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Bud Light Smart Fridge Helps Ensure You Never Run Out Of Beer

The Bud-E Fridge and accompanying app let people know when their supply needs replenishing

A Pepsi Bottle Design Marty McFly Can Get on Board With

Pepsi Perfect, the drink seen in Back to the Future Part II, will be released later this month for a limited time

Three Excellent Reasons for Adding Dynamic Content to Your Next Email

Take personalization to a whole new level by using dynamic content. It lets you target individual subscribers with different content—all from a single email. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

'Got Milk?' Broadens Its Palate, Pairing With Sweet and Spicy Foods in Beautiful New Ads

Remember when you took the first bite of that rich, face-melting curry, and boy was it delicious—but pretty please, would somebody hurry up and get you a glass of milk, stat? It's a familiar moment for anyone who likes spicy food, and...Show More Summary

Hotel Thrillist Leaves Red-Hot Mark on Phoenix

For two days and change, the digital media company flexed its experiential and co-branding muscles in and around the W Scottsdale

An Editor on the Standing of Newspapers Today

Summary: Where do newspapers stand today? Well, they’re in decline, with only a minority of people reading and trusting them. But if that’s so, asks Frank Denton, editor of The Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, “why...Show More Summary

Crisis Extended: How Experian Made Things Worse

Summary: File it under data breaches, hacking, or maybe even “irony,” but the recent data breach that saw Experian lose the personal information of 15 million consumers (including social security numbers) opened up a new can of worms. Upon realizing they were breached, Experian offered their own breach remediation solution to customers impacted by the breach.

The fourth quarter sprint has begun

It’s do or die time.  We have 3 months until the year is over and the scorecard is tallied.  How are you doing on your marketing and sales goals for 2015? You can’t afford to let up on the gas as we approach the fourth quarter.  It’s now or never in terms of your year […] The post The fourth quarter sprint has begun appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute.

Marketing to Marketing to Reimagine Marketing

Guest post by Fred Studer (@fredstuder), Chief Marketing Officer at NetSuite Sometimes, in fact oftentimes, the most important audience for your message are the people who are already working for you. In an age of online surveys and instant feedback across social channels, articulating your message to the people who work in your company can […]

When You Have to Put 'Brand' in Your Name

Summary: It makes us pause when we hear a Band-Aid commercial. The tunes are catchy, and the messaging is good. The commercials take us back to our childhood and our scrapes and scratches. They also bring us back to the present as we lovingly care for our children through their tears and bloody knees. Show More Summary

Revisiting 'Lovemarks'

Summary: We enjoy revisiting big ideas from the current thought leaders of our industry. We think that if we can truly understand what they are thinking, then we can understand why certain brands or agencies will lean the way they do. We can evaluate their moves, compare the moves to their mantras, and see if they match up.

Poll Results: Digital Marketing Priorities for Major Brands in 2016

It’s strategic marketing planning season for 2016 and digital marketers all over the world are navigating their way through organizational goals, data and the pulse of their communities to specify areas of focus for the coming year. Much of what drives digital marketing strategy is a mix of business objectives and marketing priorities. Deciding on [...]Show More Summary


It turns out that competitive Scrabble players always arrange the letters on their rack in alphabetical order. The reason makes sense: By ensuring consistency, the patterns appear. You've seen this before... That same discipline works in most kinds of problem...        

Exciting times

These are wonderful, exciting times. It has never been easier to build a great business. You have opportunities that previous generations could not have imagined. Think about it: With a laptop and an internet connection, you can tap into an unlimited marketplace. Show More Summary

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