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My WellnessFX Blood Test Results

I am a big believer that your health is your wealth. Do you want a sneak peak of my WellnessFX blood test results? Click here to learn more! The post My WellnessFX Blood Test Results appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

French company offers unique font design software

Prototypo based in Lyon, France offers customers a web application through which graphic designers and type fans may create unique fonts. Prototypo mainly targets graphic designers. Other users include communication agencies, designShow More Summary

What Brands Need to Know About Instagram’s New ‘Paid Partnership’ Feature

Influencer marketing is booming—and it’s not hard to see why. Influencers lend authority and credibility to your brand and content, help connect you with new audiences, and typically deliver more ROI than traditional digital marketing tactics. Show More Summary

Find Out Why Nobody is Finding Your Content

Find Out Why Nobody is Finding Your Content written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing Marketing Podcast with Brian Dean Podcast Transcript I believe that elements of SEO are now elevated to the strategic level. In other...Show More Summary

How to Use Content to Generate a Steady Flow of Leads

How to Use Content to Generate a Steady Flow of Leads written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing In this post – 5 Steps to Restart, Recharge and Revive Your Marketing Right Now! – I introduced an aggressive initiative to help any business owner struggling to stay on plan with their marketing for the year. Show More Summary

Worth being afraid of

We're pretty good at finding demons to be afraid of. The other. The one in the shadows. Change. The family member we can't possibly please. Competition. Critics. The invisible network of foes conspiring against us and what we stand for....        

How to Provide Exceptional Customer Experiences Along the Mobile Journey

How to Provide Exceptional Customer Experiences Along the Mobile Journey “Mobile will overtake desktop by 2014.”  This was a prediction made in 2018 by Mary Meeker, an analyst at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byer.  Implementing mobile strategies is no longer a question that marketers are asking themselves.  Now the question is what do mobile-first consumers expect? […]

Vinnie Jones Drops the F-Bomb, Dances Around the House for a German Mattress Brand

This time around, Muun's pitchman keeps his pants on. As you might recall, Muun is the German mattress retailer that caused a stir with its 2016 campaign featuring Frank Ku?nster, a hirsute, 300-pound bouncer who posed (more or less tastefully) nude to illustrate the tagline, "German Softness." For its latest campaign, "Choose Your Comfort," the...

Why Jack Welch Might Be Overrated

While the business community loves to offer Jack Welch legendary status, this article shares that measuring his successor Jeff Immelt against that legacy may not be entirely fair. The analysis is a powerful reminder that success or failure can come from the circumstances that leader inherits as much as from what a leader does. It

Best Buy Launches Try-Before-You-Buy Service To Fight Back Against Competitors

With the number of new gadgets constantly coming out, it can be paralyzing to have to sort through all the reviews, unboxings and online analysis. Best Buy has a bold solution: to let consumers try gadgets before they buy them. Clearly consumers need help figuring out the best product for them … and if this

Chatbots That Negotiate To Save You Money

What if a chatbot could learn the logic of customer service interactions and help you do everything from fight a parking ticket to negotiate a discount on your mobile phone bill? It turns out chatbots are excellent at this type of negotiation because of how formulaic most customer service scripts are. If a bot can

Love IKEA? Now Your House Can Smell Like It

What do cinnamon buns, lingonberries and assemble-yourself-bookcases smell like? IKEA … and soon you can bring that smell home in a fragrance developed by independent Swedish fragrance creator Byredo. The idea is an interesting exploration of how broadly a brand experience could go. Given the power of smell to evoke memory, something like this could

An Inside Look At the Bullshit Of Hollywood Wellness

In a world that seems filled with bullshit, it is a voyeuristic thrill to see those all too rare moments when it all comes tumbling down. The article linked below from New York Post is one of those moments, as writer Maureen Callahan goes behind the scenes at the GOOP Health and Wellness Summit hosted

Why America Needs Feminists (And Sweden Doesn’t)

This week a short but powerful piece from former model Paulina Porizkova casts a powerful light on the role of women in different cultures and her own struggles with being a woman first in the Czech Republic, then in Sweden and finally in her adopted home of America. Touching on sexuality, power, and politics –

The Future of Books, Publishing and Libraries

This week the entire US-based publishing industry is descending upon New York for a three day celebration of books known as the BookExpo. I’m here on behalf of my publishing company Ideapress, and so this week’s insights will focus on books. Below you will read about the bold new way that libraries are reinventing themselves

Dailymotion Repositions, Enticing Advertisers with a ‘Clean’ Platform

Summary: Vivendi video platform Dailymotion has today (20 June) unveiled a host of changes to its offering, including a brand repositioning that will see it target an older audience seeking premium content ‘clean’ of explicit visuals. Dailymotion, which was founded in 2005 and purchased by Vivendi in 2015, will now focus its audience...

The Impact Of The Amazon-Whole Foods Deal Will Go Far Beyond Food

Summary: The retail world is still reeling over Amazon’s proposed $13.7 billion deal to acquire Whole Foods. Here are five things to think about: 1. This is about more than just supermarkets—this impacts all of retail. While...Show More Summary

How to Successfully Prevent a PR Crisis

Summary: Recently, I discussed how to properly manage a PR crisis amid company controversy for United Airlines and public outrage towards Pepsi. Since then, a handful of brands and spokespeople have joined them in the hot seat. Mr. Met,...Show More Summary

Graphic Designer - Washington

Company: The Hill Location: Washington, District of Columbia Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Early Career (1+ yrs experience) Minimum Education: Bachelor's Job Status: Full Time Salary Range: Commensurate with Experience

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