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Fly on instruments?

This is one of those times when my emotions tell me to flee but my instruments say buy or hold. The GMI has again flashed a Buy signal.  My very short term trend count for the QQQ is  U-14, 14th day of an up-trend. The SPY has retaken its 30 week average along with the […]

Guesstimates on August 3, 2015

September S&P E-mini Futures: Today’s range estimate is 2093-2106. As long as no weakness below 2085 develops I think the market will move up to 2126.25 and above. QQQ: Support is at 108. Upside target is 120. TNX (ten year note yield) : I think that the market yield is headed up to 3.00%. Show More Summary

How to Compete With Copycats: 5 Tips

Beating clones intent on undercutting your product is a contest you can win.

How a 16-Year-Old Dropout Built a $7 Billion Fortune

Zhou Qunfei is the world's wealthiest self-made woman. Why don't more people know her?

12 Things People Regret The Most Before They Die

Everyone has regrets but what do people regret the most? Learn what they are and make sure not to allow them in your life.

9 Surprising Traits of Truly Phenomenal Bosses

What your employees don't see might be the most important traits you possess.

The Easiest Way to Get Moving on a Business Book

A book will position you as a thought-leader and open doors you've never before entered. Stop the excuses and hire a ghostwriter!

10 Monday AM Reads

Welcome to August! Earnings season is in full swing, and we have a month of data to move the FOMC off their intended path. Oh, and the finest curated morning train reads in the land: • Win or Lose, U.S. Stocks Getting Biggest Earnings Bang Since ’12 (Bloomberg) but see King dollar has cost S&P 500 companies $244 billion of...Read More

It’s official. Puerto Rico defaults

Puerto Rico Defaults – Our new Muni Book Davd Kotok Cumberland, August 1, 2015   It’s official. Puerto Rico defaults. Here is a full list of discussions. As my colleague and co-author, Michael Comes, has described in detail, this is a default on a “moral-obligation” bond. Litigation will certainly start next week. A moral ob....Read More

Opening Bell: 8.3.15

Greek financial markets reopen; Alexis Tsipras could use a hand here; Puerto Rico; Ichan; Batista; "Ohio man must spend two days in jail for petting zoo cougars"; and more.

Create your own dividend ETF with Motif Investing

Motif Investing is an established brokerage which lets investors create their own portfolios, and purchase them for a set commission. Each investor can build a portfolio of up to 30 individual securities, and then purchase that portfolio for a single commission of $9.95. Show More Summary

Mercenary Daily: China’s Ghost Cities Will Haunt the World

A reader had a good idea. Instead of “Macro Musings” we should call it “Mercenary Musings.” That makes perfect sense of course. It’s more original, and lets us move beyond macro. (I mean we’ll still have plenty of macro — but branchShow More Summary

Monday Watch

Today's Headlines Bloomberg: Meet China’s Stock Rescue Chief: He Never Saw the Crisis Coming. After China’s stocks crashed in June, the government put more than $400 billion at the disposal of a little-known state agency, the China Securities Finance Corp., headed by an academic and bureaucrat named Nie Qingping. Show More Summary

Video: Paul Tudor Jones and Peter Borish on trading

Hello, gang. Long time, no update (here on the blog). Today we have some great weekend videos for you that bridge the trading past with the present. I think you'll enjoy them. Longtime readers and followers of Finance Trends may recall our posting the Paul Tudor Jones Trader documentary way back in the early days of this bull market. Show More Summary

How Big Is The Universe?

The Universe is big, but how big is it? That all depends on whether the Universe is finite or infinite. Even the word “big” is tough to get clear. Are we talking about the size of the Universe we can see, or the Universe’s actual size right now?   Hat tip io9  

How to sort through garbage online investment advice

    My Sunday Washington Post Business Section column is out. This morning, we look at how the internet evolved as a source of bad investment opinion. The print version had the full headline How to sort out the garbage of online investment advice; I like the online version hed, Hey, investment cranks: The Internet never forgets. Here’s an excerpt from...Read More

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