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B2B Guided Selling: Accelerate and Increase B2B Sales

The goal of Guided Selling is to help facilitate the buying process for the customer. Everyone benefits: the buyers, who get exactly what they need, and the sellers, who have less actual ‘selling’ to do. Here’s why Guided Selling is needed in B2B commerce.

What CMOs Must Get Right In 2017 To Succeed as an ‘Experience Business’

Like clockwork, every December, experts voice their predictions and advice to guide us in the coming year. Sometimes I offer my thoughts. Mostly, I spend my time curating emerging and disruptive technology trends. This year however, my...Show More Summary

The Future of Social Media Marketing: Experts Share Social Media Predictions for 2017

Social media platforms enable people from around the world looking to connect and build personal and professional relationships. Earlier this year studies found that there are currently over 2 billion active social media users. If you consider the sheer number of people interacting on social networks, it seems like a no-brainer that both B2C and [...]Show More Summary

Five Reasons Why You Aren’t Making Money Online

Making money online has never been so easy. The Internet has changed the way that we are able to do business.  The opportunities are limitless. Because of this, many people are now ditching their 9-5 lifestyle and becoming digital entrepreneurs. Show More Summary


On Friday, December 9th at 1pm PST (4:00pm EST), Stefan is hosting a LIVE STREAM on How To Make Money Online In 2017 (Online Business Blueprint). The links to the Live Stream at below. You can also watch on YouTube below: Join us LIVE on the Project Life Mastery YouTube channel, @projectlifemastery Periscope and Stefan James Facebook page. Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Agile Marketers, Facebook Sends Waves & Faster Mobile Ads

Marketers Are Clueless About Agile [Infographic] Only 40% of marketers are using or planning to use agile task management systems in the next four years, while 40% aren't sure. This isn't a super surprising statistic, given that more than 20% of marketers don't know what agile means. Show More Summary

Conventional Beliefs and Counterintuitive Realities Driving the Future of Digital Transformation, Marketing, CX and EX [VIDEO]

It was the day after the U.S. election. I arrived in Copenhagen. I was tired. It near the end of a two week trip that took me to Munich, Amsterdam, Beirut, and London. But, I was also excited to attend Digital Copenhagen, a conference that explores digital trends affecting the future of business. Show More Summary

Master Your State

I would like to share with you how you can master your state. Emotional Mastery is the process of becoming aware of and learning how to direct your emotional states. Mastering your emotional state is the most important skill that you can learn in your life. Show More Summary

A Year in Blog Posts: TopRank Marketing’s Most Popular Social Media Marketing Posts of 2016

If you look at almost any set of statistics from 2016, it’s pretty clear that business is booming for social platforms. Consumers are lining up in throngs to setup and utilize accounts, and ad spend is steadily increasing each year. A study from HootSuite found that nearly 50% of consumers have interacted with companies on [...]Show More Summary

8 Tips to Boost Mobile eCommerce Sales This Holiday Season

During the holiday season consumers will encounter countless special offers, discounts, and door-buster deals. With the growing popularity of mobile shopping, it is essential to keep m-commerce shoppers in mind when preparing for the holiday shopping season. You need to be extra smart and engaging, to gain their attention, limit frustration and truly enhance the experience.

Dealing With Failure

Dealing with failure is an inescapable reality of life. All of us have experienced failure, either in our life or in our business.  Failure is a normal part of the learning process. Do you become paralyzed by every setback, or do you...Show More Summary

Content Marketing: 4 Ways to Make Sure Your Mobile Content Connects

How often do you use your smartphone as a phone? Personally, I think of it as more for avoiding human interaction than facilitating it: These days my desktop and home laptop are gathering dust; I can do it all on my phone. The only reason we still call them “phones” is “personal computation device” sounds [...]Show More Summary

Content Creation Stategies: How To Create Content Online

I would like to share with you some content creation strategies that I’ve utilized in my business that has helped me create a 7-figure online brand. I would also like to show you how to create content online, so that you can attract more people to you, and build a brand that will make you money. Show More Summary

E-Commerce and Apps Pave the Way To The Future of Retail: Inside Amazon Go, A New Retail Experience

We’re a company of builders. Of pioneers. It’s our job to make bold bets, and we get our energy from inventing on behalf of customers. Here are just some of the innovations pioneered by Amazon, and we’re always looking for the next one. Show More Summary

Limited Resources? Here Are 9 Clever Ways to Create Live Video on Social Media

For many brands and marketers, video is becoming an increasingly important part of their overall digital marketing strategy, particularly when it comes to their social media efforts. And it’s not hard to see why. We humans are visual beings, and these days we crave and expect video. According to a HubSpot infographic, one-third of all [...]Show More Summary

The 6 Retail and E-Commerce Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

With a new year comes change. New consumer behaviour and demands form new trends and, consequently, require new tools and technologies to be incorporated. New opportunities for those retailers bold enough to make the leap. To help you...Show More Summary

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Student Testimonials

I would like to share with you some of the Affiliate Marketing Mastery student testimonials that highlight their personal experience with my course. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. In my AMM course I share innovative strategies based on my extensive experience in the Internet marketing world. Show More Summary

LIVE STREAM: How To Build A Blog That Gets 100,000+ Visitors Per Month

On Monday, December 5th at 3pm PST (6:00pm EST), Stefan is hosting a LIVE STREAM on How To Build A Blog That Gets 100,000+ Visitors Per Month. Links to the livestream is below: Join us LIVE on the Project Life Mastery YouTube channel, @projectlifemastery Periscope and Stefan James Facebook page. Show More Summary

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Update | VLOG (Part 5)

I wanted to give you an Affiliate Marketing Mastery update, because it’s been a while since I have shared what I’ve been working on. For those of you that don’t know, since the creation of Affiliate Marketing Mastery (AMM), I did a blog series on my YouTube channel where I shared my AMM creation process. Show More Summary

The Future of Content Marketing: Experts Share Content Predictions for 2017

At a time in the not so distant future 2016 will come to a close and many content marketers will reflect on 2016 and think, “Man was that unfair!”. They’ve tightened their belts, worked hard to develop a content strategy and tried to stay up on latest content trends. But the sad reality is that [...]Show More Summary

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