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ViewPoint: Robots are moving in to our homes, but there’s no killer app

BOSTON—Not too long ago, robots were giant, caged things, mainly found in automotive manufacturing lines. Social robotics was a new field of research pursued by the best and brightest in university research labs. In the past few years, however, it seems that social robots have finally come of age. Show More Summary

Will the Force be with San Francisco this time in Lucas Museum's search?

SAN FRANCISCO—With the finality of an exploding Death Star or Britain's vote to exit the EU, legendary movie maker George Lucas has terminated plans to build his Lucas Museum of the Narrative Arts in Chicago. "Chicago will no longer be considered a potential site for the museum," Lucas said late Friday morning. Show More Summary

Doctor on Demand is bringing urgent care to your phone

SAN FRANCISCO—Doctors at San Francisco-based telemedicine startup Doctor on Demand use video communication to conduct examinations with their patients, transforming the way people access medical and mental health care. In the conventional...Show More Summary

10 commandments of successful social climbing

Ever watch any of the Bravo reality series " The Real Housewives of New York"? It would be difficult for anyone outside the Forbes 400 to live that kind of lifestyle. However, in your social circle there are plenty of people who compete fiercely to “keep up with the Joneses.” You make a good living. Show More Summary

Foxit Introduces PDF Workflow That Will Rock Team Collaboration

Foxit Software has just introduced Connected PDF that allows small businesses to share and track PDFs securely in a cloud-based environment.

12 Ways Founders Can Best Emphasize the Importance of Play at Work

Members of The Young Entrepreneur Council have plenty of advice on how to mix work and fun at your business. Leave it to the youth...

Are Drones With a Smartwatch Controller the Next Trend?

Drone tech is advancing quickly. They're more readily available and less expensive and now, we're developing new ways of controlling them.

How Smart Leaders Deal With Toxic People

Brian Volk-Weiss, president of Comedy Dynamics, explains why there's only one right way to deal with bullies.

6 Ways to be Less of a Worrier

Most of what we worry about will never happen so what are we worried about?

How Winning 'The Apprentice' Helped This Entrepreneur's Business Thrive

Mark Wright won the UK's 10th Season of The Apprentice. Now, he's conquering the competitive digital marketing agency space.

This Little-Known Course Is Stanford Business School's Most Popular Class

The course catalog describes it as "quite emotional"; students are graded based on their honesty and vulnerability.

10 Ways to Simplify Cloud Computing Adoption at Your Company

Are you hesitant to adopt cloud technology with your small business? There's a chance you may already be using it and not even know it. Check out these simple ways to begin using cloud tech today.

How to Get Free Mobile Data with Aquto’s New Rewards Program

Want more wireless data? Who doesn't, right? Two companies are offering a way to earn more mobile web time based on the actions you take with your phone.

Indiegogo Co-Founder on the Lessons from a $12 Million Crowdfunding Campaign

Danae Ringelmann explains how a father-and-son team from Australia raised a record amount of money by selling beehives.

5 More Emotions You Never Knew Had Names

A new book offers a wealth of words for emotions we've all experienced but never had words for before.

5 Ways to Prevent Foolish Workplace Mistakes

Everyone plays the fool sometimes. Here's how to avoid making it a habit.

The Little-Known Skill of Every Great Leader

Of all the qualities that make a great leader, this one is the most overlooked.

Do You Really Have To Do ALL The Marketing Things?

From the Ask Naomi mailbag: Hi Naomi, You don’t know me, but my boyfriend is a reader of yours and he suggested I reach out to you. I’m overwhelmed and I need help. He said you have some posts on how to manage all the things you’re supposed to be doing. Show More Summary

There’s One Big Thing Many Small Business Owners Are Neglecting

There's one big thing that most small business owners aren't doing. It's an internal audit and, like it or not, it really should be done.

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