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Free 30 Day Video Training & Challenge Starts March 19th!

This free Video Training and Challenge starts soon! I asked Jen about her personal experience with it since she's taken this video challenge before, and here's what she said about it...

Time for Books | Design the Life You Love

This week we worked on deconstruction and reconstruction. I shared my workbook as well as the workbook examples from Design the Life You Love by Ayse Birsel. This is a Time for Books video book review. Here's a hint about all of this: No one said it would be easy....

Time for Books | Design the Life You Love March 9, 2018

Using Design the Life you Love step by step guide, you, too, can design the life you love. This is Time for Books with Yvonne DiVita, a weekly book review series. This month, in March, we are studying Design the Life You Love by Ayse Birsel, a simple, but profound,...

The World's Most Influential FEMALE Entrepreneurs

We're participating in today's International Women's Day with the help of Colette Cassidy at All Finance Tax by sharing an infographic of The World's Most Influential Female Entrepreneurs! Applause all around, please! As Colette wrote to Robbi, in her email, "Some of those featured are entrepreneurs in the traditional sense...

3 Reasons B2B Marketers Need Optimized & Influencer Activated Content

We’ve all read the headlines about the death of organic social media and BuzzSumo’s recent report on the huge drop in social sharing reinforces the news that the free for all days of social media are coming to a close. Add to that the distrust of branded content and advertising and it’s easy to see [...]Show More Summary

Digital Marketing News: YouTube Beats Facebook, Twitter Verify for All, Gen Z Bailing on Social

Social Networking Platforms’ User Demographics Update 2018 –  The most widely-used social media platform in the US isn’t Facebook. It’s YouTube. This new report from Pew Research explores data from the top social networking platforms...Show More Summary

B2B Podcasting: What, Why and How

Okay, B2B marketers, time for a pop quiz: Which content marketing tactic can hold an audience’s attention for a half hour or more at a time? Which tactic inspires an audience to subscribe to your content and make a regular appointment...Show More Summary

4 Integrated Content Marketing Insights From the Trenches of Online Dating

Left. Left. Left. Right. Left. No, this is not an army drill. These are the swiping habits I’ve picked up from my time online dating. Done in a split second, I can swipe faster than most people can snap their fingers. If you’ve ever dabbled with dating apps or online dating, you know that these [...]Show More Summary

Digital Marketing News: International Women’s Day, Google Warning, Facebook Tops YouTube

McDonald’s Flipped Its Famed Golden Arches for International Women’s Day – McDonald’s made a major play to celebrate International Women’s Day this year, taking its famed golden arches and turning them upside down across social media and at an owner-operated location in Lynwood, Calif. The effort is getting both kudos and criticism as a marketing ploy. Of [...]Show More Summary

How to Transform Digital Customer Experiences for the Connected Customer

Digital transformation is only becoming more prominent in driving business modernization. Yet today, it is rarely designed, led and managed as one, sweeping, coordinated effort across the enterprise. Eventually companies get there as...Show More Summary

Move along… there’s nothing to see here

Their social media presence is a familiar, dull mix of quotes from famous people and self promotion. Their branding is really average. Their pricing is pretty-much the same as their competitors. Their range of services is boring and formulaic. Show More Summary

Give your best advice away for free. Here’s why

What I’m about to share with you may sound a little counter-intuitive. It isn’t. In fact, it could help you achieve breakthrough marketing results. Allow me to explain. I come across the following problem a lot. Mainly from service providers, who are struggling to attract new clients with their content marketing. Show More Summary

I hate marketing. Yes. Really!

I once heard a comedian make an unexpected, yet interesting statement. He was being interviewed on the radio. The interviewer asked what the comedian’s pet hates were. High on his list was marketing and people who worked in marketing. Show More Summary

Exposed: The BIG workaholic lie!

Workaholics are never really workaholics. It’s not work, which the so-called workaholic is addicted to. Instead, they’re hooked on the feelings that come from doing something they love. That passion and joy is what inspires them… all day, every day. Show More Summary

Marketing Tip: How to motivate your marketplace to take action

All successful marketing has one important thing in common. It motivates people to take action, now! Here’s how it works. In 3 simple steps. Motivates: It gives them a compelling reason. A reason, which is powerful enough to grab their attention and generate desire. Show More Summary

How To Transform Your Entire Life (7 Steps)

At any moment in time, you have the power to transform your entire life. Discover 7 steps for how you can make a shift and design the life of your dreams! The post How To Transform Your Entire Life (7 Steps) appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

How To Overcome Adversity And Hard Times

Hard times are inevitable. What matters most is how you react to them. Discover 9 strategies for how you can overcome adversity and master your life! The post How To Overcome Adversity And Hard Times appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

How He Built A $70,000/Month Amazon Publishing Empire (Kindle, CreateSpace, Audible)

My brother built a $70,000/month Amazon publishing empire. Discover his strategy and learn how you can become a successful best-selling author on Amazon! The post How He Built A $70,000/Month Amazon Publishing Empire (Kindle, CreateSpace, Audible) appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

Forgive: The Key To Success, Freedom And Lifelong Happiness

When you have the courage to forgive, you heal your life. Discover why forgiving yourself and others is the key to success, freedom, and lifelong happiness! The post Forgive: The Key To Success, Freedom And Lifelong Happiness appeared first on Project Life Mastery.


Perfectionism is the fast track to an unhappy life. Discover 6 reasons why you need to stop trying to be perfect and connect back to who you really are! The post PERFECTIONISTS: STOP TRYING TO BE PERFECT! appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

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