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5 Step Algorithm Hack to Achieve Greater Social Visibility from Erin Monday #CMWorld

I would consider myself an excellent Googler. As a consumer and a digital marketer, I have believed that you can find almost anything with a few quick keystrokes into the search engine. However, recently I found myself querying “healthy smoothie recipes”. Millions of results, but the first page of results were mostly mass produced round [...]Show More Summary

Ian Cleary Discusses Essential Tools to Optimize Your Content Marketing #CMWorld

RazorSocial Founder Ian Cleary is passionate about using tools to make content marketing better. At RazorSocial, he trains companies to use technology to increase their reach, search ranking, and audience relevance. Ian took us on a whirlwind tour through 15 common content marketing problems and the tools he uses to solve them. Here are my [...]Show More Summary

Cleveland Rocks! TopRank Marketing Kicks off Content Marketing World – #CMWorld

It’s fitting that the kickoff for Content Marketing World is at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This year’s speakers and workshop leaders are rock stars of the industry. Each one has a solid back catalog of hits; together, they’re a content marketing supergroup. So for those about to rock, we salute you. Team [...]Show More Summary

Marketing Tip: Solve better problems

One way to grow a super-successful business, is to intentionally seek out challenging work. I’m talking about the tricky stuff. The work that requires more thinking and more creativity. Here’s why it works: You attract better clients, better projects and better fees, when you solve better problems. Show More Summary

The Hero’s Journey to Digital Transformation

I spent some time with Bernhard Steimel to help him with research for his “Smart Service” research series. He sent over the audio files from our conversation for review. He organized them into snackable formats to make it easier for me to follow the conversation. It was so well done that he’s allowing me to […]

Break These 6 Bad Content Marketing Habits to Set Your Content Free

It’s a feeling that all content marketers have experienced, and it’s not a pleasant one. You research your audience, you create content that speaks directly to their needs, and you say “Fly and be free!” as you release it into the world. And then it falls flat on its metaphorical face. If this has happened [...]Show More Summary

Internet Marketing Lifestyle: The FLIP Side

A very candid discussion about dreams, goals, the ideal lifestyle... and what I learned from my own success along the way.

Are you a marketing dinosaur?

How well do you understand digital marketing and is it providing you with regular, high quality clients or sales? I was thinking about this recently, when a friend drove me into Lincoln for lunch. We’re around the same age [I’m 50 in a few weeks]. Show More Summary

The TopRank Marketing 7 Point Email Marketing Engagement Cheat Sheet

Email marketing presents a whole host of opportunities (and challenges) for companies that want to engage prospects and customers on an ongoing basis. You may have found that creating quality email content on a consistent basis can seem like a lot of work. Which leads you to question if it’s really worth the effort. In [...]Show More Summary

New: PayPal.ME – The Pros and Cons, And What You Should Know Before You Use It!

Tried PayPal.ME yet? There are some cool things about this new PayPal feature, but there are also some SERIOUS drawbacks. Let's look at both...

Online Marketing News: LinkedIn & Instagram Get The Message, 1 Billion Facebookers, Google Penalizes Annoying Apps

United States Of Emoji – The Most Popular Emoji in Each State [Infographic] – Which emoji does each state use more than others? SwiftKey put together an interactive infographic that allows you to see which emojis are used more or less in each state and compare your state to any other. SwiftKey Instagram Direct Messaging Features Get [...]Show More Summary

Influencer Marketing: Should You Pursue High Profile or Socially Authoritative Brand Advocates?

We’ve been talking a lot about influencers lately – and with good reason. The right mix of thought leaders and valuable content can catapult any integrated marketing campaign into vast new heights and audiences. Finding and connecting with those ideal influencers, however, has always been the challenge. While there are multiple discovery tools available for [...]Show More Summary

The Wrap: Inside Netflix’s Plan to Crush Apple Globally

By Daniel Holloway, The Wrap Analyst tells TheWrap of the streaming service’s Japan launch, “It’s only going to push Apple in terms of having to go toward the same types of deals around the world” Netflix launched in its 81st country Wednesday, and it’s a big one. Via a partnership with Softbank announced last week, […]

CIO: Inside Apple’s odd, yet effective, social media strategy

Credit: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic By Matt Kapko, CIO Excerpt Apple has repeatedly shunned the status quo and routinely defied the odds of success throughout its nearly 30-year history. If there’s one thing Apple proves time and again it’s that it doesn’t have to — nor does it want to — follow the unwritten rules of business, […]

Think big. No. BIGGER than that!

You want a business that fills you with energy. A business that motivates you. A business that is so inspiring that when you tell people about it, they feel excited. If so, I’m going to give you a very simple, yet extremely effective piece of advice. Show More Summary

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