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Leading Digital Transformation

Last year, I had the opportunity to speak in Stockholm at Telia’s executive summit on Digital Transformation. After my session, I met with Joacim Jansson to discuss the state and evolution of the digital business landscape. At the time, he was working on a new book, Att Leda Digital Transformation, with Marie Andervin. Show More Summary

What Is Influencer Marketing? Definitions, Examples, and Resources

Content marketers are facing their most daunting challenge yet. We survived the content glut with solid, documented strategy. We have made great strides toward properly measuring and attributing our content marketing ROI. But the next big bad is even bigger and badder than those obstacles: It’s the Fearsome Social Media Algorithm. The Algorithm Monster already [...]Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Short Attention Spans, Google Feed Rules, Starbucks Emojis

The Shortening Human Attention Span (And What it Means for Marketers) [Infographic] Down from 12 seconds in 2000, the average human attention span is now 8.25 seconds. That leaves marketers with very little time to make a meaningful impression. Show More Summary

Why Processing Emotions Together Matters in Business

Guest post by Patti Sanchez, co-author of the new book “Illuminate: Change Through Speeches, Stories, Ceremonies, and Symbols” (with Nancy Duarte) In business, as in life, the one thing that’s constant is change. In our personal lives, babies lose their teeth and grow adult ones. Show More Summary

How a GREAT Marketer Befriends an Influencer

Have you ever watched a reality competition? You know, one of those Survivor-style shows that puts strangers in a stressful situation to battle for a last-person-standing prize? Don’t be ashamed if you have. I’m a pop culture snob, but still found myself transfixed by ten seasons of America’s Next Top Model. On that show, amidst [...]Show More Summary

7 Ways to Step Up Your Email Marketing Game in 2016

Email marketing is a great, cost-effective way to engage prospective customers and nurture relationships with current customers. And email is actually welcomed by consumers. In fact, recent research has found that a whopping 91% of Americans say they want to receive promo emails. But let’s face it. With email being one of the most common [...]Show More Summary

38 B2B Content Marketing Case Studies for 2016

There was a popular article on TechCrunch recently claiming marketers in the inbound and content marketing space have no idea what they are doing and don’t know marketing. For some, that might be true. When you’re not viewing the world through the lens of a cynic, it’s amazing what you see. Marketers at companies all [...]Show More Summary

Social Media Marketing World 2016: Insights, Top Blog Content & Words of Wisdom

Last week, we had the privilege of participating in the annual Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego. We joined over 3,000 other marketers and marketing influencers who were looking to explore the latest trends and best practices for social media marketing. From the moment (literally) that I stepped on the plane, I had [...]Show More Summary

We all talk of innovation, but few us start with innovation in our own work

Photo Credit: Brian Fanzo I don’t normally share things like this, but…I’ve had a heck of a week. On Monday, I released what I would consider my most significant research to date on the subject of digital transformation, “The Race Against...Show More Summary

Learn How to Create a More Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy

  “Who is more influential than the people closest to you that you respect and trust.” – Lee Odden In the time that I’ve been at TopRank Marketing, I’ve had the opportunity to witness first-hand how influencer marketing can be an incredibly powerful way to build credibility for a brand, and create connections with the right [...]Show More Summary

Nonstop: X, my experience touring Geneva [VIDEO]

While I was in Geneva for the Lift Conference, I spent quite a bit of time with Manuel Diaz, Arnaud Grobet, Karim Chouikri and Brice Le Blévennec of Emakina. I gotta say, I like how they roll because everything we did was recorded by a video crew. Show More Summary

Why storytelling is the cornerstone of successful marketing

Depending on where you buy it, there’s a popular liquid that costs around $26,000 a gallon. Unlike water, this liquid isn’t life-preserving. That’s to say you can’t drink it. It isn’t life-giving either, so you can’t water crops with it. Show More Summary

Focus on the best clients. Ignore the rest!

You can’t cook an outstanding meal, using cheap, tasteless ingredients. You can’t build a high quality house using low quality materials. And you can’t grow a successful business without great clients. Great clients give you the freedom to do your best work. Show More Summary

10 GREAT ways to be a quitter

Quitting gets a lot of bad publicity. We even use the word quitter as an insult. And it’s wrong! It’s wrong, because quitting is essential if you want to succeed. Business success requires that you quit the common mistakes made by struggling business owners, then replace them with winning alternatives. Show More Summary

How to get into the top 5 percent of your industry

Who sets your prices or fees? Your answer to this question is not as obvious as it sounds. Most business owners will instantly answer that question, saying they set their prices. And in one way, they do. However, that’s only part ofShow More Summary

A surprisingly effective and fun way to do business

Business is all about people and the relationships we have with one another. So, it makes perfect sense to invest in people. It’s easy too. We can connect people, who can assist one another or do business together. We can share resources with people. Show More Summary

How to Make Lifelong Learning an Organizational Priority

Guest post by Mark Burgess (@mnburgess) co-author of “Social Employees: The New Marketing Channel,” a 22-part video tutorial released by, a LinkedIn company. What is the value of lifelong learning, and how do you build it within...Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Social Made Easy, Disruptive Ads and Facebook Switches

Social Media Marketing & Promotion Made Easy [Infographic] Maybe it's just me, but I find myself searching frequently for very specific imaging sizing requirements for various social media. Having all of that information bookmarked for an unfortunately timed case of the Mondays has been a figurative life saver. Show More Summary

What Brands Like Adobe & The San Diego Zoo Can Teach us About Instagram Marketing

Only two months after launching in 2010, Instagram had already amassed one million users. Less than a year later, they had already climbed to ten million users. Talk about a welcome solution to what is often seen as a saturated marketplace. Today, Instagram boasts over three hundred million users. Recent research has also found that [...]Show More Summary

4 Components of a Killer Content Marketing Tactical Plan on LinkedIn

“People spend time on other social networks, but they invest time on LinkedIn.” For the first time in the history of media, users can engage with the world’s professionals in one place. The LinkedIn network provides access to a  quality audience within a professional context. Furthermore, professionals engage with purpose and content on LinkedIn including: [...]Show More Summary

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