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This Guy Decided to Turn His Boring Office Job Into an Exhilarating GoPro Ad

13 hours agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

GoPro has spared no expense in traveling the world to create pulse-pounding footage that reminds us we're living hollow lives devoid of excitement. Now, an everyman office drone has decided to prove that corporate drudgery is just as exciting as being hugged by lions or eaten by a grizzly bear. Show More Summary

Men Face a Gut-Wrenching Choice of Their Own in This Parody of Dove's Doors Ad

13 hours agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

Men, if you saw a door marked "Big Dick" and a door marked "Average Dick," which would you walk through? Two weeks ago, Dove released a new video in its long-running Real Beauty campaign where they put the words "Average" and "Beautiful" over doors and figured out which women lacked self-confidence and which were full of themselves. Show More Summary

This Cool Tumblr Imagines If Ad Agencies Were Ice Cream Flavors

14 hours agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

If famous ad agencies were ice cream brands, what flavors would they be? Aditya Hariharan and Joshua Namdar, a pair of students at the Miami Ad School in New York, took a swing at visualizing the answer with Agency Scoops, a Tumblr that...Show More Summary

Join a Virtual Treasure Hunt for Running Shoes

The Instagram-based run through San Francisco offers fans the chance to win a pair of Reebok ZPump Fusion

How Pepsi, HBO, Denny's and a Dozen Other Brands Are Celebrating 4/20

16 hours agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

Brand tweets can seem unnecessary, even annoying, on many holidays. But 4/20? Seeing them get creative with cannabis references? Well, that's actually kind of fun. We've rounded up some of the better brand tweets so far. Check them out below: Waking and baking our BRRR-ito! Have one rolled for you TODAY at our Scoop Shops. Show More Summary

3 New Businesses in Omaha Are Making People Cringe, but They're Doing Good Work

17 hours agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

Three strange storefronts have popped up in Omaha recently that you wouldn't to enter—but they're part of a PSA campaign telling residents that, unfortunately, sexually transmitted diseases are open for business in the city. Omaha has had a shockingly high STD rate for over a decade, and it's only getting worse. Show More Summary

Milton Glaser Explains the Value of Design Beyond Just Selling Stuff

18 hours agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

"By the time I was in kindergarten, I had been designated as class artist. Some of the older kids discovered that I could draw girls doing unspeakable things, and I could get a nickel apiece for those." Thus began the illustrious career...Show More Summary

Advertising: An Economic Equalizer

Summary: According to studies done on the advertising landscape, few of the advertising professionals we rub shoulders with actually went to school for advertising. Yes, the marketing and advertising...

A 5-Year-Old Girl Calls the Police and Saves Her Mom's Life in This Remarkable PSA

21 hours agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

Real audio of a 5-year-old girl calling 999 (Britain's version of 911)—after her mother has had a seizure—anchors this compelling new PSA from Grey London aimed at getting more parents to teach their kids how to call the police in an emergency. Show More Summary

Hotel Booking So Easy You Can Do It While in Freefall

Class Travel films a live test while falling from the clouds to document the easy-to-use booking app

Ben & Jerry's Has Brought Back Apple's '1984' as a Burrito Anthem for Stoners

Parodies of Apple's "1984" continue to surface at the oddest of times—such as 4/20, America's unofficial day of marijuana appreciation. Ben & Jerry's has created the spot below to celebrate the Brrr-ito's bold assault on the despotic repression of... Show More Summary

David Hasselhoff Reaches Peak Self-Parody in Promo for Kung Fury

Dinosaurs, fingerless gloves, punks, skateboards, hacking and traveling back in time to try to kill Hitler. It's everything you ever loved about the '80s in one film—now including David Hasslehoff. Kung Fury is a film that was funded on Kickstarter and is due to premiere May 28 on YouTube. Show More Summary

Empty Wheelchair Chases People Around a Mall in One of the Meanest Ad Pranks Yet

Hand out fliers about the dangers of osteoporosis pretty much anywhere and see what happens. Crumple. Toss. No one reads all those statistics. But chase those same folks with a remote-controlled wheelchair? Now you have yourself a public service campaign. Show More Summary

Groupon Employees Read Their Favorite Sexual Comments About the Non-Sexual Banana Bunker

For Groupon, it's the Bunker that keeps on bunking (but not bonking). The Banana Bunker, that famously suggestive-looking banana holder, is back "by popular demand" on the Groupon site this week. And given the success of its hilarious...Show More Summary

Fort Lauderdale Really Heated Up Bus Shelters in Boston and Chicago This Winter

At the height of winter, a goofy costumed dude called "Mr. Sunny," the official mascot of the Fort Lauderdale tourism, hung out at Pompano Beach and bantered in real time via satellite with people at snow-streaked bus shelters in Boston and Chicago as part of the "Hello Sunny" campaign engineered by Starmark. Show More Summary

Ikea Gets Into the Wedding Business, Promising to Marry People via Webcam

Does your dream wedding include getting married via webcam? You should sign up for Ikea's newest service. The Swedish furniture chain has launched "Wedding Online," a (somewhat) tongue-in-cheek site that lets users pick a theme and setting—beach,...Show More Summary

How 'Real' Must Advertising Be?

Summary: Is there a place where it is okay that "truth" doesn't reign supreme? Consumers claim that they want truth in advertising. They claim that they want transparency with brands. People claim that they do not want to be sold to. Consumers claim they want the "real" deal. Why? We are not pushing a position for deceptive advertising, not by any means.

Is It The 'Buy' or Is It Brilliant?

Summary: To even casual watchers of television, certain ads stay with you long after you’ve resumed life. What we remember, of course, is also reinforced by seeing fragments of those same ads reappear in our news feeds or when we glance out of our car windows. Obviously, they work. Repetition is the key to retention. But do these overly familiar snippets of advertising...

Twitter Unveils Star Wars Emojis, and All Is Right With the Galaxy

Emoji product placement on Twitter just advanced a few light years today, as the social network—in partnership with Disney and Lucasfilm—unveiled Star Wars emojis at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, Calif. There are three emojis...Show More Summary

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