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Cybersecurity of the Power Grid: A Growing Challenge

Called the “largest interconnected machine,” the US electricity grid is a complex digital and physical system crucial to life and commerce in this country. Today, it is made up of more than 7,000 power plants, 55,000 substations, 160,000 miles of...

Bear Radar

Style Underperformer: Large-Cap Value -.2% Sector Underperformers: 1) Banks -1.2 % 2) Computer Hardware -1.0 % 3) Telecom -. 9 % Stocks Falling on Unusual Volume: HCLP, DGI, BPT, BNFT, ZOES, HPE, NCMI, ACIA, BIDU, BGS, MGA, BCC, LGND,...Show More Summary

2 True Growth Stories In An Unexpected Sector

Ever since I was a kid, I loved discount stores. I remember the old TG&Y five and dime store in my neighborhood. I'd trade in enough Coke (NYSE: KO) bottles at the A&P next door to cobble

Saudi Aramco Might Not Be A Paragon Of Transparency And Fair Accounting After All

Who could've guessed that an insular petro-state wouldn't be completely honest about the value of its only economic asset?

Canada's Hottest Up-and-Coming Startup is Backed by Amazon and Intel

Thalmic Labs is the company behind the Myo armband, a futuristic wearable challenging the way you control your gadgets.

Bull Radar

Style Outperformer: Mid-Cap Growth +. 2% Sector Outperformers: 1) Retail +2.3 % 2) Hospitals +1.7 % 3) Utilities + 1.1 2% Stocks Rising on Unusual Volume: AAOI, AXDX, OLED, RH, INCY, FL, KEM, EHTH, BL, TVTY, WK, CONE, JWN, DDS, WB, NUS,...Show More Summary

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US Tax Reform in Jeopardy and the State of Strong Dollar Policy

The focus in the market is shifting away from the Federal Reserve, for which the consensus recognizes that the FOMC minutes probably make a March hike less likely. The CME's calculations put the odds at less than 18%, while the Bloomberg estimate...

IBM And Apple: The Truth About Buffett’s Technology Buys

To understand why Buffett might be starting to look at tech, you first have to look at some the rules that govern his investment philosophy.

Investor Optimism Rebounds To Six-Week High

Optimism among individual investors about the short-term direction of the stock market is at a six-week high, as neutral sentiment is at a seven-week low. Pessimism, however, is essentially unchanged from a week ago and remains above its historical average.

It’s all about housing debt

From Torsten Sløk, Ph.D.: Per capita debt levels have moved essentially sideways over the past decade, see chart below, and student loan, auto loan, and credit card balances are all very low compared with mortgage debt levels. For example,...Show More Summary

Defensive Gold and Treasuries Bullishly Break Resistance

File this under “very interesting” – defensive markets Gold and Treasuries just reversed higher. If this continues, we could see a bearish development for the US Stock Market (money flow). Let’s take a look and see if the breakout holds: For some perspective, see our featured post “How Other Markets Behaved while Stocks Surged.” In it, you’ll see a [...]

Apple: Why Is Its Discount to S&P So Much More Than MSFT, GE? Asks BMO

BMO Capital’s Tim Long today reiterates an Outperform rating on shares of Apple (AAPL), and raises his price target to $160 from $142, after raising his estimate for the company’s average sales price for the iPhone, and buried in the...Show More Summary

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