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Silicon Valley Fans, Rejoice! Jian-Yang’s Not Hotdog App Is Now Available on iTunes

Mike Judge's HBO show Silicon Valley is beloved for both sending up the Valley's financially frenetic, bro-grammer culture while highlighting many of the very real, sometimes insane stuff that results from it. It does so by drawing from reality itself. In 2014, a three-minute mathematical dick joke from its first season was actually vetted by...

JWT Created a Free Public Wi-Fi Network That Sent Out a Very Disturbing Signal

Let's say you're traveling in England, and in the course of trying to access the internet, you come across a network called "Free_Public_Wi-Fi." Upon connecting, you're greeted not by a welcome screen, but by an apparent FaceTime call from a woman who, as you continue to watch, becomes the victim of abuse right before your...

What’s Missing is the Eyebrows: Marketers Need AI for Heavy Lifting, Not Emotion

Summary: “I’m a human being. When I see something that is well beyond my understanding, I’m afraid.” These were the words uttered by Garry Kasparov, then the world’s best chess player as he lost to a computer, IBM’s Deep Blue, in 1997. The dominance of intelligent machines over humans is a concept that has haunted...

Spotting Trends in the PR Industry

Summary: Trend spotting in the PR industry is a bit like trying to capture lightning in a bottle. With the way things come and go, it can be a tough task. What does it take to see what’s coming next? We asked a few public relations pros to weigh in with their views on the topic. Is it important to stay up with the latest industry trends?

Kroger’s Meal Kits Could Make A Meal Of The Industry

Summary: What carries hundreds of exotic ingredients, a litany of careful instructions and an overall value of $1.5 billion? In time, it may be Kroger’s lunch. With the right ingredients, the Kroger Co. might prove that supermarkets can eat up the burgeoning meal-kit industry, but that means balancing what are now sweet benefits with a few sour notes.

Cool Tools for the Curious PR Pro

One of the daily email newsletters to which I subscribe is Product Hunt, founder by Ryan Hoover. This carefully distilled selection of serendipitous new gadgets, apps, podcasts, and productivity tools rarely ceases to surprise me. Invariably, they make my professional life easier and home life more enjoyable. Show More Summary

Podcasts for PR Peeps

It’s no secret that podcasting, once left for dead, has a new lease on life now that our mobile devices serve as the primary vehicles through which we acquire news and information. One NYU student writer recently extolled the podcast...Show More Summary

AUSTRALIA: Sydney, Rugby & Kangaroos | Stefan James Vlog

My girlfriend Tatiana and I have been having an amazing trip thus far in beautiful Sydney, Australia. Here are some of the highlights! The post AUSTRALIA: Sydney, Rugby & Kangaroos | Stefan James Vlog appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

8 Examples of Brands Using Instagram to Showcase Company Culture

In today’s business world, a strong company culture is no longer a “nice to have.” It’s a business imperative. In fact, according to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends survey, 82% of respondents said they believe culture is a potential competitive advantage. “Few factors contribute more to business success than culture—the system of values, beliefs, [...]Show More Summary

How to Identify and Target Imminent Purchase Intenders in the Automotive Industry

How to Identify and Target Imminent Purchase Intenders in the Automotive Industry Identifying and reaching imminent purchase intenders at the right time is crucial in the automotive market. A dealership for example may know who their ideal audience is but finding them is not as easy. A study by IAB conducted in 2014 revealed that […]

Why the Marketing of Wonder Woman at Warner Bros. Is Coming Under Fire

A couple of weeks ago, Shana O'Neil at Blastr created a tempest when she publicly questioned Warner Bros.' marketing commitment to the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. She pointed to a general lack of advertising and news coverage, specifically compared to recent Warner Bros. superhero releases like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad,...

This Pop-Up Travel Agency Let Visitors Smell 64 Different Places in Europe

For the last six years, rail company Thalys' "Welcome to Our World" signature has served as a series of uniquely packaged invitations to encourage people to travel. Two years ago it used sound, with the acoustically driven "Sounds of the City" campaign. Building on that, this year the French service brings us "Scents of the...

The Martin Agency’s Latest Fun Preroll Stunt: An Ad That Skips Itself

The Martin Agency is famous in recent years for its innovative preroll ads for Geico, beginning with "Unskippable" (which won the Film Grand Prix at Cannes) and continuing up through the current "Crushed" campaign. Now, the agency's London office is getting into fun preroll pranks for a different client--Barclays. The shop hired 1stAveMachine director Bob...

WestJet Got Vegas-Bound Passengers to Play the Biggest Game of All Even Before They Landed

To celebrate 21 years in business, and 12 of shuttling Canadians to Las Vegas, air carrier WestJet decided to give passengers on one flight access to a special game of chance--a giant spiraling light show lottery visible from 12,000 feet in the air. The prize, for one lucky flier--a two night-stay at the Venetian hotel...

Anomaly Is Still Rocking Out to The White Stripes for Beats by Dre

Anomaly released a follow-up to the "Be Heard" anthem it launched in December which will run during the NBA Playoffs.

W+K Portland Launches On She Goes, a Digital Travel Platform for Women of Color

Six women from W+K Portland's publishing department launched the digital travel platform this week.

Stalling Sessions? Here’s How ‘Visual Cues’ Can Unlock the Floodgates

Websites don’t always work. You create them with one thing in mind. And then the opposite happens. People are supposed to click-through. And yet they stall. The worst part, is that you don’t always know why. It’s hard to explain to bosses. It’s difficult to justify to clients. Thankfully, there are a few techniques to […]

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