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The Key To Financial Freedom (What Robert Kiyosaki Taught Me About Getting Rich)

The key to financial freedom isn't a get rich quick strategy. Do you want to know what Robert Kiyosaki taught me about wealth? Click here to learn more! The post The Key To Financial Freedom (What Robert Kiyosaki Taught Me About Getting Rich) appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

5 TopRank Marketing Team Insights for Finding B2B Content Marketing Inspiration

These days, there’s little doubt among B2B marketers that content is the foundation of digital marketing success. After all, studies show that nearly all B2B buyers do some form of online research before making a purchasing decision. As a result, we content creators are tasked with turning out informative, engaging and inspiring content that helps [...]Show More Summary

It’s never the money. Here’s what REALLY stops people buying from you!

Your prospective clients or customers absolutely can afford your products or services. Here’s what really stops people buying from you. You’re attracting enquiries from the wrong people. You haven’t given them a powerful enough reason to buy from you or hire you. Show More Summary

Does Snark = Sales? What Consumers REALLY Want from Brands on Social Media

Social media marketers, do you feel a brief pang of envy when a brand gets sassy on Twitter or Facebook? Do you wish you had the brand identity and/or corporate backing to smack down a troll, a la Wendy’s? Me too. It’s only natural. Even in a profession as inherently creative as marketing, some of [...]Show More Summary

3 Ways To Hold Yourself Accountable To Your Goals

Accountability is an inside job. Do you want to know 3 ways to hold yourself accountable to your goals? Click here to learn more! The post 3 Ways To Hold Yourself Accountable To Your Goals appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

Is Retail Dying or is it Time for a Renaissance?

Guest post from Michel Lewis (@BizMike), founder of RoomSignal and long-time friend of Brian. Retail is dead. Heard that phrase before? For the last decade we have watched as digital companies like Amazon & Netflix received much of the credit, for putting brands like Borders and Blockbuster out to pasture. Show More Summary

Back to Basics: 5 Tips for Becoming a More Effective Community Manager

Your main goal as a community manager is to advocate your brand on social networks, find and engage potential customers in an online community and deepen the customer’s relationship with the brand. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Community management is challenging. Customer expectations are becoming increasingly more demanding, and the customer now has more control over [...]Show More Summary

Digital Advice Live! 2017 – Join us in London

Join us at Digital Advice Live! (f.k.a Guided Selling Live!) on  September 21st  in London! Learn why leading companies such as T-Mobile USA, Miele, and Evans Cycles invest in solid Digital Advice solutions to improve digital experiences across channels. Show More Summary

5 Ways To Get Motivated

Motivation is the energy that inspires you to set and achieve your goals. Do you want to know 5 ways to get motivated? Click here to learn more! The post 5 Ways To Get Motivated appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

11 Content Marketing Tips to Build Your B2B Business

As the father of an 8-year-old boy, most of my disposable income is tied up in little plastic bricks. In my house, you’ll find thousands of them in bins, several elaborate sets on display, and a distressing number of the (razor-sharp) things underfoot. I’m not complaining, really. I have as much fun building with them [...]Show More Summary

Why prospective clients absolutely must hire you. Yes. You!

It’s really important that your prospective clients (or customers) hire you or buy from you. And not for the most obvious reason! Allow me to explain. If your prospective clients go to one of your competitors, you have no way of knowing what kind of lousy service they could receive. Show More Summary

I Wax the Morning Nostalgic

The mountains are lovely today. It's Sunday. The morning is lovely. Our view of the mountains this morning is lovely. Life is lovely. There is a special quiet to the early mornings, here in Firestone, CO. The neighborhood is slow to wake up. Show More Summary

Your Lack Of Patience, Distractions & “Shiny Object Syndrome” Are Killing Your Results

Do you give up once things get hard? Your lack of patience, distractions & "Shiny Object Syndrome" are killing your results. Click here to learn more! The post Your Lack Of Patience, Distractions & “Shiny Object Syndrome” Are Killing Your Results appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

Be more interested in your client’s success, than your own success

There is a powerful success factor behind every great business, which you can implement starting today. It can be summed up in just 4 words: It’s all about them! It’s all about them The most successful business owners have figured it out. Show More Summary

The New Proximity: Your endless supply of clients

This is easily the most valuable post I’ve written this year. It’s one of the most valuable I have ever shared with you. I strongly recommend you read it in full. How would you like an endless supply of clients? Moreover, how would you...Show More Summary

Digital Marketing News: Email Marketing Facts, Gen Z Media Usage & Snap Publisher Tool

119 Facts About Email Marketing [Infographic] Discover 119 facts you didn’t know about email marketing including, why email marketing works, biggest email trends for 2017, most common types of emails, most used email marketing tactics, segmentation and personalization, mobile email statistics and more. Show More Summary

CMWorld Interview: H&R Block’s Zerlina Jackson Explores Marketing in the Financial Sector

Marketers in financial industries are in the midst of a major digital transformation. Apps and mobile experience have become not a “nice to have” but a requirement from consumers. Additionally, financial institutions have started investing heavily in user experience for their web properties to focus on customers first. The team at H&R Block has taken [...]Show More Summary

4 Skills That Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Master

Entrepreneurship is a challenging career choice. Do you want to know 4 skills that every successful entrepreneur must master? Click here to learn more! The post 4 Skills That Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Master appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

Startups are cheaper to build, but more expensive to grow – here’s why

Startups should be getting cheaper to build. After all, the industry’s created several waves of innovation that’s supporting this across multiple layers in the stack: Open source software instead of paid developer tools AWS instead of...Show More Summary

A Real-Time Conversation About AI and the Future of Work

   I recently had one of the most fast-paced, fun and provocative conversations I had in a while. It wasn’t something that happened in IRL. Instead, this real-time conversation took place on Twitter.  Organized by Cognizant and PegaShow More Summary

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