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You’re So Vain, You Probably Think Custom Web Design Is About You

“Custom.” It’s so hot right now. Really, though. Whether you’re talking custom Nikes or custom web design, there’s this idea that customization directly correlates with value. And sometimes it does. If you’re seeking a web presence for your brand that’s uniquely your own, here’s our number one caveat: Don’t shoot for “different” just for the…more

Learning Strategies – How To Learn Faster And 10X Better

I would like to share with you some strategies on how you can learn faster and 10x better. A lot of people don’t know how to learn – they think that just sitting passively in front of a screen and listening to someone speak is learning. Show More Summary

Maureen Morrison Leaves AdAge for MUH-TAY-ZIK|HOF-FER

She will be working in a content-focused position at the S.F. agency.

Abe Lincoln Trashes Clinton and Trump in This Insane Ad for Libertarian Gary Johnson

And now for something completely different in an election season dominated by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump—a political ad starring "Dead Abe Lincoln" telling voters they "just got screwed" by the two-party system. read more

Don’t let the silence crush your business

Social media has changed everything. It allows the marketplace to share value. It gives consumers a voice. A BIG, loud voice. They can shout from the rooftops about how happy they are. They can scream about how pissed off they are. This means the best providers win today. Show More Summary

Learning how to overcome fear

I want to talk to you about something really important today. I want to talk to you about overcoming fear. Here’s the thing: Fear stops intelligent business owners from doing what they know they should do. It stops them from creating a uniquely valuable service. Show More Summary

What everyone needs to know about blame

Who is responsible for our results? I spent some time recently, with the former owner of a local high street store. He explained that the reason his business flopped, was that the economy was too weak. I know a number of the people whose...Show More Summary

Marketing Tip: Stop trying to appeal to everyone

One of the golden rules of successful marketing, is to identify exactly who your customer or client is, then focus exclusively on them. This is the opposite of what we see most small business owners doing. They try and be a little relevant to everyone and succeed in being directly relevant to no one. Show More Summary

How to discover a winning idea

It’s entirely possible you have a winning idea tucked away right now, without even knowing it. The thing about great ideas is that they often look like bad ideas, until they become hugely successful. Remember laptops? In 1985, The New...Show More Summary

Copywriting tip: Use short sentences. Here’s why!

Here’s a quick copywriting tip: Your prospective clients prefer to read short sentences. This is especially true when explaining detailed information. For example, how your service works. I’m not suggesting you use fewer words than required. Show More Summary

Zulu Alpha Kilo Pitches Both Clinton and Trump with an RFP

It's another blatantly self-promotional stunt, so Trump should be into it.

W+K Shanghai Ushers in ‘The Next Wave’ for Nike China

The spot includes an array of impressive amateur and professional athletes.

Leaking Leads? Here’s How to Plug Your Analytics Gaps

Full funnel attribution is the dream. A pipe dream. In most cases. Because a majority of the time, you’re nowhere close. Campaigns are tagged. Sometimes. You track incoming calls. Like 5% of the time. You’ve got lead reports. Which go up-and-to-the-right at least. It ain’t your fault. Our tools are limited. Cross-department assistance tricky. And […]

Danny McBride and Walton Goggins Dress Up as Brand Mascots Gone Bad for GQ

What if brand mascots weren't chipper or cheerful? What if, instead of smiling ear to ear while trying to hock Energizer or McDonald's, they were jaded, even sadistic? That's the world GQ has imagined in a new digital short featuring...Show More Summary

The Turnaround

Gary got the call on Tuesday. The clerk noted, “We’re terribly sorry… there’s a problem with your scheduled stay.” He went on to explain that the power company had an upgrade scheduled. This involved ripping open the adjacent street. As a result, the hotel would be without power for several hours. Having planned this weekend […]

Brewing Company Turns Car Emissions Into Ink

Tiger Beer has created a sustainable process to transform air pollution into supplies for street art

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