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B2B Mobile Marketing for Demand Generation? Yes! Examples and Quick Tips

When you think of mobile marketing, visions of searches for store hours, maps and getting tips from Facebook friends about good restaurants probably come to mind – all consumer focused. But what about B2B marketing and mobile? Why mobile marketing for B2B demand generation: In many countries, including the U.S., more Google searches take place [...]Show More Summary

Definition 6 stirs up media frenzy with Sharknado 3 trailer

Following the success of last year’s spots, Syfy returned to the Definition 6 Entertainment team to handle the entire promo campaign for Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! Great work by Steve Schwartz, John Gill, Chad...

What You Need to Know About Playing High Stakes Content Marketing

The game of poker is filled with many complexities, opportunities and luck of the draw. Content marketing follows a similar theme and can lead to big winnings or high losses. If you want to be a key player in the content marketing game, it’s time to up the ante. In 2015, only 30% of B2B [...]Show More Summary

Like Every Business, We Too Stand on the Path of Disruption

Guest post by Jay Samit (@jaysamit), a serial entrepreneur and author of the bestselling book Disrupt You! Your career is going to be disrupted.  I guarantee it.  Office automation is expected to make 40% of the current workforce obsolete by 2020.  3D printing is anticipated to eliminate 320 manufacturing jobs; further impacting the millions of […]

Definition 6 launches the Social Hookup hub site for Lifetime’s new hit UnREAL

We built and launched the “Social Hookup” microsite for Lifetime’s new hit UnREAL, a provocative and fictitious series following the behind-the-scenes drama surrounding the production of a The Bachelor-style dating show. The site is a destination hub where users can consume...

Why Content Marketing is Imperative for the Future of Public Relations

Whether you’re considering media relations, brand journalism or managing corporate communications, content has always played an essential part of effective Public Relations. However, PR pros that don’t accelerate their ability to develop content...Show More Summary

Why Collecting Customer Information & Listening to Feedback Can Make You a Better Marketer

It can be so easy to find yourself drooling over the prospect bringing in new customers. Unfortunately, this can mean that current and previous customers are overlooked. Current customers are a goldmine of information that can be used to draw in new customers. In 2013, Nielson found that 68% of people trust online opinions from other [...]Show More Summary

Home Office Ideas: How To Set Up A Home Office For Productivity & Ideal Workflow

Want a home office setup that improves your workflow? Follow these simple tips to create a work space that improves your productivity and efficiency, no matter how small or large your home office is...

Online Marketing News: Twitter Gets Safer, Google Panda Gets Fresher, Facebook Video Gets Edited

How Digital Media is Shaping a New Generation of Commerce (Infographic) – Social shopping has grown significantly in the last few years. As younger generations gain purchasing power, they are reshaping the commerce market. An infographic from Acquity Group, a digital marketing agency, studies how user behaviour differs between the generations. Acquity Group STUDY: Brands on [...]Show More Summary

4 Tips for Building the Perfect Content Marketing Sundae

There’s almost nothing better on a hot day than a frosty ice cream (or frozen yogurt) sundae that uses quality ingredients and just the right balance of toppings. You have to be careful not to overdo it with a blast of different flavors which can cause the sundae to become muddled and headed for the trash can. Content [...]Show More Summary

4 Creative Email Marketing Campaigns That Inspire Action

Email is a private experience. Unlike social media where comments are public email provides a safety zone for both B2B and B2C customers. What does that mean? You can receive an email, and take no action. Alternatively, a personalized email may be the tipping point that determines that you will make a purchase. According to [...]Show More Summary

Here’s why your business isn’t growing and how to fix it

The basics of building a successful business are easy to find. There are countless business manuals that explain the process. So, why do most small businesses slowly go broke or end up being little more than a poorly paid job for their owner? I believe I have found the answer. Show More Summary

Creating Truly Personal Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

During a recent trip to London, I spent time with the Smart Focus team to discuss the promise and shortcomings of omni-channel strategies. It was a pretty productive collaboration resulting in a video that explores the new digital customer, an ebook focused on omni-channel experiences and a webinar on the future of marketing. Customers are […]

Find the Right Content Marketing Agency for a Happily Ever After

Heartfelt vows. First dances. Sparkler send-offs. Nothing says happily ever after quite like a romantic wedding. When it comes to finding “the one,” weddings beautifully illustrate the success of two people making a perfect match. When you’re looking for love and the match is right, you just know. It might be the way your personalities [...]Show More Summary

The most incredible article about headlines you’ll ever read!

Here are some ideas, which you can use to massively improve the results of all your written marketing. It’s all about the marketing power of headlines. Your headline has to capture the reader’s attention It doesn’t matter how great your message is, people need to read it in order for the message to have the desired impact. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Exercise & Develop Your Digital Marketing Muscles

Minnesota summers are so short that they often fly by in the blink of an eye. To make the most of the gorgeous weekend we just had, I found a bunch of active things to do. On Friday we went to the gym, Saturday consisted of Disc Golf and Sunday sent us to one of [...]Show More Summary

Productivity Tip: Why I Use 4 Facebook Apps

By using the mobile apps I can manage various aspects of Facebook without ever getting ON Facebook, or wasting valuable work hours logging on online. This allows me to task-batch Facebook too, and here's how I do that...

My Own List of Basic Office Organization and Home Office Supplies

This month I'm getting my home office together and doing basic office organization. Since you're following along with this project, I wanted to share the things I ordered. Standard home office supplies, with a few cool add-ons...

Online Marketing News: AdWords Adds ‘Buy’, Dashing New Twitter Dashboard, WordPress Wows

The Noob Guide To Online Marketing [Infographic] – Unbounce decided to put together a noob guide to online marketing which teaches you how to market your product, service or website over a period of 6 months. It’s based on an article by Oli Gardner over at, and it should shed some light on how to [...]Show More Summary

3 Steps To A Clutter Free Office: Fast Organizing & Clutter Control For Serious Productivity!

Here's the fix: STOP MAKING A MESS IN YOUR OFFICE! lol. If that really worked I wouldn't be writing this and you wouldn't be reading it. So here's your Clutter Control Checklist... Enjoy!

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