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Denny's Offers to Partner With Burger King, Since McDonald's Is Being a McChicken

10 hours agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

For something proposed as a peace offering, this McWhopper idea from Burger King sure seems to be escalating the burger wars. Last night, Denny's blitzed its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts with the proposal to partner withShow More Summary

Star Wars Shut Down This Facebook Commenter Who Wants Female Armor to Look More Ladylike

Disney-owned Star Wars seems like such a cuddly, world-embracing brand these days, you'd hardly expect them to drop the occasional AT-AT stomp on a Facebook commenter. But that's what happened for a guy who questioned why Phasma, a character...Show More Summary

Step Aside, Waifs. Ronda Rousey Is Carl's Jr.'s Newest Sandwich-Devouring Ad Star

For years Carl's Jr.'s spots have had a consistent formula: Take one beautiful and scantily clad model that would probably never eat Carl's Jr., add a few double entendres that highlight the model's attributes, then mention the sandwich a few times. Show More Summary

Norm Macdonald Is Now Hosting 15-Second 'Fryerside Chats' as KFC's Colonel Sanders

KFC has rolled out the next phase of its campaign with the revamped Colonel Sanders, and despite Norm Macdonald's recent arrival, he's already feeling presidential. Earlier this month Wieden + Kennedy swapped one Saturday Night Live veteran (Darrell Hammond) for another (Macdonald) as part of its new take on Colonel Sanders for KFC. Show More Summary

PSAs From MTV Show How Everyday Phrases Keep Bias in the Mainstream

The latest installment of MTV's "Look Different" anti-bias campaign looks a whole lot different than last month's showing, an over-the-top, multichannel satire about a Geek Squad-style team of uber-white corporate consultants eager to help people of color hail cabs, rent apartments and handle courtroom appearances. Show More Summary

McDonald’s and BETC “Emoticon City”

McDonald’s France andBETC launched the famous “Come as You Are” signature in 2008. Recently they once again brought it to life through “EMOTICON CITY”, a new brand campaign that quickly went viral. Discover why the creative chose emoticons and how they were brought to life in the behind the scenes film.

Stressed? Head to a Rage Room for Post-Work Destruction

As an alternative to meditation, The Rage Room at Battle Sports facility in Toronto will let you rent protective gear and break things in peace

Sip and Make Fresh Smoothies Inspired By Pantone Colors

Art Director Hedvig Astrom Kushner creates fun and healthy smoothie recipes based on Pantone color swatches

Putting a True Real Estate Price On Barbie’s Mansion

While it's not Barbie's house, Trulia has put a real-world real estate value on global toy manufacturer's Playmobil Modern Luxury Mansion

Here's How PR Can Be A Startup's Secret Weapon

22 hours agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

As a startup, you may not be able to afford a full-time, dedicated PR team quite yet, so you opt for contractors, outsourced agencies, or part-time PR pros. There is some great ad-hoc talent out there that you can add into the startup...Show More Summary

These Days reinvents TV advertising with innovative use of the pause button

Thanks to the new TV viewing technology, the consumer can simply fast-forward commercials. Advertisers are searching for innovative ways of getting back into the viewer’s good graces. Communication agency These Days came up with a non-intrusive method of achieving just that: breakvertising. The concept caught the attention of Telenet and SBS.

Feeling Pumped for The Movies? This One Only Runs When You Do

To promote its ZPump shoes, Reebok Korea encouraged moviegoers to don a pair so as to keep their movie buffering

An Ode to Wordsmiths

Summary: We enjoy knowing that sometimes it is not what is being said that is the important thing, but how it is being said. It is incredible to see that words have so much impact on how consumers perceive certain topics. For example:...Show More Summary

This Clever Amnesty Campaign Imprisons Your Cursor Within a Banner Ad

Sometimes an ad idea just doesn't get the reach it deserves, and this is certainly one of those times. Polish agency The Digitals created a little-seen banner/pop-up ad last year that asked site visitors, "Do you want to dissolve the...Show More Summary

McDonald's Wouldn't Create the McWhopper, So I Did, and It's an Abomination

As a wise Jeff Goldblum once put it, we were so busy wondering if we could, we didn't ask if we should. Well I'm here to tell you: No. No we should not. Burger King deserves credit for its masterful PR move this morning of running full-page...Show More Summary

A Bluetooth Speaker Becomes a Bee-Whispering Device in This Ad for a British Audio Brand

Here's an unusual way to sell a consumer audio product: Stick a microphone inside an active beehive. In this three-minute (headphones recommended) ad for Bowers & Wilkins, sound recordist Sam Nightingale captures audio of bees at work,...Show More Summary

Drought-Stricken SoCal Battles Wasteful Habits With a Water-Themed Pandora Station

This is the soundtrack of our dry-weather lives in Southern California: TLC's "Waterfalls," Blind Melon's "No Rain," Bruce Springsteen's "The River" and about 100 more H2O-themed ditties playing on an endless loop. That should remind us to take shorter showers and stop washing the cars at home. Show More Summary

Kids React to Their First Bites of Bitter Dark Chocolate in This Priceless Israeli Ad

Dark chocolate? Yuck. That's the verdict of the kids who try the confection for the first time in this exceptionally cute, straightforward, and effective Israeli spot for Strauss Group's Splendid brand. The youngsters' reactions are priceless. Show More Summary

Why is WPP Spooked Despite Rising Profits?

Summary: The marketing and advertising landscape is still trying to figure itself out. The business scene, with Corporate America and Wall Street, is not doing it any favors. With investors scared about what is going on in the Asian markets and clueless about what is going through the heads of the Chinese government...

Might You Need a Way to Kill the Traditional Resume?

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