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New Email Benchmarks | Backlinks Still Matter | Bing Takes Page from Google, Nixes Webmaster Forums

Email: Silverpop is publishing its book of email benchmarks so you can wring your hands about what your competition is doing. And selectively compare yourself to them for your bosses too, of course. Search: Google has done much to get people to stop thinking about SEO tactics and start concentrating on creating more high quality content for their [...]

Broadcast Yourself(ie): If You Think Gen Y is Different, Wait Until You Meet Generation Z

How teens use social media and why it matters to you. Generation Z = (Today’s Teens, Preteens and Children) If you want a glimpse of the future of technology and its impact on society, study how younger generations interact with one another today. While everyone is talking about Millennials these days, there’s another, potential more […]

Creating a Culture for Making Business Social – 5 Tips from Dell’s Connien Benson

In an age of marketing and business that is increasingly social, many businesses and thought leaders stress the importance of creating a culture that embraces social media inside and out. A social media savvy business encourages collaboration...Show More Summary

Re: Sleazy PR spam tactic

For years, spam artists have used “RE” in their subject lines to try to trick people into opening the email because they think it is a reply to an email they sent. Many phishing attempts use this tactic. Here are...

How to tell a genuine business opportunity, from a scam!

In today’s post, I have some ideas to share, which will help you spot genuine business opportunities and avoid getting ripped off. I was prompted to write this, after Tim emailed me (that’s not his real name). Tim has wasted around $15000 on...Show More Summary

Single Ad Fraud Found to Have Produced >1% of Video Ads | Europe's 'Forget' Decision Causing Silliness | Rumors of Google Content Widget Mongered

Ad Fraud: One online ad fraud scheme unmasked yesterday was found by DoubleVerify to have encompassed more than 1 percent of all online video ads, as it had infected just about all video exchanges. The manic move to video ads made the market a great target with relatively high CPMs. Video avails are typically only a [...]

Welcome to the Funnel, We Have Leads & Names – Jason Miller of LinkedIn at MnSummit

If there is anyone that can leverage a rock and roll metaphor for content marketing, it’s Jason Miller @JasonMillerCA, Senior Manager, Content Marketing at LinkedIn (client). And at the first ever Minnesota Search Marketing Association Summit, he did not disappoint. Content marketing can often seem like a never ending sea of songs, and only the [...]

Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!

The difference between good and great, is huge. A great accountant, coach, lawyer, designer, etc., can sell her time for 3 times or 5 times more than a good one. She is also likely to have a waiting list, whilst her lower priced competitors are pestering people for leads at networking events. Show More Summary

Where Search Fits in the Digital Marketing Mix – 12 Lessons from Lee Odden Keynote at MnSummit

I am one of the last generations that will be able to remember what it’s like to not have technology in school. We didn’t text. We passed notes. Our really crappy handwriting scrawled across lined paper that was folded so small we were convinced the teacher couldn’t see it as we threw or passed it [...]

How Are You? Hint: Think Before You Answer

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess How many times a day does someone pose the question, "How are you?" I've been asked that countless times and even in the midst of recovering from breast cancer surgery and treatment, I'd typically answer, "Great. Show More Summary

Be the first. Be the best. Be remarkable!

After reading this post, a reader emailed me to ask what made the designer I mentioned so remarkable. He said he wanted to know, so he could do the same and make his design business remarkable too. He explained that he needed to attract more high quality referrals. Show More Summary

Video: What makes a logo memorable?

How valuable do you think a great logo is? Most small business owners pay too little attention to the design of their logo. They will often opt for a cheap logo or one they made themselves. In this interesting and informative video, acclaimed designer Michael Bierut, explains the value of an effective logo. Show More Summary

Gathering of the Vibes music festival drives success with family buyer persona

Last month my daughter Allison invited me to join her to see Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros at the Boston Calling music festival. It was an epic invitation because Allison, who is soon entering her final year of university,...

When the vision pulls you, you don’t have to be pushed

Following yesterday’s post about building a successful blog, a number of readers emailed me with the same question. They wanted to know how I motivate myself to write and publish blog posts as often as I do. Here’s the answer. Push or...Show More Summary

Woman Owned

Me and my brother, who taught me to be who I am by Yvonne DiVita On some level, I firmly believe that women rule the world. The saying goes, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world," and it's so true. But, many women don't rock cradles, and they rule just as effectively as Moms and Grandmoms. Show More Summary

18 More Amazing Takeaways from #MNSummit

Personally, public speaking scares the crap out of me. People staring at me for almost an hour, trying to not stutter or talk too fast, and striving to meet the expectations of a session description would turn me red and shaky for hours. Apparently, none of the MN Search Summit speakers are subject to those [...]

15 Snippets of Digital Marketing Advice from #MNSummit

HOOOOOOOOONK. That’s how our morning started—honking cars as we inched our way through the rush hour traffic moving towards downtown Minneapolis. The gorgeous peach-colored sunrise coupled with the intoxicating smell of coffee helped us relax despite the stress of a morning commute. Today’s drive was different than the rest. Instead of driving to our offices [...]

Online Marketing News – Goodbye Google Authorship, 1 Minute On Facebook, Videos Dominate

The Marketing Industry According to Google Autocomplete - As you can see in the image above, Google has it’s ideas about what content marketing means.  While we obviously have our own ideas on what online marketing, blogging, and other terms mean, here’s a look a what Google Autocomplete thinks of some common marketing words and phrases. [...]

Bloggers: Why too few people read your blog and how to fix it!

This is a very important post. If you want to get more from your blog, you may find the following information extremely useful. It’s the answer to a question, sent to me by one of my readers, Shannon. As it’s an extremely common problem, I offered to answer Shannon’s question via this blog post. Show More Summary

PR Newswire Nears Chair, Begs for Pardon | TV Upfronts Gorge on Same Cash, Provide Still Less Media Value | DAA Launches Privacy App in (Doomed) Attempt to Pre-empt Regs

Search: PR Newswire is trying to address the traffic nose dive that came from the Panda 4 algorithm change, and which was tantamount to a Google death sentence. But Google would have to be feeling very generous to give them back their former link love given the steps PR Newswire has said it will follow. [...]

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