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Content Planning for the Win: 10 Expert Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged Again & Again

Blank space: Great when it’s a Taylor Swift song (or a nifty 20’s-style cover of same), not awesome when it’s on your editorial calendar. You want to publish with a steady cadence to keep your audience satisfied. But you know that filler won’t do—it’s got to be quality and quantity. Great content is no accident. [...]Show More Summary

Emotion and Information in B2B Decision Making: The New B2B Buyer

B2B buyers are traditionally treated as strictly rational, fact-based beings. However, digital technologies have introduced a new breed of B2B buyers who are bringing emotional motives into their purchase decisions. Research shows that today 2/3 of B2B buying decisions consists of emotional motives. Show More Summary

How To Start An Amazon FBA Physical Products Business

I would like to share with you some tips on how to start an Amazon FBA physical products business. One of my followers recently asked me, “What’s the best way for me to get started with the physical products business on Amazon?” Below is my personalized response to Mike’s question. Show More Summary

What’s Next for Twitter? Social Domination or Eminent Failure?

Despite recent improvements to user experience and platform flexibility, the struggle to retain and attract new users—and grow revenue—is still real for Twitter. And, unfortunately, these may be the least of the platform’s worries these days. From widespread trolling and harassment to simply having a confusing interface, Twitter is drawing criticism for nearly every aspect [...]Show More Summary

Importance of Heat Maps Part 2: Know the Fascinating Insights Tatvic Got from Heat Map Integration

In our previous blog on Heatmap, you read about how important heatmap integration is. It enables us in generating faster insights owing to visualization of each click by a user. Heatmaps can help a market place company achieve revenue...Show More Summary

Crafting Your Startup’s Unique Value Proposition

I talked about MVP’s last time and this week, I’ll be talking about UVP, which is basically your Unique Value Proposition. You can also call it USP. Guess what the S stands for. You might be wondering why your startup will need a UVP. Show More Summary

Product Features, Benefits or Value? What is the Most Important for a Startup?

Let’s face it. Everywhere we look, everywhere we go, anytime we’re online, we’re bombarded with ads for products. You know what? You actually remember only a few of them. Think of the last product ad you saw. Think of the latest product that you’re using. Show More Summary

Become Who You Want To Be Now!

Why wait until tomorrow to make a change in your life? Become who you want to be now! Have you ever looked back on your life and thought to yourself, “If I had only committed to making that change, life would have be so different now?” Inaction is what creates doubt and uncertainty in people. Show More Summary

20 Inspiring & Actionable Influencer Marketing Tips for The Modern Marketer

The heat is on for marketers to incorporate influencers into their marketing strategy. The problem is, the sheer amount of bad advice about influencer marketing can make it difficult to separate the good from the bad. While the pursuit for influencer marketing success doesn’t appear to be slowing down, many marketers are unsure which direction [...]Show More Summary

Dr. Udo Erasmus on the Importance of Healthy Oils for Optimal Health & Well-Being

My girlfriend Tatiana and I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Udo Erasmus on the importance of healthy oils for optimal health & well-being. He is the author of the best-selling book, Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill, and is the founder of the company, Udo’s Choice. Show More Summary

Digital Marketing News: Traditional vs. Programmatic, Twitter Lite & LinkedIn Lead Gen

Traditional vs. Programmatic Media Buying [Infographic] Programmatic media buying is all over the digital marketing sphere. What are the key differences between programmatic and traditional media buying? This infographic lays them out side by side. Show More Summary

How To Help Your Family Support Your Grind

Running your own business is a 24/7 grind.  It takes commitment, patience, energy, and a lot of hard work.  If you want to master your life, you need to learn how to master your time.  It isn’t easy to maintain a balance between work and life, but anything is possible if you adopt the right mindset. Show More Summary

Top Tips for Making the First 30 Days in Your New Content Role Really Count

For me, starting a new job is always a steady mix of overwhelming excitement and sheer terror. I think about all of the things that I am going to accomplish (very quickly of course) and then at some point realize that the comfort of knowing the in’s and out’s of my previous job, are now [...]Show More Summary

This Awesome Ring Helps Me Perform Better (Oura Ring Review)

The OURA ring, otherwise known as the world’s first ring-size wellness computer, is a high-performance activity and sleep tracker. This awesome ring helps me perform better.  I’ve been wearing the OURA ring for the past few months and I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my sleep and energy levels. Show More Summary

The 5 W’s (and an H) That Guide Your Content Marketing Strategy

  Journalists make excellent content marketers. It’s not just because they’re used to writing clean, compelling copy. Or that, given the state of the modern news industry, there’s a wide talent pool for marketing departments to choose from. No, journalists make great marketers because they have finely-developed instincts for chasing down a story. They know [...]Show More Summary

My March 2017 Monthly Goals Report

Every month, I write a detailed monthly report about the progress that I’m making towards the goals and resolutions that I publicly stated on my blog earlier in the year.  This is my March 2017 Monthly Goals Report, which goes over each goal that I set and the progress that I’ve made on them so far. Show More Summary

Enhance Your User Engagement with Google Optimize 360

Businesses often have these burning questions as to how they can improve user engagement on their website, convert more visitors to users, and how they can deliver relevant content to their visitors The answer to above questions lies in user behavior data that helps businesses to take actions and measure results. Show More Summary

3 New Facebook Updates, Features Businesses Should Take Advantage Of

From revamping its News Feed algorithm and page layouts to rolling out its own version of Snapchat last week, Facebook has been busy adding new features and capabilities over the past few months. For the average user, these changes are making it easier and more fun to share and engage on the platform. For businesses, [...]Show More Summary

Still only using Product Filters on your site? Guided Selling vs Faceted Search – An Analysis

Still only using Product Filters on your site? While faceted search is one of the most significant search innovations of our time, only a measly 16% of websites offer a good filtering experience. It is clear that a better, more effective solution is needed today. Show More Summary

Why It’s Important To Possess A Passionate Curiosity for Learning

I would like to share with you why it’s important to possess a passionate curiosity for learning.  Unfortunately, society has taught us that ‘quality’ education is the foundation of one’s success in life. This is far from true. Intelligence should not be measured by one’s grades in school. Show More Summary

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