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Spice up the Brag Basket with some good news

  The Brag Basket is open! This one is for April 21-23, 2017. Bring your good news, big or small, to share with everyone. What can you share in the Brag Basket? introduce yourself share some great news from this week celebrate progress, even baby steps congratulate a friend applaud for each other confess your […]

Time Tracking: A Great Strategy for Business Growth

Time Tracking: A Great Strategy for Business Growth Not long ago, workers were accustomed to using simple punch cards that were limited to monitoring attendance. Today’s companies have complex needs, however, and technological advancements now enable startup teams and quickly growing organizations to track employee time in a cutting-edge way. Show More Summary

The Key Management Skill for the 21st Century: Leading Remote Teams

The future of work was a major topic at SXSW this year, where I participated on a panel on the topic. Afterwards, a member of the audience approached me eager to learn how to become a better manager of remote teams. “I know I need to learn this skill to help my career,” she said....

Strip the taboo from home working

We can track every movement and step staff take when working remotely. We can communicate with them using the latest technology. We’ve trained them to know their responsibilities, even when thousands of miles away. So why then, in the majority of grocery employers, is working from home such a mute subject? Is it because, despite...

4 Reasons Freelancers and the Self Employed Should Consider Individual 401k Plans

While the biggest limitation on individual 401k plans is its eligibility criteria, it presents an option for owner-only businesses to save for retirement.

The 4 Biggest Reasons Why Your Company Needs an Official Social Media Policy

No matter how smart you believe your team is or how little you think you have to lose, it’s always a good idea to have a social media policy in place. The post The 4 Biggest Reasons Why Your Company Needs an Official Social Media Policy...Show More Summary

The 20 Best Companies for Work-Life Balance

“Work-life balance. ” It’s one of those well-worn corporate cliches that most companies are, quite frankly, pretty bad at executing. Sure, nap rooms, unlimited time off, and other extravagant perks synonymous with a certain Silicon Valley tech giant (rhymes with Schmoogle) are slowly chipping away at long-held notions about workplace flexibility. But as anyone who...

Study finds more companies offering flexible workplaces

A new study from The Creative Group says work-from-home jobs and other workplace flexibility arrangements are continuing to be popular with workers. The study surveyed marketing and advertising executives and found more than three-quarters (76 percent) of companies offer some form of alternative work arrangement. Show More Summary

5 Reasons Why Sales Managers Must Learn to Recognize Personality Types

Learning more about the unique personality types of your sales reps, customers, and even yourself can help you take your team’s performance to a higher level. The post 5 Reasons Why Sales Managers Must Learn to Recognize PersonalityShow More Summary

12 Ways to Stay on the First Page of Search Results

Your company has finally made it to page one of a search result. Now that you're there, how do you keep your coveted top spot? The post 12 Ways to Stay on the First Page of Search Results appeared first on The post 12 Ways to Stay on the First Page of Search Results appeared first on Click for more information about YEC.

How to Manage Stress and Make It Beneficial for Your Health?

Stress usually appears every time you are about to have an interview, a speech in public, a health problem, the pressure of work or before an important meeting. And whenever you have stress, you become anxious, nervous, have insomnia and your performance may be decreased. So a question arises, how to manage stress and make...

Invest in Safety Measures Now to Protect Your Profits in the Future

If you and your employees mostly push paper and pound keyboards, you may think your business is immune to safety hazards. If that’s what you’re thinking, think again. Workplace injuries, even in office-based businesses, can be expensive, but most workplace injuries are avoidable. Show More Summary

Lessons Small Business Can Learn From The College Admissions Crisis

Business owners should study this college admissions crisis because it is the perfect case study for how small business analytics can solve problems.

Is Being a Franchisee the Same as Being an Entrepreneur?

  Many people dream of someday opening their own business, but coming up with a business idea and making it happen is difficult. For those who want to operate, run and control their own business without going through the struggles that cause a new business to sink, there is the option of becoming a franchisee. Show More Summary

Your Trucking Firm May Soon Be Going Greener — with Zero Emissions

If you want to differentiate your transportation company, try adopting the latest trend: green trucking practices. You'll help both your business and Earth.

How to Make Work More Fun at Your Business or Job

  In this video, you will learn how to make work more fun at your business or job. As someone who is always experimenting with all kinds of life hacks all the time, I’ve come up with some ways to make work more enjoyable which are backed by science. Enjoy the video and let me […]

Managers and Specialists are Toughest Jobs to Fill for Small Business

Specialists and people in leadership roles are the hardest to fill SMB jobs. As experienced employees retire, is training the key to filling positions?

10 Tips for Creating a Luxury Brand in a New Market

The head of Toast, a luxury marijuana brand, passes some luxury branding tips for products entering a new, mostly unexplored market.

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