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Meet Hologram Barbie, Every Girl’s First Personal Assistant

The latest innovation in Barbie might please geeky parents just as much as kids. Last weekend at the New York Toy Fair, Mattel unveiled Hello Barbie Hologram, a more lively--if less tactile--version of 2015's Hello Barbie doll. Like an Amazon Echo that smiles, holo Barbie hangs out in her box and cheerfully answers questions......

Help – my digital display ads aren’t working

I recently got an email from a reader who was struggling with their digital display ads. They were underperforming and the business owner was considering pulling the ads. Here’s what I said back to her. Thanks for your email and the stats on your digital ads. Show More Summary

The Power of Consistency Over Time

I would like to share some insights with you about the power of consistency over time. Have you ever wondered how some people are able to achieve massive success, while others flounder? The secret to their success is consistency. Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle with consistency. Show More Summary

The Surge in Online Shopping and the Outlook for the Future of Retail

Tags: online shopping, consumer perceptions, customer loyalty, customer experience

Three Crucial Truths for Engaging Your Audience on Mobile

My eight-year-old son recently asked me why the icons for “phone” look so weird. None of these images look like a phone to him:           Smartphones have already killed payphones and landlines. Now they’re poised to do the same to desktops and laptops. Google is already reporting more mobile searches than [...]Show More Summary

Drawing a line in the sand

There are two real problems with this attitude: First, drawing lines. Problems aren't linear, people don't fit into boxes. Lines are not nuanced, flexible or particularly well-informed. A line is a shortcut, a lazy way to deal with a problem...        

Cut it Out, Already: 4 Things PR Pros Need to Stop Doing Right Now

Summary: Having been in the PR world for a number of years it still amazes me how often I witness the same poor methodology and bad practices repeated over and over. While we’re all aware of basics like extremely poor writing or pitching without researching media outlets or beats, there are a few other things that particularly get under my skin.

Oreo’s Latest Ad Lets Fans Virtually Launch Cookies Into Space

Summary: Mondelez’s Oreo has rolled out a mobile game that lets fans of the cookie brand launch Oreos into space and watch them fall into glasses of milk all over the world. The game, which is part of the brand’s new “Oreo Dunk Challenge”campaign, begins by asking players to take a photo of an actual Oreo cookie. Show More Summary

How One Brand Is Hitting The Emotional Quotient

Summary: Everything about reaching out to today’s target audience is about developing some level of engagement where the potential or existing customer becomes emotionally vested in the information that a brand shares with them. The objective is that the emotional quotient becomes a large enough part of the equation...

How Site Search is Killing Your Conversion Rate (And How to Fix It)

For many websites, an internal site search engine is a must-have. However, oftentimes it’s looked at as more of an afterthought than a true conversion optimization tool – and that in itself could be killing your conversion rate. So what should you know about improving your site search and how do you put these tips […]

Web Developer - Rockford, IL

Company: Quiet Light Communications Location: Rockford, Illinois Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience) Minimum Education: None Required Job Status: Full Time Salary Range: Commensurate with Experience

How to Identify 5 Epic Brand Attributes

Identify Great Brand Attributes How do you identify the brand attributes of your business? Many business owners spend significant resources fine-tuning their branding to build relationships with the target audience. After all that investment,...Show More Summary

This Lego Booth Scans Your Face and Makes a Custom Kit So You Can Build Yourself Out of Legos

If you've always dreamed of creating a self-portrait out of Lego bricks, rejoice! A nifty machine at the toy maker's London store can finally set you on that path. Just head over to Leicester Square and climb into the "Mosaic Maker," a cross between an instant photo booth and a Lego vending machine. For the...

Creative Director - Oklahoma City, OK

Company: The Oklahoman Media Company Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience) Job Status: Full Time

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