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What is Native Advertising?

Here it is... a comprehensive guide explaining what native advertising is, how it differs from other forms of advertising, and how it can be a benefit or trap for small businesses.

5 Ways to Be More Creative

Is your team in need of some creative inspiration? Here Inc. columnists share their best tips for getting the juices flowing.

Getting Business Financing in 8 Easy Steps

Whether you don't know where to start, you're recovering from the pain of a rejection, or you fall somewhere in between--we've broken down the business financing process into eight easy steps that will help you showcase your business to loan officers in the best possible light.

5 Technology Tips Every Business Owner Can Use

Sometimes, being a business owner can seem like a non-stop uphill climb. Of course, that’s part of the fun, right? Still, if you’d like a little extra help getting to the summit, these technology tips should help. 1. Take It to the Cloud The cloud is everywhere these days and for good reason. It makes […]

How to Break Into Luxury Retail

Emmanuel Saujet, co-founder of ICP, explains how you can create a demand for your product and attract retailers.

Looking for a Franchise? Become a Home Healthcare Entrepreneur

Today's seniors are requesting that much of their healthcare be delivered in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. That has resulted in home health agencies becoming the fastest growing franchises in the U.S.

The Secret to Getting Organized

Courtney Reum, co-founder of Veev Spirits, explains the importance of sticking to your organizational system. Service Makes Conference Calls Even Simpler

Conference calls have always been a simple and efficient way to run business meetings with remote workers, but now AnyMeeting is making it even easier with a new service called If you’re unfamiliar with AnyMeeting, let’s start with a quick background. Show More Summary

Join #MFSTBizTips Chat for “How To Grow a Dynamic Business” on May 28th

  As small business owners we can use all the help we can get to manage our daily tasks to ensure our business runs smoothly and continues to grow. But with technologies that change so quickly, and what worked yesterday not being the...Show More Summary

Failure Is Never as Scary as You Think It Will Be

Shama Hyder, founder of Marketing Zen Group, says not to get caught up in counting your failures or successes.

General Stanley McChrystal: 'We Knew Enough to Prevent the 9/11 Attacks'

Retired U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal says your organization needs to have a "shared consciousness" where information flows fluidly from the executives to the employees.

How to Maintain Idealism in a Messy Reality

Everything was going fine for MakerBot until knockoffs of its product appeared. Bre Pettis explains how he kept going.

Platform helps displaced families in Haiti crowdfund new homes

New Story is a crowdfunding platform which supports Haitian families in raising the USD 6,000 necessary to rebuild lost homes.

5 Ways to Perfect Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profiles: everyone has one... but is yours helping to drive new leads and customers?

9 Common Mistakes That May Kill Your Business Online

If you're running an online business, please check out this list of 9 reasons that could be dragging down your business right now. Hint: If you don't have a mobile website, get one as soon as possible.

Why Frequent Flyers Might Be Wasting Billions on Airfare

A new study alleges that major airlines, including Delta and United, are restricting consumer access to airfare information through external booking sites.

4 Steps to Find More Joy in Your Life

The topic of attitude can be conceptual and confusing. Read this to translate the incomprehensible into four actionable steps so you can live with the joy you deserve.

Children’s book grows back into a tree

Tree Book Tree is a plantable book made from recycled materials and embedded with seeds, which grows back into a tree once read.

Millennial Mastery

As Baby Boomers retire and it becomes painfully obvious that there aren't enough experienced Gen-Xers to replace them, it's people like Amanda Holmes that illustrate that there are plenty of Millennials who have mastered business at a young age and are ready, willing and able to take the reins of established companies and help them grow and thrive.

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