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How To Encourage Employee Advocacy on Social Media

It’s a seemingly small ask to get your employees moving and grooving on social media. Yet many marketers have experienced the pain of creating social activity from within. While it might seem like a no-brainer for employees to get socially involved, many obstacles can prevent them – whether a lack of time, lack of know-how, [...]

Online Marketing News: Facebook Flashbacks, Twitter Rides The Carousel, Google Finds Half The Web Is Broken

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for SMEs [INFOGRAPHIC] - For those that want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the opportunities that social media presents for connecting with consumers, it’s important to realize the importance of social media etiquette; that is, the dos and don’ts of running and managing social [...]

Twitter Marketing: How Brands Rise to the Top of the Twitter Stream from #SMMW15

  What are brands doing to rise to the top of the Twitter stream? Marketers from Microsoft, BMC Software and Renaissance Hotels at Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW15) explained what has been working in their social media world. Every Brand has Different Goal Twitter is to inform, says Rob Wolf, social media manager, Microsoft. He manages the [...]

How to Get Results You Can Measure with Influencer Marketing #SMMW15

Marketers salivate dreaming of attracting attention from “influencers” – be it celebrities, established experts in a particular field, or talking heads. Convincing an influential industry leader to promote your brand would feel like a major win any day, as that kind of exposure can dramatically increase your brand’s reach and influence. So let’s say you [...]

The Daily 6: All About that Livestreaming; Periscope is Now Available

The Daily 6 The Daily 6 is a daily round-up of the best curated content we shared on @definition6 1) All About that Livestreaming; Periscope is Now Available Welcome to the Livestreaming Era:...

The Def 6 Social Skim: All About those Apps

See below for what’s happening this week in the social sphere!   Bunch of Sissies + Tattle Tails. Twitter aids users in tattling to the police. Twitter is the ideal place to get your panties in a...

Social Media Marketing World 2015 – What We’re Looking Forward to Most #SMMW15

by Debbie Friez & Brooke Furry of TopRank Online Marketing One of the best ways to succeed in social media marketing is to not be afraid to test and fail. The landscape is ever changing, and as marketers, we need to adapt quickly and learn from others. Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW15) this week in [...]

The Daily 6: The 5th Largest Food & Beverage Company Has Just Materialized

The Daily 6 The Daily 6 is a daily round-up of the best curated content we shared on @definition6 1) The 5th Largest Food & Beverage Company Has Just Materialized Kraft Foods and...

Digital Transformation Starts with Reimagining the Customer Experience

All customers are not created equal. This is also true for relationships. No business has the same relationship with their customers as you intend to have with yours. The thing is though, you must first define what a relationship with your customer looks and feels like and in turn, how they would describe it to […]

Bloggers: How to be an overnight success

My wife’s blog has become an overnight success. Here’s how she did it. Sharon started her blog around 12 weeks ago. Her first post was read by over 2000 people. Thousands of people now read her work every week. Not bad, especially as it’s her first ever attempt at blogging. Show More Summary

The Daily 6: Tired of Stitching Your Pics Together? Instagram’s Got a New App

The Daily 6 The Daily 6 is a daily round-up of the best curated content we shared on @definition6 1) Tired of Stitching Your Pics Together? Instagram’s Got a New App Victoria’s Secret...

5 Steps to Personalize Repurposed Content for Your Target Audience #SMMW15

Repurposing content is most often a function of efficiency. Marketers investing in content have always sought to extend the value of their content marketing efforts by repurposing, re-skinning or reimagining content into alternative forms. In fact, repurposing is so popular, there are over 1 million search results in Google for “repurpose content”. And for good reason: [...]

Don’t Mistake Activity for Effectiveness in Social Media

The world of the content marketer/social media marketer is changing. I had mentioned in a previous post how it resets every day. When it does reset, we no longer are responding to what our readers, followers and fan say as much as we’re responding to what the analytics tell us in regards to consumption habits […]

The Daily 6: Big TV Hits in America Have International Origins

The Daily 6 The Daily 6 is a daily round-up of the best curated content we shared on @definition6 1) Big TV Hits in America Have International Origins These...

Winning With Authority Rainmaker – 15 Marketing Influencers Define Authority for Marketing Success

“I fight authority and authority always wins” So says the song by John Mellencamp. In the digital marketing world, why fight authority when you can become authoritative yourself? Today there are more tools and resources than ever for individuals, startups and even nimble divisions within large organizations to become an authority in their industry. In the context of [...]

The magic of being first… and useful!

We remember Roger Bannister today, because he was the first person to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Apple is the world’s most valuable company today, largely because of profits from the iPhone — the world’s first smart phone. [Here’s...Show More Summary

How Healthcare Marketers Can Encourage Shared Media On Social Channels

In the digital age of “updates,” “re-tweets,” “shares” and “likes,” healthcare marketers have a unique opportunity to disseminate their message to the masses. Shared media is essentially the new “word of mouth.” This...Show More Summary

Custom Lead Scoring: 4 Steps for Getting Started

How do you identify the contacts most likely to engage and convert on your company’s services? Custom lead scoring is a tactic that should be shared by both the marketing and sales departments and is a vital tool to include in your...Show More Summary

Improve Customer Engagement By Rethinking the Sales Funnel

For decades, marketers have used the traditional sales funnel as a way to illustrate the typical buying process. Marketers attract potential buyers at the top of the funnel with advertising and promotional activities designed to engage them. Show More Summary

Is the Marriage Over Between Agencies and Marketers?

Can't we all just get along? For decades, advertising and marketing agencies and their clients, B2B and B2C marketers, have shared a blissful marriage. Now we seem to have arrived at the proverbial Seven Year Itch. Both agencies and marketers are pointing the finger at one another in a series of troubling trends. Show More Summary

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