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The Daily 6: In case you missed it, Facebook is absorbing the Internet. Again.

The Daily 6 is a daily round-up of the best curated content shared on @definition6 Facebook’s Quest To Absorb The Internet [Pages] made Facebook a destination. No need to circle past...

The Daily 6: As mobile overtakes desktop for search, “micro-moments” are the new challenge

The Daily 6 is a daily round-up of the best curated content shared on @definition6 Now It’s Official: More Google Searches Are Coming From Mobile Than Desktop Smartphones account for more...

Content Marketing: 6 Steps to Building a Massive Audience

Joe Pulizzi has been a content marketer before content marketing had a name. While working at a media company in the Custom Publishing department, he had dreams of starting a small business, which he eventually did in 2007 by starting a blog about content marketing. Fast forward 3 years later and he had built Content [...]Show More Summary

The Def 6 Social Skim: The Wonderful World of Facebook.

It arrives precisely when it means to. See below for what’s happening this week in the social sphere! There is really no such thing as a the “best social platform”. But we...

Stand Out or Don’t Bother: Sally Hogshead on Harnessing Your Fascination Advantage

Why is Jägermeister the bestselling liquor brand that no one likes? Because it’s toxic taste is what sets it apart from all the other liquor choices behind the bar. The worst it tastes, the more people talk about it. That creates a unique experience that people seek out. This illustrates what Sally Hogshead suggested in [...]Show More Summary

Use what you have, to get what you want

Think about it: You can wait for the economy to improve. Or you can adapt to the opportunities available today. You can wait for inspiration to appear. Or you can command it to appear. [Here’s what Steve Jobs and Picasso said about inspiration] You can wait for your competitors to raise the customer service bar. Show More Summary

Evil Tips for Landing Page Optimization – Sonia Simone

Is marketing evil? Sonia Simone kicked off her Authority Rainmaker 2015 presentation with a question that has certainly been asked before. Unfortunately we’ve all come across misguided campaigns that seem intended to trick people rather than help them. But that’s not how it’s supposed to be. “Like brushing your teeth before going out on a [...]Show More Summary

Create a Remarkable Content Experience: 4 Essential Elements of a Successful Podcast

  Podcasting is one of the most intimate content marketing experiences because we take podcasts with us during our daily rituals. A podcast is not words on the page, it is the human voice in your ear while you are brushing your teeth, out for a morning jog or driving home from work. Podcasts numbers have [...]Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Apple Users More Apt, Facebook In An Instant, Push Opt-In Dropped In

The Cost Of Not Prioritizing Customer Experience – CXM is the process of providing unforgettable experiences to your customers at every touchpoint – online, on the phone, on social, and in person. To find out what it will cost if you don’t prioritize your customer experience, check out this infographic. Inc. STUDY: Android Users More Likely [...]Show More Summary

How to make your content marketing more compelling

Which of these approaches do you find the most compelling? I wrote this blog post, now I need you to read it. There’s an idea I believe you will benefit from, so I wrote about it. And which of these 2 do you prefer? I made this audio program, and now I need you to […] Let's grow your business... Show More Summary

The New Era of Sales and Content Marketing #Authority2015

This week’s forecast calls for heavy rain. Not from the sky, but from the stage at Authority Rainmaker 2015, hosted by CopyBlogger. The conference got off to a bang with an electrifying keynote from Daniel Pink, speaker and author of To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others. According to Daniel, the buying experience [...]Show More Summary

3 Ways to Create a Lasting Customer Relationship Online #Authority2015

A warm handshake, an inviting smile and a shared joke. These types of in-person interactions create a personal connection that builds trust. As more and more business today is conducted on the internet, brands are challenged to create a warm customer experience online which is crucial to build the trust required for transaction. In this [...]Show More Summary

Authority Rainmaker 2015: Conference Peaks & Previews

Did you know that there are 58 mountains in Colorado with an elevation over 14,000 feet? Known as the “Fourteeners”, ascending all of these peaks is a lifelong goal for many avid climbers. What better setting to learn about Online Marketing from the authorities on the subject. This year, Copyblogger’s Authority Rainmaker 2015 will be held [...]Show More Summary

Google plus circles explained – the best network for SEO

Google didn’t just create Google+ to compete with Facebook as a social network. They also created it to make their search results more accurate and personalised.  The posts you write can appear above your followers organic Google listings. Show More Summary

Working for More Than a Living

Special guest post by Tom Rath, author of Are You Fully Charged?: The 3 Keys to Energizing Your Work and Life The concept of bringing people together in groups, tribes, or organizations is based on the fundamental premise that human beings can do more collectively than they can in isolation. Hundreds of years ago, people banded […]

The Art of Repurposing Content

Many companies chasing the “brand publisher” approach to content are running out of steam and troubled by their inability to tie content to marketing ROI. The most recent B2B content marketing study from from CMI and MarketingProfs shows the biggest challenge with content marketing is measurement (51%) followed by not being able to produce engaging [...]Show More Summary

Here’s why your business needs a great support network

To build a successful business, you need a great team of people around you. I’ve personally seen why this is so important over the past 72 hours… [more on that in a moment!] Think about it: You need to know what to do when faced with a challenge that’s outside your skill set. Show More Summary

Podcasting in 2015 and Beyond…

You really can't go wrong with two current strategy guides on Podcasting & YouTube marketing for only $12.98 total. YouTube and iTunes are both GREAT ways to increase your reach, and expand yourself to get in front of even more people in your market...

Social Media Advertising: Don’t Be Tardy for the Party

Social media advertising presents many exciting opportunities for marketers regarding media, targeting and general flexibility for reaching customers where they hang out. However, having seemingly unlimited options can make paid social a daunting channel to tackle. Just like you may feel after a long week, it’s sometimes easier to just stay home on a Friday night. [...]Show More Summary

Here’s a super fast way to boost your profits

If you want to generate high quality sales extremely quickly, I have a powerful, proven idea for you. It’s based on a strategy I use with my clients, which has produced amazing results. It can work for you too. Here’s what you need to know. Show More Summary

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