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Is Your Company Investing in Digital Transformation or Digital Iteration?

Digital transformation is more than hype and definitely more meaningful than just another buzzword. But to see what it really is and what could be, you have to think beyond the role you work in today. Depending on who you ask, digital...Show More Summary

How to Become a Better Data-Informed Content Marketer

As a 21st century marketer, you already know that data is an important player in the content marketing game. Data helps us understand who our audience is, what they care about, and how our content impacts their decisions. It helps us...Show More Summary

Life in Review - Who Am I?

Goals and New Year's resolutions are making their rounds of the web, this month. I'm not a big fan. Even writing goals down is not my idea of how to get things done. I write down tasks. Every day I have tasks. I put them down on paper and feel...

Business as Usual is Still Business as Usual: An interview about the real state of digital transformation

Diginomica’s Jon Reed is someone I greatly respect. He’s one of the most discerning and shrewd voices on business modernization out there. I recently had the opportunity to speak with him about the state of digital transformation and the importance of change agents in the evolving enterprise. Show More Summary

My 2018 Goals And Resolutions

Since 2012, I’ve publicly declared my goals and resolutions at the beginning of each year.  I’ve found by doing this, it’s created a powerful internal pressure to take action and raise my standards to achieve them. Accountability isShow More Summary

3 Tips To Instantly Increase Your Motivation

Motivation is the driving force behind your success in life. Are you ready to learn 3 tips to instantly increase your motivation? Click here to learn more! The post 3 Tips To Instantly Increase Your Motivation appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

Be number one in a category of one

It’s tough being a service provider these days. There are so many of us in every industry. Not only that, a prospective client can find lower priced alternatives, on Google, in seconds. With so many competitors, what can we do? We could try and out spend them on advertising. Show More Summary

Content Marketing Evolution: 5 Major Content Marketing Trends for 2018

Do you remember upgrading from an old square TV to a high-definition model? It was an amazing leap forward in the viewing experience. Then came 3D televisions…and no one really cared. Then even bigger screens, then curved displays, OLED, smart TVs, 3D and 4k. None of these advances have really fired up the imagination of [...]Show More Summary

The Possibilities of Possible

Sometimes success is a poor teacher. It lulls us into contentment and complacency.  Instead of always striving for greatness and relevance, we’re instead focused on iteration and incrementalism, improving what is, to progressively  grow...Show More Summary

The Purpose of Brand and CX in the Era of Human Experience

It’s time to design experiences you want people to have, remember and share. Customer experience is the new marketing and customer experiences (what they have, feel and share) become the new “BX” (brand experience). More importantly, CX becomes a way of doing business that permeates and reshapes every facet of how and why companies operate. Show More Summary

Digital Marketing News: The Visual Internet, Influencer Marketing Trends, Sneaky Ads

How to Keep Up With the Rise of the Visual Internet [Infographic] Online media is increasingly visual — from personal photos to branded motion graphics, gif and videos. How can you keep up with the rising need for visual content? This infographic shares tips to help you stay on top of the trend and keep your viewers engaged. Show More Summary

How to avoid low value clients. And you must avoid them. Seriously!

Debbie is a freelance trainer. She emailed me with a great question. I said I’d answer it here, as I know many of you will find it useful. Debbie wanted to know what to do, when someone enquires about her services… then says they don’t have a budget or almost no budget. Show More Summary

4 Secrets To Making New Years Resolutions That Stick

A New Year represents a new beginning. Are you ready to learn 4 secrets to making New Years resolutions that stick? Click here to learn more! The post 4 Secrets To Making New Years Resolutions That Stick appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

7 Examples of Brands Leveraging Twitter for Social Customer Care

These days, there’s little doubt that social media is plays a pivotal role in a brand’s marketing strategy. After all, with roughly 2 billion internet users on social networks and counting, there’s massive reach and resonance potential. But couple widespread adoption with shifting consumer preferences and expectations—and the smell of major change is in the [...]Show More Summary

How to feel inspired every day

Though we have entered a new year, January is just another month. That’s because the whole year presents us with the potential to improve. Every month is packed with possibilities, not just January. Every week is a chance to start anew, not just the first week in January. Show More Summary

Launching | Time for Books

It's a New Year. It's 2018. Back in 1999, did you try to imagine what life would be like in 2018? It was so far away, no one was really thinking that far ahead. We were having enough trouble keeping...

Turn your website into a client generating machine

Is your website a sales machine for your business? Well, it should be and it could be! Here are 3 places to focus on for better results in 2018. 1. Does your website look professional? When people arrive on your website, what they see is either building trust in your business or destroying trust. Show More Summary

Our Top 10 Influencer Marketing Posts of 2017 Plus Thoughts on 2018

This year demonstrated an explosion of interest in influencer marketing bringing with it a sharp increase in attention as well as implementation successes and failures. The mixed bag of advice for any shiny new object of marketing attention...Show More Summary

My 2017 Year In Review: Successes, Failures & Lessons Learned

At the end of each year, I always make sure to take some time to reflect back on the previous year. I do this for two reasons: 1. To acknowledge all of the successes and accomplishments of the year.  By celebrating all of your “wins”, it gives you more certainty towards achieving your future goals. Show More Summary


This has been an epic year of unforgettable memories. Are you ready for a snapshot of the 2017 highlights of Project Life Mastery? Click here to learn more! The post 2017 HIGHLIGHTS OF PROJECT LIFE MASTERY appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

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