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Spotify Crunches User Data in Fun Ways for This New Global Outdoor Ad Campaign

Spotify puts its vast trove of listener data to playful use in a new global out-of-home ad campaign—its largest OOH effort to date—with executions that playfully highlight some of the more bizarre user habits it noticed throughout 2016. read more

Know Thy Enemy: The Benefits of Competitive Analysis

There are few industries, if any, where competition does not exist. Even in fields as specialized and demanding as aircraft manufacturing, you can count on at least a handful of companies furiously competing for business. If anything, competition is what gives the practice of business its flavor, its variety, its drive to reinvent itself and…more

Why Is This Ad For Heathrow Airport Causing A Buzz?

The video campaign, featuring two teddy bears, is striking a chord with viewers for its unexpectedly wholesome nature

We Answer the Top 5 Questions People Have About Content Marketing

As marketers, it’s our job to know our audience. To understand their pain points. To empathize. To provide them with the answers or solutions they’re looking for. So how do we do all these things? One way is through content marketing. Over the past few years, content marketing has been increasingly embraced by marketers. In [...]Show More Summary

The FLASH drives

Fear, loneliness, anger, shame & hunger. They drive us. They divide us. They take us away from our work, our mission, our ability to make a difference. And yet, sometimes, they fuel our motion, leading to growth and connection. When...        

Internet of Things – How It Is Transforming Retail

We are all waiting for that super-tech refrigerator that auto-detects when the beer is about to run out and places an order online. While we wait, the Internet of Things or IoT is revolutionizing the world by creating smart devices that are all connected to the internet. Show More Summary

How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Online Business

I want to share with you how to use content marketing to grow your online business. The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as, “A marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract,...Show More Summary

A Smart Way to Get Your Client in the News: Surveys and Studies

Summary: On a pretty regular basis, there are stories in the media based on surveys and studies. You might wonder where these come from and how they get in the media. The press release or PR pitch based on a study or a survey are good ways for a PR client or company to use their intellectual know-how to showcase their expertise.

Kylie Jenner, Amazon and Electronics Brands Dominate Cyber Monday Buzz

Summary: Even though Adobe reports social media buzz is down overall on Cyber Monday 2016, social media analytics firm Talkwalker says there are plenty of brands with reason to celebrate. Per Talkwalker’s figures, there have been...Show More Summary

Pre-Sales For 'Rogue One' Crash Fandango's Site -- And Disney Benefits From It

Summary: The release of blockbuster movies has become a series of events now, from big casting news, to countdowns and teaser trailers for trailers, to the actual trailers themselves, and now pre-sale tickets. If you’re suffering blockbuster marketing fatigue and feel as if the hype cycle never ends, that’s because it doesn’t.

Digital Production Design Manager - Wyomissing, PA

Company: Penn National Gaming, Inc. Location: Wyomissing, Pennsylvania Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience) Minimum Education: Associate Job Status: Full Time

How To Avoid Getting Burned Out And The Most Important Thing To Buy (And Not Buy) This Black Friday

I hope you are having a week to be thankful for and spending it with family, whether you celebrate American Thanksgiving or not! My chosen stories this week range widely, from a potentially industry changing announcement from Airbnb to the rise of a new inclusive type of fashion that caters to people with physical disabilities.

Coca-Cola Bottle Takes Selfies With Each Sip

The device is made to snap a photo while the bottle is held at a 70-degree angle

Cheetos Is Selling A $20,000 Themed Jewelry Set

The snack brand is offering a number of gifts this year beyond just bags of their signature product

That’s Not Art

Comics. That’s where it all started for me. The stories, the characters, the drawings, that strange floppy book—and even Marvel’s distinct moiré patterns (in the ’80s): I loved every part of that experience. I wanted to create things that looked as good as the comics I admired. No matter what form this took, I craved […]

Britain Banned This Sweet Heinz Ad, Saying Drumming on Empty Bean Cans Is Dangerous

We haven't heard much from the Advertising Standards Authority for a minute, but our fun-ruining homies across the pond haven't lost a step. This time, the British ad watchdog's target is a Heinz ad in which people use empty bean cans...Show More Summary

These Provocative Ads for World AIDS Day Reveal a Little-Known Fact About HIV-Positive Partners

We'd all like to be seen as more than a condition or label. There's little worse than one that defines your life. It is little known that HIV-positive people following treatment can arrive at a point where they may no longer transmit the virus, even with unprotected sex. Show More Summary

Client Associate - Cincinnati, OH

Company: Landor Associates Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Early Career (1+ yrs experience) Minimum Education: Bachelor's Job Status: Full Time

PPC Advertising Hack: Super-Targeted Live Chat Prompts

How do I get potential customers to engage on my site? If you’re trying to run a business online, this is a critically important question to answer—especially if you’re running any sort of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Clicks and site traffic simply aren’t enough. If you want your business to succeed, you need conversions and sales. […]

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