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4 Common Tasks for Virtual Assistants

As an outsourcing consultant, and someone who has worked with remote teams for many years now, I often get asked about the type of work and tasks I assign to my team. For me it is always about finding the tasks that I wish I could do, or wish I had more time to do. Show More Summary

How to Create a Video on Animoto: A Beginner’s Guide

Do more with your photos. Don't just create slideshows. Take it a step beyond and turn them into a video that you can easily share with others.

App or Credit? Why Cash May be Replaced by Mobile Payments

We've heard in the past about the death of cash as currency. Normally, rumors of its demise have been largely exaggerated but with the rise of mobile shopping, could this actually spell the real end for straight cash?

How to Find a Great Designer on Upwork (formerly oDesk)

Here’s a short video tutorial on the strategies that I have used for finding a great and high quality designer on Upwork (formerly called oDesk). Running time: 6 minutes Video transcription below… I don’t know if you’ve tried finding designers before. Show More Summary

“Play Bigger” Takes Your Business Beyond Innovation

It's not about competing against bigger competition, it's all about playing your game at a bigger level.

How Jamie Ratner turned her blog into a profitable family website

WASHINGTON — In 2010, Jamie Ratner was in charge of security at a D.C. law firm. She had a blog with a healthy following and untapped market: a Groupon-like website catering specifically to families and kids. Within a month of an official launch, CertifiKid turned profitable enough for her to leave her day job. Show More Summary

After some initial negotiating, bootstrapped startup rides two adtech trends

SAN FRANCISCO — CrossInstall CEO and co-founder Jeff Marshall took a bit of convincing from fellow co-founder Bobby McFarland before he fully got on board with the interactive mobile advertising company The two men had met while working...Show More Summary

How Andrew Collins has put startup Sentient Jet on a one-way path to domination

BOSTON — Looking to book a private jet for business or pleasure? There’s an app for that, at least soon enough. As commercial jet travel has become increasingly complex and decreasingly convenient, private jet travel has soared as an...Show More Summary

My Experience Using Time Doctor to be a Digital Nomad in Bali

As I write this, I’m sitting in the shade a few meters from the ocean on a small island near Bali in Indonesia. I’m eating a banana pancake with chocolate syrup, and am wearing nothing but my bathing suit. Earlier today, I went snorkeling...Show More Summary

5 Lies About Work-Life Balance You Should Avoid Telling Yourself

This story first appeared on The Muse, a Web destination with exciting job opportunities and expert career advice. One of the most annoyingly overused concepts in the world of work is the sought after, ever-elusive idea of work-life balance. This catch-all phrase has been around since the beginning of time (read: the 1980s) and is...

Making the home office work for you

The flex room may have not been the most important part of their home buying decision, but it was something Sid Chugh and Giselle Bourgeois paid attention to. “It was something that we wanted,” says Chugh. “If we did not have an office space, I’m not sure that it would be a deal-breaker, but it...

Working from home: 5 top tips

‘If you need me, I’ll be in my home office.’ If there’s any early morning email likely to produce a severe outbreak of tut-tuts and head shaking in the office, it’s that one. The association between working from home and skiving runs deep. For a long time, it was code for ‘I’ve decided to take...

20 Amazing Insights From Companies That Use Virtual Teams

Have you ever wondered what it would be like working for a virtual company, where most people are working while wearing their pajamas at home, without the need to travel to an office? It’s possible, and there are very real, very profitable...Show More Summary

7 Ways to Get Users to Test Your Mobile App from 5 Dollars

You’ve done your market research. You know your customers want your app. You know there is a need for it. And people are even downloading it. But for some reason, no one is using it. Whether you’re building your first app, or your 100th, having people test your app is critical to its success. Show More Summary

Influencer Marketing, NextCon 16 Events Slated For November

Two events in November that are just now appearing on our small business events calendar remind us that winter is coming. Brace yourself by attending one of these or many other small business events that make up this week's list.

98 Tasks You can Affordably Outsource to Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services are a key ingredient to helping startups and early stage companies get off the ground.  Entrepreneurs are superheroes, or at least they like to think they are. Being a micro-manager may be necessary at first,...Show More Summary

10 Seemingly Unrelated Lessons that Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, advice from all sources is invaluable. And this week, our small business community is dishing out a smorgasbord of help, covering a wide range of topics to help you run a better business.

The Ultimate List of 203 Great Franchise Ideas

Interested in a franchise business opportunity? Not sure what is right for you? Here's an exhaustive list of potential franchise business opportunities. – the ‘Unknown’ Competitor to Upwork and

Where are you working right now? At an office or at a coffee shop? If you’re one of the 53 million Americans turning to the world of freelancing then it could very well be the latter. Over the past few years, professionals in a wide...Show More Summary

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