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Eat a Snickers or Risk Becoming a Frozen Husk of Your Former Self, Candy Bar Warns

When your scruffy, half-frozen future self travels back in time with a message of life-changing import, what are you going to do? Scarf down a Snickers, of course! That's the plot of this ad for the Mars candy bar from Impact BBDO in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which puts a different spin on the time-tested "You're Not You When You're Hungry" template. read more

A24 Drops Untitled Trailer for Mysterious, Reality-Bending Movie

Yesterday, A24—the studio behind recent eccentric word-of-mouth-driven movies like The Lobster, Moonlight and Swiss Army Man—released a mysterious trailer. Listed simply as "Untitled," there's little else that's known about the movie, or whatever this is, other than it takes place "in our near future," according to Facebook and Twitter posts from the studio. read more

Breaking Bad Fans Lose Their Minds as Gus Fring Returns in Ad for Los Pollos Hermanos

From its inception, AMC's Better Call Saul has indulged in fake ads starring characters from the Breaking Bad prequel—beginning with the Albuquerque billboard from the summer of 2014 showing Bob Odenkirk as "James M. McGill, attorney...Show More Summary

Project Coordinator - Duluth, GA

Company: Luckie Location: Duluth, Georgia Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Early Career (1+ yrs experience) Job Status: Full Time

The Uncomfortable Truth about Growing Your Business in 2017

Let’s talk about how to grow your business to the next level in 2017 First, let’s discuss what to do if you are: Hustling too hard and making too little money Struggling to attract enough leads and customers Attracting the wrong customers...Show More Summary

Five Badass Media Relations Resolutions for the New Year

Summary: It’s that time for New Year’s resolutions, and most of us know the drill by now. With the best of intentions, we set out to chart a new course with a clean slate, whether it be to develop better habits in our personal lives or professional lives. To be sure, there’s no magic to a New Year’s resolution. Most resolutions aren’t new ideas...

Adam Driver Will Be the Star of Snickers’ 'You’re Not You When You’re Hungry' Super Bowl Ad This Year

Summary: Adam Driver, who rose to fame playing Lena Dunham’s on-again, off-again boyfriend in the HBO series Girls, will be the star of Snickers’ 'You’re Not You When You’re Hungry' Super Bowl commercial this year. The campaign, created by BBDO New York, has become a Super Bowl favorite since its 2010 launch...

5 Digital Marketing Ideas That Could Improve Your Brand Growth in 2017

Summary: With 2016 officially in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to start thinking about how your marketing strategy will evolve in 2017. It’s a good idea to step back for a moment, assess the success of last year’s...Show More Summary

Want To Make More Money? Improve Yourself.

Want to make more money? Improve yourself.  This is the best way to boost your bank account. It all starts with self-development. Knowledge is power.  In the words of Brian Tracy, “To earn more, you must learn more”. In today’s ever-changing world, without knowing and understanding how things work, you won’t be able to shape your life. Show More Summary

Are Your 2017 Business Goals Realistic – or Even Achievable?

There are a lot of things at play when it comes to goal achievement: overwhelm, fear of failure, organization (or lack of), BIG ideas with no actionable plan to carry them out - just to name a few. There are SO many places you can get "stuck" when it comes to your goals...

Senior Art Director/Graphic Designer - Atlanta, GA

Company: Mastermind Involvement Marketing Location: Atlanta, Georgia Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience) Job Status: Full Time Salary Range: $60,000 - $85,000

Joan Creative Welcomes New Business Operations, Strategic Leaders

Dominque Ward and Megan Dwyer joined the agency founded by Jamie Robinson and Lisa Clunie last May.

New York Lottery Winner Walks Rescue Dogs in McCann's Goofy, Goodhearted Pitch

Winning the lottery doesn't just mean you can live that gaudy and gilded lifestyle you've always wanted. It means you'll finally have time for all that super-important charity work you've been missing. Like running through the park with...Show More Summary

A Cheat Sheet to High-Converting Facebook Ad Creative

An AdWords text ad looks exactly the same on mobile as it does on desktop. You don’t have to worry about the difference. And besides, it only takes a few characters anyway. There’s little room for error. Now contrast that with a Facebook ad creative, where you’re juggling different headline, image, text and CTA options […]

Anti-Violence Ads Pop Up in Specific Helsinki Neighborhoods Within Hours of 911 Calls There

If domestic violence seems like an abstract phenomenon, this TBWA campaign from Finland will remind people that it's happening right on their doorstep. TBWA launched an outdoor campaign for the Helsinki Police over the Christmas holidays that had a hyperlocal, reactive element to it. Show More Summary

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