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Digital Marketing Spotlight: Josh Mueller, SVP Global Marketing at Dun & Bradstreet

Meeting and getting to know smart digital marketers is easily one of my favorite things about working in the marketing industry. I first meet Josh Mueller when he was at Director of Digital Marketing at Dell and I was presenting an integrated approach to search, social and content marketing. Show More Summary

Seek out the unhappy. Not the uninterested

Here’s an important fact of business: People who are happy with the service they get from one of your competitors, are not looking for whatever your business is offering. The same is true of those, who need whatever you offer, but don’t want it. Show More Summary

Attract sales, leads and new clients

If you want to attract more clients, sales or sales leads, you’ll LOVE today’s article. I need to start by sharing one of the cornerstones of great marketing. It’s simply this: Focus on your prospective clients and their needs, rather than your own needs. Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Millennials on Social, Digital Lead Generation & Email Secret Sauce

Survey: 41% of Millennials Use Facebook Every Day (Infographic) A recent study showed that millennials spent the majority of their 'online time' on smartphones. The same study showed that Facebook was the most popular social network among millennials and non-millennials, followed by YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. Show More Summary

3 Ways To Grow A Business

I want to share with you 3 proven strategies that will help you grow and maximize your business. If you can understand that it is the fundamentals that make all of the difference, then that is going to allow you to transform your business and take it to a whole new level. Show More Summary

Is Your Influencer Marketing Program Not Effective? Here’s Why

At some point or another, we’re all guilty of falling into one fad or another. A fad is something that quickly blows up but is often short lived because people quickly realize that the quality simply isn’t there. Many brands are in danger of allowing their influencer marketing programs to quickly become a passing fad. [...]Show More Summary

What is a Mastermind Group? (Napoleon Hill, Think And Grow Rich)

What is a Mastermind group?  The concept of a Mastermind group was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill. In his book “Think and Grow Rich”, Hill described the Mastermind principle as, “The coordination of knowledge and effort between...Show More Summary

11 Common (and Avoidable!) Content Marketing Mistakes, As Explained by Memes

Question: How do you get better at content marketing? Answer: You learn from your mistakes. Follow-up Question: What’s even better than learning from your mistakes? Answer: Learning from other people’s mistakes. If you’re looking for bad content marketing, it’s a buyer’s market. Every brand is a publishing company now. Some are doing amazing work. Most [...]Show More Summary

How To Build A Successful, Sustainable Affiliate Marketing Online Business That Makes Money While You Sleep

I want to show you the steps on how you can build a successful, sustainable affiliate marketing online business that makes you money while you sleep. Affiliate marketing it is a process in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Show More Summary

Uber Loses $1.2 Billion by Q2 2016: Is the On-Demand Economy a Bust or an Investment?

Bloomberg’s Eric Newcomer reported that on a recently Uber quarterly call with shareholders, the company’s head of finance, Guatam Gupta announced that Uber’s losses continue to escalate. Total losses in the first half of 2016 totaled an astounding $1.2 billion. Show More Summary

10 Free On-Demand Webinars Every Marketer Should Check Out

Everything in the digital marketing world seems to move at light speed. And like most things in life, just when you think you have it all figured out, everything changes. As a result, we marketers need to stay sharp, flexible and inspired. We need to make a concerted effort to stay on top of industry [...]Show More Summary

Not Experiences, But Memories of Experience Influence Decision-Making

As you’re reading this, you’re having an in-the-moment experience. You may be sitting in a comfortable chair or in a plastic seat on the bus, eating a sandwich, perhaps sipping some coffee, or listening to music. All these factors influence your current experience, which may be positive, indifferent or negative. Show More Summary

The Inspiring Story of the FCC’s Digital Transformation [Podcast]

I’m excited to announce Digital Outliers, a new podcast series that I’m hosting that features some of the brightest minds who are exploring the ways digital technology is transforming (and disrupting) the modern workplace. Each episode...Show More Summary

Learning Strategies – How To Learn Faster And 10X Better

I would like to share with you some strategies on how you can learn faster and 10x better. A lot of people don’t know how to learn – they think that just sitting passively in front of a screen and listening to someone speak is learning. Show More Summary

Don’t let the silence crush your business

Social media has changed everything. It allows the marketplace to share value. It gives consumers a voice. A BIG, loud voice. They can shout from the rooftops about how happy they are. They can scream about how pissed off they are. This means the best providers win today. Show More Summary

Learning how to overcome fear

I want to talk to you about something really important today. I want to talk to you about overcoming fear. Here’s the thing: Fear stops intelligent business owners from doing what they know they should do. It stops them from creating a uniquely valuable service. Show More Summary

What everyone needs to know about blame

Who is responsible for our results? I spent some time recently, with the former owner of a local high street store. He explained that the reason his business flopped, was that the economy was too weak. I know a number of the people whose...Show More Summary

Marketing Tip: Stop trying to appeal to everyone

One of the golden rules of successful marketing, is to identify exactly who your customer or client is, then focus exclusively on them. This is the opposite of what we see most small business owners doing. They try and be a little relevant to everyone and succeed in being directly relevant to no one. Show More Summary

How to discover a winning idea

It’s entirely possible you have a winning idea tucked away right now, without even knowing it. The thing about great ideas is that they often look like bad ideas, until they become hugely successful. Remember laptops? In 1985, The New...Show More Summary

Copywriting tip: Use short sentences. Here’s why!

Here’s a quick copywriting tip: Your prospective clients prefer to read short sentences. This is especially true when explaining detailed information. For example, how your service works. I’m not suggesting you use fewer words than required. Show More Summary

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