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Digital Technologies in the Beauty Sector

Major beauty brands, from Chanel and Christian Dior to Rimmel London and No7, are using digital technologies to aid the shoppers' decision making today. Data shows that it is working for them. We took a look at the four key digital advice approaches in the beauty industry.

The World's Rudest, Most Passive-Aggressive Billboard Coughs at Nearby Smokers

If anything is going to convince a smoker to quit, it's a judgmental, passive-aggressive, coughing billboard. At least, that's the ostensible premise of a new campaign from Swedish pharmacy Apoteket Hjärtat and agency Åkestam Holst. The...Show More Summary

Shorter, Off-Peak Posts Will Increase Facebook Engagements, Report Suggests

Summary: The use of video, keeping posts down to 50 words and posting during off hours are some key ingredients to more consumer interaction with Facebook posts, according to recent research from BuzzSumo. The report was based on an analysis of data from 800 million Facebook posts made in 2016. The researchers teamed up with Mari Smith to examine the number of shares...

To Discount Or Not To Discount? That Is The Question

Summary: In retail, it’s an age-old question of whether it is a good strategy to discount products. It’s not only about whether or not it will dilute the brand image, especially when it comes to high-end global luxury brands, but it is also about timing should a retailer decide to try discounting. In the discount game, there have been winners and losers.

The Rise of the Citizen Journalist

Summary: There is no question that social media has crept its way into public relations strategies over the past few years. Less like a slithering snake creeping up on its prey and more like a lovestruck teenager throwing rocks at your...Show More Summary

Bilingual Digital Marketing & Social Media Specialist - Madison, WI

Company: Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC Location: Madison, Wisconsin Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Early Career (1+ yrs experience) Minimum Education: Bachelor's

Senior Marketing Assistant - Los Angeles, CA

Company: The Ratkovich Company Location: Los Angeles, California Industry: Marketing - Other Career Level: Early Career (1+ yrs experience) Minimum Education: Bachelor's Job Status: Full Time Salary Range: $50,000 - $60,000

Visualize your results and you WILL SUCCEED

Do you want to manifest exactly what you want in your life?  Visualize your results and you WILL SUCCEED. The mind is a powerful tool for achieving your goals. The first step to achieving anything is to believe that it is possible. The Law of Attraction states that whatever you give consistent thought to, you create. Show More Summary

What I Learned in 2016 and What the Future Holds for Those Open to Unprescribed Possibilities

At the end or beginning of each year, smart folks ask other smart folks to contribute their thoughts about the year ahead. Then everyone promotes their participation and the host benefits from a landslide of new traffic and followers. Show More Summary

5 Email Marketing Platforms for the Modern Marketer

Email marketing has stood the test of time. The first email marketing campaign was sent in the 1970’s and the early 1990’s saw the first mobile email experience. No matter how many new tactics come on the market, email is still a strong force. In fact, recent research has found that email marketing is 40% [...]Show More Summary

... and it bends toward justice

The arc of the moral universe is long, and it bends toward access. Twelve years ago, Acumen made a modest investment in Water Health International, a start-up that builds water purification hubs in small villages in India. Today, and every...        

The Biggest Threat To Content Marketing Isn't Fake News

Summary: Everywhere I look, it seems like the legitimacy of media outlets and content itself is being questioned. And if you’ve been on social media any time in the past year, you know what I'm talking about: fake news. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what fake news is — and that it’s a problem. Show More Summary

Understanding Your Industry as a PR Newbie or Intern

Summary: The cornerstone of being a successful PR pro or marketer is understanding your market. Any good practitioner will tell you that the ability to collect valuable data and turn it into actionable insights is critical to success. Too many buzzwords in one sentence? Let me explain. To effectively market to a consumer, you have to understand...

Pavlov's in your pocket

Why do people buy lottery tickets? It's certainly not based on any rational analysis of financial risk or reward. So, why do something that almost never seems to work? Because it actually works every single time. What it works to...        

Successful Product Launch Checklist

If you plan to create products this year, or relaunch some of your products with MUCH better results (smart!), this set of checklists and templates is invaluable in getting your strategy organized, and making your product launch super-successful...

Digital Marketing Intern (Part-Time) - Irving, TX

Company: CEC Entertainment Location: Irving, Texas Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Student (undergraduate/graduate) Job Status: Intern Salary Range: $10 - $12

How to make a sign

There it is, at every entrance to the terminal at LaGuardia, one of the busiest airports in the world: TERMINAL CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE between 12:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. until further notice. Ticketed Passengers & Employees ONLY will have access...        

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