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Today’s Journalism Draining Journalists

Summary: Journalism’s always been a pressurized profession, but today it may be draining journalists more than satisfying them. This, of course, can be ominous for PR practitioners as they seek to cultivate press contacts. “It...Show More Summary

Drowning in a $77-Billion Sea: Why Your Mobile App Needs a Demo Explainer Video

The app marketplace is overflowing&#8212and continuing to overwhelm customers with choices. Creating an explainer video can help your app be seen in the sea of apps. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

Diet Coke Prints Literally Millions of Unique Labels for New 'It's Mine' Campaign

Diet Coke is embarking on a fun new packaging stunt in the U.S., using HP Indigo digital printing technology to create millions of completely unique labels—in a campaign appropriately themed, "It's Mine." Every 12-ounce glass bottle will feature a different design—no two bottles will be the same. Show More Summary

Helen Mirren Tells Off Drunk Drivers for Anomaly, Budweiser

Budweiser released one of its two Super Bowl spots from Anomaly, tackling the issue of drunk driving with the always charming Helen Mirren. The “Notoriously frank and uncensored British lady” addresses the camera and audience from a restaurant table as where she is presumably enjoying a burger and a Budweiser with the opening line “The collective we are dumbfounded that...

Why Your Conversions Suck (And How to Fix It)

Average site conversion rates hover around 1-2%. That means at any given time, you have another 98-99% of people just hanging out. So… WTF are they doing? They’re looking, searching, procrastinating, hunting, browsing, considering, analyzing, evaluating, thinking, questioning, investigating, and comparing. Show More Summary

Publicis Seattle, T-Mobile Bring Drake to the Super Bowl

The former Degrassi actor makes some changes to his recent hit "Hotline Bling."

This Heartbreaking Road-Safety PSA Shows How Lives Are Shattered Well Beyond the Crash

"Nicolas is about to have an accident. He will die in a few minutes." Agency La Chose Group took a slightly different route in dramatizing the impact a collision can have on the people involved in a new spot for France's DSCR (the Road Circulation Security Delegation). Show More Summary

The ANA's Scathing Review of the 4A's

Summary: For some time now, we've been monitoring the debate between marketers and agencies about how transparent the relationship should be between them. How close is too close? Could this closeness or transparency creep on proprietary information? Who knows. So when the 4A's, the organization positioned to represent advertising agencies in the U.S., released its guidelines...

Take a Lesson from Brahmin for Creating Loyal Customers

Summary: Brahmin handbags are distinctive in their look, feel, and strategy. They are an American company with production in Massachusetts. Their bags feature embossed cowhide leather and mixed media. They look like no other bag on the market, and they have customers like none other. The company has been around since 1982 — not too long and not too little.

Social Media Images Part 2: Creating Brand Recognition & Learning From Inspiring Brand Examples

Each day customers are becoming increasingly self-directed, and are using search engines, content assets and social media to help guide purchasing decisions. Need proof? The average person now spends approximately 8 hours each day consuming some sort of media. There is an enormous amount of opportunity for brands today to incorporate strong visuals as part [...]Show More Summary

The thrill is gone

Of course it is. The definition of a thrill is temporary excitement, usually experienced for the first time. It's thrilling to ride a roller coaster. The fifth time you have to ride it, though, it's more than a chore, it's...       ...

UX Director - Blacksburg, VA

Company: Modea Location: Blacksburg, Virginia Industry: Not Specified Job Status: Full Time

Keyboard Cat and Other Real-Life Shelter Pets Star in These Adorable Adoption Ads

Celebrities star in a new PSA campaign to increase pet adoption, with a slight twist: The stars in question are two dogs and a cat, all shelter animals before their respective rises into the spotlight. Bento, better known as Keyboard...Show More Summary

Deadpool's Wildly Unpredictable Ad Campaign Finds Time for a Testicular Cancer PSA

In this quirky PSA, Deadpool tells you to tweak the tomatoes before you go cucumber-crazy. Still don't get it? He can be clearer: Touch yourself tonight. Deadpool took a moment out of his busy movie marketing promo schedule (involving...Show More Summary

You’re not BUSY.

I have always been a huge fan of Change This Manifestos. The limited format forces smart people to edit themselves and get straight to the point. I know, we did a couple ourselves and it’s great exercise in restraint.  Today I stumbled on one from Anese Cavanaugh called Showing Up: 32 ways. Good stuff I plan … The post You’re not BUSY. appeared first on Brains on Fire.

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