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Holiday Marketing Must Haves for Online Retailers [Checklist]

The air is crisp and the leaves are falling which means that the holidays are just around the corner. And for many online retailers, the holiday season is the busiest (and most stressful) time of year. Proper planning can be the difference between a poor or pleasant experience for your customers, gift recipients and staff. [...]Show More Summary

Exposed: The unfair truth about marketing

Why are some of your competitors doing better than you, when their service isn’t as good as yours? People ask me this all the time. So, here’s the answer. There’s a world of difference between the best… and the best marketed. The best selling book is never the best written book. Show More Summary

Essential Skills for Modern Marketers

Recently I gave a goals, vision, mission presentation internally at our agency and an important part of it centered around the marketing skills needed individually and collectively to reach our goals. The basic analysis of the published...Show More Summary

A Digital Marketing Odyssey: 20 Essential Lessons I Learned in my First 6 Months at TopRank Marketing

I used to be famous on the Internet. Now I’m writing content for TopRank Marketing. This is better. Before starting at TopRank Marketing, I spent a decade working for my best friend from high school. We ran an online game, a passion project that somehow turned into a full-time gig for both of us. I [...]Show More Summary

Two Internet Marketing Fast-Action Guides

My Goal: To help you get more traffic, exposure & sales as quickly as possible, with the least amount of work. The strategies I use are purely organic, which means no paid advertising or investments needed to see FAST results...

Experience is the Brand: Why this is the time for experience architecture

While I was in traveling in Europe, my friends at 800CEOREAD reached out to talk about X. I was so focused on production and printing that I’ve almost neglected letting people know that the book is finally getting released! I took the time to answer a handful of questions. But, I didn’t reply quickly. I […]

How Does Mark Schaefer MAKE Marketing Magic? #MPB2B

If someone asked you what your mission is as a marketer, what would you say? My response would go something like this: To create a meaningful connection with customers that engages them with my businesses and encourages them to take the next step in working with us. I’d venture to say that many of you [...]Show More Summary

The café owner whose ignorance is killing her business

Why do hard-working business owners often make very little progress? Here’s a perfect and extremely common example. I hope you find it useful. More importantly, I hope it inspires you to make better decisions. The café owner who’s killing her business I visited a great little café yesterday with my wife and son. Show More Summary

How to make the power of focus work for you

You tend to attract whatever you focus on. Those looking for opportunities tend to find them. Those looking for answers tend to find them. Those looking for resources tend to find them too. Of course, it works both ways. Those looking for excuses tend to find them. Show More Summary

Don’t let greedy amateurs get you down!

Following my last post, Darren [not his real name] emailed me with a great question. I promised to answer it here, as it’s a marketing issue, which a lot of people struggle with. He wanted to know why the vast majority of subscribers to his newsletter; “never spend a dime”. Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Jack Is Back, Facebook Reacts, Reddit Gets Upvoted

Study: Top 5 Brand Research Channels [Infographic] – Search engines are the most popular brand research tool, especially among older consumers, while 4 in 10 turn to online reviews and nearly 30% use social networks, reveals a new study from GlobalWebIndex. See where they turn, from this infographic. GlobalWebIndex Jack Dorsey Returns as Twitter CEO; Adam [...]Show More Summary

Rule the School: 5 Essential Lessons on Co-Creating Content with Influencers [eBook]

Ah, the nostalgic memories of making new friends on the first day of class, the thrill of getting a new Trapper Keeper notebook and finding your place amongst your peers likely take most of us back to our school days. Once you’re out of school, you realize that you don’t always have teachers by your [...]Show More Summary

7 Tips For Deploying A Successful Ad Retargeting Strategy

There is no replacement for a sound organic optimization strategy. However, there are many ways that you can augment your organic strategy, including paid search tactics. Ultimately, your job is to ensure that prospective and current customers have a good user experience and can find the information that they need quickly and efficiently. One tactic [...]Show More Summary

Who are you trying to please today?

If you try to market to everyone, you’ll fail to be relevant to anyone. Here’s why this matters: Your ideal prospective clients respond to directly relevant marketing. It cuts through the noise and grabs their attention. It’s clearly intended for them. Show More Summary

Marketing to Marketing to Reimagine Marketing

Guest post by Fred Studer (@fredstuder), Chief Marketing Officer at NetSuite Sometimes, in fact oftentimes, the most important audience for your message are the people who are already working for you. In an age of online surveys and instant feedback across social channels, articulating your message to the people who work in your company can […]

Poll Results: Digital Marketing Priorities for Major Brands in 2016

It’s strategic marketing planning season for 2016 and digital marketers all over the world are navigating their way through organizational goals, data and the pulse of their communities to specify areas of focus for the coming year. Much of what drives digital marketing strategy is a mix of business objectives and marketing priorities. Deciding on [...]Show More Summary

Exciting times

These are wonderful, exciting times. It has never been easier to build a great business. You have opportunities that previous generations could not have imagined. Think about it: With a laptop and an internet connection, you can tap into an unlimited marketplace. Show More Summary

How Does Uberflip’s Hana Abaza MAKE Marketing Magic? #MPB2B

Individuals that are new to B2B marketing often make the mistake of marketing to target businesses, instead of the individuals within the business. Unfortunately, more seasoned marketers are sometimes guilty of the same blunder. Understanding...Show More Summary

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