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Content Marketing World Keynote Interview: Stephanie Losee, Visa

The digital world is often a small world. For example, when working with Dell on an influencer content program I met Dell’s Managing Editor at the time who seemed to be a cocktail of sophistication, intelligence and just a lovely person. She reminded me very much of Rebecca Lieb, another force of nature in the [...]Show More Summary

MyThemeShop WP Notification Bar

We want our affiliate partners to make money too! That is why we offer the highest commission percentage of any WordPress Theme company on the net. All affiliates receive 70% of each sale. Become our partner by joining our Affiliate program and start earning money! You can also earn commissions by referring other affiliates to […]

6 Simple Ways To Revive Your Business Passion & Get Focused On What Matters

It's easy to lose your focus when you're lost in a never-ending list of mundane tasks. Or to lose sight of the things that excite and motivate you when you're in the thick of the daily runnings of your business...

Education makes it possible. Action makes it happen

He’s a nice enough guy. He works hard. He’s read the leadership books. He’s following all the success gurus on Facebook and he watches their videos too. He isn’t achieving much He’s still struggling. Still unknown. Still spinning his wheels. Show More Summary

Does your work have your signature?

Wouldn’t it be useful, if you were able to make your business, product or service stand out? If you know the work of any famous painter, it’s easy to identify their art. Great artists stand out because their style is almost like a signature. Show More Summary

The strategy for marketing that spreads and sells

I have a very effective marketing idea to share with you today. You’re going to love this! I’m going to show you how to create marketing, which people will value and that’s powerful enough to inspire them to hire you or buy from you....Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Millennial Psychology, Influencer Misconceptions & SEO Issues

The Psychology of Successfully Marketing to Millennials [Infographic] Marketing to Millennials can be a unique challenge. The University of Southern California found that "the younger demographic values authenticity and their peers’ opinions. Show More Summary

How to Be More Influential

Guest post by Jonah Berger (@j1berger), Professor at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On. This essay is based on his new book Invisible Influence: The Hidden Factors that Shape Behavior...Show More Summary

Should You or Shouldn’t You: 3 Ways to Tell if Influencer Marketing is Right for Your Brand

Reaching and connecting with customers in a meaningful way has become incredibly challenging. There I said it. It’s no wonder with the sheer number of  flash-in-the-pan marketing practices have somehow made their way into brands large and small only to leave marketing teams throwing their hands up in frustration. The amount of knowledge and data [...]Show More Summary

Now Hear This: 10 Digital Marketing Podcasts to Educate and Entertain

How much time out of your life do you sacrifice to your commute? It’s amazing how quickly it adds up. If you drive/bike/bus just 30 minutes each way, that’s five hours a week. Do that 50 weeks out of the year, and it’s 250 hours, more than six full work weeks. Yeesh. Now, I don’t [...]Show More Summary

Featured spots from our 3rd year promoting Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Sports Awards

The annual Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards brings some of the most famous athletes and celebrities to the orange carpet for one fun, slime-filled evening. Definition 6 has worked with Nickelodeon for the past decade on the Kids’...

Going Native: Tips & Examples for Effectively Incorporating Native Video Into Your Social Strategy

These days, it’s pretty safe to say that all marketers understand that video is an increasingly important marketing tool for capturing audience attention, showing value and encouraging engagement across the digital universe. In fact, 87% of online marketers use video content, according to an infographic from Hyperfine Media. However, when it comes to promoting that [...]Show More Summary

How to build a remarkable enterprise

Today, I’m giving you a super-effective strategy to help you build a truly remarkable business. Its all about seeking inspiration from the very best companies in the world. Business owners tend to measure their business, products or services against whatever their competitors are doing. Show More Summary

The only 2 ways to grow your business

It’s becoming harder and harder to sell the average product or service. Why? Because when something is average, the lowest price wins. And there will always be someone lower priced than you. Plus, your prospective customers can find these lower priced alternatives, on Google or Amazon, in seconds. Show More Summary

Old ways won’t open new doors

When it comes to problem solving, here’s what we know. If you find yourself struggling with a new problem, you probably need a new strategy. If you find yourself struggling with an old problem, you definitely need a new strategy. Old...Show More Summary

Learn How to Master Your Content Marketing Supply & Demand

Marketers who are far smarter than I am have talked a lot about “content shock.” The idea is that content creators keep churning out more and more content, but readers have the same limited time and attention to consume it. It’s simple supply and demand: Supply increases, demand stays the same, and content gets devalued. [...]Show More Summary

7 Naked truths about marketing

Here are 7 important things to consider, when marketing your business. In no particular order: Embrace brevity. Your marketing content is almost certainly 75% too long. Fix that. Most marketing advice online is either inaccurate or toxic to your business. Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Brands Killing Passwords, Pokémon Go and Twitter Tells All

72% of Businesses Plan to Kill Passwords By 2025 (Infographic) According to a survey by Telesign, 70% of business security experts surveyed believe that passwords are not a sufficient security measure. That same survey found that 90% of businesses surveyed had been victims of fraud. Show More Summary

How to grow your list in 3 steps

If you write a newsletter or blog and your “list” is growing too slowly, this post is for you. Toxic advice online The Internet is packed with bad advice on how to improve the success of your newsletter or blog. So-called content marketing...Show More Summary

21 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tools to Increase Your ROI

Today’s savvy marketers have moved beyond just collecting website analytics, and are instead focusing on how to inspire customers to take action based on their digital marketing. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is essential for any marketer and proper CRO is how you will make your marketing as actionable as possible for your customers. No matter [...]Show More Summary

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