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7 Infographics Every Digital Marketer Needs to See

I love infographics as a marketing tool, don’t you? They can convey a huge amount of information in a compact form. It’s an easy way to hit the highlights of your chosen topic without losing the reader to text fatigue. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, so it makes sense that infographics [...]Show More Summary

[eBook] Easy-as-Pie Guide to Content Planning: 3 Recipes for Success

Ever been to a busy restaurant and waited what seemed like forever for your food to arrive? Or, bought a loaf of bread only to bring it home and realize it was stale? It’s not easy to run a restaurant, or churn our dozens of perfect pastries. Cooking up quality content isn’t easy either. Much like crafting a [...]Show More Summary

Watch it Again: Evolution of Storytelling to Content Marketing (Webinar)

Did you miss it? Re-watch the webinar hosted by two of our companies, TheNewsMarket and Synaptic Digital. WATCH NOW >> We hear lots of talk these days about the power of brand storytelling. Today’s storytelling...

The Evolution of a Broadcast PR Company

By Ed Lamoureaux Ed Lamoureaux holds a few titles at Definition 6 companies, including SVP, TheNewsMarket-North America; SVP, Senior Director & Strategist, Synaptic Digital; SVP, Business Integration & Development, Definition 6. Connect with @edlamour. The longer I work in and...

Planning for the Unexpected: Fireworks, GoPros & A Celebration

Article written by Curtis Schick, Executive Producer at Synaptic Digital, a Definition 6 Company. The award-winning video IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth was produced by Curtis Schick, Matt West, and Deirdre Willits. Celebration...

What Twitter’s Change in Character Count Could Mean for Social Media Marketers

Last week, Bloomberg gave digital marketers everywhere a reason to celebrate. Citing a source close to the matter, Bloomberg reported that Twitter will soon stop including photos and links as part of their 140-character limit—giving users the ability to craft longer messages. While Twitter Inc. declined to comment, Bloomberg’s source reportedly said the change would [...]Show More Summary

How Digital Darwinism Changed Customer Experience

What is experience? What is customer experience? Believe it or not, trying to answer these questions is where the future of digital transformation and experience design intersect.  While I was in London at an event focused on innovation in customer experience, I filmed a short video for Oracle to explore the topic. Show More Summary

How to immediately improve your marketing response rates

Here’s a useful tip, to help you get better response rates from your written marketing. Years ago, someone figured out that Google rewards long content. Google likes lots of words. It makes it easier for the Google algorithm to rank content. Show More Summary

A powerful 3 step process to get you massively more referrals

Here’s a quick and effective 3 step process, to help you attract massively more word of mouth referrals. This process works equally well regardless of your industry. There’s also an example, so you can see exactly how it works. Let’s...Show More Summary

What everybody needs to know about opportunities

If a wonderful opportunity came your way today, how prepared would you be? I was prompted to write about this after speaking with a friend. Amy told me that she had been invited to appear on a national radio show. She’s an architect and the show was a perfect fit for her. Show More Summary

Why offering free consultations is a big mistake

A lot of struggling service providers offer free initial consultations as a way to attract new clients. There are 3 major problems with this approach, which can seriously damage your business. 1. Free consultations make service providers...Show More Summary

What’s better than outsmarting your competitors? This!

Here’s a thought: Instead of outsmarting our competitors, what if we decided to outcare them instead? Think about it. We could care more about client satisfaction than our competitors do. We could care more about ethics than our competitors do. Show More Summary

A quick and easy marketing tip from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs understood something about marketing, which gave him a strong, competitive advantage. I’d like to share it with you. It’s easy to understand, simple to put into practice and can massively improve your results. Saying and doing...Show More Summary

Don’t let this marketing mistake crush your business

Lawrence from New Jersey emailed me with a question. He wanted to know why I don’t provide any step-by-step marketing guides in my blog posts. Here’s my answer. It contains an exceptionally valuable marketing tip, which I hope you find useful. Show More Summary

Marketing tip: Finish strong. Always!

My friends Colleen and Matt went for a meal recently. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. Matt’s dessert arrived on a dirty plate. They told me that from that moment onward, their dining experience was ruined. That restaurant could have the best chef. Show More Summary

This made me cringe: Misleading advertising

I listened this morning, as the Managing Director of a broadband company answered a horrible question. It was one of those interviews that makes you cringe. The interviewer asked her, on national radio, why her company had misled consumers with their advertising. Show More Summary

3 Powerful questions to help you build a winning business

If you want valuable answers, you need to ask equally valuable questions. That’s why in today’s post, I’m sharing 3 powerful questions that can lead you to extremely valuable answers. Let’s get started. 1. If your business was perfect...Show More Summary

8 Essential Concepts Every Digital Marketer Should Understand

There’s an old story about a reporter who visited a skyscraper construction site. He approached one worker and asked what he was doing. “I’ve got to pour this cement before it sets, don’t bother me,” was the reply. The reporter asked another man the same question. “I’m setting this rebar, don’t bother me,” the man [...]Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: State of Digital, Twitter’s Characters and Silent Facebook Video’s 2016 State Of Digital Marketing, By Industry [Infographic] In a new infographic from, digital marketing spend and other statistics are broken down by industry, including retail, financial services, media and entertainment, travel and hospitality, and high tech. Show More Summary

Authoritative, Credible & Trustworthy: 3 Attributes of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

There was a time in the not so distant past when marketing and reality did not always align. Companies could create a genius marketing campaign to promote a crap product without much backlash. Customers would receive the product which was clearly not as advertised, and had little recourse to spread the word. The interconnectivity of [...]Show More Summary

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