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Is Business Blogging Still Worthwhile?

State of Blogging When I started blogging a little over 10 years ago, there were about 1.5 million blogs (Technorati).  That’s about 1 million other people with no idea what they were doing – just like me. Today, it’s hard to say how many blogs there are globally, but alone hosts 75.3 million blogs in [...]

A Day in the Life of a Teacher circa 1914

by Yvonne DiVita As seen on social media, Monday morning, from KDRV Newswatch 12, shared by Diana Robinson. One wonders, as a woman, how these teachers managed to get married at all. I expect they 'met' husbands at church. A good place to meet locals and get to know them, history shows. Show More Summary

How a 300,000 Person Company is Becoming a Start-Up

A few months ago I created a Youtube video where I talked about the paradox of organizations which is as follows. Business leaders know that as their organization’s grow they increase in complexity and decrease in speed and agility, however these same business leaders are constantly focusing on growth. Show More Summary

Does Your Readership Need to Gain Some Weight?

Written by Ali Lawrence. Your audience reveals the health of your blog. When your viewers are loyal, consistent and quick to comment and share your content – and consist of more than six people - you have the ideal setting for your blog to become an online feast. Show More Summary

Audience Development for Content Marketing eBook

“Publication is not distribution and a content marketing strategy without audience development is no strategy at all.” Jeff Rohrs @jkrohrs Wise words from the guy who literally “wrote the book” on Audience. With all the investment in content creation, curation and repurposing being made, it’s amazing how little is actually invested in growing the audience and community for [...]

How to grow your business in a uniquely valuable way!

The Internet has presented business owners with a series of benefits and challenges. One challenge, is that it is now extremely easy for competitors to discover and copy one another’s best ideas. It’s little wonder then, that providers in just about every industry now offer an almost identical range of services. Show More Summary

Art in the World, The World in Art

This post is about the value of art in our lives. The video shows conversation between a small group of people who serve on a volunteer board for Art as Action, in Boulder, CO. Art as Action exists to connect the community to real performances; real art; talented people who bring their art to a stage and share it, openly and authentically. Show More Summary

You are extraordinary

Have you ever imagined what you could achieve, if you summoned the courage to put into play, everything you have learned so far? The extra that makes all the difference I have had the privilege of working with some incredible people — people who have achieved amazing things. Show More Summary

20 Simple Tasks That Increase Revenue Fast

The habit of starting each day with a Money Task is what keeps my online business moving forward and consistently making money. The question came up this week: How do you define Money Tasks? GREAT question. I qualify mine in one of two ways...

A Day in the Life of a Writer

Early morning by Yvonne DiVita, blog founder 5:30 a.m. Rise. Slip on flip-flops. Stretch. Yawn. Try not to go through the entire day's work in your brain as you brush your teeth, because you know the day will NOT unfold the way you imagine. Show More Summary

Online Marketing News: Google Boosts Encryption, Facebook On Schedule, Presence Isn’t Enough

What Happens In A Google Minute? [Infographic] - What takes place on the worlds largest search engine in just 60 seconds?  The above infographic shows what goes down in a single minute on the busiest site on the net.  Click the image to checkout the full-sized version. SocialTimes Twitter’s Latest Experiment: Self-Explaining Hashtags - Twitter [...]

Is your website hurting your business? Quite possibly!

I have a question for you: What do prospective clients think, when they visit your website or blog? [You do know they check you out online, before they decide to get in touch with you, right?] It’s a fact, just as you check out potential provider’s websites, so do your prospective clients. Show More Summary

Made in Detroit: How Shinola’s Good Ole Fashioned Business Values Outperform the Status Quo

You don’t know s#!t from Shinola. Ever heard that saying before? This World War II era colloquialism caused a movement to revive the American watchmaking industry and with it bring to Detroit yet another chapter in its storied history in manufacturing. This year at SXSWV2V, I was fortunate enough to interview Shinola president Jacques Panis live […]

Content Marketing Interview with Brian Kardon CMO of Lattice Engines – Strategy to ROI

What if you could tap the mind of a CMO who’s led marketing organizations at companies like Eloqua and Forrester Research to capture insights about content marketing strategy and ROI? That’s a big “what if”. Well my marketing friends, today is your content marketing birthday because today we have with us Brian Kardon, CMO at Lattice Engines. [...]

In praise of the tricky stuff

There is always a shortage of people, who are willing to do the tricky stuff. Lead. Create. Inspire. Listen. Encourage Contribute. Initiate. The rare people who develop those habits are always in demand. That’s useful to know, for anyone...Show More Summary

Silver Oak Cellars builds passionate fans through social media “bottle stories”

After I delivered a talk called “Business Lessons from the Grateful Dead” to a group of enthusiastic company leaders at YPO, I had a chance to spend some time with David Duncan CEO of Silver Oak Cellars, a producer of...

New data shows up to 60% of users opt-out of push notifications (Guest Post)

[Andrew: There's a real shortage of information about push notifications, CTRs, response rates, etc. Partly this is due to the immaturity of mobile as a marketing platform, but it's also because of the opacity of the iOS platform. I recently ran into Kahuna, a Sequoia-backed startup led by Adam Marchick that's compiled a treasure trove […]

Why Only 23% of U.S. Business Leadership Spots Belong to Women

by Megan Totka Did you know that Russia is the country with the highest proportion of women in senior leadership positions? At 43 percent, the Eastern European nation, often pigeonholed for being behind the times, is actually well ahead of the U.S. Show More Summary

Content Marketing Strategy Infographic – 12 Tips from SAP, Boeing, CAT, Progressive, John Deere, charity: water

Status quo is not a strategy.  For example, wandering around the world of content marketing like Alice wandering in Wonderland is hardly the way to succeed. And yet that’s how many marketers are approaching content and that lack of planning and direction brings costs in the form of fewer leads, lower revenue and little market differentiation. “Only a few find [...]

7 Proven ways for you and your business to prosper

Here are 7 ideas, to help you and your business prosper. Work hard AND work smart. You need to do both. When you have an idea, capture it immediately. Write it down. Then, put it to work. This is what turns ideas into results. Instead...Show More Summary

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