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[Giveaway] Do You Want a Bigger Email List?

Everyone needs a goal.If you want to know how your life is going to turn out you need to know where you're heading right?For example in 2016 my #1 goal is to grow my email list.And I guess you are reading this because you want to grow your list as well.(So today I decided to […] The post [Giveaway] Do You Want a Bigger Email List? appeared first on Turninbound.

Online Marketing News: Death Of A Directory, Are Social Ads As Effective?, Search Getting Smarter

Google Reveals Black Friday In-Store Traffic Data to Help Improve Focus of Online Ads [Infographic] – Google has created a new infographic which looks at in-store traffic patterns over the holiday season, using anonymized Location History records. The stats offer some great insight and highlight where offline metrics are headed – and how they can be [...]Show More Summary

The TopRank Marketing Team Gives Thanks

Before you dig into the turkey, mashed potatoes and my personal favorite, stuffing, the team at TopRank Marketing would like to take a moment to give thanks. In the word cloud above, you get a glimpse into what many of our team members are thankful for. We would also like to thank you our readers [...]Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: WordPress Powers The Web, Google Goes Live, Snapchat Through A New Lens

How Much are Marketers Spending on Millennials? A Lot! [INFOGRAPHIC] – According to the infographic, created by and based on data gathered from Turn, an advertising technology company, marketers are spending 500% more on millennials than every other group combined. As Swant puts it, “there are 75 million millennials in the U.S., and everyone knows [...]Show More Summary

Remarketing 101: The No-Brainer Paid Search Tactic

As competition becomes increasingly fierce, B2B and B2C companies are all fighting for customers to read their content, and purchase their products or services. With so many options available to today’s consumers, many brands are searching for a way to stay top of mind with potential customers. Ready for a staggering piece of information? According [...]Show More Summary

Digital Marketing Spotlight: John Bell, VP Enterprise Digital Marketing at Travelers

Star light, star bright, which digital marketer is next in our spotlight? Well, it’s John Bell of course, Vice President of Enterprise Digital Marketing at Travelers. John joined Travelers after 13 years at Ogilvy & Mather where he founded Social@Ogilvy, a global social and digital marketing practice. There, John drove digital and social strategy and programs for major [...]Show More Summary

Need Help With Content Topics? 5 Places To Find Inspiration For Blog Posts

Blogging is a low to no-cost way for marketers to create owned content on a consistent basis. A consistent blogging schedule of high quality information creates a great way for your customers and prospects to gain a better understanding of how you can help them and the smarts that exist within your organization. In fact, [...]Show More Summary

12 Major Brands on Where SEO Fits in the Digital Marketing Mix for 2016

Did you know? Google handles 100 billion searches per month and more than half of those are on mobile devices. Did you also know? 15% of Google’s 3.5 billion daily searches have never been seen before. I remember when you couldn’t search for anything on a smart phone and now people are searching for just about [...]Show More Summary

How Collaborating With Influencers Generated Over 110k Views on SlideShare

Brands large and small are searching for ways to separate themselves from the pack. At the same time, most marketers are struggling with everything from producing enough content, to measuring content effectiveness. As more and more brands become publishers, it has become increasingly difficult for brands to create a variety of engaging content on a [...]Show More Summary

Want to Add More Participation to You Content? Follow These 5 Keys to Success [Guide]

By this point, there is no denying that content marketing should be an essential part of every brand’s integrated digital marketing strategy. Content enables brands to create a connection with current and potential customers that can also support many other digital marketing initiatives if optimized correctly. Since we’re all on the same page about content, [...]Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Facebook Gives Notice, Tumblr Gets The Message, Instagram Partners Up

How Social Media Impacts Communication at Work [INFOGRAPHIC] – Workplace technology is important to internal collaboration. This infographic from looks at why many companies see the need for internal social media. It also goes through some of the challenges to the adoption of internal social. Show More Summary

How to Create Content that Abides, Dude: Content Marketing Lessons from the Big Lebowski at #MNBlogCon

Does pondering content marketing strategy make you feel a little out of your element? Are you missing the key components that really tie a strategy together? Do you sometimes feel like stepping away from the laptop, pouring a White Russian, and zoning out to Creedence Clearwater Revival? You’re not alone. Only 30% of B2B marketers [...]Show More Summary

How to Be the Best Answer with An Integrated, Optimized Approach to Content Marketing

A study from Ericsson reports that by the year 2020, there will be over 50 billion internet-connected devices. That means consumers will be able to create, consume, publish interact and transact anytime, anywhere. Many companies are responding to the rise in information access and consumption by creating even more content to stand out. A LOT more [...]Show More Summary

6 of The Top B2C Brands That Are Rocking Instagram

What were you doing 5 years ago? In October of 2010, the mobile app Instagram launched onto the scene, and the mobile marketing world hasn’t been the same since. Sure Facebook has over 1 Billion users and Instagram has 400 Million active users, but its engagement is deafening, and unlike Pinterest, the ratio for men [...]Show More Summary

Why Ongoing Digital Marketing Training Creates More Engaged Employees

When you hire a new employee, the first few months of their employment is typically a whirlwind of trainings on process, procedure and industry best practices. A strong onboarding strategy is key to team members successfully integrating into your business and gaining an understanding of what is expected of them. Unfortunately, once the initial training [...]Show More Summary

Join The TopRank Marketing Book Club

“No two persons ever read the same book.” – Edmund Wilson Each person that picks up a book has a different experience when they consume the information. Our team at TopRank Marketing is filled with individuals that thirst for knowledge. That is why we are so happy to announce the launch of the TopRank Marketing [...]Show More Summary

Content Marketing: Make Your Content Shine with These 4 Editing Tips

A few years ago, best-selling author and wizard-ninja hybrid Seth Godin said, “content marketing is the only marketing left.” The industry took him at his word. Over the last decade, marketers have devoted ever more time and energy to creating content. This year, 76% of B2B marketers plan to produce more content next year than [...]Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Farewell To Twitter Favorites, Facebook Makes The Grade, Rich Answers Get Richer

How Do You Compare to Serious Business Bloggers? [Infographic] – Are people spending more time blogging than before? Are people writing longer or shorter posts lately? Has publishing frequency changed for the typical blogger? We asked 1074 bloggers the same 11 questions. We learned that the business of blogging is changing. Some things are consistent, but a [...]Show More Summary

How to Pick the Best Content Marketing Tools for your 2016 Content Marketing Strategy

To remain competitive, brands have become increasingly focused on creating a higher quantity of content, while still striving to maintain quality. Unfortunately, the quantity and quality struggle is real for so many B2B and B2C marketers alike. Along with finding the right people and creating a sound content strategy, there is the matter of finding [...]Show More Summary

Content Marketing with Virtual Conferences: Pros, Cons, Examples and Best Practices

The Internet has created a space where meaningful conversations, connections and content creation can happen anywhere in the world. As a result, content marketing tactics have evolved to leverage all the Internet has to offer–and one of those tactics is virtual conferences. For decades, real-world conferences have been an effective way for businesses of all kinds to [...]Show More Summary

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