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Volkswagen Tiguan Sends Fans on a Wacky Instagram Scavenger Hunt

After his first Hollywood hit, King Kong rampaged through various sequels. Aping that career trajectory, the king-sized, Kong-style gorilla balloon that stole the show in Volkswagen's popular Tiguan TV campaign pops up today in a virtual scavenger hunt game. Called "Rule the Road" and played on Instagram, the game has a race-through-the-city format that positions...

A Guide to Passive-Aggressive Workplace Communication

Summary: Every workplace has its jargon. Some buzzwords and insider phrases are industry-specific; others are just trendy and spread like germs. These euphemistic phrases that have become ubiquitous in the modern office.

Is Motel 6's Brand in Trouble Over ICE Reporting?

Summary: What will the new report do to the hospitality brand known for its welcoming “We’ll leave the light on” tagline?

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Custom Audience

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Custom Audience written by Amy Metherell read more at Duct Tape Marketing If you don’t upload a custom audience to your Facebook ads, pack your bags, leave, and forget about Facebook advertising. Without a custom audience, you can’t target an audience that is likely to respond to your ads and convert. Show More Summary

Best Entrepreneur Advice For Beginners

Entrepreneurship can be a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. Do you want to know the best entrepreneur advice for beginners? Click here to learn more! The post Best Entrepreneur Advice For Beginners appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

A Trucker Dad Keeps Up With His Daughter in Mack Trucks’ Country Paean to the Long Haul

There's nothing more American than a country song about long-haul trucking. At least, that's the rough calculus behind a new ad from Mack Trucks, featuring an original tune by Nashville-based artist Steve Moakler. In "Born Ready," a four-minute commercial made in the style of a music video, Moakler croons about rolling down the blacktop with...

Live Sports TV Audience Is, Um.. Getting Old

Summary: A new report on the state of sports media in the U.S. from the ad buying giant Magna Global shows that while live sports consumption remains strong, its audience keeps aging.

Burger King Opened a Bus Line in Brussels to Take People to Its One Restaurant There

Brussels, Belgium, has waited a good long while for its first-ever Burger King restaurant, and the transition hasn't been smooth. Remember when we mentioned the brand likes to showboat? Early on, to tease its arrival in the Belgian capital, it released ads that literally asked people to choose between Burger King and the actual king...

Digital Marketing News: Better Text Ads, Lifestyle Templates & AMP for AdWords

Seven Tips for Writing Better-Performing Expanded Text Ads [Infographic] Writing text ads is a challenge - how can you be compelling enough to drive a conversion with such limited space? There are several tricks of the trade explored in this new infographic. Show More Summary

Appropriate collusion (organizing the weaker side)

Businesses with power are prohibited from colluding with one another to set prices or other policies. For good reason. Public officials and economists realize that it’s quite tempting for an oligopoly to work to artificially create scarcity or cooperate--it creates...        

How blogging can help you attract new clients

In this brief post, I’m going to share one of the least mentioned, yet most powerful benefits of writing a business blog. I started working with a new client yesterday. With his permission, I’d like to share an excerpt from an email he...Show More Summary

Contrary to Its Name, Digital Transformation is not Digital-First: An Interview with Steve Snyder of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority

“To thrive in a digital economy, create a safe and empowered environment for employees to learn and take risks.” Technology may be at the core of digital transformation, but it’s severely limited in its promise if it’s not influenced by human beings. Show More Summary

Impossible, unlikely or difficult?

Difficult tasks have a road map. With effort, we can get from here to there. It might surprise you to realize that difficult is easy once you have the resources and commitment. Paving a road is difficult, so is customer...        

Building on maximized systems

If you eat beef, you're probably using a maximized system. It's a commodity, and every part of the chain is under huge pressure to increase yield and cut corners. The animals are pushed to the brink, and so are the...        

Optimized or maximized?

I once drove home from college at 100 miles an hour. It saved two hours. My old car barely made it, and I was hardly able to speak once I peeled myself out of the car. That was maximum speed,...        

NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights Select SK+G as Agency of Record

The Vegas agency was named as agency of record for the team ahead of its inaugural season.

This Is What Wild Turkey Gets for Spending $4 Million on Creative Director Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey returns to the director's chair for JWT's "Sang Our Song." (Thankfully, he does not also sing.)

35 Lessons You Can Learn from Great Business Blogging Experts

Do you currently manage or follow a business blog? If you’re a B2B company, business blogging offers organizations a lucrative opportunity to attract and convert leads. Publishing business blogs is a great way to highlight the expertise, services/products, and personality of your brand. Show More Summary

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