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Why your website sucks and how to better engage with digitally-savvy consumers

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Juliet Stott of Content Magazine about the impact digital has had on marketing, how customer experiences can help marketers differentiate their brands, and why websites in general, suck. It was such a fun and revealing conversation, that I wanted to share it with you here. Show More Summary

9 Pro Tips to Design Useful Digital Advisors #SMARTInsights

Success or failure of your digital advisors largely depends on the User Experience (UX). We asked the SMARTASSISTANT Interface designers Fabian and Lukasz to share the ins and outs of designing useful digital advisors. Read on to learn what makes a good digital advisor UX and how the process to build a user friendly digital advisor should ideally look like.

Powerful Motivational Speech: Wake Up And Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is safe, but predictable. Do you want to learn why it's important to wake up and go beyond your comfort zone? Click here to learn more! The post Powerful Motivational Speech: Wake Up And Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

Frito-Lay Names BBDO as Lead Creative Agency on the Lay’s Brand

The New York office beat out several competitors including CP+B, TBWA, Deep Focus and R/GA.

What's New in Condom Advertising?

The latest condom ads, from all over the world-- LINK.

Reebok Scolds Trump With Flow Chart About When (Not) to Say ‘You’re in Such Good Shape’

Brands have stepped back a little from slamming Donald Trump lately, but Reebok couldn't help itself after the president couldn't help himself and told French first lady Brigitte Macron that she was in "such good shape... beautiful." Reebok, an expert in helping people get in shape, posted a tweet on Friday featuring a yes-or-no...

See Nike’s Irreverent Ad Congratulating Roger Federer on His 8th Wimbledon Title

Nike's marketing playbook regularly includes congratulatory ads for individual athletes as well as sports franchises on the occasion of a milestone victory. We saw it with the Chicago Cubs last fall, and with Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors last month. On Sunday, it was Roger Federer's turn. The Swiss tennis star added to...

Famous iPhone Hacker Creates Tool To Let You Hack Your Car

The more technology gets baked into things that we once enjoyed in simpler formats,the more people will choose to “Strategically Downgrade.” Many farmers, for example, have turned to new ways of hacking the software on their tractors themselves. Now there is a new tool, from the same hacker that famously hacked the iPhone when he

7 Best Online Proofreading Tools for Writing Error-Free Blog Content

7 Best Online Proofreading Tools for Writing Error-Free Blog Content written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing No blogger ever wants to allow any errors in their content. We do our best to have our articles and other content 100% error-free because we do not want to be viewed as some illiterate rednecks. Show More Summary

Activity Report: Drill Down to See What is Actually Happening With Your Site or Product

A part of using analytics is knowing what user behavior is driving what action. Most tools only give you surface-level data. For example, you’re aware that signups decreased last week, but you won’t know which segments are behind any trends in your KPIs. And that makes it pretty useless. Activity Report is our approach to […]

Why Content Curation Is an Essential Part of Your Marketing Mix

Imagine if an art museum contained every single painting created over a hundred-year period. It wouldn’t be much fun to visit, right? Hundreds of thousands of images, of wildly varying quality, without organization or context? It would be like a Google image search crossed with a garage sale. Content curation is what turns a warehouse [...]Show More Summary

What’s better than outsmarting your competitors? This is!

Here’s a thought: Instead of simply outsmarting our competitors, what if we decided to outcare them as well? Think about it. We could care more about client satisfaction than our competitors do. We could care more about ethics than our competitors do. Show More Summary

The ethics of FTD

When you order flowers online, they're usually delivered by a local florist. Which means the florist has a dilemma: He can deliver his very best effort and the most beautiful flowers he has in stock, even though the sender will...        

Fender Uses eLearning To Help Guitarists Not Give Up So Easily

For anyone who has ever aspired to play the guitar, taken a few lessons and then given up … Fender has a new solution to try and keep your passion for the guitar alive. In a perfectly strategic new move, the brand is launching an eLearning platform with videos to help people more easily learn

KFC’s Surprising Reason For Launching Its Own Mobile Phone …

On the surface, this announcement that KFC is partnering with Huawei to launch a new smart phone may seem like a random move. The phone will be branded in KFC signature red with an engraving of Colonel Sanders on the back to celebrate the brand’s 30 year anniversary in China, but that’s not really the

In search of enrollment

Back in the day, hitchhikers held cardboard signs with their desired destination city clearly written out. After all, if you're headed to New York, it doesn't make sense to pick up someone headed for Denver (it's a bad idea for...        

5 Quick and easy wins for your business

I shared 5 ideas with a business group recently, which they found extremely useful. Today, I am sharing them with you. 1: Offer something exclusive Think about offering an elite or exclusive version of your services. There will always be a market for exceptional service and gold-standard products. Show More Summary

Weekend Favs July 15

Weekend Favs July 15 written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing My weekend blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of tools or great content I ran across during the week. I don’t go into depth about the finds, but encourage you to check them out if they sound interesting. The photo in the post is a favorite for the week from an online source […]

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