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Business Service Companies: Take Note on How to Treat Customers From Starbucks

Starbucks has the market on customized coffee beverages. Can you apply the same idea to your business services brand? The post Business Service Companies: Take Note on How to Treat Customers From Starbucks appeared first on The...Show More Summary

Alibaba Takes Detroit By Storm With Sold Out Small Business Conference – #Gateway17

Detroit is playing host to Gateway '17, the inaugural small business conference put on by Alibaba Group and founder Jack Ma.

How to Generate Leads With Your B2B Website

The biggest challenge for B2B companies is generating leads from their website. Here are some core tips on how you can increase your leads as well as conversion. The post How to Generate Leads With Your B2B Website appeared first on The post How to Generate Leads With Your B2B Website appeared first on Show More Summary

How to Leverage Social Media to Drive Insane Webinar Attendance

Social media provides a massive array of promotional tools, unparalleled reach, and the means to drive conversions for your webinars. The post How to Leverage Social Media to Drive Insane Webinar Attendance appeared first on The post How to Leverage Social Media to Drive Insane Webinar Attendance appeared first on Show More Summary

Transform Your Office Manager Into an Office Hero (INFOGRAPHIC)

An office manager should be one of the most productive members of your team. Here's a list of office manager duties with tips on how to get it all done.

6 Ways Business Messaging Apps Benefit Your Business

Communication is key to running a business smoothly, and in this modern age we live in, it’s never been easier to keep in contact with your employees. This is widely done through instant messaging. There is a great variety of business messaging apps available that are tailor-fit to suit business operations. Show More Summary

Is FourKites Tracking Technology a Game Changer for Small Trucking Companies?

This technology is giving small businesses the ability to automatically communicate with their customers using freight tracking technology.


We all have capacities and talents with which we can discover who we are, realize our potential and create an amazing life. In my early years, I lacked emotional support and guidance to help me develop and become the person I wanted to be. Show More Summary

Spotlight: Bryson City Bicycles Offers a Friendly Atmosphere

The company in this week's Small Biz Spotlight faced an uphill climb at first, but became a bicycle shop success story by creating a friendly atmosphere.

Starting a Wine Business? Here are the States with the Lowest and Highest Excise Tax Rates

Planning to start a wine business? Make sure to factor in state wine excise taxes. These states have the lowest and highest excise tax rates on wine.

Shocking! Fake News Now a Booming Business for Hire Online, Report Says

A new report by IT security company Trend Micro reveals there are several fake news services available online today. And these services come for a price.

Fascinating Mobile Apps Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Have you thought about using a mobile app to grow your business? It's one way to leverage technology and automate some of your marketing efforts.

When Remote Work Backfires, This Is Usually Why

Jim’s firing took place in a cramped, gray conference room with squeaky chairs and the smell of stale doughnuts. He’d been in that room before—though not much lately, he realized. In retrospect, that was as good a sign as any that his career with his company was careening toward an unhappy ending. He’d been hired to...

Why Business Owners Should Make Studying a Habit (and How to Do That)

Studying is a tool to acquire and store information, but the word is almost exclusively associated with its academic context. High school and college students need to make studying a habit so they can get good grades and pass their courses, but even after you graduate and start your own business, you shouldn’t stop studying—ever. Show More Summary

3 Tips for Having a Successful Business in a Highly Competitive Industry

If you’re a business owner, you probably realize the amount of work it takes to have a successful business. This is especially true if you’re in an industry that has a great deal of competition. Take time to find ways to market your business to aid you in getting and keeping clients. Show More Summary

The Vital Importance of Confidentiality for Startups

It is not easy maintaining confidentiality around your business ideas. However, it is necessary if you want to retain possession of those ideas. When you're starting a business, it is vital that you keep your sensitive information private. The post The Vital Importance of Confidentiality for Startups appeared first on Business Opportunities.

Base Your Marketing Choices on Cost-Effective Solutions

Cost-effective marketing solutions can communicate the substance of your business and put you on the road to success. For example, a focus on content marketing doesn’t have to be a huge expense. But it can give your business a much-needed boost. Show More Summary

Living It up in Atlanta

Are you thinking of moving your business to another location but you’re uncertain as to where? Which city would be a smart move for a young, business-savvy entrepreneur like you? Haven’t you heard the latest news? Atlanta is a new up-and-coming business center as well as a vibrant entertainment capital. The post Living It up in Atlanta appeared first on Business Opportunities.

Steps employers can take to ensure the mental health of staff

Mental health is an issue which has garnered considerable recent media interest. So what are employers’ responsibilities around the mental health of their employees? All employers, irrespective of their size, have a duty to ensure the mental health, safety and welfare of staff. There are further duties to carry out risk assessments, apply principles of...

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