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Virgin, Unsurprisingly, Gets a Little Smutty While Discussing the Pleasures of Train Travel

Why take a car when you can take the train? It won't get your back all sweaty. In a pair of risqué ads by TMW, British transport company Virgin Trains is using couples to illustrate why trains are better than cars or planes. In eachShow More Summary

Chef, Restaurateur Sasha Shor Joins iris New York as Executive Creative Director

Shor joins the agency following a period as a freelance executive creative director and brand consultant.

Hillshire's Ultra-Classy Vending Machine Comes With Its Own Maître d' and Butler

Here's something no marketer has ever tried anywhere before in the history of the universe—a wacky vending machine stunt! This particular machine, set up by VML to plug Hillshire Snacking's meats, cheeses and nuts as the fanciest treats...Show More Summary

Graphic Designer - Columbia, MO

Company: University of Missouri Health Care Location: Columbia, Missouri Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Early Career (1+ yrs experience) Minimum Education: Bachelor's Job Status: Full Time Salary Range: $18 - $27

How I Plan My Day With The Productivity Planner

I want to share with you how I plan my day, using The Productivity Planner, created by Intelligent Change. This is a journal that is designed to help you get your most important tasks completed, so that you can feel more productive on a daily basis. Show More Summary

Campaign Survey: Ad Industry Morale Down 36 Percent From Last Year

47 percent of advertising employees say they have "low" or "dangerously low" morale.

The Scavenging Raccoons From Geico's New TV Ad Are Doing Gross Cooking Demos Online

Usually when a brand unveils a TV spot, any related content online is, at best, a marginal value-add. But lately, Geico's online extras have been at least as good—and in many cases, more fun or innovative or just plain weird—than the...Show More Summary

Director of Product Management - San Jose, CA

Company: Untangle Location: San Jose, California Industry: Advertising - Other Career Level: Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience) Job Status: Full Time Salary Range: Commensurate with Experience

Grandson of Carl’s Jr. Founder Calls for End to Racy Ads and Ouster of Pro-Trump CEO

CKE dismisses former franchisee Jason LeVecke as "lack[ing] any semblance of credibility."

Will Fox Finally Find Some Consistency in Marketing the Latest Wolverine Movie?

When Fox was marketing X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the lead-up to its 2009 release (which went super well, as you'll remember), we were just a few years removed from the last X-Men team movie. Wolverine, as played by Hugh Jackman, was the breakout star of that series, in keeping with the character's overall popularity in the comics world. Show More Summary

Client Manager - Cincinnati, OH

Company: Landor Associates Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Industry: Advertising - Brand Strategy Career Level: Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience) Minimum Education: Bachelor's Job Status: Full Time Salary Range: Commensurate with Experience

Terry Tate Checks Donald Trump in Timely Throwback to Classic Reebok Ads

Terry Tate, the fictional office linebacker from Reebok's famous ads a decade ago about proper behavior, is back to weigh in on the 2016 election. And the result is spectacular. A new clip from Funny or Die features the character, who...Show More Summary

Senior Recruiter North America - New York, NY

Company: Landor Associates Location: New York, New York Industry: Advertising - Brand Strategy Career Level: Early Career (1+ yrs experience) Job Status: Full Time Salary Range: Commensurate with Experience

Wieden + Kennedy Has Been Selling 'Donald Trump's BS' Out of a Food Truck in Portland

Fact-checking Donald Trump has been a full-time job for a lot of election observers this year. And Wieden + Kennedy has been doing its part, with a food truck in its hometown of Portland, Ore., that's been serving "Donald Trump's BS"—baloney sandwiches, that is, with wrappers that clarify Trump's remarks on various issues. read more

Can Marketers Really Generate Sales on Social Media?

At last week’s MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum, Andrew Davis had the crowd roaring with laughter as he impersonated a marketer with a fresh piece of content. “Let’s put it on the blog!” he exclaimed. “Let’s put it on Facebook! And Twitter! And Pinterest! And Flickr! And Google+, for the two people still using it.” It [...]Show More Summary

Is This Texas Republican's Campaign Ad the Most Charming of the 2016 Election?

The race for president has been characterized by negativity, partisan extremism and a "lesser-of-the-two-evils" attitude. As the race to the ballot boxes heats up, things are only getting more insufferable. So it comes as a refreshing...Show More Summary

6 Truth Bombs Every B2B Marketer Needs to Hear About Creativity

“Do you want to be creative?” Jay Acunzo, founder, host and writer of, asked marketers this question as he kicked off his session Unthinkable: Content Creativity For The Hopelessly Uncreative at MarketingProf’s B2B Marketing Forum last week in Boston. Acunzo acknowledged the question was a bit silly. It’s like asking if you want more [...]Show More Summary

Tips From the Godfather for Turning Your B2B Content Marketing Into A Profit Center

Unfortunately, marketing is often seen as a cost center within many B2B organizations. Whenever it comes time to cut budgets, you know that marketing is the first to take a hit. But what if there was a way to not only take a lead generation approach to content marketing, but also generate actual revenue in [...]Show More Summary

Moral hazard and inhumanity

One bit of economic reasoning says, "If there are no consequences, people will make bad choices." Don't let big banks get bailouts, because if we do, bankers will take bigger risks. So, make sure that the dentist is expensive (and...        

Weekend Favs October 22

Weekend Favs October 22 written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing My weekend blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of tools or great content I ran across during the week. I don’t go into depth about the finds, but encourage you to check them out if they sound interesting.…

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