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Are We Taking AI Too Far?

Summary: AI offers us the ability to interact with customers on their terms 24/7, but can it really create rich, relevant advertising on a customized basis?

Twitter and TWC Will Livestream the Eclipse

Summary: The Weather Channel is teaming up with Twitter to bring audiences unrivalled footage of the imminent solar eclipse in a livestream that will follow the eclipse as it moves across the US.

The Entire History of Fire Erupts Into Your Backyard in This Bizarre and Epic Ode to Grilling

Jung von Matt turned to actor Christopher Fairbank to deliver an epic ode to the art of grilling meat over an open flame to promote German supermarket chain Edeka. Fairbanks' monologue in the spot, titled "Men of Fire," takes a look back at the history of the barbecue--way back, since cooking meat over an open...

Atari Takes Aim at Kit-Kat over "Breakout" Ad

Summary: Atari was one of the first leading home consoles with titles like Pong, Asteroids, Space Invaders and Pac-Man in the 70s through 80s. The company’s fortunes are more modest today.

This Maternity Line for Children Was Created to Highlight 7 Million Youth Pregnancies Each Year

Finnish agency hasan & partners teamed up with Paola Suhonen, a well known fashion designer in the country, to create a "Maternity Wear for a 12-Year-Old" campaign to call awareness to the problem of child pregnancies in developing countries and drive donations to child rights organization Plan International. Suhonen's "Hamptons" collection of maternity wear includes...

Nielsen Adds Facebook, YouTube, and Hulu to Digital Ratings

Summary: Enabled publisher clients will get credit for Facebook and YouTube distributed video, while Hulu will provide certain partners with credit for series content on its platform.

Otter Protects Peyton Manning in Otterbox's Latest

Summary: A new campaign for OtterBox, the smartphone and tablet protective case brand, is gloriously silly: it features Peyton Manning -- and a giant otter who's there to protect him at all costs.

Star Wars’ Mark Hamill and Rian Johnson Urge Fans to Evade the Movie’s Marketing

Summary: An unusual conflict has broken out between the cast and director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and its marketer sparking a debate around whether movie studios are spoiling their own plots. Both Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill and movie director Rian Johnson both responded to a concern from a fan that the trailers...

Why do Ad Agencies Suck at Advertising Themselves?

Would you hire a broke stock broker? How about a hacked hacker? Then why would you hire an ad agency that sucked at advertising itself? Latest post on Digiday—LINK, which includes four of the worst ad agency self-promo ads ever produced.

An Anniversary for a Fabled Marketing Flop

Summary: One of the most famous product launches ever is about to mark a milestone anniversary – but don’t expect much celebrating on Madison Avenue. That’s because the product is the Edsel, widely considered the biggest flop in the annals of consumer marketing. Though the Edsel made its debut almost six decades ago, when Ford Motor brought out the car line...

The Builder From Clash of Clans Has Jumped Out of the Game and Built a Statue in Brooklyn

Clash of Clans players finally have some answers about what happened to the Builder. The character, who has been central to the 5-year-old mobile game, was the subject on a video posted online a week ago (it's gotten 42 million views on YouTube alone) in which he appears fed up with people destroying his creations....

Cow Jokes Fall Udderly Flat in ‘Serious Meat’ Campaign for New Zealand Jerky

New Zealand comedian Tim Batt really milks his material, but this audience remains unmoooved. That's because Batt finds himself standing in a picturesque field, performing bovine-themed jokes for a bunch of actual cows, in these silly, short social videos from Portland, Ore., agency North for New Zealand Jerky. In the clip below, Batt explains why...

Canon Wants You to Pick Up Your Camera and ‘Shoot for Greatness’

Summary: Forget your iPhone. A new spot from Canon and Grey New York shows how you can capture the everyday moments with your Cannon camera. In a spot called “Shoot for Greatness,” the brand shows that “Being at the...Show More Summary

Meet the World’s Worst Voice Assistant in This Brand’s Brutal, Funny Takedown of AI

Robots are everywhere. And it's a problem. They clean our houses (probably while stealing our data), sit around at home getting hacked by pushy brands, take our jobs and beat us at games. Aren't you sick of it? Thankfully, insurance company SafeAuto's got the antidote: F?rnh?an, an AI voice assistant whose cold, calculating superiority is...

This Crazy, GIF-Filled Beer Ad Pleads for a Break From the Insanity of GIFs

Are GIFs a major problem in the world? Probably not. But Brazilian beer brand Brahma urges its fans to break the cycle of repetition in a literally loopy ad from agency Santo and director Armando Bo (the Oscar-winning writer of Birdman). The spot opens with GIF-like looping footage of a man being kicked in the...

This Retailer’s Ads Call Out Shoppers by Name, but It’s Not Quite as Creepy as It Sounds

Has Cost Plus World Market been spying on you? When the furniture and decor retailer says with some specificity that it knows how and where you live, it's actually true. Creepy or clever? Check it out. "Lisa and Ray Worley in the low-rise apartment near that no-frills diner on N 73rd St., you two should...

Dentsu’s Clock, With Different Hands for All 1,440 Minutes of the Day, Is Designer’s Dream

Japanese stationery brand Hitotoki wanted to show audiences the joy in hand-crafting art, so it made a special clock with 1,440 different sets of hands--one for every minute of the day. There are hands made from wooden spoons, and flowers, and mini bananas. There are hands made from confetti, and cream puffs, and glow sticks....

How Brands are Tapping Into Consumers’ Faces – and Brains

Summary: Apple will reportedly enable users to unlock the upcoming iPhone 8 with their faces. This type of facial recognition technology is also being used at airports to both improve the boarding process and to enhance security – at least allegedly. But it can also help marketers determine consumers’ emotions.

Droga5 Takes a Long, Strange Trip Through These Twisted Comic Ads for Luxury Vacations

You meet the strangest people on vacation. For example, the talky trio in Droga5 London's cheeky new ads for Secret Escapes, a members-only service that sells discounted luxury hotel accommodations and travel packages. These intense folks, enjoying holidays in sun-splashed climes, just can't refrain from sharing waaay too much with anyone who'll sit still long...

Facebook Wants to Solve Advertising’s ‘Fat Thumbs’ Problem

Summary: With research suggesting that over half of all clicks on mobile ads are mistaken, Facebook has today (8 August) announced an initiative designed to limit the likelihood of users clicking on ad units unintentionally. The update to its Facebook Audience Network includes policy clarifications on unintentional clicks...

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