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MNM 10 | Creating an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

We’ve been discussing the New Media Money Map over the last several episodes (Attention > Permission > Engagement > Influence > Action). We also outlined the Laws of Magnetism that, when used properly, will automatically attract new leads to your business. This led us to the following five New Media Marketing Maxims. Create content that […]

The Apple Watch Will Make Work More Delightful and Reshape Employee Engagement

Guest post by Jason Shah is the founder and CEO of Do (, a collaboration platform that helps people run productive meetings and do work they love. TL;DR Summary: Apple Watch will make work easier and more impactful. Through a constrained interface, powerful one-tap actions, and intimate data it will collect, people will be better […]

The Daily 6: YouTube’s Interactive Cards Gives Advertisers New Hope

The Daily 6 The Daily 6 is a daily round-up of the best curated content we shared on @definition6 1) YouTube’s Interactive Cards Gives Advertisers New Hope YouTube Makes Skippable TrueView Ads More...

The Def 6 Social Skim: Who Doesn’t Follow Their Local Police on Twitter?

See below for what’s happening this week in the social sphere! Periscope, we don’t appreciate Social Media Marketing World. It’s bathing suit season, but I’m no Angel. The K o l l e g e side...

A Dangerous Threat to Your Small Business: The Cult of Mediocrity.

I think it’s safe to say that no one starts a new venture or a business simply to be average. There’s a drive, a passion and a vision of possibilities. There’s also confidence that great things can be achieved. People who start new companies often risk a great deal with substantial investments in time and money to make their ideas [...]

The Daily 6: Hulu’s GIF Generator Bringing Watercooler TV Talk to Life

The Daily 6 The Daily 6 is a daily round-up of the best curated content we shared on @definition6 1) Hulu’s GIF Generator Bringing Watercooler TV Talk to Life Hulu’s GIF Search Engine...

Content Marketing Tools A to Z That You Can Use in 2015 and Beyond

Tools are only as effective as the skills of the person using them. In a world of digital marketing that’s 24/7 with ubiquitous connectivity from anywhere, anytime, marketers’ need for tools is greater than ever. Content Marketing in particular offers a competitive landscape where the effectiveness and efficiency offered by the right mix of tools [...]

Is this why your marketing isn’t working?

Yes, regardless of the results you may be seeing, marketing works. In fact, it works extremely well. Look around you. Everything you own is proof that marketing works. The device you’re reading this on, for example, was marketed to you successfully; either by a company or the word of mouth recommendation of a friend. Show More Summary

How I first met Eric Ries and also why I’ve ordered his new Kickstarter-exclusive book The Leader’s Guide

Taken a few weeks ago at dinner, at Mission Rock in Dogpatch tldr It’s the last week to order Eric Ries’s new book, called The Leader’s Guide. In a very innovative experiment, it’s being published exclusively on Kickstarter. It’s the only way to buy a copy. Show More Summary

The Daily 6: Was This Hostess Tweet an Intentional Win or a Big Fail?

The Daily 6 The Daily 6 is a daily round-up of the best curated content we shared on @definition6 1) Was This Hostess Tweet an Intentional Win or a Big Fail? Snack maker...

Best Practices for Video Marketing on Social Networks from Cisco, SAP & Bally Switzerland

Driven by consumers’ insatiable appetite for video content, video marketing has become an important part of social media marketing. With platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram launching their own video applications,...Show More Summary

Why You Should Be A Social Media SNOB

Social Media can be VERY time-consuming, but you know it's worth it. So how do you fit it in, and do it RIGHT? These tips will help you waste less time, and get more done...

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Twitter…

What I'm going to say might offend you, hurt your feelings, make you think I'm a social media SNOB -- or it might just enlighten you and make a few light bulbs go off in your mind. Or all of the above! LOL...

Another Exclusive Coupon Code For You! :-)

This awesome deal is for one of my favorite training packages, on the topic of copywriting - and one I've recommended to everyone I know since I discovered it myself. Check it out, apply the code, enjoy the savings - and convert on! ;-)..

Your Questions About The LeadBox… Answered

After my post with the landing page tips & ideas, I received several GREAT questions about it - so I thought I would answer those, and also give you more creative tips you can USE...

Fast, Easy Landing Page Tips & Ideas

I just had a MAJOR HOLY SMOKES moment! Find out what it is, along with tons of creative landing page tips & ideas...

4 Steps To Grow Your Email List – Quickly

Want to learn how to convert visitors into subscribers - and create list building pages that convert like crazy? Join in for the FREE Live Visual Training on Tuesday!

The Daily 6: Apps Now Making ‘Vertical Videos’ to End the Need to Rotate Devices

The Daily 6 The Daily 6 is a daily round-up of the best curated content we shared on @definition6 1) Apps Now Making ‘Vertical Videos’ to End the Need to Rotate Devices It’s...

Not Happy With Your Business Blog Performance? Try These 5 Tips:

For many companies, blogging is akin to content marketing. Of course there are many other content marketing tactics besides blogging, but because of the ease of publishing, promotion and optimization, it’s one of the more popular ways to connect with customers through content. And yet there are challenges for many of the businesses that rely [...]

Facebook’s Messenger Becomes a Platform, The Sharing Economy Creates a Shut-in Economy + WTF Indiana – ContextMatters #8

Facebook Messenger Becomes a Platform Following F8, Facebook’s semi-annual developer conference in 2014, I suggested that Facebook was evolving from a social network into a bona fide social ecosystem. In 2015, we can see that Facebook is thinking beyond the unbundling of its popular features but also turning them into independent and connected platforms. Following […]

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