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10 Actionable Tips On How To Get Free Facebook Likes For Your Fan Page

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How Marketers Can Thrive in an Era of Digital Darwinism

While in London promoting What’s the Future of Business (WTF): Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences, I spent some time with the folks who produce The Digital Marketing Show. In this short video, I share the rise of Generation C and how an era of connected consumerism created the perfect storm for digital Darwinism to […]

Question: What’s holding you back?

Waiting for the right time is simply a delaying tactic. They tell us: “I have this great idea, but I’m just waiting for the right time”. What they mean is: “I have a great idea, but I’m too scared to make it happen”. That fabled perfect...Show More Summary

Life, Stress and Success (A True Story)

I've been stressed lately. Overwhelmed is probably a better word. You can relate, I'm sure. There's always so much to tend to, take care of, fix, pay for, be here, be there, blah blah blah. I've been running circles around myself for the last few weeks...

The Daily 6: Thought Catalog – From Content to Commerce

The Daily 6 The Daily 6 is a daily round-up of the best curated content we shared on @definition6 1) Thought Catalog – From Content to Commerce Thought Catalog tiptoes into commerce “Millennial...

The Daily 6: Coffee Lovers Paying to Become Baristas

The Daily 6 The Daily 6 is a daily round-up of the best curated content we shared on @definition6 1) Coffee Lovers Paying to Become Baristas Customers Are Paying to Trade Places With...

The Daily 6: Buy Your Apple Watch Now and Get it in June

The Daily 6 The Daily 6 is a daily round-up of the best curated content we shared on @definition6 1) Buy Your Apple Watch Now, Receive it in June Apple Watch is already...

How often should you publish blog posts?

Karen from Delaware emailed me with a question earlier. “I’d love for you to post on your blog every day like Seth Godin does.  Is there a strategic reason why you don’t?” That’s a good question. The answer is that you need to match your publishing model to the business model behind your blog. Show More Summary

Content vs. Advertising – Is There Really A Debate?

Recording last night’s BeanCast, Altruism or Consumerism, hosted by the talented Bob Knorpp brought up the topic of Content Marketing and whether paid placement of content is just advertising – among many other topics from Dove to Amazon Dash. This content vs. ad question was inspired by commentary from Mitch Joel in his post, Your Content Is Kidding [...]

Habits are the Invisible Architecture of Everyday Life

Guest post by Gretchen Rubin (@gretchenrubin), one of the most thought-provoking writers on habits and happiness. Her new book, Better than Before, is about how we change our habits. Habits are the invisible architecture of everyday life. Research shows that each day, we repeat about 40 percent of our behavior, so our habits shape our […]

MNM 12 | Define Your Target Audience in 8 Easy Steps Pt 1

Yesterday I had a phone conversation with one of my platinum coaching students. She’s been trying to get her show launched, but every time she’d think about creating episodes she’s hit a mental block. The answer finally came in this statement, “I’m just not sure which direction to take it. There are so many ways […]

Portent's new hoodies have arrived

...and I'm damned excited. Our first legit logowear: I don't know why I'm so excited, but somehow it makes me feel so... grown up. Gang pose courtesy of one of Portent's fine SEO team.

A great response, and a lesson in social media

Something a bit unusual today. On Monday I wrote 20 reasons you shouldn’t listen to a word I say. Today, I was delighted to receive a 20-item response to my 20 items from Angela Hansen. I liked it so much I asked her for permission to publish it here. And no, Angela is not giving me a link, or paying me. Show More Summary

The internet marketer's guide to the apocalypse

In which I wax philosophical while discussing zombies, specialization and people who reek of cigarettes. Tweet This town needs an asteroid. Marketers are specializing our industry to death. Setting the stage: Stinky cigarette guy A few years ago, a guy who reeked of cigarette smoke handed me a smudged business card. Show More Summary

20 reasons you shouldn't listen to a word I say

Tweet I feel strongly about full disclosure. So, here it is—20 reasons I'm full of crap: I don’t have a best selling book. Nor, at this rate, will I ever. Major marketing conferences bark with laughter when I submit a speaker’s pitch. I haven’t made $10 million. Show More Summary

Google Apps Script Tip #1: Finding the last row

I've been building some custom reports for Portent in Google Spreadsheets. They do fun stuff like grab Google Analytics data, insert data from other APIs and such. One thing that nearly drove me batty, though, was figuring out how to...Show More Summary

The Potential Misery Index: Ranking potential clients

Tweet I love my clients. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, I know. But once Portent signs on to work with someone, we’ve got one job: Help the client kick ass. We’re committed. That means we need to be pretty picky about clients and contracts. Show More Summary

25 cringe- or shrug-worth headlines

Tweet I tell you to write clear headlines, and you don’t listen. I tell you to try the blank sheet of paper test, and you ignore me. I suggest that you write fully descriptive headlines, and you snort. Well, now you can see what happens. Show More Summary

Conversation Marketing: A definition

Tweet I've written 2,890 posts on Conversation Marketing now. I just crossed 10,000 (non-spam) comments, too. But I've never actually provided a definition of Conversation Marketing. Lots of other people have. Some did OK. Some are just ridiculous. Show More Summary

Fast pages convert 2x better

Tweet My latest Search Engine Land column just went live: 29 ways to speed up your web site It's timely for me, because we just finished a review of page performance versus page speed, and found that everything—conversions, time on page, scroll depth—improves when a page loads faster. That's obvious. Show More Summary

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