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Every Fed Member’s Position on Raising Rates

Where every Fed member stands on raising interest rates     click through for complete list  Source: Marketwatch  


Quick spike for energy and the dollar then a breakdown with lower highs and lower lows. Follow-through?Good trading and great risk management to all.Educational use only. Never intended as investment advice.

Why Pay Raises Will Be Fatter in 2016

Starting salaries at U.S. companies are expected to tick up in 2016. Here's why you should pay your workers more.

Google May Need a New Logo, but Don’t Waste Your Time

Developing a strong corporate identity may be a necessary mania for large companies, but there are more important things for an entrepreneur to do.

Modern-Day Tipping Dilemmas

Getty Images By Miriam Cross Tipping a restaurant server or cabbie goes without saying. But when it comes to a barista or Uber driver, the ex­pectations aren't so clear. Here's how to navigate new tipping practices. When I swipe my card to pay for my latte, the payment screen prompts me for a tip. Show More Summary

Fischer: U.S. Inflation Developments

U.S. Inflation Developments Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Symposium, Jackson Hole, Wyoming August 29, 2015   I am delighted to be here in Jackson Hole in the company of such distinguished panelists and such a distinguished group of participants. I will focus my remarks today on forces–domestic and international–that...Read More

20 Unusual but Handy Uses for WD-40, Indoors and Out

Jeepers Media/Flickr By Karla Bowsher WD-40 is marketed as a "multi-use product." It's known for the capabilities for which it's usually enlisted -- such as lubricating squeaky hinges, loosening rusted parts and driving out moisture....Show More Summary

The Best End-of-Summer Sales

Getty ImagesSummer might be almost over, but the sales are lingering. By Noelle Buhidar With all these back-to-school sales flooding the market, it feels as if the sun is setting on our summer state of mind. But here's the thing: Labor Day is super late this year. Show More Summary

How to Improve Your Finances After Retirement

ShutterstockDownsizing to a new home, condo or apartment that costs significantly less than your current home can give your nest egg a quick boost. By Emily Brandon You have many opportunities to fix your retirement finances before you retire. Show More Summary

Preventing Blind Spots in Dividend Investing

In a previous article I described why dividend investors should look beyond typical dividend growth screens. I am basically finding that investors who take the time to study the numbers for every individual business one at a time, are much more likely to uncover hidden gems. Show More Summary

Wednesday Watch

Evening Headlin es Bloomberg: China's Stocks Tumble Before Holiday on State Support Concern. China’s stocks slumped on their last trading day this week amid concern that government steps to prop up equities will fail as the economic slowdown deepens. Show More Summary

Is A Recession Necessary For The S&P 500 To Fall 20% From All-Time Highs?

Is it possible for a bear market to occur when the U.S. economy is expanding? Certainly. In fact, most bear markets are already well on their way to becoming 20% price declines long before a recession is formerly identified. Consider the most recent bearish retreat (10/07 – 3/09). The...


No TV, Internet, phone all day on Monday.Notable Sentiment standouts for last week: higher Volume, superlow Insider Selling to Buying - 3 to 1, lowest in several years. Whatever that means!!New highs and lows also near record levelsShow More Summary


You can't make this up. It was well over 90 percent down volume today, which can portend short-term reversal but usually not continued strength. SPY below downsloping 20, 50, 100, and 200 day averages. "Kickoff" failure by MACD and RSI almost to oversold. Show More Summary

15th day of $QQQ short term down-trend

Nice to be on the sidelines in cash. No one knows when this decline will end. gmi: 0 gmi-2: 1 t2108: 12

Write-Offs: 9.1.15

China panic; Rate hike; Making UBS look human; "In a bid to dodge DUI and drug charges, a 24-year-old Floridian allegedly offered to perform sex acts upon three separate cops, solicitations that were rejected and resulted in bribery charges being filed against the woman."; and more

The Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Your Very First Rental Property

Buying your first rental property can be exciting, confusing, and intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before and aren’t quite sure what to expect. To make the whole procedure a little less overwhelming, here’s a step-by-step overview of what the process looks like from beginning to end. Note: This article is geared towards novice [...]Show More Summary

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