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Lee Odden Demystifies the Confluence Equation to Help Marketers Get Better Results

Influencer marketing is not a new concept. Public relations professionals, journalists and forward-thinking marketers have been executing some form of influencer marketing for decades. While that may be the case, times have changed.Show More Summary

Top Marketing News: Content Marketing Trends, Google Checks Your Speed & YouTube Live-Streaming Updates

Content Trends 2018: BuzzSumo Research Report A new report for BuzzSumo shows that social sharing is down 50% year-over-year, LinkedIn is becoming a leader in social engagement and more. BuzzSumo YouTube Adds New Live-Streaming Tools, Including Monetization Options. Show More Summary

Clark Kent's shoes

Back when Superman used to change into his outfit in a phone booth, the question was: where does he put Clark's shoes? Because even if he could compress them with his super strength, they'd be ruined. Organizations that need to...        

In defense of redundancy

Saying it twice isn't a moral failing. Repeating yourself, doing it in different ways, is a useful response to the distractions, browsing and scanning that your audience is hooked on. It's not your fault that the world is cluttered and...        

The Bannister Method

Roger Bannister did something that many people had said was impossible. He ran a mile in less than four minutes. The thing is, he didn't accomplish this by running a mile as fast as he could. He did it by...        

Why is this interesting?

Interesting non-fiction often falls into one of three categories: a. It's interesting because it's by or about a celebrity. People Magazine and various autobiographies appeal because they offer an intimate glimpse into someone you were already interested in. This is...        

Delighting in sacrifice

In an instant-on, one-click shopping universe, the idea of sacrifice is pretty alien. When the world might end tomorrow, when you can get what you want now, when debt is easier than ever to go into, why even consider sacrifice?...        

Bonnie's rules for being a better client

White space is your friend No, you can't watch us work Be open to things you didn't imagine Be confident, not arrogant Nothing takes a second Don't be rude Tell me the problem, not the solution Decide who will decide...        

Grand Marnier Invites You to ‘Live Grand,’ Destroy Art in New Spot From JWT New York

The brand's first campaign since it was acquired by Campari will run across broadcast and digital.

AI Outperforms Lawyers, Seeking Love With DNA Matches And Google “Right To Be Forgotten”

Do we have a right to be forgotten online? Can you find the love of your life via a DNA match? Is AI better at reading legalese than lawyers?

To innovate or advance digital transformation, look outside your industry

My good friend and journalist Dan Tynan wrote two exceptional pieces on digital transformation in Adweek, “5 Steps for Digitally Transforming Your Marketing to Be More Responsive to Customer Needs” and “Why Old-School Brands Like Gap...Show More Summary

The Next Round of Modern Commerce Disruption

The evolution of modern commerce is underway. Every day, we are introduced to new, niche players that introduce new personalized product and business models. At the same time, traditional retailers are learning how to innovate and also acquire innovative startups to introduce new capabilities, expertise and leadership into the fold. Show More Summary

How Digital Disruption is Changing Customer Experience

Oracle invited me to present at its Modern Customer Experience event in London. That was one of the most memorable speaking experiences I’ve had to date. Have you ever been to a silent disco aka silent rave aka silent DJ party? If not,...Show More Summary

Apple, Spike Jonze Score With

Summary: Apple is never shy about hiring celebrities to hawk its products. The latest example is a new commercial aimed at selling the tech giant’s recently-released HomePod smart speakers.

Wendy's Slams McDonald's on Twitter in Latest Burger Battle

Summary: On Tuesday, McDonald's announced its Quarter Pounders would soon be made with fresh beef — historically a signature menu item for its rival Wendy's.

Trend: Ads Disguised as Movie Trailers

Summary: Taco Bell and Tourism Australia have duped fans, but is it smart marketing?

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