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Old ways won’t open new doors

When it comes to problem solving, here’s what we know. If you find yourself struggling with a new problem, you probably need a new strategy. If you find yourself struggling with an old problem, you definitely need a new strategy. Old...Show More Summary

Learn How to Master Your Content Marketing Supply & Demand

Marketers who are far smarter than I am have talked a lot about “content shock.” The idea is that content creators keep churning out more and more content, but readers have the same limited time and attention to consume it. It’s simple supply and demand: Supply increases, demand stays the same, and content gets devalued. [...]Show More Summary

7 Naked truths about marketing

Here are 7 important things to consider, when marketing your business. In no particular order: Embrace brevity. Your marketing content is almost certainly 75% too long. Fix that. Most marketing advice online is either inaccurate or toxic to your business. Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Brands Killing Passwords, Pokémon Go and Twitter Tells All

72% of Businesses Plan to Kill Passwords By 2025 (Infographic) According to a survey by Telesign, 70% of business security experts surveyed believe that passwords are not a sufficient security measure. That same survey found that 90% of businesses surveyed had been victims of fraud. Show More Summary

How to grow your list in 3 steps

If you write a newsletter or blog and your “list” is growing too slowly, this post is for you. Toxic advice online The Internet is packed with bad advice on how to improve the success of your newsletter or blog. So-called content marketing...Show More Summary

21 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tools to Increase Your ROI

Today’s savvy marketers have moved beyond just collecting website analytics, and are instead focusing on how to inspire customers to take action based on their digital marketing. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is essential for any marketer and proper CRO is how you will make your marketing as actionable as possible for your customers. No matter [...]Show More Summary

Snapchat for B2B: Examples of Brands in Action, Best Practices & Tips

From its beginnings as a disappearing photo app to adding interactive—often hilarious—filter options and storytelling capabilities, Snapchat has come a long way in it’s nearly 5 years of existence. In fact, the social media platform has seen tremendous user growth, boasting 150 million daily active users, which is more than Twitter, according to Bloomberg. While [...]Show More Summary

The huge marketing problem, which no one talks about

I was in a coffee shop earlier, when a guy with a very obvious hairpiece came in. He had natural, thick brown hair around his ears, with a jet black wig on top. Of course, no one mentioned it to him. People just pointed and smirked when he wasn’t looking. Show More Summary

Beyond belief?

The internet [and book stores] are packed with experts, claiming to be able to deliver unbelievable results in unbelievable time with unbelievably little effort. Don’t believe them! Growth hacking, business hacking, success systems, tricks and shortcuts are everywhere. Show More Summary

Stop using buzzwords in your marketing. Really. Stop it!

There is no shortage of buzzwords or people who feel the need to use them. Intersection. Growth-hacking. Ruckus. Pragmatic. Disrupt. Paradigm. … these buzzwords and many others, are used by people in an effort to appear informed or relevant. Show More Summary

Where the Streets Have No Drivers: Mercedes-Benz and Its Autonomous Future

As part of my ongoing research on innovation, I’ve been on a quest to visit as many innovation centers in Silicon Valley and around the hen weorld as possible. Outside of my reports with Capgemini, I’m going to share those experiences with you as they happen. Show More Summary

New Short Story: How GREAT Marketers Win at Digital Advertising

How can you help your brand knock out the competition and win customers’ attention? Sometimes great content and a solid content marketing strategy aren’t enough to achieve the results you hoped and planned for. Despite all your training and drilling on tactics, you enter the ring and end up hitting the mat face-first. It’s nice [...]Show More Summary

PPC + SEO = A Winning Team for Search Marketing Success

A winning team requires the proper line-up, teamwork and the ability to fill-in the performance gaps. A winning team for search requires the proper line-up of Paid and Organic strategies to ensure increased visibility and growth. Many B2B companies pigeonhole PPC as strictly a lead gen or a sales tactic but now is the time [...]Show More Summary

How to Get Unstuck and Earn Relevance

I received a note from a dear friend while on the road with what seemed to be a simple request. “Would you have time to make a 60 second video that shares advice for how to #GetUnstuck?” Easier said than done. We all hit those barriers where we get stuck or worse, go backward. Show More Summary

Stop competing for business. Really. Stop it!

In most industries, there’s no shortage of providers. Quite the opposite. There’s a surplus. There’s way too much choice. And that’s why it’s so competitive. Imagine this Tomorrow morning at 9am, all your competitors decide to quit. They literally cease trading. Show More Summary

A very important message

I receive a few dozen important marketing emails every day. Of course, none of these messages are important to me. They are not even of interest to me. They are only important to the people sending them! I’m sure you get these emails too. Show More Summary

7 tips to turn your blog into a lead generating machine

Here are 7 tips to help you get massively more sales leads from your business blog. Blog Tip 1: Have something to say that’s worth reading People have never been busier than they are today. Equally, there has never been so much choice regarding what they can read. Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Beer, Blogs, Snapchat Memories and B2B Content Struggle

If Your Blog Were a Beer, What Kind Would It Be? At first glance, beer and blogs don't seem to have a whole lot in common. But, like the diverse beverage, blogs have many different flavors and origins of their own. We even consume blogs and beers at roughly the same rate. Show More Summary

Learn How to Take Your Digital Advertising Strategy Mobile

How many times a day do you pick up your smartphone? If you’re the average iPhone user, Apple says you slide to unlock around 80 times in a 24-hour period. Android users unlock their phones around 85 times a day—no word on what those extra five unlocks are. 80 times a day. If the average [...]Show More Summary

Here’s what to do, the next time they say you’re too expensive!

If you are sick of talking to fee sensitive prospective clients, you are making 1 or more of 3 marketing mistakes, which I am going to share with you right now — along with the solution. Let’s get started! A quick look at value I want...Show More Summary

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