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The Future of SEO

Marketing podcast with TopRank’s Lee Odden Does it makes sense for companies to invest in SEO as an independent activity? Can you influence search without content and social? Those are some of the questions I asked Lee Odden, authorShow More Summary

Reboot Your Business and Your Life

Marketing podcast with Mitch Joel I’ve been sensing a change these days. Actually, like most change, it happens in a way that is imperceptible, until you step back and look at something like a six month window. Then you can see it. The world of marketing has changed – social, local, mobile – all poweredContinue Reading If You Liked This Post... Show More Summary

How I Podcast and Why I Think You Should

John Jantsch talks about podcasting Podcasting is making a comeback thanks to a growing consumer demand for content. If you’re not listening to podcasts, or better yet, producing your own audio content, you better reconsider. I’ve been publishing the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast since 2005. Show More Summary

The Future of Marketing

Marketing podcast with Brian Solis. The more things change, the more they change. That’s my take anyway and it seems like we are in the middle a significant change once again when it comes to marketing. Search revolutionized the way we find things and altered how companies are chosen. Show More Summary

New Media's Movers & Shakers

Publicity Club of NY Panel on Contributed Content Last week the Publicity Club of New York hosted a luncheon that featured a handful of editorial gatekeepers responsible for "contributed content" at their media organizations.Our panel included (l. Show More Summary

How to Make Better Decisions

Podcast interview with Chip Heath There’s a running joke in my family. When my girls were growing up I would often shout out to each of them as they were off to the next party or outing – “Make good choices!” While I was completely sincere in my words it never failed to draw aContinue Reading If You Liked This Post... Show More Summary

Getting Clarity One Minute at a Time

Marketing podcast with Dan Martel Have you ever wanted to seek out and find very specific advice for a really big thing you’re wrestling with or maybe for just that little thing that needs a specific experience or skill? If you’re in business I’m guessing you have that thought several times a day. Show More Summary

How to Play More at Work and Why You Must

Marketing podcast with Jonathan Fields A few weeks ago I started a series of posts I’m calling Recover You. The series is focused on practices and habits that I believe lead to a healthier mind, body and spirit, a healthier business and ultimately a healthier economy. Show More Summary

Nobody Talks About Boring Businesses

Marketing podcast with Bernadette Jiwa Perhaps one of the most primary objectives of marketing is to get people talking about your business. Sure, you actually want them to buy from you, but when there’s buzz, when people think what you’re doing matters, there will be sales. Show More Summary

7 Obligations of the New Sales Manager

Marketing podcast with Matthew Dixon I’ve been spending some time writing about how the job of sales has changed dramatically over the last few years. In recent posts I outlined what I called the Disciplines of the New Sales Professional and followed that up with the Practices of the New Sales Professional. Show More Summary

Take a Holistic Approach to Marketing Metrics

Marketers today are under increasing pressure to measure the impact of their marketing efforts. In fact, thanks to the ubiquity of online marketing—where responses and actions of one form or another can be relatively easily tracked—along with the growing use of marketing automation systems, marketers have more data at their disposal than at any other time [...]

How Do You Keep Your Vision Alive

Marketing podcast with Martha Beck It’s a tough enough thing to scratch out a vision for your business and perhaps even tougher to keep it alive. As the owner of a business you’re expected to create the vision, impart it on the troops and hold them accountable for bringing it to reality. Show More Summary

How Social Media Drives BIG Events

For last year's Social Media Week event in New York, I had hoped to pull together a session that looked at how big events use social media tools and channels to drive awareness, brand esteem, web traffic and attendance. Instead we produced...Show More Summary

Why Playing It Safe May Be the Riskiest Path of All

Marketing podcast with Randy Gage Back when I started my own business, some twenty-five years ago, I was a bit of rebel. I was taking a leap and doing something that many considered terribly risky. Well, the game has changed dramatically since then and now not starting a business, not figuring out how to beContinue Reading If You Liked This Post... Show More Summary

Who Needs a Social Media Policy?

A few years ago, everyone seemed to be talking about the need for companies to develop and implement social media policies. Nowadays, the topic seems to provoke little more than yawns. What happened? A recent New York Times article got me thinking about this. It described a series of cases in which the National Labor Relations Board [...]

Will Facebook Remain Relevant?

Marketing podcast with Ekaterina Walter With over a billion users, a place in the everyday life of over 60% of Internet users and a track record as one of the fastest growing companies in history, the title of this post may seem odd....Show More Summary

Who Cares about the Difference Between Sales and Marketing? (No One)

I’ve talked to a lot of guests on Marketing Smarts about the differences between sales and marketing, and how to negotiate the conflicts that can arise between the two functions. Then I spoke with Dan Pink and realized that, aside from people in sales or marketing, no one cares about this distinction! Shocking, I know. Here is [...]

5 Things Your Referral Sources Desperately Want to Know

Marketing podcast with Michael Port Most marketers are clear about targeting their marketing and advertising messages. but when it comes to referrals it seems that notion is no longer valid. The thing is, we all want referrals, but what...Show More Summary

Marketing Is a Habit, Not an Event

Marketing podcast with John Jantsch Business owners often view marketing as something they must finish so they can get back to work. Marketing, as I’ve stated often, is never done, it’s just another system that you must operate at the highest level possible at all times. Show More Summary

Are You a Digital Sharecropper?

In a recent MarketingProfs PRO Seminar, Intel’s Ekaterina Walter said, “For marketers, Facebook is definitely a rented land.” What Ekaterina meant was  that, despite all the benefits a company may derive from building and cultivating a presence on Facebook, that company remains a tenant in Facebook’s house. And Facebook, as master of the house, can change the [...]

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