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Data-Driven Marketing from Mad Men to Rabbit Holes

Last week, the Business Marketing Association of Minnesota hosted an educational panel event: From Mad Men Advertising to Rabbit Hole Marketing. The panel consisted of four B2B marketing and data experts and was moderated by the brilliant Rebecca Ramsden of SmartBase Solutions. The panel included Patrick Dunn, director of sales and marketing for GetWireless; Mike [...]Show More Summary

A Practitioner’s Guide to Net Promoter Score

[Dear readers, this essay is about the practical aspects of measuring Net Promoter Score, an important metric that often correlates strongly with word-of-mouth virality. Sachin Rekhi, the author, has a blog and can be found on Twitter at @sachinrekhi. Show More Summary

Ignite Your B2B Content Marketing Effectiveness at #C2C16

The opportunity to surround yourself with top content thought leaders and practitioners is one that you should always take. That's just what we will be doing February 15 -17 at the 2016 B2B Content2Conversion conference in Scottsdale...Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Facebook Algorithm Changes, Samsung Ad Blockers, and Snapchat Statistics

How are People Really Using Snapchat? [Infographic] When it comes to any medium, but social media in particular, we tend to assume that everyone uses it the way we do — or worse, the way we marketers want them to. Knowing how someone else uses a social platform is one of the first steps to [...]Show More Summary

The Embrace: Creating Experiences that Nurture Attention into Engagement

Attention is a currency. We spend it. We earn it. And, sometimes we waste it. Experience is something special. It’s all the rage at the moment, yet, we often talk about it as is if it’s a thing. But, as we know, deep down, the best things in life aren’t things, they’re experiences. One of […]

Marketing Tip: Grow bigger ears!

Today, I want to share a highly effective marketing idea with you. It recently helped a client of mine achieve remarkable results. And it can do the same for you. I explain how it works in a moment. I need to start by asking you a question: How well do you understand the needs and […] Nobody succeeds by themselves. Show More Summary

Is Content Marketing a Viable Lead Generation Tactic?

Hi, I’m Josh. I’m a content marketer and proud to be one. Content marketing is unique among marketing tactics. It aims to accomplish business goals by offering people something of real value that can make their lives better. It’s not, “you are lacking something in your life, so buy our product.” It’s not, “Read these [...]Show More Summary

FUN Challenge: BOOST Your Business – Fast!

I challenge you to do something outrageous & ambitious in your business every single week for the rest of the year. Consider ways you can step WAY outside your comfort zone or usual tasks, pick a day of the week, and do something BIG in your business!

Understanding – Why Does Google Own YouTube?

In 2006 Google bought YouTube for $1.6bn. At first this made a lot of sense: the largest text search engine purchased a major video host. Google are very quiet about the fact that YouTube has yet to break any major profit which leaves...Show More Summary

Influencer Content Marketing: The Art of Relationships and the Science of Software

Much of influencer marketing is about advocacy and as the industry matures and includes more digital marketing intentions than PR, I believe influencers will be viewed more as partners than simple proxies for message distribution. Or...Show More Summary

The 2 Sides of Guest Posting: I’m on the “It Works” Side, How About You?

When somebody mentions SEO or link building these days, the first thing you think about is usually the word “hassle”. The second, though, tends to be “guest posting”. That’s how popular guest posting is in our niche at present. EvenShow More Summary

Social Media Images Part 2: Creating Brand Recognition & Learning From Inspiring Brand Examples

Each day customers are becoming increasingly self-directed, and are using search engines, content assets and social media to help guide purchasing decisions. Need proof? The average person now spends approximately 8 hours each day consuming some sort of media. There is an enormous amount of opportunity for brands today to incorporate strong visuals as part [...]Show More Summary

Quick announcement: The Backstory, a private discussion forum for tech, marketing, growth

Dear readers, Some quick news- I’ve started some private discussion forums, as a complement to my writing. It’s easier to talk than write, so I figure it’s a good way to stay in touch while I’m between essays. And surprise: It’s actually a year old, and has thousands of posts/discussions/users. Show More Summary

Book Review & Interview: Meaningful: The Story of Ideas That Fly

For every startup that succeeds, many more fail. But what is it that makes the difference between a successful company, and one that just doesn’t quite hit the mark? Bernadette Jiwa uncovers that and more in her new book, Meaningful: The Story of Ideas That Fly. According to Jiwa, many companies miss an essential opportunity to [...]Show More Summary

Some Jim Connolly news

I have some news to share with you today, which I know many of you have been waiting for. There has been an unprecedented surge in demand, for my 2 hour Marketing Results Sessions. January is always my busiest month, but enquiries increased by almost 55% over the same period last year. Show More Summary

How to be in high demand

It’s simple. It works like this: When the supply is low, the demand is high. There’s always a very limited supply of people who will. Lead. Be reliable. Create. Encourage others. Contribute. Solve problems. Embrace the tricky stuff. Because that’s where the demand is. Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Facebook Optimizes Audiences, Bots Cost Billions, Gentrified Google Guidelines

10 Types of Visual Content Your Brand Should Be Creating Right Now [Infographic] – Over the past few years, we’ve seen content become more visual. Marketers have experimented with infographics, videos, and more — and they’ve made plans to keep it up this year. To help narrow your focus, check on this infographic from Canva below. From quote [...]Show More Summary

Does Transparency Need a Filter?

If we thought millennials shared too much, what are we to think of the YouTube generation or as they might be called, Gen C? Better yet, what are we to think of anyone with zero filter nowadays? A product of the times? Good for them, they’re just being transparent? I ask that because recently a […]

Ever Really Look at your Linkedin Contacts?

In 2016, it should be readily apparent that each relevant social platform has a specific value to us. If you, as a digital marketer still don’t know what that value is, well then, shame on you. Let’s stop for 30 seconds and re-look at that value of each. Let’s take stock really quick. Look at […]

3 Examples of Brands Using Podcasts to Increase Sales, Offer Value & Build Audiences #MIMATweet

[Note From Ashley: TopRank Marketing team members Debbie Friez and Joel Carlson recently attended a Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) event in Minneapolis and collaborated to bring you the insights below from the event.] Long gone are the leisurely evenings and weekends where people disconnected from the outside world and made time to relax. Today’s [...]Show More Summary

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