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Innovation in Customer Experience Starts with a Shift in Perspective

While traveling Europe this year, I met Silvia Hänig who was writing a story for about customer experience. She followed up our initial conversation with the questions below. Instead of shooting back quick answers, I took the time, maybe too much time, to thoughtfully reply as if I were going to share the exchange with everyone. Show More Summary

7 Tips for Making Your Brand More “Likeable” on Social Media

For most brands and marketers, social media is an important and necessary component of their overall digital marketing strategy. Not only does social media help build brand awareness, but it also provides a conversational space for brands to engage their audience outside of their company website or brick and mortar stores or offices. But let’s [...]Show More Summary

MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum: The Most Magical Marketing Conference on Earth #MPB2B

When I woke up on Monday morning, I was sad. The only thing I can think to compare it to is taking an amazing vacation in a warm sunny spot, and getting back home to blistery weather and cloudy skies. I had just spent a week with some of my amazing team members at the [...]Show More Summary

Insanely Effective at Content Marketing with Limited Resources, Budget & Time

Marketing departments typically have unlimited resources, astronomical budgets and more hours in the day than your average person. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. If the statement above sounds right to you, congratulations! For the rest of us trying to find a way to do more (quality and quantity) with less, this is a topic that [...]Show More Summary

How To Overcome “Shiny Object Syndrome” & Commit To Mastery

I want to share with you how to overcome the “Shiny Object Syndrome“, and commit to mastery. Are you easily distracted by shiny new ideas?  The Shiny Object Syndrome is a condition that a lot of people struggle with it. Rather than seeing...Show More Summary

Think Like A Rockstar: How to Build An Owned Media Empire With Epic B2B Content Marketing

True to form, LinkedIn’s Jason Miller rocked his presentation at the MarketingProf’s B2B Marketing forum by opening up with some inspirational words from The Clash: If you don’t like the world, then change it.” As Jason shared, the Clash changed the world, and so can today’s B2B marketers. But they’re facing some interesting challenges such [...]Show More Summary

How Useful Are These 7 Methods in Helping People Choose?

As choice overload becomes a very real issue across industries for customers and businesses alike, more and more businesses are looking into solutions to help their visitors discover, choose and decide for the perfect product to purchase. Show More Summary

LIVE STREAM: 7 Critical Keys to Self-Publishing Success in 2017 and Beyond

On Tuesday, October 25th at 2pm PST (5:00pm EST), Stefan is hosting a LIVE STREAM on 7 Critical Keys to Self-Publishing Success in 2017 and Beyond. Links to the livestream is below: Join us LIVE on the Project Life Mastery YouTube channel, @projectlifemastery Periscope and Stefan James Facebook page. Show More Summary

How I Plan My Day With The Productivity Planner

I want to share with you how I plan my day, using The Productivity Planner, created by Intelligent Change. This is a journal that is designed to help you get your most important tasks completed, so that you can feel more productive on a daily basis. Show More Summary

Can Marketers Really Generate Sales on Social Media?

At last week’s MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum, Andrew Davis had the crowd roaring with laughter as he impersonated a marketer with a fresh piece of content. “Let’s put it on the blog!” he exclaimed. “Let’s put it on Facebook! And Twitter! And Pinterest! And Flickr! And Google+, for the two people still using it.” It [...]Show More Summary

6 Truth Bombs Every B2B Marketer Needs to Hear About Creativity

“Do you want to be creative?” Jay Acunzo, founder, host and writer of, asked marketers this question as he kicked off his session Unthinkable: Content Creativity For The Hopelessly Uncreative at MarketingProf’s B2B Marketing Forum last week in Boston. Acunzo acknowledged the question was a bit silly. It’s like asking if you want more [...]Show More Summary

Tips From the Godfather for Turning Your B2B Content Marketing Into A Profit Center

Unfortunately, marketing is often seen as a cost center within many B2B organizations. Whenever it comes time to cut budgets, you know that marketing is the first to take a hit. But what if there was a way to not only take a lead generation approach to content marketing, but also generate actual revenue in [...]Show More Summary

Does your brand have an experience style guide?

X has opened the doors to new countries and experiences and for that, I am truly grateful. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Singapore and also Hong Kong. I already want to go back. While in Hong Kong, I meet with Soon Chen Kang ???...Show More Summary

9 Sizzling Influencer Activation Tips from Lee Odden #MPB2B

Influencer marketing is an incredibly hot topic in the marketing world—and it’s not hard to see why. Influencers add insight, credibility and authority to the content they help create, and they also have the potential to bring that content to a new audience. But what makes someone influential? Is it popularity? Is it celebrity? Is [...]Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Google Has Changed, B2C Content Marketing and Video Ad Metrics

How Google Search Has Changed in 2016 [Infographic] As we all know, Google is no stranger to change. Keeping track of those changes and their connotations is an actual full time job. For example, MarketingProfs reports "Google's search...Show More Summary

The Importance of Storytelling in Content Marketing #MPB2B

Once upon a time … A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … There once was … These aren’t just classic fairy tale or movie beginnings. They represent memories. They evoke feelings. They get our minds churning. They signal that an exciting story is about to unfold—and those stories are powerful. As [...]Show More Summary

4 Reasons Why Tom’s Business Should Embrace Online to Survive

"The other day, I had an interesting talk with a passionate retailer for snowboard gear - Tom. Out of professional curiosity, I asked him why they had no online presence. The subsequent chat was an eye-opener for me having been involved in e-commerce for over 10 years…. Show More Summary

Marketer or Mind-Reader? 3 Ways to Find Out What the B2B Buyer is Thinking #MPB2B

When it comes to creating quality content that informs, entertains, engages and inspires action from our target audience, we marketers wish we knew one thing: exactly what our audience is thinking. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly possible. While we’d all like to believe we have amazing mind-reading capabilities, most of us really only have the informed [...]Show More Summary

25 BOOKS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE | Motivation & Inspiration

I would like to share with you the top 25 books that have changed my life. My life has changed over many years.  I got into the self-development world when I was 17 years. Different books that I have read have changed different areas of my life over the last 13 years. Show More Summary

Upgrading the POS: 4 Ways to Use Digital Advice in your Store

The retail industry is in the midst of a digital revolution. According to Deloitte, 36% of in-store sales were influenced by digital technology and this year it will reach a value that’s well over 50%. Integrating technology and offering digital advice is an important part of any strategy that aims at upgrading and modernizing the POS. Show More Summary

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