about the good and the bad in the tech firms shift to a new designation and a new CEO.

McCormick Spices Things Up With Acquisition of Stubb’s Barbeque Sauces

The spice company McCormick has agreed to acquire the company responsible for creating Stubb's barbecue sauces. Though these companies are now well-known brands in most of the U.S., each started from humble small business beginnings...

4 Coupon and Savings Sites that Will Save Your Small Business Money

Clipping coupons has long since been something done with a big pair of scissors and a Sunday newspaper. There are scads of deals online -- many that are a benefit to small businesses. Check out these 4 coupon sites available today.

Best Online Email Marketing Tools And Services 2015

73% of marketers have said that email marketing is core to their business. And on top of that, from 2014 to 2015, the number of marketers claiming that email has been critical to the use of their products and services has gone up by 18%. The lesson here is that email marketing is EXTREMELY important […]

You Don't Have Control! Get Over It!!

How two brilliant entrepreneurs saw their cherished dream vanish in smoke, pivoted on a dime and bounced right back

How to Know if You're Spending Too Much (or Too Little) on Advertising

Is your business spending the right amount on advertising? Here's what your industry peers are typically investing in ads.

Loopy Cases: This Business Fills a Simple Need

Sure it would be great to build the next great Internet search engine or launch the next super successful social media platform. But when it comes right down to it, the critical thing is to find a need to fill it, not matter how sma...

4 Ways to Reduce Pointless Conversations in the Office

You know all of that chit-chat that feels great in the moment, but leads to nothing? Here's how to reduce it.

Learning from the Ground Up to Become Experts in Floor Care

From multi-tenant buildings, healthcare facilities and universities to corporate campuses and Fortune 500 companies, MilliCare franchisees are the go-to source to meet today’s commercial green initiatives in building care.

4 Remarkable Insights to Inspire Social Media Success

Some of the many insights derived from previous Social Fresh conferences. Are you attending this year's event?

Top Rated Franchises to Own

If you’re thinking about investing in one of today’s top rated franchises, you’ve come to the right place.

Google My Business Users, Heed this Warning

Google has issued a warning to Google Small Business users who may not be keeping up-to-date with their accounts. If yours has been inactive for a about a year, Google will be asking to verify the information -- hours, address, phone number, etc. -- it has. Otherwise, it could choose to de-verify your business's account.

Employee Productivity Is So Important. Can Technology Help?

So you’ve got a 10 person team, or 88 person team – who work for you. How can you maximize what they’re doing? How can you optimize their time. This is NOT implying that they’re playing games or posting to Facebook all day. They could be working very hard – but are they working smart? […] The post Employee Productivity Is So Important. Show More Summary

3 Tricks to Fight Jet Lag That Actually Work

Long flights can prove troublesome even for the most experienced flyers. Here are some scientist-approved techniques to combat jet lag.

7 Ways to Get Users to Test Your Mobile App from $5

You’ve done your market research. You know your customers want your app. You know there is a need for it. And people are even downloading it. But for some reason, no one is using it. Whether you’re building your first app, or your 100th, having people test your app is critical to its success. Show More Summary

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