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Your possibilities are limitless

Give one person a pen and a pad and they will scope out an exciting, new idea or maybe compose a poem. Give another person that same pen and a pad and they will write a shopping list with it. The pen. The pad. They’re just tools. It’s...Show More Summary

10 Ways to create unstoppable momentum in business

Today could be just another day for you. Alternatively, you can decide, right now, to create some real momentum for you and your business. Here are 10 ways to get started. Find a decision you have been avoiding and take action on it....Show More Summary

What You Need to Know About the Voice Search Revolution From Microsoft’s Purna Virji #MNSummit

We may not already notice the change, but voice search is all around us. Voice search can help us complete tasks when we are occupied or busy multitasking. We unconsciously change the way we search on a computer or a text search compared to when we search with our voices. With the growing interest of [...]Show More Summary

How to turn your blog into a Customer Magnet!

This is a very important post. If you want to get more business, feedback and recognition from your blog, this could be exactly what you need to know. The post was inspired by an email I received from Shannon. She kindly gave me permission to share part of it with you. Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Perfect Headlines, Lonely Tweets and Virtual Reality

Creating the Perfect Headline [Infographic] 80% of readers never get past the headline, it's important to make it count. So, how do you create the perfect headline? There are a handful of rules, keep it short, be interesting, and use numbers to name a few. Show More Summary

Your prices must match your promises. Here’s why!

Here’s a quick marketing tip, which can help you significantly increase sales or attract more clients. It could give you a powerful, competitive advantage! It starts with understanding that your prices (or fees) are a part of your story. Show More Summary

Later becomes never

When people receive your marketing, many of them will like what you have to say, but decide to contact you later. Then they forget. You lose the client enquiry or sale. Because later becomes never. To grow a successful business, youShow More Summary

5 Quick wins for your business

I shared 5 ideas with a business group yesterday, which they found extremely useful. Today, I am sharing them with you. 1: Study the gold dust around you If you find yourself reading a marketing email or mail shot today, stop! You have some potential gold dust in front of you. Show More Summary

1 Essential word your marketing needs, plus 1 you MUST avoid!

Here’s a quick tip, to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. It’s all about a word you use regularly, which is negatively impacting how people feel about your business. That word is… change! People are hard-wired to fear change. Show More Summary

Search Marketing at its Finest: A Preview to #MNSummit 2016

“There is no black magic to successfully attracting customers via the web.” – Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz For digital marketers, this quote rings all too true. For this reason, successful digital marketing requires constant self and team education and a willingness to experiment with groundbreaking tactics. In our quest to grow online ranking, traffic [...]Show More Summary

Complete SEO Strategy – Beginner to Advanced

I have written this guide looking at SEO in 2016 with the goal of being accessible to everybody. You may never have built a website before, you may have had one built for you. You may even be an SEO wizard. My goal was to make this guide...Show More Summary

8 Smart Social Media Platform Marketers Creating Awesome Content

There is an art to planning and executing on a successful social media marketing strategy. Social algorithms are constantly evolving, new networks popping up and users are adapting the way that they use social platforms. Keeping up with a steady and quality publishing schedule and engagement strategy for social media is no easy undertaking. To [...]Show More Summary

PromaxBDA 2016: D6’s Diana Lochridge kills it in “Family Feud Live”

Definition 6’s EP/Creative Director, Diana Lochridge, was on fire in the high-energy “Family Feud Live” on-stage battle at this year’s PromaxBDA Conference. Creative agencies (Troika, 2C Creative, Big Machine, Definition 6) took...

PromaxBDA 2016: D6’s Frank Radice’s panel on “staying in the game”

Our Expert in Residence, Frank Radice, spoke on a panel at this year’s PromaxBDA Conference with ABC’s EVP of Marketing & CMO Marla Provencia. The Boomer Generation’s history of knowledge and need to maintain relevancy in today’s...

PromaxBDA 2016: Highlights from the Team

Every year we attend the PromaxBDA Conference, an important conference for those marketing television and video content on all platforms. Our Entertainment team ventured uptown for a week of panels, parties, and networking. See the full story on...

12 Powerful Tips for Hosting a Successful Twitter Chat

Brands are always looking for new and interesting ways to connect with their audience, build awareness and showcase what they have to offer. Over the past couple years, Twitter chats have emerged as a marketing tactic that allows brands to do just that and more. Twitter chats are public Twitter conversations that take place surrounding [...]Show More Summary

Build a great client list. No selling required!

I’m going to share a powerful marketing idea with you today. It’s all about how to attract sales leads from extremely high quality prospective clients… no selling required. And I mean HIGH quality. These sales leads will come from people...Show More Summary

The secret your competitors don’t want you to know!

How secure would your business be, if an expertly marketed, high quality competitor started targeting your clients and prospective clients? Most people only consider this scenario after the fact. They wait until an exciting new business, product or service shows up. Show More Summary

You need to solve better problems

Here’s one of the most important questions in business: What are the biggest problems facing your clients and prospective clients? Whatever these problems are, you need to focus on how to solve them. Here’s why! Why you need to solve...Show More Summary

5 Powerful reasons to get passionate about your business

A business owner with passion is a formidable force. Here are 5 powerful advantages these passionate people have, over the average business owner: Their passion inspires others to believe in them. Steve Jobs was perhaps the best known modern day example of this. Show More Summary

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